WF4.1.1. The Day The Market(s) collided…

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Part Two: The Day The Market(s) collided…

Growth without greed: Social production is the material base on which humans live. Attaching importance to production is basic to economic thought. Confucius was not an empty talker. He advocated an active participation in business and social activities, and always attached importance to production.
“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home…” Eleanor Roosevelt:
1948 address before the UN Commission on Human Rights. On New Year’s Day 1942, President
Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Maxim Litvinov, of the USSR, and T. V. Soong, of China, signed a short document which later came to be known as the United Nations Declaration and the next day the representatives of twenty-two other nations added their signatures…
“This present window of opportunity which during a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts.” David Rockefeller, United Nations, 1994.

107th plenary meeting United Nations General Assembly 2014. Towards the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring processes…Recalling further the International Conference on Financing for Development and its outcome document, in which sustainable debt financing is recognized as an important element for mobilizing resources for public and private investment, and the follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus and its outcome document, the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development, as well as General Assembly resolution 68/204 of 20 December 2013, noting that sovereign debt crises are a recurring problem that involves very serious political, economic and social consequences and that the restructuring processes of sovereign debt are a frequent phenomenon in the international financial system… (English language) forum: 10th February 2017.

At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese President Xi Jinping seized this golden opportunity, strode into the spotlight and presented his country as ready and able to fill the many gaps in the international order that Trump’s “America First” approach is creating…wielding economic, diplomatic and military clout. Gone are the (Obama) White House goals of striving to safeguard civil rights at home and abroad, protecting an independent press and helping democracy flourish overseas…Trump’s moral style (is to) replace Obama’s audacity of hope with his (Trumps) own mendacity of despair.

Maybe what Beijing has to offer as a moral global leader is political ― a meritocratic mode of efficient governance…post-Mao China has been one of the few authoritarian countries in the world that successfully survived the global wave of democratization. After Mao, Chinese leaders developed a collective form of leadership, with rules and institutions that have allowed peaceful and predictable leadership transitions, both at the national and local levels.
Some observers claim that China stands as a well-functioning meritocracy that appeals to those living in democracies who have been hurt by massive electoral rifts and populist, post-fact politicians. Beijing’s set of new security laws has tightened the space for civil society and largely excluded foreign non-governmental organizations from operating in China. And last month (January 2017) China’s highest judge came out with an unusually sharp warning against Western legal influence:
“We should resolutely resist erroneous influence from the West (for) ‘constitutional democracy,’ ‘separation of powers’ and ‘independence of the judiciary.’

“We must make clear our stand and dare to show the sword.” Solaris. Stanislaw Lem novel 1961 film poster: Tarkovsky 1972 fiction on the confrontation and limitations of pure productivity and materialism.
Capt. capped-Capitalism. 2013 Why post-scarcity economics is scary.
Market-Forces as Sex and Attention Exchange… as an arms race based on narcissism, looks, beauty, and the like (intelligence and personality) that would drive both the supply and demand curves for sex and attention as Market Price and Opportunity Costs as the same for everyone post unemployment… post-scarcity…
WarFair4: Rogue-Citizen: Part One: The Day The Market(s) stood still…

• The Banker and The Clerk.

The-Train moved slowly out from the glass and steel raised slab of the new edge of The-Town main-line railway-platform, running alongside the banking blank back of High-Street shops, and the Station Car-Park awaiting return.
Into harvested-fields and open-grazed pastures below remaining precipitous pine-forest planted-poplar and willow wind-break shielded through The Trees, the New Days’ Sun appeared speared, blinking-awake…
Burst! through The Train Carriage compartment breaking-beyond a grey-blue green-scene: staggered and staged, rolled and ranged.
From: the east-peaked settling yellow-orange onto the western-hills shadow-flanking purple-green valleys and up-country, the farmed grid-framed plains where the day was already begun. A steamy streaming of white-grey lifted across a dried-up estuary in thin-rain spluttering over an elevated iron-riveted ochre painted girder-bridge built on pillars of the deepest yellow and red local-rock and brickwork, arched, and breached.
With the Suns’-rays The Train rattled-on emergent as through a fog over the beached river below. Onto the other-side of a ravenous gaping-gorge. Over-spilling through the outskirts of a more modern recently built-up ancient River-Harbour and Sea-Port Town. With high-rise Housing-Project Industrial-Units and Business-Park and a brand-new Shopping-Mall, serving for Food and Home-furniture and Motor-Vehicle showrooms, sales-rooms and cheap-Hotel and Motel.
Linked razor-wire fenced and chained-in horse paddock gated and padlocked.
Adjacent, a blue-green to red-stopped waiting train-crossing signal as a Freight-Train privileged over passenger passaged prerogative thundered-by loaded with stocks and shares, as Goods and Services that then circum-vented the Whole World that morning the Workers’ and City Commuters’ Train trundling alongside, for now beside a chequered black and yellow train-crossing arterial hot-tar-road weighted-heavy and ever busy with traffic. Omnibus and coach. Bicycle and motorcycle. Car and caravan-trailer as lorries’ articulated-juggernaut container-shipments on-board beneath and onto the adjoining over-passing concrete-Highway into and out-of Village and Town.
All Traffic travelling with almost One-accord.
To-and-from galvanized corrugated-steel and copper-zinc tin roving roofing between brick and-cinderblock door-ways loading and un-loading bays beneath canopied entrance-coded and secured dusty air-extracting to the outside world-unseen windowless between belching water cooling-tower. Pylon-linking electric-welding workshop engineering factory-crafted machined and man(u)factured goods.
Human Re-sources. Food and Home furniture packaged warehoused shipped to-and-from: The Harbour Town and toward(s): The-City Port and portals’ co-modifying in-return. Stock-Yards stacked-up, exchange value-assured on: The Futures’ Money-Markets value ascertained as all awaiting transport to-and-from: Home and Abroad. Home&Colonial…

The I-nvestment Merchant-Banker sat-back and glanced across at The Admin.istrative Accounts-Clerk: both sat in opposite seats a fixed-table between them travelling on this same-train same-time, same-carriage: for The-Clerk the same-seat if that or any other was to be had amongst the everyday commuters seated and a few more standing today from the as usually crammed-in each weekday early-morning into The City.
For The-Banker: this day too-early for the usual-reservation. Today, with or without waiter or waitress-served breakfasted or a free-morning Newspaper only those freely given-away and piled-up in The Station Forecourt to be taken-away. That had to be paid-for anyway, by publicising the events and latest product model and version, the most reasonably-priced, alongside copies of The Big Issue sold-on by homeless-people dis-advantaged and in Metropolis’ around the world: no such thing as a free-lunch the-
Banker reasoned: in First-Class The Financial-Newspaper paid-for anyway by The Railway Company ticket-seated and breakfasted with The-Financial Newspaper at massively discounted Market Business-Rate or Cost-Price freely as-Advertising encouraging in-someway Paid-For and all for: Financial Returns and the Power to Influence others’ campaign…and-win.

The Financial Newspaper could be easily afforded, anyway.
From today’s loss-leader, tomorrow’s winner paid-for upfront, from: The Station-Kiosk: The Newspapers’ Corp-0-rate-In-vestment: borrowed on perma-credit: staff-costs and overhead(s): never paid-off and on- continuing steady-sales to be re-couped: shorted for the long-term in-vestment…
Shareholders and Company Corporation(s): Owner(s): paid-back to: in-vest again in-debted: Credit.ed: next days’ copy, readied for repeat status quoted confidence asking- price bid and volume traded as they were: before: The-War.
Today. The Newspaper: not given-away with the extortionately and exclusively permissive over-priced railpass this day into The City: The Stock-Exchanges and Financial-Markets’ Annual-Executive Rail-Ticket: paid-for, whether used or-not.
This day the first Train out and apparently only Standard-Class sub-ordination available. A single First-Class carriage was filled-up quickly by anyone who had a ticket and conceivably some who did-not: there were no-tickets being checked apparently the barriers left-open and inviting all-comers.
For The-Banker: for another-time that morning, something mildly, now seconded, and markedly unusual: the earlier, when: The Radio Alarm-Clock: had switched-on. Routinely with the early-morning fishing, farming, road, and rail, airline and shipping news, of arrivals and departures, delays and speculative forecasts as weather-reports, local and global, political-economic, and media-news, with the previous-nights’ closing with The Stock-Market(s) Prices from around The-World: there had been developments, overnight, that needed attending-to…
From the emptying platform: The-Banker and The-Clerk boarded The Train:
together, more or less equal. The-Clerk with a free newspaper, and headphones plugged-in to a Mobile Media-Centre. The-Banker for the first time in a long-while with a bought-copy of: The Financial-Newspaper from The Trains’ limited refreshments trolley.
Having taken the first seat-available in the nearest Standard-Class compartment, coupled with a foul-stench reeking drain-leaking latrine literally retching between the brown and grey-green patterned seats. Along the narrow aisleway The-Banker waving The Newspaper ahead: as if to clear-the-air un-wavering, when shunted across by the next-passenger inline to the only vacant window-seat glanced across-to and sedentarily leaned-forward across: The-Table: between them, and asked of: The-Clerk, already sat down-opposite:
‘So what do you make of it all then..?’ in the customary easy clear voice of one born with the interrogative confidence of swift appraisal…
As to The-Clerk as to The-Banker as to The Newspaper Headline: shaken-out: as to: the whole-carriage and The World beyond to: The City.
That could now be viewed in print, and as to what was initially referred to, that too was soon made obvious. The-Banker sat-back purposefully, purportedly and provocatively to-unfold and having unusually had to purchase: The Financial-Newspaper with the headline outer-most, upper-most:
and seen again that photograph taking up the whole of The Grey-Top: printed front-page remaindered and pictured in the minds’ eye. Now: turned inside-out and with a staring squeezed blink of the eyes, fumbled as if in a freak storm, a blown umbrella, folded quickly-away.
To the-Clerk: hung-out to dry: having seen earlier the front-page photograph and one-liner, top headed re-referenced: re-conceived on-line and connected…down-loading and updating…milli-second minute-to-minute mobile-version uploading freely…with advertising: optional: free-view choice or fee-paying subscription…skipping…as instantly as if: mysteriously-accusatory…
As if with some felt need for validation, valediction, justification, testimony, guilt? Even before any biased evidential fact-based fiction? With a self and another-deceiving finality justifying, with instant-conviction…but of who? By whom? Despite the original opening-question, it seemed as if with no real right-of-reply.
The initial conversational-question asked as if not-intended to be replied-to or any other-mindedly mitigating circumstances or any-answer-at–all, particularly, or generally, listened-to or taken any notice-of.
Yet. Or so the younger-Clerk, surprised to be spoken-to then considered: perhaps like a nurture-nature kind of thing? Possibly a-Plebeian enquiry? Selected-standard flagged with no-probation: The-Clerk decided: more likely a command, to make something of IT and be-taken-notice-of: most self-importantly: County-Country E-State: local-Fund(s): at study work life and death:
Democracy cannot flourish in-fear hate anger:
At any-Time and Space constantly changing:
Roots amongst Rage: N-otice: given of anyway, notice dis-regarding of the possibly-paranoid maniacal rhetorical-answer awaited or not, by either, or Both re-gardless of The-Other:
On-Board: The Quickest to-the-Draw…or to:
Withdraw? The Subtler –Inquisitor?
Analyst? Strategist? adversaries all ready…
To: the initial-recipient clerking by-assumption looking-up from a streaming mobile smart-phone camera and video-games RPG-console: 4slotmachine…game…downloading…
Personal Electronic Reader de-pocketed-information-recording removing the earbud flex-plex: screen-clip micro-phone socketed lead-off to on-line searching…
For the source of mildly-irritating openly questive-words’ spoke… as directly-to or so it seemed: Kin-ex: Ground-Liaison: wherever this may be The-Clerk: in almost immediate reply:
The-Clerk: not-looking-up, looking-down: and into the same recently con-cealed picture, and slowly re-storing from browsing-history as accurately acutely-historically as-depicted.
As verifiably veritably immediate un-tampered-with: photo-scooped shopped mobile cell-phone worded and photographed: syndicated and: World-Wide-Web: networked-scene: as at the end of the previous day:
The City: Stocks and Share-Bond market(s) as then as now: seen:
News-printed and pictured from the evening before: a litter-strewn like old ticker-tape looking across:
The Trading-Room Floor: for-saken soaking for-feit and un-forgiven an un-forgivingly blankly awaiting-screens’ strap-line seen: Markets’ Closed.
For: The-Banker: The single-slogan as about to go up or down was not possible to tell.
For All to: see… diagonally, from one corner of the screen page to the other,
perhaps tangentially to slip smoothly-across continuously shutter stuttering across only-slightly blurred from the-top aloft, above, the-perfect: the-normal midway ideally-positioned not at the-extreme outer-fielded or even ever truly-centred: but as inside-out, and now, as stilled.
As then, as now: as no-longer identically singularly signally existent: or ever again: exactly-the-same. Now: brought to-gether and as: Everywhere in: The World: and: Nowhere at-All. Except: everywhere, there, now as stop-framed only as cinematographically stilled. Re-corded and re-peatedly looped any movement as any-moment of only impendent occurrence of pixels printed and glowing-in: The-Cloud:
‘Markets Closed.’ shimmering grid-table mapping diagrammatic…a flickering…a coming-together:
‘Re-tail: On-Line and Mobile…:’ that bold bland statement flickering nonethelessmemorific fuzzily held in-abeyance:
As a dawn held rising over: The Worlds’ Edge.
As a vertiginous horizontally remotely-geometrically sited Cityscape skyline…diverting…to:
<Banking- details…corporate-investment scams perks of psychological-physical financial bribery and seemingly accepted as-normal rich&Poor: Corruption&Fraud: as a matter of extent for Tax-evasion and avoidance: on-consultancy and management-only signatory contracts hostage-taking hijacking debt-ransoming working-deals projected on un-founded optimism in collateral or pessimistically as life-threateningly:
‘Losses can exceed deposits…’
‘As death exceeds life.’ un-throated or keeping quiet: the-public purse: tax-dodging
avoidance not-open to everyone and evasion as non-invasion overseas as if this would be enough… to boost-confidence on-fixed multi-scalar fiddling violin-jigging burning words&figures in columns revealed above an open-dialogue boxed-in:

Options:…with-structure and series arcade-style deviation from the normal…too complex-to-control, if at all…cutting-edge: RE:booting…re-marking:
‘Perhaps, bringing The-City down?’
‘The-Global Cit(y)ies!’
‘Being brought-down?’ tapped-into:
<The-City: Country-Global: News: ethno-linguistically and-ability driven plutocracy(ies): strategically falsely declared other promoted-tactics shouted-out below a glassceiling silvery-mirror shattered difference: grotesque…
‘Over-Investment in Property: public: probity propriety privately… ‘
‘Over or under-valued Trade(s)! Un-Safe and un-Economical:…’
‘Super-Boom! Bust!’
‘New and emerging market(s):…’
‘The-City: Sin and Sexy! Why not? Only natural…’
‘Staple Basics: Chemicals Metals and Minerals…’
‘Food and Fuels…’ strongly in-vulnerable must-haves intuitive knowing certain flexible ups and downs:
‘Homes’ exag-ge-rated price-rises now falls…’
‘Deliberate-Fraud fixing the highest prices and thus highest debt together…trillions of fines for security…how do you expect me to make a living?’ hold the-nerve…volatile…
‘In-surance? Pensions? Providential Vendor-Banking…Industrial-Commercial…’
‘Domestic. Home-Mort-gage?’
‘Global, now. Credit-Bubbles’ Burst! Sovereign-Debt! Called-in loans…’
Market-Value? Trillions…(I)ntrinsic-value…no-longer…’
Taken a-back:
‘Market-Value?’… gone…dumped dis-counting: The-past:
‘Intrinsic-Value?’ selling-off fast! Price(s) crashing: Future-Value not now as for present…
‘No-longer per-forming…’
‘BRIC(K)BATS!’ out-numbering banquets’ bouquet of plaudits…
‘De-Con-struction: Industrial&Construction: Dot-Comm.s’ spot-purchase of the
competition into monopoly 4no-brainer price…Puts and Stays…’
‘Gauge Trade-Investment…Oil and Coal-Gas’ Money-ness…Liquid-Strike
Balloon bubble into Space:
‘Insurance and Banking-Liquidity smashed…’
‘Market Price-drops…’
‘Had to happen…peak-Coal-Gas Oil: going…gone…’
‘Peak-Cash Federal-Government dis-count(ed.) interest(ed.)?’
‘X-change-Rates carriage carrying price-set in-advance…’
‘R/E Reserves…’
‘90% now…’ Arctic-condition (i)nvestment: sub(s)idising free-money zone bamboozling bankrupting de-frauding public purse(s) by taking asking-for it public hand-out bail-out bank-rolling free-loading for co-lateral bi-lateral public-private: Fair&True: free natural-resources will build your world from countr(y)ies to cit(y)ies: Antarctic: no financial assistance re-quired no-money zone! Sub-sisting: Quoted:
false fake-market marker to: the consumer…Public-(U)ltimately: at the Money:-Spot! Arcade-machine bank-account:
Re-sources required: Commodities’ out-sourcing of-necessit(y)ies essentials re-
privatised sold-off bought-publicly for-sale advertised for stupid-mone(y)ies:
‘Hyper-Cycles following-on!’
‘Boom! Bust!!’
Forward into:
‘The Money! Again!!!’ volatility-surfacing risk:…
‘Analysis: probing-probability(ies)’ Standard Deviation(s)…’
‘Rigged. House(s) of Cards…’ publicly…pessimism:…inner-Optimism…
‘In-House to: Each-Other…’ hidden and:
‘Home: alternatives farmed for solar wind and wave…’
‘Ad-vertising: Over-Other(s): over-Optim-ism: Get-Rich-Quick!’
‘Earns The Money!’
‘More-Money Better! Living-Laser!!’
‘Or Die! Cyborg-Rat!’
‘Digital-Artifact: Sting-Ray…’
‘Equity…gone. Owner(ship)…’
‘With Self and Others’ Fraud&Corruption?’
‘In-Business as in-Politics…’
‘As: Enter-tain-ment?’
‘Catering-to as travelling-with…’
‘Politics-for-Sure: Once at the top, stay there. By foul means not fair. ‘
‘Business? Never!’
‘Who said anything in The World, in Nature…was fair?’
‘Ever was intrinsically fair?’
‘Or goodness!’
<Military/Civilian: Security: risk: Rebel-Plot?’ plotting-Rebel:Rogue-Citizen:
‘Global! Once the-Government loses:…’
‘Control : split on party-lines…’
‘Liberal-Democracy or Demagoguery…’
‘Like National-borders…’
‘Virtually: un-democratically democracy done-away with:’
‘The World…’ takes over: To over-throw:…
‘The-Ex€cutive: at the Ballot-Box:…’
‘Rigged: soft-coup…’
‘Absolutely de-fending against foreigners’ defending:…’
‘Secret-pay-ment(s): made…’
‘Bribery-a-Broad… Foreign-Aid!’
‘Minimal of-Course! Foe-Friendly! Diplomatic Spy?’
‘Global-Merger Acquisition in Dollar/Yuan! In whose interests?! To: get to speak:
with One-Voice un-common-Language…’
‘Money! Numb(er)s speak! The-Benefits-of-Trade…Every-One wants-In…Want-to?
Buy-in? Now?’
Interface: any financial-legal: SyS-Admin: problem(s)? Questions?: list…
‘To: Merge(d)-naturally with: The Will to Power…’
‘To make: Money: Bias-Bots…con-firm:…’
‘A protecting: Protectionist: Nationalist: Echo-Chamber …’ filter
‘Cyber-Crim(i)(n)(Al?’ ne-gligence-alleged: proven: voting-Rights…and diminished-Re-sponsibilities…’ education…in-formation…gut-fellings…risk…over optimistic: maximising-Profit(s):
‘Mercantilist: Autarkial?’ closed-economy: ab-solute-Advantage: amassing merewealth: financial im-porting over exports im-printing borders’ currenc(y)(ies) unrealistically re-tracted spiked false-error factual-in-accuracy:
‘Losses?’ Colonial-Imperial: financial Rent and Mort-gages:
bricks and mortar any out-standing payments: land and buildings’ property-plant and equipment depreciation over time and use…but not money-in:
<The-Bank: Analysis: Book-Value: Assets and Liabilities: Cash and short-term investments…
Long-term:…as: Long-Term In-vestments de-preciating looking as if ploughed back-into:
‘Lost. The Family Corporate-Business(es)(‘s):…’
‘Each of Us emotive-cellular:…’ going- down noted-out not-payable: accrued wages salaries in-debted total-owned: People: quantifiable-Love as Time: as: non-Hatred continuum…buff-honesty bluff-humour: your-tube music-to:
General settings: Security-settings:
<In: Corporate: banking private equity real-assets Global-estate market strategies and investment-Solution(s)…
‘Leaders of: The World…’ getting in on The-Game or losing-out. Why should they? Shouldn’t they? They are Human too…vying over topspot: diplomatic or otherwise-scale de-pending: economic-growth failure-denied un-appreciated massive-meritocitous pay-gap military/moral dimension excuses un-equal reasons re-versed re-quired claiming the moral-high-ground barometer(s) against others’ evil also as-good…(e)qual:
‘Populations supporting them…’
‘Made-to…’ causing creating: State-of-Emergency and denying responsibility using no evidence but discriminatory pre-judice phoney fake foolish inaccurate intim(ads)®ating true&fair ©omplicit deceiving-selves persuading deceitful :
‘Purging killing-off any opposition…’
‘In fear reflecting parental-love en-forcing familial Sovereign-Bonds: …’
‘Mining gleaming silver-bullets…’
‘The City…’
‘White-Black fake stolen-Gold: cleaned-up…’
‘Licit ex-ports Drugs-and-Weapons…’
‘Now: Health and Social-Care…’
<Home-Base: Ownership: leant-on: service industrial-workers making and retailing apology for a pay mindset belief-gap set-in-stone unfree-speech hate and hostility of 99-1% churnalism min-i-mal: mini-mising: liars and opportunists all…altered-aud-(i)ts sought to include unprofessional un-ethical conduct-content opposite-to: true&fair:
‘Un-Balanced: Bud-Jet…’

Up-set power balanced floating and then some:
rigging…sailing away…with Others’
Dividend: Banks’ dis-counting cash-flow…unlikely…to: im-pass-able: possible…ex-tracting materials to man-u-factor supply-chain: factory-first assembly-line: second and infi-nite: if not for: plant-life.
Set-Up: For-Life: Hardware AI super-ceding humans…sub-strate: power-source: running-from: re-liable: fail-safe?
Instruction-manual: super-computer from the ground-up: vexing re-volutionary: in-structive: analysis: psychotic-bias responsible-re-porting:
‘Profit-margins at those rates with re-search and development ploughed back-in:
Off-shore shielded from domiciled domestic-economy fluctuations…
De-valuation…no-rise in respective pay-levels spending levels levelling out on the necessity(y)ies:
‘Personally-protected: Taxed by Wealth…’
‘For a Healthy People!’
‘With representation!’ suffering…poorly:
‘Workers of the-World!’
‘Global-Recession: Austerity…for All?’ virtually: looming drawing back to the roots of the caring core-voters’
Political un-Partied: in-fighting over-charging tariffs on:
Goods-In: and Jobs brought back protected and bargain sales re-negotiating: negating:
Trade-Treaties freighting-forwarders shared train-guage wagons moving A-broad and at Home: paying-customers…
Cheating. Corporate-Governing Policies made to look like common-sense who does not in-vest work and invest into the-familyiesbank: then, to help the working-poor lost-control taken-a-back: skills and abilities and independence: into:
‘Win-some…Lose-sum!’ and the thumb-and-index fingers parted tristed twisted con-
verse inverse forehead-L signifying V with the otherhand:
‘Billions!! With: Self-Reliance!’
‘Resilience! Un-Free un-Fair Trade! Enough for All!’
‘Then: Free-Trade?’
For: the un-skilled frequent-failures at the-top owning the
lowest-few successful survivors: realised liberty and freedom:
popular-politicking pessimistic-playing:
paying with: earnings-gap obscene GE-sture…
‘Fear then Anger!’
Police and Law and Order: Armied Militarisation of The Federal: National-Guard: up-holding(s) ever-upward(s): The Taxing Constitution: re-presentative number(s) defending for all for themselves crony voters’ concerning hatred not love, protecting interest(s) at home and abroad: with dis-proportionate force: again: again-st. News:
‘Bribery hostage and kill for this!’
‘Took us Hostage. They killed My Parents! My-Child! Why?!’

Heard: trigger Happy Police and Armies in-control: at Home and Abroad: as a Law unto them-selves: Law and Order: Do All Lives Matter? Within: A Powder Keg of Emotion: tackle poverty and fear the root frustrations leading to cooking-the-economy always with promises of attacking poverty with jobs and public spending spiralling downwards economic local and global fiscal stimulus quantifying soft-pedalling piddling paddling back-peddling hard-leaving for minimum yield-of-years’ maximum-term: re-peated life-shar(ed.):
Lives’ of the:
‘A Thousand Generations: much stays the same…’ a thousand years around The Sun more humanity more of Humanity humane less inhumanity but for:
‘For: Peace…’
‘Low-level conflict on the streets in the clubs controlled in sport and laugfhter,
sing-songlines and art battling News brought-to:
The-People(s): Social-Con-structed: Justice: Court-ofLaw(s): Government-fixed scrapped democracy broken envious-revenge returned or call it what you may…
‘Battles’-on: The Streets:…’
‘So much for: Being-There Here&Now!!’
‘The Country(ies)-at-War!’
’Trade-Civil Religious War(s)…’
‘To: Win at any expense!’
‘I Will Win for You!!’
‘We Can Do It! Yes We Can!!!’
‘We Can?’
On: Buy/Sell: rented hired-in short-term perpetuity…
Property: Poverty: Port-Folio: owned…
Option(s): Time-value(s)…expected net-realisable…
‘Hedging-Debts? Taking-in again to sell-on for collateral&more once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to profit from super-normal re-turns…’
‘From Somerset to Buckingham…’
‘From others’ misery&death obscene-Profit…’ outside of: The-Marker…ruling(s) on a whim…
Whimsical re-structuring below value…
‘Above-Value(s): market-dependent on actual-return(s)… ‘
‘Commodities’ Bank(i)(ng)-Equityies…’
State of the art self-repairing engine-module: P(ersonal) S(ecurity) I(nvestment)-scam scan-updating: Main-Frame: understanding-Peoples’: Inter-face: loading…
<Private-Equity@Credit: Work(-)Debit….’in-hand’ pay-cut: money-value: re(L)a(T)i(V)e:

Equal(s): Others’ Savings and Investment Property: Pensions and InsuranceAssurance: active-link: delete-data-base: re-programming: Life: as: Property…
‘Re-Capitalising The-Debt…’
‘The National-Bank(s): Public-Trading: State-Owned:…’ top share=price by share numbers…non-investigating non-investing proportion(s)/ rate(s):
‘Private-Bank(s) CEO Oligarchial-Presidential hands-on…’
‘Quasi-Tax-Free: Primary-Sovereign-Debt… ‘
N/n%: free-floating un-listed stock: n/N%:…
<Spent-Force! Credit-to-Business…
To: Federal-Government and State-Farm…
<To keep World-Trade going…
Credit-to Primar(y)-Trade…’
‘Secondary: Debit: War(s): …’ crunching-the-figures banked:
‘Co-Lateral horizon(s): Quantitive-Easing…’
‘Vertical-Austerity…’ only no-Customary-inventory: cooking the book(s): The rate(s) increased falsely soaring skyward ceased with: Public: Tax(es) AS: Tithe:
‘Tariff-Acting on Import-Export Trade(s)…
‘Ceasefire! Abroad: at Home-Contracts tied-in…’
‘Everywhere! Re-naging-Deals?’
‘Reigning: Political…’
‘A-broad: Fo’r-eign…’
From: The-Banker, tabled a printed-card handed over with writing seen:
The Rational Equitable
Economic. Effective. Efficient.
‘The Rational Equitable: Economic. Effective. Efficient…what about: Easy? By
incomprehensible debt-instrument systemic-difference in price(s)?’
‘In: Equi-Table…’ not expecting a laugh.
‘IT turns-out…’ founded on un-founded wished-for facts re-guarding:
‘Social Government-Bank(s)…’
‘Big-Government:…’ anti-social privatised:
Food and Furniture Administration: out-sourced. Personal-Wealth: Health: Big-Pharma fed with sugars and saturated fatty acids anti-bacterial and anti-biotic psycho-active depressants’ high-fibre wholefood plant-based diet animal=feeding: toxic e-cholestral statin money heart-attack stroke shock-providers of public-education and advertising-health and care-providers’ suppliers throughout: the food and funding-chains not for-equitable not-for profit: in-equitable: in-equitable@
‘Residential and Commercial: Retail-Banking:’
‘In-Equitable: All-ways: Government(s): National Federal-reserves…ir-rational…’
‘Nuclear United-Nation(s)!’
‘Always!!For: The-People? Government? For your votes alone fixed-up…’
‘Like ex-change-rates’…’
‘Paid-Out: Eaten…ALIVE! Big Royal-Banquet! May as well be Us! For Food?’
‘Em-Ported: Docked. No Ground-Plan…’
‘Home and Energy-Credit(s) controls…’ burning-out: A-head of Time: fractally de-pleting: fractional…
Mobile: Wi-Fi…re-connected…
‘No-Exit Plan…deadly…’
‘Ceasefire Con-ference: talking-Peace…’
‘Piece-of: The Action: To: Day: Stay. Put. Re-build(s) Holiday-Haven…’
‘Tourist-Industry: Economy: re-builds that never get paid-for: never-built…’
‘Landed: Rich-to Rich: Cash-Safe…a-Broad…’
‘Land-Value-Tax: Loan-Exchange Rate(s):…’
‘O-verboard: with: Mort-gage backed Securitye(s):…’
‘Re-issue Bonds or:…’
‘Re-possessed: Again! Too good to be True! Super: Sub-Prime!’
‘Now: Binary-Trading…’ betting…moment-to-moment on thin-air:
‘Moment-to-moment: High-frequency Trade(s): Optimisim: confident Triple-A loans…’
‘To nothing…’
‘Covered-up Fraud! Wrong! Deceit! Who to believe?’
‘The-Mortgage never gets paid-off…’
‘Conflict-Home(s). Residential(s):…’
‘Everyone pays their Home-Loans…’
‘Until they cannot…’
‘Afford It?’ Political-Correctness: Control: Chiefdoms’ Elite-Group: of: Citizens’ Labour and Loyalty…
‘Frozen-conflict state(s)…’
‘Need of…to maintain the interest…’
‘Homes crumble…eventually: Lives…used-up…’
‘Energy: bills…coined: Premium re-payment:-In-vestment…’
‘Hero-to-Hero! Who Pays? Government? Us!’ dis-appears as easily as apparent abroad…
‘Into: Space! De-fault per-centages up to 151 re-payment amounts by the time…’
‘If…’ Now: Industrial-Commercial Default(s): un-reflected in the Bank(s) fixed credit-rating(s)…
’Top-100 to 2,000% point(s): to: Zero? Ha-ha never…’ inter-acting: artificiallevel: intel:
‘Not? Until…’ Income-verification@past: due notice to quit: The-Landlords Pit-Bull
Bear-Baiting Tiger-taming names as collateral-shot: by the same:…
‘But the Goods and Homes.’
‘Stocked and Shared: un-realistically high 149% rises in rates not paid-off…’
‘But the Home it-self emptied-goods given-away as waste and compost for re-cycling…’ home less-tented well-fare worth-less life-more:
<Taken-for: cash: Homes’ food and furniture and vehicular-transport all-voided…contract:…
Cashing-in…pre: un-bought loaned-first then to the second-hand market…
<Theirs take(N/n)?! P
Pushed into poverty!!
< P(e)t(i)tio(n)!
Forced-out and selling-up no-cover…
Nil. Zero-sum… rejected write-the-loan: sold-on long-gone bragging-Rights…cared(a)bout…
<No-Income: no-Job-of-Work:… adjustments for prices-rising swaps’ re-financing levelling-value…cash-out must-settle…going-into readies…
<Food. Petro-Chem?<
<Energetic: Sino-Pec…<
<Independently-going: British-Petroleum….
<Anglo-Dutch Shell. Lobbies: Presidential: Exxon Saudi-Arabian Libyan…<
<As good as Presidential-StateX: owned…<
< down…< prices as interest-rate(s): fixed by suppliers…
<Free! Solar! Wind-and-Wave! People-owned: food-Stocks? Goods? Services? Why-Not?: Money…itself! Post: Scarcity! Post-scarcity! PostUn-Employment!<
De-nial: dial turned-down: Nnnn…re-jecting the subject of the assertion:
<Only those protecting: Universal-Generalisation Globally…changing de-finition(s)…< re-fashioning changing modifying excluding specifity ob-jective: legal-ruling(s) separate-Powers: Free! Fair! Worker-agreement or not doesn<t matter be-cause…

Fixed-return from: raping-violence throttling de-hydration starvation…burning down the house:
‘Windy waters…little-turbulance in relating the long-range possibility of (U)to(pia):…’
‘Dys-topian from:to radical politics in the: here and now…’
‘Not-So! What matters’ is to keep the You-topian possibility open continuing technological progress…Me! topian! E-specially! Anthropocene. Home-Spacedevelopment: and in the meantime to support whatever policies and politics: in-the:
Real- World…’
‘Rational&Equitable…’ auto-pilot…
‘Last-Refuge. PayDay: Loan(s)…’
‘Savings? In-vest-ment…’
‘What? Savings?’
‘In-vestnent? Debt:…’
‘De-fault…of Who?’
‘What? Of Money…’ small-producers of everything…’
‘Shirt(s) off their back(s)…Unite4Liberation!’
‘Cold-Gambling:’ addiction with life-existential dreadful: Thrill! Drill!
‘ThePoorest…’ chilled-coldest:
‘The oldest then the youngest-starving…’ no-protection defence security…only for-
‘All Owned: Private-Ownership without money: specialist-Sweetener: Fattener!
Re-Licencing: The Honey-Pot: Public-Money! Gold! To Kill! Fought-over Noooo!’ tube-travelled through rock and air and Space inner&outer seen: solar satellite solar-sails&mined metal and plastic-glass:
‘Lunched: Dimed-Over!! Boom! Boom! and Bang! Again! Bang!! And Bust!
‘None! Credit! Crunched!’ collapsed on everything…
‘Of course!’

The-Bank(s): Core-Corporation(s): Trans-Global-Unity: Global: BigBusiness…Private/Public-Investment: pensions investments savings…
‘Money-Bank backed: Business-Plot…’ ratings lists…calling-in…
‘The Tragedy of The-Common(s): Crash! Nnnnnnnnn…’
‘Capitalist Military-Industrial…Complex…Crash!’
‘Boom-Boom!’ economics: external(ties)…’
‘E-digital attempted suppression…’ of: In-vestigative-news…
‘The-Corporation(s)…’ publishing: their own…
‘Research and De-Velopment: of in-built obsolescence so-called improvements nothing!’
‘Media: Everyone!’
‘Pens-ion: Portal…Home-Mortgage(s): to-Rent: nnn/NNN…Big-Bang! Nuclear!’

Grown too quickly Politician-StockbrokerInsurance-Belt…stretched too-far bound to snap!
Fat-Gown: Trouser(s) skinny-Shorts.
Fit-whinnying. To: Do-Business. To: not. Why Not? Sell-in Buy-up: scam bankrupt(as)sets sale staff-redundant machines tied to computers:
Factory and Office-Blocks become: Home-Works.
Big-Core: no-longer trusted networks complicated and confused as if onpurpose (although naturally anyway) ideaologically de-constructed industrial Kraft-Heinz delicious-World! Work(s): Off-line…
Security: on-line: open-season every-one, and no-one owned as customers debtors or creditors…
Agr-(i)-Cultural: Co(n)-struction: (I)(n)dus(t)rial: Com-merical: Re-tail: partners in crime and criminality: socially econ(o)mically comically (i)(n)-structed: on: unfairFairness: un-free freedom:
‘All We want is: CHOICE! NOW! To-Be We!!’ choice(s) venging a re-venging: unsettling vengeance against: Other as-Self: corruption-fraud known-Lie(s): we lie to ourselves: as Sham-Dictatorship(s)’ Imperial-Presidential Oligarchial de-cree: Executive-Action…
Democratic-populist shimmying given-taken for granted. Never-denigrate gratuitously or ungraciously deal(s) can always be un-done: Outside of The Windows’ through:
‘Too-much: GREEDY! Un-caring want Some-thing for next-to-nothing: Take-It! All of Us! Thieves! Robbers! Bandits!’
‘All of Us!’
‘Some. Tricked! Held to: ransoming family health and care and ill-affording…’ ‘Protect and Survive!’ A-fraid of losing…again. Unfairly criminally and illegally… ‘Fixing the-Rate:(s)…’ like(s) immortal-machine: God(s):
‘Be-lieved. Re-lived: fiddling the-figure(s)…’ juggling-in-favour…as if they/we would not be found-out:
The-Fall€(n)O…or no-one…else: screen(ed.) ci(t)izen re-porter:
‘Ig-snore the true picture: made-up: too much to many over-valued commissionprice and: Bonus! Growth! reccomended on a friend(s): without collateral: to: back-up…’
‘Stories: In the Real World: Risk-assessor(s) down-grading…’
‘A-voiding…hiding? After-All they are in the same business…’
‘Information-Age: Money for mere-information…’
‘Digital: Inter-changeable…informative: Money Ex-change…’
‘Goods and Stocks and Services:…’
‘Food on the: Table. Even or never-near enough…’
‘Enough! Stop!’
‘If We don’t Others will…’ continuing:
‘Trade-in: false-Truths? Perfect: Bru-tal Logic? Be-Live-Able?’
‘False-Trading! What Col-lateral?’
‘Except People’s Lives! Kill-Rates…’
‘Police? Army sent-in…’ Psycho? I-n-camera: secret parallel-accounting: helperKiller Cell(s): False-Positive(s)… heard-headphoned:
‘in-Corporate: Privatisation: Social-Responsibilities…’
‘Ha! Accidental-Default: en-forced-Rates’ in-crease(s):n/N…On-ly!’
‘Limited-Liability!’ psycho-Path: in-Corporate: Personhood in Government: man-ipulative lacking-em-pathy: Simply-focussed confusing as if deliberately willing-winning formulae re-peated pre-judicial charge-sheet arrest: United Trans-Mission Service(s):…
‘Inter-national Global-Trade.’ With or without collateral: geared-in:
‘The Actual-Stock(s) and Good(s) delivered to back them up…’
‘Servicing: A-People(s) uncertain-Lives…’
‘Only: false-figures…’
‘They are all-False! ‘We’ Are!’
‘From the moment we are born…’
‘From before birth!’
‘Credit-De-bit: Crunch!ed! All of Us!’
‘Perhaps the-Price of Civilisation eh?’
‘Keep-ING moving…’
‘Same as I.T.’s ever been!’
‘Bringing in the-Harvest!’
‘Or not…’
Global-Failure! Local: Of The-Banking-System…
‘This-time…Private and Central-Banker’s City-Trader Scam! Big Bang! To –In-Vest!
Freely! The Government-Banks Federal-Exchequers’ Peoples’ in-teres(ts)…’
‘Whose? The-Peoples’?’
‘International Monetary Fund…’ whistled from account-to-account: fraud and laundering: hidden-stains washed-out:
‘WHO? United-Nation(s)? Domestic to Global-Productivity…barriers-battled
freeing dovetailing relatively peaceful worlds’… producing-Everything!’
‘Food and factoring logistics whole-sale…
‘Turf-War(s): trans-porting-Portal…’ retail…time-as-energy:
Logistic(s): Futur(I)Zon: selfieID-online profile: banking and medical appointment(s): building learning-machine(s):
‘Corp-o-rate: operating…system…working…’
‘Privately-owned and credited: Home-Bank! People! All of: US!’
‘Give Them Our-Money to Loan-back to Us!’
‘Loans-Wars now truly-Globalised…de-Regulation: Free-Trade:…’
‘Centralised: controlling: City-Trading: Companies…’
‘Business: In-Corporation(s): innovative…’ computer-telephone: Home-Office: Box Floor face-face dealing between: Brokers with pots of shares and cash…
‘Safe, Trad.(i)tional and conservative: Binary-Broker: Pro-duction Chain-of-Command (PCC):…’
‘High-frequency…short-term timed…’ by digital milli-second screened:
‘Jokes!’ Multi-National(s): Investment: Old-Time Firms and Big-Bank(s) directly (ent)(e)red-safe: black-made: un-safe: white:
‘The-Life of: The-Market: pre-post: scarcity passed-on: Price-Rise(s): On: Credit!’
‘Given…gone!’ list…bubbles-popped…
‘Saw Nothing like this! Triple, quadruple…many times over-rated…’
‘And with Selling-Commissioned-Bonus on Top of That!’
‘Paying Taxes? Who pays Taxes in their right-mind? Eh?’
‘Who can get away with I.T….’
‘Other-People’s money:…’
‘Be a: Big-Boss! The Biggest-Boss that ever Bossed the World around!’
C/credit on-line daily- amount:: automated-algorythm… dispensation di-scretion-agency dis-crediting: in-cretion protecting the causer-of-harm from the harm-caused: self:
‘Credit-Machine(s)!’ they didn’t know what they were doing…re-investing on with-out insurance…
Any-One Can!
Buying and selling-on digital-information from computer-screens spread across the desks passed across to others who knew nothing…
‘No-One else does…take the risk…’
‘You’re The-Revenue? Police or Thief eh?’
‘Both. Maybe? Selling to the developing-Worlds’ corruption and scandal as
Ours’… ’
‘Gimme what you’ve got…’
‘How can I make a living?’ paranoid-police bribe…for special Protection-Racket?
‘For my family, for myself?’
‘Extra-pay, eh? Paid: so badly be-fore? Army. Generals and Politicians for: n-years
elected to: The-LifePresident…until…
Anyway or not all…
‘Business-As-Usual. All in this Together…’
Missile and missile-defence sold-O-ffensively as-if: protecting…Defensive:
‘Us and Them…’
‘Never had the chance to say:’
‘Cheated, lied and corrupt tricked as of the people…’
‘Always: You?’
‘The In-Land Revenue?’
‘People. Out-Land?’
‘I don’t owe…owed…re-investment…with The-People’s future(s)…’
Ass-YR-ance certainly: Bank’s Pensions Social-Security Welfare-(In)surance: on the next generations:
Now! Corruption and Fraud…schools and hospitals never get built, or filled. Filed: infra-structure…land-deal…
‘Who: Pay(s)? Bail-Out?’
‘Who doesn’t have-to: eh?’
‘Who-cannot can…’
Taxpayers Privatised…Government…Corporate-Civil Capita-PLC: Bonded-Contract(s):…

Sham-poll Democracy: Security-Weapon(s): Defence and Assault:
On: Economic and
National Security-concerns…
‘Analysis-to: know who-to-say: no-to…who: to-say yes…too. Secret-sacred:…‘
‘Family-silver and gold…’
‘What’s…Who’s to die-by?’
‘Use-less. 3rd-Party Inspection…X-tra-cash…’ perspicacity…
‘All Over The World…’ scared-stochastic! Scholastic! Proven!:
‘Never take a Risk! Why?’
‘To make more than enough?’
‘Live or Die?’

Risk…Weapons of mass-destruction…any…destruct:
EverOne:n/N or
N/n self-Value Worth and Winning(s)nnn…
Referenda-endlessly for permanent-power non-democratic cheating known-about until
President-King Queenly Prime-Minister(s) to any One: N/n…N/nnn…
‘You. Get-to-pull…’
‘Take a beating. That is how They do IT! No-Risk. Only 0ther’s…’
‘Un-believable! T-Reign4Lif(v)es!’
‘All IT IS! Then: Bang! Big! Bonanaza!!’ jumping fore-ward then backwards as if shot…both now in the knowledge assumed of the other:
Pay-up or Banged-up! Beaten-up!
‘Good-Citizen? Police-or-Thief?’
‘Global-Citizen? Army? So?’ Both now assumingly knowingly unknowingly yet
simply pictorially- imagining that morning, the scene as unchanged from the night
The-same@ ID-ent(i)cal: for-All: now as far as either of them or anyone on: The Train.
There, or anywhere-else knew of: as of dealings of commerce and business, small, medium and large as that evening previously ceased. Then, as now inside TheCity: Stock-Market(s) building heavy-teakwood-mahogany doors tightly-closed hermetically-sealed a normally fluorescent glow inside turned-off except for a single computer-board screening presence there remaining b-linking:
‘Markets Closed.’

• The Children.
‘It’s like living in a rabbit hutch’ She often said metaphorically and He replied with a shrug. Nothing to say in reply. It was; and it would take long enough to pay for. Eight-floors up. Looking over the street below, now starting to become busy with traffic. They had lived with his parents for a time, and then after they were married in a small rented flat in The City, before they needed to afford somewhere to live together, and to bring-up their two small children. They had both saved, and with some financial help from a relative (deceased) they had managed to get this place. When the housing market was ‘buoyant’ and home loan Home-Buyer’s mortgages easy to get if you were in work. The home was bought with a loan, a promissory note, deposited and co-lateraled together with the home itself. They were afloat.
Both worked to pay-off the loan, which although it was supposed to reduce each year, did not seem ever to keep up with prices and pay. The loan would anyway be paid-off, many times over, if they were ever to pay off the debt. If this place was ever to become their own. If they managed to keep paying-off with interest for ‘the shelter from the storm’, as they called it, from everyday life.
A life or home that they did not now own, and may not ever actually own, if foreclosed to sell-back at Market Price the difference between the selling and originally bought price along with the interest paid, they would have lost to The Mortgage Company crediting Bank as landlord and financial overlord. No recourse, and be homeless. On The Street. Refugees. Like wartime. Leave the home. Return to parents, and over-crowding as before or with friends similarly fixed. Their home, such as it was theirs, re-possessed. Their home repossessed; their lives dispossessed.
Their-Home: a two-bedroom cabin apartment She thought of: kitchen-lounge, bathroom and toilet, and tiny balcony between them, and the sky above, and onto the world below. Each day, each month, and each successive year into the unthinkable future; no-deposit but interest-only nearly two-thirds every month of what they both earned. She did the household accounts, and She knew. Of every week, every month, every year, every decade…two thirds of two lifetimes…the Loan would have been paid for several times over by the time and if ever it became theirs or The Children’s; and perhaps even their Grandchildren’s…paid-for with extortionate charges and zero-security…but that is the nature of the human animal, is it not? To do over; and be done over again and again? She thought: wanting more and more for less and less and prepared to do anything for it. Break the rules…even murder, in effect? A walking nightmare, as if a daydream of violent retribution or suicidal; and in the quiet mind wandering moment of pillared door, a room, a table, a bed let go and a bed sheet left behind ready to be buried with as they did in the olden times, shrouded as now by window curtains thinly pulled-back.
Each worked to pay-off the loan on the house, and to pay for food and bills and extras, clothes, and nights out, occasionally. Maybe once a month, or not at all. Then He had been laid-off work at The Bakery: three-day-week, and three days’ wages. The mortgage was renegotiated, and they continued struggling to pay-off the loan and other loans, credited and debited from what they both earned together for the basics of life. There was never an issue of who should earn more and be the main-breadwinner, and who would do the most caring of each other and the children: the unpaid responsibilities shared around The ‘House’; and then: The Civil World-War of Work and Good-Times: with Other Friends and Family out-there, in-here, madly-made do.
They were equal, without even having to think about it or confront societies’ and other’s false expectations of gender and family. They were equal, and supported each other’s frail and fragile egos with a natural equanimity. Respectful, and loving, each contributing their best and differently according to their means, to make the whole: It’s not all doom and gloom She did often think, and He tried not to think on it. The homely claustrophobia only had to be relieved by going out. To the Cinema, to a Bar or Restaurant. But that was not very often. Now there were children as well. Seldom did extras make their mark. Clothes bought carefully a piece at a time replacement rather than extravagance. The cupboards filled with groceries, and emptied by the time the next weeks shopping (recipes for the week… mental-list…needed, and the next weeks earnings spent…)
She was awake first this morning, and She got up from the bed on which He still lay awake but not yet awake enough to leave its night-time warmth. She went through to the next room. The bedroom led across the narrow passage to the living room which led directly to the tiny gallery kitchen and balcony on one side and the door to the front room on the other. Except it wasn’t the front-room, exactly; the ‘front-room’ of her childhood; playing on the street and door directly to the matted rugged smell of cooking from the stone wall white-washed country kitchen upstairs one room on the gallery landing for the grand-parents to retire early in the evening, the loft room alongside the attic hay-store grain store. Foods prepared early next day for daily breads baked and dryfeed for the yard chicks and chickens and field stock, milk and meat and warm- clothing made and mended at home.
Along The River Lands fish. An outside closet-room to flush away into the ground to fertilise with a zinc-metal bucket of water into the slurry sump She thought where you could hear it ‘slurry’ all the way down; and then to wash-out and replace from the outside tap pumped-up from the well re-filling the bucket and the decorated fired china clay bowl for washing, ready for the next use. At bedtime children first, then the adults.
Bagged bog-hare and rabid-rabbit rabid sickly and sick. Health problems and insecurity of work and market demands or with-work under-paid pay or under-staffed hard labour then without work only the rats and mice nested runs beetles and cockroach kept away by the epi-genetically domesticated cats and dogs that no-one owned, foxes and vixens. All fed and looked-after, ate, fed-on, and eaten like goat and chicken, for life, or not: as a last re-sort; and there were horses at the local stables, to ride at week-ends and holidays. Each month by cart, then by car or truck into The Market Town for food supplies and treats for The Children with whatever they had to sell, and buy.
Their Whole World: a living market place of work and play, and sell and pay like a circle, or cycle, or exciting un-predictable, circus, of never-ending life. Now great enclosed superstores and supermarkets and factory outlet warehouse parked. Where goods are now transported She thought of: to and from, by railway train and motor vehicle, by great tanker lorries and container freight ship and aircraft to and from The Docks at The City Harbour hub and Airport humming near distantly away, remotely yet directing everyday life everywhere.
With freight-cargo for the factory workshops and retail markets and passengers for business or mostly since this no longer required face-face contact anymore, or at least this now through the multiple screens established around workplaces and homes. Holidaymakers and Traveller-Tourist Hotel(s). With the affordable flight to get away from it all: necessary, a change, a necessary move, once in a while, not every year but to visit family here and there and elsewhere, or else you’d go stir-crazy; do a night-time flit, leave the rent, the mortgage, unpaid. Only to keep on fighting another day, for the bargain, cheapest within budget, to get through the next day; and the day after that. When debts and fines could not be paid, the debt collector, bailiffs, the selling off of the personal possessions, and then the person…the lap-top personal-computer on sleep and awakened placed on the table booted-up and She blogged instantaneously her thoughts:
‘We all need a roof over our heads and put food on the table! How?!’
Without any other word or contextual continuity that did not remain obvious or evitable to this early morning. Everyone, and anyone in the same and similar circumstances…getting the hastily tapped-out message twittering snap chatted briefly and her thought continued in the context of the mindful moment and that which we all have to pay extortionately for over and again even when the food is eaten and the crap washed away there remains a nasty stain, a nasty taste. The original wages sweated over, wasted away, and the loans ever in negative equity! To who? Them! Looking up, and down again now, not in dejection, but circumspection against ever apparent possible failure, with optimism, with perfectibility warning, waning. Below the window, only mechanised traffic building-up, soon into a busy rush-hour congestion. Cars and buses, bicycles, motorbike and motorised delivery truck from here, and there only another view of the same. From two-sides; and every all sides…the bedrooms along the passage corridor, the sleeping children slept.
Earlier peeked into soundless in beautiful dream or dreamless seeming startling worrying death of self, and other…checked for breathing. Crossing from night into daytime TV, remotely automatically turned on confirmation that Life goes on.
The Living-Room: as She entered bore all the chatter and the silence of one who listens, still and safe, cosy and secure. The other rooms took over the emotions and needs: sleep and food, love, and arguments. The central room, the central chamber looked on and awaited eventual almost inevitable, but never certain, or taken for granted, reconciliation and rest. Indulged in social events, noisy chatter and quiet evenings indoors:
‘You have to Work at it Everyday…’ She heard her Mother saying, about marriage, children, and life in general. The furniture was adequate and filled the room. Table, chairs, television, a draw and shelved cabinet standing against a wall, displaying various icons. Family photographs in frames: a portrait of a famous film star, or a print of an oil painting, ornaments, statuettes, figures of worship and of novelty. The furniture the infrastructure, from the livelihoods, and eventually: ‘The Roof 0ver Our Heads…’ ‘In over our heads…’ heard as originally spoken.
There were opened envelopes and cajoling leaflet advertisement Kill your debts! Die debts! She saw and thought of the remarkable coincidence between her vision, and thoughts. Letters and bills for payment, propped up behind a ticking clock. There was a picture postcard from someone-else’s holiday, forming a picturesque frontage to hide the stack of demands for reply and payment which lay beyond.
She drew back the curtains and looked out of the window across the balcony, with its un-flowering plants growing in flower-pots. It was still misty outside from the early morning warming; and She gazed over an area where many lived and it seemed to her, this morning, where they too lived out their lives day to day, week to week. They too thought to themselves as She looked-out onto the dawn of a gradually opening new day that the world must have always been this way.
Soon the television was blaring as usual in the morning, in the main room that was empty again for the moment, and beyond where She was now dressing hurriedly, and He was brushing his hair frantically. There was the noise of children getting washed and dressed, with incessant commentary and conversation to each other, and any other, or just to themselves. To each other as a one-way argument older to younger, incited over some triviality, shouted back in frustration. At that point the only-game-in-town and to be fought-out until one of them is crying, and the other shouting-the-odds; before calm br-ings even loving fun again at least while they all got ready for work, school and pre-school-nursery. The sound of the kettle screaming on the kitchen cooker and television advertisements conveying to deaf ears, and blind eyes, but perhaps receptive memory:
‘The Best in the World’,
‘Longer-lasting’, or whatever the dubious selling point perhaps to be unconsciously recalled later that day at the supermarket. At present they seemed to be of no avail. Both rushed to get the children to school, and themselves out to work. To earn the pay that would pay the prices at the supermarket later that day: ‘Where is my shirt?’ He called:
‘Where you last put it!’
She retorted. As She entered the living room She found Her shoes under a chair, and stopped in front of the television. The networked advertisements ended, and the programme-ramming returned to the main story of the day:
‘Today there is no money to pay share dividends, or to buy shares with…’ She flicked up a channel and got texted:
Individual and group share prices have collapsed or become so high that they have become worthless. Confidence has collapsed. Debt undiminished price increases have been blamed, increases in pay and pensions have been blamed. Increases in interest-rates and profit-levels have all been blamed.
Each of these has pushed share prices ever upwards. As share prices and shop prices overtake the customer’s ability to pay, and the ability to pay pushes prices-up profit margins recaptured by increases in interest rates on banking and other loans, these have pushed share prices up even further…’

Her view passed across the TV screen: to locked factory-gates, ports and land borders closed to traffic or trade. It did not seem too bad, or even unusual: the television experts and announcers liked to make a big deal out of anything She thought: it was their jobs after all.
The pictures shifted To-City Office Buildings…that only a few people were being allowed into and then closed-doors security to The squares and circus’s around Town and CityCentres all over The Globe all The-Streets and roads and highways leading there…the TV reporter turned away from the camera, and let the scene somewhere else could be anywhere speak for itself. On the kitchen-radio reports followed:

‘From The Stock-Markets around The World: London; New-York NASDAQ; Tokyo Nikkei and North Korea-Seoul Taiwan-Taipei; Sydney, Australian Securities Exchange.
HSBC Shanghai Hong-Kong Shenzhen, Hang-Seng; Malay Singapore Indonesian. Bangkok, Delhi, Bombay and Saudi and Egyptian Stock Exchanges. RTS Moscow. Nairobi, SIX-Swiss; Euro-NXT: Frankfurt Deutsch-Borse, BME-Spanish French Bourse.
Cape Town and The Kenyan and Nigerian Stock Exchanges. London OMX-Nordic, and then TMX-Canada Stock Exchange: New York Wall Street and Rio again; BM&F Bovespa Sao-Paulo Buenos Aires Lima. JSE Securities and Investment-Banks, Savings Insurance and Pensions…Government-sponsored Private-Public Business and Industry.
Secretive shared-information would reveal… Nation-Builder(s): Urban-Land Institute(d).
Real-Estate New-Century Accredited Un-Prudential Appraisal Country-Wide Quest. Citi-Bank Northern-Rock Solid? Not. Freedom-Options Nova-Star or E*Trade
NetBank! Mutual Sun-Trust MortgageIT! Luminent-Aegis! Green-Point Velocity-Agency
Commercial ReMae resume… IndyMac…
‘HSBC Royal-Scot…’
‘Bearns to Wachovia…’
‘LandsBanki- to: Ice-Land…’ as She went to look for tea-bags He got the cups out and put some bread under the grill to toast. As the cups were emptied and The Front Balcony Door: was opened to go out: The Stock-Market Reports were interrupted by the radio-announcer:
We have heard in the last few minutes that The International Conference of the Leaders of Governments and World-Banks meeting in Geneva are to make statements at midday mean-time on the current state of financial affairs across the globe. The Economic Crisis’ around the world…
They stopped and looked at each other as they heard the announcement:
‘What will they come up with this time I wonder..? She asked, aloud to him and to The Radio Speaker now dis-appeared off and as She went to the bathroom door:
‘Come on you two! ’ to The-Children, and to him in the same breath:
‘What time are you finishing today?’
‘On-Lates’ his reply; with a shrug, noticed, as She said:
‘I’ll have to clock off early then’, (and She thought, another opportunity to sack me for not doing overtime, but if school finishes before work what are we supposed to do?).
‘I’m taking them in, anyway ..!’ He called.
‘I know!’, She replied, ‘… we will have to go to The Super-Market tonight’ added knowingly a reluctant imperative when it came to it:
‘Or tomorrow anyway…’ as She kissed him on the lips, quickly, tantalisingly, knowingly these weekly and often daily shopping trips for basics, food and water with a shelter over their heads, is what they did all this for? Along with the mortgage-as-rent and love of their family and children smiling He went out of the door, and onto the communal balcony and hallway:
‘Another Financial-Crisis!’ He called out, with more than a note of sarcasm, which did not need any reply, other than a disinterested:
‘Is there?’ She went back inside the living room, and went to turn the television off, as the announcement of the impending declaration from Government-Leaders and World-Banks was being repeated:
‘Won’t make any difference..!’ She shouted, over the noise of The-Television: ‘…never does!’
As-She de-parted: The-Family-Home: soon-afterwards…

• Your Debts? Bet?
She worked nights, evenings, day shifts. This week it was the late-day shift; or the day late! as some liked to call it. From the ambulance station She arrived at and clocked-on. From where She drove the ambulance, maintenance engineering and assisted at incidents as the First Aider but not as a so-called SuperMedic like some of the other crews had and She was training now towards:
‘Be careful, today’ He had said to her ‘I love you’, and She had replied ’ditto.’ accident and emergency crew, trained up in skills and procedures, assessment of injuries, life or death sometimes. Observing vital signs…moving patients safely, onto stretcher or aided walking, checking for any changes. To report to The Qualified Clinician and taking relevant-information, from carers, and others at the scene administering First-Aid and supportive emergency medical procedures, transporting people to and from hospital, accident and emergency, the elderly and frail to The-Hospital for check-ups and appointments.
It could be anything: road accident, multiple severe injuries, or just a scratch.
Taking notes for the medics, and the insurance, and police, if there had been A Criminal Act. They would be on the scene-of-the-crime. Alleged. Or the Fire-Service if there had been a fire, or if someone needed cutting out of a car. Rescuing from a roof. You name it. Anything, and everything could happen, and did. Never a dull moment. A good job, a great job, She enjoyed and was paid, well, reasonably well. Not poor. Definitely not rich! More poor it seemed daily recently, what with rising prices…could be a pedestrian, or housebound, head wound, heart attack, to a broken toe-bone.
A busy Shopping-Centre or:L on: A Country Lane…
Sick-baby and worried-parent. Or elderly infirm, worried well, or unconcerned brawler wanting to carry the wound back into the bar, to show-off, not realising how much blood was being lost.
That’s when you needed back-up. Sometimes a suicide. Under a train, not much you could do them, bag them up and the undertakers take them away, to the morgue. Maybe later just find out the official-cause-of-death: ‘crushed’ or ‘shattered body’ and ‘body parts…’ in the jargon. May have been pushed? On the roof, threatening to jump…
‘Go on then!’ you always feel like saying:
‘If you’re going to! I’ve got children to collect from school!’ Before thinking about the possibly seriously painful mess to clear up. For the public, family, not the suicide. Maybe they would kill someone else rather than themselves. Make a public show turn the hurt on themselves, or to be carted off and made safe in prison and their own death eventually…
Once The Bouncy Castle (as they called The Safety-Sack) set up against the wall, and the suicide gets bored and tired and decides to walk the stairs.
Could be someone fallen down stairs. Beaten-up in their own home.
Domestic-violence, denying, screaming the odds. Unruly, intractable, recalcitrant, not well-behaved. Not well-mannered. Not biddable, broken-bones, not funny. It would all be reported, had to be. To the Social Care Agency, The Housing Project, The Police. They would press criminal charges, if necessary. Must do, ought to. Some of the things you see….child-abuse…self and others…
We pitch-up and patch-up and tell their story as well as our own: witness.
Sometimes threatened as well. You had to stand your ground. Emergency bluelight, siren wailing. Steering in and out of that traffic, that never seemed to thin out, or even give way sometimes.
Still, that was The-Job.
Worth hanging onto. Going on to take the medic and paramedic exams in our own time; evenings and weekends, and bringing-up the children! Check out the vehicle, like it is a patient; stocked with bandages, medical and life-support equipment. Ventilator and defibrillator, stored properly and in good working order. Communication equipment, to the control-room…where She had started-out. Learning how to differentiate one emergency from another.
Over mobile radio-T.V. Video-link, inside and out the vehicle, and The patients! They would joke…heckling themselves in their shared pain and need to overcome to relieve this agony of another, to help to heal.
Checking mileage, speed, safety, on the road, and in situ…clean. New documentation: date, time report charts, name… address if known, distinguishing features…
Check the fuel and oil and water, start up, at the start, and end of each shift…
The I-Driving-Licence: of course, e-driving and passenger public service classification different gross weights and bearing gear shifts and light and heavy goods for the larger vehicles used-in:
Public-Event*(s): now, though, the regular chat, only if there was time…when She got in this morning-shift the morning newspaper, with the Lotto numbers and television and radio pages: this job you could make more than a TV drama any day of the week.
Fiction as Drama: She liked a murder, thriller; or a biography. Not many of them write their own do they? She thought to HerSelf.
What next? I know: Nothing! or The rest of my life I haven’t lived yet! The accident and emergency department and hospital wings were as quiet as usual first thing in the morning: there’s always time for things to change…

She thought…in my life: time: job: rest: enter-tain-ment: sleep: a-wakening(s):
‘It always gets busy as soon as I think it’s going to be a quiet day!’ She called to a colleague, and thought to herself: turn around and something happens, then it all starts happening! You hardly have time to think until the shift is ended, and no overtime-pay!:
‘When did I last finish on the dot, the bell?’ She asked herself rhetorically outloud to the others re-peat-(ed):
‘When did I last finish on the dot, the bell!!?’ answering herself in response with a thoughtful but blank thought:
‘Never!’ they all chanted as if they had does this routine before.
Waiting for the first call. That’s when it always happened. Commuters driving from home, to work. A van, or lorry, at work, driven recklessly. Someone in a car crash. On the way to work, domestic, accident, or not. On their way to early-morning deliveries. Or to a job…not anyone’s fault that they are late for but they blame everyone and put their own as well as everyone else’s life at risk…as if they are the only ones on: The-Road:
‘So. Who does not have an appointment to reach?!@ With fate, and a social duty ahead? Slow Down! You are not the only one! Think Safety!’ The imperative to get –to and to-keep working too-ridiculous, ridiculous times 0-set time-frames, shift(s)…
So. She could Feed Self and Family; and others could be fed, and keep: to: stay(a)live…
Referrals from All-Night Doctors; there was always work waiting anyway. No later than sooner, the first call of the day: the drunks and addicts and Home more-or-less…
Who slipped-in and slept in the waiting rooms during the night-shift and had to be moved-on; for the EarlyDay shift to start. It was not any different today no day ever the same…
Although the last callout had been a disturbance. Some missiles thrown, and one person injured, the police were on the scene. When the ambulance crew arrived, the crowd had been moved away the nightshift Ambulance-crew told them all about it when they got back: The Bank had not opened. A queue, a line had formed outside many metres long and wide, a crowd really. Of staff locked-out, and angry, upset, worried, scared, lackadaisical customers, with people trying to get wages and savings out The Bank was:
Closed until further notice…

There had been a scuffle between two of the waiting customers over an unpaid unwritten loan, and eventually, after others had got embroiled, two or three lay injured.
Someone, bystander, onlooker, passer-by had called an ambulance. Several onlookers came up to them, as they went to see to the injured customer, or patient-to-be; and the crowd, realising The Bank was not likely to open had dispersed to await the further news. To see if The Bank might open that afternoon.
She was on next call but was not needed. The injuries were only slight, but the scene was ominous, an omen it seemed for the day. If any real disaster did strike She often thought only enough bandages and fuel for the ambulance for a few days, and only if that is rationed from The Start.
Only enough food at home, the same. The closer to the monthly Big Shop time, the less there was at home. Nothing-left-in-the house’(as they called it: the apartment really…nothing left, at home!) Not stocked up recently, and can hardly afford to go more than for a few days at a time. Sometimes, only one day at a time, for bread and milk, without replenishing need, and staple-goods…basics, nevermind the ordinary luxuries…
Everyone was talking about the crash of The Stock-Markets and the announcement expected at midday:
‘We’ll have to go to The Super-Market tonight!’ She had called after him as He had left and left a voice-message and text; and He collecting the children later, or She? With certain familial protective panic immediate: after her first shift was done without overtime She would be on second shift later in the day hand-over to the evening-nightshift split-shifts it would have to be:
‘U going2Work or The-Rally, now? Midday?’
‘You collecting The Children!?’
Suddenly, everything seemed more uncertain. And She really did start to wonder, what this day would bring:
‘Open for The Day’ notice pinned on the school-gate He re-passed on the way to work and now brought back to mind: thank goodness…had been His immediate response.
Although there were mutterings and mumblings about whether: The Teachers and Nursery-Nurses would actually see their pay and pensions this month. How long The Parents would be able to keep on paying through taxation: for: The Basic Education: never mind the Ex-tra-i-ning-trips and activities equipment for this and that…at least: He texted her:
The School was open, and The Children did not need collecting until She finished her first-shift and He finished his at The Bakery later that Day: after The Rally. Early evening so that She could return to the Ambulance Station and She start Her second split-shift…
While He/She took on The Children again:
‘Don’t forget: The After-School Club!’ The Older-One had called after him,
‘I Will Tell Your Mother!’ He called-back,
‘Half-day today?’ The-School-Teacher joked, and laughing together,
‘Litigated-Compensation…’ attacking fraud as corruption:
‘Austerity! Bail-Out! Publicly-funded …’ making for:
‘Again! Corporate-Taxes4?’
‘Corporate-Crisis: CEO-Dictatorial…’
‘For Home: investment-in from working-employment: from overseas: Oceans and rivers-running clean…’
Headline-facts only no-opinion…but that behind-closed-doors:
‘non-Democracyies’ Re-Pre(S)sentative(s) locked-in a room…hostages…’
‘To fortunes to be made and lost this Midday…’
‘Re-Legion Democratic un-doing…’
of Aged-Leaders and deputy-Sons’ and daughters’ disputed right: accused arrested im-prisoned dis-appeared…
‘Civic-Corporate. Political House-Arrest: Farm-Land: communing-taken…’
‘Factories and warehouses bust-again…’
‘Sold-off to Political-Oligarchs All Land(s) to be Taken at some…’
‘Corporate-Government: for:’
‘Border. Trade-for-All!’
confessed of new Sports-Facility kick-backs taken …
‘Trade-Posts and AirLine-SpaceCraft: even: now:…’
‘Fallen. ’
‘De-livering…dealing…buying and selling…re-de-livering…’
‘As the accused accusing…’
‘Blame(ing): Stronger-Forces…’
Pipelined disputed: Halted. For-now…
‘Started: Between All of U(S). In-vested-in…controlled.’
Anoymous: a de-nnouncement: announced on Social-Media… to share-stories
Home-Owning Democracy.
Social-Consumers’ Dictatorship(s): all monitored for truth and decency: indignation the same-now
Zero’d’ Energy-Fields…built…almost…
‘Transport infra-structure built…modernised for:…’
‘No! Can’y pay won’t pay…’
‘Services re-Building…’

The-City: Option(s):…
‘Wealth and Social-care? Education?’
‘Health? Homes?’
‘Once. Blown-up! Brought-down…’ Explosive: Armistice; Armaments mining brutal new raw-materials and manu-factoring plant(s) occupied: taken: bombed-out:
Oil-platform and market-re-finery: clean: Water-wells’: fighting and peaceful remonstration between sibling’s squabbling…screened:
Green-wash…muddling-through management-speaker-energy hy-genic clean-water:
‘For: People! Food and Health. Space: to-move gypsy-like Refugees…’
‘T0: The-City(ies)! You only have to look there:…Who spends most? Who makes the most Servile-Serf or Murderous-Rapist prostituting Robber-Baron! Re-Publican: Democratic: Presidential-Monarchial…
Guillotined. Shot hung out to dry. Shackled hand and foot in Communal Slave CitizenCabin:
‘Debtor: Proxy-Prison…’
‘Death-Penalty! Civil-War!’
‘Not goin’ to Prison just because Taxi-Driver(s) and Bus-Driver(s) and …’ ‘Ambulance-Chasing…Genetic-Lottery…’
Brewing-Bakery born…It’s in the yeast.
Mouldy sour-dough: Food-rations Weapon(s)-Factor(ies)y: Market(s) Place(s):
given: blown-up!:
‘Sometimes there is a collision!’
‘Between a bullet and a human-being? To: Bomb a Building with People inside? A
‘Religion crashed! No-Answers anymore…’
‘Except faith…’
Controlling the Numbers…lost their pensions insurances not-assured lost-for good…

No Home, Food-Bank: starved living in the trailer or a tent not in the campsite or the trailer park, but surviving Survivalists…
In The Woods…
‘Re-Legion! And they’re coming to get You!’ You…Us…We? Armed…’ and loaded legged-it…shit for-brains though:
‘Too busy surviving…mushrooms! People! For-Food! Cannibals! No-brains at
‘Keep-Them in the dark and feed them shit.’
‘The God(s) of Money!’
‘Them We Need.’ like a hole-in-the-head…
‘Stocks and Shares…’
‘Quantity: The Homes…’
‘In The First Place…’
‘Clever: Home(s) and Foodstuffs: Welfare that is what The People want…’
‘Well Fair! Is what We Want! Shared…’
badly-enough! Quality and Quantity: Social-Right(s): useful-employment…
‘UN-shared: Then you can have your-Responsibilities…’
‘Duties of Care…’
‘Health and Happiness!’
‘Dream-On! Rights and Responsibilities…’

‘So, where’s Yours? The Media: The Votes…the-Markets…value for Money…paid-
for elections…whose? Ours or Theirs?’
‘Ours. Government. Social-Insurance pensionable self-reliance limited Safety-
Taxes sub-sidising
‘Exempt…schools’’ re-move any prohibition arranging for functions to be carried out by a body whose activities are carried-for sheer financial-profit…
‘Bank(s). Not-for profit: Donor-Fund Government-Bailout! Again! Pay Your
Taxes get tghem spent for us! Government-Banking: Political:Corporate-Civic…’
‘Long-Live The President King/Queen Royal-Religionist(s)!!!’
‘Over! Back to the Shrine! Back to The-Streets!’
‘Fighting for Human-Rights!’
‘Against Extremis(s) few…’
‘Banks? Corporations?’
‘To get voted-in…’
‘As Liars! Deceit on the People!!!’ sowing-confusion…
‘Reaping the Rewards…’
‘Ill-earned impossible to give-up…’
‘Unless taken?’
‘Naturally! Today! Absolutely-All! Even: less-Democratic…’
‘Simply More-than and Less-than!’
‘If at All…vote(s): count…’
‘N/nnnn…The: Never-Ending: Auction-Race…racing-auction…’
‘Gambling with-lives…’
‘To the Top. IT goes…’
‘Highest-bidder…what’s wrong with that?’
‘Lowest common-denominator…’
‘Poll-Tax Richest get more votes?’
‘Exchange and Interest -ates dropped…’
‘Criminal! Unexplained Wealth Order…’
‘Ordered. Private-Equity Business-Interruption-Loan(s)…Pebbles…’
‘Collateral-confidence. Optimism spreads like…’ ‘WildFires…’
‘Wasting-Burning energy-money…clean…’
‘Home fires…’
Man(u)factoring Re-Tailing Hospitality
Royal&Zoolog(i)Cal’s corrupted by-wealth:
‘Selling Climate…’
‘Buy-in cheap selling-higher is all IT is.’
Private-Equit(y)ies Hedges and Short-Future(s) over-the-fence banked and un-taxed low-tax no-tax dividends loaded-debt interest-payments for deal-breaker investment-grade
Sovereign-Wealth Funds grouped between (I)nsurance&(P)ension overseas port-folio:
Sign(aI)(i)ficant material-contribution:
‘Burning-off the opposition: Confidence-Promising…’
‘The Bearer…’
‘Giving to Get (G2G)…’
‘Lending-Investment for Dividend:Big-Bonus Bail-out!’
‘Joking the Biggest Richest Collateral Share-Holder(s) buy-back voting by-buying
and selling-(V)irtually:’
‘Transparenc(y)ies and all subsequent annual-accounts…’
‘Staff and Property costs…’
‘Guaranteed-Loans by Collateral…’
‘If not re-paid re-taken…’
‘Taken-back accumulations take-overs of individuals and corporate possession(s) as in wartime…’
‘Re-Nationalised from Private-Profit to Public…’
‘Re-muneration consideration taken at the highest level of pay-out…’
‘Paid-from dividends not salaries paying less-tax less-to the public purse for infrastructure…’
‘Health and Transport…’
‘Hal(y)CON. Chance…’
‘Food fake-sales…’
‘Lickin’ Good Coffee.’
‘Bought low-tactics Sold-Off Ass(ETS(i)) B(i)(t)(s) financial support measures cease-to-be a-going con-cern growing exponentially con(f)(i)(d)ent(s) of ‘pulling-thru’’
‘De-pendent on a stock of dubious contemporary artworks mayaswell be wok€s offshore family trusts in the middle far and near-east…inBested Western.’
‘Di-solving split-assets leaving unpaid tax-bill(s): un(dis)closed loans. Debts into the future lived-on for more-credit and sales…’
‘Pay-the-Fine & Business-as-Usual.’
‘Quality?’ dis-cretion:
‘Bonus?’ the highest most-secretive to the extent of lying once having-to continue…
‘Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) tipped to-win contract…’
‘With-out trust…confidence…breaks-down…’
‘As mis-Trust? Biting on Byte-Coins?’
‘Mostly over-reaction based on bad-information…’
‘Freely-given…’ discretion pleasure option choice decision will:
‘Lies, paid-for…’
‘Deceits decrepit re-ciept(ING):’
‘Re-cycling re-producing re-processing…’
‘By-birth? Confidence…’ im-posed: on Others’not-photographed:
‘Building-A-Better World(l)(EY)(de) Law of Stable-Budgetting:’
‘Fraudulent corrupt and criminal consultant-accountacyies:’
PwC KPMG BDO JP Morgan Chase Manhatton Gold Sacks Bo(feefifofum)FA Stanley CitiGroup Barclays Suisse Deutche Credit(ed.) Banks(s).
‘Trust is what keeps E-verything going…’
‘But a little mis-trust may save-your-Soul?’
‘Your-Conscience? Pay-my-debt(s)?’
‘M(ed.)e(m)or(y)? A little false-information?’ un-re(f)uting
‘Then coming up with The Good(s)?’ Absolutely…’
‘I believe all soul(s) are basically good.’
‘All-deb(i)ts cred-(i)ts? At not getting caught? Criminalised? Is that all this is? Not
getting caught out for today for lies that don’t pan-out long term?’
‘Crashed! All minute-to-massive…Money-deals…only really…’ castigation!
‘But No-One Suffer(s)?’
‘Every-One does! We All want Food…’
‘Home: goods…services…producers and distributors…’ in own world normal-room:
:Play-Station: Rock-pool sun-setting fish-and-creatures stand-in and sit per(s)pective beaking picking-flowers reaching-out and picked-feelings?
Imag.-limit(s)…drawn and co-deed coded head-set de-coding screen-move sub-
merged: Enterprise-training text-speak spoken-instruction padded-cell:
Health&Safety@ risk-room sensor moving around wifi hand-set controller autopostal fraud from prison to prisoner …
Criminal-Offence: due-diligence target criminal-deniers personal prosthetic games prostitution to virtual-reality. To: real-reality.
Tin-can powered by our own body smart faster quicker artificial tendon ecalipers powering motorised armed with:
Weapons of Sport: proxy-War: Knives Guns and Vehicles. Of-Sex: Money:Net curved-Ball Batted: Hit! Score: VR nauseous-CyBot.
Exo-skeleton military-connection difficult hacking with live-pilot drone nanopart-i-cu-late: push-pedalling pulling-to: get to target away-from:
‘Banks and Building-Site(s)! Factor(y)(ies): Shut Down!!!!!!!’
Hot Laser: Radio-Chemo. Burnout cyber-sickness. Mu-t-ation…un-controlled un-controlling particulate. The Other-Part controlling-well enough…successful to this moment…
Multi-task-ing: reading-signal-air-social-sleep memory-mood. A-ttention tens-ion… I/im-plant: underneath the-skin electrical-input diode and anode electron-holes lit-up pixelated nodal to motion-limited control-Avatar: with thoughts’ Brain-Stormers: making-waves…
Virtual: VoodooMagic Predator under cover com-puter-memory-maker: SMART: safe and secure…
‘Price? For what we have to have to Buy? Staple(s): of course, energy, food and water and roof over our heads…’
‘Fair HealthCare…’
‘Credit(ed.) Social-CaRE S:)…’
‘For what?’ To Who?’
‘Or Not?’
‘Electric-Car Pool?’
‘Of Us!’
‘Not-likely…not if We can help IT!’
‘Home-working part-commute auto-log times and places re-corded to you Bank-
Account. Empty offices housing homeless people while everyone has their own
self-employed work time-and-place mass-and-momentum in-something we want to
‘Zero-Sum then? How about it? Allies? You? Rational or Equitable or both?’
‘One of five or or six really…in any sector…’
‘Right here? Right now?’
‘The: City?’
‘SMART? Me? You?’
‘How do we get there?’
‘Not how…Where?’
‘Apart from on This-Train?’
‘Dropped like rocks…
‘Or Bombs…’
‘Confusion is all IT takes…’
‘Stopped. No-confidence…’
‘Creating in-evitably…’
‘Con? Fusing-the-0pposition?’
‘No-fusion…fision fossil-fuels…’
‘Fueling-fission anyway…yet: N/n/N/nnn…Our way Out of Global…warning
warming…’ swarming: as:
GeoPolitical disaster thermal-meltdown rising sea-levels year-on-year…more-desert less-trees…shady-hot…
‘Carbon. Hydrogen: electric-fuel and Nitrogen-Cycle(s):’
‘Oxy-clean water-based life de-salination…’
‘Costly-SALT: parenting Adult Childing or Not…’
‘Pro-crastination di-v-iding and de-ciding and de(v)eloping-further…‘
‘UN-Married! Today! Own Buy-Back Benefit from the stand-still ceasefire to buy-out then stabilise and Business as usual.’
‘Business as usual?’
‘What about: The Big Buy-Out? Each littler bought-out?’
‘My. Debt(s). little? How’s that? How Do You Know? They R Not as Great As Yours? Mine? Own shares bought-back cheaply…and set the price higher on failure sell-out non-producing re-dundancy re-maining workforce works less hard with automated production-lines collection and delivery from Home:Warehousing shops re-turns and starts again with ’
‘Cost-Price Analysis: Placement and Promotion!’
‘Self. Pene(t1)ration De-velopme(n)(t2) and Di-Versification…’
‘That as well…’ stopped in its’ tracks.
‘Where brokers and jobbers…’
‘Buyers’ and Seller’s…’
‘Buy and Sell…and make IT!’ and gophers’ runner’s-rumoured and listened-in whistles-blown. Bells wrung.
Trumpets, horns blew from afar. Behind-self and other-construed cloud constructed amorphous as from behind closed-door screened newspaper curtained-off then heard from back behind:
The-Banker dis-appeared peering from behind and outwards as if to, and from: The Train as a whole.
The Other-Passengers and drawn Mechanical-Carriage: fuelled and Staffed.
So with fares-paid and terms and conditions tacitly agreed by rules and regulations and Laws of The Land and asked:
‘Is it All a Great-Game then?!’
‘The Great-Game!’
‘Of Us!’
‘Not-likely…not if We can help IT!’
‘Colonial? Imperial?’’
‘Currency? No-real-risk…then! Serious consequences…’
‘Tech? Harm-ful-Tech….?’
‘A rt-i-ficial….’
‘To: n/N/nnn…
‘Responsibility? To Your Shareholders or Only To Yourself?
‘You-too. Virtual-Reality Hy-Brid…’
Starchy-Nano: mole-cular: Wacky-Races! Image: confirming:
‘What to make of it? Your-Debts.’

The-Banker: avoided eye-contact now on ear-piece bartered furtively and openly and
loudly and confidently confidentially flashed a look across and down into the opened laptop tablet as if commanding from the top of a mysterious Money-Mountain…
Mysteries…seemed like given:
Conspiracies. Brute-Logic. Unlikely New World-Order.
Hunted Slave-metics and Dove-tailed The-Leader(s)’ dependency on-People.
As People on Them.
In Life as in Death.
As in: a-voiding Total-War.
Day-in and day-out Battle(s) to keep Society together and not collapsed that much until finally collapsed.
It. Was obvious. Then. Then, again. Mutilation of the-Multitude afraid-of unless…making-peace.
Set-sail, and marched on-land slaughtered drowned at sea and alive converted or not-tried in-absence then presence at:
The Gallows…swapped hand-signals and punched the air…slapped both-palms together:
‘High-fives!: We are in the ten’s…six…seven-Billion if you will…’ and holding a hand over the heart openly-palmed, and as sat bowed slightly winked, a single staring- eye, as stooped-to:
‘And: Deal!’ with on-screen confirmation apparently…redirecting…confirming… password…and printed-off paper-copy waved-frantically financial-agreement-stipulating:
‘Beat The Competition! To dust! Only to be: signed-off…’
The Brief-Case: re-vealed laptop lapped as reading-off as The-Clerk now speaking:
‘But The Market(s): are closed? Shut-down…’
‘Only to the outside world…details only to be added then…’
Complex completion…
‘Simple really but make IT look complex…’
‘Trillions of Us!’
‘The Social-Markets Open Again:…’
‘Market-Social: The: International-Conference? Details…’
‘Love. The Small-Things! Anyone can!’
‘All 7-billion birthdays of: US! One for Every One of US on this Planet…’
‘Auto-Cratic: Too-few: many: Work(ing) for Pay: Profit(s) Price: Pay-Tax-funding:
Research-and-Development: abroad…’
‘Safety and Security:’
‘Pro-tected from harm.’
‘Phosphorous-hydrogen cyanide…mustard-gas…’
‘Anthrax Sarin spore…’
‘Industrial Venomous X-nerve agent flesh-attack…’
‘Nuclear atomic molecular particle-cloud breathless paralysis respiratory collapse…’
‘Retaliating threat over-gaining potential-advantage capability over the enemy(ies)’…’
‘Defence-in-assault: protection-fear: inspection embarrassment cover-up:’
‘Arms-Race anti-dote: respirator-hood: Antropine-jab:’
‘De-commissioning inspection embargo…’
‘Protectionist Tardi-Grade(s): Grafters: Grifters: Corona-Ebola biological-
‘Mutually Assured Destruction: cell-burst! Mad-Hellism!’
Recovering, The-Other continuing:
‘One-off. Capitalism(s)Disaster(s)…The Great-Things that can only lead to Di-
‘All the little people?’
‘Great! Again!’
‘Like you?’
‘Not you not like you…’
‘Like-Me! You?’
‘Could be…’
‘Super! Hyper-even but: All of Us! Meta!!! SuperMan! SuperWo-men!’
‘Of course! All-People. If We want To Be…’
‘You want: Shoe-in: shares-in-debt(s)?’
Holding-People? That is The Name of the Game?
‘Buying-Up and Selling-Off Shares. Certified Managed Account in People and
Work. Bought-off freely-landed in-dentured apprenticed traded tortured sold-off: land and goods favouring certain under-writing judgement(s):’
‘Familyies! Managed-Certifiable!’
‘As Ever. Same…difference…Certitude…Gender. Age. Fitness and Well-Being:…’
The New-Slave-Drivers: listed: and over-seers…fore-man and (t)wo-men…savants and servants’ risk-takers:
The People! Refugees. Trafficked Ex-changed: for:
Good-Life: goods and services…stock-recommendations: in-surance auto-driver(s): living in certain geographical areas with specified proven employment occupational and National-Carrier: selling:
‘One: Global-Store:…’ huge-volume operating costs minimised to between 10-20% of that incurred by smaller competitors buffeting bunkered-down bullets and billowing raining clouds of:
‘Success! To the-Buyer…’
‘Market-Place(s)…’ traded forced selling long-hours low or no-wage: buying cheap child-labour migrated-to:…
‘Domestic-bliss: Globalisation…’ fuel-fumes choking drowning hypothermia at sea pirated smuggled desperation taken-in processed minimally financial-aided for:
‘A Life: The-Dealer and The-Buyer not-equally…’
‘No-shit…’ derivatives:

Time-Bomb again. Arms, legs, ears deafened and eyes blinded felt the pain:@ Lorry-bombs…mainland not anywhere: Capital-City:
‘Again…’ borrowing to buy? Again? Hiring? Spending…borrowing-Wars?
‘Trade-taking War($)…’
‘Battles…dealt-with: Amnesty…’
‘None-in-Hand…’ finger-prints all-over the worldwideweb:
‘Voted. No-finger.’
‘Privatised-Business Investment-Banks’ merchant patronage commercial activity land office(s): Investment-Houses: Commercial and Re-sidential: sold-as: Mortgage. Leisure-Property: Port-Folio (LPPF):…’
‘Strategically-falsely promoted tactics…’
‘Land. And destroying…’
‘Golf-Course. Forest-Funding…’
‘Rain-Forest.’ by incomprehensible debt-instrument…
‘Globally! The-Peoples’ Forest ourselves!’
‘Governments’ Sovereign-Presidential. Big-Business Areas of Expertise (BBAoE):’
‘Except ‘making-money’?’
‘Core in-Corporations (CiC): Government-by? In-Corporation.’
‘Private-Banks! Globally-Funding…’
‘Infra-structure that we all self-employed pay fair-taxes.’
‘No! Fair. Investment-Growth…’
‘To get-out of….’
Ex-hausting fumes-as:…
‘Not at all.’

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Copyright@ copyright all rights reserved 2020.

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