WarFair4: The Day the Market(s) stood still…
Rogue-Citizen: Local-that Into The Abyss… Global-Citizen.


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WarFair4: The Day the Market(s) stood still…
Rogue-Citizen: Local
Into The Abyss… Global-Citizen.


  1. She.
  2. They.
  3. He.
  4. The Banker and The Clerk.
  5. The Accident & Emergency Department and Hospital Factory.
  6. Home.
  7. Titanic!
  8. Avatar.
  9. Cannon Fodder.
  10. Rent.
  11. Slaughter.
  12. Brute Justice.
  13. Global-Citizen Den(i)zen
    Also by M.Stow
    Tunisia 17th December 2010: According to friends and family, local police officers had allegedly targeted and mistreated Bouazizi for years, including during his childhood, regularly confiscating his small wheelbarrow of produce; but Bouazizi had no other way to make a living, so He continued to work as a street vendor. Around10 p.m.on 16 December 2010, He had contracted approximately 450 dinarin debt to buy the produce He was to sell the following day.
    On the morning of 17 December, He started his workday at 8 a.m. Just after10:30 a.m., the police began harassing him again, ostensibly because He did not have a vendor’s permit. Bouazizi did not have the funds to bribe police officials to allow his street vending to continue. Bouazizi, angered by the confrontation, went to the governor’s office to complain and to ask for his scales back.
    The governor refused to see or listen to him. Bouazizi then acquired a can of gasoline from a nearby gas station and returned to the governor’s office. While standing in the middle of traffic, he shouted, “How do you expect me to make a living?” He then doused himself with the gasoline and set himself alight with a match at11:30 a.m. local time, less than an hour after the altercation.

It has been said that love of money is the root of (many) evil(s) and a wandering from the path which has brought-upon us much pain. The lack (need) of money is so quite as truly.
Samuel Butler (1835-1902 ME) EREWHON Ch. 20 (amended after: The Old Testament: 1Timothy, and before Mark Twain (Mark Twain’s Notebook 1909 ME).

If the man and the woman bear their fair share of work, they have a right to their fair share of all that is produced by all, and that share is enough to secure them well-being. What we proclaim is The Right to Well-Being: Well-Being for All! Pyotr Kropotkin (1842 – 1921) The Conquest of Bread; Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution.

There’s an evening’s haze settling over the town
Starlight by the edge of the creek
The buying power of the proletariat’s gone down
Money’s getting shallow and weak
The place I love best is a sweet memory
It’s a new path that we trod
They say low wages are a reality
If we want to compete abroad

Bob Dylan Workingman’s Blues 2020

Growth without greed: Social production is the material base on which humans live. Attaching importance to production is basic to economic thought. Confucius was not an empty talker. He advocated an active participation in business and social activities, and always attached importance to production.

“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home…” Eleanor Roosevelt: 1948 address before the UN Commission on Human Rights. On New Year’s Day 1942, President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Maxim Litvinov, of the USSR, and T. V. Soong, of China, signed a short document which later came to be known as the United Nations Declaration and the next day the representatives of twenty-two other nations added their signatures…
“This present window of opportunity which during a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts.” David Rockefeller, United Nations, 1994.
107th plenary meeting United Nations General Assembly 2014. Towards the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring processes…Recalling further the International Conference on Financing for Development and its outcome document, in which sustainable debt financing is recognized as an important element for mobilizing resources for public and private investment, and the follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus and its outcome document, the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development, as well as General Assembly resolution 68/204 of 20 December 2013, noting that sovereign debt crises are a recurring problem that involves very serious political, economic and social consequences and that the restructuring processes of sovereign debt are a frequent phenomenon in the international financial system… (English language) forum: 10th February 2017.
At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese President Xi Jinping seized this golden opportunity, strode into the spotlight and presented his country as ready and able to fill the many gaps in the international order that Trump’s “America First” approach is creating…wielding economic, diplomatic and military clout. Gone are the (Obama) White House goals of striving to safeguard civil rights at home and abroad, protecting an independent press and helping democracy flourish overseas…Trump’s moral style (is to) replace Obama’s audacity of hope with his own mendacity of despair.
Maybe what Beijing has to offer as a moral global leader is political ― a meritocratic mode of efficient governance…post-Mao China has been one of the few authoritarian countries in the world that successfully survived the global wave of democratization. After Mao, Chinese leaders developed a collective form of leadership, with rules and institutions (monopoly) that have allowed peaceful and predictable leadership transitions, both at the national and local levels.
Some observers claim that China stands as a well-functioning meritocracy that appeals to those living in democracies who have been hurt by massive electoral rifts and populist, post-fact politicians. Beijing’s set of new security laws has tightened the space for civil society and largely excluded foreign non-governmental organizations from operating in China. And last month (January 2017) China’s highest judge came out with an unusually sharp warning against Western legal influence:
“We should resolutely resist erroneous influence from the West (for) ‘constitutional democracy,’ ‘separation of powers’ and ‘independence of the judiciary.’

“We must make clear our stand and dare to show the sword.”
Solaris. Stanislaw Lem novel 1961 film poster: Tarkovsky 1972 fiction on the confrontation and limitations of pure productivity and materialism.

The-train engine moved slowly out from the glass and steel raised slab of the new edge-of-Town main-line high-speed railway-platform, running alongside the banking blank back of high-street shops, and the station car-park, awaiting return. Into harvested-fields and open-grazed pastures below remaining precipitous pine-forest alongside planted poplar windbreak, solar and shielded, rail and river.
Through the trees, the new days’ sun appeared, speared, blinking-awake burst through the carriage breaking beyond the blue grey staged and staggered, rolled and ranged. From the east-peaked, settling yellow-orange onto the western-hills. Shadow-flanking purple-green valleys, and upcountry the grid-framed farmed plains, where the day was already begun.
Grey-white steam lifted across a drying-up estuary. In thin rain spluttering over an elevated iron-riveted painted girder-bridge, built-on pillars of a deep-red local stone and brickwork, arched and breached. With the Suns’-rays the train rattled-on emergent, as through a fog over a beached river, onto the other-side of a ravenous gaping-gorge. Over-spilling through the outskirts of a more recently built-up ancient sea-harbour and river port, and suburban edge-of-Town. High-Rise Housing-Project, Industrial-Units, Business-Park, and Shopping-Mall.
Home-Furniture. Motor-Car showrooms. Salesrooms, cheap-hotel and motel linked razor-wire fenced, chained-in. A horse-paddock, gated and padlocked, adjacent to a blue-green to red-waiting train-crossing signal. Freight-Train, privileged-over passenger passaged prerogative thundering-by…
The Passenger Train trundling along for now, beside a chequered yellow and black no entry arterial hot tarroad weighted heavy and ever busy with ‘bus and coach, cycle and motor cycle. Car engine chassis and trailer, caravan motor-home articulated juggernaut vehicles, goods and stocks container shipments onboard. Onto and beneath the over-passing concrete-highway into, and out of Town.
All traffic travelling with almost one accord: to-and-from galvanized corrugated iron steel and zinc tin roved roofing, between brick and-cinderblock doorways, loading and unloading bays beneath open canopy entrance letter and number laser bar-coded, and secured. Offices air-extracting for the most-part to the outside world. Unseen as windowless between belching cooling-tower, pylon-linking electric-welding workshop engineering factory-crafted. Machined, and handmade goods, food and furniture, packaged, warehoused, and shipped virtually to-and-from: The City Ports and Portals’ co-modifying in-return. Stockyards stacked-up and in-exchange goodsvalue-assured, awaiting, transport: to-and-from Home and Away…
Part One: The Day the Markets stood still…
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  1. She.
    ‘It is like living in a rabbit hutch’ She often said metaphorically, and He replied with a shrug, nothing
    to say in reply. It was; and it would take long enough to pay for. Four rooms. Eight-floors up, eight flights of long turning concrete stairs, and fire escape, or when the elevators did not function. A balcony open passageway at the front, looking over the street below, now starting to become busy with traffic.
    They had lived with his parents for a time, and then after they were married in a small rented flat in The City, before they needed to afford somewhere to live together, and to bring-up their two small children.
    Both saved, and with some financial help from a relative (deceased) they had managed to get this place. When the housing market was ‘buoyant’, and mortgages easy to get. The Home was bought with a loan, a promissory note, deposited and co-lateraled together with the home itself. They were afloat.
    Both worked to pay-off the loan, which although it was supposed to reduce each year did not seem ever to keep up with pay and prices. The loan would anyway be paid-off many times over if they were ever to pay off the debt. If this place was ever to become their own. If they managed to keep paying-off the loan for the ‘Shelter from the Storm’, as they called Home. That they did not actuarily now own, and may not ever, actually own, lose-lose. To sell-back at Market Price, the difference between the paid-back buying-price and selling-price, of which they would have lost completely to The Bank…The Mortgage Company.
    Their home-insurance, their pension against homelessness.
    No social-recourse. and be homeless to parents and over-crowding again, or with friends similarly fixed, sofa surfing. Their home, such as it was re-possessed. A two-bedroom apartment, she thought of: kitchen, lounge, shower-bathroom toilet and tiny balcony onto the world below, between them and the sky above. Each day, each month, and each successive year into the unthinkable future; two-thirds of two-lifetimes at least, two-thirds every month of what they were both paid. She did the household accounts, and she knew.
    The Home. The Loan. Would have been paid for several times over by the time if ever it became theirs and The Childrens’; and perhaps even their Grandchildrens’, by the time the shared building was uninhabitable, demolished land.
    Rented, again, freehold, not…leasehold extended for unearned payment. But, that is the nature of the human animal, is it not? To do over, and be done over to again and again she thought: want more and more, for less and less and in the quiet mind wandering moment of pillared door, a room, a table, a bed let go and a bed sheet left behind, ready to be buried with perhaps, as they did in the olden times, shrouded as now by thin curtains pulled-back.
    Each-Day: like a two steps forward and then backwards step, worked to pay off the loan on the house and to pay for food and bills and extras, clothes, and nights out, occasionally. Maybe once a month, or not at all.
    Then He had been laid-off work at The Bakery. Three-day-week, and three days wages. The Home mortgage was re-negotiated, and they continued struggling to pay-off the loan and other loans, credited and directly debited debt from what they both earned together.
    There was never an issue of who would earn more, and be the main breadwinner; and who would do the most caring, of each other, and the children: the unpaid responsibilities shared around the home and in the world of work, shopping and holidays and other friends and family out there. All indebted, in credit. They were equal, without even having to think about it or confront societies and others’ false expectations of gender and families. They were equal in debt and credit, and supported each other’s frail and fragile egos with a natural equanimity respectful, and loving, each contributing their best and differently, in-differently, to make the whole, whole.
    It’s not all doom and gloom she did often think, and he tried not to think on it. The homely claustrophobia only had to be relieved by going out. To the cinema, to a bar or restaurant. But that was not very often.
    Definitely now there were children as well. Seldom did extras make their mark, clothes bought carefully a piece at a time replacement rather than extravagance. The cupboards filled with groceries and emptied by the time the next weeks shopping is needed and the next weeks earnings already spent.

She was awake, first this morning, and she got up from the bed on which he still lay awake but not yet
awake enough to leave its’ nigh-time warmth. She went through to the next room. The bedroom led across
the narrow-passage to the living room, which led directly to the tiny gallery kitchen and balcony on one
side, and door to the front room on the other.
Except it wasn’t the front-room, exactly only like the ‘front-room’ of her childhood playing on the street and door directly to the rugged ragged matted smell of cooking from the stone wall white-washed country kitchen.
Upstairs two bedrooms, one on the gallery landing for the children, and a closet room to flush away with a basin of water from the kitchen sink into the slurry sump, where you could hear it ‘slurry’ all the way down; and, then back down to replace water, from the kitchen or outside tap. Pumped up from the well, refilling the fired china clay bowl for washing and zinc-metal bucket, ready for the next use.
At bedtime children first, then the adults. Rats nested runs, beetles and cockroaches were kept away by the domesticated cats and dogs that shared the yard and house; with horses at the local stables, to ride at week-ends, and Holy Days. Each week, several times into the market town for food supplies, and the children’s treats.
Their whole world a Living Market Place, of Work and Play.
Now, great enclosed parked superstores and supermarkets and factory outlet warehouse. Where goods are now transported she thought of: to and from and by foot and hand and motor vehicle, train and massive tanker and containership flight.
From the docks and airport, at the city harbour hub humming away, remote yet directing everyday life, everywhere. Passenger and cargo. The affordable flight, to get away from it all: a change; a necessary move, once in a while, not every year but to visit family here and there and elsewhere, or else you’d go stircrazy.
Do a night-time flit, leave the rent, the mortgage, unpaid.
Only, to otherwise keep on fighting, for the bargain: cheap-est within budget, to get through to the next day and the day after that.
When debts and fines could not be paid, the debt collector. Bailiffs, The-Auctioneer: selling- off of the personal possessions, and then sold-out: the personal and public.

The laptop computer on-sleep and awakened, opened, placed on the table, booted-up and she blogged instantaneously her-thoughts: We all need a roof over our heads…and to: put Food on the Table! without any other word, or contextual continuity that did not remain obvious to this early morning. Everyone, and anyone in the same and similar circumstances getting the same hastily tapped-out message; excluding those without tablet, home or food; and those with patently far too much, who had admin. to do that for them. And her thought continued in the context of the mindful moment and that which we all have to pay extortionately for over and again even when the food is eaten and the crap washed away there remains a nasty stain, a nasty taste.
The original wages sweated over day upon day, and the loans ever in negative equity! To who? Them! Extortionate interest and volatile prices, and pay…looking up, and down again now, not in dejection, but circumspection against ever apparent possible failure, with desperate optimism, toward unrealistic perfectionism.
Only mechanized traffic building-up soon into a busy rush-hour congestion. Cars and buses, bicycles, motorbike and motorized delivery truck from here, only another view.
From two-sides; and every side… the bedrooms along the passage corridor, the sleeping children slept.
Earlier peeked into soundless in beautiful dream or dreamless seeming startling worrying death-checked
for breathing. Crossing from night into daytime TV, remotely automatically turned on, confirmation, that
life goes on…
The living-room, as she entered, bore all the chatter and the silence of one who listens.
Still and safe, cosy and secure. The other rooms took over the emotions and needs: sleep and food, love and arguments. The central room, the central chamber, looked on and awaited eventual, almost inevitable, but never certain. Re-conciliation, and rest. Indulged in social events, noisy chatter and quiet evenings indoors. The furniture was adequate and filled the room. Table, chairs, television, a drawer and shelved cabinet standing against a wall, displaying various icons.
Family photographs in frames, a portrait of a film star, or a print of a famous oil painting. Ornaments, statuettes, figures of worship and of novelty. The furniture, the infrastructure, from the livelihoods, and eventually the roof over our heads in over our heads heard as if originally spoken.
There were unopened envelopes and cajoling leaflet advertisement: Kill your debts! Die debts!
she thought of letters and bills for payment, propped up behind a ticking clock. There was a picture postcard from someone-else’s holiday forming a picturesque frontage to hide the stack of demands for reply and payment which lay beyond. She drew back the curtains and looked out of the window across the balcony, with its unflowering plants growing in flower-pots.
There was a real still rising mistiness outside from the early morning warming; and she gazed over an area where many lived, and it seemed to her, this morning, where they too just lived out their lives: day to day, week to week. They too thought to themselves as she looked-out onto the dawn of a gradually opening new day that the world must have always been this way.

  1. They.
    They had stayed together and with two little ones, one of each, girl and boy by the time they’re both about to be in school, they could not risk another to bring up, and the cost of it. They only hoped they would hold on to their jobs and worked hard. Difficult hours, and some days-off. Where the rota’s didn’t workout for childcare, family or neighbours, parents now friends of the children’s friends who lived conveniently nearby, the social network from the cradle to school to work to death…
    They had met when things were starting to get a bit tight, to get difficult again. Meaning the situation for most working families, for those looking for work and those in work, things had not got any better; any easier really, during the so-called good-times and both parents were needed in credit and debt, to work to keep the family going. Voluntary social-net works anti-social do not became all the more significant, and reciprocal Shared-Care and Circles of Support.
    With child and adult interaction social and meaningful, Shared-Lives.
    They had both kept their jobs in more or less ‘essential services’, although not without the job-cuts, neverthe-less, ever the less, never the more, when things got difficult all a-round.
    When the Bakery Factory where He and Family worked, went on three-days week, and pay to match. He, had more time to be with the children, and helped the same with her awkward shiftwork at the garment factory, and later She at the hospital, for the Children, then training there, working there.
    He had done some building work on the odd-days, to fill-in. She had done some shop-work and garment-making before all the Shop Jobs’ ‘Retail’, were filled, and not-hiring. Not selling either. Queues at the cash-tills. To no-one at the field tills, filed for bankruptcy.
    They had moved to his folks in The City then: suburbs really, inner-urban, something-like-that. His mother had worked at The Old Mill and got her a job there; and then him at The Bakers’ Factory, at the top of the road. When and where, the area they had moved to. With Family and friendly neighbours nearby there:
    People, their people..
    They had moved in together; and had kids.
    His father’s family had been transient transitory migrant millers, wheat and grain, before that, gypsies, owned business. Machinery, finding digging the wells, water, oil from the oil swamp, brick building and tarmac road, growing taking fruits and nuts from the side of.
    Vegetable and allotment gardens. Did well. Moving around farm to farm, funnily enough she thought like
    Business-People nowadays do…
    Looking across the roads, below, leading to The City. To: The Airport to visit: Sales-People: to the Re-tail Outlets. Shops in the World: in other words: Big Business.
    Commuting by-airplane as they might, if they could afford to. To: go on Holiday. Abroad. They, to meet Clients Meetings’ here and there and everywhere. Cities all over, to do deals on a massive Global-Scale, then worth millions, now worth billions and trillions of whatever the currency. Sometimes-dealing, even unevenly, unbalanced, in the local and World currencies themselves.
    They took on a Shop, Family-Bank loan to rent and stock and share. In the past when the work dried-up, landfill, polluted wells and rivers and seas and Oceans.
    His’ family ‘moved along’ as they were constantly told. Or, stayed with their stores, shares of the crops of the fields, and water, natural and free from the clean water-well. Waited, looked- for more or different labour…

She thought of them, her own family, and His. Out of work, they always found something. Fed themselves from gardens and small farmyards. When the work was finished, they moved on. When the Great-
Corporate moved-in, took over, sold-off Master-Slavery style. Along the roads and waterways, they, her family, had a farm in the countryside for a while, and the parents, lived there. Hers.
Through the Industrial now Techno-Future: The Soul of The City. Only, tumultuous-Towns and viciousVillages. Across the River, across the tram tracks, and railway, by the station. The Heart of the City. The Financial-Quarter. Settling-in. The-City. Walled and castellated. Transport and Trade-hub and thronged and His parents selfemployed, their own bosses; contractors, worked out on the Building Sites of Towering Sky-Scrapers lining The River, and lit-up, from the Sun. Her-Family. Employed, not their own boss. Both, as themselves, on some land, renting, from they pay.
Then they, He and She eventually, buying: Home-Owners, now. Investors in their own future, and their children’s children, and their’s owned, in return. Like the Home-property itself, capable of being, and being dis-owned. And, not strictly speaking owned, anyway.
But for the Mortgage Home Owners Corporations and Companies, and now, The-Bank(s). Building and Maintenance Trades. Education and Good-Health. Taxied to meetings and desks. HomeWork and Out working: the Home-Owners and Private and Publicly Rented-Sector: Housing-Association(s) and: Gig:
Market-Economy: 1%. To: 9%. To: 90%
Self-Employed advertising tax-paying costs and prices up and down, depending on what side of the Power-Play had been Won.
Every second milli-second playing in relation(s) to each other…

Soon the television was blaring as usual in the morning. In the main room that was empty again for the moment, and beyond where she was now dressing hurriedly, and he was brushing his hair frantically. There was the noise of children getting washed and dressed, with incessant commentary and conversation to each other, and any other, or just to themselves. To each other a one-way argument. Older to younger incited over some triviality, shouted back in frustration. At that point the only-game-in-town, and to be fought-out until one of them is crying, and the other shouting-the-odds; before calm is brought.
Evens by one or other parent, supervising, managing, supposedly, to each-other, at least while they all got ready for work, school and pre-school nursery. The sound of the kettle screaming on the kitchen cooker; and television advertisements conveying to deaf ears, and blind eyes, but perhaps receptive memory:
‘The Best in the World’; Or:
‘Longer-lasting’ or whatever the dubious selling point perhaps to be unconsciously recalled later that day, at the supermarket. At present they seemed to be of no avail, both rushed to get the children to school, and themselves out to work. To earn the pay that would pay the prices at the SuperMarket later that day:
‘Where is my shirt?’ he called:
‘Where you last put it!’ she retorted as She entered the living room. She found her shoes under a chair and
stopped in front of the television. The networked advertisements ended and the programme returned to the main story of the day:
‘Today there is no money to pay share dividends, or to buy shares with…’
She flicked a channel and got:
‘Group and Individual Share Prices have collapsed or become so high that they have become worthless: confidence has collapsed, debt un-diminished:…Price increases have been blamed. Increases in pay and pensions have been blamed. Increases in Business-Bank Personal-Investment interest-rates and maximizing profit-levels at any cost have been blamed. Each of these has pushed share prices ever upwards. As share prices and shop prices overtake the customers’ ability to pay, and the ability to pay pushes prices-up or pay-down, not pay-up, or prices down.’
< >Profit margins narrowed > Man-Date. Re-captured only by increases in:
‘Interest rates on banking and other loans, have pushed share prices up even further…’ and a view passed across the screen to locked Factory-Gates and closed down Hospital corridor(s0)…
De-fence: Air: Ports and Sea and Land-Borders: closed to traffic or trade. It did not seem too bad, or even unusual: the Television Experts and announcers liked to make a big deal out of anything She thought: it was their jobs after all.
The pictures shifted to City Office-Buildings. Steeled glass to the very Sky! that only a few were being allowed into; and then to the squares and circus’s around Town and City Centres.
All over the globe, all the streets and roads and highways leading there.
The TV reporter turned away from the camera, and let the scene, somewhere else: could be anywhere else, speak for itself.
In the kitchen radio reports followed from the stock-markets around the world:
‘Tokyo Nikkei Shanghai Shenzhen Hang Seng Bangkok: Dubai-Delhi: Bombay: Carib.’
‘Saudi-UAE: Israel and Egyptian Stock Exchanges…’
‘RTS Moscow Deutche Frankfurt Cape Town London and Canada Stock Exchanges:…’
‘New York Wall Street and Rio…
‘Iran-Dubai: Trading-Port for Oil&Money:’
‘Defensive-position(s): Buenos Aires to Lima…’
‘China to Venezuela and Bolivia, Bots-Wana to Brazil: JSE Securities Nairobi and Nigerian, and Sydney Stock-Exchanges…’ as she went to look for tea-bags.
He got the cups out and put some bread under the grill to toast. As the cups were emptied and the door was opened to go out, The Stock-Market Reports, were interrupted by the radio-announcer:
‘We have heard in the last few minutes that The International Conference of Governments and World Banks meeting in Geneva are to make statements, at midday mean-time, on the current state of financial affairs across the globe. The Economic Crisis’ around the world…’ They stopped and looked at each other as they heard the announcement:
‘What will they come up with this time I wonder? she asked aloud to him and to the radio speaker, and as she went to the bathroom door:
‘Come on you two!’ to the children, and to him in the same breath:
‘What time are you finishing today?’
‘On Lates!’ his reply; with a shrug, noticed, as she said:
‘I’ll have to clock off early then’, and she thought, another opportunity to sack me, but if school finishes before work what are we supposed to do?
‘I’m taking them in, anyway!’ he called.
‘I know!’, she replied:
‘We will have to go to the SuperMarket tonight’ added knowingly: a reluctant necessity when it came to it: ‘Or tomorrow anyway.’ as she kissed him on the lips, quickly, tantalizingly, knowingly this weekly and often daily shopping trip is what they did all this for.
Along with the mortgage-rent and love of their family and children smiling he went out of the door, onto the communal hallway:
‘Another financial crisis!’ he called out, with more than a note of sarcasm, which did not need any reply, other than a disinterested:
‘Is there?’
She went back inside the living room, and went to turn the television off, as the announcement of the impending declaration from government leaders and world banks were being repeated:
‘Won’t make any difference!’
She shouted over the noise of the television:
‘…never does!’
She left the house soon afterwards.

  1. He.
    He took the stairs with the children, two-at-a-time one in a pushchair, the other just learning to walk, and they headed off together for The Corner Shop. Turning at the top of the road, pushing the baby buggy uphill, the as if unmade pavement now, in disrepair, showing the lack of maintenance through the good times, as well as the now financial recession, austere-times. Telling The Walker (as He and She said to each other in jest the children laughed at that…) but the one no longer holding on to the buggy called-out to:
    ‘Hold on to the buggy’ answering the constant questions:
    ‘What is this?’, and:
    ‘What is that?’ and having to say:
    ‘Be careful!’ every second, and:
    ‘Stop! making me have to say: ‘Be Careful’ every second!’ and they giggling together, at what, he knew not what. Not even imagining a time when he and she would not be going to work, and they to school and nursery, then keeping them in Our-Dotage: Going to pick up the fallen walking running-off child, grabbing the perambulator again, and continued walking on at the road: ‘Do Not Walk!’
    ‘Do Not Run!
    The walking child only hearing the last word as usual:
    ‘Walk!’; and wondering what all the shouting was about, and running:
    ‘Stop! at the edge!’ hearing all the words this time: thoughtfully:
    ‘O.K?’ ‘O.K.!’ trying out these new words heard from them and at school.
    ‘Stop!’ and stopping in the middle of the pedestrian pavement.
    To get collided into and rolling on the ground giggling in the middle of the road?! getting up and running off laughing, looking backwards,
    at the corner, turning into the next junction:
    ‘Stop! at the kerb!’ He catching up, pushing the pushchair ahead, the walker hanging on, over the kerb and into the road. Looking both ways, and then both ways again. Then back again, one last way this time: too quickly…going to Run! the way the traffic was headed, moving slowly, one car stopped, and a polite hand to let them across, to a wave returned. Watching-out, for all three; and to the oncoming traffic split by traffic lights commanding: Stop, Start, or Pause…to the other side safety to the other kerb:
    ‘Walk!’ Children chasing on ahead to The Corner Shop. The ‘little-one’ in the buggy trying to get out to follow, shouting, and pointing with one, then both index-fingers, toward the road:
    ‘Taxi!’ swiveling around almost falling-out.
    Pointing, ahead: ‘Bus!’ the other returning, giggling:
    ‘A. Bus!’ correcting, and then at they passed the Shop pleading verbally and non-verbally tugging and whining for sugary sweets:
    ‘Helicopter!’ heat camera-singing, and pointing and swiveling around again:
    ‘The-Corner-Shop!’ the other:
    ‘Sweets!’ categorically usually not until they came home from school and nursery.
    Even then only some days, and if they had been good at school or nursery. But always worth a try…. pointing jumping up-and-down, on the buggy the other falling out, buckles unbuckled, by the older one: ‘As long as you behave yourselves today, and they’re not too bad for your teeth, and you clean your teeth!’ they knew that.
    Giggling all the more, at some reference only they knew. To the words, the noises, and the tone of voice, the bedtime: ‘Clean your teeth! Properly!!’ the older one repeated, and they went into more fits of giggles. Into the newsagent-come-grocers and confectionary shop, and sometime licensed off-licence. Where He, and She, and They stopped each morning, for bread, or a newspaper.
    On the way to Nursery and School, when it was His turn, always the possibility of both mythical and real: sweets, as well. As they crashed through the door the older one getting deliberately, or so it seemed in the way of the baby-buggy, asserting rights over the other smaller and weaker and re-leased both leaning up at the shop counter not unusually, but always predictably in the morning rush with so many other things to think about the only thought, unable to think about anything else:
    Children, shopping tonight? Newspaper? Sweets? The buggy almost tipped over in the raucous, the older one falling over the younger, strapped in, strained at the straps, snapping painfully back.
    Letting out an ear-piercing yell. The Older-One: still giggling, until the younger lashed-out as only younger siblings know how too and the older one let out a Yell! then a Scream! apparently exaggerated explication of pain from both now and claims of unfairness idiot! etc.
    ‘Come-on you’re the Older One, you should know better! Do you have to have to fight and argue over everything! No sweets!’ and then he knew, as soon as He said that that he was A Beaten Man.
    A yet louder exclamation set up. While the younger looking on in glee, quieted and puzzled, twisted turned looking upwards to The Father; for some resolution to the questioning plea and fell out of the buggy, unbuckled:
    ‘Me a’ well?’
    Looking up from the floor, the older standing and going to stamp on the younger, smiling sweetly now, the other sprawled on the floor as if felled:
    ‘Smiling Assassin!’ He called-out from the front of the shop, in reference to the older child, and to The
    Shopkeeper who was stacking shelves from remaining stock. He, holding-up the regular National
    Newspaper, the Shopkeeper called:
    ‘Dumb. The Markets…’
    ‘Blind-Assassin(s):’ looking at the newspaper on the counter-pane:
    ‘Botched Act-of-Terror! State-sponsored!’ ‘I know. Heard. You may as well keep that…’ to the loose change being handed over the counter:
    ‘…it will be like one of those Free-Ones!’ hearing, and not listened-to until later, scanning the headline:
    the money left on the shop-counter chuckling when the remark realised:
    ‘No, I got it!’ minding: The Children who were not fighting but pretending to steal, sweets, not knowing any better yet, knowing better; laughing, and looking obvious.
    The Shopkeeper bagged and handed over most of what it was they-wanted, pointed at with shrill voices
    ‘There you are, for later…your Dads’ change!’ the customary sweets, as a gift now in-change sometimes anyway for a small note passed across the counter.
    From the Shopkeeper to them and then him:
    ‘Daddy keep sweets…for later.’
    The Children looking pleased, and anxious also, that they too might have to ‘keep it for later’ with only the then conditional:
    ‘And only if you are Good today!’
    The emotional and ethical merged into puzzlement. Sweets given to the Father patiently waiting to get off to nursery, school, and work. Again consternation, put-on, by the older child, to the younger. Pouting, dropped lower-lip.
    Acting-out, pretending, face pulling. Puzzled at and copied by the younger. Both suddenly laughing at this, and between themselves, at something they did not really know what it was to be Good or: All-Day or how, or what it was, to attain this.
  2. The Banker and The Clerk.
    The investment merchant-Banker sat-back, and glanced across at the administrative accounts’-Clerk, sat in the opposite seat, fixed-table between. Travelling on this same-train same-time, same-carriage.
    For the-Clerk the same-seat, if that or any other was to be had amongst the everyday commuters seated and a few standings, today. Usually crammed-in each weekday, early-morning into The City.
    For the-Banker, this day too-early for the usual-reservation. With, or today without, waiter-served breakfast or a free-morning newspaper. Only those freely given-away and piled-up in the station forecourt to be taken-away. That had to be paid-for anyway by publicising the latest model and version, and most reasonably-priced.
    Like copies of The Big Issue sold-on by Homeless-people in Metropolis’ around the world: no such thing as a free-lunch the-Banker reasoned. First-Class: The Financial-Newspaper paid-for anyway by The
    Railway Company: Public-Private Infra-Structure: ticket-seated and breakfasted comfortably with: The-Financial Newspaper at massively discounted market-rate or cost-price freely as-advertising encouraging in-someway paid-for, and for: returns…
    The Newspaper could be easily afforded, anyway. Today’s loss-leader, tomorrow’s winner paid-for upfront from the station kiosk, day upon day.
    The Newspapers Corporate-Investment: at-least knowingly borrowed-on:perma-Credit: Merit: StaffCost(s): paid-off and on continuing steady-sales to be recouped; shorted, daily, and long-term investment… Achieved…
    Today, The Newspaper not given-away with the extortionately, and exclusively permissive over-priced pass this day into the City’ Stock-Exchanges and Financial-Markets.
    Staff-costs and paper and inks, magazine as affecting the World. The Annual-Executive rail-ticket paid-for, whether used or-not. This day the first train out and apparently all carriages only Standard-class available.
    A single First-class carriage was filled-up quickly by anyone who had a ticket and conceivably some who did-not: there were no-tickets being checked or paid-for apparently the barriers left-open and inviting allcomers.
    For the-Banker, for another-time that morning, something mildly, now-seconded, and markedly unusual. The earlier, when the radio alarm-clock had switched-on routinely with the early-morning fishing, farming, road, and rail conditions.
    Airline and shipping delays, arrivals, and departures, and speculative forecasts: weather-reports, from around the world, local, and global, political-economic and media-news: with the previous-nights’ closing market-prices from around The World…
    There had been developments overnight, that needed attending-to. From the emptying platform, the-Banker and the-Clerk boarded the train together more or less equal. The-Clerk with a Free advertising Newspaper and headphones, plugged-in to a mobile Media-Centre.
    The-Banker with a bought-copy of The Financial-Newspaper from the trains’ limited half-empty doubledecker, food and drinks re-freshments’ trolley.
    Having taken the first seat-available in the nearest Standard-Class compartment coupled with a foul-stench reeking drain-leaking latrine literally retching between the brown and grey-green patterned seats along the narrow aisle way, the-Banker waving the newspaper ahead as if to clear-the-air.
    Un-wavering when shunted across by the next-passenger inline, to the only vacant window-seat glanced across-to and sedentarily leaned-forward across the table between them and asked of the-Clerk, already sat down-opposite:
    ‘So, what do you make of it all then…?’ in the customary easy clear voice of one born, with the interrogative confidence of swift appraisal. As in-stantly as if mysteriously-accusatory…as if with some felt need for validation, valediction, justification, testimony, guilt? Even before any evidential fact, or fiction? With a self and other-deceiving finality, justifying, with instant-conviction…but of who? By whom? Despite the original opening-question, it seemed as if with no real right-of-reply. The initial conversational-question asked as if intended not to be replied-to or any other-mindedly mitigating circumstances, or any-answer-at all, particularly, or generally, listened-to.
    Or so the younger-Clerk surprised to be spoken-to then considered: perhaps like a nurture-nature kind of thing? Possibly a-Plebeian enquiry? Selected-standard flagged with no-probation the-Clerk decided: more likely a command, to make something of IT, and to-be-taken-notice-of.
    Notice-given of anyway disregarding of the possibly-paranoid maniacal rhetorical-answer awaited, or not, by either, or Both, regardless of the-Other: The subtler -Inquisitor? The Quicker to-the- Draw? The original-recipient by-assumption looking-up from a streaming mobile smart-phone camera and videogames-console: USB-4slot-machine…game: WarFair4 downloading…
    PER (personal electronic reader)/de-pocketed-information-recorded singularly removing the ear-phone microphone-socketed-lead off-line searching for the source of the mildly-irritating openly questive-words’ spoken as directly-to, or so it seemed to the-Clerk, in almost immediate reply:
    ‘Don’t know what to make of what?’ then:
    ‘Senseless.’ as to The-Banker as to The Newspaper headline shaken-out, the whole carriage could now view.
    The-Banker sat-back purposefully, purportedly, and provocatively, to-unfold The Financial-Newspaper with the headline outermost, upper-most:
    WORLD MARKETS IN TURMOIL! and seen again that photograph taking up the whole of the rest of the grey-top printed front-page remaindered, pictured in the minds’ eye.
    Now, turned inside-out and with a staring squeezed blink of the eyes, fumbled as if in a freak storm, a blown umbrella, quickly folded-away. To the-Clerk: hung-out to dry: having seen earlier the front-page photograph, and one-liner top headed:
    WORLD MARKETS IN TURMOIL! re-conceived on-line connected…down-loaded and updating second to second milli-second, minute-to-minute mobile-version uploading freely…with-advertising:
    Freeview choice fee-skipping…
    The-Clerk looking-down and into the same recently concealed picture, and slowly re-storing from browsing-history, as accurately acutely-historically as-depicted. As veritably verifiably unfaked updated un-tampered-with: mobile cell-phone-photographed syndicated and World-Wide-Web: networked-scene: as at the end of the previous day: the-City: stocks and bonds’ markets as then as now: seen news-printed and pictured from the evening before: a litter-strewn like old ticker-tape across The Trading-Room floor.
    Forsaken, and an unforgiving-blankly waiting-screen strap-line banded: Markets Closed. Markets Closed. Markets Closed…the single-slogan as about to go up or down was not possible to tell diagonally, from one corner of the screen to the other perhaps tangentially-to slip-backwards flickering erratically across continuously stuttering…across perhaps, another:
    Markets Closed.
    Only-slightly blurred from the-top aloft above, or below, the perfect: the-normal midway ideallypositioned not at the-extreme outer-fielded or even ever truly evenly-centred: but as inside-out and now, as stilled. As then, as now: as if no-longer existent as of now, and then, no-longer anymore unchanging exchange ever more exchanged until stopped perfectly still in its tracks, nowhere at all. Except: now, there: only as stop-framed time-up: bleeped…

Cinematographically stilled, to be recorded, and repeated any movement as any-moment only impendent…in the-cloud…that bold bland statement flickering nonetheless-memorific ally fuzzily held inabeyance: Markets Closed. shimmering-pixelated grid-table mapping diagrammatic…a flickering…
A coming-together. As a vertiginous horizontally remote-geometrically sited as a new dawn held rising, over the Worlds’-Edge. The-Cityscape-skyline…diverting…
>Banking-details…scams threateningly un-throated, of undeclared-bribery and corruption and fraud onconsultancy and management-only contracts hostaged hi-jacking debt-ransoming-deals projected unfounded optimism, pessimistically keeping quiet: the-private/public purse: tax-dodging as if this would be enough to boost-real confidence on-fixed and unfixed violin-fiddling burning-figures re-vealed:
> Weaknesses:… Strengths and:… sub-titling screen-fantasy theme: distinctive emblematic-corporate-creations: dis-owning any real-identity or real-personality patched-together buffer-zone: video-text typeset: cast-role freely-played-ambiguously between Good and Evil. Between:
‘O.K.?’ and not too-bad.
‘One -price and another and downright-incorrectly dis-honestly and non-rightly irresponsibly: stealing: sealing The-Deal: Generic-key: Designer-rip-off: online:
Dialogued. Options: with-structure and series arcade-style deviation from the normal… too complex-to-control, if at all cutting-edge cut:
>To: the Cit(y)ies: How We Live: Where and between each-other: with people we look like who we think looks like ourselves, we ghettoize whether in the City or Countryside families living close or close to close to until they, we feel less, or more, than 20-25% until we feel uncomfortable threatened or angry. Then, we move, or we move, anyway, somewhere with a higher perceived proportion, as ourselves. Through the wall(s): the closest neighbor family and friendship(s) sailing and re-turning daily, Community-Street: weekly, monthly, and for years on end, for Many Millennia on the Globe.
Between the Sun and Moon: Lunar drawing onto Land, and into the skies Dinosaurus Birds and:
‘Unsinkable: Air-Craft Carrier.’
‘Space-Red: Sea-Monster.’
‘Mean Blue-Oceanic:’
‘Technological and Fiscal ex-pan(s)(i)on…’
‘Printing-Money…’ screen-pixelated:
‘Perhaps, bringing the-City down?’
‘The-Country? Whole-Continent(s):’
‘Un-like amoeba bacteria cytoplasm lichen on the surface…’
‘Into the air and space-breathing-Glaciers below::…’
‘Iced-up Market:’
‘Co-Lateral!! Being brought-down!!!’
‘Financial-Pricing System Monetarist: The-World!’ ethno-linguistically gender and cultural-ability driven:
‘Merit-(o) Crass!’
‘Us! Plut(0)cracies!!! Dictatorship!’
‘Of: The Proletariat?’
‘Eradicate the-Gentry!!’
‘Eat The Rich!’
‘Communist: Individual Wealth Gap (I W G):’ nonetheless…
‘Dictatorship of a Minority, first past the post…’
‘Then. There to stay…’
‘Familial. Monarchial.
‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Of the Soviet Military Bureaucrat. China. 5G U.S. Eyes in the Sky.’
‘Smart-Plane…Everywhere. Solar-Wind.’
‘Global? Know of Any?’
‘Civilization? Rule of Law?’
‘A good idea…but…’
‘But what?’
‘Bought out!’
‘By? Who? Why?’
‘Grotesque Over:(I)nvestment: GOB: (i)n:’
‘Commercial and Re-sidential: sold-as:’
‘Leisure-Property: Port-Folio (LPPF):…’
‘Strategically-falsely promoted tactics…’
‘Land. And destroying…
‘Forest-Funding’ by incomprehensible debt-instrument…
‘The-Peoples’ ourselves?’
‘Sovereign Presidential.’
‘Areas of Expertise (AoE)’
‘Core in-Corporations:’
‘Banks! Funding-Investment. Growth!’
‘False growth.’
‘To get-out.’
‘Or not at all?’
‘Now? Greed…’
‘Spent on Charity Big-Projects (CBPs).’
‘Perhaps the-Price of Civilisation?’
‘Bringing in the goods…’
‘Buy-low. Sell-High:…’
‘Of-course. Buy-High…’
‘Sell-Low? Sell-Out?’
‘Hostage to Fortune(s)…’
‘Same as it’s ever been…’
‘Bringing in the-Harvest…’
‘F. Off! Declaring: Price-War!’
‘Hiked Interest-Rate(s): for Currency-Exchange:’
‘Goods and Services: hitched un-hinged:’
‘Trade-Wars? list…’
EuroCentric: Imperialisation /Colonialisation sceptical…seriously conscionable?
‘US: U.N.: China-Russe-Euro: BrISA. Crisis…Pound-PIGS. Farming. Industrial and Servicing:
Development Bank(s): Everywhere. Asia Africa and the southern Americas to Mexico-City.’
‘Asia-Europe: Global-failure bailed-out: UK/USA. Of the Money-Banking System this-time@Money-Go-
Round(MGR) fun(i)mation:
‘Not-harvest(s)? Bubbles?’
‘Media. Double.’
‘Triplicate, now.’
‘The Great North-Sea!’
‘Arctic-Circle saw nothing like this!’
‘Antarctic: Gas and Oil. Seas and Ocean(s)…’
‘Fresh-Water: underground: Plastic(s):’
‘Pipeline: Money: Nigeria…’
‘Whole-Villages disappearing!!!’
‘Hydro-Global! Of-Course! Metals and minerals from the poorest to the Richest listed-value back to the
various-Elites’ money peasant-food and gadgets cheaply made heavily over-priced innovation -profit to re-
peat endlessly digitally value and cost: Europe and North America…’
‘Stitching-up the Globe!’
‘How? Trainers? Childrens’ athletic shoe-school in Cambodia and Bangla-Desh: East-Pakistan…’
‘Western-Afghanistan and …
‘Back to that?’
‘Land and more besides:..’
‘Desert and Caucasian-Mountains…’
‘Irani and Iraqi and Syrian Desserts.’
‘Vietnam. Polar: Equator: rivering to the Planets’ tune roadways and railways, underground and into
Space! Earth! To…’
‘Ice and Sand:’
‘POGS: PlasticOilGasSilicon/Salt/Sand…’
‘To: Space?’
‘Carbon-fibre and Oxygen:’
‘Hydrogen and more besides….’
‘Monetised:’ moaned…
‘Digital: Macro-Economics for:’
‘Max. of: The People?’
‘Minority-Dictatorship of the Elite:’
‘Workers’ Class?’
‘Anti-Trust? Monopoly-Capitalism every sector 5^6 including investment merchant-trade banking loans to
the shops and into peoples’ Home. Government Nationalistic Exceptionalism Corporations (GNECs):
Characteristic(s): New-Era: Global: five and six…
‘At sevens…now?’
‘All-Sector Energy and Material Goods…’
‘Stocked and Stored.’
‘Shared. Bought and Sold.’
‘Fixed far-ahead:’
‘Registered-Bank(s): As if…’
‘Bonus on top of that! Paying no-Taxes.’
‘Who pays Taxes? Offshore Banking Business OBB)?’
‘Infra-Structure: Their-Customer-Base? Worker(s)-Peoples’ Beneficent Practical: (I)n-vestment-Future(s)
‘Of course.’
‘All: HiStory?’
‘Profit: at any Cost?’
‘Subscribed regular income.’
‘Privately-secretive private-ownership of the means-of-production.’
‘Private-Property by Capital-Accumulation.’
‘Scrapping? Or?’
‘Taxes? If You’re the-Revenue? I don’t owe…’
‘Police and Thieves?’
‘Low Social Mobility (LCM).’
‘As: against High Social Mobility?’
‘No Where! Lowest: poor and homeless…’
‘Sovereign-City: Nation: State:’
‘Less.’ Coastal-Town(s): piss-poor: apart from: Tourism: Guide: Taxes and fund(i)ng(s): supports takenaway: online: Social-Structure: Austerity. Bubble-burst gave-up. All its’ gains tech. screen(s): Stocks and
Anti-Trust Corporate-Monopoly.
Non-monopoly bought-out, sell-off, and monopoly take=over price-merger: Capital Monopoly.
Despite competitions’ rules and usual behavior. Quantity-costs and price. Bonded-Global Government
(BGG) GDP securities…
Cyber-Security Sanction(s) busting back-door: Tech-Hostage. Front-Door:
Banker-Arrest and re-lease and re-leased and arrested, again, for a very long time, or self im-posed exile abroad. Inside-Track Consultant Health&Safety
Robbers all. Corporate-Trade less so, than Government.
Public/Private. Data-sharing: Comms hacking Cyber-Attack. Viral.
Impact peaks and depressing troughs’ costs’ rise and fall. Faster and slower.
Impact on price-cost of: Tariff(s): on imports from abroad; equal out across different goods costs and services. Stronger and weaker revenue-growth, any growth, domestically, and abroad, gone too far out.
Re-trenchment in the surrounding countryside, and see out the winter-Benchmark:Marker-Price: N/n:
Global Interest Rate. Gross, and Net Domestic Product, PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) as costs and expenditure to the thousands and millions and billions that make up Global Trade.
As we go along. US Dollar and China Yuan. Argentina and Turkey. Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel Democracy. Indonesia, and Australia. South America trading partners as Japan and Indo-nesia.
Africa digital knowhow and skills to produce doctors and scientists better employed up to now, abroad. Over reliant on Foreign Capital: U.S. Dollar or Yuan: to base currency: and know-how, from all over.
Corrupt deadly Empiric.
En-Slaving Egypt Slav. Chinese Indian Arabic Roman Anglo-English French and Spanish and Portuguese as Dutch or lastly and most terrorisingly terrifyingly, perhaps, until the next Reign of Terror.
The French Revolution and Germanic Belgian Nazi Monastic Congo. The British Empire, and America, North. Speaking, all over the world. Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Latin, English, and Urdu/Hindi. Spanish.
Both: the same now, as far as either of them or anyone on the train there, or anywhere-else knew as of: All:
Business-Dealings: Commerce, that evening, instant, before:
‘Put(s)?’ ‘Stayed?
Both now in the knowledge assumed of the other. Both assumingly knowingly, unknowingly, yet simply pictorially- imagining that morning, the scene as unchanged from the nighttime before.
Then, as now: inside the City Stock-Market Building heavy-teakwood mahogany doors, tightly-closed, hermetically-sealed a normally fluorescent glow turned-off. Except for a single computer-screen presence, remaining-there:
Markets Closed as if readied for all time, previously, for this day.

As if this had never happened before. Yet it had. From the evening-before, as in pointless pointed dire-warning: once installed, as if permanently. Equivocally, perhaps, warnings, automatically, not to be taken too-literally, ignored, or ind(e)finitely normally meaning: before the cleaners had cleaned-up and some, but then, not-everyone- else had been cleaned-out.

Before nightlife restaurant and television cabaret, the latest news and sport, weather then repose-taken. The on-message only that:
‘The-Markets will be open again, and sooner rather than later…’
‘As any other day?’
‘Business as Usual.’
‘This day…’ taking-over the competing computer-programmers’ co-operatively collectively collaboratively algorithmically metering as an unlicensed taxi-cab carrying and insuring business-plans financially under-written and over-insured. Under-insured, over-written, or re-insured, or not-insured at all: looking out the window:
‘An Act of God?’
‘The Markets on Auto-Selling…’
‘A.I. One I owe U.’
‘An Act of Us!’ pre-programmed virtual-win, lose, or draw, cancelled postponed, and re-negotiated. The animal-urge to risk, and win or destroy through mistake, error…

Circumstances unfathomable into living-liv(ed.) obliteration, nevertheless, unconstrained.
Imposing the investment and Merchant-Bankers’ insuring not adequately en-suring the values of private-equity stock in Government and Peoples’ currency-bonds individually personally self-owned, by self, &^or Other.
Priced-out, cash-back, borrowed on payday loan Accountant-Clerks’ savings-account pension and insurance, and country clear profit-to Government-Taxes, paid-in, or not.
Unemployment-Benefit, or not. WellFare. WarFare. WarFair.WellFair! Disability and Illness payment as
Compensation or re-compense, in sickness and in health. Or, not.
Un-paid breaks taken: tea/toilet booked in-and-out as we shall most definitely be at the final end.

Abroad. Suitcases full of cash it may as well be, except electronically and to-be taken-back with inward investment, repayment in compensation hitting-growth. Yet hardly covering the original computer-crime in sin in-bribes and back-handers’ dodgy-deals, reneged on, millions of them, billions. Of fixed-rates, false-accounting cash-in-the-bank. Cash that stayed out-of-the-bank.

Gold and Gems. Stayed-out. Moved. Ill-liquidated, stashed-away: unavailable to-government, or to thePeople to spend. Of the-Family-Business and as of small-Company-Name(s): seen briefly as painted hoarding pasted on the side-of-buildings.

Advertising as along the embankment railway-track, alongside sidings and stations to be > > >passed-through > > > at high-speed, non-stopping…
All else, stopped.
Closed, shrunk, and engulfed by-globular enlarged Corporations’ advertising-hoardings for Banks’
Currency Economic-Zone and Country-Town passed-through.
High-Street: branches, shops and as autumn leaves currency-exchanges, as-laundering twigged risked domestic clearing-houses for returns, or no-return:
‘By the end of this-day? All-won or lost?’
‘Shops. People…’
On screen:
‘Profit-to-Interest Rates.’
‘Or still stood still?’
‘Quits? 50/50%?’
‘Who wins does not lose.’
‘Who loses does not win.’
‘Really?’ All investing higher-and-higher with insecure unsecured funds in stocks and insurances: interbank loans re-insurances, and re-sales…within (closed-text) the listings…
Over and into… almost as suddenly as the whole front-page picture re-pasted into-memory…
For the-Clerk far from assuaging the culpability of the-other now exposed as the deplorably irresponsible and reckless lender. Not, as yet, wrecked-borrower, wreaked havoc-upon.

To the-Banker, the- Clerk cast now as the likely irresponsible, yet hapless helplessly indebted, no-deposit poor credit-rating history first-time mortgaged and-possibly employee. As in: Bank-loaned as salaried, invested monthly paid-off to be paid-back payday pay-check paper-money on-screen backed and banked:
The-Bankers’ Newspaper front-page pictorial held-out, taut-and-proud, as a flag of convenience.
Or as a crumpled bank-note.
Opened, to the light of day, as checking the veracity of foldin’ money: cash: Bill-Fold
Bank-Account the-Clerk knew; and returned, momentarily to the hand-held, now re-opening news-filtering screen-newspaper heard again as the rustling of dry-leaf cadaver.
‘Ex-e-cutive: Golden-Account!’
‘Plastic-Paying: over again…’
‘Techno-Digital Geek-World: General Engineering & Electro-Knowledge: (I)(n)formation:

Outside the Train-Carriage: the weather not that inclement, or autumnal for the leaves to be springing, rising from their branches, or be freely-falling as snow-covered as foraging nuts and berries, for the long cold winter.
The Newspaper turned crisply inside-out and halved-again. Both to the same page skim-read by the-Clerk earlier: pre-registered up-front…next page…and as World-Wide-Web free and as-expected to be paid-for not:- freely-enabled seen with advertisements, and scammed, both skipped…to:
The (I)nsider-Report:
As of today there is so much owed, by so many, that cannot start to be paid-out or paid-back this day, or the next. This morning the stock-markets are closed. Once more World-Trade has ground a halt. All Credit-Trading, has been suspended. The trading of stocks and shares in recent times has left prices at such all-time high-levels, that, overnight, have collapsed. We are yet again in the grip of the greatest global fiscal and financial- fiasco, the greatest-ever: Economic-Crisis, ever, again.

This morning in Geneva there is to be an announcement of the International Conference on Monetary Compliance (ICMC). There is to be a declaration of economic policy and intent. This announcement is expected to stabilise major-global currencies and exchange-rates, at some mutually-agreed rate. To boost-confidence in the banking-system and in Global Fiscal-Policy and World-Trade. A sharedprotocol, at Midday, world mean-time today, by the International Date-Line will…

‘There will be winners, and there will be-losers…’ spoken outloud.
Looking-up The-Banker as from The-Clerks’ laid-back attitude, drawn from the impending appended silence. The-Banker now self-imposed imaged point-of-view of the pictured closed-markets of:
‘The Photo: AKA: The-Cage?: calculated-risk? Join the-Game?’
‘Markets Closed? No-real-risk…then?’
‘Only the-details to be added.’
‘Then?’ The-Banker, on mobile cellphone earpiece bartered furtively and openly and loudly and confidently as if now confidentially swapped hand-signals and punched the air slapped both-palms together:
‘High-fives! We are in the tens…six…seven!’
‘ If you Will!’ and holding a-hand over the heart openly-palmed, and as sat, bowed slightly winked, a single staring- eye, as stooped to conquer:
‘Trillions, now…’
With on-screen confirmation…re-directing…confirming… password…and printed-off paper-copy wavedfrantically financial-agreement-stipulating:
‘Only to be signed-off…’ lifted from the floor brief-case revealed laptop lapped at reading-off as: The-Clerk now speaking:
‘700-billion assets signed-off? Ten for Every One of US on this Planet?’
‘@Hell! No! No-one-else but Us.?’’
‘No-one else? But? Us?’
‘Forest-Fire Fighting.’
‘Ultra-Power: Corruption and Lies…’
‘Oil, Gas and Water-supplies cut-off.’
From: Colonial-Farm: Petty-Plantation: UnderGround-Railway: and Home own-owned at Home. The-
Clerk continuing:
‘But the Markets are Closed. Deal(s) to be added, then?’
‘Details? How many-Trillions-more?’
‘Before-what? All is Lost? De-valued? Bought-out. What? Sold-off? That is the name of the Game?’ ‘Selling-off?’
‘Buying-up…to the lowest bidder(s).’
‘People bought-off…’
‘To the-Buyer. Or to the-Seller? Buyers’ market? Seller?’
‘Done.’ and with a nod, laterally entrusted, undisputed, and further endorsed over-lengthy client midday luncheon.
Tied-in: gifting as charity by guilt-association expense-account accounted-for and through electronicsignatory: pass-name and number and as a matter of public-record:
‘No longer negotiable…’
‘Or ever-were?’
Tapping keyboards:
‘All to-be ironed-out today…’
‘By the all the-Clerks’ of All the-Worlds’ Works!’
As if spoken be-fore, many-times, both.
Informa(t)-kwiki: transparent liquid-like, solicited. Solid as an assignment.
Scenario: Proposition. Projected, through the air cloud-like as before the-bell was rung for-departure. As a warning to anyone last-boarding the train doors closed the train-carriage sealed and seated up-front aside:
‘I don’t know what to make of ‘It’.’
‘Yet…’ pause…
Then The-Clerk bought the-thought snickered slightingly to-self, as if spoken to self. Then: that sarcastic thought or was it sardonic? outlined out loud:
‘But I’ll bet we will find out soon-enough anyway? Don’t you?’ sounded differently.
As if someone-else had spoken the words instead. As a gauntlet-glove thrown-down, to be picked-up: ‘O.K. If that’s what you make of it.’

‘What will you make out of it?’
Only as instantly-realised now, and as at the time-of-speaking earlier; and that short-moment-later asspoken now irritatingly intimating imitating only-now at the-Gamble, seemingly committed-to. The un-certainty now at such a communally, yet privately, and now seemingly shared-venture. This seemingly reasonable or un-reasonable; as yet un-priced, as yet only a projected-proposal. There would be a price; and a cost too:
‘Purchase-Price Initiative (PPI) and re-sale onward: that is all you need to know’…as yet, an un-bidden offer in-prospect, to follow-up the seemingly automatically-accepted challenge, as yet to be fully realised:
‘O.K.’ as well as the-other, each spoken now and heard, and now seen:
‘No going-back now.’
Both now considering the import of these words, the more thoroughly, thoughtfully, perhaps, than said and heard; those out-spoken mere words, as to the-enterprising enquiry, requiring further-reply? In-turns? Or not?
Now: the earlier previously saved in-memory and as the first respondent again.
The-Clerk ignoring the possibility again of turn-taking, with another supplementary, yet elementary question: ‘Why?’

Puzzlement pre-dicated predicament: seconded now by both-speakers. Triplicated, as here, almostidentically mindfully apart reflected against all others on the train. On the Train. (i)n the Train-Carriage: others-visible and seeing, through adjoined metal and plastic cloth air-cooled compartment and as if no further-apart or closer-to or from each other’s-truth and in each-others’ minds: and all this meant? Exactly?
And how soon?
How soon, is now? How much is-enough?
And: How much is at stake here? Exactly? as instantly both now regretting the opening-given to the exclusion of anyone-else in the rumbling bone-rattling carriage:
As both-enjoined, as advertently now in a two-way dialogue, of which at that immediate-point there was persisting yet only limited dis-or mis(t)(y)(f)ying or any verifiable: Group-Loop: (i)(n)formation…  

  1. The Accident & Emergency Department: Hospital and Home.
    She had pressed the TVOFF switch, and they all had left for school and work. Closing all the windows and door behind her, a short while later and going where those others had left, and others were still leaving front doors for the days school and work, and activity ahead.
    Outside and downstairs, through the piles of discarded rubbish and the door, wedged open.
    To the blocked metal refuse-chute, unmissed rubbish strewn everywhere. Re-Plastic as bottles and dish plates and bagging and carried to the blocked and disposed of. The overspilling chute stacked with black grey and while bags. o the stairs and the If-it’s-working lift down to the ground floor: the worst thing standing inside the open lift door not being sure if the elevator was going to work, or not. Or go crashing to the ground, like everything else.
    He was on-a-Late and so he was taking the children to school and nursery. He would be collecting them later today it seemed. When Her shift finished she could do overtime-hours, or clock-off to collect them if there were no emergencies that was.
    Then, either would have to phone one of the other mothers or fathers to collect theirs’ as well if they could…
    She entered the same Shop that He had recently departed with The Children only a few minutes earlier, but crucially later, they had only left a few seconds earlier:
    ‘Got any bread in?’
    ‘You may as well take one there, only one-day-stale!’, climbing-down off a stool-from-stacking-shelves:
    ‘It’s gone!’
    ‘Stale already isn’t it!?’
    ‘Never mind the Bakery! Haven’t seen them yet today!’
    ‘Today.’ The Shop was open as usual ready to stock-up again with the usual days-supplies that had been phoned in the day before, or rather:
    ‘It looks like it is ‘Whenever@The Delivery’ turns up!’
    Then, not for the first time:
    ‘Your better-half works at The Bakery, doesn’t He? They were here just a few seconds ago.’
    ‘My Other-‘alf…went out early today to The Cash and Carry, and not back yet! I phoned-in the order. They said: ‘No-deliveries yet today! Nothings’ moving yet…’’
    Then, in response to an expected but not received, not ill-received:
    ‘Still; there is Hope.’
    ‘I expect…’
    ‘Gone to see if we can collect in the queue at the CashnCarry: probably!’pointing at the dry loaf on the shelf:
    ‘Going stale!’ momentarily paused, then:
    ‘No Cash, No Carry!’
    Exclaimed! ‘Fresh-is-Best.’ concluded.
    The Shopkeeper was stocking half-empty shelves, the last stock, sharing with anyone who came in the shop, for whatever they could afford of their cash and card(s): Credit/Debit: continued to her, as She looked at: The-Newspaper(s): on the counter:
    ‘We get from Your Bakery, you know?’
    ‘Not mine, or ours, even, nothing…
    ‘For nothing. @It doesn’t last! Gets chucked away. Have to Health and Safety it or give it to The BinRaiders out the back. They have it! Still, can’t blame them, can you? Poor beggars. I leave it for those that take it. Homeless, you know, or out of work, on benefits that go nowhere, poor and hungry and homeless.’
    ‘That’s where we’ll all finish-up, if we’re not careful!’
    ‘Yeah, dead. They take it home, you know, if they’ve got one. Squatting…or toast it on one of those outdoors braziers. They sleep under the bridge arches, some of them, you know.’ Continuing:
    ‘Some have got homes ‘though I don’t know what state they’re in. Don’t seem to worry ‘em!’
    ‘What have you got?’
    ‘All yesterday’s fresh bread has gone. Panic buying!’
    ‘What already!’
    ‘Stock-piling. At the docks and ports, according to T.V.:…’ pointing to the corner of The Shop and on the ceiling, from where CCTV beamed:
    ‘Only that one loaf left now. We won’t get another delivery today, I dare say. And I am told:
    ‘We don’t know when!’
    ‘Well, if they don’t know!’
    ‘Only the ‘papers delivered today. So far; and I haven’t paid for them yet. I only pay for what I sell.’
    ‘Don’t We All!
    ‘How’s that!!’ doubly surprised at the apparent revelation: that not everything had to be paid for up-front The Shopkeeper came towards the counter of The Shop and continued chatting to Her:
    ‘Trade? Credit, or Debit in The Bank. Change? Not.’
    ‘You can give me all the money you’ve got if you like. No change to give out ‘though, more sweets or crisps…’
    ‘Potato-chips instead?’
    Packaging: re-cyclable:
    ‘This is not a Casino…’
    ‘Just like the last time!’
    ‘Not-Just. And not like the Time before that.’
    ‘Not even. No money in the Bank…’
    ‘No food on the table!’
    She exhorted:
    ‘Your kids have got have something?’
    ‘To last them!’
    ‘Not any more….’
    ‘Now? Not, yet. The Banks are not open, so you won’t be able to get any notes or cash out anyway. Never be able to sell this place now. You know, I’ve been trying to sell-off The-Shop and its stocks to pay off loans and bills on The Shop and on the Stocks; but no buyers.’
    ‘Not yet?’
    ‘Not at all. I’d have to sell-off at too lower-price…’
    ‘Too high these Cowboys want to pay!’
    ‘Maybe…I’ll just up-and-go sometime, leave it all behind…’
    ‘To who? Any buyers yet?’
    The Shopkeeper questioned:
    ‘Less than Zero.’
    ‘Sweet F’all…’
    She asked in wonderment. She asked, not listening, heard it before; selling-off; and not just this
    Shopkeeper, empty shop(s)
    All the local Shops were owned and known either by the name on the front of the shop and/or the Cultural Nationality or Ethnic-identity of the Family that owned or rented that shop; its’ stocks and shares, and did their business there. Small retailers, family run businesses across the globe, despite the SuperMall and Hypermarket(s) still the way most trade finishes up.
    From the roadside, docks and ports, in the air, and to and from The Village, Town and The-City: MarketPlaces and Streets and, of course, the wholesale-Industrial Stock-Markets and Money-Markets signage noticing:
    Open All Day
    She pondered. She looked at the front page of The Newspaper un-folded and thrown onto the light worn dark varnished and metal-trimmed wood shop counter-surface and service.
    She glanced at a cartoon which depicted the Worlds Finance Ministers: Politician Economist: heads in hand s, sitting on stacks of money; no words needed, but a comment.
    She read for free without intending to buy on:
    Global Crisis Meeting Midday Today!
    The (i)nside Page:
    In the last weeks and months there have been queues in shops for scarce goods, rationed by ability to pay, there have been queues to spend, instead of investing, pay, pensions, and profits, before they became worthless. The prices of goods and services have increased week by week and day by day, as more Financial Insurance
    Compensation (FIC) Claims are made…

Don’t we just know it! So, what’s so different! Or not! She pondered again.
She wondered: how the small shops and retailers and service providers like Health and Social Care whether large hospital or fast-food chain cottage-hospital or cottage loaf. How they managed at all? With all the out of town Shopping Malls and Giant chain stores; that everyone shopped at because they could afford the fixed prices and special offers.
The Scams! price-up <Prices lowered! Ha! When that that ever happen without Prices going up first?
Without any salaries and wages to give out, what to spend on the Prices anyway?!
She answered her own-question(s): The Supermarkets paid up-front, but cheaply, and only what they thought they could sell at a good profit balanced only by what most-people could afford…
The Shopkeeper had continued stock shelves without stopping hardly and stocking the shelves and aisle way cleared, finished:
‘…that’s it! Everything is out. I’m now officially out of stock!’ A-part from what I’ve got in the back for me and the family for a few days…’
‘Panic-Buying! and that’s IT!’ the train of thought returning to re-stacking the meagre shelves with the remaining stock and with some finality:
‘Not getting in even enough buying for the Customers, to cover the Household for a Day! Existing on
Bank-Loans on capital, stock and shop; rent is un-paid for the year…’
‘Governments Presidents’ Sovereign: Royal-Taxes!’
‘Government-Taxes: For their own Good.’ back at the counter handing back the money:
‘Our Own Taxes! Secular-Presidential: Government-Bank:’
‘They cannot give us our-money so what, now?’
‘They will.’
‘Tax-Benefits’ vs tax: re-duction:’
‘For The Rich!’
‘%’s Rich or Poor if you ask me. We are the Majority!’
‘Of-course. Poor-Workers now…’ ‘I-Work! Long-hours…for this Shop!’ She’d said:
‘So much more than only today…’
The Shop-keeper:
‘Factory-Bread! Go-on, you may as well take it and The Newspaper…’
‘Bring us some nice freshly baked bread to stock-up the Shop with from: The-Factory as we call-it! That is where He works, it is isn’t it?’
‘Why me and my Hub.:…’
She-looked up:
‘They’ve closed the Bakery-Works again. Do You Know that?’
‘Where do We get Our Bread?’
‘Credit-Crisis again, did you know, haha:’
‘Import/Export: Shop(s):’
‘Chains. People as Things.’
She’d responded. The Shopkeeper:
‘There is a Rally at The Bakery, at Midday. Did you know? The Workers not allowed into the Bakery Works, closed, for Business. For anything! I owe them anyway. The Cash and Carry…You name it! I’m well into Negative-Equity now. The amount. The Shop owes is owed, never Sell-Up now…unless there is a Sellout Today!’
She’d said seek to cheer the Shopkeeper and Family now emerged from the back room:
‘Have to give it away? Is owed to who?’
She’d asked. Then, the Shopkeeper almost finally: ‘That is where He works ‘though, isn’t it? The Bakery?’
‘Not any more it seems…’ her sullen answer.
The Shop Keeper with re-newed finality:
‘How about a free Newspaper! Everything else has been taken from us, they’ve bled us dry!!’ exclaimed, without irony; restrained and mixed with anxious mirth:
‘That’s not in the Newspaper.’
She said, to stem the merriment:
‘Never is.’
‘Sign ‘0’ The Times!’
‘Metro! You know We can’t even get retail price from the City-Bakery.’
‘It’s Free!’
‘News of The World! Paid-Newspapers…closing now.’
‘For Good!’
‘High Street, not. Business and Council Tax and Rental Shopfront: for: Digital-Business:’
‘SuperMarket Hyper-Markets! Market-advancing share(s):N%/n%:’
‘Unbound: Prometheus:’
‘White-Horse’ horde hoarding:
‘Atlas-shrugged off-key: FountainHead@’
‘Overshare: advertising: convertible: Space: Time:
‘Advert(i)sing: shared:…’
‘Data and de-vices…’
‘Regulating ourselves like everyone else…’
‘Socially? No-Money!’
‘Low Wages and conditions of Work. Standards. The-Bakery. They…’
‘They are that tight with their un-earned Profits!’
‘Gravy-Train for the Investors: We have to buy our Daily Bread from the Cash&Carry too…’
The Shop Keeper and She added together:
‘Of course! How stupid is that?!’
‘Of Them?’
‘Uncaring-for-Staff and Workers’ Family!’
‘Domestic-Work Fair! The Bakery wants to make as much Profit out of All of Us as they can!’
‘Out of All of Us!’
‘Never mind the measly pay! Anyway…’ and pointing thumbs back through the door:
‘If The-Works are closed no bread and no cake either…’
‘Not today, at least!’
The money for a small loaf was put on the counter and the large sliced loaf in its mould-inducing plastic wrapper and the newspaper with its banner headline declaring:
STOCK MARKETS IN CHAOS was carried off.
The Shopkeeper said:
‘Take it…’ and She took the newspaper, and left the shop.
-Will you be going into the rally?’ texted, when she had left the shop, and called his mobile cellphone; with photograph stored number gazed at longingly, but without answer, or voice-message, and as he texted immediately back:
-No point going in before the Rally! Will not get paid anyway…

  • What about The Rally?
  • Going Home first…
  • Catch the News…
    -OK O&O4 now…’
    She worked nights, evenings, day shifts. This week, this day, it was the late-day shift; or the day late! as some liked to call it. From the ambulance station She arrived at slightly late and clocked-on. From where she drove the ambulance, maintenance engineer and assisted at accidents so-called First Aider but not a SuperMedic like some of the other crews had.
    ‘Be careful, today’ he had said to her ‘I love you’, and she had replied ’ditto.’ accident and emergency crew, trained up in skills and procedures, assessment of injuries, life or death sometimes.
    Observing vital signs…moving patients safely, onto stretcher or aided walking. Checking for any changes.
    To report to The Qualified Clinician taking relevant information, from carers, and others at the scene. Administering first-aid and emergency medical procedures, transporting people to and from hospital, accident and emergency, the elderly and frail to The-Hospital appointments.
    Could be anything: road accident, multiple severe injuries, or just a scratch. Taking notes for the medics, and the insurance, and police, if there had been A Criminal Act. They would be on the scene-of-the-crime.
    Or the Fire-Service if there had been a fire, or if someone needed cutting out of a car. Rescuing, from a roof. You name it. Anything, and everything could happen, and did. Never a dull moment. A good job, a great job, She enjoyed and was paid, well, reasonably well. Not poor. Definitely not rich!
    Could be a pedestrian, or housebound, head wound, heart attack, to broken toe. In a busy shopping centre, or on a country lane. Sick baby and worried parent, or elderly infirm, worried well, or unconcerned brawler wanting to carry the wound back into the bar to show-off, not realising how much blood was being
    That’s when you needed back-up.
    Sometimes a suicide, murder. Under a train, not much you could do them, bag them up and the undertakers take them away, to the morgue. May later just find out the official-cause-of-death: crushing or shattered, in the jargon. May have been pushed? On the roof, threatening to jump: ‘Go on then!’ you always feel like saying: ‘…if you’re going to! I’ve got children to collect from school! Once the Bouncy Castle is set up against the wall, and the suicide gets bored and tired, and decides to walk the stairs.
    Could be someone fallen down stairs. Beaten up in their own home. Domestic violence, denying, screaming the odds. Unruly, intractable, recalcitrant, not well-behaved. Not well-mannered. Not biddable, brokenbones, not funny. It would all be reported, had to be. To the Social Care Agent, The Housing
    Representative, The Police. They would press charges, if necessary. Must do, ought to. Some of the things you see…. We would pitch-up and patch-up and tell their story as well as our own: witness.
    Sometimes threatened as well. You had to stand your ground. Emergency blue light, siren wailing. Steering in and out of that traffic that never seemed to thin out, or even give way sometimes. Still, that was the job. Worth hanging onto. Going on to take the Medic and Paramedic exams, own time; evenings and weekends, and bring-up the children! Check out the Ambulance. The-Vehicle: stocked with bandages, medical and life-support equipment.
    Ventilator and de—fibrilator, fabrication stored properly and in good working order.
    Communication equipment, to the control-room…where she had started-out.
    Learning how to differentiate one emergency from another.
    Over mobile radio-telephone video-link, inside and out the vehicle, and the patients! they would joke. Heckling themselves in their pain and agony. Checking mileage, speed, safety, on the road, and in situ…clean. New documentation: date, time report charts, name… address if known, distinguishing features.
    Check the fuel and oil and water, start up, at the start, and end of each shift. Driving licence of course, Passenger Public Service classification.
    Different gross weights and bearing, gear shifts and light and heavy goods for the larger vehicles used in public events…
    Now, though, the regular chat, only if there was time. When she got in this morning-shift, the morning newspaper, with the Lotto numbers, and television and radio pages: this job make more than a TV drama any day of the week.
    Fiction and drama, She liked, a murder, thriller; or a biography. Not many of them write their own, do they? she thought to herself.
    ‘What next? I know? Nothing! Or the rest of my life! ‘aven’t lived it all, yet! Children. Husband.’

The Accident&Emergency Room. Department and Hospital: corridor-wings were otherwise as quiet as usual first thing in the morning: there’s always time for things to change…
‘It always gets busy as soon as I think it’s going to be a quiet day!’ She called to a colleague, and thought to herself, turn around and something happens, then it all starts happening! You hardly have time to think until the shift is ended, and no overtime-pay! When did I last finish on the dot, the bell!!? she asked herself, rhetorically; and out loud to the others repeated:
‘When did I last finish on the dot, the bell!!?’ answering herself in response, with a thoughtful, but blank thought:
‘Never!’ they all chanted as if they had does this routine before. Waiting for the first call: that’s when it always happened. Commuters driving from home, to work. A van, or lorry, at work, driven-recklessly.
Someone in a car crash.
On the way to work, domestic, accident, or not. On your way to early-morning deliveries, or to a job late for. As if you are the only one of the roads. That does not have an appointment to reach. With fate, and a social duty ahead Slow Down! You are not the only one! Think Safety!

1.The imperative to keep working too ridiculous, time-set time-frames, shifts. So, she could feed self and family; and others could be fed and stay alive. Referrals from night-doctors; there was always work waiting anyway. No later than sooner, the first call of the day. The druggies and the drunks, and the homeless who often slipped-in, and slept in the waiting rooms during the night shift, had been moved-on, for the day shift to start.

It was not any different today, although the last call out had been a disturbance.
Some missiles thrown and one person injured, the police were there. When the ambulance arrived, the crowd had moved away.
The other Ambulance-Crew and State-Police: on stand-by had told them all about it when they got back. The Bank had not opened. A queue, a line had formed outside many metres long and wide, a gathering mobbing crowd really. Of staff locked-out, and angry, upset, worried, scared, lackadaisical. Staff and
Customer(s). With people trying to get wages and savings out
The Bank was closed, until further notice.
There had been a scuffle between two of the waiting customers. Over an unpaid unwritten loan, and eventually, after others had got embroiled, two or three lay injured. Someone, bystander, onlooker, passerby had called an ambulance. Several on-lookers came up to them, as they went to see to the injured customer, or patient-to-be; and the crowd, realising The Bank was not likely to open, had dispersed to await the further news; and to hopefully see if The Bank might open that afternoon.
She was on second call but was not needed. The injuries were only slight, but the scene was ominous, an omen it seemed for the day. If real disaster did strike she often thought only enough bandages and food for a few days; and only if that is rationed from the start.
Only enough food at Home, the same. The closer to The Big Shop time, the less there was at Home… Go to the Local Shops when nothing-left-in-the ‘House’ as they called it: the Apartment-Home really, nothing left, at home. Not stocked up recently and can hardly afford to go more than for a few days at a time, sometimes only one day, without replenishing need, and goods and services to meet those needs.
Everyone was talking about the crash of the stock-markets and the announcement expected at midday: ‘We’ll have to go to the SuperMarket tonight!’ she had called after him as he had left; and She collecting the children later, after her first shift was done, on second shift later, split-shifts it would have to be. He going to Work, or the Rally, now? Collecting the Children?
Suddenly everything seemed more uncertain.
And She really did start to wonder, what this day would bring.

He met a Work-Mate: He going towards The Bakery or The Works or The Factory as it was known: The
Bakery. From the Nursery School: passed The Old Church at the top of The High Road now The Local Council Buildings. A Friend and a Neighbour from the same Housing Block walking in the opposite direction, now shared the journey Home, past-by and from: The Bakery-Factory Works:
‘No good going in …’ the other said:
‘They’ve shut The Factory, again. Remember last time? Few more out of work, three-day week again?’ ‘The last time, and the time before that! ‘It’s happened before!’ was his blunt reply without irony, the Other replied:
‘Closed down for good this time we reckon.’
‘Importing-bread! Do you believe that? Shopkeeper said!’
‘Prices-Up! Again…they say…’
‘Do they? Not Prices down then?’
‘Never. There’s a meeting midday…’ the Other continued:
‘Factory-Fates! We’ll find out then!’ and laughing:
‘See you there!’ SHOUTed as they passed each other to their separate homes, laughing, at what, they could not be sure like:
The Children: waving and laughing too, at what, they knew not what; awaiting afternoon middayafternoon, when they may meet up again:
‘Open for the Day!’ notice pinned on the schoolgate re-passed, and now brought back to mind:
Thank Goodness! had been the immediate response.
Although there were mutterings and mumblings about whether The Teachers and Nursery-Nurses would actually see their pay and pensions this month or whether any of for how long The Parents would be able to keep on paying for the basic education never mind the extra trips and activities and equipment for this and that…
At least:
The School was open and The Children did not need collecting until She finished her first-shift, and He finished his at The Bakery early evening, maybe, and she start her second-shift…while he took on The
Children again…then: or would the rally would put pay to all their carefully laid plans for the day:
‘Don’t forget after-school!’ the Older-One had called after him.
‘…half-day today!’ the School Teacher had joked and laughing together.
After sending the text about going to the rally, home, first.
As the children walked, not ran toward the nursery doors, the school-doors, and He out through the school gate, he went towards The Factory Gates anyway and then after meeting The Friendly Neighbour, they walked back towards their homes. Passed by other shops, nodded and said:
‘Hello’ to The Shopkeepers and Their Customers standing around inside and outside, on the Street as they passed:
‘What’s going to happen then?’ one called over:
‘Nothing!’ he called back.
Then to The Friendly Neighbour:
Then he went up the stairs to the apartment balcony walkway. When he got indoors with the key, shouted: ‘Hello!’ only just out of habit, and switched on the T.V. again, and started to clear the breakfast things away.
She had already set off for work with a sandwich, and the last of the bread, re-called calling afterwards, after him, and then he thinking: did I say I’d bring some bread home? And She said:
‘I don’t care if its stolen!’ laughing:
‘I’ll bring some from the shop…if they’ve got any!?
She said ‘Don’t lose your job over a loaf of bread!’
Lucky, I got some in yesterday He thought and as if spoken outloud; or sheer skill remembering what she’d told me before I went to work yesterday, and I didn’t forget!
But this time…today… and as He settled-down, with a last of the bread toasted-dry sandwich in front of the television, to watch events unfold, he wondered: or did I just imagine that? From some other time, yesterday? or at all, anyway…?! Anyway, what does it matter.
We need bread, then, mindful of the Midday Meeting at Work: and Shopping later at the SuperMarket wondering: what would happen if there was no bread?
No work? No money to pay for the bread, the shopping?
The mortgage? worrying reserving not for what would occur anyway, which as yet, he did not know for sure, for certain, what would happen today. Only what might occur, could occur, which was all he could really think about.
Home, and a sandwich with whatever is left in the bottom of the bread-bin.
Some half-empty or half-full jar or a tub of something, and back to work or not. Before the rally and the international meeting at midday, reading quickly, scanning the front page of the newspapers:
Stock-markets in Chaos! Turbulence. G-Group Meet at 12.00 High-Noon!
CC Club in difficulties…
Insider Report
Today, there is so much owed by so many, that cannot even start to be paid-out, or will ever be paid-back. This morning the stock-markets are closed. Once more World Trade has ground a halt. All financial currency and credit/loans trading, the trading of stocks and shares, that in recent times has left prices at all high time levels, overnight, have collapsed. We are in the greatest fiscal and financial crisis ever; and yet again…
Sitting at home no hurry he realised, then, again, if or if not before, this time: that He didn’t have any cash. Only a couple of notes, the cash-card machines would be empty. If the Banks were closed. There had been panic withdrawing, as well as buying yesterday, there would be risk going around and topping them up with new notes now, wouldn’t there? Money riots? They will be headed-back or staying in base, with all the money! The armoured weaponized: Security-Vehicle bullet-proof cars, dark and light brown, black and silver striped, dusty rumbling over the go slow cobbled pedestrianised High Street.
As if seen: shops either side, walking down The City-Centre. The as if (i)magined crowds emerged into the square and had emptied the Automatic Teller Machine, well before, so simply locked, and empty. Social-
Media connecting…
SmartPhone(s) across borders…
Civil un-rest internally, toppling Nation-State(s) Trade-War rival(s): Knowledge un-missing transparency lies internet: Techno-Chaos. Kaos, into a future of permanent chaos, for not slowing down but getting faster and faster speeds…
Fake-New(s) Popular targeting Military as well as Economic might:
Might may switch to Cyber-Crime and Currenc(y)ies: Corporation(s) the size of any Nation-State without borders, frontiers of knowledge and hyper-knowledge of each individual Behavior-Data: as Universal as individually created emotional personality as Unique Selling Point. Poisoned umbrella and arrow tipped hunting weapon(s). Now Cyber-Warrior(s):
‘Move fast and break thing(s)…’
‘Monetarise the-Data.’
‘Data-Dream drive: eradicating deadly-mosquito:’
‘Eliminating deadly-species…’
‘Otherwise: Owning Creative Common(s): No-Rule(s) except those made-up each time as we move-on to:…-

Networked Tech.:
‘Not fairing well:’
‘Not faring enough!’
‘Government-Corp(s)(e): or: Nation(s)’ State-owner: worker(s):’
‘Free, dis-owned by dis-information:’
‘One-Demagogue President-Leader(s)!’
‘Sovereign Game(s) of Throne(s):’
‘Victim(s) 0f Social-Change not perp.(s):’
‘Agent(s) with People(s) signing-up: Authoritarian-Bureaucrac(y)ies with evidence based policymaking…’
‘Democractic-Populism Free and Fair:’
‘Geographic-Number(s): adding-up:’ ‘Minority: Family-Dictatorship:’
‘Majority. That of National-Elite(s):’
‘Peoples’ Taxes: Business and Governance: Pay-Off:’
Paid-for: up-grading: costume: Weapons and Loot-Box:
‘People(s) re-verting to violent rioting…’
‘Peaceful Re-fusal.’
‘Re-Venge of the God(s)!’
‘Grand: Auto-Theft Rape!’
‘Pimp and Prostitute(sshh…)’
‘Not! Only in Military-War does the enemy Rape and Pillage!!’
‘$? No. WarFair5! By-Order! Trade-War(s): Of:-Leader(s)…’
On the field: back at the Centre:
‘In the Market(s)…’
‘Who have the Power to say No!’
‘Although: Massed-mobilization: Mass-Service:’
‘With-Family Honour: To do nothing is to Honour nothing!’
‘Emergency-Power(s) of energy demanding protection propaganda known lies affecting morale heightened or shattered, restricting knowledge through science and religion(s): re-viling or re-generating…’
‘Every-moment: Elite-Tech.-Corp.(s). Government of People(s) of themsel(f)ves: Popular as compromising enemies through Shopping and the Ballot-Box:’
‘Not-certain…To: Day.’
‘As any day…’
‘EvO-lution: Silicon-Valley and Mine(s) now Majorally Ads’ Revenue:’
‘(I)ncentivized and: Con.!’
‘It is not losses be-cause is only on screen, but the @ Gold-and-Silver…’
‘That We possess own earn…’
Gaming-monetarizing money arising:
‘High-rolling dice whaling blubbering
‘Over-sight re-view…’
‘Non Re-View:’ oversight:
‘Tightly gripping expert(s):’
‘Ex-pert and non-expert leader(s) minister(s) and excerciser(s):’
‘Of Knowledge >’
@Analytic(s): list(s):…

Under orders no doubt. Authorising-Regime Trooping-Arm(y)ies: bureaucratically-stabbed tabbed-at: TheEnvy: The: TechnoPower of Money movements. Police-escort: definitely and:
The-Supermarket: would not be open, anyway; since most people paid by: Easy-Cash: Credit/debit plasticcard: Gold Silver and Platinum: Loyalty-Card:
Only: the Staff-Discount: paid in the stocks of the stores: as well as the Goods in the Shop: River-Island and Oceanic: WareHouses. War Houses:
There was shortage already on the shelves, after one day, yesterday.
The Bank Cash-Machines were all virtually 24 hours anyway every day of the working and non-working week. Months and Years would go by like this. Then. It would all be gone. Robbed. Or hoarded. Possibly with violence. Maybe they’ll be closed, waiting with all their Stock for the Prices, . He exclaimed, to himself in image of threatened looting hundreds and thousands of Shoppers stripping the shelves of everything paying, or not. Closed. The-Supermarket: could be open for the next day; if everything was sorted-out by then he wondered If? And how much would everything cost, once it was all sorted out? With what pay? None? Unemployed?
What about the food and everything? Corporations and Governments. Duty bound, to their Stock Holders, their Voters, to put the prices-up, to their customers, to keep prices down.
Price Wars?
Shopping Wars?
They at Home: would have enough to stock up once and then be broke again, and if we don’t get paid into the Bank and to them, then what?! and suddenly he thought less calmly. He had to get some money from the bank and for the mortgage, had to be paid would the mortgage be paid? If The Bank was closed? There was food in tins in the kitchen, and freezer and water in the tap. He had a little money, cash.
She always had some…us(u)ally…so they should be alright for a few days. Perhaps?
The Banks had been shut before:
‘Bank Holidays! That’s all! It will get sorted out…’ he exclaimed to himself, and the Home.
Go to The Supermarket tomorrow, when The Banks would all no doubt be open again:
‘After all, they are not going to want to lose business’ he said out loud and to himself:
‘Bank-Business!’ i get paid so that they get paid and they pay people like me to pay the prices to pay them back and so it goes around and no-one else there except the TV screen, on.
On the T.V. more reports from The Stock-Markets, around the world. Those that had closed or opened and then closed, and not open for breakfast lunch or tea or dinner.

The City, the Financial Quarters only, but not justly, waiting instruction from Big Business and
Government; and The-Market(s). Every millisecond of every day, everything moving, again.
Experts, to give their expert opinion. Minor officials from banks and governments’ made statements, to the effect that The Banks were closed today as if anyone did not know that by now. Unless they were brain- dead; or living in the middle of the jungle, or the desert, or up a mountain with no electricity, no radiosignal smoke-signals:
‘Bank-charges to be dropped to minimal and Taxes dropped too for the richest to stimulate the economies…’
‘Worldwide. Government Officials are meeting to discuss the crisis.’
From the TV. The statement at midday would:
‘Calm fears of looting…’ etc. never mind looting that had already happened, and was about to kick off again, somewhere, maybe even here.
News continued to come in from around the world and was broadcast simultaneously raw and unedited reports on audio and video from Cities and Country-side. Cataloguing the un-folding events.
The sound and pictures of people meeting being interviewed. Ready to comment on the announcements and their responses: at the International Conference the most well-known and many totally unknown faces exchange formalities.
Beckoning each other forward, back or sideward, in gestures of Power-Broking, and Politicking. They and as the audience, were made to laugh, like them coyly in public; at comments made amongst each other shook hands and slapped backs.
Press-conference and delegate meetings bull-dozed-in:
‘The Governments and Banks, however, cannot agree; either between themselves, or each other.’
‘What if they do not agree?’

Lines were drawn and withdrawn re-drawn and drawn, anew; still, there were too many vested interest(s): move the money around…

On screen:
‘Sign the document?’
‘Online: Global Basic Dividend/Ratio:’
‘Was…not. Divide-again and-Rule…Global Basic Salary-Insurance…’
‘No…Government: Pay-Bonds and Tax-Tarif(s) Session. Getting re-solved…’

From the Studio: above and behind: The City: tarMacAdam:
Concrete-Road Bridge and Railway-Junction.
Various crossroads: Y and T and X intersection forked, knifed and spooned: to The City seamless linked centre taped-off in yellow and black, blue and white, ?red and black, as a crime-scene, unknown-b4.

  1. The Banker and The Clerk.
    People coming into The City and towns, and even village-centre(s); gathered, or emptied, travelling-out, and in.
    On MotorBike and Car. Coach and Container-Lorr(y)ies: like a crime scene, they were made out to be: -Nationalist-Exit:
    Security: Re-Main: Presidential-Monarchial Famil(y)ie(s): Union: The Demonstrators, and the Security Forces.
    Outside, and inside CCTV cameras reached the Boardrooms and Bedrooms’ Bathrooms leaking e-mails: toxic enough, high-level: Puts and Calls being put-in drop placed dropped/rose:
    -On Present-Index: texting sexting…un-moving…
  • Account: Credit: Default(s) Commission (ACDC) (i)nterest-rate(s): N/n: and Credit Re-bate A-bate(s): altering: re-payment:
    News Broadcast:
    ‘We all seem to be holding: Our Collective breath; and await further announcement. People arrived to work to join the meetings and demonstrations that were already gathering in great numbers at workplaces, townsquare piazza and villages streets, roads in and out of: City Centre(s):’
    ‘As The Whole World Protests in City and Town-Square…what do you make of it?’
    ‘On-line and in front of your TV Stations:’ The President’s Face appeared.
    It was difficult to tell if at the beginning or end or an almost endless sounding speech, perhaps on loop: The
    President looked drawn, but was:
    ‘Adamant no-changes would be-made’.
    After the previous-offer re-fused: of limited change had been ignored and the speech went on and on round and round.
    Reports and interviews, speeches, and the chants of gathering crowds.
    The claims of Government-Officials, Politicians and Market Ex-perts at Home and Abroad.
    Supplanted by de-clarations from people on: The-Ground. From Workplace Meetings and City Centre Assemblies and from World-Wide Web-bed:
    InterNet and TeleVision NetWorks: (i)n some places there was the sound of Police and Ambulance and
    Sirens, and the rumble of tanks and of truncheons beating on protective shields.
    On the TV screen.
    On the rapidly re-booted: snarling-Smart: Cell-Phone: add-on screen: the picture froze the phone-book emptied:
    Error message 303: Invalid connection…connection closed…
    As overcrossing an Estuary bridge unnoticed perhaps by anyone-else in the carriage. Uncared if-noticedor-not by anyone else at-all. Except now each by the in-Thrall. Both likewise momentarily inadvertently, and actually advertorial making eye-contact: flash-framed each-other, and through the shared-window as in bright-rainbow and blue sky-coloured mirror imaged as through each of-themselves.
    Each Other enraptured recklessly, perhaps, or to be wrecked. As if replicated, refreshing…relishing as then focused-away both to the outside-world as indifferently, similarly, un-differently, perhaps; yet in-evitably always differently.
    From the Estuary-Town Bridge stopped for shunting. Freight-Train many miles long. The one back towards, other-one now staring and beyond both towards the as yet unseen, rapidly oncoming-City. Anyway-horizontally, and vertically to the same outside-world moved-past, moving-past, and through oppositely, and thus as inevitably differently viewed as to what was initially referred to, that too, was soon made obvious:
    ‘Un-charted territory…’
    ‘(I(N)(n)ovation that is what is needed.’
    ‘Doesn’t much matter what It is. As long as It sells.’
    ‘New functions…’
    ‘New markets…’
    ‘There are the previously drowned-out?’
    ‘Fell! Through-the-roof?’
    ‘Hung from the-Bridge?’
    ‘Metal. And Oil and Gas and Minerals…’
    ‘Plastics. If You can get away with It!’
    ‘The same!’
    ‘Oligarch(y). Again.’ crafted legend on-screen: names and places times and as instantaneously:
    ‘Differentially Meteoric!’ collisioning,colliding folding downwards, and inward full-fell yellow-brown redand-blue gender-bias 50-50: 30-49%
    Greenwash mud-sliding and earth-quaking…shaking bursting volcanic red- flaming…livid:
    Livid: ‘Once-lived!’
    ‘Innovation. That’s what make it exciting.’
    ‘Even Financially rewarding…’
    ‘Or not?’
    ‘Each season brings…’
    ‘New things. Experimental as in ‘Scientific’?’
    ‘An Act of Trust.’
    ‘In Method?’
    ‘So, who wins?’
    ‘We do. Win-Win!’
    ‘Free-Trade? The Richest World-Business Politician leaders…’
    ‘Not at all of us, haha. Lose-Lose.’
    ‘Everyday. Everyday returns!’
    ‘No, not all of us…’
    ‘All the time otherwise…’’
    ‘Somewhere-else: Not.’
    ‘Worse. Greedy, then?’
    ‘Zero-Rate(s): Social-Interest…
    ‘So, who is not…’
    ‘Exactly, who is-normal?’
    ‘What is-normal, eh?’
    ‘Normal Se-Curit(y):’
    ‘Lifestyle? You?’
    ‘Company: Plant? Eh?’
    ‘Journ(0)list? Keeping the Company-Line?’
    ‘I was here first, you sat down…’
    ‘But how would I know?’
    ‘Government-Officer? That’s ‘It’ isn’t it? Doing the-Governments’ dirty work?’
    ‘No? Digging Holes.’
    ‘Going-up poles!’
    ‘To fall-in?’
    ‘And I filling ‘em in again…’
    ‘Across the Borders…’
    ‘With: The-Peoples Work! In the Tax-Office? Government-corridors? Room(s). Got the ear?’
    ‘Pigs’ ear?’
    ‘Sows’ sows ears?’
    ‘The Tax-Purse?’
    ‘The purse-strings you mean?’
    ‘In a barrel of our-own making…’ each e-stock and commodity Government-Bonded.
    Share- Price passed each sell-by date out-dated: as lower and lower price-marker losses moved across TheBridge: electronic-boards against rows of banked fan-tail desktop screen(s)-closing: listing: achronycal and apocryphal-foreign and un-pronounceable, or home-grown and familiar, closed.
  1. Home
    The-Clerk asking now:
    ‘So. How did ‘We’ get into this mess?’ ‘What mess? This cycle of indebtedness again?’
    ‘This dis-array!’ into the screen:
    ‘Fast-Action…Slow- motion…saw It-coming? Pile-up. Hit the buffers. Off-the-rails…’
    ‘This little-Turbulence…’ the-Banker perhaps unexpectedly uncompromising in response, to the-Clerks’ questioning, reckoning:
    ‘Wrecking-Ball!!’ banging both closed fists together.

Recovering, The-Banker:
‘There is a market-situation known as Demand and Supply.’
’Where if a company doesn’t have enough shares in stock to distribute and sell.’
‘Then this increases the price for these as a result:’
‘This is known as a Bull-Market…’
‘And this is what we have?’
‘Or perhaps had…’
‘Bear Market.’
‘Or perhaps a Dragon-Market now?’
‘A Tiger-market?’
‘A growling Jaguar squawking screeching-Macaw-Monkey Market if you like! A Liger!’
‘A Tion!’
‘A Lie.’-grrrr!
‘Acceptance, only Natural.’
‘Bonfire? Of the Vanities!’
‘‘It’ doesn’t matter what you call ‘It’’
‘The Bigger Picture (TBP)…’
‘Thinking outside the-box…
From apparently outside the carriage, momentarily looked blankly, thought and spoke, the-Banker through the glass:
‘If you like. The reverse-situation…’ Looking away, and then back:
‘What? Supply…then Demand?’
‘Give and Take.’
‘Take, then give.’
Not getting the reverse-irony from the pen-ultimately: simultaneously auto: closing…
‘Un-concerned: Trade(s): anti-Trust: someone you know: Head of the Family at HQ. Trust-Buster(s): a long way behind the-curve: Consumer-Welfare:…’
Over: The-Bridge: un-named…continuing out the other end of a concrete cement volcanic: mountaintunnel: subway sub-station airshaft: con-ditioning:
‘A Bear-Market: this is when there is an increase in sellers…’
‘I know that…and a fall in buyers:…’
‘For: Shares: (i)nvestment(s):’
‘Stocks? Stopped. Goods:’
‘Services and: The money…mostly…’
‘Toxic? Yours?’
‘Every-Bodies’…’ savings pensions and insurance: investment: salaries and wage-rate(s): monthly… weekly and short-day: rates:…
‘This is now what we now have.’
Risk. Shared: The International-Banks and Economic-Zones: Government and Corporation(s):
‘IT is a Global Market!’
‘Shared? Now the bottom has fallen out of it? No.’
‘Share the Pain?’
From the-Banker, a printed-card handed over with writing seen:
The Rational Equitable: Economic. Effective. Efficient.
(The-City Skyline Logo)
Nothing else: coated black-leather diamonte cream-clothed City-spectrum grey-suited:
‘You think this is Easy too?’ as if practiced before.
The-Clerk taking and reading the-card noted:
‘Rational-Valuable Market(s):?’
‘Logistics. Import/Export: Boom!’
‘And Bust!’
‘Stopped. Prices…’
‘Failure. Tax-Sub-sid(y)(s) or Sanc-Tion(s):
‘SubPrime: Mort-Gages: Negative-equity: stay for five-year(s): Homeless.’
‘Space-Rocket Debt(s)!’
‘No-Debt(s) as such, you see?’
‘Owing? No?’
‘Of course, they would not be Taxes otherwise.’
‘Pay As You Earn (PAYE)? Or not? Then paid in advance 1-3 month deal(s):’
‘Short-growing season…’
‘1-3 years…’
‘Base Metals and Pharma-Food Mineral(s):
‘Priced. Valued: 3-5year(s): Harvest-Moon: Money worthless?’
‘Taxation the same.’
‘De-Valueing: currency against other: Rich/poor list(s):
‘Worth less to they who give.’
‘Bought-Up See?’ > <Cheaply0(IES)’ falling-in…gradually:…’
‘De-bit: Cre-dit: driven…’
‘Given re-mit: hit, hard, tortured, for failing…
‘On-(I)nterest made:’
‘Credit-Debit: Paid again, see?’
‘And The Cash-Funds?’
‘Of-course, to draw-back on.’
Free-running now on all cylinders The-Banker let loose, re-covering, on the tracks, next-steps:
‘The Stock-Market Prices although always at some point in the past minimal seconded in seconds.’
‘Pica-Quantum seconds!’
‘Like the-last night?’
‘Confidence remains-high…’
‘Others’ collapsed completely.’
‘As the others…Short!’
‘Risen by more…’
‘Buy them up?’
‘You got IT!’
‘No, you got it…’
‘Nothing…’ as the previous evening passed into-night and into this day for The-Banker:
‘Trading instantly as a Body:’ collapsed.
‘In the moment between open and closed.’
‘Fortunes re-tained…’
‘And fortunes lost.
‘Not this one!’ in that brief second-take before the closure the final roll of coins landing face-or tailup…across the-Globe without the liquid monetary-assets to pay or re-pay; or, to cash-in:
‘New: Target:’
‘You Try It?’
‘Go Up in a Rocket?’
‘Yes. In case it blows up, you paid for it!’
‘For the Asset(s) to be burned-off?’
‘Asset? Whole-Corporation(s):
‘ Brought-down!’
‘Presidents. Governments?’
‘To be sold-on…bad-pimped…’
‘With non-existent Credit.’
‘Just: on-paper:’ ‘Only. Un-Just(l)(y).’
‘People-Paradox: near-tautolog(y)ies: competition: author(y)ities:’
‘Technical-offences small-minded simply:’
‘Corporate Rational-Equitable(s)?’
‘Economic. Financed?’ ‘Effective? Finished?’
‘The Credit is the Country! Where We Are!! All-Assets! Instant-Winnings! Win-Win!’
‘All Put’s made must Stay-on!’
‘In Stalled Precisely! Business as Usual!’
‘Nothing! is moving…’
As if behind a paper curtain hidden, heard, anger:
‘Since the inevitable: Pay-up-and Get-out!’ the-Clerk now sub-claused:
‘Currency currently and con-currently worthless in name but shares worth the value of the product:’ ‘Goods?’
‘Services. Not-making Primaries: but Secondary: Initial Re-Sources:
‘Food and Water.’
‘Fire and Ambulance. Army/Police: Hospital and Social-Worker(s):’
‘Food-Bank. Re-volving Door(s).’
‘Money? None.’
‘Relative to others?’
‘Not of-themselves toxic…’
‘But toxic of whatever noxious-currency they are being bought and sold-for!’
‘Or-not, as the case may be.’
‘Negotiable, shall we say?’
‘And the-goods?’
‘The-property of whoever has bought or been sold-out. As: moneyed-share(s) in the first place…’ Except
‘Money. Locked-up. Worth nothing.’
‘Hardly…except the actual goods?’
‘Got to get them moving…’
‘And the only way to do that?’

Looking-out of the window. Across oil-field pipeline gravel graveyard pitted mined hillsides. Concrete cement-based conveyer-belt-brick-buildings, smoke-stacked flues…venting:
‘With wider and wider differential-ratings…’
Deliberately looking again, forward through the window, directing the gaze:
‘Between one day and the-next…’
‘Between one-place…
‘…and an-other.’

Looking, out-the-window:
‘Until this Day.’
‘When the-Bear laid-down?’
‘Or clawed Its way back…’
‘The Markets?’
‘Taken to the air…or whatever….’
‘Crash landed!’ and any other animal-analogy thought-of statuesque yet misrepresented the otherwise rapidly turning-numbers turned-off, frozen and unrevealing shot-down drowned-out surfaced: exploded in slow-motion…in-pieces:
‘Shot-down!’ market-marker board, and screen-seen pictured, mobile-camera photographed: on the traintravelling from where The Worlds’ Stock-Markets’ early-day trading, had or would have already begun.
With the hammering of ancient cast-metal, a brazen-gong, heard.
A knotted-tied rope-pulled, a whistle or an air-horn, or an electronic buzzer air-vibration-released… Warning-signal…
‘Red light…’ black as the night, yellow-red, to blue-green, as to the light of day.
As when the field or factory-hooter: blasted pale pastel-yellow rising over the horizon. As at the-beginning, and then again, the closing-of-Business-Trading. The-previous-day, where-ever it was; trading-constantly throughout the world, around the globe, and then as with each evening. following-on morning, to the finaldays’ trade, and the next un-started:
‘Was it correct? Or not?’

The-Clerk checking-accounts’ screen: clicking:
Credit? Advanced?
Entire History of The World: Sherman-Tank and blasted into mud and rock. Granite and Sand: Salt,
Iron, Steel and Home. Still got a Home?’
‘Public: Limited-Liability.’
‘Computer-Company: or Glass:
‘Commission? Profit-margins n/N…’ rapidly typing numbers and entering the fray…
‘Bonus! Stays! Stay-Put. Until they are Put. Again?’
‘All that is in the-Future…’
‘So, it doesn’t matter, now?’
‘Ker-ching! Blinging!’ behind the scenes. Future stabilizing then immediately:
‘Back onto the Dealing-room floor leveraging core-competencies…’
‘Play for-today?’
‘Pay for today!’
‘Daily Me.’’
‘Ticket-takeover: Boom! waved through…’
‘Con-Tort and Ex-hort…’
Legal-Frame (e) L-F (ING):
‘Border(s) uncertain: commission: fees and fortune: all: shopping-list(s): mis-leading data not-open leading data rushing…
‘No-Going Back (NGB). Federal Trade Commission (FDC):’
‘Department(s): of Justice (DoJs)’
The-Train: re-freshment(s)-trolley. Bought and Sold. Hot and cold, coffee and tea, and snacks delivered paid-for placed onto: The Table: between:
‘Well. Here’s the Deal…’un-questioning intention anymore:
‘Further-loans at fixed-assured rates…’
‘To re-finance the debt?’
‘What debt?’
‘Re-Venue(s): payment(s) made in data: puta(t)ive-takeover(s): Land Bank and Industry: flex(i)ble: FTC and DOJ.
‘Your debt: cover possible-losses…’
‘Never use that word!’
‘What never…compensation? Personal-Private Investements’ (i)nterest-rate(s):…felled payments increased with surety of:
‘Inter-Bank (IB) Inter-Governmental (IG):’
‘Self not-Shareholder paying fraud: Rate-fixing…’
‘Cartel? The International Conference?’
‘World-Bank(s). Of course! Currency! Electric! Fixed-Price(s) Interest and Ex-change Rates (FPIERs) will take care of that!’
‘A declaration expected today. Midday…’
‘Or thereabouts…’
Re-called. Stepped-back, looked. Stepped-up…and in again:
‘No-longer Banking…’
‘Yes. I know that!’
‘The Conference: To stabilize: Major Global-Currenc(y)ies: against each-other: Exchange-Rates?’ ‘I know that too!’
‘At some lower fiscal rate agreed?’
‘Or not?’
‘And lower…’
‘You got it!’
‘No, You got It.’
‘At the same time:’
‘If You got it, they got you.’
‘What-if: The Inter-National Conference. Cannot agree?’
The-Banker looking-up sharply and out of the window as if there were nothing there. Where farms and factory-buildings, homes and retail-parks flashed-by.
Held. The-Clerk, as if sub-claused again, now. Left out-in-the-cold. The- Sun: warming hillside outside, shouldered out of the window reflection…moving-on. Attempting, open-jawed to fill the void…but no words came out.
Dry-mouthed, and with an intangible uncertainty, unfamiliar-anxiety, both, yet no so obviously one to the other, and again, anyway retorting to The-Bankers’ incomplete statement, and asking again:
‘Political-Priorit(y)ies: Propert(y)ies. Building(s): Tech.: Money and Mond Benefit: Online:
‘And if they cannot agree?’ paused.
‘They cannot, dis-agree. Interest-rates Only!’ not even thought about:
‘Justly-Rises! Which they must Do! They will! Their will, of course, they must!’
‘Enormous-Clout! We will prevail!’ photo-shopped elastic-banded sprung-back missiles blasted into hordes of hired-mourners massed-crowds, gazing at a passing poster advert, both:
‘Proportionate-ratio’s N/nnn…’
‘Armies:’ Army? At points and places…’
‘Bull: Bear-Eagle…’
‘Dragon? Makes the-odds?’
‘Does the Deals. In money…some may-not return…’ everyday shopping? Going to the cinema, theatre…
‘Mexico-Eagle. Komodo-Dragon:’ di-urnal solitary carnivorous hunters of pig and deer, hunted. Water-
Buffalo, and fishes out of the house-waters, to eat…
‘In the soup.’

Some adapt…’
‘Some do not.’
‘There is the fight: The-Benefits System in Sovereign-Wealth:’
‘Fixed: in their advantage.’
Bounced back and forth:
‘And then it is over.’
‘Then, there is the mental fight…’
‘Real or imagined?’
‘Over, and over, in-detail?’
‘A lie?’
‘Changing the-story…’
‘Does not Bear-witness?’
‘Ohhh Bullish!’
‘Dragonic. Only the-Truth! Truth will prevail…’
‘Eagle-Justice: will-prevail…’ no-matter how un-likely driven, as being still, waiting for things to happen:
Re-action. Response. Consequences. Re-(d)action. Unprepared. Prepared. Predictable: Un-predictable:
‘Price-War. Shopping-Wars. Trade-War.’
‘Tax-War Benefit(s) Only! Averting-Disaster! (AD!): that is what: The Conference: is All-about: creating the conditions for:’
‘Disaster. US first…’
‘That is All!?’
‘Everyday…in both our favours, then?’
OK, so 50-50 then?’
‘Of the profits…and the losses.’
‘OK! Profit from Losses! You got It!’
‘No…patent-Profit: stolen’ available worldwide from shared-academy-styled: research:
No longer rising…’ as unknown before…a-moment…then:
<Payback Time! @The Big-Banks: National and Private: Family-International: Global Co’s CEO: LimitedLiability Partnership(s):’
‘The-Government(s)’ ‘The People in-Corporated.’’ in the background…foreground: pulling the strings…
(Is) suing-suggestions: modeling modest debt-reminders…cash-flow cut-off threats if-necessary:
‘For-Fuel-flow cut-off…’
‘Bargain: Trade-Agreement’s:’
‘Trade-ins? For what?’
‘Call It what you will…’
‘Ex-tracting: Money.’ On screen:
‘Deep-Water: Trouble…’
Nautilus Minerals: gold, zinc and copper, lustrous alloyed silicon metal(s):
‘Making: thing(s)…’
3D. Metals? Minerals?’
‘Insider: Industrial: Digital-Machinery: made: Goods and Services: made-in:’
‘Internal-Market(s): Territorial-Water(s): slurrying slush silted: contractual-difficulties: MB Holding
Omani and MetalLionVest: Russia:’
‘Share(s)? Stock(s)? When?’
‘Highest-bidder: Harvest? Manufacturing Good(s) and Service(s):…’
‘It’ gets more-serious:…’
‘Stock-broth and Bread!’
‘Could say that…’
As Embargo Sanctions stopped:
‘Re-started: food-shortages and no-water, how about that?’
‘Medical-supplies? Siege-Currency: as-Sanctions.’
‘Market? For what?’
‘Food!’ wet-and-dry:
‘Data! We Grow Our Own!’
‘Stable Healthy-(E)conomy?’
‘Your(s): Social-Stability…’
‘Purely-Financial-agreement’s…’on the sly sky-line glanced, surreptitiously or openly simply unchallenged:
‘That is down to others.’

‘People. Buy?’
‘Or Sell? Buyers or Sellers’ Market?’
‘Army? Weapons?’
‘Depends, if you are a Buyer, or a Seller!’
‘Boom! BOOM!!…and Bust.’
‘And BOOM!! Again!’
‘Until it’s time to go Bust! again…’
‘’It’ is all about when you get-in and when your get-out…’ in the background now:
Car engines racing against:
‘Each-Other!! Natural-selection?’
‘National de-selection!’
‘Natural de-selection?’
‘Express. Free-and-Fair.’
‘For later-Life: Health: and retirement from work for Leisure (Time-Warner)@Re-search: development…de-signing titles’ run…’
‘Push the Envelope?’
‘Whatever that means…’
‘Blame? Social-Care?’
‘Could be.’
‘Family-Farm? or Something?’
‘Something!’ as a small-Business flourishing…
Mocking? Seriously…
The-Banker accordingly, affordably, breaking-out of the cyclical-contortion, if for nothing-else in-particular, except attempting-testily an explanation of:
‘The customary re-normalising-writ to be re-presented.’
‘Of what may be implied…’
‘Not: in Real-terms:’
‘You could say that. Monetary-Terms&Conditions:
‘Trade(s)-Union(s): and that which will decide the-Day!
‘This Day?’
‘‘Periodic-Existential-Crisis of Capitalism…’!!!::::…
‘Failure. Of: Collateral.’
‘National Investment-Banking Services (NIBS)!’
‘Goods and Services!!!’
‘Raw-material(s): Metals and minerals from the Earth!’
‘GasOilPlastic (GOP)!’
‘Nuclear Daily!’
‘Coal-Now. Money itself! Pica-second by second…’
’’It’ seems…’
‘’It’ is only having that Competitive-edge.’
-Elect/ric. ‘Naturally.’ Naturally: ‘Nationally? I see it in you. You’re a Natural!’
A bit too sarcastically, or was it ironical, or even:
‘To be honest…Anglo:’
‘Kings’ Country.’
‘And otherwise?’
‘Irish: Scotti-Skandi: Western-Russe: Euro-Greater British with Celtic and Gaelic, Ireland, again and again
English-Midlands’ Northampton from Southampton to London re-mained:’
‘Each Generation: does its’ best.’
‘Good. City?’
‘Country. To be honest…’
‘You mean you haven’t been up ‘til now?’
‘Too honest, perhaps!’
‘All of us?’
‘Or none.’
‘Everything I say is false…’
‘News? You think?’
‘True? Never mind.’
‘Only if True?’
‘Only if True.’
‘Only if Naturalised!’
‘Lyin’ and cheatin’…’
‘Human Nature: Animal-Spirits…’ self-recognised…
Self-fulfilling in the glow of a naturalistic-fallaciously held-privately…and publicly-renewed self-admiration:
‘We prepare for ‘It.’
‘We Will.’
Meeting head-on:
‘On what?’
‘Commodities. This Stock-Market…’
‘Do you?’
‘Or could you have been?’
‘Prepared for this?’
‘No. Only in the correct place, at the correct time, with the correct amount of risk to:
‘As in: preparations for a failed:’
‘Harvest? Software-Crash? That’s it? Isn’t it?! Cover-up Conspiracy! You want Me to fix the-software…’
‘Farm-Price. Pharma. Food—Price(s):…’
‘Med.’s: reviewed re-placed changed every eighteen months and going-down: N/n…’ ‘Daily!’
‘Like the Hardware! Second-by second…faster and faster…no-one notices until the final second. What is that game you have there? WarGame?’
‘WarFare4? Only another Trading-Game: Cost-Price(s) War(s):’
‘Battles’ Bullets&Bandages?’
‘Sold&Bought. Price(s):’
‘Unequal. Bread?’
‘Army-Class: Labours’ Humanitarian-Aid:’
‘Government(s)’ United-Nation(s): President(s):’
‘Secular: Nation-Sates: Weapon(s): Man-U-Factor:…’
‘All going down unless we catch up with I.T!’
‘Homes. Jobs and Mortgages!’
‘Anarchist-Agnostic is enough.’
‘And Savings…’ going-down…
‘What savings?! Investment(s). Oh…’
‘And Family-Business?’
‘And the Credit-Debit Loyalty-Card(s):…’
‘Pay-Day Loan(s) (PDL):’
‘Debts that go with…’
‘So, what are the rest of us supposed to prepare-for? To be starved into submission like subservient Pariah’s’?’
‘To be Homeless…’
‘…and, at War with the World?’
‘So, Mort-gagged. Credit/Debit card, or cards own anything else? Shop-cards? Loyalty-Card?’ ‘How many? Ex(e)cutive? Or: non-executive? Ex-Executive? What about the Banks? Investment-Houses owned?’
‘I mean, owed?’
‘But: not the Shares: Pensions and In-surance(s): Re-in-surances: To: the highest-bidder. Get ‘IT’, now? Do…’
‘We not-owe them? Do they not own us?’
‘People(s): Pensions and Insurances: Not: in-sured.’
‘Power. Serving on the Board: President CEO of several different Family Fun-Run: Business-Boards.
Family…Other-Executive. Non-executive, you get me? Executive-Government(s)@…’
‘Boss. They do as they please…They own Us.’
‘They owe Us!’
‘So. Down-to: Financial-Trust: again.’
Number(s) on a screen:
‘They only want you to owe-them not: to: Own-Them.’
‘Which We Do!’
‘You-might with shares and insurances and pensions…’
‘Salaries and Wages. If-paid at all:’
‘Most of: The-Economy?’
‘N/nnn. Yes.’
‘Dropped out now…’
‘Own Them?’
‘The-Big and little banks…’
‘Corporation(s) Of Us?’
‘Of course! The-Bank’s: don’t want you to own them. They want you to owe them Big-Time with interest-rates and Corporate:’
‘Social-Authoritarian: Regime:’
‘To pay for?’
‘Police and Army Security:’
‘Number(s) on a screen.’
‘The Market(s)’ mistake(s)…’
‘The Government(s) of The People(s) the(y) want you to continue swimming but not too quickly, not too much growth, to start with: then infinite…’
‘In a finite-World. Life…’ ‘Is it? Finite?’
‘This World, this Universe, Us?’ Continue paying-off whatever It is? Subscription hidden-payments:
‘For eternity…’though…
‘Bail-out, that is all they want…’
‘Me? Your Taxes, eh? Your Government?’
‘Flat-screen TV? What about that gadget? Bought, or borrowed? Vehicle? Any other Property? Loans?
Shares, and Stocks? Insurance? Stock-up, each week? Each month? Home? Bank?’
‘Starving-out Ghetto Slum-State re-fused Health and Social-Care Goods and Services…’

‘That as well. Super Hyper-G Lobal-Market(s)! What do You want to bknown for?Credit-Card ad-vance? What? You owe already…So, why not continue? EveryOne Does!’
‘What?’ to any cross-trading traffic immediately curtailed blue-green cross-trades as another parallel and crossing-tracks passed and rattled and rolled-over like passenger and freight-lines.
Passing like ships in the-perhaps moonlit-dark starlit night-passing that previous-night:
‘NNN/n. Margins-called:’
‘For: Profits.’ and silenced, skulked skull, sunken eyes and lights turned-out.
Screen left-on, referenced:
‘For: Life!!’
‘Markets closed? For the Day?’ ‘Until: Midday. Closed for Business.’
The-Clerk, to the-Banker:
‘Close of Play?’
‘Time to Pay…’
‘Time to Play.’

The-Clerk moving around tapping toes and hand mumbling, to-self or to the screen-talking unawares, into the earpiece-microphone replaced-lead: talking to someone? Talking to Who? Listening to what? Is that, singing-along? To what song? Singing? Singeing-Singapore? Who?
‘Watching, the-Game?’

Watched-in window-manifestation: manufactured: on-line news-updated…
The-Banker puzzled at the-Clerk head-down, no-further eye-balling body-contact, and The-Banker shuddered at the thought of The-Clerk maybe getting a-head of the-Game:
‘Got IT yet?’
‘So, there, you haven’t IT, yet!’
‘No, you have got it! No! You have got ‘It!’
‘The ball?’
‘The Umpires’ Whistle? Managing the Game?’
‘Calling: ‘Time.’ PutT-Stayed.’
‘Staid? Time-0ut! Foul! Move! nn to NN Metre-line! Out-the-Park!’
Dropping-down, the eyes, leaned slightly forward, looking into keenly:
Your-Balance-sheet: …
> >Credit…plus/minus…Debit…indebted…to: Bank of You: opening…
Co-Lateral: owed amounts: to: lists…out-goings…that must be-have paid…
Owed. Horizontal.
Up-and-Down. Need-cash? because the-debt you started-with is the-one you’re stuck-with: Life? Which means?
Only what I need….
You can-afford them…
That You need to pay-off: Your Loans: list…and your…Bank-
OverDraft: Debt: Salt-Mines: BootCamp Cheer-Leading Masochist and Sadist:
N/nnn…and buying the things you need from abroad…
Buy currencies? portable…
Anything…cars…TV… < Loaning money to buy with? < Buy your bank and building society…
Crashed. < Never. < Break the Trust…then… < That’s about it…
Selling? Yes
Cash-account…in the bank… < The numbers stay the same… < I don’t know! Why would I do that unless I was going on-holiday! < Git IT! On Holiday! Health: employment based@:? Exports/Imports: n/N not-N/n… < De-values…other Quantitively-easing…like printing money… < Debts: Nn…default with Dignity? < De-values yours against them…in monetary-terms… < Or Currency-zone? < Caesars-Sovereign: National-Banks:…
Is owned by Caesar.
Reducing: N…n… < Or the currency? list… < What do you want to trade-for-currency?
Servicing: National-Currency: list…
To pay-off the debt, loan-credit… < Feet of Clay… Lost to the World.
Jimmy. John and Bob ‘Barclays’ Diamond. Fortess: Balance-sheet:
< Troubled Assist Relief Programme:’ < Mortgage: > Fraud! Inter-Bank(s)… < New: Sovereign-Presidential: >Start all over again! Like: Change-Trade: Saudi-Oil: OPEC Prices: N/n… >Bailout: For: Weapons of War.
Quick aggressive move engineered through the Kaos!
Random log normal distribution:
Other: Fed. Res.@Presidents like own pockets…
Fred the Shred!
On-screen: The Country-Wide: National: Rational-Equitable…
The Real-World: Supersubs: Euro/Dollar/Yuan-Mindi…
<Sterling-silver: Gold-Rand/new-Ruble/new-Dinar/convertible: <Peso’s/ Rea and Rupee…: forbearance of your…Z: ‘Zombie? Me?’
‘Servicing-debt:’ choking-off further lending be-heading clean-cut ripping out the guts in front of bogglingeyes: as they used to do:
‘Rubles and Rubel(s)!’
‘Bartering Straight Swaps?
‘Settle a deal?’
‘OK.: Rates-available: list…as above, or below, other short to long-term deposits may be made…’
Lending-for investment at a reasonable-return or simply-fore-going…foregoing…feigning…foreclosing…
The Cash-Till: action:
‘Going-down…Sinking-Ship: ‘Titanic’!’!
‘To get Home:’
Solar-battery: charging playing-cellphones:
The-Banker held onto the newspaper, brief-cased opened screen. Sat back, where had been leaning-forward in some kind of reverie. Looked-over and stared the-Clerk directly in the eyes and between and around the other less-experienced in the ways of the world. Shiny-suited silver-grey not-dull-charcoal. The Banker: a sharp-suited dull charcoal-grey power-dresser almost unnoticed rotund in-parts, like a tailors’ dummy sharp-suited, three-dimensional 4G strung-out as a puppet as to the Invisible-Puppeteer. Staged-and sound-designed as-seen self-motivated moving synchronous photographic phonographic form…textured breathed-in…and breathed-out…flavoured movably moved: recruited:
>The Rational-Equitable: …
Terror-transformer: with Fear and anger: revolt revulsion propelling political economic and mediapundit…
Basics-required…restricted…: simplified independent advice-orphans charging model…specific one-off advice: inherit pension-portfolio managed-fees…
Y…for larger-amounts…
Home? Furniture (including radio TV and all digital and analogue devises media and games:)? Food?
Water? Air? even? Evenly spread? Across Your Life.
Everyone’s? Lives?
Selfish Objectivism? Does not-compute: The Panic of 2008: does…
Subjective unselfishness…
unselfish Objectivism…computing all possibilities: now…
The-Banker taken a-back.
Beneath-what were actually Gold-Gilt Bold CAPITAL-type caption-topping, and a clearly no longer tumultuous Stock-Market re-called.
The-Banker gradually and all too quickly, and suddenly and readily now recalling: implicitly getting-now, the pitiful irony of the newspaper headline:
and the photograph below.
Taken, without permission, who would be-have asked? For: permission?
To the-Banker, now again, forcibly revealed, for the first-time, by the-Clerk, perhaps, notoriously, not only into short-term memory but now also into open-consciousness sight as of vision:
<Access Denied…
‘As of this morning…’
‘Has already happened.’
‘What’s done is done.’
‘IT is what it is.’
‘The Worlds’ Markets’ un-doing…’
‘Is what IT is.’
Awakening as in a pent-up fury raging, invoked from the vestiges of the evening-prior:
‘A phoenix, to rise out of the ashes…’ speech-bubbled, spoken out loud?
Trimmed-wing’s is, what the-Clerk thought:
‘Business-as-usual?’ both looking-out of the still-moving outside-window:
‘There is to be a Declaration this morning.’
‘By midday…’
‘InterNational Meantime…’
‘This-will stabilise the-markets…’
‘At some-lower-rate….’
‘Others’ automatically-Higher?’
‘And, and that is the-thing! What ‘We’ will do is simply re-align currencies….’ the-Clerk interrupted as if boring into the brain of the other.
As if to satisfy some lust, or inbuilt hidden hatred unavoidable, as both, even as an idle-interlocutor:
‘’We’? Same-thing 50/50? Equity? Or at another relatively higher-point? Lesser? Or more?’
‘You got it!’
‘No, you got it!’
‘And start all-over again…’
‘At: some lower-point?’
‘You give me the-nod on prices of one thing and another and I will do the rest, get me? Now then, those debts, who they with?’
‘Errr, you?”
‘O.K. Right here, right now’ as issuing some oratory declarative. Without clue of real-implication:
‘Un-intentional consequences…’
‘Like unusually honest politicians yet unaware of their truth…’ ‘Only that made up by themselves:
‘If there were such a thing…as honesty.’ ready to be barracked.
Self-deprecating and yet, as anyone appreciating of themselves, deceiving of-themselves. Implied depreciation of the-other. With the opportunity presented, as an explanation of the rise to glorification; yet also, thereby pre-emptive fall from grace: albeit: temporarily:
‘As in current circumstances as currency-account…’ as simplicity ‘It’self and with which ‘It’, would all be re-solved today:
‘Soldier. Lawyer-Banker: Politician? F(a)m(i)l(y) Business-Banker? Free-Trader Independent (F-T I) of course!’
‘The warnings given? Taken?’
‘Too-late. For that.’
‘Warnings unheeded?’
‘After the event…’
‘…and hold that Front-Page!’ that nevertheless now could only now be seen from the-Clerks’ supposed, and likely derisive, and probably gloating, satirical perspective.
On the side screen-panels rapidly absorbed concerning the latest sports and business-media Celebrity-Star: photo of stage and screen, religiously-inoculated to:
‘Keep up with the-Markets!’
‘Keep up with the…’
‘Other.’ through theft, and violence, on TV. Obesity, meals fluffed, plucked, personal-value, emotionally-in distress, in a consumer-hazed blazing marketing-characteristics: gentle gentile Capitalism, rough LiberalSocialism, gentle-Socialism rough-Communism: as loan- sharks encircling the flotation-tank, gas-chamber, propitious-publicity, canary in a cage.
Of the photogenic In-crowd the IT-crowd, and for the crowd of passengers generally-un-attainable. Un-obtainable@ and therefore to be utterly-loathed, or loved, in equal unequal measure. Perhaps, as well as envied for their art or wealth, or both, and thus taken a part-of: most alarming of all the guileless, seemingly-misguided, business trusted-bought: The-Newspaper-Owner: Media-Magnate. Now the even more incongruously, and mischief-making paradox-inducing intent, of a supposed-Ally. Not-Enemy.
Anyway, not-yet, anyway: The Tycoon-proprietor. The media-Mogul Magnate-Oligarch empirical pseudo-psych-economist fine old art wheeler-dealer and owner.
With-whom…only maximizing Profit matters…
Golf and Gold may have been shared-interests and at least and a singularly badly-shared literary-joke: this is not charity! Laughing together. Not laughing together.
‘With influence…’ still marking cards, making-detergent soap, or string-balls.
Media-Empire: whatever it was it mattered not.
Although ‘It’ did. Betrayer, betraying even spiteful little-threat, whenever not-making-out.
At the end of the day: when push-comes-to-shove, no-one is or ever was your-Ally. Not even, your friend, not even your-family. Bailed-out. Bailing-out from the false-accounting phone-tapping mess.
From Power, Corruption and Lies…simple rate-setting, premium payment protection racket rocket. Perhaps before anyone had tumbled…tumbled-in could have at least perhaps seen it coming. Could-have, perhaps should-have, acted with even-handed propriety, notoriety, perhaps?
‘Got away with Murder!’
Acting, unstained sustained acting-for as if with assumed-impunity, and as-usual uneven impropriety, summonsed-up and convinced and therefore convicted, in- their absence-of-wit…
The- Editorial Traitors!
The Public: Closing-in. Closing-in…
‘Closed-them down! I would!’ and closed-down the print-run down, and deliberately stopped the newspaper and the train-company from delivering…
‘No more Hand-Outs?!’ let slip:
‘No more Bail-out’s!’
‘Benefits who? This Be-nefits Peoples..’
‘By and for whom?’
‘Medical-expenses? School? College? University? Health, and Social-communications…Media
Suppliers…and re-Tailors…the-Works…’
‘The: Rational-Equitable…’
> Rational Equitable…
AirCraft Carriers? Battleships? ‘Planes? Tanks? Soldiers?
< Non-lethal…supporting… >No-Fly-zone: destroying the whole armaments’ industries…’ <Simplify: as Boom and Bust leading to catastrophe beyond any Command or Control: except UK PLC and Nation Inc.: ➢ Steam-Punk Investment Level(s):
Aircraft? Tourism? Premiere-Class. Business-Class. Freight? Military? Family? Too? To: Credit-Holiday!
Until things get back to normal, better, improve, not get any-worse…
Both. One: not-connected…re-…connecting…disconnected…re-directing…
< >Desktop: we are sorry that you are not-able to…your connection has not worked properly…go- online to find a solution to this problem? y/n: OK? Y/N. yes/no?
Yes! we are sorry that you are not-able to…your connection has not worked properly…go- online to fix this problem…fixing? click.
>Double-click…fixed: fixing…
< Soft-Corporatism: never Powerful Enough!! ➢ Calibrating Competition Committee: Agenda: Monopsony: One-God! Only? Executive-Mono(p)0Ly-Sony: Non-Executive director…
Visionary: To establish perpetual-growth in-proportion to inheritance and wealth earned… and taken:
Industrial, Wage and Economic-Growth group-linked:
Un-reasonable: taxation and poor working conditions…
Laboratory-tested Research and Design. Costs. Expenses. Price. Production… Promotion:
>Shopping: for: Amazing-Bargains: Amazon: E-Bay: Ali-Baba: Armaments? >
TenPerCent (TPC)
<10%? Why not?
< For: what? >First-Step: Buy-cheap: as if poor: for: nothing: ex-changed for:
< Food. > Fast-Food.
< Fat-Food: City-Epidemic: AT&T and IBM.
Change-for the better? >
< State: Serco-Prisons meter-bids fail… For getting-caught? >
Not Me!
< Check-it! >
>I will… >:
Killing: innocent(s): Parents and Children: and real-Martyrs:
Be-Sieged. Steel-girders, and glass and concrete:
(E)lectronic(s): The Future: bringing out the past from sand and rock; water and wind and gas an oil:
solar, wind and water (sww):
Fractious…fixing the rates…
Everywhere: Within and without: Civil-Government: Nation-State: (i)dentical across Geograph(Y)(ies):
< State of the Nation!  Everything-Else? < Everything?! >Everything across 91% time(s): surge-Price! Switch!!
Everyone else pays…
Makes a lot!
Low-wage(s) long-hours…
Good. vs. Evil? >

>Not-wanting to Lose: any of it!
>More? Military-Security?
>Beat them down! No-business operates on Real-economy terms, you must know that? Rather on simply… >
t matter what on… >

>What >We > Will?! do…is simply re-align currencies? >

< We >? >
>Stabilise the-Global-markets at some lower-point and carry-on:
Again. No longer Universal finger games, but on paper…
Stay or Put. Buy? I suppose?
Eh? If you’ve got it?
OstRich:’ head in the sand:

>The Rational…Equitable: That is what we do. >
>Alright? Maybe you did not think CEO-Banker and President: acting in their own self-interest could be

> >Think they Rule!
< Greedy! The-Law! > Think they are the-Gods that made all the living-creatures… >
As if on automatic:
>Scientific-Economics Game-Theory pish! only following rational-equitable order >s? > as droppingbomb >s on an unseen civilian-population…
Looking into the screen: hostage as distanced from…the thought…the-pictures: destroyed ancient-ruins, bomb-crater homes:
>Damn-lies… >

Ended. Statistics…and… >

>Without analysis. > knots of data and patents controlled by one firm, one person, daughter, family heirloom.
> African Diamonds and Gold stand for Money:
>Not just, the-Money…you know?
Whatever: Stock-Good(s): and services’ information: you-have:…
>Or: think I have? Get: my drift? >And there is a lot of it!
< A Loot! Of it! ➢ And it has to be the correct-information. >

>Truth?’ >

>Moral? >

>Even? >
> < Tactical-Strateg(y)ies, written-down? > Screen-up:
>Rational? Regulatory: list…endless:
Equitable: Not! >

>Or not. >

to charm, and almost-paralyzed with fear…and mis-placed awe, or not:
>Does anyone else know this? > No.
< Who has the-vote? Republic: Peoples Populist(s): ‘ >Re-xit: Presidentialist: may as well be would-be:
<3! >Input.
>For: Good! > Liar saying your prayer(s) again, surely? >

>Well? >Of- course. In the rough! >In the trough. >Out of bounds! >

The-Clerk looked-up: on-screen:
‘Serious numbers! I don’t usually ask twice, but do You want me to take-a cut-in the recovery, eh? Cannot lose? Be in on the next Boom!’
‘Basic commodities?’
‘Rare Metals?’
‘Silicon. Food and Furniture.’
‘There is more?’
‘Rubber: flexible-plastic Silicon: Oil and Gas under them there rocks passed generations…’
‘Generating-Energy: Fuel: based:’
‘Clean Uranium. Plutonium…’
‘Novo-cheque. Industrial: or Military-use?’
‘To be had? Mining-minerals from The Earth.’
‘From Space? Eh? Satellites and Solar-panels perhaps?’
‘Who knows? Exciting-possibilities…’
‘…and we do not think we have to be persuaded. Know what I mean? Just a simple ‘Yes’ is all ‘We’ need.’ ‘Who doesn’t?’
‘For a comfortable-Peace?’
‘Piece? Of What@Never…’
‘Never say: Never!’
‘What? To: Trade-War?’
‘Then? All the Time! That is War? Isn’t it?’
‘Buying and selling…Time?’
‘OurSelves. Buying and selling constantly movement…’
‘Until, now?’
‘Life is just a Game to be Won!’
‘With the most…’
‘Not: with the least.’
‘At the end of the Game:’
‘Sport(s): the end unknown in advance:’
‘When the end is known in advance:’ dramatic:
‘Always death eventually.’
‘Some people want to die so they can be free.’
‘Why would you not want Peace?’
‘Like we had before this?’
‘Cannot have the-same-again, ever.’
‘Every time…is different.’
‘Equity only virtually-preserved…’
‘By sullen-Madness!’
‘Mutually Assisted.’
‘Assured?’ ‘Never.’
‘Happens. Insured? You think you are? No? Your…breaking-point…’snapped! broken, into-pieces:
‘The-Whole-Thing! Capital-Equity: collapsed…’
‘Crashed prices no good for buyer or seller.’
‘Whether-designed to or not-to…’
‘With: Iconic-Catastrophic damage…’
‘For some-Sector(s):…’
‘Not-All. See?’
‘Again? Yet?’
Looking-out. Suburban-edges, trimmed-hedges, overgrown woods, and peeling whitewash walls. Compound 3 or 4 storied building, and alongside creosoted-fences, before the graffiti-walled enclosedditch, between poplar and ash-growing, pastures, and harvested-fields.
By the Railway-Track…looking-out:
‘Killing Field(s)…’
‘For: Harvest and Meat.’
‘In: Country-Town…’ urbane.
‘Town. Cit(y)(i)€s…’ ChatCat. Nascent competition: out-doing and adding to: bought-out, merged…
Corporate-Merger: WhatsApp. Alphabet and InstaGram: Medical-Advice and Check-Up: Educational:
Literacy and Numeracy reaction redaction speed rate(s): Space National Country-Wide and Global.
Government and Corporate Scientific:
ISS (InterNational Space Station(s)): Empire: Driven Test-Lift-Off: ex-ploded in flame(s): Forest-Fire Sale(s): Flood-Damage: swamping-ancestor(y): HQ-Office: in every-City, or the Glove, every Country, of
The Globe.
Passed through and beyond…
‘The-City@:Business as Usual!’
‘Stupid! Damn-lies…’
‘Repeated endlessly…’
‘Until now…it was all going so well…’
‘Head in the sand…’
‘So, you knew?’
‘What?! In the water…of course…’
‘Boarding: Statistic(s): NNN/nnn…’
‘Weather-reports as reliable as the day before…’
‘As unpredictable as each-other.’
‘Without proper-analysis. See that is it…’
‘That is what You have to work with…’
‘If You are not that Red Barbarian at the Gate!’
‘The Big Green Giant? Hulk?’
‘The-Party President-Monarchical Ruler…’
‘’Man in The High Castle’…’
Tuned-out turned: away and down into the-screen:
‘Playing the-Game@’
‘Alright. Don’t be-stupid…’
‘Crackdown on tax-evasion and avoidance.’
‘Like Friendly-Fire?’
‘Fraud, if you like…’
‘As a Soldier?’
‘Police and Thieves!’
‘Killing. De-claiming!’
‘Sue them for Accidental-Damage!’
‘Kickin’ the Can.’
‘Down the Road:’
‘Shipped as Flagged. Troll Fleet-Expedient:’
‘Pragmatic. For: Fair?’
‘For: Brick-Bat?’
Uber Re-Gulated Utilities (URU) a-twittering:’ in-formation:
‘Innovative.’ spirit: lobbying-cronyism: news-media corps.
‘Hoax-loan: and overdraft:…’ agreed.’
‘The-Gambler bets on what they think may happen.’
‘The Banker on what has only just happened a pica-second ago…’
‘That others do not know.’
‘Are not meant to know?’
‘Con-cierge Conscience?’
‘The-People! Are not meant to know!’
‘Playing-the-Tables…and all the Chairs and Tables of all those Generation(s)!’
‘Society? ‘There is no such thing as Society. There are only individuals and families…’’
‘National-Socialism is good…’
‘The problem with Socialism: is: ‘You eventually run out of other peoples’ money…’’
‘Until you run out of other peoples’ money! Peoples’Money!’
With an air of un-fulfilled un-done: Drone-Destiny:Training (DDT):
‘Get in-early…’
The International-Conference: insider-information: …
‘What if they don’t decide? Done-dealing?’
‘Never! Could not-stop ourselves, could we? ‘It’…was just…too-Good! To be-True!’
‘Fair-Fee Charge (FFC).’
‘Customer-Ownership: owing: N.n:…’
‘Data and Pay: De-liver(y): Logistic(s): Nation-State: Pro_duct:
‘Enviably too-Big to Fail!’
‘The rest of Us?’
‘Too small to survive?’
‘Politics of Envy.’
‘You too?’ envied all the same…
‘Only, arguably…’
‘Too Bad…’
‘To: Fail.’
‘Only winning-bids now…’ assuming: Absolution: saving:…
Lion-roars! when it gets hungry! roaming…re-connecting…
‘These Loans…then?’
‘Credit-Debit: You sign for them:’
‘Debit-Credit: Online?’
‘You have agreed the agreements: Form-Ally?’
‘Morally? Legally?’ ‘One. Or the Other.’
Ambiguous: E-motional:-E-thic(s): calculator: N/n. digital signature: Titanic!
Connecting… eventually all other parts of the Ancient-land and Land…beyond. unseen as yet from: >Business-Centre: City: Nation-State: internal/external: Trade: Capitalism/Communism: saved from themselves shelving sheltering competition and co-operation:
Your-Business-Centre: Vanity-project!
The-Real-City: named after you. The currency named after your Town or your City…
Currency: opening…: Rational-City: O.K?: Rational-Equitable: R/e:’s…out by the airport…appeared prompted by-clicking:
The-Clerk entered another number, by speaking, saying the number word, flashed on-screen and clicked:
Loan? Nnnn…agreed…dropped-in in a shower of coinage and paper-notes and: Bank-Vault! vaulting: The-Banker photo-caricature cut-and-pasted from: …
>Application’s…behind re-enforced protective-glass walls fluttering down the screens now…
At the-Top Floor.
On the top of the building: from the top inside: The-Banker as aviator: Vanity-Avatar.
Sat behind a-mahogany-varnished desktable showered, with gold and silver spouting from and falling all over World-Map:
carpeted shades of black and white-light-brown and yellow and green deep blue seas and ocean cloud above, and beneath a blazing red-Sun.
Looking-out, and in, onto and through-out modernist strangely-angled sheet-light colour-stained glass and plastic-nano fixed-panel see-through from ceiling to floor.
Looking-out over, a bustling ancient market-place fruit and vegetables and livestock trading-post’s outpost’s and stall’s set-out with or without that which could not physically be brought-to market. Due to bulk-mass, type and value…
In-Transit or still in-the-ground. On-the-ground somewhere elsewhere and never to reach here at all but boarded-out in letters and numbers in full transparency…hidden or chalked-up and under-the cast wrought-iron frame and steel-blue counter.
Oil-based: African: South-American: Rubber-Plastic: liquid-shampoo and solid: moulded unmolded sulphurous plutonium-bomb.
Golden-patterned sheet-topped tables…gambling-houses…betting-shops and public-houses brought-in fullsize screened-Sports and places of Barter and Banter:
Sport and the Art of ill-repute and Goods of re-pute.
Lain-in laid-in and on and over the lay-of-the-land: laid-down, planned-over panning-out…from: CanalRiver and Railway-Town.
Urban-Centre Marketplace Courthouse and Births Weddings and Funerals over-and-again. Built stocked, and abandoned, blown to pieces, the investment, the taxes. The…vegetable and fruits of the Earth and Livestock Market-Place…now, dis-puted: Vanity-Avatar-stepped-out through the window.
Stepped-into an exterior elevator, descending glazed window-wall fitted gated cage to the underground basement car-park…Nnn…floors down.
Out-driving…extraordinarily exorbitantly expensive-vehicle from list: The-Full Range: list…V*8 selected and clicked-on the self-owned now advertorial-character inside seated, persuaded, cheated into-gears… Transmission: automatic: Hybrid: Self-driving on the Game-Pad: Console: buttons and switches screeching-away between walls, and ramps, skidding-around to a…
Then around-and-out between buildings street-by-street through layer upon layer blocks of buildings…ancient…and New! buying and adding-to all along the way…railway bridged underpass, riverbanks and Estuary-Tunnel: through to the other-side, turning, turned, and cliff-edged overlooking:
‘Water!’ screeched, braked and spun-around again, hitting a key on the steering-wheel: fake-landscape:
>CCTV: Speed-Camera’s…watch-out!
< VRN-VAR: Bet-time! >V! Pay upfront… Refusal may cause…
No Offence:
That is what ‘It’ is? Go on the offensive!
What for?! hitting:…
Mining: virtual-machines under and overground transport controlled from the cabin:
City! Never-neglect the-Defences:
Where did you get that from?
You got it…
Not. Only…
Tax Cuts!
Washed-up? On THE BEACh?
Tax-rises…scares them-off?
Simply, as the visible natural agricultural- industrial complex, and countryside-landscape, naturally evolving-to…and from the…
This Time! and at the Great-river lake, and scenic Oceanic map: From the cliff-topped taking-off over the water and turning far out inland again. Alongside fields and irrigation-ditch to land-afloat…
On Equatorial swampland peninsular draining riversea estuary-basin: On-board spinnaker wind-sail:
Out-again on the water onto peninsular-sea…mapping… loading…waiting…
Motoring speedboat with increasing speed…plummeted plunged and sunk submerged:
Sub-marined to avoid various-objects (i)mperiled-on and in-the-water implied:
Shark infested-waters and blubberous Whale. Dead. Species, too late.
Mackerel and Cod. Sardine and shell-fished: until there was no-fish left:
<Non-vivi sectioning: Scientific: Re-search: done. Erased raised-surfacing and water-ski-ing wet-suited clad with the profit-motive: tourism.
>Is that the…:
R\E logo…taking-off gliding with windsurfing balloon opening-up, and rising into the upper-atmosphere looking down over a country-town tour aloft overlooking casually and without due regard then straightening-up…ready…re-turning towards The-City-airport: Executive-transformation under-performing…loss on previous annual profits only not absolutely true-hides the comparative-claims for tax-purposes:
H-Block Landing-perfectly exactly on the H of the-now ready built:
Choose? -text spoken…clicks made over a ragged landing over field’s…and Farm…in: Buildings: list…factory or You- own…Home: Businesses: Centre: The-City: Bank: the circuitous roads now heavy with cars lorries buses and coaches mechanized streets. Populated with identikit people of almost every personality-type and head and shape of every ethnic-race and apparent-creed and ideogram mixed as long as there has been and is and there will be…
<Food and Furniture and Household-Goods and Materials for Making…on the back of cart’s and truck’s, lorries and coaches and cars.
On the concrete-built motorways container-juggernauts into-and-out of Village, Town, and to and from each, and The-City.
On the sea and land and awaiting at-dockside and harbour fishing-vessels, ships and supervised- controlled Hyper-tanker, and from the high-seas and Ocean waiting-off shore. Sea-port passed the coastal and inland estuary river-Town: list: already built-up: outskirts, and back to, in lights: Fat-Cats’ Company:
excepted… The Rational-Equitable Tower built-up through river-way-lined embankment canal and railway-track up and along evermore and faster building-checking maintaining- control by-braking…
Gradually, spinning on a too-rapid action: onto the next…
Above: from: Satellite-Dish: solar-paneled beaming in below:
>Trade Banking Cit(y)ies (TBCs): Country and Countries: list:in the-Cloud…the lofty City-streets and buildings now transformed from bricks and mortar…to pie-chart…
You are within The Black-Zone stray into The Green-Zone and you are out-in-the-opening…
Heard…fuzzy found-footage…in blocks and relief red and black with green thread’s and lines like the real hills beyond and blue, beyond the columns and row’s…with a bright yellow sun in a bright blue sky, brightclouds…
O.K. You are Trading: Private Limited Company:
Trading under the name: …
OK…Rational classic-actor: acting to: maximize personal and others’ economic-return-on-Investment:
Tough-budgeting: …
Money or Goods?
Cosa Nostra Bratva:Triad: Prohibition of alcohol and drugs: Euro Russe and African American: China-Gang:
Violence: usury loan bubble economic power to legitimize political-power… interest ceiling against unfair lending special fee from Local Council State-owned People: owed The Banks’ private lending market with exorbitant charges shareholder relationship open market pricing mechanism debt: pricing employ-meant second-slavery and religious-royalty bondage.
Joint-venture pirating and sharing in the commerce of profit and risk of loss, equity stake, for services provided, administration fee’s, time and effort, of each party, equally to the effort and time or however calculating non-recourse interest free micro-lending: artistic craft skills covering every Industry Re-Tail and Mechanical-Mind: sober:
>Family. Kickstarter Credit-Union: collectivization for more freedom more land to grow and live…
As we shaped ourselves! Cities!
< Furniture holding things up… >Color of money: People!
< Or taste! >Specifics: Gender Race of Humanity: Class-Id’d:
The Harmony of Consumption
At what node?
Generating deal Social-Public: Government Tax-Revenue…for hospitals and schools, roads, and all that…
Different <0ffers… Buy all over again…
Fashion! Next Years Model:
>When IT goes wrong!
A few selling the same product!
Buying-Up All Competition!! Monopoly! Competition exists to create Monopoly!
Over Mortgaged to the hilt.
Advance? For how long? How long does IT last?
Fake! Fraud!!
Innovation? One and two years?
To start with…and de-creasing…
like today?
< Advertising the latest model all of us, latest: >Dot Constant innovation…
Needed: or not: Healthy peaceful, relatively for most…
Most the time, maybe…
The Rise and Fall of the Markets…
< Why Capitalism and Communism fail(ed)@ >Everything has to be used Algorythm(s): seek-Monopoly:…
Setting the price(s)….
Low, now….
Precisely. Still familiarity bores, and brings on the new; and not a bad thing…
Except for the detachment from real life. The attachment Politics and Religion, Economics and Technology.
Protecting-Civilians’ Securit(y)ies: providing food and furniture of life.
To make this our country safe Again.
You’d would think it would be:
<To make OUR country safe-first…under/over-cautious health&safety: >KillBox: Lemmings obstacles floating climbing blocking bombing basement minefield digging real-time strategy-gaming:… <Grand Theft Auto GTA! Access-coding: following leading to safety… >But it is not! <It is to make Our Country Great! Again! Our Nation! >Crossing the ravine-borders, mountains and river(s): <State! >Name? < Nanny-State! >What? Money-State! <Father of The Nation! >Mother!
Safe at Home…and abroad?
At: Home Home.
Front: Hierocracy, hypocrisy, theocracy: breeds contempt, contempt, hatred.
With pictures and reports, in and from city and town squares there:
>The World All One!
Pay-Out: State-Bank: Fixed-Deposit-Receipt (FDR): price rate(s): capped: con-current with EconomicGrowth (EG) to safeguard momentum real and nominal no’s and purchasing power with inflation frequency dynamic range full duplex relaying forced development re-quirement(s):
‘Yes is more.’ ‘Les is not.
‘Stopping the World: is impossible…’ however much there are wish(es) to stop the Train a swinging seesaw in 3d with ever more elaborate-Mechanism: tracing and tiling…
To: balance: nature-nurture: cheat with shorter and lesser transparency:
Co(m)puting: name tracing config….
Broad quantity theory: spread…
De De-Inflationary…admin difficulties…between high’s and low’s…between…wages and prices, usually…
>Re-flation: Monetary-goals:
From kick-off to final-whistle we do not know the outcome of the game. This is not a pre-written piece future-secured. Paid too much, not on results, paid too little on results: Scientific:
Full-employment always something to be done…
This is IT! Structural:demand-and-supply: to max-out market-share monopoly oligopoly
Avoiding frictional-mismatch between choices…between employment and unemployment what choice is there…
>Cost-Wages and Raw-materials exploited at cost to: Prices at the Shop(s): Labour Payday-Loan?
Cost-Price Stability (CPS) dealing with conflicting interests across…
>Sale-Price: rises on stocks held-and re-leased: false-scarcity: figures re-leased investment info-mation(s0):
< Bet(s): taken-out, on possible re-accredited (i)nterest rates: Evens/Odds… ➢ Some Future: N to one: in Real-time flashed-up: NNNnnn… Digital-Time: YYYY/MM/DD/Mx60…sx60…12:00 midday… minus… >NNnnnn…counting-down…or -up, whoever, what way you came at it midday from the past, from the-
Signal! You! Set-out yours!
To the Space-age! Now! Denomination of Credits neutral one-to-one…amount? Nnnnnnnnn…Your password: AAAAZ: number Nnnn…again?: YyyyyXXX…
False?:P-Atomic organic plant life…animal…and-virus…
Without Religions and Politics, we would be Nothing!
With Taxes, tithes and offerings…
The Tax Man…
For: The People! Who Pay Taxes whether they like it or not, into pensions and insurance:
Who Pays?
‘Not!’ heard:
‘Regime-Change…’ that is what it is all about:
‘Totalitarian Militaristic Regime (TMR): change for some other: Dictatorship of the-Proletariat (DoP): as for ourselves: all…all the time:’ ‘The Ruling-Class€(s):’
‘Famil(y)(i)ar. Elite. Natural.’
‘You know who you are?’ ‘Arbitrary-Power:’
‘The Excluded-Middle…’
‘Non-identical Family. Families: Elites arbitrary reporting-arrest dis en-franchised:…’
‘Inside, fear and loathing, as well as Love for the Cause…’
‘Which is?’
‘Me; and then everyone else…’ keeping clear, anonymous or else:
Head above the parapet:
‘The Rest?’
‘The rest don’t matter…’
‘Oh, they do…for the purpose of global wars without boundaries, across boundaries…’
‘And within?
‘Grass-court…of course….’
‘Civil, as well as Global Wars.’
‘Global: Tax-burden:’
‘Accounts?’ pattern-patent.
Patented discretely for internal and international: Global-Fraud: de-frauding: The-People:
‘Tax re-lief!’
‘Big-Burden on others.’
The People: sectarian-split to be utilized…
‘Government Official(s): Bailed-Out The-Bank(s):’
‘On-advice? Again. Not the next ‘though ‘IT’ Dot.Comms. was last and first of the Millennial-Bubble(s) including: Government and Bank(s):’
‘Was the-B…
‘A-Then?’ Corporate: Competitive-conformity of rates bonding…
‘Neutrally stated…’
‘Sovereign-State: National-Pride: in Ourselves as Ourselves not not-Them…’
‘Who are unnatural mans/ inhumanity to man? Why?’
‘Family? Me? No.’
‘Yes, well…’
Family-Bank:(s): N/nnn: of Mum and Dad and sibling(s):
‘The-Banks then defraud in the-Government: negotiation(s):’
‘R&D. People.’
‘So, IT is the Government: Financial: Military: At all different Time(s) and Place(s): Yes/No?’
‘US? The-Banks de-fraud the people…Saver(s) and Lender(s):’
‘Pension and Life-Insurance…’
‘Fund. Trillions…’
‘Quadrillions! The Government-Bank!’
‘Their own People!’
‘Don’t we know it!’
‘We don’t own it!’
‘Bank. Pension and Insurance Fund(s): New?’
‘Frauding or de-Frauding?’
‘Family-Frauding again…’
‘Are they?’
‘De-fending funding: Borders, edges bleeding edges…’
‘Cheap Buy-Backs. You watch: Dark-Mountain: secrets…’
Touching the side of the nose and nodding, eye-to-eye both, instantaneously inside, continuing: outside heard-spoke:
‘Liquidity. Sold-off…bought-Back cheaper…’
‘Double-Asset stripped!’
‘Ripping-up The Rulebook.’
Striped: barcoded: stipend: Crimes! Crimes-against-Humanity!’ chemical bio nerve gas-factory sites facilities on-screen:
‘Money-War: (s) Crimes: Be-Sieged!’
‘Where? Geneva?
‘ZuRich! Here! The City. That’s where the money is:’
‘Jakarta, HK, Australia. Shanghai-Bejing…’
‘Tokyo and New York and Buenos Aires…’
‘Seoul. Papist Islamic Christian and Judaic:’
‘Capitalist-Dictatorship(s): Syria-Secular: Russia and China.’
‘Dubai and Nairobi and Johannesburg?’
‘We are only assessing the situation…’
‘Only hoping to discover The-Truth.’
‘Only Truth? Not the lies too?’
‘The truth of the lies?’
‘The Truth about The Lies, then?’
‘As Good as it gets. As bad-Regulation…’
‘In-Law: on:-Commodity-Futures: then: N/n…’
‘Re: de-regulation:’
‘By-Law. Rules and Regulation(s):’
‘Yours’ or Mine?’
‘Mine not-Your’s.’
‘Then? Neither?’
‘Someone else’s problem…’
Managed-Economy: Free-Market(s): ‘Free: Cash-based: economy: Managerialist: Cruel-Dictatorship:’
‘Symbolic (I)nformational Meaning (SIM) or not…’
‘At the time meant-to be: covetous.’ #
Greedy grasping hungry: ‘Avaricious?’
‘Materialistic. Die! is cast!’
‘Family. Security.’
‘Aquisitive? Family?’
‘Friends? Tribe? Commu(n)ut(y)ies.’
‘Not unlike People, self-made, made in self.’
Looking-sidewards out of the window and across again to:
The-Banker speaking, interrupting:
‘Why do people rob-banks?’
‘Because that was where the money is?’
Recovering from this slight:
‘Now all Cash-Machine(s), eh?’
‘Shop-till…you drop!’
‘Cashcard…steal.’ oxy-arc explosive bank vault wall, heaving heavy metal door with locks and wheels…
Express-Visa: Card-Reader:…
China: Diners’ Club:
‘Where the money is…’ nodding, glancing-down at first one then the other computer-screen:
‘And the-Time?
‘Is now.’
‘Prison-Time: (PT)?’
‘’prisin’ time.’
‘Then forgotten-about.’
‘Made sure.’
‘As difficult as possible.’
Ex-changed for passivity be-littlement a burning fuse of re-sentment…
Sub-limating awe, gritty grey-bitterness, angry:
‘This morning the International Conference of Business and Government leaders…’
‘Re-regulation surely?’
‘This morning in Geneva, there is to be an announcement of The International Conference on Monetary
Compliance (ICMC). Possibly midday…’
‘Who knows?’
‘International-Time (IT): NNNnnn…’
‘Yes.’ looking-down…and into: @Corporate-Government sponsored enterprise the-National-Bank: list:
list: >Currency-Exchange-Rate (CER): list(s):…
% Private-Assets (PAs):…
Journal of Economic Affaires:…
Re-wind: for electricity… Sewerage: nutrients.
Built water-stands and Pumps, pumping:
At a cost:…
Re-Plastic: Social-cost: serial-number: NNNnnn…
Red and Green-backed as well, see: list…
As Well as that?]
Personal/Company-accounts: list…
Even if they don’t? Or have to fight for decent pay-off…
Sovereign Due-processing… No Tax at-all? Paid-up…
You are a Country? Nation-state?
So, you are a: Hu-Man-Being (HMB), after-all?
< For what? Hurt-feelings? >Compensating for paid-up Insurance-bill: claim(s):
Global-Commodities: lists…less is more, more is less: timing-important:
Larder-Food. Betting-Shops? Funeral-parlours never Parlous: People’s lives…as…number-of…N. to n.
or n. to N: >N=N. n=n: may as well do.
< What-for? Starting-price: N/n: >Commodities: List: Television and: Radio: list:…
<Machine-fuel lubricant…
Computers Desktop…flashing-red… green-light:
Forward Operating Base: Public-affairs Office: Vehicles: updating… every second…
What-Day? Week Month Year:
Poll: gun-toting…
Torturing rape and murder:
‘Spies took a bigger Hit! look: Bigger-than…’
‘The Big-Ones too. First-World…’
‘Second and Third and Fourth-Estate:’
‘Lies…’ con-fusions:
‘I did not tell any lies…not like the-others…’
‘About each other?
‘That’s Business.’
‘Is. Black?’
‘As usual?’
‘No Prescribed Drama. Doctor, Do no-Harm? Co-operative-harassment fails your-team first and youropponents all of them: Opponents-fail: lode-lose…’
‘We: Win-Win.’
‘Fair cheating Sports and Game(s)?’
‘Impossible! To the whistle, to the bell…’
‘Your own-team fails. too. Lose-Lose? You?’
‘Not. Quite, as good as: Win-Win.’
Others, not dictatorships exactly, but shambolic-democracies: Communist Capitalist-minorities. Social triading and searching the family-homes arrested and exiled-to offices of: Human and Women’s Rights Organizations (HWRO).
As: Responsibilities’-Organisation (RO’s): Political-Prisoners and Activists: PPA:
peaceful but dis-ruptive as dis-tractive, attractive, destructive; or otherwise, threatening-destruction, continuing to Kill.
In the name of single-conjoined family party politic(s). AllofU(s) (AoUs). Issuing and eventually, killed. Be-fore carrying-out such threats, having-to: or not, exaggerated for political-purposes:
sooner, or Later.
Conscripted against their will.
Metals: list: minerals: list… except in the case of democracy, not-Sham!
South-America and North America. Africa: Middle-east…
BRI-CKS BANK(S)! Federal-Reserve of: The Peoples’ Republic of China, and Australasian Pacific including…
>North-Atlantic Trade Organisation:
Ex-Colonial everywhere at some time and place until now…
At the Fat-Cats’ Table: innocent, trusting, honest, sincere, forgiving, naive:
On the ground, people here and there, and everywhere, almost…
Virulent-virus, epidemic-proportions, obsessively envious-of-the-living…keeping-up depressive anxiety addicted…
To: the screen:
Triple-Kaos! Except some more than others…
Money-mania, and suicide over unpaid-debts…
Materialist, systemic-failure of financial-systems…
Promoting: In-Equality: Revolution?
‘Against The Government!’ shouted loudly from a crowd of yelling and bawling demonstrators:
‘Insurgency! Across-The-Board!’
‘Crackdown on Companies and Corporational-Government(s):’
‘Tax E(v)asion?’’
‘Project-value: foster-posterity and protect-our-people.’
‘Global-Response-Centre:’ like a soldier a player de-claiming: stealing from the cookie-jar:
‘Red Barbarian at the Gate!’
‘Orange-Sunny Delight!’
‘Green Giant!’
‘And prices so high ‘We’ simply cannot afford anything except the basics or not at all…’
‘Broken-biscuit. House and Home? Rented? Mortgaged? Credited in-advance:’
‘For: Bread and Soup Poor? Not quite yet!’
‘This situation is termed as a Bear-market.’
‘I know that too!
‘There are others.’
‘Like?’ hooks to hang ourselves-on:
‘For: Social-Good?’
‘Widening: Openings Too!’
‘Correct. You Got-‘It’.’
‘No, You got-‘It’.’ not faltering now, either.
The-Banker chortling unsure yet con-ceitedly self: or other: de-ceptively or not: inter-cepting: ‘‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’.’
‘Do ‘We’ buy or sell?’
‘That is your call isn’t ‘It’?
‘Not this one. Your call. What do You reckon on?’
‘Simple. Buy? I suppose?’
‘With what?’
‘Money. If You’ve got it. Eh?’
‘Incorrect. Information. That is what You, can get, for Me. For Us. Together. Then worry about the money.’
‘If you’ve got ‘It’.’
‘Information? No-worries. Flaunt-‘It’. That is what I do! I have got ‘It’!’
‘Natural. That is all ‘It’ is.’
‘Rational…That is what we do. Alright? Maybe you did not think CEO Investment-Banker(s):
arms acting in their own: Rational: Self-(I)nterest:’
‘Could be so…’
‘So, mean? So-selfish!’
‘So Natural, see? behaving in their own best interests…’
‘Not even the interests of the Share-Holders Customers and Worker(s):’
‘Staffing? Dead-Weight now…’
‘Thousands, Millions…’
‘Trillions of Us!!! Not even, not by far…Voted-in, weren’t they? Value4?’
‘No. By purchase of the own owned knowledge (I)nformation, see?’
‘On?: The-Board: Government-Committee? Lobbyist? What Corporation? Family: Company-
Business from The Country to the countries…
Not: in the know. Not able to be, because:
‘It’ is all made so…’
‘Unfathomable to the customer. That is the idea. They all do it. Politicians,
Church, Military simplify! ‘It’ is that simple! What? Subs! To: the Ordinary Share-Holder(s): Fraudulent:
Business-Plan(s). Pensions and (I)nsurances and Home(s): Crruption(s)!’
‘Not! Bonus for Fuck-ups!!!’
‘Pensions and (I)nsurances…’
‘So, un-caring about themselves, their Famil(y)ies:’
‘We, never thought they could be so greedy…’
So, Natural. We know that now. As if only following orders…as if dropping bombs on an unseen
civilian population: hostaged. So, distanced from the action…performing a rescue, taking lives, to save lives… ‘Hopefully.’
‘Repeated endlessly…’
‘Be-lieved of All!’
‘’It’ was all going so well…’
‘Ostrich! Head in the sand…’
‘In the water…’
‘As un-predictable as each-other:
‘Predictable? Without Analysis?’
‘So, cannot be?’
‘Unpredictable?’ on-screen:
‘See that is ‘It’.’
‘That is what You work with.’ An uncomfortable pause, pregnant.
For the-Clerk affronted, check-mated, and taken.
As for the-Banker, afforded:
‘Not just, the Money, but only of whatever Stocks:’
‘Services-(i)nformation: you have or think you have…’
‘Get my drift?@and there is a lot of it…’
‘‘It’ has to be the correct-(i)nformation.’
‘And I have it?’
‘Got: ‘It’’ distant: instant: but only now felt: mis-trust:
‘Fixed: Extreme(s): Evens?’’
‘Not-evens…then?’ dealing-in fantasy and fear the-passive: reflective- thought: and then again the-
Bankers’ anger looked back upon:
‘By closing-the-markets’ building-mortgage and credit-crisis. Crashed. O.K.?’
‘Credit-Crash: Re-insurance and -Pensions as Life-Saving(s): Home-Mortgage(s):’
‘Home and Office Building:’
‘Growth dwindling…’
‘Single Industr(y)ies’
‘Blowing-Bubble(s): that is all.’
‘Why the Government-Interference? Why the Market-Closure?’
‘Orders. Dragging-down whole-Corporation(s):’
‘A-(ir)lines. Fallen out-of-the-Sky.’
‘Sub-Prime. For Sub-primes’ were ‘It’s’ Biggest-Beast!’
Global: Industries Businesses
Transported transporting to-and-from:
Transport Home-and Abroad. >
… >
>Stock-Holder(s): Share-Holders >

Before the next listed:
>OwnerShip! >Portside:
>Sold-off! >

>Crashed! >

>Mired in the quicksand… >

>Onto the Black Rocks! Of Doom! >

>See: Bonanza! And Blow-out >s? Over-ripe…for the taking…Scamming. Shamming. Spamming computer-fraud. >
>Without permanent circuitry, no trace. >

>Of-course. >
Dry hacking-cough.
From the-Banker: viral:
‘In a barrel…’

>Green-Light. >

> Soft: Orange-Sun >
< Leaving the Liberal Free-Market (LtLFM) bad apples to-rot! > crushed collapsed…fermented onpaper: drying-out: i-goggling new(s):

>Again. >
Denial of service…
‘They were…’
‘You were…’
‘Drunk on ‘success’!’
‘Whatever that is!’
‘Not happiness?’
‘Or sorrow?’
‘Success breeds success’
‘Other-Success breeds money!’
‘Other-Sorrow breeds Money!’
‘Money breeds more-money.’
‘Money breeds Greed’
‘Greed breeds success…’ or abject failure:
‘Not. More success than happiness?’
‘Happiness more than success?’
‘More equal?’
‘Ecology? Whenever is enough not enough, eh?’
‘What if ‘We’ lose?’
‘The process may not be perfect…but ‘IT’ is still ‘adequate’ under the exceptional circumstances
of the day…’
‘We’ already, eh?’
‘We are all dependent…’
‘You speak for yourself!’
‘I do! ‘It is like a pyramid, at the top…by:’
‘Conquest: Conquistador: Constant-Conquest! Matador! Kills the
helpless Bull!’
‘Bull kills the helpless Bear? Tortured and killed? for dinner!’
‘Create wealth…Easy! Capital! What chance does the Bull have?’
‘Or the Bear, baited?
‘Every chance.’
‘No chance.’ ‘
‘The Super-Powers (TSPs) remain quiet or loud: roaring…
‘Lion(s): Subdued.’ I(n)ter-de-pendant:
‘Not-howling, and baying, for blood?’
‘Finite-Population of Worker-Bee(s):’
‘Only One Queen!’
‘And pies! More pies!’
‘Buyers and Sellers.’
‘Presidents and Royalty: born-blood:’
‘’Fealty’ to one or the other. Head of this or that…’
‘Only if They can get away with it again!’
‘Everyone thinks’ they can.’
‘The screens and the board will light-up again…’ as: they did. Un-frozen: the electronics at boiling-point: ‘Almost:’ at the Relative Speed of Light! (RSL!)’
‘And the Economic-(i)(n)(t)eraction between People…’
‘Now! that is at the-Speed-of-Light!’
‘Quantum-Space! (QS!)!’
‘Sold. And: Quality.’ at a rate exceeding human vision…
‘Or a human beating heartbeat skipped…’
‘Zepto. Pepto! Laser!’
‘Then it will go Ballistic!’
‘As soon as the-Bell goes!’
‘Trading…dusts’ itself down..’
‘Again! and starts all over…’
‘Again!’ ‘Feeling: The Hunger.’ salivating…
Succouring the already done-deal:
‘Done deal.’
Feeding now …to see who is holding on… who is selling…and who is buying-back…and who is biting now?
Fired-up, now, and onto the feet, across the floor for everyone else to see.
On the screens and boards all-around surround-sound…vision-statement:
‘The Whole Global World U(n-ion)! (TWGW!)’
The-Banker now awaiting no response from the-Clerk that was serious at-least:
‘Product to Market?’
‘Consumer-(b)led. Everything that happens must happen…Naturally! Think about it…the naturalistic-fallacy…is ‘it’s’ self, a fallacy! All is unnatural?’
‘As well as natural. This is both happening naturally and unnaturally…’
‘Con! Cocted! By each of our senses…’
‘Could be something-else?’
‘Apparently? Now…then: happened:
‘Cost-Price vs Sale-Price.’
‘Sale-Price vs Cost-Price?’
‘Yet? You see? Human-made!’
‘Teflon. Everything, including our thoughts and ideas and what we see…’
‘So? Purely un-real.’
‘Until seen.’
‘Then ‘It’ is too late. Perfectly. Impossible! Nothing is so-Pure!’
‘Nothing? Direct-Debit or Credit-Payment Sub-scription?’ managed…
‘Managed-Funds? Actions?’
‘Bad-Behavior?’ forced-feeding extreme-dirt diet:
‘Significant-Minorit(y)ies: Elite-Majority:’
‘In: significant-individual.’
‘Voting: Decision-making machines…’
‘After the Event realized!’
‘Ethnic-Zones at the Border(s).’
‘Always a good bet?!’
‘What? Risk? By who?’
‘Natural Disasters?’
‘Like Today?’
‘Or a: Deliberate Act of Sabotage?’
‘After the Event: Terror-Threat:’
‘Handmade. Hu-Man Made.’
‘Like: Global-Warming: diseased dry Desert-Wasteland and granite glaciers melt flooding the Oceans and Continents:’
‘The Global Economy. Commend: Climate-Change: Command&Control: Hu-Man-made:Climate-Change
in the ex-tremes:’
‘Species of The Devil!’ debauched…
‘How is to destroy to create?’
‘When: to create is to destroy.’
‘Or be un-created?’
‘From Nothing? Impossible! Irrational…’
‘In-the-event rationalized.’
‘‘They were wrong before…as to say:’’
‘They were wrong before.’
‘What? That ‘‘It’ can only be natural’?’
‘They were All-wrong. Admitted it.’
‘Who? Under: Economic:-Tort(u)re! Stock: supply-withheld prices held superficially high. Stock re-leased onto the Market. Oil for example: Prices rise from Cost Price to: General-Store(s):’
‘Price rises again: price falls from cost price directly to General-Store: once ubiquitous Department Stores and online:
‘Those that said ‘It’ was only excepting those under Others’ control:’
‘Not: funny.’
‘That’s what I mean…anyhow, possible:…’
‘Any mean(s)? Un-seen? The-Rich: give nothing to the poor.’
‘That is: not-true: Charity-works too, you know? Charity? ‘We’ Love-Charity!’
‘Great-Publicity: for when ‘It’ all goes wrong…again. What about: paying: Government-Taxes?’
‘Here? Peoples’ Taxis. We do that. Benefit(s) Everyone, says they do.’
‘As little as possible? Evasion, or Avoidance? What about all that Tax-Charity? What? 10%?’ ‘1% Charity!’
‘Starts at home…’ as a kind of: Heroic-Martyrdom.
Without: knowing really why, what for, or whether the outcomes would be favourable or not: N/n:
‘Homes for Workers, eh?’
‘Fit for Heroes? Of course!’
‘Fit for purpose?’
‘’If’ they cannot manage their own accounts, as well as others…’
‘Out-of…of course…even our-own customers’ managers’ share-holders’ stock-holders’
‘Nothing. Well, to nothing left, almost…everyone cheats…or steals…’
‘Paper-Clip(s): a little, perhaps, from their Employer, do we not want little layback for what may or may not-be:’
‘Everything! Everyone!!! Greedy!’ (Y):
‘Actually-nothing. Actuarially: Credit-Debit cancels-out:’
‘Everything. When it comes time to repent.’
‘Or: re-sent.’
‘EveryOne: Personal…’
‘For when I am old?’
‘Savings-invested Kredit.’
‘Debts. Ha ha! Profit! Debt-Holiday? Of course, retire-young, protecting, the investment: Market-Share:
Import-Export: Export-Import: licences and licensed-to…’
‘Do-business!’ the hands-palmed. The-Clerk: rubbing a thumb and the finger-tips of both hands, as if counting bank-note(s):
‘De-regulating man(i)pulating: analysis.’
‘For Trade-Offs (TOs).’
‘Trading-in?’ Looking-down, both:
Currency-exchange rates:…
Banks? Investment Houses? Private-assets? Public?
De-salinating, de-toxifying, cleaning-up…re-cycling…air-condition(i)ng:
Pay for rainwater?
➢ Food and Medicine. Safe Water, and Sanitation.
Built: Waterstands and Pumps pumping:…
Clean Water, Gas and Oil, to the surface….buying-up…refining…
Like flies on shit.
As Well as…
< Long-Term 5 years? >Slow: Re-turns…
Bonded, always pay-up in the end. Tax-re-embursement? Compensation: Insurance: Corporate: Socialclaim(s): to: the close of business.
Delivery-Good(s): the-Commodities are important…
>As Larder-food. Peoples’ lives:
>As Televisions and Radios…list: machine-fuel lubricant:
The Bank of Reality: re-package re-issued must have, must have, like children:
They change-in-value day-by-day. The-Gods’-made…eh?’
‘Can you find a new mark-up?’
‘The New-Find(s)…’
‘New-Crops. Seeds or Fuel-Source:’
‘New Bio-Bacterial-Fuel:’
‘Organic: you heard of that?’
‘New drill-testing?’
‘…and mining…’ … information …
‘Re-newable: shifting for quick returns…’
‘To: keep the whole thing running…’ tenured-lands…and building’s…grabbed, built, knocked-down, whatever. Sometimes takes-time…needs some patience:
‘So, some Short-term, some Long-term?’
‘See? Spread-bets…’
‘Family offshore-Investment(s): I mean…’
‘On good information, before anyone else gets it!’
ReCycling almost everything with Q-d (Quantum-difference)
‘And the Global-Markets requiring government, regime-approval?’
‘Which? Police or Government Military-(I)ntervention…’
‘Digital-Security: Spy-ware…insider?’
‘As in Military-Rule?’
‘Religious…’ militarized-Zones:…
Back-peddling-quickly, as if re-cycling dis-uninformations…
-News quickly!
-When? where? what? –
Looking-down, looking-up again, and into the eyes the-Banker:
‘Why? For Slow-down…stop-inflation…’
‘Deliberate…’ made-out…
‘Deflation better than it was?’
‘For whom?’
‘War! Is. Again! Always is…’
‘Battles of Life! All the Time. Always as if it is somebody-else’s fault or couldn’t help it!’ The whole-Economic-Zone: Central Command Control:
‘On the-numbers, that is all, same as…’
‘More or less! Shareholders…’
‘There has to be a good Majority…’
‘To Act. We must Act.’
‘With a good-minority…’
‘Any-minority, to succeed…’
‘Act anyway!’
A puzzled-look:
‘Sold-Out! Pre-dicament. If only they will not co-operate.’
‘If They do not agree? or pretend to agree?’
‘Or want too much…’
‘Or clear-out…’
‘Or clean-up, more like(s):’
‘So? Leave it up to ‘Us’! Eh?!’
‘Or They take too-much of the spoils.’
‘Mineral. Oil-Gas!’
‘Rubber and then Plastic!’
‘Unnatural: Re-source(s):’
‘Trust. Sustainable. Re-verser. Re-Thinker?’ Natural: Resource: Commodity Prices:’
‘Price-Greedy…with a seemingly intense and more purely selfish desire for wealth and power…’
‘Who is to say?’
‘New-Model(s) Innovative…’
‘Without making anything!’
‘Of: Value.’
‘Anymore different…Different? Super-Profits…10 times over:’’
‘Eating Our Way to Hell (EOW2H)’
‘Losses? 50/50?’
‘Is that it?’
‘For Ourselves?’
‘Reasonable Prospecting-Rights…’
‘Own: Land?’
‘Take the-Others as ourselves would be taken…’
‘Only. Money. Cash.’
‘Take-them for fools!’
‘At Our Peril!’
‘There are limits…’
‘Fairness. Loan-Crash: Investment on-Credit:…’
‘Even to that!’
‘Windfall Tax.’
‘Are there? What?’
‘Windfalls for-ourselves?’
‘Hurricane! The National-Debt!’
‘In-Debit: Sale(s) Day-Book: customer-invoice amount and date:’
‘Censorship?!’ of course…con-fidentiality
Access: to dis-counted funding…
Investment opportunities.
Banks to invest in…
‘For them to invest for Us to take the risk of industrial and agricultural investment:…
‘Themselves!’ rigged between them, of-commodities and in nothing more than money itself.
Gas Oil and 0lder Peoples’ exceptional Care (OPeC): Maternity and contraceptive services and funeral parlous parlours’ tax-on: Currency Ex-changes: ex-Bond deals and currency-exchange would yield… On: Employment and Pay? ‘On unemployment…and welfare-pay:’
‘Driving on the public roads and railways, and air travel, fuel and funds, eh?
Didn’t get ‘It’.
‘Easy. E-Autonomous: Food, clothing, everything.’
‘What you gonna do when the river runs dry?’
‘Credit -Control(s): implementation: Regulation-of-Trade…’
‘Government-openess?’ at the same time floating-branches on rivers of despair.
Scrap-heap site of: re-possession bids and auction. To be bought-up by those who could afford ‘It’ and sold-on by those who couldn’t afford ‘it’.
Same ‘it’ re-wilding limited s(t)ick sale(s): rented-out; left to rust and rot: accumulate land-value: equality: eco-sourcing for a cooler Planet.

<‘Stimulus-Financing…’ guarantee…’ sources special delivery pave the way troubled sonic distribution stalled. >Across hub status airport weak governance standards skills crisis good money costly fusion aimlisting: list…Smartphone patent war.
Super: Prime Property: top-spot safe-haven: Re-sort: Gold and Golf: Status Research: wealthy@ Elite(I)nvestors’ step-up to steep-growth closed behind Golden Postcode addressed to and from dull suburbs and glistening Inner-City: outer Urban Financial Quarter: Lodge-House Aristocratic-Castle(s): stayingin correction…
…sorry sentimentality hits post-crisis low reform: Espren-Spirit: expert-expect stats show…
➢ Poll: shows’ well below trending:Trade-ins…
Apple and Next: Actual: government-economic: regime taken…
No way.
> Thrown-out x10 price less , same-product longer-lasting…
< Symbolic un-changed: > Game-Player:
Just like Me?
See? Propositioned. Seen only now through the half-blind, bruised blank gaps in-between the now toothless figures. Now the abbreviated rounded-up and down, plus and minus letters and numbers in-words and columns, read across in either-direction.
Up or down, in-sequence: Quantity, and quality-branded impish impious, even IMPERIOUS, neither
{sure, not Honest. Nor Deceitful except {[of-Self]}… nonetheless, impressive. Bragging, and Branded.
Desirous-of, and assumed of by all. Lusted-after. Luscious-orderly lifeblood dripping away. Created Chaos! spurted from a neck wound.
Dripped-onto, the-walls and the boardroom and kitchen and bathroom…the shower-room floor. TheBanker watching through the minds-eye and back again to that-moment connected…where multi-national conglomerates had shown their prices altering as of every second as of every day.
In the ‘Boiler-room’ inwardly video-conferencing ‘on The-Trading Floor’…as dancing with stock and bond trader’s, in the customary garish-mode uniformed and colour-coded, to attract business, as advertised.
‘Allies, then…’ similarly-dressed mutually untrusting and…old-school and college broker, military and freely camouflaged amongst each-other.
As amongst foreign and homespun Presidential-candidates and representatives. As agent’s for and against agent’s against…for Prime-ministers’ family and friend (for how long?)…identified authorising killing’s…to be made…rescuing Saviour’s savings’ spent. On getting-rid of economic- traderival’s, and political-and-Economic analysis:
‘Yelled!’ and gesticulated at each-other in the exaggerated and absurd commotion.
Closed-auction…Corporate Dutch and English and Russian…Global-Banks. The open-outcry and in the end obvious secret backroom deal’s that the-Banker, and the-Clerk both knew is World-trade. All there was now, and as immediately immobile, as visibly silent.
Globally normally open-all-hours somewhere and mysteriously somewhere-in-the-world at the sametime bar few within a-few seconds of each other…of lee-way only, or none, to be sanctioned and… ‘Sell Y/N?’
‘Corporate: Buy-up?’
‘With Corporate Banking themselves POD:’
‘With what real actual actuarial money?’
‘This inexplicable entity: World-Trade. That keep’s everything going.’
‘Peacefully, controlled most the Time.’
‘The world going around, you may say…’
‘And around everything else…’
‘Stopped. Stood still.
‘As one door opened…’
‘Another closes.’
‘You may say, the-same door.’ The escalator…closed behind us…slipped-in…just before the deadline, micro-timed…
Just? Got-in…’ as the cry of ‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’ went-up like a weather-balloon.
Blown-in, and blown-up again, crash-landed.
Punctured as the-Prices pegged tethered to the lower-rated let loose on unlimited fund’s…yet there was only so high scientifically that the balloon could go.
Justly? Before?
‘Except no-one really knew, how high, or for how long. Raised on automated and impulse-buying and spending…on-credit…mis-construed:
‘‘It’ is gonna go-up!
‘Again!’ exploded, in flames.
New: regulation. Secular Nation-State: Development-Funding Investment Corporate and Government Tax Profit to: President. Prime-Ministers and Parliament Council, and Judiciary, absented.
The Chief of Military Staff (CMS) stood-up and shot a look around the room like he had sprayed the room and all the people in it with machine gun fire. As the others in the room rocked back in their seats around the circular table designed such that were all to be designated equals the Chief of Police the President the Secretaries and grey suited Administrators slumped forward.
As if blood were spouting from their bloodshot eye-balls they paid little attention to what the head of the
Military was telling them stun-gunned in their seats:
‘We have got to make a move.’ and sat down.
Hands and arms across the table reaching out he banged the table:
‘You!’ looking at each momentarily as he aimed his sight on the President.
‘You. President. You have got to move decisively. We await your orders. Do we shoot blanks or live bullets? Do we sniper-out a few to scare off the rest? Or do we just hold back return to barracks and let the Civilian-Police deal with this?’
‘What?! Military-Police: deal with any offenders: Why are You asking?’
The stare moved the aimed attack onto the Chief of Military Police Army (CMP-Army).
‘This is not Popular Uprising anymore it is a Traitorous Conspiracy backed by Foreign Enemies!’
‘No.’ Riots and stampedes to loot, not-anymore! The People love Me! Where are the: Presidential: Security-Police?! Military capability has to act and be seen to act! The crowd are starting to turn police tactics are starting to turn the crowd that they don’t care. They are each attacking each and together like they don’t care? Well, that is alright, then? They, either don’t care if they get killed or maimed. But they haven’t got the guts for it.’
‘The Demonstrators or the Police?’
‘Who is going to Win?’ Looking around the Table as if firing darts from the eyes:
‘If the Police move back the-Army will move in.’
‘My Army! Security-Forces…’We’ will move in. We are trying to defend the Barracks from all-out assault from the Walls. We will take the outskirts. The roads in, and We Will! Move-in so they will not know what has hit them! Once the Police and Army-Snipers have withdrawn only rebel-civilians left…We will bomb the traitors…re-maining. All out assault on every house every alley every cupboard with artillery with tanks and finally with overwhelming force!’
‘We await your decision. Your Orders…’
The Chief-of-Police (CoP) was half standing. By this point it was not clear if he had answered his own question or sealed his fate as Chief of Police. The Military Chief stood and answered for him anyway:
‘The Army Air-force and Navy off of the coast are prepared to move-in at a moments’ notice. Stop this thing before it starts. Before they start to get the upper hand.’
The President turned to each and then each to their Staff-secretaries and Public spokespersons and translators interpreters although this was to be taken by others media those gathered later in the Press
Room: snowflake millennials video music game-bingers:
The President spoke clearly:
‘Well? What do you think I should do?‘
No-one knew whether the President had spoken out loud by mistake and did not realise and muttered his thoughts out loud. The question to someone? who was not in the room?
Unless this was the president addressing:
The President: the Presidential-Address: although un-typical un-less purely rhetorical, extended and tautologously: so at that:
‘Well? You!’
turning to the Chief who had just spoken-out:
‘You have told me that ‘They!’ The Rats. The Rebels. The Enemy. Could be getting the upper-hand! That you could unleash an attack but haven’t done so! Why Not?!. Are ‘They’ getting-Closer? They will not get any further!! Do I have to make all the decisions around here! You?!’ pointing to anothers’: ‘Brother-in-Law! Why have you not unleashed your Storm-Troopers! Your Crack Regiments! You tell me?! Why Not!’
‘But I …’
All faces staring at The Presidential Face; quivering in rage or dread panic was not clear.
Wavering even only a bow and arrow of a stare off into the distance.
Compared to the rat-ta-tat-tat of the Head of the Military and the Presidents own addresses long drawn out repetitive echo-laic almost endlessly:
‘You haven’t done Nothing! Useless! I could have you shot even now! Get out! Scamper off to the jungle! the Desert-deserter that is what you will be known as! The Desert-Deserter. Now! Out!’
Not the first time.
The ‘Brutal’ Brother-in-Law taken-in…taken-out…had been banished.
‘Cut-into…or Cut-Out!!’
Like the ‘Banished- Brother’ although he was dead, so they said. The Head of the Police seized the chance and with not a moments pause-interrupted the gap following-on the last-words-of-the-President: ‘Very well the Police will withdraw once they have contained the crowd the demonstrators the Rebels…’ and paused:
‘The Enemy! Is! Everyone!’ and stopped for a moment to allow the word to enter into the lexicon; meaning the people the People of the Nation State: the Theocracy: the Democratic-secular: whatever it was on, whatever day. The enemy within; minority yes a minority that can be beaten and can killed and maimed…
‘Army. On My Command!’ The Chief of The Army immediately took-over: ‘The Military will move in and immediately shell the-centre where the demonstrators are from -air and –
Glancing-quickly at the Chief-of-the-Air-force and the Navy:
‘Once the streets into the centre are clear of demonstrators and rebels troops and deserters; defending populations. The Army are currently checking all those leaving The City:’
‘For Traitors, Deserters…’
Halting slightly then:
‘Genocide as I said. Don’t leave one standing or bleeding-on-the-ground.’
‘Not a good-idea given the amount of media sky-shots as well finding…’
‘No don’t want that. Take-them-out few at a time. Make it look like a street-fight. O.K.?‘
‘Qh? War, now?’
-The Army will move-in street by street and take-The-Courthouse and the –Palace-barracks…decodif(y)(ing)(ed): The ambulance edged through the crowds to collect the injured who were shocked and dazed at the demonstrations and meetings that had turned into and were perhaps meant to have been confrontation.
But things were changing. Now and with purpose it seemed.
The Crowds had dispersed and she could maneuver the vehicle more easily through the streets. To where a small group stood around someone waiting to be treated and taken to the hospital. Only a slight cut. No more serious injury than any normal day.
People talking instead of fighting. Replacing anger with resolve.
Demonstrations and meetings had dispersed. To take over workplaces public buildings homes and streets and buildings now made public. Initial Public Offer: Profile of Business and Personalities currently in-charge. Or Not.
Extreme share-holder Power. Employee-share-holder: Remuneration Committee. Small government Capitalism. Dis-affection feathering own nests. Boxed in offices flying-away. Growth
Prosperity Spending Austerity. One-sided Arbitrage.
The Other. Bidding Asking. With Ice-burg stealth. Arms race algorithm. Dagger Guerilla Sniper. Data-stream. Strategy decision. and execution. High-frequency. Mirror-trading. Fragmented and fragile markets.
Collapsed Mergers and Acquisitions.
Peaceful protest turns into Armed surrection. Response-policing. Trust and Confidence.
Response Command Fear no-Consent.
Critical Mass. Likel(i)hood of being Caught on Camera.
Deterrent Sentence. Special Investigation. Fraud.
Consent with the expectancy of co-operation.
Surface: spewed-Flames… Secondary Escape Route. Fronter Classrooms. Virtual Learning Platform. Splendid-Isolation:
Looking both-ways. Not waiting for The Midday-Declaration to be broadcast worldwide.
With Bright-(I)deas! and idealistic-notion(s): tempering to the concrete reality of change.
No longer waiting continuing in hope and determination.
There was still a tension in streets where the ambulance now moved more easily through the city centre. A few people and vehicles only now remained and windows sat broken in blank buildings:
Mis-understanding: Sales’-Pitch Sells Itself! (SPSI!)
World not buying ‘it’ anyway!
Watching listening to each other not: The-Media owed and owned still but not for long by The
Staff actors and performers. Free downloads. Browser sign-up. Copyright. Intel. Props.
With advertisements if you like. How else are we going to find what is out there?
Non-advert: Shareholders may not enforce: social-market: money-market:
Then buy to watch listen anytime rental and add-on.
Rental to stay. Outright. No ‘Law’ needed.
Revoke! Murderball!
UN convention of Human Rights and Rules of Engagement. Treatment of Prisoners of War whether previously shooting-at and being shot-at. Prisoners of Law?
In village squares industrial estates and farm buildings. Outside factory gates and on
office steps. Market streets and street corners at police stations and army barracks. In places police and troops encircled the television and radio stations and broadcasts ceased.
Except from unofficial official pirate stations; those quickly set up and those already in
existence. The Centre-ground largely unreported of no foreign interest to report
Missiles Missives coming in and out.
Taser taster gas canisters bricks and bottles of urine of poison gas; and upraised voices echoed on the buildings and on through crowded side streets. Looting mobs ransacked expensive shops along tree-lined avenues.
Windows crashed-in and people ran arms full dragging pulling at objects from inside
others inside throwing stuff out. Clothes furniture electrical equipment out onto the street; where it was picked up and carried hurriedly away.
Crowds ran and defended themselves. Facing police and military vehicles and lines of
troops hostility at first was lost in panic that soon turned to:
‘What are we going to do?’ repeated in city town and country.
Poor neighbourhood buildings burning people inside. Media bias inevitably misreporting the whole misrepresenting the part. Representing ourselves each of us! and straight lies and damn lies and statistics:N/n…
‘The only way to control people is to lie to them?!’
Managing problems…dealing with the issues…
People carried on working. Essential services were maintained. Shops were opened factories transport started running as before.
People stayed home people stayed at their workplaces. Carried on as usual and as the news of the collapse came over T.V. and radio and passed by word of mouth in the late afternoon people joined spontaneous and organised gatherings at workplaces streets town centres.
Communications energy supplies stocks of goods transport and emergency services were maintained throughout people organised and waiting.
Politicians had made limited proposals. The police and army had left police stations and barracks moved in to break up organised and spontaneous demonstrations demanding at first the resignation of the politicians; then by the evening for people to take over anyway.
As the police and army had moved in the demonstrations moved in to occupy workplaces shops homes streets. The looting and the shooting had been stopped. By groups of shop-workers who occupied their shops factory and office workers who occupied their factories and offices people who occupied their homes and streets; everybody waited. Essential and public services were maintained for the duration.
Police and army looked-on. The Politicians proposals were made public. Presented to a news-crew outside the government buildings and then to a member of the public surrounding the government buildings to announce publicly by television radio announced at meetings at factory gates and office doors streets homes and shops people met. The politicians proposals were rejected. The call now was for people to take over anyway. The Generals had been meeting the Politicians who had been meeting the Police Chiefs.
Later in the afternoon generals and chiefs of staffs of the army and police defeated deserted and broadcasting from various places around the countries of the world not shot at but more often shooting at each other attempting to regroup; to pull together entities nations or industries resources and communications. Announced on television and radio:
We will not shoot civilians unless we are shot at.
Any shooting of police or army personnel will be summarily dealt with.
As well as any shooting by members of the police or army of any unarmed civilian. Unless they are in and providing material or any other support to the opposition in the Conflict Zones or elsewhere. All weapons are to be handed in.
Only needing what-is-it? Up to 100 activists say 10% most hardcore so that leaves 90% each one a hundred sympathizers.
Curfew is imposed – from 17.00 hours. Anyone on the streets past that time may expect to be arrested and if showing any resistance summarily shot. You have been warned. We are here to protect life not
to take life.
Ration books will be distributed as soon as possible.
Until then all goods are requisitioned by the government and Armed Forces. As meeting after meeting denounced Martial Law and Government Control of Trade and Economic Affairs. The stock-markets re-dundant; the money-markets gone just-so the T.V. and radio stations had been retaken by-those who worked there.
The viewing and listening public broadcasts no longer government censored and live from cities all over the world where there were stock-exchanges that stood deserted paralysed in indecision and a lost-cause.
From the countries and countryside and continents’ around people were being interviewed and giving their views one quote put to a television camera broadcast on radio and printed in the newspaper and on-line press said read-out:
… we are returning to put expertise to work.
We are returning to homes and workplaces.
Not waiting for the announcements of governments the stock-exchanges the police or army.
But to carry-on by our own interests. Our own investments in home family livelihood each-other..! Barricades held. So did arguments for peace and activity. People began to feel in control of the situation. There was a feeling in the air that things were changing that life would go on and that things would be different. In villages and towns people met and discussed. Shouted optimism and whispered worry; wondrous mystery or secret hope replacing fatalistic rumour.
And people in the meantime took over anyway.
People no longer waited to see what the politicians police and armies would do. People occupied factories offices shops streets. The police and army those that had not already laid down arms and uniforms had attempted to take over the government buildings now deserted.
Had attempted to occupy the television and radio studios factories shops offices homes and streets that were now being taken over by the people that used them and by the people who worked in them. People moving around and remaining in and returning to their workplaces their homes and
The Operations-room overlooking studio- lights ablaze on the many panels jutting half-into-theroom; hospital switch-board the other half-occupied by Media-types. All checking-systems trying to get them up and running again keep them from jumping picture or crackly sound-lines.
There had been outbreaks of violence hired thugs water cannon and firearms weapons-dump attacked by air raided and armed; with deserters. Switching-sides confirmed not-as-agents and the defense of border-towns; down the hills and along the rows where refugees gathered camps where they fed watered and well-being administered to.
They shook with fear shook hands held hands and held palms and thumbs held upward and let go
punched the air and let go. Then: the Azimuth Hotel and bar restaurant where the last President was killed.
‘Take the Hotel. Take the Journalists out. Fly-them out of the country no fore-fights on the tarmac like lasttime nothing on the runway on the concrete may be fell over? Eh? Then the lot out out-of-here!’
Another long pause not-looking-at-any one or either:
‘President. The-President. Will be taken to safety. Out of the city. In-fact out-of-the country. There will be a nice seaside resort that will take-you-in and not return.’
The President-shuddered and felt grief with something of relief. It sounded-like a hail of machine-gun bullets but never-the-less…it would be a permanent holiday that is all:
‘With you and your family safely away we will be able to finish-it-quickly. None of your people yourpeople will be killed.’
‘But there-are –enemies-within! Write that down!’ to an aimless Administrator in the corner. The President was moved truly moved. Looked away and silently wept thinking how close it had come to execution. Whether by the-military the-police? Who had been ordered so many times in the past many years had colluded and committed terrible crimes against humanity; known about of-course!
Enjoyed hearing-about ordered directly and with delight art the ordering and the outcome. Safe-once-again saved; but by the mob outside the Palace the Courthouse where the Judges and Magistrates had left the doors-wide-open and taken-by: the-Mob: with-ease.
The new-old-law was not going to be made by lawyers politicians or economists.
But by doctors and nurses and carers and cared-for; who valued and were overseen even in their work by moral-humanity.
The President could-see-that-now.
Know that-there-would-be no-Justice without-law.
The Head of the Military concluded thus to-The-President:
‘You will announce you are handing command and control to the Head of the Military…then we will take you and your family. Not your ministers. They are on their own…Hostage to Fortune(s): perhaps With-Us; or: without.’ Of-the-country escaped to; or-not. Constant competition the President thought.
Get it wrong every single time this has happened; or nearly if we had not done away with this-lot or thatlot…Who to believe!
‘You will be taken out of the country.
A second time the President choked back tears heard:
‘Your ministers will have to take their chances.’
Glancing at the Chief of Police:
‘With your Fortunes…’
‘They are either with us or against us…’ the Head of the Military said.
Not clear if this was directed to the President Chief or the millions or was it mere hundreds barely a few or even one thousand left outside awaiting announcement promised and rounded up to attend: The Final Lecture:
‘The Police will return to their Civil-Duties in the name of the Government. Military Rule: will be instated, with immediate effect.’ The Police Chief looked relieved not almost but not actually: thinking: at best, I would follow orders. Then retire pension abroad maybe somewhere pleasant nice. The President stood to meet the Military-Head fullface and eyeball-to-eyeball as if finishing a sentence, that had not yet been started.
‘But what the chances?’
‘…then, we will leave immediately!’ and The President headed-out-of-the-door:
‘I will be excused if I leave immediately…’ and headed out-of-the-door. The President taken out into the corridor down steps into a basement and without ceremony or-warning shot. In-the-front-of-the-head. Blood splattered the walls and the uniform of the executioner taken-away. The Head of the Military thought: …the people will not excuse you. And the Police Chief thought the same. Both adding:
Or ‘Me’.
The police fire and army-ambulance and fire crews remained mobilised throughout the day.
Where the Leader of the Nation was and claimed to the People they were staying, or were rumoured to be staying.
Not seen since earlier that day when an slightly bizarre very bizarre interview to the world press took place. It had been unclear if the clearly dazed and uncertain sun-glazed wobbling slightly leader shaded from the truth had actually said anything in answer to a question; or just mumbled groaned even. N.
On TV the President see taken-out of the airport-named-after and-by and-of and as named ordered paid-for.
Stepping on the soil…
The concrete or another City or Town somewhere-else; greeted by the fawning members of that countries aristocracy attraction, and protection:
Elite: Establishment: darkest or lightest-skinned, and larger horizontally, yet, taller and faster: announcing while laying-dead in the basement of the Court-House.
In contrast to the precious hours long amphetamine-driven crazed-speeches that no-one except: The blindly-Loyal because they had listened to and recognized from before; or took-any-notice-of, and were better-off, for a while. In themselves, but only as-‘us’.
Though they were seen leaving: The City:for: Exile.
The-Presidents’ last-words before not being seen again and mysteriously or not dying abroad; some years later apparently in hospital in a friendly country were rumoured to be.
‘You are to find-and-capture anyone who is not with me kill them!’
‘The Rebel Leader General Future President; alive or dead!’
The Leader had assumed the love of the people as a father and mother as grandparents the traditions of the ancestors. Not to be brushed aside. He people biting the hand that feeds them being tricked and provoked misleading and dangerous…
Me! Everytime: The Leaders only Personal: Family-Children: cause; that-is and could or could not-beunderstood.
On TV the Glorious Leader stepped from a helicopter in another country a friendly country. Not like allthe-Others; at least not now and unless invited.
Not necessarily friendly either.
Not this-president and no-more another from living a life of Terror.!
The television channels were instructed ‘To allow time for…’
A Communiqué to be set-out at the hurriedly convened and over-taken International Conference.
Networked and linking those players who could not jet or drive to Geneva; to be announced simultaneously around the world. Then for statements and addresses from leading members of the Conference to be broadcast to each country in their own language.
Setting out what these decisions would mean for each country to stabilise National Economies and The
Global Economy; the political economic and thus serious situation would need to be shifted.
Moved-into something more controllable.
Something legal that would not get out of their control.
The International Conference of Government Leaders and World Banks met.
The final session that morning had opened thus:
‘We have been meeting together since early this morning to discuss the crisis in world-trading, again. It is proposed to ratify the decisions made and announce them forthwith. To allay fears and panic. Are there any abstentions?
Some countries criticised others for closing exchanges or for keeping them open; for closing banks or for calling in gold reserves. Each had a criticism of another and each attempted to lay blame elsewhere. Yet it was clear that these governments were as much wrapped up in the Stock-market Chaos and Turmoil; as anyone and everything else. Nothing could be gained by not-reaching-agreement; or at least holding-situation whilst agreement by choice or by force could be reached.
News reports interviews and discussion were vetted and edited more so than usual by government representatives. The television channels were to broadcast the communiqué then the heads of governments statements. The Communiqué was sent to translators and typists and clerks and was ready to be announced at noon mean-time:
As from noon mean-time today all currency transactions are frozen and are to be renegotiated under the following terms:
Prices of raw materials and staple produce will be fixed-at-a-percentage-increase over incomes. Incomes will be fixed accordingly. Most loans will be rescheduled over longer periods. All currencies and share prices will be re-valued accordingly at a lower level a standard base from which trading can recommence.
From noon mean-time Today: Time/Date/Location:
All trading of goods and production of supplies will be directed through the financial institutions and Stock; The Global-Market. According to these agreed adjustments; and according to each governments instructions and direction.
These measures are necessary due to circumstances that now prevail since the collapse of world trading in the stock-markets; and to restore Confidence to Global-Markets and to Global-Trading. Finally in fact a stalemate reached with the pawns in increasingly geometric and numerical size overwhelming. The Kings and Queens Bishops and Knights Castles and Palaces overrun; the chequered board with no moves left. Glass marbles with no other to leap over step over. No-room for-Manoeuvre.
The stock-exchange floor for the moment and remained.
From inside littered and fluttered along the streets outside.
The Collapse of every stock market to its production and distribution and consumption.
De-mand and s(u)pply unfettered except by the pressure each has on each and to share.
City-state militia and town council of The Past:
History/Geography Biology…but to each and every citizen set against each other or set aside.
To the other-side; and to ‘You’. Me. Profile.
Collapsed into groups home neighbours work-mates people you see at The shops or Credit-and-Carry. Refill shelves in the Shops. Border Refugee-camps. Inside and out-of-country. Help abroad not unacceptable or excessive. End to Hostilities.
Appointing Ministers of the Church or none. Imam or Priest. In own Image? Bias. Unequal. More equal. Than ‘Others’. All. Known from Home School or College or Training-Centre; and want to stay in contact with.
All kinds of Trades Union Guilds and Yes!
Local Peoples’-Councils for one thing or another.
Voted with the hand (one or both or as the saying goes) afterwards by-foot walking: Style; Direction of Travel: Intended Target: both and everything voted on by naturally arising consensus.
Hardly spoken or noticed except by outsiders wondering locally what this locality was all about. Needs of one out-weigh all or the needs of all out-weigh one.
In the Hermit state…and in the Global-Society anyway. If your of the World from The Golden Orb the Blue
Planet the Globe the Space-gobbeldeGeek!
What does that matter? Whether unfair and undemocratic your point is?
The government needs ‘Us’. Needs You and Me. Without ‘Us’ ‘It’ is nothing! If the government investing in People fairly and equally but not! Divesting People Ingesting-in and Spewing-out. People able to manage to Control our own-accounts: worth something at least.
At last.
And on our own behalf like children and in the cases of the elderly and unwell. Walking-well can get on with it! Alright. Thinking the thinkable!
We can take-over the Stock-Markets the banks and the government; and we can choose our own leaders if leaders we must have which we do not! Only leader for here or there for now. Working together with accepted leadership for this part.
Re-group leaders in their field in-the-field. Working our way-through street by street. City by city and town by town and villages between; we must block all the roads in or out except to choose who chose wishes to leave and at their own risk; or who are not with us…all…. To house arrest not to come to any harm. Then they will be tried; and if found wanting…
Under God or Society?
Your God if you wish and mine Our Society Each our own God not some or anyone elses!
Each our own society and everyone elses!
No enemies no hatred!
Notions-of-History? State-of-Government Government of State
Multi-national state and privately-owned corporations
Societies countries Demographics Protecting rights and-responsibilities
Voters! Locked-in. Under cover of the Night…and Day!
We are staying inside…visiting and staying inside er …looking after our er nearest closest family we don’t know what will happen. We will not have to stand down at this rate we are no longer in fear. All we want is the death of The Tyrant!
At the square limbs hung off at bizarre angles blood streaked the streets.
Where the bodies of the dead and injured had been dragged away. Blood-ran down the gutters and only The Rats moved; amongst empty building overrun.
Murdering as they went. Uniforms in purple stains and black burned men and boys girls and women strewn askew tortured raped and killed. Terrible scenes met the eyes of those left to see them; while the dust blew in earth to earth dust to dust. It was awful awful with no words to describe it.
But to Bear witness!
To mechanised Division. Artillery bombardment. Shell. Metal jacket. Gas. Radiation. Ghost-town. GhostCity. Summary executions. Of your own – a systematic slaughter.
Free-Army deserters. Arms smuggling populations. Field Hospital. Break-out lives. Escaped life. Other currencies? Not worth anything. At all.
On the Global financial-markets. Worth the same. 1-1. Each currency including each Currency-zone currency? Not 1-1+ or 1-1-. Anymore. Banks all of them loaning to non-banks not each other and investment wings clipped and flown. To everywhere in the world where ‘things’ goods and services are made and used. Government loan the same. Never mind the National banks. Electorate self-employed and small-businesses.
Get it all. Shared-out according to existing means (what used to be called ‘Property’).
Homes and workplaces equalled-out along with Bank-balances. Of Credits progressively worthwhile according to need and means. CEO elected not for the Money but for indefinitely extended term after the first-day and readiness to retire early or soon.
Others on the outside of the track.
Over-taking on the outside younger faster . Continue until the satisfaction and patience are over. Then stepdown. Down-size or Go-abroad perhaps? Or both?
Make yourself at home. Art and Science. Precise measuring. Cooking and baking. Scales: N/N. Inventive and deeply Cultural. Quarters and halves. Place and Time. Home-brew and bake. A thousand tiny explosions.
Iconic aggressively self-assuming leadership. Who is surprised almost at the following incited becomes intoxicated. Who Glorifying ‘Self’ and ‘family’ against all ‘Others’.
In ‘Humiliation’ defeated in-which defeat is not possible. Who is willing. To give-away ‘Yours’ and easilyinfluenced Associate-Status.
freely downloading browser sign-up.
Copyright. Intel. Props.
Rental to stay overnight.
Outright. No ‘Law’ needed. Revoke! Vigilance.
With advertisements if you like. How else are we going to find-out: what (i)s out-there?
Then see to watch listen read anytime: rental and add-on.
Global convention of Human Rights and Trading Acts of Engagement.
Welcome to my Home: pestilence peace and tranquillity. Equality.
The Day the Market’s stood still.
Stood still. Closed?
Shop. Broken-Society. Broken biscuits. Broken-Home. To: save: Self in the ‘Bargain’.
Or sordid escape. Cyber-Armies black-sites.
U.N. conventions. On the treatment of P ‘o’ W’s. Government-people bidding beyond our means…
Beyond ‘Ours’.
By giving false-figures and known-once getting-away with it.
‘Time’ and ‘Again’.’
‘Murder. Assassination in cold-blood, at the hands of the Armies on the Globe: prepared to fight?’ ‘On-foot?’
This time agreed to: Protesters-Demand(s): for open-accounting: Of all the Globe’s Top-100 Companies.
Then the next 100. And so on. Gambling? Well yes? Yeah! Each of us our own. Together depends on the Odds. For or Against. Doesn’t It. Taking-a -chance. Risking-it. Bomb-disposal-Hospital nurses story: the early bakers’ day before…the day…the day after. Future.
It will get easier or more difficult depending on how many e-records are erased deleted or shredded. Until it was apparent that the Credit due to the People unpaid. In paid and unpaid taxes. In each and every tax area.
To the Village and untaxed Nomads. Gypsies and Travellers.
Working as we went and go.
People, soldiers and police returned to stations and homes. Ignored the Call to Arms. Ignored statement except to demand: We are using indiscriminate use of force with water-cannon and rubber-bullets sniper and live rounds. Targets pointed out by informers in the crowd; or random to scare ultimate scare tactics.
As if we have not been used to these down the years.
They do not scare us anymore. We don’t scare them.
The crowds, if they are working in the day, if they are working at all; they will come out at night to demonstrate you can be sure!
We learn to forgive and forget so that we did not repeat the same errors, we expectorated were expectant, we did, we made do.
Each to our own business, with others: We have taken over our work-places and are working normally… Well not normally I wouldn’t like it to be like this all the time!
What? Like its been up to now you mean-to-say?! (I)mprisoned: with no-contact with the outside world. At the entrances to the compound checkpoint wearing balaclava and face-mask.
No hierarchical organisation left training and communications systems henchman clandestine internecine fratricide no!
Brothers and Sisters! Sisters and Brothers both! Both risking and valuing their lives for the-other and foreach-other.
‘My younger brother killed in pursuit of a-Dream! This is ritual sacrifice on the altar of power and greed. This is not sacrifice nor is it forfeit nor is it surrender!’
We are not sacrificers…
…nor necromancer.
We are dancers!
We are people with a desperate desire for change
We cannot go-on without change!!!
Anyone with a faculty and facility to provide goods and/or service carry-on anyone without work or leisure to the Job-Centre there is plenty to be done!;
‘I am here waiting for my brother in Victory Parade.’ …watching The Palace fall.
Where he was killed I wait for him here and we go-on together. We were prepared to stay until every one of us was dead and The President. May your iron-stone-statue drag you down to Hell!
Beware the grave you dig for your brother for you may fall in it.
I am not afraid of anyone or anything now!
We have lost our fear!
Our sisters and brothers who have fallen will be remembered as saving their families friends and society, from torture, life, and death!
The main channels began broadcasting the communiqué and government announcements. Most television and radio sets were off or on but ignored as people no longer waited to see what the governments police and armies would do.
As people had evaded or fought advancing troops and lines of police they also stood and talked yelled slogans and entreaties. It had become clear that the governments and stock-markets they served could offer nothing.
Nothing but the confrontation reminiscent of the suffering and violence of previous times. It had become clear that the fighting and banner waving of before was over. The stock-markets could not produce distribute deliver. Pensions pay and even profits could not be paid. The structures the colossi of buildings land technology and people is all that they were worth.
Looted and shared out. Taken-back taken over.
The-supply-chain: the roads the ports the points of entry and exit of goods food and materials and people.
A voice hailed hearty and full to say
So long as dictators rule the political thus necessarily the fiscal financial then we are all in trouble. Because as long as we have just enough to live on whilst working so hard we do not have time to think or breathe hardly then they stay in power.
We are not going to threaten them except for want of enough or just a bit more that and yes; we take notice of humanitarian needs on the ground that there is a cost-benefit-equation to be made whether in time or materially and between peoples lives.
Slogans quoted: To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war!
It is better to wait for your enemy to attack. Then to attack Them!
Those who are prepared are more likely to vanquish and win for those who attack first without a plan are wild and unlikely to win against superior tactics.
From each as they choose to each as they are chosen.
Free and fair elections Now!
End Work-enslavement!
… and Immoral-Servitude!
If a tree falls lumber mill and meat packing plant. Know next to nothing about the leadership of this group. Millions billions trillions quadrillions of worth of property damage. Insurance. Only a matter of chance noone killed. Intent or not. Yah! Crazies. Despite mistakes. Testify against each other or lifetime jail join-up nameless-code loose international federation. Working-class regular kid cop dad PR environmental centre
films tell it as it is.
Green-scare blood-fur: for what cannot be made now without?
Clamped to glued-up doors
Mine protest environmental resistance movement. The disgruntled. Once fortressed forested treeless hills pick-axed. Monkey-wrenching sabotage. Roadblock and drawbridge wall. Handcuffed and bulldozed.
Outlaw: bad-image. The Good Out-Law. Tired of just-philosophising. Action. Arson. Public protest. Riot-Shield: Pepper-Spray: Water-Cannon: eyes genitals public hearing my ass! Internal rift splintering against solid establishment.
Implodes instead of. Anti-trust monopoly take over the world. Complete clearance radical vs radical. Why gentle activism: violence vs violence. On an industrial scale. Greed and loathing. Racist-Spokepersons’ words’ justify-targets to reassess form-cell to protect all life on this planet.
For wild nature.
Synergy. Derisory. Industry. Utility.
What would it be like to do nothing.
You never know the others’ dilemma, you only know your own, without-transparency, fear and mistrust.
The trust game.
The fairness game.
In practice you take the risk of failure? No-one does. Honesty brings freedom. Spill your guts.
Domino’s fall.
Co-ordinated raid. Ringed encircled. Kettled. Frozen in one day. River sea and ice-road. Blocked:
Emerging-Market(s) cross-country and continental: infrastructure wells mines and re-fitted railway. Equity indices slice:slide…
The magic 10% eh?
The idea takes hold.
Then what? Takes over? And runs slap bang into any other 10% who immediately define that 10% as a threat to their 10% and become by definition anti-that other 10% even though they may be very similar their definition becomes a negative rather than positive thing by which they seek by any means possible to diminish the other and use this as a rallying call to increase their own 10% to 25%.
Open free thinking becomes dangerous violently opposite to both or either and a competitive hatred based on a self imposed fear chisms develop deeper and deeper rifts separation(s): Terrorism and War.
How we love our nice neat round numbers our ‘isms and our insecure fears that come to define us! Corporate bullying threats and government authority scapegoats illegal downloading copyright infringement free advertising. Online donation food etc.
Free Food-Bank(s): Kinship and Democracy.
Organised society without the State…
Newsroom landline access hotspot spread of news crisis commons .
No causation only attendant detail. Aid-corruption: stolen-spending: back to the investor(s):
Witness-Protection (WP)
Scheme blown apart confidentiality broken name address given out desperate risk turn life inside out become someone else…
Carbon -free
Atheism unites the faiths against them bringing religious peace!
When does an empire collapse?
When it has lost the trust and faith of its peoples. Its Capital. All at once. Let the world hear you!
What have we done!
Cannot be angry forever we must do something!
If its worth doing its worth doing ourselves yourself loose confederation of cells as each of us is. Make the case public opinion and will. Protest demonstrate for personal change. From fear hope! Not for bread and bibles votes for victuals.
Squatters. Through mentoring Media evidence statistical analysis. Who watches the watchers? Surveillesthe-surveille®s?
We do of course!
Who has secrets has secret wish to transparent decision making: open to debate and evidence rather than or alongside emotional pleading.
For there is right and wrong just as there is left and right; and shades in between only so far as the mass is concerned. Constant vigilance. Vigilant-vigil.
Re-invent the wheel that goes around of Life!
Committee of Researchful-Enquir(y)ies:
Spiral of progressive-change:
Never set in rock or stone: scientific-challenge on principle of sustaining life.
Own. Reparations measured reduction in Left and Right colliding at the libertine limits; of each others rights and privileges responsibilities and cost-benefit. Employable skills Refusnick: Free-loader.
Unmotivated lazy. Reasoned acceptance get help!
Everyone has an opinion if the facts to back intuition. Variously advised. High rolling lifestyle-Bling.
Casino calls.
All political lives fail mired in scandal.
GPS blocking time recorded deals with get-out clause. Exit strategy.
The self-righteous demonising demon demonised.
Lies deception and undeniable undercover truths.
‘Un-censored! Accounts given-by:
‘Each of Us!’
‘Honest: 50%!’ ‘But not shared-out equally…’
‘Between the-People…’
‘To: those who do not pay-in? What? Taxes?’
‘Benefits? Welfare?’
‘Of the-Many…by the-Few?’
‘Few by the Many.’
‘Exactly! Oh, between-One and Zero.’
‘Quantum-Nuclear! Computer: One and the-Many!’
‘The-Many, and no-Other?’
‘The-Few, and every-Other…’
‘The no-thanks! for that!’
‘And what about the-spoils?’
‘Not any, not anywhere equally…’
‘What You pay-in?’
‘You get-Out?’
‘Always. Between the-Rulers and Officials…Officer? Of the-Law?’
‘Private-(I)nvestment(s): secret: and Merchant(s): Trade-in your-debt(s)? At the-Conference? Is that what ‘It’ is! Peace? Or: Trade-War: Conference? Won-(in)ference: for our-debts? Is that @It’? What You are after!’
Looking-down, at nothing in particular…then the words:
‘Trade-in what? What have you got for Me?’
‘Since when?’
‘Since what? When?’
T1+ N/n…ames?
<Aims? unknown-number:nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn…
Quickly intervening, the-Clerk:
‘Now! Again! Since when do ‘We’ do the-actual spoiling?’
Looking up, both together:
‘Different-companies and Corporations…’
‘And Governments…’
‘In-corporate. Like a Cake-Mix.’
‘The-Earth. Global!”
‘Caramelized? Like a cake…’
‘Cruel and unusual.’
‘I’d be doing you a favour.’
‘I am already.’
Knowingly cutting-through-the-crap.
Unknowingly or unknowingly, delivered the foil, of the-spoils, nonetheless, the inside(s) glowing with self-satisfaction, flowing-gowns, the-Banker:
‘As long the Base-Value:’s is agreed and exchangeable with:
‘The-Big Players?’ named: list…(deleted). The only ones that can play…
‘And in-negative-equity themselves…’
‘For liquidation…’
‘No cheques, or blank-cheques: anyway…’
‘Or record for that matter, either…
‘Not in the-ether-either.’
‘In-pocket-book….’ tapping. The pocket-book.
‘Blank-Cheque-book:’ could not-stop…’ moving speculation, into nothingness…
‘Royalties on all output of 5%, 35% tax on all, goods services and employees. Only four or five Majors’ globally…including merchant and investment-banking and High-Street(s) in all the Major-currencies and whole-Economic-Zones…viability…
‘Whole Resource: Nation-State(s):States!’
‘Sovereign-Presidential: Debt:‘Viability?’
‘Of: The-Earth? One-Trick Ponies most of them…’
‘Now,‘OTP-grouped sold-on now no-more-than six or seven massive Global-(I)nstitution(s):-institutions in each-sector: Leaders’ Hedged-Bets’n Puts and Stays.’
‘Energy and Goods:’
‘Re-search and Financial-Markets. Stock-Markets already paid-for several times over through severaldifferent-countries’
‘Competitive-Markets’: Tax-systems and Border-Charges Tariff: Paid-Share.’
‘Shares paying-out…’
‘Taxed-along: The-Way:’ Ssnaking…
Somewhere not actually at:
‘Sold-on at profit, of-course.’
Exorbitant Ancient-Religious Sectarian (EARS): with…and without political Power-and-Command-
‘Men with Guns?’ running…
‘And Women.’
‘Armies need Generals…’
‘Armies needs guns…’
‘Established:…’ mis-understanding kept at-poverty-leveling/n below…
‘Kinging forever…’
‘White.’ ‘Or.
‘Lording IT over!’
‘As if….’
‘Presidential-Monarchial Familial: Trading Big-Corp(o)rations:’ at the level we can be humoured, or ignored:
‘Trafficking still in-Governance.’
Political and Religious citadel of ourselves, and others Vital to either, and each other:
‘Then talk!’
‘’We’ are at each: Government and Church Temple and Big-Business…’
‘Corporate-Global! Rolled into one! Me! and You!’
‘And Them?’
‘And then?’
‘What do you make of it, now, then?’
‘Them?’ Looking around the Train-carriage: take their chances, themselves:
< Bet? Death-Company: Shell Government-Bond(s) Corporate-takeover(s): bundled and sold-on. Forwards:
>Friendly sliced and diced…death and taxes…employment? Life insurance?
< And not. Again. Personal-profit, or loss? < Bullets not Votes… Trucing:
>…tracing…: Option(s):
For Who?
< >Noble-Rulers: free of each other sides’ number(s) of units: food medicine alcohol tobacco and firearms:
Shop-Retail and Wholesaling… < A-vision of the-Globe, a-globe, spun… < Utility Services?
Price-Cap: The Primaries, damn-it!
< Pay-Off Shareholders Workers insurances and pensions… >Play-off! Capital-Investment: Our Friends < and colleagues affiliate-racketeering, marketeering: thesecondary… Then the Tertiary…
Contacts: that is what it is! < Tertiary-colours! The Primaries! Secondary By-proxy!
Intended-Only: Security Bond-Stocks:’:
‘Money for For Good(s)!’
‘And Tertiaries! Yes! Family! The Party-Funding Machine(s) rolled-out: Political: Protection-Racket:
securities for good(s) )-returns: going…
Fear and Favours?’: < ‘’We’ deal in Companies and Corporations who deal in Land and Property >The-Family! < ‘What about the-Family?’ ‘PET.’ scanning: the-richest:… The exact same-second: alerted… >Sell? land and property: 0: Currently: Food and Fuel and Furniture. Buildings’ including…
Buildings and Dot-Comm.s: Credit Loans: Zero-Interest: loaned-in and loaned-out without any questions asked…as soon as: Selling:
’We’? We Buy-in! The-Utilities, that is where ‘It’ is at!’ home-heating: Oil-Gas and Plastic-Goods.
Packaging and Selling Everywhere:
‘Gold-plated.’it is at!’
Then: Gold, Silver-Cellophane: Wrap.?’
‘Diamonds…are forever…’
‘They If You like, they never lose their value……
‘ Gold-plated!
Buying Us Off!
< Let Us take the-Vote! >With Lies and broken-promise(s) From the-screen, voices-off:
‘Intimidation! Look! No little-finger!’ The election-rigging accuser turned accused…
‘Denied! Government-Goal:
‘Gail Jailers! Bailers…’
‘Turned: Prisoner(s)!’
‘And innovation the Children’s Toys!’
‘Trinkets. The-newest=costliest:…’
‘Crap. Costliest!’
‘Never. Cheapest, and last to go.’
‘First to go…’
Searchlight spun-around, onto another game, another-place:
‘Next time!’
‘Last-time!’: open-source:
‘White and Black Ethnics: All!!’
Yellow-vested. Brownian-motion:
‘One killed off, both, killed-off. One remains…’
‘The Harder They Come: cash-configuration of the-State?’
‘One Nation Under a Groove?’
‘Tax and punishment as public-servants:’ with white-hood red-masks and black-mask:
‘Divide-and Rule!’
Beaten Blue-and-Red: Yellow-Gold and Gem(s): Sky, Sun and:
‘Brown-Earth: Shades of All. Black and White: grey…’It’ makes no-difference…’ desecrating-graveyards, in search of gold, silver and paper-money:
‘Never Easy.’ secure sequestering carbon lit: trade-convoy, protected-corridor…
‘Never impossible.’
‘?@(c)’ On the-Train: out of the blue, outside:
‘So, what do you make of all this, now?’
‘Where, do you think the money is? The-Banks?’
‘Not-Anymore. The-City.’
Then, let’s us go there.!’
‘We are.’
‘What about the-Rest?’
‘There is more?’
‘Fuck the rest!’ small fry…terrorists…list: list…
>Rebels’:Revolutionary and Religious…
We do not kill thieves! ‘We’ teach them a lesson:
‘Police and Thieve(s)!’
‘Banker and Gambler…’
‘All of Us!’
‘All of the Time!’
‘And: Place(s):’
That will not get the even even-
Equity-share(s): on the Assets: list…list’s…lists’
‘They started-out with.’
‘You get-me?’
‘You got-me…’
‘The left-over’s…’
‘Dreg’s…’ remnants…ruins…re-main(s): too late for that:
‘Meat? Bacon?’
‘Transporting-Meat: Gold and Golf Leisure Complex:’
‘All Over The World.’
‘Country: In:vestment-(I)nterest:’
‘’We’ leave that to the Companies and Corporations We Own On The Ground.’ ‘And the-Bailiff(s)?’
‘Officers of the Court and Local Authority. Our-Bail-out: to sort that lot-out.’
‘As in-corporate,-with Money? Credit. Massive Clear-Out!’
‘Money-Sale!’ ‘Boot-Sale!
‘You got IT!”
‘No, You got ‘It’!’
‘No, you got ‘it’.’
‘If ‘We’ cannot pay-off the loan(s): in the first-place?’
‘What for?’
‘They may never be paid-off.’
‘Government-Taxes: Consumer-Welfare (not anywhere un-equal): paid-off compensation: re-building taken-land(s): homes and businesses, as anywhere in the World:
‘‘We’ will of course in time claw it all back for ourselves…’ #In-time:
<T1: Take-over’s: capital-List…list…list’s: …
‘Fair and square!’
Graph’s curved, across-each-other, through…away from each other…bone-curved, bell-curved…
‘Middle is the best place to be on the curve…’
‘On the swerve…’
So, the conversations went, back and forth…
‘And even then, you don’t ever really know what’s going on…’ ‘What-to-make of it.’
‘Never mind…’
‘Most the Time. Nor do any of Us!’
‘Constant-Positives!Make it sound Good!’
‘Could get hammered?’
‘No-negative positives…’
‘Where do I come-in?’
‘And that is where You come-in. You could take a cut-in, if you like?’
‘What for?’
‘Nothing. Try you out? Take a slice? You’re smart. I’d be doing you a favour?’
‘I am, already. Doing You a favour simply having this conversation…’
‘What for?’
‘Seriously?’ ‘Sole-trader?’
‘Arse ‘ole Trader. Soul-Trader. For-my-Sins…’
‘You mean?’
‘The Devils’ Advocate?’
‘You mean?’
‘For my-offence?’
‘Wrong-doing? Felony? Fault? Trans-gression mis-demeanour? Mis-deeds?’
‘Goodness! Winning!!’
‘Not-Securitising the underlying debts and loans:’
‘For Life?’
In a few short months…’
‘Re-tirement? Security? I would be a sole-Trader? Limited-liability? I would be my-own-Company?’
‘You would Be! Your-own-Company! You owe nothing!’ and otherwise with as much Superior Sadistic Psycho-Fun and as much hate-filled threatening sweaty anxiety as you can manage…
‘In return for?’
‘They are Yours!’
‘Secured by Real Estate? Or not?’
‘Your-Debts? Giant Flat-Screen T.V. perhaps? Home? Fast Motor vehicle, 4×4 Life insurance? Pension, for later-Life?’
‘You? threatening Me?’
‘Any other-Debts?’
‘So, who hasn’t got debts? Think about it? Eh? Everyone does! You work to pay off your debt to Life and
Livlihood. Neighbourhood: Family…’ Lie-bore: Living…
‘I can take your debts…’
‘With: Health and Social Security?’
‘They are yours!’
‘As the source of all-debt, eh?’
‘Sin. The source of all Debt. Eh? So, what’s not to make of it Now, Eh?’ the-Clerk spoke into the vacant-space between them. Nodded-over and down toward the returned-to unseen unshared, screen.
Through the others’ paper newsprint, and at the mobile-pad display screen and inked-in writing thinking of possibly un-befriending… The-Banker now looking away from the re-directed gaze ignoring the-Clerk and the assumed video-game machine, seemingly wished to be returned-to:
‘So, what is that game you’re playing, eh? Warfare4?’
Ignored, then:
‘Not: WarFare4, then?’ then: the-Clerk resumed scanning paused on some on-line conversation and without looking-up at the-Banker:
‘WarFair4. Like the Game?’
‘Hunger-Games? So? What’s on Your Mind now eh?’ Scanning-down…clicking the-circularity loading-timer…text and graphics…glancing-down, and across…and holding…released…photo-opportunistic reading-across a newly updating…page 2/…pagedpast the aberrant-picture, and headline, on which both the-Banker and the-Clerk had turned the page three…
‘The Market’s will decide.’ and this was the moment the-Banker could have added: ‘…and there is nothing you, or anyone-else, can do about it!’ but resisted.
There would be no point.
You and whose Army? thought of, by the-Clerk.
Neither-outspoken aloud. Instead, from the-Clerk:
‘Decide what?’ the-Banker attempting to impart, as-if spell-checking it out word-for-word, as if tooabstruse and unknowable for this simpleton.
As for Children, to make of it what they will themselves simply re-iterated as some obvious truism:
‘The Markets will decide. The Markets will come through…’ stepping-up to the plate once again:
‘Get geared-up.’
‘Not-Leverage-down, then?’ and the accompanying levering-action, committed:
‘Global-Exports! Our best export:’
Truthfully? Honestly? Accurately, as far as in known? More or Less?’
‘Our best-Exports are everything-else!’
‘Like what? Like…TVs…Games?
‘I don’t know…’
‘Advertisement: Trade-War(s): vs. the Opposition…’
‘Hard-Ware. The-City…’
‘About Company Accounts in advance?’
‘That is your job.’
‘The numbers, the shapes…’
‘To know, and withhold market-information…’
‘Numbers. True or False. Letters and numbers…’
‘Put-together in a certain-way…’
‘Contractual arrangement?’
‘Debt? Bankrupt?’
‘You? Again?’
‘Credit-rating? Everything about You? No-longer a-secret?’
As cagily, in the compartment, the space between, and around, the-carriage:
‘Debit-rating? Of course. All of them.’
‘What, my-debts? Who are You? To be asking this of Me?’
‘Who are You to listen?’ and answered:
‘Tourist? Journalist? Aaahh…yes…Fun and Games. You know! Sport’s. Games? And, there is ‘Art’ in it.’
‘Trade! Only the Biggest The World…’
‘Ha! Ever Seen!! quickly adding nodding at the obvious:
Games-machine opposite:
‘Those games? Same as the real thing?’
‘S’pose so.’
‘All-and Any other-Businesses…some-Manufacturing…’
‘Resorts? Mega-Media…’
‘Energy-providers…’ lower-sixty or six-hundred million billion trillion of Us!
‘Work for? The Big-five Pharmaceuticals?’
‘Not Much Choice?’
‘Not in it. Fixed. It was always The Rational-Equitable.’
‘Shopping-Malls? Was ‘It’?’ If you have enough bean-counters, eh?’
‘Hotel Sports’ Stadia. Shop-fronts?’
‘Shop-windows?’ ‘You got it!
‘@I have?!? ©Multi-Agro-Cultural’s: plastics for oil and …’
‘Oligarch, then! Tycoon? Anglo-CEO? Roman? Salt and Sugar. Colonial Imperial Tobacco: Tea&Coffee: Alcohol:…and:…Drugs…Gold, diamonds and silicon. Precious metals and ores from child slave-labour to the modern day Royal-sale(s):-Ledger: firearm: sales.
> ‘There it is…’
‘Weapons of Mas-Destruction? Nuclear?’
‘Department-of ‘You know Who.’.
‘Beating up the wrong-one…’
‘Illicit drugs? Now that would be illegal, wouldn’t it?’
‘Illicit-Weapons? Super-Sport: Doping-Olympics?’ without pause for appreciation of Self or Other:
‘Poison. These, all taken-together, are more than the-City, put together, anywhere!’
‘My point entirely!’
‘That bit more is what the-City creams off for Itself.’
‘(P)rincipal-(I)nvestment: IPO?’
‘Investment-Principle: Business-principle:’
That bit on top…
‘Commercial-Confidentiality: Competitors…’
‘Of everything-else?’
‘On top of what?’
‘Everything else!’
‘You got ‘It’!’
‘What? Inter-National Fraudulent-Loans. Mortgages, Credit?’
‘I got ‘IT’!’
‘Any Debit-Cards? Credit? Rating?’
‘All directed toward the innately greedy? Too good to be true? So probably is false…’
‘No-one is forced to-borrow.’
‘Life is…’
‘Pay-Day Loan?’
‘Everyone-is. No-one is totally self-sufficient. We need each other…’
‘Everyone is totally de-pendent to start with.’
‘The-Game. This Game! Need to learn to-play! Live the Life! Investments. Savings. Pensions and
‘Sold.’ Unheard, switched-off, unhearing:
‘Insured, to live. Pensioned to die.’
‘The best for the next-Generation! Our-Kids!! Invest to Live!’’
‘Gene-Edited! For: Health and Social Care.’
‘…and give nothing-back. We-pay-our-Taxes. Charity…’
‘Government evasion avoidance or escape abroad, is it?’
‘Oh yes…and give to Charity.’
‘To save a life?’
‘Sans Frontieres.’
‘That: Bad?’
‘Is it?’
‘Good?’ The-Banker outspoken, reached-out to the-Clerk again, now:
‘Borrow-to-lend: that is the way to do it: Investment:’
‘’We’ borrow on Our-Debt(s):?’
‘To: Lend:’
‘‘We’ do the-tending…’
The-Clerk knew:
‘Buying-Up: spending at knock-down prices, right?’
‘The-Price is always right…’
‘(I)nvestments are Hopes and Dreams. You have Hopes and Dreams, don’t you? ‘We’ all do. don’t we?’ ‘Nothing-Left.’
‘Nightmare or DayDream.’
‘That is the question?’
‘Big-House. Big-Car…’
‘Do a Good job with what I have, and what I can get…’
‘Be: Rich?’
‘Private-Jet without hurting anyone?’
‘Never, people will always get hurt.’
‘What? By luck or judgment?’
‘Maybe. Mis-Judged.’
‘Make your own?’
‘Laws. Un-even Justice. Made to Measure: what School are you from? College? University? Diplomatic-
Travel: and Cash Routes? Property All-Over? Hostile: Trade. Takeover(s): Everything! Easy-Money.
Broken into Family Bank-Vaults similarly…’
‘With nothing in them!’
Computer-screens. On Stocks and Shares:
‘Cannot be touched. Except by The Legal Money Owner:’
‘Who are?’
‘Foreign-credits as well as debts.’
‘Transfers, simply…’
‘Get away with it?’?’
‘Getaway car?’
‘I like it! My Own-Car!’
‘You? Helicopter?’
‘And a ‘Good-Job. Judge! Loads ‘o’ Money!’
‘Of course! But You cannot have-everything, by sheer luck. Got to do something for it! So? What else?
What have You got to offer? Self-Judgement?’
‘Of Other? By: Trial?’
‘You are a Fiscal: High-Court Judge, now?’
‘Supreme-Court. Judgement?’
‘Equals=of-Information:@Birthright, perhaps…’
‘Privilege: Who You Know…’
‘Who knows You!’
‘As well as What?’
‘What you know or think you can know.’
‘Now? Can-Do!’
‘Live the dream!’
‘Follow your dreams! Total-Consumer. Celebrity-Everyone!’
‘But not if I don’t want to?’
‘The Evidence?’
‘Stay in the shadow(s) y’a know what I mean?’
‘Off-shore? Greedy. Next-door. Best-investment yet, yes…’ (i)ndependent of each other, no snail-mail or bail-trail…click: bait-switch:
Rational & Equitable.
➢ R/E(In)Bestment!!!
➢ Luck. ‘Yet, no- person is entirely independent…’
‘Although we all may try.’
‘No-Country, either.’
‘No-company, or Corporation!’
‘I do not speak for You. You do not speak for Me. I speak for Myself.’
‘So, do I. For Others…’
‘For: Nothing…’
‘Until the price-is-Spot-On. In-storage.’
‘The-Price rises:n/N!’
‘Jump how high?’ A-hiatus, then The-Banker chortling conceitedly self or other deceptively, or not:
‘’Buy’ or ‘Sell”?
‘What?’ glancing-screenward, both leaning-forward across the table and ignoring everyone else in the carriage.
The-Banker, to the-Clerk:
‘O.K. One-to-one now…’
The-Banker, and the-Clerk leaned forward listening:
‘Nothing less and nothing more from the-point at which the stock-markets, and currencies closed.’ ‘The money-markets are closed?!’
‘Are-closed to-the-point at which they may be open, sooner than we think?’ ‘Could be…re opening…sooner than we think?’
‘Now@we speak.’ This time to the-Clerk as rhetorically-intended, answered the-self:
‘Of course! Open for Business, right now! Ssh….Alright: Pre-deals being set-up as we speak. Be-ready…’ ‘But there is a lot more than that?’
‘You need to be there. And because in the end it is You the-People…’
‘On this Train?’
‘That is why I am going in. You know…the-Politics?’
‘The Politics?’
‘InterNational: Trade Re-Lations? We. Make it happen.’
‘ShhIT happens! Economic. In the end. Every-time…but not yet…’
‘Then? Yet(i). Take a move on in?’
‘Why not?’
‘Get in there! That is why I am going in Today! The only reason…’
‘Then: The Airport?’
‘In-where? On what?’ naturing now, or-nurturing? Plebian? Or non-Plebian? Once? Maturing?
‘Re-turned for personal and Family Gain.’
‘For latte later latters…’ ‘Letters?
‘GRrrrr’s…get ‘it’?’ The-Clerk contemptuous of and contemplating then of some instant.
But only now felt, mistrust-dealing, in fantasy, and fear…genre: horror:
‘What are the odds?’
‘Of what? Not-evens’?’
The passive reflective: thought and then again the-Bankers’ anger rising:
‘By closing-the-markets…’
‘Unsecured mortgage, and credit: Crisis…’
‘Systems’ Crash!’
‘Only perhaps…’
‘The others’ follow. Cannot do business…’
‘Re-insurance and Payback-Pensions and: Life-Saving(s):’
‘Home-mortgage(s): Home and Office:’
‘Hotel-Building: bubbles…’
‘Baubles! Highest bidder:’
‘Shops and Business cannot pay wages, salaries, borrow-to-buy goods, pay-suppliers, of goods and services…’
‘Yes? So? Log-(i)n Logistics.’
‘Crediting-Account(s): Corporate-Famil(y)ies. With more than the value of the Business:’
‘Loans for Shares?’
‘Then, what? Default?’
‘Then what? Re-possession?’
‘By whom, of what? The-Lender? Sherriff. Bailiff? We don’t do that! Administration! Auditors? Lawyers?
Accountant? Bankers: those, yes. plenty of Work for them: Cooking-the-Book(s) hiding the evidence.’
‘Mobster(s) like-Staff: mad or cool killer threat…’
‘So, unscrupulous and vain!’
‘Sure. Enjoys’ the Blood and Guts Corporate Image, I know who I am?’’
‘And covering-up!’
‘Then? Loss-assessor…’
‘Adjusted in the buyers’ favour.’
‘Deal done.’
‘Of-course! Everything is affected! All the-Money!’
‘Press! For All the Things!’ dragging-down whole-Corporations! Airlines! Fallen out-of-the-sky! Walls and Towers collapsed… The-Peoples’ Nationalised-industries sold, for next to nothing, to a few…in-Power… Buildings built. Un-built…
Lived-in un-lived in:
‘For Sub-Prime(s) were Its’ Biggest Beast!’
Whole-industries! Businesses and Transport Infra-Structure:
<Taken-out of our-hands!
➢ Off Our Hands (OOHs!))!
➢ Given-in to! Ports and Airports, sold-off. Sold-out. Nuclear-Power cancel each other out…
Indo-Pakistan and Bangla-Desh MyanMar:
>German-American: Indo-Euro: Pean: Russe!!
< Africa!
‘China-Risk! National-Security.’ enough-rope:
‘Crashed!’ collided!
Onto the black-rocks, mired in the quicksand of information-fatigue(s): set-in.
‘Onto the Black-Rock(s) of Doom!’
Granite forced apart by icy-water roughened and ready:
‘At the bottom of the Deep-Blue-Sea!’
‘The Locker-Room?’
‘Mov(i)e.See: Bonanza!’
‘And Blow-Up! -Out(s)!’ correcting:…
‘Needs a Lightning-Rod!’
‘Over The Top.’
‘For the-taking…’ (i)dentity (iD) scamming-shamming spamming computer-fraud.
Without permanent circuitry, no trace…
‘Dropping-off The Trees!’
‘That’s it!’
‘Not…’ accidentally in the pursuit impacting pile-up smashed: lower branched fruit dropping to the ground:
‘Crashed into the Sea-Wall!’
‘Off The Rails.’
‘Street. On concessionary-loan(s) re- mortgaged:’
‘Street? You? Bankrupt?’
‘Owed, owned, or not.’
‘Bought and sold and brought:’
‘Nothing for the family…’
‘Home and Abroad. Colonial. And those who Build-Businesses…’
‘Corporate. Continue-Building: Big-Six!’
‘Or seven…’’
‘At Eight and Nines! Globally: Family-Empire(s): Again and Again!’
‘Too Big!’
‘More Credit than Cash!!’
‘Cache then Credit.’
‘Asset-stripping raising-the-barrier…’ Dry hacking-cough from the-Banker, the-Clerk:
‘Like: Spear-Fishing.’
‘In a Barrel?’
‘Lake.’ Out of the window the-Clerk re-in -flected:
Activity screen: back-diving-back
In. Re-surfacing water-fighting Pulling-in, the-prey:
‘Over-lending tally? Sick.’
‘Too much money…’
Over-Production Economic Central-Command:
‘OPEC: Surplus…NNNnnn…’
‘Not given-back…’
‘Ragged-Trousered: Philanthropist(s):…(s)…’
‘Painting. Richest-Owners of Land and Money:’
‘People! African: Arab-Spring!’
‘Self-employed ’
‘Hard-Labor Farmer!’
‘Engineer. IT consultant:’
‘A soft-Price and Bidding system…’
‘Or could be War?’
‘Already! Workers! Unite and Fight!’
‘To maintain-price…’
‘…and raise It?’
Not-sold cheap-stored…
‘Transported…’ ‘slavery and Death. Arab and Catholic-Capitalism: Protestant: Consumer-led: Industrial
‘Transporting people as animals, certain people un arguable laziness and self-ignorance knowing-all.
Own Owned-Work: Product-to-Market: Consumerism:
‘What is wrong with that?’
‘Who are: The-People!’
‘The Workers! The-Consumers!’
‘Both. They vote with their feet…’
‘Communist: Party-led:’
‘Work-Ethic: Ethnic!’
Proportional rep. at least 4 standing and preference least worst wins, not 1st past the post dictatorship of the majority with disgruntled minorities
‘Go where we’re sent.’
‘How else would you know what was out there?’
‘How else would you get Free-Service?’
‘By: ongoing forward subscription, of course.’
‘Of what, to what?’
‘Quality and Quantity of Service as Ordered: Or not out there?’ rows, of half, and full empty shelves, at the local supermarket and street-market and auction of household-goods:
‘They are your-Customers!’
‘Of course! Share-Holders!’
‘Everything that happens must-happen…’
‘Yin and Yang.’
‘Demand and Supply…’
‘Bullish and Tigrish:’
‘To: The-Bearer:’
‘Debit Goods:’
‘Cash. Supply and Demand…’
‘Demanded and Suppl(y)ied.’
‘People and Goods…’
‘Lands and Livestock.’
‘Stock(s)-Exchanged: everywhere:’
‘Taken. Stolen. De-frauded time and time again…’
‘Staffing-Services…’ get rid of the compliant complainant, by all means possible…
‘Service-Staff: Government. Bigger the-lier(s):’
‘Bankers’ exaggerating-minutae:’
‘The more intricately believable…’
‘Multiplier. Bigger and more-complex the more:..’
‘Or un-believable…’suspension of disbelief…
‘Advertising: The-Truth.’
‘May be, unbelievable? For All?’
‘Go to Mars or the Moon with: Bullshit-Job(s): In the Woods…’
‘The Bearshit.’
‘Bull Crap!’
‘Fox in the Chicken Co-op.’…naturally…
Organic reared from Organic: Think about it…the naturalistic-fallacy…is its’ self a Fallacy!’ Ram-charge:
‘All is Natural as well as Un-natural!’
‘I suppose…’ this… ‘What?’
‘This? Is not Real? Is both naturally-happening and un-naturally-concocted…’ with thought and action.
Truth only a present tense, monistic. Monastic agreement in-accord with God.
Global: Pluralism of monistic selves, selfish-selves, completely no-one completely.
Some get close, and more-bonkers-than Bankers, that they do.
Probably mean no harm, not:
Even. But: the-partners…the amours… the armoires
Armies, Police forces and in the end the Presidents as Royalty: claim of holiness, and piety…
‘Don’t go a long-way…’ past-empirical, scientific-speculation, after, the, mean, and every event, has been counted, add, or indeed, minus, Zero. Saved as One. By each of our senses…anything, and everything, could be something-else…and will be the next moment, and the one after that:
‘You: see? Check-a-Trader? Equity-Ownership. Everything, pure and natural, untouched, by human sensibility…’
‘Or: fault?’
‘Suit. Collectively?’
‘Pure-Good? Pure-Evil? Rubbish! Rational-Actor!’ (i)ncluding our thoughts and ideas and what we see and hear:
‘Acting: ir-rationally?’
‘Sometimes, most times, maybe all the time:’
‘Future-Derivative: Prediction?’
‘Analysis: system-structure function-constructivism: after the Event.’
‘De-Manding Futures?’
‘Hu-Man. Together, mostly harmless.’
‘‘We’ are dealing with an irrational world constantly changing, rationally, in mind, and body directed:’
‘By Leaders’…’
‘Bankrupt. Rationalle?’
‘But not-unreal.’
‘Until seen.’
‘Then it is too late?’
‘Perfectly. Imperfectly impossible! Nothing is so-Pure!’
‘‘Equal’ as equipped at last’…’
‘Nothing-more Natural than what has only just-happened.’
‘Rationalised. See? Normalized: Naturalised!’
‘Yet in its inception? Un-natural?’
‘Us? Before The-Event? God-made?’
‘Or up-ourselves!’
‘Rationally reasonably regulated-regulating in-advance equitable we like to think, and be post-modern, tamed.’
‘So how? So, Devil de-bauched!’
‘A crime in its’ twist…’
‘Bi-got.’ Un-reasoning:
‘Not unlike Hatred. How is to de-(s)Troy…’
‘Self! To create!’
‘Told when…’
‘To Create is To-Destroy?’
‘Or be un-created.’
‘From Nothing? Impossible!’
‘Scientific-Economy: numbers…’
‘Since: Ur-rational?’
‘Socially-Rationalised: Infra-structure. Bridges and Tunnels and Space-Craft to take people between peoples and their livelihood(s):’
‘For the next-rational-move…’
‘To: many.’
‘Algorythmic-Logic! Profit at all-cost(s):’
‘Not-enough! Not-exactly Equitable.’ thought-of carried-out? Never know, until the deed is done.
‘Too-much? Sold-out?’
‘Stayed-Put.’ De-ported:
‘Made: Illegals. They were-wrong before…as to say…’
‘What? That it can only be natural? They were All-wrong! Admitted it?’
‘Who? Under torture of threatened bankrupt poverty?’
‘Freeze. Irrationally…’
‘Of: Having It All?’
‘Everything, and everyone. Taken-away from them…’
‘By someone else…’
‘For someone-else…’
‘…and The Others?’
‘Not pure self-interest, then?’
‘Perhaps…those that said it was only-Natural.’
‘With: Other-Greed, now?’
‘Perhaps we all are, to some extent, want more than we have?’
‘…and does that make what the International-Conference: They, are deciding now?’
‘Since: Ir…rational?’
‘No, simply only self-interested…’
‘Not: Only One!’
‘Country and World Our: Roman:’
‘African Salt and Sil(i)con:’
‘Global also but by greater, much greater degree…’
‘To be selfish and greedy!’
‘Poor and Lazy.’
‘Never-enough, some-of-them.’
‘To Cash-in? at least…’
‘Whatever-happens! Crash? Collapse?’
‘They said they saw it coming…’
‘Afterwards…’ hooked on the gambling shambling analysis:
‘As all our Pavlov-Payslips: Pension and (I)nsurance: included-as: Business-Cost(s):’ ‘And Did-Nothing! Did you?’
‘Do nothing? How is that possible? I got Rich. As I am. I am as Rich as You would Be:’
‘Get-Rich, quick. Eh?’
‘Re-tire young?’
‘Or: carry-on:’
‘On-paper…’ ‘On-screen… quicker…
Nodding across the train-table between them, then looking out towards the traveling landscape beyond:
‘That’s what I mean…see?’
Un-seen or heard, the-both of them baulked and drew-back into the-event: the fray:
‘The-Rich give nothing to the-poor…’ grubbing-property express-anger and pay-back victims’ food and clothing not-enough…squalid and horrible, homes, as busy, frantic, and full of good-fun, and miserable, poverty.
Fights and arguments, through the walls partitioned-off, of the grand buildings and offices, on the stairs, the broken-elevators, and especially small children, babies, not invested-in, yet.
Outside the-window: destroyed-buildings, derelict, others new and sparkling in the rising Sun..
‘Sold ideas to the-congregation, neighbours, electorate…’
Humid oil-swamp pipeline and tetsi-fly Ebola: Katrina-Melania. Water infecting killing Oil spill lands.
Stealing Protection-Racket Government.
Ex-pectora ting…live…on-screen:
‘Used to be only for the money…now it is this-countries’ economic-Zone, to the-Others. Now it is Tradedeals done…’
‘Or not-done!’
‘Energy and Money: dis-Astor($). ’ Bond-Field(£): Game (€)s: Labour. ssshh…
‘Who knows what will happen, anytime, disasters,,,’
‘Poverty and Riches.’
‘When I find how-much…’
‘Is not-possible.’
‘Then what is possible, now! I feel ANGRY!’
‘I cried…’ caught-out: purposely or not:
‘A petty and defining soul-rescued and for the-Life!’
‘Now it is only for clean water and the food of God’
‘Wine-theft: GS-suicide.’
‘International Family-Fraud (IFF).’
‘Claridges Moss&Co.’
‘Empire. Taking themselves too-seriously!’
‘Suits. Gangsters’ Gear.’
‘The-State: takes over when the Private-Sector re-treat(s).’
‘Small-countries: the Largest: Industrial-Output and Ex-Ports.’
‘In-Ports blocked censoring:’
‘Trade-Sanctions and Tariffs imposed at Home and Abroad.’
‘The definition of: Trade-War? Titfer. Tit-for-Tat. Hat?’
‘Fuel and Food Price riots…’
‘Cut-off the hands with a machete…’
‘Accused of stealing-rice…’
‘No-negotiation…was as if they wanted to leave…without a hand.’ Ten-minutes of screaming. Crying. Chased-off any intervention attempted destroying, looting, for themselves…
Problems, with electricity, and clean water…came down from the mountains…food-shortages…
Vacuum-cleaners and light-bulb bubbles…
North seas and South Seas.
‘From Crimea?’
‘From: Others’ Crime(s): Estonian.’
‘Pastry? Mooncakes? Re-cycling pro-seed(s) after financing maturing business and trade(s) bond-buying investment proceeds re-invested: Each-of-Us!’
Looking-towards the-Clerk, the-Banker:
‘Charity: list…works-too…you know? ‘We’ Love Charity!’
‘Pingshu?’ ‘Great-Publicity, for when it all goes wrong!’ laughing: open fumbled Corporate-secret(s):
‘Do They Work?’
‘Corporate-Bank and Government Secrets?’
Torturers and Assassin(s)! Public-(I)(M)age.
‘Advertising, everything!’
‘Annual-Accounts…The Last Green Tree. Daily.’
‘What about paying Taxes?’
‘For: Welfare instead of employing-people? We do that. Social-Safety-Net (SSN). Naturally.’
‘For: Actual-Austerity:don’t necessarily get the benefit…’
‘Don’t necessarily get anything. Free-Will: intervenes…generally…’
‘As do benefit(s):’
‘Homes for Soldiers. Workers, eh? Fit for Heroes!’
‘The whole Government National State Country…’
‘Infrastructure? Paid-for by?’
‘Taxes. Interested-in:…’
‘In: National-Debt.’
‘Sovereign! Of course!’
‘Private? One-Shareholder One Vote? Public-Decision(s)…many…’
‘Equal-Vote? On anything! Each of Us…’
‘Fit for Purpose!’
‘Free-Vote!!!’ ‘What about all that Charity?’
‘1% Social-Charity:’
‘Taxes. Good-Welfare: starts at Home.’
‘As kind of Heroic-sacrifice…’
‘Trust Fund Martyrdom?’
‘With Your name on It! Bang!’
‘Traitorous!’ without-knowing really why? What-for? Or whether the outcomes would be favourable or not…
‘Harmless? Victimless? Insurance-Pension Scams?’
‘Balanced-Pay: Massive-Risk, Eh? Others’?’
‘If they cannot manage their own accounts, as well as We…’
Cheated? Out-of…
‘Of course…’ re-investment…
‘Your-own customers, managers, share-holders, stock-holders especially…’
‘Pay: Master(s) Mistressess and Madame?’
‘Nothing…well to almost nothing left…’
‘Almost…everyone cheats or steals.’
‘A little, perhaps, from their Employer, do we not?’
‘Directly to: the Customers’ Digital-Wallet?’
‘Tax-Scam: a Friend (i)(n)deed: dead:’ ‘The Employee’s rent rest and re-cuperation?’
‘Health-Tech. diverting: Leisure-Pension. Life-Insurance.’
‘Iron and Steel. Copper-Bottomed!’
‘Wire-Wool: Zinc-sealed:’
‘Acid-Lead(s): Nickel-Cadmium: Lithium: Battery:’
‘Little-light: brightly lay-out for a laidback: for Life!’
‘A little late for that.’
‘What may not be too-much?’
‘Taken away in Customer-Value?’
‘Extra’s! They hate You!’
‘Yes? But we have the Money…’
‘But not the Goods? Not now!’
‘Of course the-Money! Actually-Nothing! Actuarially: Everything!’
‘When it comes time to repent!’
‘Re-sentful with Envy? Re-Venge-Tech.?’
‘Per-Sonal Political:’
‘Daughtorial and Maternal:’
‘Paternal(i)stic: commitment to human-endeavor without sure reward:’
‘Sports and Games, then.’
‘All! To: Life? All-Life? The Peoples’ helpful-Savings invested…’
‘Re-(I)(n)surance-pension and other Credit mechanisms.’
‘Looked on it as savings:’
‘Sorry, Savings? Ha-ha! Debts!’
‘Sorry. For cheating: Capitalizing-Ad. vantage…’
‘No re-assurance:’
‘For when I am old?’
‘Maximizing-Profit: From My Debt(s)!’
‘That are Credit(s). Merit(s):’
‘Somewhere Else!’
‘Debt-Holiday! Of course, retire young, protecting, the investment…’
‘Export-Import: licences and licensed-to:’
‘New-Model Econom(y)ies:’
‘Re-issue re-issue:…’
‘Do-Business! Positive Attitude!’ the hands-palmed. The-Clerk rubbing a thumb and the finger-tips of both hands, as if counting banknotes:
‘Not my ‘at ‘e chewed? Economic-Attitude?’
‘Risk! Let loose the Dogs! Regulating-currency manipulating-analysis:…’
‘Fixed-Future(s): guesswork based on algorithmic statistics and Game(s)-Theory:…
Everything-in the frame(s): pixelated: re-flective: de-veloped and de-ployed, in the envelope:
Costs Benefit-Cost: risk-collateral damage.
➢ By Billions and now Trillions…soon to be Quadrillions…
‘Pent-up uni(n)tentional consequences?’
‘Least-worst Democracy:’
‘Like suicide-bombers seeking to release prisoners by killing themselves!’
‘As hostage!’
Known action: unknown consequence:
‘Capitalism.’ ‘More-Chaos!’
‘More Turmoil!
‘A tumultuous decade?’
’Which One? A Little-Turbulence. Only.’
‘But No! Forever-tumultuous!’
‘Turbulence. Only.
‘Only? Democracy: is not a-winner…’
‘Loser:’ like any-dictatorship, stifling dissent…fear of popular uprising, as Socialist-Communist-ascension of the personal and family, amassing vast-wealth.
‘Democracy is scary: risk-taking, can be despairing, but always, always wins out. By pure Common-
Sense…well at-least 51% anyway…’
‘Dictatorship of the Majority Proletariat.’
‘Re-Legion: Socialist Dictatorship(s): Families for decades, everywhere…’
‘The Economic Military-Elite. 10% own the Armed-Forces and Media: and attempt to Command and Control-Society: Police&Army&Navy: Warship Aircraft-Carrier: Protect and Defend:’
‘Anyway, never to-lose…the 51% is enough…’
‘At least 75% to square the irrational how far the markets have gotten?’
‘ Bankrupt and owing trillions. ‘It’ is all about the 49% in 100% Debt to someone.’
’Then. To 99% ownership by the 1% richest people, nations, and beliefs…’
‘We were not aware…’
‘Until the Personal-Charity rate-fixing scandal?’
‘To pay-off the bailout, and the-debts…’
‘Data is worth money collateral:’
‘Equities Rationally owned?’
‘Equitable-Banks? Their Own.’
‘And bonus on-top!’
‘Only 99.99% did not know…’
‘The Very Few Elite 49%…losses marked-up!’
‘Then incompetence, then!’
‘51% to not see it!’
‘Once percentage-points start starting going-down…
‘Until the bell to stop trading suddenly started ringing, without warning…now, they have all-gone. Paid-
‘The-incompetent as well as the-fixers…’
‘Which are You?’
‘Which, are You?’
‘Meaning ‘We’?’
As long as accepted by a majority-vote heard at that-time…
‘Heard-minority of people? Silenced?’
‘The Capitalist-Elite!’
‘To Win?’
‘Communist-Elite! Never to-Lose!’
‘So, simply pay-off Your debt. As the-majority does, actuarily, and actually, most The Time, most-places, and Each of Us…’
‘All Other…’ saving…
‘Majority of People?’ humiliating food and money banks:
‘Competition between Corporation(s) and Government(s)’ least: Sovereign-President: National Banks and
‘They have Our Money.’
‘And the Richest-Minority of the World that Ever Lived!?’
‘Majority-Poorest! Dictatorship of the Poorest?’
‘Only the ones to-Vote!’
‘But who does-vote?’
‘In the name of the-People?’
‘Everyone. Data.’
‘Everyone in it for themselves, somehow.’
‘Votes, for money. Lobbyist? Commission?’
‘Sale(s): Bonus?’ ‘Buying-out. Monopol(y)ies.’
‘Journalist(s)…’ talk…
‘Twitter. On?’
‘Our? Own?’
‘Take themselves…’
‘To-Jail. Dead.’ and then, as if as an oversight:
‘You? A-Journalist?’ Research: threat of death hacking incremental money-supply increasing-prices inflationary-target stable, rises-planned traded economies’ currency-war…
‘Buy-weak sell-strong…’
‘No-liquidity, to pay staff or creditors indebted and severed: bankrupted out of business, closed-down. For:
The Day.’
‘Moderate growth only…’
‘No-more Greed.’
‘Greed is now: the enemy of the good-management of the-economy…’
‘Inflation-target mid-course correction?’
‘It’s all deep-end crowd-funded cost pay-suicide into the deep-end now…’
‘Negative inflation?’
For all? Or ‘We’?’ Heaven…and… Hell: on-Earth…in the-field…
‘Hell-on-Wheels!’ behind a computer-screen, keeping the train’s running: shop-salaries, desk-staff, callcentre too paying for-themselves: The-Prices upon: list…shop-prices: …
>Online-prices…shopping basket:
‘You’ve got to be there, to believe it. Inflammatory: Incendiary…’
‘By accident or design?’
‘Yes! That is what We like?!’
‘Not really? I mean…not out loud anyway…’ murmuring:
‘Buy low, sell-high!’ whispering…then not too-loudly but so that It did not matter a damn if heard by anyone, and everyone, in the carriage:
‘Buy low, sell-high! But not. Yet…’
No-one else in the-carriage, in the cage, was really interested…except when the Tax and Charity-scandals broke:
‘We are Inflation-proof! ‘We’ have so-much…
‘Most of it is abroad. In distant-parts, distant ports:’
‘Foreign-Banks, anyway!’
‘So, that is where the-Money is…’
‘Sovereign. That is what the clever money is on!’
‘Really? No-in-flation!’
‘No. De(f)lation re-turns-exchanged-rates: leverage.’
‘So, go there?’
‘We do…virtually, of course. Present: pre-deal status:’
‘And the-Governments’s’?
‘F‘The People?’
To breaking-point. Are We connecting…there yet?’
‘War is not Fair.’
‘May as well be.’ E-mail address: touch screen:
‘Low to Zero in-flation…’
‘Sub-Prime: ‘We’ do not like de-flation either.’
‘Especially if it’ is across the-Board. Eh?’
‘The-Bank-credit and currency-exchange rate(s):’
‘Get out of there, then?’
‘Not now,. They will be visiting Us.’
Relatively speaking…
‘World-Bank. Trade-Prices: N/n. Prices go-up…’
‘(WTO) World Trading Organisation(s):’
‘Compared to wages, salaries…’
‘Prices go down?’
‘Whenever have you known that to happen? Constant-growth is the only way…’
‘Of each of Us.’
‘Not all.’
‘Natural-wastage then? Surplus to need?’
‘Surplus. In-demand. Then…’
‘Scarcity? War? When?’
‘Now. Buy-low…’ Buy? What?’ ‘Bought! Get Out of There! Sell-High. Health and Social Care:’
‘The Price of Bread?’
‘Same. Like Crop failure.’ ‘
‘Circles. Of each of us connections…’
‘To-Buy you have to have someone to Buy-from…and who wants to-Sell?’
‘You have to have someone to sell-to…’
‘Ah, but ‘IT’ does not. Makes for-difference. Therefore: each-irregular with only colliding colluding tilting centrifuge-ellipsoid…’ on-screen: pointing-downward, and inward-trading producing outwardly a livingsimulation:
‘With this intimation of immortality…’ halfway around, pinned-back:
‘Bargains…’to be had. Deals. Manufacturing and Re-sources: raw materials more and more…
Looking-up, and down again, then, across:
‘War unfair$?’
‘Riots…’ on-screen:
‘More like.’
‘They hate riots, out of control both sides. Wars? Played-out. Civil, or Otherwise…’
‘For the-price of bread….’
‘Not Good for Business’s. Workers-fired.’
‘Injured. Sold-on.’
‘Like: Slaves?’
‘Workers sacked and into the canal.’
‘Accidental-Death.’ cruelly and bitterly beaten, carried out.
Snagged. Soldiering-on…
>Crown-servant serfdom, to make the bread…buy-up the losses cheaply, sold-off slavery worker(s): taxed:
African: Zimbabwe-Gold:
(N)uclear: Econom(y)ies-War!
Civil, or Otherwise?
If we can have them, why not They? < Firing our own weapons back at us! < Then destroyed!
By Water Fire Air?
In War: < Selling weapons to both sides
>You got it!
< See?! >By the Time you can get the knife out… < Fired the shot.
Done… < Globally? < Oil. All of Us? < Of-course. < Of-course not. Nothing! The-Government can do nothing about…
Who is going to let me?
>Not good! Taxes and Wages-down relatively Prices-up…no-one buying < Only relatively… < Taxi?
We have no choice or competition? Do we? The currency worthless…
Not-all. But to… < screen-loss: no-tax: re-bate: looking down onto the handheld pad: Kick-backs…kicks-off… < Only the-equality Gap Better to be the-higher? Eh? < All the way. < Alright up there in the clouds! < No-movement. >’It’ is after all it is only A Small CC Club…
A few Global Merchant-Banks and Corporations…
Companies and Contractors:
All of Us! Sharing-in: Rational-Equitable: Holding(s):Corporation(s): list:…
>De-Nationalising:Privatising: withholding tax-records:
Countryside… eradicated…list…
Re-gulating the-Energy- utilities…
>Participatory-Cap. runaway-Capitalism: full-blown!
New new city old City New again!
In-talks…and now Off-screen. On-screen: business-celebrity boast:
Select: T2: Your-profile: are probably the only one
(You) that has the-money: in… and links: ‘…to perform the-
Immune? Had the jabs? injection of C…
One for One?
Or share-holders, stake-holders, and customers…cancelling
>The-others <All. Possibly.
‘Probable more-or-less:…’
‘Spread-Bet’s: list…’
The-Banker after something of a break in proceedings game-play pause aware of the gameplay going-on, concluded. The-Clerk nodding towards the opened brief-case laptop-screen. Each glancing across each to the others’ game-player loaded and hand-held computer screen. Each shared numbers and letters; with grammar, spelling and punctuation, on a screen resumed…automatically…
‘Only numbers on a screen…’ desk-jockey, not door-kickers-in. Particle-board partitions, cubicles, answering phones, checking letters, and numbers…deadly computer-virus bugging, gagging, gigging…giggling…
‘Only numbers on a screen…’
Destroying: Nuclear-Centrifuge: from distance, drone calibrated-infection, biological and cyber warfare, tearing apart systems, designed to defend, anti-threat-attacking…viral infection:
‘Office of Cyberwarfare…’ taking-down cash-machines, blowing-up for scattered-notes robbery grabbed and run and grabbed.
Charge-card machines, TV and radio-stations interrupted-service for a few seconds, by the-Revolutionary, or merely mischievous-rogues who would do such a thing, such a Global-threat:
‘World-Wide- Web.’
Modern-espionage, commercially-sensitive material: information, sophisticated hacking, privately, personally…
‘Nationally, and Internationally. Global 2021!’ launching infiltration-bugs onto networks ill-designed for public-safety or reliability…these-days, deniable, undeniably.
In the greater-good. Sand-boxing-cache, quarantined. Rendered-harmless. Eradicated. Rather-than lived-with. Response to Material-Threat, to bring down information-networks and the very intra-structure of The-
Economic-Zone rather than the physical industrial-landscape complex closed-down:
‘Lifestyle Solutions.’
‘How about ‘It’?’
‘Start with the goal of devoting all of myself to my job, of work, my family and friends. Tribe, City, and
Country. I did start to have my doubts, about the way I was living my life. How about You?’
‘Were running yours’…’
‘Own owned-Business’?’
‘Businesses? Me?’
‘Limited Liability Company.’
‘I manage IT or IT manages me?’
‘CEO. VC. C.C. President. You are your Own-Business, anyway…’
‘’We’ all are. Import-Export?’
‘Export-Import? I don’t Own-Myself!’
‘You may do…take Your Chance?’
‘Ours? 50/50?’
<Outlook-Analysis: betting hotline: complimentary-copy:
Image re-cycled: A4/80g/m2 500 on the tube: Special-offer just for you: try our new…order-online@…
‘I told you, we do not-lose. Value maintained. Not gone-down…’
‘Not gone-up?’
‘A waiting-game: in-Reality:’
‘Through negotiation?’
‘Or what? Eh? Re-negotiation? Re-scheduling the debt?’
‘Yes? In-currency:’
‘What? 1, 2, or, 3…or…’
‘Or Lose It All.’
‘Everything.’ ‘Not-nothing, then.’ sarcastically, to who, or from whom, both:
‘Our-debt is as-nothing. F’oldin’ in money-terms:’
‘But make(s) Something?
‘Else? Karma?’
<Energy-p Power: unit-list: list….
As when battery re-wired supplied:
‘If you like…’
‘Goods: Stocks?’
‘Shares, then?’
‘OK. So, we do not really lose anything at all?’
‘All-Profits shared…’
‘Or anything, at all? Losses…’
‘Not if We can help that! Sold on…lies.’
‘Not the truth?’
‘Not the whole truth? There are lies…’
‘…and Damned lies!’
‘I know. ’We tell them. Alright? Got it? But it has to sound like it is true.’
‘Even if it is not true?’
‘It is True. You get Me? You provide the evidence, the Truth? You tell the story…and they get it, you got me?’ digital and terrorist base-camps, moved-around…and… internal-treachery, government…taxes…
‘Others can help-you, eh?’ closing…
The-Clerk looking-across and around the over-crowded carriage:
‘Why me?’
‘Take-Off! Sum! Betting, on Future-sale price…’
‘That is all it is!’
‘Director of You.’
‘Me? Direction of Travel?’
‘How far have ‘We’ got It? Are ‘We’ given? What do I get? For starters? Risk-averse?’ ‘Sure.’
‘Family, then. It really is Win-win…’
‘Sure…simply-betting…’ without a hint of irony…
‘Or butting-out.’
Then It became obvious, again: walk thru’ wallpaper knowing another is in the room:
‘Others actually take-the-Hit! The-risk! that is ‘It’ isn’t it?!’
‘Not Our-risk…’
‘Exactly! Like Fuck it Is. The-Same!’ cursing as if on oath. Casually-cursing loudly and yet to no-one’s apparent alarm or awareness… ‘So. I get all the toxic ones, eh? That is ‘It’, isn’t it? Why would you be asking otherwise? Top-slice or Diceand-Splice? Slice! You! Having your cake and eating it!’ Others in the carriage, as if choking on cake. Only a series of in-explicable aphorisms and further increasingly confusing-apostrophe and mixedmetaphor un-mixed:
‘On false-figures!’
‘Falsified. O.K.?’
‘O.K. So, what is the truth of false-accounting(s)??’
‘Large-Number(s)? Count me in! Deal me in! I like IT! Your-hand!’
‘Your-hand…’ bowing, ceremoniously: per(i)m(on)(i)ousl(y):
‘Is yours…’
‘Knew You would…’
Sitting back, grinning, calmly, now:
‘The-Markets will come through!’
‘Will they?’ the-Clerk, and the-Banker re-referencing the opening-gambits, and re-opening for-both and incompletely, and in-response and moving-on with:
‘So, what do you make of it now? What is to do, now, then? Business as Usual?’ The-Clerk nodding demonstratively earnestly between the folded-up newspaper and lap-top, table-top screen: the-Banker opened-up now. As if the answer lay there, somewhere, somehow between themselves, or elsewhere, out the window. Perhaps. Looking out of the window of the moving-train as if there was actually, never mind actuarially, any one answer at all:
‘Not: One-answer, anyway…’
‘Perhaps too-many…’
‘Perhaps none.’
‘No answers, except that which would happen anyway. Dependent. On where you were who with and Who engaged in a conversation-with…You! Riding the Train…’ driven by the need for speed…around the-Earth, around the-Sun:
‘Incredible! At root, simple. The Rich very Powerful very-few…’ point-ful:
‘Pointless..un-necessary pernicious the ever impoverished and ever-more comfortable middle towards the outskirts, and Country-Richest-list:…’
‘The sub-Urban: poor…’ another-Town passed through and past:
‘Others truly-impoverished, starving, and taking a kicking, a malevolent-kicking…’
‘Slicing the-Cake?’
‘What-cake? How about You, now, eh? What’s not to make of it now, eh?!’ tampering, tapping the cellphone-computer-case open and vividly re-started automatically in utter-(i)gnorance and dis-missal:
‘That is what I was thinking…’
Energy-draining privilege-prison. Basic-Income + Leisure-Time.
Unpaid-domestic duties and un-healing work-harder ethic. With nothing more or less to say, or to hear. With a look, with an apparent effrontery, each, that meant there was to be no further contact either way, that there would be no further purpose, to this.
Each now turned away with-feigned annoyance. Distinctly, if slightly less distinguished and so the-Clerk supposed, expecting of no-further-conversation, not giving opportunity any longer of answering, or questioning-back.
Only pointing-out the distrustful plotting conspiratorial horse-trading, prancing dancing-around…virtual insults…to the intelligence. Whatever. Of the-Arcane Mysteries: secret or not at all.
Hidden and not-so hidden one-per cent Society…one per-cent.
Ten per-cent? So, what?! Ninety-per-cent. that it was assumed shrewdly, astutely, even eloquently spoken-
As each concluded this apparent-interview…that this was meaningless, insincere, and over: ‘I only ask once.’
‘Only once?
‘OK I’ll tell You how it is shall I? How it’s going to be…’ without affirmation and without waiting for one. Without even knowing if really with any malice aforethought The Clerks’ now thought unspoken: this is bribery and corruption embezzlement and fraud admitted-to:
‘Daylight robbery! Open-mined theft! From The Land!’ with violence in anyone else’s book:
‘Insider Trading spread-bet’s on-speculation and risk.’…to keep thy mouth shut. Keep your job and shut-up or you’re out! or you’ll never work in the City again! Or anywhere else!’ the Clerk finished the-internal dialogue externally:
‘…and ‘Me’? To take -the-jump when it all goes wrong again?! Eh?! Extend the terms? Go on!’
‘Of Office or of the-Debt?’
‘Both. You know? I get to be my own remuneration board? Without reference to any share-holders, or even you, as the CEO-President? Because I am the-President!’
‘Re-Gal: Presidential-motives!’
‘Exactly! Get the News! In Business as in Government as CEO-President, and as President?’
‘Of: My-Own National-Bank?’
‘Your-Own: Personal-Banker.’
The-Banker retreated, slightly, with the silent, final entreaty to-self, and with eyes looked only now as if repeating some unspoken thought; but not saying or speaking anymore for anyone-else: fore-finger tapping, drumming, wistfully, blissfully unaware…wildly, almost silently to the temple, at the side of the head, as if holding a gun there as not the best way to shoot someone else…but if a suicide then spraying brains all over the place probably as effective as any other…does not look as if chancing it, and about to be blowing brains-out the-Clerk mused. Short-tempered perhaps red hot-headed explosive, not yet ripping eye-balls out.
Dark to light green volatile gas…financial performance accelerator voltage envy of a friend another responsibility: narrow-data: from the Morning-Star…but which-One?
A bank could have a narrow-mandate re-stricted: to deposits of actual money: mere Cash-LTD.-Machine.
Perhaps not-playing Russian-Roulette…re-entering the fray:
‘Big-Data.’ streaming data analyzed by standard statistical and computational methods…hand-coded from paper originals arriving too fast to process readily, chaotic state of affairs and industry and trade, servicing industry mathematic bureaucratic strategic…historical:
‘Big-Prick Wars…’
‘Click-bait: fake-news…’
‘Voted false-Flag.’: put out there whilst suppressing all other news for the day: and known and sometimes unknown twittering tactic: birds in the trees, low-hanging fruit and all that…ground and
Oceans: bottom-feeders:
‘Regular Data Collect: and use…’
‘Decision of The International Conference? All-or-nothing? Another roll of the Monetary Dice-Ball.’
‘Loaded. Fixed. President’s, and Countries’ will-call…’
‘Economists, Academic(s):’
‘Polititician(s): Business’s: Corporate-Party: structure: those who wished they were paid to-give results:’
‘Protests are common.’
‘Poor-Workers on-tap:…’
‘On top!’
‘Wo-Men’s voices…
‘Health reports…’
‘We are no longer political merely economic…
‘Then. Animals…’
‘Isolated and be-sieged.’
‘Dominant Currency Para-digm.’
‘All-Equal.’ A roll of a drum gradually exciting executing. Out loud…
The-Clerk to The-Banker:
‘So, where are these-lost Trillion’s then? Or is that ‘Squillion’s’ now, then, eh? Not in the Government(s)Bonded? Not Our Coffers that’s for sure! What spent…on? Ohhh Hospitals, Schools, Roads and Railways: some-Airline(s): Houses’ Family-Homes-building:
‘Prisons. Oh?’
‘Industrial Investment Banking: (IIB)’
‘New factories and drilling-rig mine-shaft pipework aerial to the sky!’
‘Shorter-Hours Schemes (SHSs).’
‘And beyond?’
‘And Fuck the rest!’
‘Actuarially…there is not much left.’
‘That is worth much more, wait and see…’
‘Squirreled-away in: Tax-Free Havens:’
‘Minimal…5% The Fed paying interest to private-Banks, itself, a Bank. The largest six in the Globe.
Globally Invested in Government Bonds.’
‘Overseas! Humanitarian-Aid?’
‘Cayman-Club islands?’
‘Zoo-Rich? Get it?’
‘Ge-ne-va? Get it?’
‘State-Nationalist(s): Rape-Bribery and Klepto-Cratic Ruler(s):’
‘Sex-ploitation: People-Trafficking Modern-Slavery (PTMS) rife all over:’
No-vote: counting re-fusers not…
‘Furious-pro-test!’ @ Naturally. the obvious, yet unexpected out in the open counter-intervention…
Partisan-Thug(s) blockading goods and voters and burning polling station(s):
Locked into autocratic genocidal self-rule:
‘Big-bonus announcements in the City…waiting-for you, anyway…and Tax-breaks for…’ ‘Epic Fail!’ Headlined:
Epic-Fail! newspaper and screened across the carriage:
‘Universal-Credit: All-in-One Benefit(s): Global: Public-Private Partnership. Then again…’ as though another shooting…pulling the trigger.
The-Banker, directly between the eyes, through the Head. A spray of blood and bones, and brainssplattered… A Murder. A Murder-scene. A Murderer? Assassin?
Undercover secret-agent, mole…moleing…
Staring, blankly, blindly but not in fear, but with consternation, felt, and leaned to the other-side in-case the others’ silent bullet figuratively actually did hit, what appeared now, with actually the final retort, to be the in-tended target:
‘Aimed! Fired!’
‘Dodge-City…eh?’ in slow motion…out of the way. The-Clerks’ duelist finger-pointed now hitting the opposite target from below and straight upper-cut fisted and as a smack-on-the-jaw:
The other coming-around and straight-between-the-eyes:
‘Worming our way…’ into-the-brain, the nose-bone clean, clear hit through the silver-bullet black print a spray of bloodied ruby red stained…
The-Banker: quivered slightly behind the-newspaper or rather, above, and beyond:
The-Screen and not going to say anything as The-Clerk realised-this and as once intended-to, closed with:
‘Well, this is it…’
‘I am in-it! Up to Here!!’with a hand passed over the scalp:
‘With your so-called scalping-advice!’ The-Banker could not help but retreat then to peer out from behind the newly-drawn newspaper with:
drawn behind:
‘For: Social-Wealth and Premiere 1st Class Railway-Carriage!’
‘Value-added! For You! Nevermind. Private-Reasons…’ alone: to-be prepared always, religious song and military beats if-nothing else.
Digitally marching abroad for the prevention of unprepared-for attack-paranoia at Home: for that which could actually happen, and not only be, over-exaggeration:
‘Not Public, then?’
‘Exaggerated-Lies! Simple-Truth: of the moment, thrown into dis-array…’ value(s): always over as under over-estimating:…
‘Over: Con-fidence:’
‘Under-estimating under confidence…’
‘Investment: Bridging-loan: worthwhile: (I)n-Bestment…shshsh…’ an underground-tunnel entered into wifi: Auto-Pilot piloting surfacing…alongside motorway and in green-fields… Great-houses…farms, and (I)ndustrial, Parkland and:
‘At the very least…’
The-Banker said:
‘With the Arrow of Extrication…’
‘Extinction Re-bell(ion)?’ The-Clerk:
‘You don’t Get it? Do You?’
‘The-Game?’ More silence, then:
‘Toxic-lending buying and selling-on a dupe! And that is Me! Isn’t ‘It!’! This is how I will know what IT is and this is what I will make of IT!’ More-silence, and other noise:
‘I am that Dupe, aren’t I? Or to-be so?!’ the one hand, and now other-hand now cutting-upwards slicing the across the throat, cut swiftly:
‘…up to here…’and then noosed, strangling, dangling, hanging…the neck tie breaking gently-wrung as by the self-same owned hand lifting, twisting, twisted knotted and roped neck and head-jerked sidewayssnapped back behind the ears, cracking the Neck: Bone ear-splittingly crackling…hissing…sound brightlight…
‘Tunnel-of-Love@moving forward…’
‘In-breeding Oblivion!’ the final dramatic riposte from the-Clerk, in the un-gainly sully… The-Other seemingly oblivious.
Un-moving, as anyone else on the-Train moving with the train alone in their own-Worlds words woodcut, as on paper, pixels and spoken outloud:
‘Today. I am likely to be shredding documents and deleting emails for You, or someone like You!’ seen photographed filmed buried and book-burned filing cabinet snail and e-mail:
‘To hide the evidence!’
‘Burn-IT! De-lete!’
‘What?’ Walled-in. Squared, and encircling:
‘Wondering how to pay off: My Towering-Debts!’
‘To WHO?!’
‘Not: Government…’
‘In-sured sued and pensioned off:’
Met, with a wall of silent pie-eyed thought buffering…
Then. The-Banker leaned-back and glanced-out of the window, remarking:
‘To whom. You are wondering how to pay-off your Towering Inferno until I came along?’
A crash of dinner-plates and breakfast bowls and tea-cups…
‘The-Banks! The Shops…The Government! Our Government! Tax admission? My Government!’ the action around the middle-finger:
‘The Bailiff-Police in-hand? Army-Debts? Social Workers?’
‘My Government!’
‘Our Government! And, Yes! Our Government! Ours! IT is Our-Country…while we are here. The-Army?
Another Army? While ‘We’ are Here! A Simple-Majority?’
‘The-Elite. An even simpler-minority!’
‘Evens, proportional…’
‘Quits! While you are tucked away in your Cage. Your Ivory Tower. Or should that be Golden-Walled
Palaces? Open-Acres?’
‘The-majority a minority, believe-me, you do not stand a chance…the 1%? Remember?’
‘Then the 99%:’
‘10% and 90-plus years old!’
‘Decades long Civil-War!’
‘Civil-Peace! Always! Forever!’
‘Relatively peaceful…’
‘Battle. Collateral damage:’
‘.Dot-Dash.Dot. Shorting the Long-Game…’
‘And Others?’
‘It makes no-odds’ an invisible-hand raised in defiance and defence, glinting:
‘Another: Golden-Run?’
‘All the-Time!’
‘Or No-Risk.’
‘Cash-back re-payment Mortgage?’
‘And this award goes-to…’
‘This Klepto Stolen-Reward…’ receiver-systemic-symbiotic: financial-sector expansion… ‘Theft.’
‘History always gives people the opportunity to gain wisdom and the power to walk forwards. Be: upstanding!’ Family-House(s): sell-off, buy-up, everyone a shareholder, home-owning, higher-rent…lower relatively…
‘Real: Wages? Take-Home…’
‘Too Big to fail…’ ‘Vested-City.’ and countrywide: outside:
‘Global-Union(s): of:’
‘Trade? Con-solidated-Corporation(s): dis-allowed un-affordable(s): to do business with: not-Government taxes and sanction(s): numerical and literal:
Building-Societies and Credit Savings-Bank(s):
Competitive-Investment Principle(s) (CiPs):
Competition between: eaten-up…
Out of Business (OoB)…
‘Billions of them…’
Employed as bought-shares sell-shares at price-rise prize-fall: sell-out, quick-re aping competition in the Market(s): family, children small, and the fall of the Conglomerate Banks-conjoined:
Investment=House: with Food and Furniture and houses…’
‘The-Prize goes to ‘the-smartest One.’
‘Or Two…’
‘In the Room.’ Pointing back and forth, both:
‘On this Train.’
The-Clerk correcting. Only then, the obvious:
‘Living our-lived-out lives on-an A Train stuck on the rails?’
‘In its’ tracks…’
‘Eventually. For what?’
‘The next stop.’
‘Last stop? The next Shop! The Big-one, isn’t it?’
‘We spend our lives waiting for…’
‘Financier? Shop-Keeper!’
‘With limited-liability?’
Partisan-Thug(s) blockading goods and voters and burning polling station(s):
‘No-experience of responsibility for a few-Billion?’
‘Or Trillion?’ Fuck-off then, eh? There are Trillions of US! There are families, and in-dividual(s)…then…
‘Only the Military-Church and Secular-Politicians’ Police and Armies…’
‘Some Political: Re-ligious-crazies…’
‘Whoever is presently in-Charge…’ “IT’! Changes…’We’ do not! We do ‘It’! You are the President of your own owned Company! Friends and
Family. Country-Folk.! President of Your Own Owned-Family?’
‘Charge(s)? payable to…’
‘In. Food and Furniture and Home.’
‘Sold-off if you Do Nothing! Poor House!’
‘If you Do nothing. You create a vacuum.’
‘A vacuum which draws speculation…’
‘’(i)nto a Power-vacuum. A Hot-kettle you get me?’
‘Prisoner: Torture or-Exile…’
‘What would that do?’
‘When push comes to-shove…’and a-glance out of the window.
The-Banker exulting, now executing:
‘One Hitler or Stalin or Mao creating many little ones. Police Chiefs, Army Generals. Economic, Political, and Military…’
‘Deserting. Analysis you see? Financial-Battle. Takeover: War. You have to be there. You have to live it!’
‘‘IT’ happens the way the-Nuclear Computer States and the-Politician-Economist(s) suggest…’
‘Only singularly, authoritarian-Dictators, Mugabe or Assad.’
‘Without-evidence: M(i)l(i)tary inter-vention(s): Police-State.’
‘The (I)nformation State:’
‘The-Future! Made-Up! That is the only evidence anyone can have! Data-Speculation-only! Not-reality:’
‘No-one knows what is going to happen tomorrow!’
‘Or Care(s).’
‘Exempting. Excepting…’
‘That it will be much as today…’
‘Business as You-(s)u(a)l?’
Re-iterating. Not allowing of any other response now:
‘You have to be there or have it instantaneously live-streaming CCTV closed-circuit television beamed-in satellite everywhere at The Same Time:…’ A computer pica-second later…before…
‘Simply: de-laying…’
‘Get me? Good-timing? In or Out? Buy-Alive. Sell-Dead?’ The merest delay neon pica-seconds pixels to spare then to follow-up immediately:
‘Dead or Alive?’
‘On the dotted-line?’
‘You got ‘It’!’
‘No, you got it!’
‘For All!’ to be sorted-out today…with-you, or without-You.
‘In this-Together?’
‘Call-it Debt-Aid Loan-Aid or whatever…’ covering-the-tracks:
‘Back-room deals already going-down. As of the night-before as you might say:
‘Going Up!’
‘Where?’ ‘Down-Again!!’
Exploded!!! Avatar.
Onto-the-scene. Inwards. Outwards on TV router smart-phone screen switched-on panel-screen through earphones heard:
‘Arriving at the camps in lorries…having experienced…’
‘Grey helicopter-gunships from the sky to burn yellow and red and black and leave un-buried.’
Paused. For more shots of the bodies, upsetting warning, and then in the skies, aircraft…buzzing-in:… ‘Here, Men be-draggled, and boys of fighting age taken and Women girls and children terrified makeshift transport of old lorries, bicycles and foot.’
‘Hundreds…thousands of miles, between-them…hundreds, thousands, of people millions of families…’ ‘Young and Old then?’ and the on-screen TV-radio reporting…computer report…radio frequency-jammed warning…signs: tyres-burning…shabby Port and Resort coastal…river-running inland, irrigation… ‘Through The-Cities’ severed-wires…’ like nerve-endings. Everything looted and boot-legged stalls, bootless and un-bandaged-families living in the remains of burned-out Colonial Buildings:
‘Government Houses and University Campus. Not Our Army. But the bloody Terrorists!’
‘Heroes!’ re-turned home:
‘Clean-walls and cleaned out of every piece-of-wood and metal from doorframes to hinges-and windowframes of furniture and fittings there, are none left. Nothing, except the brick dust and concrete.’ ‘No electricity, contaminated-water from a well or tap nearby, used by many-others…’ sometimes dirty, sometimes clothed, closed, when disease and pollution were rife, disease and viral infection, also… The “Seven Deadly Diseases” include: Lack of constancy of purpose Emphasis on short-term profits Evaluation by performance, merit rating, or annual review of performance Mobility of management Running a company on visible figures alone Excessive medical costs Excessive costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers who work for contingency fees The Speech. Made through a computer-screen I point-my-eyes-at. Eye-point. Like a Magic Wand.
Pixel, cursor moves. I Stop It Moving. Writing. Speech. Win-lose-draw: randomness: evenness:
fairness strategic decision-making: upset-rythmic: natural-balanc(i)(n)(g):… Acquitted: condemned in-exile.
Best not to win not lose optimum strategy random
scissors-kick rock stone paper product important go-without-Lottery. Win-nucleosis…strictly competitive 1-1 win/lose sport so society can be random. Co-operative, in competition to out-do the-other. Not need-to, need outside referee respect authority of enforcers survival strategy. Littering agreement if littering good/bad/effective/ineffective independence both turn right to avoid, equilibrium best response prisoners right / left collide torture confessional both equal in confession…taken out of the game, unseen, disappeared. Clear blue water…under wave(s).
Clean-water brought in by Militia-Brigades anxious to Re-cruit:
Humanitarian-Aid: Tankers and crates, containers, food, medical-supplies@energy-wired and satelliteback. Re-turned:
For there was none, in the gutted shops, or from the countryside, there was little and it was run by the gangs, there was little that could not be used to terrorise, at night. In the clear light of day.
Without fear of retribution, or accidental unthought-of, Death. Ever present amongst the remains of the population who toured and policed The-areas: list:…themselves, as best they could.
Without weapons, but with the same, as anyone else in or out, wanted. ‘Shock and Awe…’ frightened and dis-oriented…the-Occupant family around a dinner-table laid-out and ready-to-eat…leaving the centre of the room table spread. Into the corners for safety…as they knew. Silently. In case of through the wall: Rapid-Mousing as through the doors and at the windows where they could be seen, stern simple instructions: moving through the wards, through the walls…
Accident&Emergency Room. Department and Hospital:
‘Up against the wall!!’ to those fallen trampled against the wall, or not:
Ghost-rider operation:
‘Freedom!’ grunt, almost lizard, the house of the trembling leaves…
‘Financial! Financier of Terror!’
‘Not.’ Got away, killed, at the controls, out of control.
The-scattering…petrified in the moment: get down spread-arms and legs nylon-strapped, roped-down in the excitement and confusion in The Moment gone…
Playing-out, as directed:
‘Curfew!’ Crackdown, clampdown. Restricting-movement, work, employability.
Welfare- risk…
For: Victory. Starving-out, closing-down, and re-starting: Barrel-Bombing: The-Market(s): fully-accurate, as of now:
‘Dis-honest and truthful…deny deny deny don’t answer questions directly or at all.’
‘Acculturate? Fair and reasonable?’
‘Acquisition. Un-reasonable. There are too many variables for any investment to be…’
‘The cause of great wealth. Of: The Ultra-Rich?’
‘So, fair, then?’
‘Un-fair: (i)ncome-taxes and: Income of The Government.’
‘Of: Us!’
‘For: Personal-Gain!’
Asking questions about stability & liability: should by accident or Act-of-God: The-Consumer…in-thecourse-of-Business…excerption, exception, exemption domestic-content re-newable:
Re-newal, relevant questions, and decision: dropped-rates…when you’re not-looking: re-purposed:
‘All contracts? Including Nuclear-(E)nergy’
‘Re-negotiable…in the light of such exceptional circumstances.’
‘Fault? Failure? Fraud?’
‘Stronger/weaker only. PR Politician…’
‘CEO-Director President. Solely re-sponsible:’
‘Celebrity. Fun!’
‘Who would deny them?’
‘WHO? Indeed…’ in the-pay and health-boards, of countries, around the World…’
‘Big-Pharma, doling-out little-pharma licensing and selling not-cheaply…
‘Buying: PPI porn? Enough to be afforded? Student?’
‘Landlord? Must sell?’
‘Must Sell.’
‘For: Life.’ Children beneath and under their parents’ solemn gaze. And occasionally taking-part, in the game. Like a movie -script, gone to adlib improvisation, the-reporter:
‘They stop where they felt safest and nearest…’
‘Do they have Food and Water?’ At this outlining outlying border unmarked Open Refugee-
Olive-tree branched, plastic sheet-tents marked-out, from the air…
From the ground:
‘Death everywhere. Deaths’ daily totaled in double-figures…’ of small-children…and Elder’s…shrunken and bloated with starvation…
‘Saved more by Global-Medical-Help…’
‘Other-than the Warring Factions: Armies and armies, armed Thugs and Militants, enslaved across borders…’
‘From The Citizenry…conscripted…for no-pay…only food and water…’ copied-out onto a sub-titling screen…on:
‘With A Humanity lacking otherwise not at all:’
‘Despite the many Avoidable Deaths…’
‘Of: The Youngest and The Eldest…’
‘Without Proper Shelter Food or Clean Water…’
‘Through no fault of their own. Only who they owe.’
‘Crackdown restricting-work Claiming-Benefits without paying-into the system…’
‘’Free Travel-Pillow’ they say here: Cull. From the-scene:
‘Genocide.’ Burning tyres and buildings…
‘Holocaust. Again…’
‘Hence, are each, one and where forced-from a world of their making to.’
‘Not at All! They fight on?’ against a breathless, thirsty, starving, enemy unseen, as from the skies…from the-ground…unknown before…
‘Crashed. Collided! Exploded! Collapsed! Their-Worlds…’ at an instant:
‘Draw. Again. Body-count…’
‘Only Random…’
‘Kaos. Evenness if ever…’
‘Near enough?’
‘By degree?’
‘Of Fairness?’
Strategic decision-making upsetting any-natural-balance…acquitted-well…’ condensed condemned-toexile…second-best not to Win not- Lose: Optimum-Strategy: random scissors-kick rock-stone paper product: imported: implored for a:
Food&Fuel Stop!
‘Strictly competitive society may be random…’
‘May be-chosen…’
‘All-chosen! Fool!’
Complex everyday co-operative, not to out-do the-Other, harmfully.
No need-to non-cooperatively-competitively need outside referee-aspect: respect authority-of-en-forcers:
‘Loneliness of the long distance…’ triteness…
‘Bankers too. Boring. Not: Wells-Fargo.’
‘South America. Africa.’
‘Post-Trauma Stress dis-order…Everything laid-out for You. Laid-on, cannot-miss…’ most bullets fired in the past previous World-Wars were deliberately fired over the (s0-called propagandisment) enemies they become: Them.
I get into a distant-mood. Did I know what I had signed-up to.:
Signed-up for. Haunted, of the haunting-attack, on a helpless, potentially de-vastating, enemy: ‘Spontaneous: changes things as they like: to bring back to a hapless helpless happy-Humanity!’
‘Peaceful happy-normality!’
‘Instead of line-management…’
‘Decision(s) not-Redundancy!’
‘Protest at Prices!’
‘Price to protest…’
‘What? How do you know?!’
‘To…Permit. Then:’
‘What? To take a life?’
‘To save a life. Taken out of The Game.’
‘How would You know?’
‘De-piction is not en-dorsement.’ cage-fight wrestling set-up. Bull-fighting to the death…of the Bull… ‘Advertisment.’
‘Littering-agreement…’ if good/bad/effective/ineffective: independent-both turn:
‘To avoid-equilibrium: balance…’ best-response prisoners right / left colliding tortured-confessional: both equally-confessional with every word we say:
‘Clean water being brought-in.’ by militia-brigades anxious to re-cruit:
Cannon-fodder@site…   Cannon Fodder.
At the Ports and Docks and Airport of the-City: Military-Police Barriers gone-up all around, ahead, headed towards. As storm clouds gathered-low across the intervening sweeping curve of Big-Sky; and likely distant-Ocean and Continental Land-Mass: People working and earnestly earning-money and goods:
‘Storm-cloud gathering…’ the-Banker worried-out aloud.
The-Clerk, returning to re-connected and simultaneously now re-interactive-gaming: Active-X portalplatform: Play: Taskbar: encryption…completing:
(I)nformation-bar…with interface cursor command…module loaded-message:
Country: Principal-Life Game: as another joined the game, from somewhere in the World…The-Clerk speaking-again with voice-operator recognition (VoR) engaged-earphones, and mouthpiece microphone headset. Sounded-into and from the Mobile Gaming-device clicked onto… Go!
…the-Rich List: the higher the score…the lower-scores: Poorer…The-Poor List?
The lowest-scores the poorest…the higher the richest, on the Rich-list.
And by staying alive as long as possible…under some extreme conditions…and for your family and loved-one(s)…
Local neighbours and distant friends, cousins, and cousins’ cousins’ and Village Towns and Cities of the
World: address-booked: requesting:
>Countries of the World…
Where are you now?
Geo-location:re-allocation…found…and someone joined-in-from…inform…be-care-full…Nnnn… >Somewhere in the World: Game-on!
Cashed-up…and went-out…
Staying Alive!
Yourself! As Yourself…
And All that you will ever, or always have…
Inevitably. If any return at all. Otherwise, Nothing.
You blow yourself-up.
Then? Lives? N? One.
Hellfire! Fire-erupting, emanating from the ground. The ground and sky, and space, opening up: theMedia…transparent and clear warning:
<The-City: natural disaster: hurricane/ earthquake/…from the-ruins: You are Building your-City: again…
<Name: Home: City-clicked… Text boxed: Your-Bank: name: The Rational Equitable…the Bank of You regulating…immediately: the debts of agricultural communities indebted by religious-tithes and political-taxes on-behalf of the newlyformed forming-Bank: trading with debts and brokered shares in these debts as investment bids for: in the equity of pastoralist-farmers, serfs and enslavements and as the-Mercantilist: now local and global… >Investment-Industrialist: Trader(s): effectively using Government-funds as securities bonds financial or in-lieu of…
Buying/N: or Selling/N: Logistics Transport and Packing: delivery to the door:
Selling/N: At-market…on a first-come-first-served basis…
People. If there are multiple bidders, or askers at a given price…
The clocks are ticking…in… Amsterdam…
The Logistical: Long-Routes shorted Time-Trading prices and bid figures derivatives real or virtual; on the floor or on-line a losing network of economic transactions…
Not a physical logistics facility or discrete facile entity. Nominally, relative only notional value bet on an event, occurring:
Model-Market: from-time-to-time cancelling-out any-difference…with failures of harvest and successes in equal measure with mercantilism…in-transit:
Re-capitulation: Tutorial-College: Institutional-investors ISs: such as mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and:
Hedge-Funds: List…list’s…and publicly traded corporations trading in their own shares, effectively, economically and efficiently risk-adjusting returns based on profit and dividend margins…
< >Everybody is…
>All are…
Ethical medical educational financial treatment of people, as animals…
Cannibalism…when-starving, yes. it has happened…and that is why it is so important! it is the last-Sin, the worst! Disgusting, to have to do thing! Having to sell your own children, or stealing others, to eat. Degenerate worker’s State, State-bureaucratic capitalism, State-terrorism, Collectivism, State-Socialism:… >Social-(i)ncentive packages…
To do well!
Rubbish?! Re-cycled!
You? Or gone sour now?
Price(s): mostly at or near some ideal-equilibrium, based on openly public-knowledge:
< N/n-n/N:Purchasing-parity…Power-up! Power-up!… >Market-orientated Shock -therapy…
Got ‘It’!
Start-Up: dependent on the skill and investment decisions, and reliability of information known or not of the different player’s…cards kept close to your chest…protected by the armour: ‘Your Treasure-Chest’ pictured glittering, and glinted in the sunlight: >Chinese-Soviet: Gypsies: Mafia: Begin the Game
Select a Moderator. This should be someone who knows the rules and has played the game before if possible. Choose Players. The Moderator divides the deck of cards as follows: … Shuffle and Deal the Cards. The Moderator shuffles the cards and then deals them out so that each person has a card.
-Oligarchy Ruling-classes…
Barons and Serfs…
On the wheel-of-Fortune…
Capital-City flight, fight and peaceful between brother’s sister’s squabbling over the kitchen…the bedroom, bathroom-raiding corporate pirate hostile-takeover…
Technocratic-ally-speaking, technically broke…
>Lost! N/nnn at sea or pirating-stolen, or on-price, spreading rumours… and secretive dealing…
<(I)(n)(s)ured? Pen-sion? White-Washing Black-Legging: brought-in: > On The High-seas:
Gambling?… on…
Future-rates? lists…list: Concrete contract-rates: interest and commission-taken…floating on a choppy sea financial instruments, to navigate the choppy waters…
> Children. People-Trafficking…
Management-liquidity for the whole Global market(s)…
Optional shares in each-owned: own-City, State, and country- sided continuous…
Land? Stock-Price?
One or more to pay the most per-item…
<Itemised-call-log: -monthly- statement: activate…not and feel the pinch when the other(s): leave the
Re-sold-on…efficiently and cheaper through e-procurement improved transparency along-the-line …
>Enterprising resource planning: information…
As Consortium? list…
Social Democratic Free-Range: Co-operative: list… E/R:
<#Open-price… >Open-Sale! set-up…backed by revenues- taken from drained swamp river and sea and re-vitalizing pasture-lands and savannah, rivers and lakes, sea, and plantation, farms…spread-out as…blue green…yellow-brown, black, red, white-washing…whiter…than white…chalk built-upon with non-localbones, bleached white with the-Sun stones and pebbles and artefacts and fossilized creatures…petrified wood and leather and materials…fuels and fodder…from:
Great Journeys of Adventure, Exploration and Discovery-1:in history buried alive:
Each a single-Leader. Pyramid-effect…
Globally-Honouring: tradition-and-family…
Keeping…the ‘Peace! Building Schools and Hospitals! We don’t solve our problems by hating! Or-killing!
Blown-up! and market-places watering places, and trees for shade for travellers to talk and take sustenance:
Morality: list…
Palace as a…
only-sky…rested. Un-rested, arrested weeping, and fasting, fused troops questioning everything.
Clever stupid Ruler…making top-heavy decision closed society, mock censorship, and in revolt, joined in death. For the living successors of Civil-War:
>Divine-Emperor playing at god supported by One God.
We All Win in the Afterlife.
To: spread-the-word, and…
The next generation… By: idea…alone…
<Not. Volcanic ashcloud and the destruction of trees and drought-deserted dust-bowl:
‘By sword and gun…’
‘The pen can shoot bullets as deadly as the rifle.’
‘Faith, or none?’
‘We All have Faith. In ourselves. In the rest of the World, and Universe.’
‘Good-faith, or none.’
‘The authentic Ideological and Technological-explosion, of brutality, in-terror, besiegement, and conquest:’ ‘For Trade?’
‘Bad-Faith. Exploration by Trade, Plunder and now monetaristic Credit-Capitalism.’
‘Suing for Peace!
‘For: Terms of Trade.’
‘And Terms-of-Trade?’
Astronomical-omen red glow grey covering dark skies and crop failure:
‘The Gods have failed Us!’
‘Again!’’ Looking across from the opposite seated the gaze-felt suddenly looking up and back:
‘Business never rests…’ looking-out the window…
‘Business as usual.’ the retrieved now once-more revered newspaper, the news-sheet somewhat-wildlywaved:
‘Destroying wildlife and communities! Pre-vention! Promoting Healthy active diet and treating disease…’ ‘Ourselves.’
‘The Being…keeping-Well. Community Goods-and-Services…’
‘Emergency and Hospital communication integrated record(s):failed standards…’ not-waving…butdrowning… For the-Banker there was only one-way out. Again.
Nodding over to the others’ Game-Player Machine breaking the unnoticed unnatural silence:
‘Only ‘Natural:’!’ as if the final word on the matter:
‘To-eat and breath. Or be-eaten, right-here, right-now! Fight or Flight?’
‘Fight to the death…’
‘Or starve to death, eh?’
‘Without a fight, eh? Which is better?’
‘Who? From who? Where? Where to?’
‘When is the best-time, most-auspicious? Why?!’
‘What is there that is not-Natural has ever happened anyway, eh?’
‘Or is to happen, anyway?’
Looking-down into their computers, both, One:
‘By Gods Grace? This is not simply in the-imagination…’
‘To happen?’
‘Or only dreamed of? What do You dream of?’
‘Those new-Put’s list’s…’
‘They… have…happened…anyway?’
‘Stayed. Ready. Go!’ for the next noisy, and silent millennial-springing: closed-in summer…winter…reopening…autumnal: wintery-return from failed…expedition:
At: The Summer Peak-End: Sell-Off winter weaker stock-up: vegetables and livestock inside from outside with fields and open to storm-shelter:
Hay-Barn, at the worst, get out of hailing bullets sheltered inside:, food and springwater to drink:
‘Aristocrat. Policy. Law-maker and Warmaker:
‘And Peasant- Army leaders all out-slaughter…’
‘With Army-General-Officers and…’
‘Child-Arm(y)ie(s) recruited with brute-force sexual physical abuse and exploitation:’
‘Police-Marshall’s and Sheriff and upstart-Colonel(s) not elected, yet, by the-People.’
‘At All!. Only each nominally-elected by the: Corporate: Global-Elite.’
‘A few hundred World-Leaders…’
‘Bankers under duress of the-Establishment: Judges and Generals.’
‘People under duress of…’
‘The-Elite: Presidential VC CEO (Vice Chief executive Officer) and…
‘Prime-Ministers of the President-Monarchical-Familial Elite:’
‘Chain of Command:’
>Chain of Command:
On-screen clearing ground razed computer auto-digging the trenches for sewerage pipes, and clicking…Work-Gang: Crew-working:
Apartment-blocks many miles’ high in Parkland-Cities. Home. Built cheaply low-energy efficiency short-term small cramped tenements…
Rented sold-off…garden, for food and flowers…per-hap(s):…’
Business-Park marked-out, by…
Continental-Shelf… like an in-store shelf tenements warehoused many stories-high-waves crashing-in:
‘Let’s go-fishing!’…ships and boats moored at the river-coastal City. Alongside the-Airport. Taking-off and turning Flight-Path:
‘Complex-Engineering. Simpler to be a Brain-Surgeon!’
‘Stopped The Motors of the World!’
‘On-Holiday, of-course!’
‘InterNational: Luxury. Life. Do not-mourn…’
‘Whatever I never had.’ Proceed >…proceeding…from scratch: land-cleared trenches-dug, cables laid and radio-signal flag post aerial raised.
Over-seeing…capturing and directing and re-directing in faltering staccato-messages and picture and text up-loaded spoken continued commentary:
Foreign…floundering to the…
Finishline: maximum-points tool-tips…
For navigation…buttons, and more…to take care of everyday-touches…bootstrapped…providing a wellbuilt set of plug-ins for drop-down menu: Channeling… Iconic-tabulator filling tables and forms, pads and tablets as well as expertly crafted styles for typography quick-clean and highly-usable guide-to-execution of more complex engineering-applications, like the guillotine, an easy-to-implement style-sheet and screen-cast tutorial:
Key-stone, and Capital automatically constructed ringed and Arterial-roads…
Non-homogenous World-desire…advertising-connected World-airport…
O.K. Vote: Now!
Buying up towering Hotels at absurd prices laundering and sitting on the ironing-board, rinsed like
Minister(s) in the Government and President(s): near and past…
>Elections? Of who, by who, for what?
Sarin mustard-gas foaming…at the mouth:
‘De-frauders, corrupt de-fading people…customers, share-holders, and for good measure: People’(s):
(I)(n)(s)usurance and pension-funds:’
>Bank(s): Profit(s): in-perpetuity: Power-of-Attorney-General:
Business-Churn: goodwill-hurdle(s): Family and Friendship(s) at work: fatal!
Unitary-National-Market(s): UNMs Economic-Currency-Union: Trade-Agreement(s): Buys and
>To:-Market(s)? Goods God(s) and Stoscks and Shares and Banking: Financial trans- action(s) occurring constantly, timed-out:
< Uni-Lever and Nestles’… ➢ Pharma and Luxur(y)ies. Star-(I)tem(s) such as: LVMH and CRA (Crazy Rich Asian(s): ➢ Arab and Chinese: Semite and Palestinian: Daily: Battle of de-Wit(s): Global-Trade-War (GTW): Inept. Poor-Quality and Rich-Quantity: movement(s) constantly daily: pica-second(s) by micro-seconded:
Two: Apple-seller(s)? One buying up the other < >
No-money changes hands…
Nation(s) Countr(y)ies: stilled-peaceful-Trade: Generally: You: Think-On:‘IT’:
If you wish…with the graffiti and cartoons, newspaper print sheets and template…sprayed on the screen:
New ex-Colonial Socialist-Elite: with Sovereign Debt:
>Establishment: list: list…
From abroad and at-Home:
not-Slave-drivers: Re-tail: Media and HealthCare: list:and over-seers…foreman-and-women…servants, and savants…
>Alliances: spuriously-forming…
Land to Win! any fight…and populate with each, other, and others found…
‘By willing-buyer?’ like a victim, or something:’
‘Unwilling-seller…deliberately undeliberating unwillingness delaying downloading…
>Game-changer: …
Pride-Ratings: N/n….in the…
ste at: N Masa(y)ochi Son: Singularit(y)ies: A.I.I?
Tech.: Pro-Duction and Logistic(s):
>Closed for Business. Tran(s)Port be-twen Home(s).
Bank-of-Bond(s): Data…

>Autocratic shed: Securities…
Diamond: Digital-record…
Pixelat:(ed.): paper-printing somewhere:
You do not have enough-cash…
With the World-Bank: silent on the matter…
All-hinges-on the-ratings…
For who?
Ratings? Do you still have: Holdings? You are your own City, your own Country…
Promissory-notes are not worth the paper they are written on…
<Rip-off customer base…eh? CLOSING…
‘Selling-off the family-silver again…’’
‘’A’ The Countries Abroad!’ the nasal-pinch down to the floor:
‘Amazon Bros! Koy Carp Aquarium!’
The-Banker looking-up:
‘F-ake: E-mission (s): re-port’s:’
‘Dis-R(u)ptor(s): Going-Down…’ the action made:
‘The Rich-List?’
‘Or neither. Legal?’
‘Or neither?’
‘De-pends where u r? With Global-Markets’ warming…’
‘To legal-warning!’
‘Advertising: mini-soap offer(s): Pro-Duction and …’
‘Small: Trade-War(s):’
‘Become: Big: Trade-War(s):’
‘Regular-regulator: Council-Tax: National-average(s): statistic(s): N./n./n./N.’
‘Declared: Ground(s):’
‘The-rest?’ blood-pressure raised, and dropped, hemorrhaging but-only internally, cerebrally not-cardiac, yet…
‘Perhaps. Have to be.’
‘Some may say…’
‘Un-humanising…’ and with some relief perhaps after-all an in-joke. Not back-firing potentially embarrassingly. Blushing reddening…warming-up:
‘The Stock-markets are not really in Turmoil!’
‘Of-course not!’
‘Turbulence, only…’
‘And not the-News, eh?’
‘Are anything you want them to be!’
‘Whatever ‘We’ want it to be!’
‘Monetarisation. Valuation. Market-Value: EveryOne of Us. Where ‘We’ want to be. Truth.’
‘Believe what you like…’
‘Wouldn’t that be nice? With your very own falsification…’
‘Suspension of disbelief?’
‘Belief? for the-impressionable. Only…’’
As on Holiday: de-lusional: impressionable: act: one:
‘Regulator? Tax-Fine(s): equal to losses and costs:’
‘De-lusion! Self-denial.’
‘Enlightened Self-(I)(n)terest…’
‘Allusion: arresting.’
‘Selectively, simply ironic?’
‘Sarcastic? Sardonic?’
‘Categorically. Yes, I get the irony…’
‘Investment-Fee(s): Anal(y)tic(s):
‘ ‘It’ is not:-exactly illegal:…’
‘Done nothing wrong!’ is what came out.
‘Mis-leading? Per-haps? Leader or Follower? Or: simple-minded symbolic-head of: State? Family?
Hangers-on? Underlings. Maybe…’ miss-leading…
‘Against the Public-Interest?’
‘Clear and present threat?’
‘Never thought about ‘It’. But clearly as the picture-shows…’
‘Markets not in-Turmoil?’
Re-gaining the higher ground, the-Banker:
‘Merely closed. And not-yet ready to be open-again for-business. That is all.’ recovering quickly.
Re-convening-self, like a determinably, each independent: Nobility: Nomadic:
‘Hostage with a-Fiends’-Ransom:’
‘On the-Wall.’
‘Friends against-the-Wall.’
‘Trade barriers, free-trade closed-doors…’
‘Trade-Wars. Both, or either…’
‘Or none.’
‘Have done nothing wrong…apart from what is ordinarily normally done anyway…’
‘Only-Custom and Practice?’
‘Practice and Pragmatism.’
‘Evenly indicted before the Court of the-Peoples’ Law.’
‘For Crimes against Humanity!’ added goods and services sales and profit advertising…profiteering different everywhere you go, you get used to your neighbours and work and school college university friends and eventually, famil(y)ies:
‘Has now. Truth…’ goods and services tax missing trader fraud carousel copyrighted to producer superabundance: Intellectual-property rights:
‘On Money?’
‘Free-Market(s):…’ ‘Markets’ de-cide(s): n-n: N:P:
‘Slides into Scarcity?’
‘Unplanned Command and Control?:
‘As anything else…’
Choice. Logical-Action Pragmatism-Reasonable(LAPR)…subjective value want/need objective cost/price exploitation profit action axiom moral power to property- rights to external things protection from theft and fraud or breach of contract:
‘Truth only this moment. Now gone.’ snapping fingers: Of: African Animist Druid Celt Gael Great Ancient
Britain: RomanCatholicChristianIrish:Arabic Sanskrit-Hindu and Islamic India and China and Japan and the Australian Island Continent(s): Canada: Anglo-Scots-Welsh-Irish: German and French and Spanish Native-American. Great-European! Asian Great-British? Carib.? So, what? To get out of this!’…by some timely proportion of only reason: dissent and treason: apparently,
‘Personal-Wealth. Private-Property. De-lusion? Yes.’
‘Buddhist Military-Dictatorship?’
‘The-Army haha hoho not-so…’
‘Christian Muslim or Hindu?’
‘Jewish. Sikh or Jane…’
‘Zionist(s)? Islamic-State?’
‘Communist? Fascist? Socialist-Capitalist…Nazi?’
‘Re-verse Upanishad-Economies collapse all the same…’
‘Empirical. All Colonies collapse the same…’
‘Eventually. Death-Toll?’
‘No, that is not possible.’
‘The-Workers’ of The World!’
‘All. Most…’
‘Men. Soldiers…’
‘Wo!Men Now! Disaster Mine collapsed trapped blown to smithereens…
‘Shoddy work.’
‘Conditions of work…’
‘Crime against the Proletariat!’
Big Chemo-Co Drugs and pesticides…
Doesn’t matter what ‘It’ is! If no use? Don’t need to buy anymore?
>Moratorium? Total-ban? Sanctions? Trade-embargo?’
Food? Medicines?
< Any equipment for Weapons? >Arms embargo no-more violence from state: to the-voluntary association of free-individuals…
Free-will… with others ratio each to each 1-1 common contract…
Human-rights and Responsibilities’-Act…enacted?

<Successfully! Welfare-citizen! Create: poverty: food and fuel-poverty: Universal Dividend-stakeholder partners’ Social Wealth Fund(s): Gifts and Be-Quest: Educational and Entre: Peri-neurial:
‘Dividend? Profit-margin(s)…’
‘Sovereign-Wealth? Advantage-Entrenched.’
‘In War?’
‘In: Charity.’ Although: theft through coercion:
‘Robbery. Otherwise? Eat the Rich@Archist-Archivist?’
‘Anarchist. not-Kaos. Each self-ordering individual…’
‘Inevitably. Minimal-anarchy military/police courts and prison night-watchman: Private-Security. Safety-
‘Gate? Keepers?’
‘Monetarist Nanny-State?’
‘Free Global-Trade.’
‘Presidents and Kings!’
‘Us and Them. Prisoner and Guard.’
‘Prisoners of Fiscal-War being guarded against the poor…’
‘To Profit by:’ addiction to drugs fats salt and sugars:
‘We all have to play our part-out.’
‘Castle or Gate. Gate or Castle.’
‘Both. Libertarian-necessitation…’
‘’How we enable our most-disabled citizens…’’
‘Roosevelt. Mrs. The United Nations, and Ourselves.’
‘And ourselves, is that All We have!’ enabling…
‘’We’ have Our say! Not become the monster that needs the-hand.’
‘Off-Shoring To bite the hand that feeds us!’
‘But to feed ourselves!’
‘Believe this. A Communist! Trade-Unionist! Syndicalist!’
‘Grey: Socialist-Dystopia.’
‘Black: Abusive-Monopolistic: Tech. Corporate-Hostaged.’
‘For: massive monetary ransom threats of death private enterprise social know-how.’
‘Oil and Gas.’
‘Metals Minerals and Plastics. There is fraud and corruption everywhere…’
‘Cannot get at the-perps…’
‘Creative-accountancy: family-firms…’
‘Of History? What about social-responsibility. Human-Rights.’
‘Human-Re-sponsibilities: simple-as.’ liverish-liner-notes littering words on the page:
CCTV: On the-screen…littering-leering search:
‘From: Short-term hedges…’
‘Long-term commitment…’
‘Social-Contract: meritocracy…’
‘Perishes with Plutocracies assist least-able local-global economies…
‘With Credit-dividend?’
‘Equitable distribution of wealth…’ grinding-teeth:…
‘Empowering Workers Unions. They choose the-price agreed…’
‘Choose the-price agreement.’
‘To who? All-Humanity?’
‘Not all, but with few exceptions…’
‘Why not?’
‘All over the World!’
‘Global Crazy-Dance!’
‘High-Level perp(s).’
‘Of fraudulent crimes, and worse crimes of violence and abuse.’
‘To an astonishing extent amongst the lowest, and highest…’
‘Indictable for sure…’
‘But whether-desirable?’
‘What to keep ‘It’ that way?’ devolved murder and rabid-violence… To the-Armies appearing over a sunlit horizon and now nearly overhead, ahead:
‘Into a peaceful, necessary or unnecessary shopping-trip, eh?’
‘Possible…’ and probable open-area, walls, towers, built ever higher:’
‘To keep-in, or keep-out?’
‘But un-crushed…’
‘Worker Owner(s) of Kapital?’
‘Both or either or neither.’
‘Everyone would if they could!’
‘You could!’
‘Business as Usual. That is All.’ world-wide web- circulated…networked, media and as with the questions as yet still unanswered. As far as both the-Clerk and the-Banker were concerned an inner crowning silence, crowing crowding each to themselves each-other stilled in-the-air about what to make of it all:
‘Cannot alter that…’
‘Not-Now, anyway.’  
Bandana, rag-scarf tie-caped toe-capped Crusader webbed, glued to the wall…
Hearing a voice call:
‘Don’t lose your-rag!’ hearing:
‘Lose your coat!’ remembered thinking:
‘Why would I lose my coat?’
Uniform. Then it didn’t matter why, when, where, or how I had lost my coat, and understood, somehow that I shouldn’t, or couldn’t have done it, again.
‘I like the-Mexican-Hat Magicians’ Trick.’
‘Here one-day.’
‘Gone the next. Doughnut, nothing in the middle!’
‘’We’ will See tomorrow, eh?’
From the screen: police and fire services ambulance to a burning factory:
‘When your shift is over make sure you go home alive.’
‘Later Today?’
‘Treasury-Officer? There-enmeshed: the lesson: The first rule of law-enforcement: Your law…and Yourenforcement. You are enforcement, now, are you?’
‘Proven, perhaps circumstantial….’
‘(I)gnorance is not allowed.’ ‘But not-lies…’
‘I’m going-there for myself.’
‘You don’t win, without the Team!’
Sudden anger and:
‘People! Shareholder-Elections? Negotiations…Today?’
‘Not-complicated. Like: Sporting…’
‘Cheat a little?’
‘To: The-Line…’
‘More or Less?’
‘Are You accusing Me?’
‘Accuse-yourself? If You can get away with ‘It’, again. Full-page advertisement: We Are Sorry! For: getting-caught! Again!’
‘If you can get away with it Again?’
‘If I had been caught I would not be here now, would I?’
‘I would be in Prison, wouldn’t I?’
Fraud and Corruption:’
’HaHa!! Perhaps, they are tailing you?’
‘The Inland-Revenue Service?’
‘The Outland. Financial Re-Gulation Authority:’
‘Off-Grid. Solar sails in the wind…’
‘‘Whatever.’ Corporate-contamination: pollution:’
‘Usually can: Carry IT off.’
‘Cry-of? Who started-it?’
‘Didn’t! Pollution!! Polluter-Pays!!! Fair or Foul! Where is the-Referee?’
‘Who is the-Referee?!’
‘Umpiring Intervention?’
Game-Theory Diplomacy…’
WTO WHO conceded-accession: result, recount, share-power concessionary-coalition, acceding-against-attrition, contrite, not without-hatred, between razor-thin majority/minority worked-with:
‘For all?’
‘Dictatorship: then?’
‘First past the post get a Decision!’
‘What decision?’
‘At least a better-one. Kick-it down-the-Road. Swap one-constitution for another’s’ preference almostguaranteed brought-together…Credit-Debt. Debit-Credit?
‘If going to carry-out all the decisions, anyway? At the-Conference? Made public?’
‘But not until…’
‘Midday Discussions, no. Decisions. Then for gotten-about…an hour-later, We make the decision(s)!’
‘Mis-understood differently in the first place.’
‘Get off the Rap!’
‘Covered with news of how everything was much, much worse, elsewhere and the-Government…’
‘Government? Feds? Federal-Bank(s)? Royal Monarchist Banks and atrocities committed everywhere all the Time has there ever been a time when…’
‘What? Blah blah Regulation-Revenge? Attacks on Police and fire service trying to put out dangerous fires! Why?’
‘The spark that lights the flames?’
‘Peaceful-Demonstrator(s)? Against the Government! For years of a football mob-volatility of a funeral:’
‘Respect? Police?’
‘Tax? Government?’
‘Maximum-Profits’ take-charge…’
‘That is why we are in Business!’
‘Not Goods and Services, halted, so, what is the decision, so We know? They close us down! We make their Cars!’
‘Not: People: Global-Com-Pact: for: Safe, orderly and regular migration: dis-placement: rejectionist:’
‘They close us down, not to make their cars…’ hitting-a-key:
< 1st/2nd/3rd’Worlds… >…4th and 5th and Sixth you may as well add!
< So, we do business only for-profit? Nothing-else? Number-One? Money? Only? Number-One: Economic-Zone? machinery-oil and burning frying metal dust foundry, mechanized, but unsafe:… Safe return: swift return of illegals’ tough Border-Control(s): Re-Patriation: >We: list… will make safe automatic-factories, with a share in the output, open accountancy…once losing absolute power, absolutely nothing.
But the horrifying torture, of injury, and Death, gone. You have allowed this: sponsored…and subcontracted…
To Hell!
Mis-leading and manipulating the-Truth.
There is no truth.
Except here&now
Both sides:
Star-Shining Traders SST:’:
Catastrophic already!
Not, so long. With those have already on-sided…
Who? You are the Executive!
You are!
Not. Punish the-People.
The violence is quicker more brutal than the fear.
Backs to the Wall!!
Presidential-Dictatorships’ richness of spirit
Back >tracking…
>R/E Leveraged-Loans…
Conflict between two Sovereign-Presidential Nation-States?
<(E)lected-majority, will that do? May not be here today, but tomorrow, could be any day… > Class: lower middling upper? Why fear death, for others?
< Is financial-suicide a cowardly act? > >Murderous-Publicly, yes.
Crime. >Legal:
< Legal-Crime? ➢ Consumer: conspire-denier: Smiling-Assassin: Blind-Villain: ➢ Petrol-fuel: Sans Border: Gilets Jeune: right and left above and below splintering in all direction(s):
>Other: family, perhaps, from unaccountable murderous… >
Thoughts…and carrying out… >
Unless imprisoned, against the will, imprisoned… >
Extreme-Violence: by degree of arrest torture and death for being poor!’
Or cleverer than them…

>Follow the trail of collective-food? > Geo-Political: map…refugee…ruler…
Or No? Constitution at all?
< What? For? A-fight? Sale and Return? Police and Army? > Ignore internal forces…?
< What? > Ig….
Ignore: external?
10% x 700000000…
<70000000000? the shelves full but no money. No-money, but empty shelves: shopping…price and cost is all you need: >Buying statistics vast open questionnaire: spiked…
Risk to the environment: … < Risk? > Values? Relatively-fixed-at: NNNnnn…
< Resource: list…vast-tin and copper-mines with trucks the size of a house pounding the newly-built roads, to newly-upgraded railway, neighbouring SuperPowers’:
Tax-Revenues: to the-middle-most: dis-empowered:
Powerful: NNN…
Sports Drama Podium-finished by Worker-Ants as Sovereign Hive-Peoples…
>To build TV and wired-circuits for all.
The One percent… 1%?
Patrolling-sectors of the metal-mineral-garden: for new-world technology and saleable goods:
>Exactly! the ever-present amongst the remains of the population, who toured and policed:
Law! Military-Industrial Complex Nuclear!
Doves-and-Hawks: fluttering wildly…angrily across the screen:
>Armed Public-Militia
<’Harm(a)ceuticals… >HealthCare.’
< SocialHealthCare(SHC). >Innovation.
Employment worthy as N/n profiteering to grow and maintain the corpus:
<4FreshFood! Energy-Transport Logistics Statistics… >Health-Food? Research experiment, everyday…
Vegetable-Fruit Nut Vegan.
For: The Rich!
Stellar-returns…strong contenders…astronomical astrological: Jovian, perhaps…
Born or not:
City: Rational (once Equitable Town) City: Capital…
Credit…point-value: list: control-stick, right and back nine-route: jumping and avoiding and spinningaround…speed-loss…fired-on… trick speed time…
TNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:
Damage-limitation…control-metred-balancing fiscal-ledge(errr): …
There. And then.
If not for-other-Team Re-spect: coalition-forces providing nonlethal aid…and lethal strafing the-armoury of the most-Glorious-Leader: listed-as….
‘In retrospect…’
‘Re-rationalizing? Irrational off The Wall:’
‘Basket-Cases!’ ‘Stop The Cit(y)ies!
‘And Doing?
‘The best bit about this game…
‘Compared to what?
‘Our un-doing.’
Looking-up, and out…and down again…after-the-event…ignoring, it would be absorbed, or go-away:
‘Self-serving, presuming, before the event soft-racism quiet derogation pre-judicial unlawfuldiscrimination:’
‘Ultra-Nationalism (UN):…’
‘Empiric-Religious Bigotry (ERB)…’
‘Nice try…pre- the event…’ hardened…views…
‘Rose-tinted nostalgia.’
‘Us and Them! Picked-on-the-weakest first sight then…’
‘Lowest hanging-fruit?’
‘Difficult to do.’
‘What? Shoot?’
‘About to Shoot!’ through cheating greed personal advantage maximizing:…’
‘Profit over Loss. Capital-Gains: Human Goods and Financial: Other: pimping prostitution: employment:
Overworked and underpaid.’
‘Crime: Easy-method?’
‘The Get-Go, and The Go-Between…
‘Or Other…’
‘That is the choice. Every, and any moment: Pull-the-trigger.’
‘Close the Works?’
‘Sell-off. Asset-dereliction…’
‘Except for children…’
‘Who are Naturally?’
‘Known to each other?’ and so growing-up with what we are used-to seeing, speaking, acting-out…seen and heard:
‘Who are they?’ ‘on headphones’ from studio-link…
‘Un-Safeguarded. Who is it doing the shooting?’
‘Both-sides? All sides…perhaps 3 or 4 groups up to several hundred, thousands and million billion trillion:
Quadrillion. Civilians assisting or trying to get away and getting in the way.’
‘Professional-Status: and amateur-Militia or armed-gangs. Rioting Uprising. Insurrection: disturbance unrest demonstration insurgence mutiny-rebellion.
(I)(n)subordination: defiance re-calcitrance revolutionary-riot:
-High-beam profile: (I)bex-Business and Financial-Sites:
The Worldwide Web: from the TV screen headphones broken-into…looking-out, and upwards, to the left with a certain honesty, unlike the floor-ward looking as if imagining…
Gone, walking into walls…someone-there…
Mousing heard scratching subtitles-off:
‘Are there outside-elements involved?’ as one and other serially deny or give cause to believe there are:
‘Armed by who?’ a pause in the filming whilst an explosion rips apart…something…dust, bodies.
‘Are there Outsiders?’
‘Insurgent(s)? Well…yes…and… no….’
‘There has to be some armaments coming-in from outside, is that not the case?’
‘As well as the Soldiers? Many many more: People’
‘Correct.’…up-grading… up-dated…
‘To run-away…’
‘From this: War of Attrition now…’
‘Whether inside the country or outside elements? But can we say it is mainly outside-forces…’
‘Not inside…the Trooper(s) have lain their weapons down.’
‘Well, there are armaments and weapons that have been supplied…previously to this outbreak…from
Their-Allies? Who are?’
‘…and weapons taken or handed over by deserting Government-Troops and Police at Border-Posts:…’ ‘De-serted. De-asserted their personal-fiefdom freedom.’ The so-called Security-Forces (SFs) throughout un-monitored routes from near and far, through the countries between…burnt uniforms everywhere…and naked bodies daubed hanging:
‘And the-Rebels inside?’
‘Where are they getting their weapons from?’
‘Well…that is ‘It’?’
‘What do you mean by ‘It’?’ ‘They are getting their weapons from The-Government forces by taking-them, by force capturing or simply stealing them at The Border-Posts. Stolen to the capital-City areas and gates and Ceremonial-Circus, City-Centre. Military-Parade. Squares and statue-fountains, formerly-Town and River-Port:
‘Zoning-in here…’
‘From abroad?’…drowned-out by the noise of crashing masonry, bricks and mortar:
Portal: City-Centres across countries and National Continents and different: Sovereign-Nation: Religious-States: are responding differently:
‘All are different: Nation-State(s):’ seemly, in chorus with a seemingly combined voice neighbours then their neighbours voices heard:
‘What is their view?’
‘By Midday?’
‘World-Time: Inter-National: is all It is.’
‘When we are expecting an announcement…what do they make of it there? Have you been able to speak with anyone yet?’
‘They do not know what is happening outside their Town or City. We tell them. it means nothing to them. That is what they say. All they are interested in is where the next meal, bread and water, and fuel to power the generators, and make contact with the outside world. The Economic Conference: Telephone lines and
Power-Cables are down. Satellite phone-link is all we have…’
‘That cannot be taken down….’ another explosion…taking-cover:
Outside in The Street: Buildings…building Marketplace: Shopping-Mall:
>Corporation and Government-tax collecting…click…
War-Chest Mutiny!
Given: list: cash spilling-out…
‘Who is making the decisions?’
‘People are under the rubble, trapped, screaming and crying can be heard all around…’
‘There is no firing on the ground, only from the air, and a few rifles for shooting into the air.’
‘No: ‘No-Fly Zone?’
‘O.K.! Fire!!!’’ Aircraft zooming into view swooshing overhead, dropping bombs…
‘That is what they want?!’
‘No fly-zone for those who are unarmed!’’
‘They need food, energy…’
‘…and no more killings and destruction of the past, peace and re-conciliation…’ Only: Humanitarian Aid X-rayed through destroying chemical weapons…
‘Taken to a neutral place and destroyed, well paid, regulated…’
‘Appliance of Science.
Another background explosion:
‘So, the weapons are from the same sources as the government in effect?’
‘And their-own stock-piled over several months?’ ‘I should think so. By-theft…and desertions…’
‘And acquisition from abroad? Who? Terrorists?’ ‘And Terrorist-linked-Organizations (Tl0s). State-terrorists, wherever They may be. Terrorist-States. Constantly and continuously…’ ‘National-Debt:’
‘Again. Although, through: The Border-Posts:’
‘Rebel’s with petty dispute are getting the upper-hand.’
‘Terrorist(s)’. ‘Opposition dis-agreement…full-agreement is expected…’ A silent pause, where songbirds could be heard singing, perhaps, but not here, there:
‘Where the Government are bombing and shooting their own People. The Government Troops and Police are no-where to be seen, except from the sky…’
‘Super-Power Allies:’’
‘And the-Rebels?’’
‘The People here are sympathetic, that is all. They don’t want weapons. They see what these arms do in the hands of the enemy, and their own. They want…’ ‘As before…’
A satellite dish moved over…faintly:
‘We are losing-you…’
‘Until then…then, next time…over to you in…from Geneva now….’
‘Thank you.’
‘We hope you will be OK there, we’ll be back…’ the subtitles-continued…on another screen clicked into: ‘Rallies around the-World…’ breaking-glass: bent-metal sworded and concrete blocks thrown through glass windows
‘Agent-Provocateur: False-Fire!’
‘The Demonstrators…religious and non-religious: Secular-Security-Force(s): It is as if they are invading their Own Country! By Luck, or Pure-Chance winning? Fixed in their favour simply by weaponry and covering-fire and you make…’
‘Your Own Luck.’
‘Making-Opportunit(y)ies: Taking them. Here. You (S)take Your Own Chances.’ a cloud drifting-across the screen of tear-gas eyes-scalded, felt the burning hazily blocking-out: the scene: Missile-Strike.
Through liquid crystal-glass the pictures of plenty of sand and metal to transparently melt, into glass and silicon-chip circuit-board :
< Since Ancient-Times (SAT: Egyptian-Syrian: Carthage and Athens&Rome: nav….)… >Zimbabwe and Timbuktu and the Golden-Cape(s):
Sheikh-ish: Arab-Nations and Israeli: transported on British and French and German and Chinese builtrailways and roads and shipways, and from the former-Soviet-Unions’close-ties with Africa…Christian Islamic Re-ligious mercenaries Arab and European-militia and military-minded former: City-Communist Soviet
Presidents’-blessing…. Prime-Ministerial nominations. Various: other vicious groups…
Great-Game Again (GGA)
Good-Game&BadFaith (GGBF) As well as monitored, de-monitored and un-monitored democratically-elected Dictator(s): there have never been any! No former-Soviet or -Nazi? Chinese or Arab soldiery was provided. Only European and American, North America, and South, and Australasia…and the United-Nations.
Russian-Chinese-Arab-American and European advisors buyers and sellers with weaponry on the ground. Continuing to take-out the mined metals and rocks and minerals, oil and precious metals and stones and fossilised-remains…
En-dangered: Species:…
With the promise of Gold and vast riches.
Corporate-Business Interests:
Private-Police: Military-Ad(v)(i)(s)ors and Big-Chief: showing off their weaponry and endless-Riches… Elite-Socialists and Capitalists of the-People failed market oriented State-Planned holding Land-Tenure and War-Torn: former-Colonial: Land(s):-lands…see…
>Country:Free-Market: auction:..
Proposer: division accept/reject all or nothing or share equal minimal rational fairness economic psychology endowment possible winnings quarter/third-honour prestige rather deprive other of nasty greed ultimate reveal learn from others to try to create fairness but we still move to wider wealth gap unfairness why?
Guards at checkpoint drinking vodka
Home: tele-communications…
< (e)lectronics’ food-processing: FarmYARDscreen: >Chemicals: lumber and metals…
< Mining…coal and Nuclear for the defence industry weapons legal and otherwise… > For the Land.
< Home or Away?: > Home. Best seller-price enforced by-Law from to the poorest…to the newly-rich without bounds or borders…
Of course, entangled contracts, of the five or six leading economies in any stock or share trade:…list:… macro-economic stabilisation…
Hyper-inflation: criminal-Bosses and Foreign-Trade…
Shock-therapy! External debts racked-up to ridiculous proportions…
Nomenclatures fled: Capital-Tax: Fight or Flight!
>To be converted into National-Prosperity…
Across the Boardroom:
Nuclear partners…weapons and energetically decision-makers…others’ wars of defence and attrition… …or somewhere else…
You…and You called where you are: Home? too@two-to:…three…. MSB. RDF.
Unavoidable civilian deaths… < Friendly-fire! Collateral-damage….’ >Friendly-Fire!
Of the Conference?
Big Hungry-Dot. < Communications: not… #List: Laser-guided grid-boxed…from the-Killbox!
‘Going kinetic!’ From third to first person: camera spiked helmet hardened but light protective black-flakjacket camouflaged body armour.
Dusty rocky desert patched-snowy or autumnal woodland wintertime. Springtime olive green summerblue-ice-cold white-water hot mist silent ghosting…
Total-Invisibility masked and marked moving through enemy territory:
‘Intel.?!’ and photon-camera’s-clicked…and… Provided-for….as long as Providential…Provincial…village…Town…the-City… On-Visor…screen un-cracked code’s… from stolen dossier the brochure: First Assault Reconnaissance
Team: uncommandeered…
‘Commanded? Re-conn.!’
Robotic-vehicle close-quarters combat armoured Bulldozer demolishing whole villages. Shanty town hiding places and places of living and worship…to assume control. To forcibly replace sufficiency and interdependence with the dependence of extreme-poverty, on extreme-profit: Gross-mismanagement!
To: …unfair disadvantage inhered against fair -advantage,d livelihood won, or lost.
<What? Artillery and aerial-bombing to spare innocent bystanders and civilians warning first: Revolutionary Defence-Forces (defending what? King Queen or President: over)..leaving under cover individual enemy-sympathisers sought-out, from amongst the women and children killed…announcement from the ground, through the-air blistering…
Dead. Announcement in newspapers and TV, and speakers and screens on the street, in café and bar. ‘Persons who stay in the City will be considered terrorists and bandits and will be destroyed by artillery and airstrikes if they do not leave-The City. Persons who do leave the City will be considered terrorists and bandits and will be destroyed by artillery and airstrikes if they attempt to leave. There will be no further negotiations…’; then Blockade and then the- Siege: the-besieger and the-be-sieged…hostage-taken, just, or unjustly, like ancient times…Now. Hedged-Bet(s).
Select from: Training: Selected: Training Academy. College. Strategic Institute. Policy Room.
Firing-Range….Test. Do you:
a)Condone/ignore own side uncontrolled revenge hostage-taking, torture and killing of anyone soldier or civilian?
b)Condone/ignore pre-emptive hostage-taking torture and killing, for information, or none to protect other’s…
…the- likelihood/possibility of averting further atrocity by soldier or civilian…
c)Only respond like to like in self-defence, and defence of others, soldier or civilian?
d)Stick to rules of engagement…despite the likelihood and possibility of atrocities by enemy soldiers or civilians or lack of so doing; to protect civilians…spies or subversives?
< Or Soldiers: of your own country…or the-Enemies’…over the Radio: ‘Whose side are You on?’ ‘…likelihood/possibility of averting further atrocity by soldier or civilian?’ >Those Evil-Natured Robot(s):…
<…dis-proportionate force response diverting blame and lethal force…minimizing… >Nn% Health and Education…
Civilian fatality… Ourselves!!!
< …and ourselves…with the threat of present and immediate intermediate: ‘Danger.’…rules-of-Armed-conflict… >‘Level of immediate and present threat: imminent danger: capture and trial…’
<‘Self-defence? >‘Any-defence’ <‘Madness! >Crazy City!:
‘Kill -on Sight!’ culminating tipping point…to…
➢ Fixed-siege, besieging…’
‘Peace.’ Air-born sniper montage.
Platoon sandbagged vantage point bunker. Uncomfortable sand-bagged rain soaked bunker-laying-beneath to avoid infrared detection:
‘Criminal-State!’ shouted colluding to make the problem go away.
>The Ruling-Family ordering their own people out onto their own-Streets to fire…
‘Pinpoint the-Leaders…!’
Reported-on: now:
‘Corruption, and Fraud…’
‘Taxes used to pay the Police and Private-Security:
‘Un-paid-pay: why?’
‘All in the Presidents’-Hands.’
Applause. Cheering. Shouts!
‘Monetary demands on the-People…’ by taxes cash-payment and at the Banks: withdrawn:
By Bailiff4Robber-Baron: terrorized:
< The-Law! Clear and Immediate Threat!’ > Fundamentalist(s):…
< Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary Share-Regular(s): ‘Unequal!’ ‘Fair!’ ‘Equal! Unfair?’ < Irregulars. Who had no-where else to go… >Until Now: This is a Crime against Humanity: Let Them Come Here!
Tyranny and torture!
Popularity or Principle?
Maximise-Profit Principle? Bottom-line? Popularity…
Homeland. The World!
Warlords’ soldiers…
From the sky and sea….and across the-land…
< Intellectual-Artist(s): amateur-militia: one or many against another… >Doctors Against or With?
< With, or against? Professional-Armies and Local-Militia:… >Trying to keep apart…
<United-Nation(s): States’ kept apart with wall and tower castle square… like a Prisoner of War (PoW) encampment guarded: <Talking. Shouting Forced squats and hands against the wall, and beatings. For hours on end. Without end. In case of living or dying. Until now…in this life, and the next…’
>U.N. Humanitarian-Aid. Jumbo-Jets…to move across the screen; and into position…pressing rapid fire from Zed…somewhere…one-mortar after another flying away across the screen and with one almighty explosion…each tank taken-out one at a time. Their tank-tops peeled-off.
Inside exploded with a shower of metal and limbs as others tried to fire back from troop-carrier roaring away from the confusion and fray…and missed the Oceanic-Tanker…
Exploding! seemingly harmlessly finally demolishing completely the building that the civilians-hostage and
Humanitarian: Rescue-Squad: had evacuated and All now seemed to have mysteriously vanished… Assumedly to safety and to resume battle elsewhere same day…same time…another screen: unremarkable painted-beige stone and brick walls, streets of black tarmac and dry-dust, with white-walls and lamps-lit flaring…together orange and red:
‘Iron and cold-Steel…
‘Cruise-Ship(s): Tourism:’
‘C8! In the waters…’
‘Sodium-sulphur or Plutonium!!’
Congratulations training mission two accomplished merit points gained 120 weapons and vehicles destroyed: 20 +…Enemy killed: 1000+…
Civilians rescued or saved: not-Known…possibly…Nnnnnnnn.
‘O.K. Your-pay…’ ‘…in Scalps.’
Health and Fitness: Power-Ups: Select: Heavy armaments:
Laser-guided Infrared Radar-evading fighter and intercontinental ballistic-missile. Transported-on land and sea. Flying Shark: GPS homing warhead.
AeroSpace Industry Corporation (SCAIC) also known as Base 062; and adapted by Roketsan Corporation as: TR-300 “Kasırga” and used by the Turkish armed-forces; as adapted by The Defence Technology
Institute as DTI-1.Sig-Saur Locker-Room:
Global-People(s)’ Armed-Guard: forced dis-placement and that labour corruption dis-sent uprising occupation of neighbouring countries and lands…
Designed by Armament and Aerospace and Electronic-accuracy.
SA5. Gammon: surface-to-air missile heat-Seeking high-explosive Javelin anti-tank. Super-Sniper. BLU-
82 “Daisy Cutter” and Viagra rape-Smash Teams; Recon. and Intel. and Bio-chemical…
Live and Let Live!
> Love and Let Love!
Live and let Love!
Motor Vehicle Base and Home Appliances:…
Education and Training…
No-Fly Zone: Operation: DragonFly: Fighting for Peace?
<#Fight-peace? Destroy Military-Capacity: On the bombarded ground reporter Journalist bearing-witness: ‘For-Life!’ ‘For-Liberty!’ ‘Fairness!’ ‘And: Good-Faith.’ Authentically Shipping and Bridging: Closing the Strait(s): the Reporter broadcast the messages, without any further commentary: Except: ‘Sometimes Peace has to be defended!’ Hostage: Home: house: to-house storing non-perishables pasta and rice for so-long-hoarded, with the potatoes…now rationed-out with benevolence perfectly-stormed. Hungry without prospect: Only accidentally.
Only, nothing…’ …connection…lost.
Sorry.…matter congealing material evidence.
<Warning. Aforethought. Alarm clocked to stop and check to realise the un-reality of the fenced-in and closed-off… Hedged-Bets’n Puts and Stays. <Hedged-Bets against a reality on the ground…and in peoples’ hearts and homes, and the end of the previous days’ trading balance shown…by force... >Hostile-takeover:... <With-Government or Corporate with government backing?':by on-screen paperwork on-line compensation signed-off… >By the Government...and for the National-Bank...and to sell back. Forced from you...Hidden, smuggled, stolen...used up. <Driving frantically... >No-one stopping in-case you are booby-trapped…duped into carrying drugs or bombs, like a complex net of wires and cable thicker and thinner negatively-earthed... <Equity: grounded, burned-out as a Madmen gradually apparently in the marketplace bazaar below: >I am looking for God in the-marketplace. With a lamp? <Where is God? When Children are being killed of starvation and disease? >We have lost sight of God… < You may have… >Or God is gone…another goner…dead… <Or never lived… >As this Planet-lives? <Or as there is now another Leader of Men? >SuperMan…lives?… <Super Wo-Man... >…and Savior-of-All! <Assumed, for, as: > Each of Us. <Godless!!! >For: All-of-us... <Does not live… Taken-over…
< Another-Avatar character-voiced-over…differently… >The-same.
Medical-supplies: URGENT!
Food-queue Made an example of…
Put out of business… Sanctions?
Agreed- takeover. < Hand over fist. Handheld counter: 51% price up/down N/1000 on projected profit…/loss…
Value-(i)nformation :true/false overheads/fixed capital equity redeemable against failure cost-prices (ingredients/materials)…sale-prices/sales-goods…market-positioning…reliability…
New/replacement parts and maintenance…
Confidence/lack of confidence… Down…R\e’s…and falling: N…n…Or n…Nn. n
Your Account: Personal account: Profits if any from any Family-owned Industries, and Privately-owned
Limited-Company: In-Corporation taxes…
Sales taxes, Business-property rates, local-democratic Council-tax…
>#]On Essential-services…around 50% GDP after all taxes paid spent on social-security and welfare-state, and Security: health, transport, education defence, industry agriculture and employment.
Yes that as well…
Populat(i)on: N/n% : Public: Order-and-Safety: Committee:…
With: Public and social-Housing and Personal and Social-Services:
Industry, Agriculture… and full-Employment and Transport-Logistics Storage and Distribution…
What for?
What You need is a Crisis!’ vicarious re-demption:
Of Global proportion(s):
< Shock! Of the New! >What we need now is a crisis.
You’ve already got one!: heard:
‘Your-people you say: ‘They cannot feed or fuel themselves…’’
‘We are in a permanent-crisis of degree already…’
>There is a crisis?’
< Could be. >
Agreed: ticked-box.
Known to be true, and also not.
From the TV:
‘What is the feeling on the ground there?’ cchchchch…
‘I am sorry…poor connection…’
‘We will go back to…’
‘What?!’ connecting…
Such that the Dictator…
’Despot! Tyrant!’
>Would not dare to arm the people…
<Will not arm the people now…
Only the so-called…
Security-Force(s): crack-troops, personelle-to… The-President:…with… Command-Responsibility alone…
>Do-not-Punish/Punish! in a constant state of rapture, fear and dread:
Military-Civilian Civilian-Military:=/-?
The President is to step-down and The Interim-Government for Constitutional Free and Fair Election(s)
< Boing! >Take ‘em away! Again!
Trade-Agreement(s): to embargo and for sanctions on any Military or Police equipment that may maim or kill; and possible military-intervention from outside as it could anyway be appeasement, an idle thought… From the Barracks:
To take-Command?’
On-Trade? Depends on The military?
< That is all you can hope for! Presidente! >Correct.
Democratic: Mechanised-Computerised:
Public-Liability: Risk:
>Bad-debt’s defaulting, bail-out of the banking-system, to be re-paid…
< Personal Industrial-Injury … Nailed! Homeless-People: Demonstrators living in sub-degree temperatures: starving dying at home… To grow eternally, by any means, to reproduce and succeed.
Becomes not an abomination…
Although pure-Altruism maybe more harmful…
Long-term…long-game…there may be a pay-off…
On: Disaster Relief Funds…
…without out any obvious return…
…and peoples’ actions…
Or Otherness?
There is no such thing as society, only individuals. You.
That are invented and invested-in as a way to justify self-interest.
Without moral-sentiment?
Any Individual Ambition (AIA): Benefits’-Society?
< Re-Ambitious Have No-Benevolent (I)(n)tent(i)ons (HNBIs)’’ >? Entrenched and convinced of our own audacity…
Except by stepping-back…
To when? All must agree!
To anyone who has not experienced, nor is willing-to…
Agreement-Comparison: website:
Play the Game!
Trust. Only so much win-win…
< As: lose-lose…
Introduce: Policies screen…Taxes:
>Social-spend: Defence (Military and Civil):…from The City playing with the whole country’s whole Economic-Capital and through…
No-money for (n)either!
Talkin’ ‘bout a Revolution?
The-Glorious Revolution!
< By screened buildings’ basement’s levelled rising number’s…falling…crunching graphics careeringupwards and careening downwards…turned-inwards…crackling-sounded sub-ordinate-body in: Blame-Game: Pay!
➢ Play! By who’s rules? Toxic-Chemical(s):
Productive public and vocal opposition…
‘Only if it comes to court…’surrounded by court staff ushers, prison staff, Police, and Army besieged:
‘It won’t.’
‘War-crimes:in opening…’
<World-Court of Justice: doubling-up drumming cynically and from a distance…
Battle-Command: Control(s): 2+ A-Z:
‘Kill! Or be Killed!’
‘Don’t Be!’ life savers rescuers gone to help long war journal poker burn one turn3 (flop) burn one turn one burn one turn one river…
Distributing: denial of service cyber-attack: overwhelming concrete concerned websites@… ‘To Force: Power-Agency.’ an open-air announcement:
‘Crash!’ utilizing Banks-of-Equipment recruiting-enough others to participate in Freedom Land and
Democracy with Civil-leaders and Control-and-Command-structure:
‘Caught in the end…’
‘Immunity safe-passage to end bloodshed levelling secular rebellion religionist storm- troopers…’ ‘Uprising…’
‘Communist-Collective Farm and Built-Home. Soviet-Socialist Industrial worker(s):’
‘Kulaks! Kolkhozes! Gulag…’
‘Xinjiang. Now: Free! Trade? Power. Great Farms and Industrial Might!’ forced: con-solidation:
‘Cannibal-Famine: and Civil-War…’
‘Free-Markets’ Capitalism!’
‘Beating Us at Our Own Game(s)…’
‘Criminal-Kapital: hoarding: money:…’
‘Rent. Police and Arm(y)ies: Bureaucratic-Institution(s): Heirarchic from the Top IT comes…’
‘Land and Life!’
‘Social-Choice impossible.’
‘Never! Stated and various and variegating: Minority-National(i)ess’
‘State: Landlord Execution(s):’
‘When? Now?’
‘Co-Operative: Collective: Farm and Industry, and now: Technolog(y)(i)es:’
‘(i)(n)formation:’ ‘Fair and even: re-porting:’ ‘Liberalised Labour-force: Game: Politics first; then Art.’
‘Social Rights and Responsibilit(y)(i)es:’
‘For-sure: Re: re-gulating ourselves: silicon. Infra-structure:
Celebrate plurality…
Extinction Re-bellion (XR)…non-manipulating democratic.
Most systems are not going to work badly all of the time. All I proved is that all can work badly at times… Arrow: By each new re-generation: Per-sistence… The-Banker spoke:
‘Some serious clouds on the horizon…’
The-Clerk looked-up to:
‘Storm-clouds coming-in…’
‘Again.’ and each together, silently looking out of the-window and the opposite windows to where they sat across the Table looking across: Train Carriage World(s):
Others standing and sitting, mindfully ignoring and occasionally minding the time of day on computerscreen tablet or wrist-watch headphone mobile-device:
Date Time and Application…
Programmers’ applications and battery-level messages in any of the current forms, voice and letter and number written typed clicked…
The momentary passing-speed of another train, combined speeds, on one side of the train, poignant, the blue-grey sea.
On the other side of the-Train: across heads and seatbacks for The-Clerk amongst the solitary and cluttered clustered and isolated farmhouses born and brought-up in and bought-up. Never to be lived-in again, passed-on or not. By Parents, and parents of parents. Brought-up inside and around the fields and harvest time, lost now. The Father the-Farmer, and Mother, the-mother, still lived on what little land they had left, virtually a smallholding now. An allotment settlement shares now, plough-share. King in The Castle, beggar at the Gate.
Land Class-Rights and de-nomination.
Settlement, Land, Agriculture to feed a Country, Nation and State.
Re-solution. registered and re-denominated.
Invasion: Cross-border battles, and merger.
Beneath the hills, across the valleyed-plains. You could see a distance, garden patio, balcony view.
Housing and Industrial Estate.
Farms Barns and Farmer(s).
Nevertheless needed its ‘own‘Allotmenteer’ to be there most of the time. Asleep there, ride shotgun. One of the local-Militia military: Secure and Protect.
‘Tend and look-after and tend again…’
A Farmhouse Cottage Garden. The Castellated Cattle-Sheds and Chicken-Factor(y)ie: in rolling hills amongst isolated mansion farmhouse-estate barns and sheds, vast-silo industrial-unit. The natural ecosystem…demonstrations, deaths, to no avail…non-attaining…sustaining:
On screen Megaphone:
‘Down with The Government!’
‘Throw yourselves off the Fiscal Cliff’!’ bannered outside unseen in a tunnel, the Newspapers, on TV wallwall:
‘What is to do about it?’
From a-thronging crowd:
‘Populaire Banco Ha!’
‘Politician-Banker Financiers!’
‘From many expensive cars and a Helicopter!’
‘Galactic-Spacecraft!’ another threw-in.
The outbuildings and all the fields except-one, re-appeared, and the house, the family-home, the familyfarm sold-off. To the Private Investment-Bank Public Mortgage-Company insistent, and already sanctioned by Governmental Inter-national Supra-National State-rigged ratio-fixed out-of-necessity for re-tirement, if ever…
Couldn’t do it anymore.
After several Bad-Harvests fretting-away the final sale-price covering repair and maintenance…innovation sometimes purchasing new piece’s-of-machinery…or seeds, not-annually, never monthly…or seasonally…in-Profit, these-People…pick your own.
They did not understand seasonally. Too-wet, too-dry. Too-hot. Too-cold. Destroyed, deliberately, by insect, by spraying like a helicopter-gunship…win/win. Win/lose.
Co-operative: Credit: Agri-Culture.
‘Buy! Buy!’
‘Don’t Sell!’
‘Never out of pocket!’
Bought-out. A few good-years of growing-up reasonably-good harvest and a few month’s sale-price as to the shop’s and market-stalls that sold the produce for- prices that were no-longer-set from Season to Season, but Day-by-Day. Minted-microscopically minute by second-hand ticking year to year, exchanged. Futures on Crops-to-Profit terms all over the-Globe seed to seed to seed spinning-still:
‘Too Big to fail.’
‘Could not fail.’
Good: Geo-Harvest: low-price(s): so, plenty of margin on all the logistics getting to the Hyper and Super
Market(s) Marketplace to pay Government-Tax(es): and selling-high through: The-City.
False-Figure(s): Bonus-Commission: Diplomatic-Act:
Due to Demand and Supply. Supply and Demand:
Over-Due: a poor-harvest: low turn-out, same!
To: Vote! Prices-High Street! Seed and Crop bought-up and into and sold minute-by-minute in advance of any-Harvest. Prices once gambled-on the weather, now on fixed intensive-farming and industrialagricultural mult(i)National(s): Global, could not lose, as a spec(y)ies could not lose: not too-often, not at all. Anyway looking-up: rooting to the Centre of the Earth: stretching towards the Sun pumping-gas: mineral-laden water molecules’ photo-sythesised:
‘Who’s counting anyway?’
‘No-one, hardly.’
‘Only what we haven’t got!’
‘Not if You are Doing Well, as well, relatively speaking, you get me?’
‘Corporate Multi-Nationals make fortunes…at the expense, the expected Cost to The Many!’
‘Only to be usefully employed and well-paid for the market to thrive and into a relatively reasonably happy not continually in-secure retirement…and death.’ it seemed.
Heard, thought-out:
‘Then Rent and Pay-controls-lifted…’
‘Universal: Credit-Debit.’
‘Trust? Again?’
‘Multi-Faith?’ ‘In What?
‘All of Us!!!’ The-Parents, before their passing would have liked The Farm to be taken over by The Brother or The Sisters’ expanded families: upwards and sideways Family-Tree seen…the-Mother heard-speaking:
’Why don’t you?’ pleading. The Father heard: They would have known what to do. The Brothers and The Sisters…
The Gypsy-Harvest.
The breeding and slaughtering of the animals.
Growing, and eating the corn-crop chucking the chicken clucking everyone moved to the-Town, and then the-City…the-Clerks’ buried thought; and seen outside, already working with The Sunrise: seasonalpickers brought in, and great machines emplacing harvesting by-hand by buying-up: The Countryside almost empty. Except for Great warehouses, silo, and transporting firms and Fuel-depot lorries and juggernauts thundering back-and-forth all times of the day and night.
To the-City: Container-port and Freight-air airport workstations…visual display-unit quick-response barcoded…and Sent Abroad brought-in. In-return for The Goods brought-in…the City-ports, the encroaching of The Industrial Zones…
Office-Zones: The Financial-Quarter: for some piece of the action.
Happening-events, here, now; or elsewhere, and then all, always, somewhere in The World and even InSpace. Everywhere the Great Multi-National Global-conglomerates now manufacturing food and furniture and fueling The-Media: meddling…The-Clerk clerking for Them now, in The City…e-motion passing trees and fields, thousands, millions, billions and trillions of metres at-a-time, per-Day:
Video trans-mitted: as hand-held camera held: filmed, as through a small building shop mall window appeared every so often, huddled-crossroads’ few-dwelling(s).
Meagre-buildings and scrub shabby motors and bikes, and horses donkey and camel, tents and shacks collapsed against each other…
Rifle-Range: and Space-Drome: satellite-launch and re-trieval site.
On over the sparse and wretched-roads.
Garage, shop, maybe stocking stocked-up for the personal -family supplies. Where the produce from nearest and all-around, was from, taken-to, and sold-on: Open-all-Hours: mostly, or some odd-hours and none-at-all:
‘’We’ are all different!’ is the same as…’
‘’We’ are all the same!’ as a naturalistic-fallacy rational naturalistic response:
‘Perhaps: Zealot.’ nevertheless…to a feeling of being out-numbered. In any gunfight.
Endangered-species in secure:
Locked-in. Netted. Land-locked.
Locked-out. Then:
‘Where would you rather be?’
Pakistan(s): and Burma: My-an-Mar: China-Seas to Israel: UAE:
Brest-Paris: Ethiopia and Lagos to New York: To: Vlad(i)Vostok and islands all around the World:
>Occupied territories?
North and South. East and West:…
Across the Almighty-Oceans…unsettling felling- tree’s feeling, that may be responded-to…as:
Turds and Kirks!
Crimea and Ukraine!
Nationalistic-rationally…or individually…irrationally fallaciously naturalistically un-naturally with hardened-Nazi Fascist racist-feelings of KKK-paranoia: fear and justifying their action(s):nnn(sss):
…on the cards…
< >Anger! in Red. Angst. In Black. Fear. In White.
>Moving-out! Moving-in. Moving and mixing and moving-on leaving without recognising this as a fact of
Everywhere! You have virtual Civil-War!
Many sided…
Police and thieves…
Un-civil War.
Until it has started…
Any-War? The-Young:
OK! In-Android! -Zombie! War!
< Free-Loading: The Enemy! The-Devil! The Alien! Foreigner… >The-Other? Other? Who are we going to blame this on?
What? Myself? By MYSELF?
For National-prestige?
Reliable and strong in the face of: di-versity or/and ad-versity:
For-influence…over Your-Own…and Others ‘Own…
In a Crisis.
>You already have One!
Permanent potential Crisis-Management…
Generating-Capital: Goods and Service: Quality not just Quantity…
<People and Thing(s): Contextualization: polluted-surroundings liberated-estrangement alien re-leased from context elaborate sexual attraction understood, underhand, overhand infinite possibility, only probability…code of practice…deviation-control:
For: All IS: Care and Command, Command, and Care.
War? All Out-War! is more controllable…
>Battles. Everyday. Of our own making:
Who? The-(E)nemy?!
<Who are? Or so it seemed so obviously un-predictable:
Y. <…Workshop Office-Base: From who and how much?
Landlord? y/n? ?…
> < Whatever:
< Information-Intellectual: Property: >Rent-controls…
>I can charge Rent?
N.n..: Mortgage-Credit: To(i)Let:
Outright Purchase?
< >Knocked-down, Ill-earned cash perhaps… < Or not?
If you are rich enough to chance- Taken: by Force-Majeure? < In jest. Inter-jecting: What?
> Not to need cash?
< But, what-for? Have to be rich enough… >Or take…
Payback? Taxes? Of course:
Personal-wealth from any previous game; and amount required to be borrowed to honour outstanding
(including: hidden):
Earnings (projected: empty):
>Your best…Business-plan: n-spaces (empty): filling… >Balance-sheet: a projected…Treasury-chest:
Reserve-Bank Monopoly: but you cannot live beyond your means.
Reserve: Arm(y)ie(s): of Labor:
Job(s) Centre: confusion forget to care…
Aggressive Pay and Prices…
Austerity? Poverty!
On-Credit: balanced keenly…finely…excluding…credit-rating…
Now called-in!
R\E: Nnn. Called-in.
Financial. Group@it is as the economy stood…padded:
Home. As: Refugee-Camp: a dangerous-sanctuary peacefully established ad-hoc and by the-authorities’ as a safehaven…exploded:
Union!! >United-Nations’
Usually dis-united…
So, it seemed:
Or else?
Only the Bad is so Bad…(A)(s)tro-Cities?
The Good not so Good…
< At: Targeted-Advertising? Media-Contract: Social-(I)ndividual: the use of am-biguity: a sign of intent:
Hope: to avoid them…
<By: definition Atrocities: On: the-other: News-Channel:
Symmetric to Asymmetric…
Rich and Poverty: equalizer…
The Greater and lesser insurgency regular battlefield combat…’
< The Act? >Of WarFare Fair?
< WarFair4: Hyper-Trading… >Starvation?
The Nuclear-Powers: revolving around the worlds’ Riches: and poorest trillions…
Test our innocence…
< To be the-richest… > Importer: Exporter in The Business:
Without co-peration…the few-richest…and most-Powerful:
Mining and Agro-culture displaced-forcibly…and by fear…
Gold, and silver whatever… Politics and Religion…
< Will do. To: Other: as You would be done by! >Co-Ethnicity sympathy knowledge and understanding.
< Species…as: Science. Secular rulers over Politics… >Religious over Religious…
<Economics. Secular, and Political, as well as Religious, from past to Future… At the Peripheral-zones: list: Outside-Broadcast Camera and Live-to-Dialogue from The-City: Televisioncameras brought-in to show victims of the-violence rescued re-used re-fused re-porpoised swamp: diseasebeset at the rivers and waterways’ seas and Oceans.
De-fused film-taken-out and destroyed…blocked…as well as the real-life film-set de-molished.
On film…transmission. Transition…transmitting:
‘The-live facts interpreted: denied, or un-denied, about who got more hits verifiable and un-verifiable, targeted-killings…’
Target!: clicked-onto: choice: Civil-War! is escalating between the or these sides. For what?
Hidden charges for …
Childishly-simple…and complicated…
Payment-Authority:no-cancellation…or fee+ until paid-up, paid-out…pay-out…sell-off…pay-back…0
Found-out. Deleting: Corruption and Fraud… <Cheating-War(s). Reports of travelers on-the-spot reporters-witness social-reporter…reporting: The Journalist:
‘Humiliated because they have not been paid-enough…’
‘Petty-Officials and Police steal…because they have not been paid at all! No! For their Favours! They only
wanted more Greed: Bribery and Corruption. Paid-little making-themselves…’ from the top…as below:
‘Now…overbearing theft, and stealing from The People…’ silent-suicide…
‘With Noisy-Massacre!’
From the Front-Line…where people had gathered on street-corners and squares and:
‘Now. Un-Popular-Government@Royal Presidential Family…’
‘Time!’ running-out…unable to relinquish-any…thing…
>Timed-out Millennium Airline:
Tanks and bullets.
‘321…Live! Live!’ in Real-time… (faint indecipherable…) tapped dissidents library torched to the ground… Ancient-groundworks of cultural significance and religious art, demolished, blown-up. From-night-time scenario into The Day:
‘In the Red…’ zoning-in…
‘Again?! The-whole of the City, is on-Fire!’
White-zones flashed across the screen…yellow moonlit-zone, in the Black-zone: breaking-out into absurdly chaotic blue sunshine: The Black-Zone: quickly re-turning…fading-to:
Red&Blue: to Brown: White to Black. Turning-blue-yellow with the glare and white and blackout with specked ash and frost blasted. Gone through civil and global society turning to blood red and the blackened battle-fields’ racking-up on uncertain winnings and losses unprecedented in time, anytime:
Battles: between creditors and debtors, destroying and protection.
For: asset(s): how to fix-appraisal hid under an umbrella.
Wrecking the best-brains for solutions and how to fix-them:
You bet! The Hole in The City!
N/N… /nnnn…they do not add up to Victory for any-side…
To make The World a Better Place!
Rather than the eradication of all other?
<Or vice versa. At the-City-square and outside the Courthouse-Government Buildings:
‘Before the Grand House Palace and Hotel…’ recorded and to be sent whenever and wherever possible…searching…words and labels tagged-tailed and blocked-in…kettled, hemmed-in.
‘Who? To-Who?’…site-content dis-allowed…
‘Who from? Name? Street name Town or City? The decision: to fire directly into the vehicle in view before a possible…’
‘RPG! Attack!’ on a school or hospital…jumped-up from kneeling, propped shooting finger back into an alley red lit-up like arteries and veins from the-heart in the darkness lifting lighted-lanes and roads-out from the market-places and places of religious worship door to door…doors-closed shut-tight and locked from the inside and between wall stairways, that scurried away into even darker places marked red-laser light beacon tracked 700 rounds a minute…
From the-studio:
‘Short to Long term incentivization…’ through share-price linked bonus, with more than 100% to 200% times-bonus variable-to-fixed and pay-brakes applied for everyone else: rather than risk the long-term health of the company: Fairness…that’s what It is All about.
Influence beyond-our-borders…
Beyond Our Control. Rigged-polls election fraud delayed count and declaration while election monitors are condemned as are opposition-rallies against Government Forces:
‘For Who? Financial and/or Physical Reward?’
‘The punishment of Austerity.’
‘For the sake of it?’
‘For: Our-sake(s)’
‘If not popular enough?’
‘Who represents the Wish€(s) of the People?’
‘No-one. They represent themselves…’ ‘Low-re-ward. We Re-present oursel(f)ves:…’ Citizen-Reporter (CR) filming: The-Truth:
‘Face to Face!’ line-by-line, social-networking…
-Unless one is prepared the stand aside for another. To give-up one power for another rather than keep it all
For Ourselves…reported…or unreported…in the…’ click heard:
>Company-accounts: listed: or not.
And to be spent, not-saved, insured, pensioned-off. Invested back-into everything is spent…
ALERT!!! Accrued: Limited ammo…spare-part’s.
<Goods like anything-else…with supply dictating-demand and scarcity-of-supply… The-Clerk@video log entry location link: blood-red blotches on yellow skull and cross bones symbol…safety-regulations…in a warzone depleted uranium breathed-in atomic debris missile-shell dirty bomb aircraft drone dropped:
‘Blue skies!’ thinking but no sign yet, as the air is thick yellow grey smoke and teargas…
Blinkered. Suited and booted. Everything kept inside metallic suit…goggles-helmet-earphones and speaker. Inside a plastic Kevlar glass bubble of cold metallic clothing…manufactured materials…blinkers…hiding the sun from sight. Pinned-down. Panning-out:
Ladar-Drone beam(s): grid based: processing:…
‘Next M722LAW or RPG Rocket Launcher: to Tank-Battalion in the-City-Square:’
‘Beware Civilians!’ ‘Coming out of the Building!’ ‘Join-up with squadron-Apex.
‘Game! Squaddie-Z now joining!’
‘Who is Squaddie Z?’
‘Back to the Combat Zone… ‘Zed do you have rocket launcher?’
‘Rocker launcher in position at right front corner of the-Square!’
‘Can you make it?
‘On my way!’ squatting ducking low as ammunition bullets and grenades coming-in:
‘In-coming!’…like a meteorite landing from all-directions. Caving-in. Jumping and Ducking-and-Diving through to reach the launcher-corner of the…
City-Centre: shelled. Citizens shot-at: populations…on the move.
Country-borders threat(en)ed.
‘Where there was a Planetary-Galactic:
‘Massive empty-hole…’
‘Of earth and dust and body-parts.’
‘Good! Medics! Now aim Rocket-Launcher at Tank Battalions. O&O!’
‘In centre of the quadrangle, facing out…’ fazing…
‘To take control of The City square…’
‘Fire sweeping my streets today! Civilians trapped in the building! Soldier!’ clicking onto the hair target…line of sight…
‘I didn’t come here to get shot or blown-up by my so-called Allies!’
‘They’re Civilians!’
‘And our Enemies?’
‘Could be…’
‘Trainee’s like Us!’
‘And Civilians? How do you tell?’
‘Tactical conspiratorial weaponry…’
‘Hired-guns!’ in a quagmire mouse-holing…sand and dust and brick-work…
‘Already dead…don’t know it yet!’
‘Country-folk!’ yelled, too late fired-on.
Blasted through the wall, from the upstairs, inside. The Army truck tail-gate left down driven- off too soon!
Leapt back-out of the Mousy-Hole…onto another passing truck bales of hay in the back: ‘Lucky!’
‘Skill!’ Re-flex:
Yelled back:
‘Lucky!’ Immersion: heater: Black-Wall Virtual Reality::
As from Ancient-Times’ light-skinned skimmed from the top:
‘Skin and bones piece-by-piece stone-by-stone.’ Spray-Robotic(s): connected: significance-training and each: POV: Rock-by rock and brick-piled onto wood and metal supports:
Stacking-up…counting cranes and scaffolding operating building sites brought-about from the Continents of the original: Clan-Chieftains Tribal Leaders Executive director manager…
‘We get out of here alive?’ From the other side of the World, salt, or metals and minerals and food and nearer by, the same side, at any one time, or another:
Jump-suits…indebted, with life giving cables and equipment, aerial out-front for all to see…satellite-dish crashing on the side of the vehicle…on the back of a flatbed lorry…passing beneath, and carried away, below the overpass over the subway…underground vehicle bomb network Cities underground caverned:
CC Club:
‘Actioning!’ firearms tracer bullets through the night air, in the daytime, unseen laser, into the night.
Into the light of the day, cutting through the defences, the homes, the barricades:
‘Sectarian body-armour flesh and blood, the same…’
‘Tribulation.’ Cultish-antagonism then in opposition-to: be-(i)gnored: shaky-alliance of Democratic-Partners: limitedliability against non-aligned others: workers and The-Boss€(s) from abroad: a-like:
‘Cut my head! Death…’
‘Enlisting with pride….’
‘Or necessity…’ as seen as:
‘Rid the world of All Known Tyrants!’’
‘And unknown!’
‘None exempt. Except, mission creep…every day the same, or worse, than the day before.’
‘Home Mobile-Gadget(s)!’
‘Platform: Private-Space Companies and Corporations: In-Corporated’
‘Anyone! Them! We. Kill!’
‘As if Death, is all there is.’
‘Obstruction! Hostility! Dis-agreement!’ in that order:
‘What if a mistake?’’
‘Increasing minimally…’
‘Maximally Fried!’
‘Deliberate? Capital-Punishment!’
‘Suicidal-Murderers We. More dead than in war…’
‘Firing over the heads of the protesting crowds nevertheless…’
Dead. Off-screen…time-meddling croniesm: clone@Chrono…
T: mysteriously illusionary magic-creed assessing…key-memories ant-clustered humans’ encharmed to the cause…to be enslaved, yet freed indanger, disaster, escapist-fantasy…creepy-thriller across hill and field and empty house…gone. Snuffing-out@Combat-Halo Spaceship parasitic flood of sensual-life, beyond this spiritual-journey. Beholden to some Master-Plot, Cause-Chief to-lie. Poker Bluff, or Twist, or Bust folded into bio-shock without actual-control over actual-life: turns out land-dweller sea-farer cyborg re-orientation equity releasecalculator:
>Keep Pressing the buttons! raising and lowering the-morality-bar: Ethics Committee@
On-screen: images moving-screen depiction of historical…
>Event’s: unfolding…
Trade! Commerce: N/n. Import/Export:
Programme1: Training-completed. Congratulations!!!: …
At the Strategic Institute: Policy Room: Rules of Engagement:
Combat-scenario…Programme2: …
Extreme-Libertarian: Government (concept) and Individuals (idea) wrong.
As Extreme-Authoritarian, or extreme anything, fizzles and dies like the rest of us.
Combat Scenario: Modern-Contemporary: United-Nations: as Tech. spreads Society needs rules: The first Warriors had no rules. The next, workers, voters, whatever: First Law of Robotics: you may not injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to come to harm: automaton: Highway Code: Drones Datascraping algorithm: votes and abstentions. Common-Sense, and the vindication of Human Rights for Women and Men:
Code of Conduct: Different physical and emotional: dangers: sensory: de-privation: both.
Global Privacy and Data collection: companion-files: to: ourselves: ‘bots and A.I.
Autonomous and/or Human Transport. Trolley- Test: Double-Decker Omnibus Tramway Travellator and explanation: oversight: responsibility for creation corporations behind the Business, Limited-Liability.
Self-learning improvements all along the way. In-flicting harm: welfare-criminal: health-justice: education system(s) systemic: politicizing: policing: militarizing: de-militarizing. Re-militarizing over T: Re-Public. Hurdles to race across, time-trials and distance, over time: acceleration and speed constant: as possible, as seen and heard:
Large-scale: act(i)-Vision: Home Cinema VR without hell-me(@)t(s):
➢ Autonomous-vehicle(s): Satellite(s): SETI-radio signals hidden-Opp.s: App.s. Service(s):
➢ Good(s): Industrial-Use: People(s): Tech.: Control: Command: Necessity and after:
➢ Now!
Command and Control:
To kill anything non-species for threat of death, and spur to human-life regardless of size: s/L: measurable:
visible, heard:
e-personality character behavior disposition temperament:
<Peacetime Treaties: deals: list: granted and cannot-attack or be-attacked unless: If already occupied or occupying, attacking or being attacked. If being-attacked or going to-attack: all peace treaties, are null and void.
Cannot attack in case of attack without clear evidence of intention to attack (or occupy, dependent on responsibility for protecting civilian population): list…
Combat scenario: already-occupying occupied:
>Occupied-City: Name: Global: National: Rational-Equitable. OK? Yes/No…
< Yes! Sir! Ma’am!’ >O.K. That’s the Terms and Conditions done.
Aid (road ship air) drop…
Turn-on the Oil!
Training-Exercise. You are in waters…
Turn on the Oil then!’
Against! Infidel-Intel:
What-is and What-is-likely-to-happen?
< Open: not-possible be-cause: algorithmic: >Those forever un-finished…’
‘Eh? No Revolution this!
‘Of-course! One4All!’
This is only the catalyst to light the fires…
< Religiousism(s)!!! President! ‘Going-in!’ we went in: ‘Whose side are you on?’ ‘Open-Markets?’ ‘Self: Re-gulating!’ ‘Again!@’ Self-Regulating Market-Place: World-Wide Price(s): ‘Global-Production:’ constant-continual growth-figures: Logistics: transport by-air land and sea… ‘Oceanic. Sold-on…’ and as a potential seller asks a specific price for the stock: ‘Pirates of the Digital Age! For Your larceny and your pilfering!’ ‘Safety and Security!’ ‘Of the-Masses…’…not-guaranteed… Somewhere else: tanks’ armed with mortar and machine-gun fire…paid-out: ‘Police-Military: intervention!’ >The-Glorious Revolution?
>May be.
By Who? By counter-Revolution? By World-wars…Bullets Boots and Bandages…Buy!
>Make! You idiot! Do not Sell. Until you have the best price!
What about the Weapons?
>What about them?
< Sold-out! >Go on then! Buy!
< Sell! Co-Vid! Info! Now! Pouring money out-of and onto the on-screen:
R/E: Your Business-Centre:
Country and Country’s: list…mapped-out…
Growth in the Industrial-sector in real terms…makes no difference now: value in Real-terms: static and falling anyway…
<…must find some growth from somewhere… >Where better than… once gushing with money…on the brink of catastrophic-meltdown…ice-floe melting…a roller-coaster plunging off-the-rails…swings and roundabouts… Green-zone. Red-zone. Blue-zone. Green-zone. Yellow-zone. Black-zone. White-zone.
Round and round again…
Money-market’s, and the stock- and commodities-markets around the world.
Pawing at the sky! Pawns! Prawns! That feed’s-of and off the Markets!
To keep our Friends-and-Family:
< Sweet. To: keep the Cops-and-Robbers: off our backs…worst-case scenario? >A Perfect-Storm: of unpredictable unintended consequences…
< Catastrophic-Disaster! > Natural-Breakdown: of Law-and-Order…
< Fraud and Corruption! However honestly de-luded or dis-honest: >Of diminishing returns:
< Rampant-Consumerism: >People-Trafficking and Prostitution: from-destitution:
…and: The Wealth of Maddened-Dictator(s):
< Politician(s)! As each makes-less sense… >Common-Defenders harassing the Enemy assailing…
< Wassailing defers from the actual conspiracy-of-Economic-Power: onto the Streets onto the Battlefield… ➢ Corporate Shopping-Mall! < Less conspiracy more-perspicacity… < Opaque! The Protective-Elite: Protective of their-own: >Economic, and Military…a clear and immediate Threat!’
Against the Established-State! In Jail. In Exile. House-arrest…
‘One-off blast and someone is dead, many many injured:
Beyond many trillions of shots being fired-off…
The rescue-teams coming through…barrage of RPG and…
‘…no need to wait around. They have the position…’
‘You change Yours…’
‘No you!’….firing…Flash-and Bang…booming across-Town to City…so many round’s and round-up’s until into cover…laying-low…no-cover, anymore.
Turning rapidly to check as checked…before…throwing the Avatar against the wall and breaking limbs.
Spilling-heads and brass-smelling, iron-tasting blood and urine and dust, for brains.
Splattered against wall, and interior, of the vehicle driven…into the fire-zone again:
The Free-zone…between-Militia…and Military…fired-at each other, and the screen lit-up with…
Flashes and bangs, texted…message sent:
‘Father…dead.’ Baby-faced Child-assassin.
Cold-bloodied executive-killer torrid and horrid scarlet red-bloodied.
Home incursion: ‘Stand-back…’ calmly to the family cowering against the-walls…
‘And…in the back-Kitchen! Check! Watch-out for boiling-water!’ scalding…blistering the flesh.
‘Take-me!’ calmly ‘I will go with you…’ walking one careful step backward in front of loaded-guns pointed at head body legs and arms, by the side.
Open carefully gradually upwards…each-outward movement extremely-slowly…and carefully…
‘Come. We go . You and me, leave-them. We-talk. No?’
‘Hands over your-head!’
‘We talk? Let them go. Come-on.
‘It’ is not the knife, or the gun, that stabs and kills… ‘
‘If you try. I will kill you. Believe-me I will kill you.’
‘Before you even try to kill me. Don’t go for the gun. The-knife…(for cutting-killing-meat and fruit and bread?)…
‘Pay! I give you money?!’
‘You give me your’ children…’
‘To become Warriors!’
‘Not! Not on your life!’
‘But we talk about ‘It’…’ dead.
Held at bay. Charged-on all sides, penned in…rose-ringed in a circus circuital formation stabbed at flesh dangling swords of narrow-gauged finesse, feathered like a bird of prey…jabbed-at…exploded, burst air gone slammed-into breath taken-away…pecked at.
The screened buildings’ basements leveled….rising number’s…falling…crunching graphics careering upwards and careening downwards…turned inwards…crackling-sounded sub-ordinate-body in…

‘Forces-retreating…leaving civilians to plead for life to taking as many in trucks and carts, or none. Media blackout…Stand-off.’
Staked-out next-turn strategy…accepting or rejecting. Negotiating workability, face to face, hand to hand.
Lamenting Losses, beautifying Benefits; increase or decrease-in…
Crime and pollution:
N/n…tax-avoidance, and… Evasion:…never owed, or owned in the first-place:… Government- debt: Retail Super-chains and wholesale conglomerate-Owning…
Private-security… armed to the teeth!
Mega-rich whole countries’ property and offshore-islands banking cashing-in and -on Austerity and Poverty for the-Rest?:
War and Famine.
‘Plane crash…
Wealth…wreaked fire-walled dissected, and sold-on: the-Labour theory of work:
Value-out: Toil and trouble of acquisition, or others’
>Mercenary: as our Benefactors are.
<They are only doing; and what ‘They’ have always done.
‘Airburst behind you!’
‘…tens of thousands of fragments of exploded burnt out or unexploded Hot Steel. Bright yellow uranium and sulphur!…and attractive to children…and animals! Exploding on slightest vibration. Xenophobia stranger fear of the foreigner post-trauma authoritarian personality…’
‘What happens stays inside doesn’t it? No Public-face. No-questions asked?’
‘The-Banks do not want you to own them! Ask awkward questions. They only want you to owe them… and for them to own you, and not owe you, a penny! Anything!’
‘Even a decent-service, looking after our money?!’
‘Like the-Banks they own all their debtors: Governments and Corporations they have lent to. And individual savers and investors, the same. In Shares, and Stocks; and Government Bonds. For cash-flow, running expenses. Pension and investment. Day-day living…’
‘… in luxury. See Credit-gap?’
‘See Debt-mountain?’
‘ See Reality-gap?’
Arm the enemies’ enemy
Blind leading the blind
Take ‘em out
Finish what my father did not: he tried to kill my dad
They did kill my dad, and now they want to kill me!
Go massive sweep it all up things related and not centre of gravity around the leader who would fight on even after the fight was lost! They must be beaten unmanned aeriel vehicle drones journo’s taking root while damning video made by own side and (i)nter(n)etted!
Arrested. Imprisoned, for the duration of
No slash and burn but the golden bridge of aid and escape
You change their will and they will surrender, or blow themselves up, and you?
Soft leaflet targeting
No liberation bounce but despondency broken only by the terrified thirst for revenge at the taste of death mirror imaging what I wouldn’t do with un-envisaged effect from both sides, they ll never think we w(i)-ill: they do now. Manouvring adapting to events on the ground when comms weren’t down and anyone unsure of where they were on the map when the GPS went down as if satellite blown out of earth space orbit?
Situational awareness scoot and shoot attack convoy supply lines and abandoned nodes, Tank camp and thunder runs, in attack and retreat Vapor trail bombers reconnaissance early warning radar and fighters to destroy defences b4 refuellers separate and bombers go on strike package on way out too
Vertical envelopment fly over and attack rear and flanks
Dropping aid and materials
Building hearts and minds, destroying and re-building, all good for business, and destroying and rebuilding collapse into chaos, not anarchy, chaos is an ugly thing.
Soldiers-Civilian(s): regular and irregular:
-Un-expected and un-intended: consequence perhaps of some guilty-deed?
-Financially or Militarily? Unconditional withdrawal or they suffer the consequences, worked out in advance, strategic collusion, air and ground and underground offensive of overwhelming force sanctions severe: No-Fly Zone (except Us.) smart bombs scudding through the air computer controlled fire and steel
Night vision goggles
Looted agricultural co-operative irrigation channels diverted for water when the aid was fought over rations of rice and corn ‘are you going to bring us electricity? When the lights went out and towns emptied or trapped ‘fixed’village(s): making emptied from the fields for the City-Shop(s) buying and selling and then forced to join up or die.
Hearts and Minds.
Hearts and mine(s): Blood spilled.
Land-Mine: fields taking weeks to painstakingly clear hidden appearing with devastating sacrifice by those at the front: fodder meals ready to eat packets scattered along the way.
Trucks with racks of missiles shells and rockets ready to load.
Tentative, then decisive, appearing with white flags and rounding up prisoners who were made to lay the mines to protect the main prize: the energy fields and offensive and defensive weopans dumped as massive mechanized force travelled across six lane highways
Brutal repression
Follow facebook arrest beatings job and college ejection funerals of journalists suspect suicides, cemetery now I know where to look for you when you die.
Rally breaking glass agent provocateur security forces invade lack of air in the van cell complete list of arrests stand in column hands behind back not move threat and beat want to shit and wet humiliate in front of family legal conveyor belt sentence without answer fine or jail.
Death family left behind.
Where are your children?
Over and over.
They want you. Do not come back. Homeless community lower depths new principles minimum food and max sleep or toxic collapse drug or alcohol induced.
Get this thing over with!
Single blow heart attack death no heroism endurance live or die
Air-defence installations no match but bring down one plane and holding surviving crew hostage or worse disappearing them worth so many more lives
Duds unexploded along with those exploding on contact…hand-grenades pulled and thrown…grenade launcher attached to shooter…
Tungsten carbide green tipped coppered.
7.62mm penetrating…
9mm hand-gun
Black smoke poured
Whistling sound what looked like a rock propelled through the air with a flash and bang…in light, and firefighting now… getting practical practice with enough excitement to never need to go to war
Canteen, night vision gogglesand bayonet.
Clan leader warlord stronghold roamed by armed thugs unwhitewashed brick and cinderblock mud houses in layers three four and five or six high piled on each other narrow alleyways running between, barely one person wide.
Rat-runs, and although families lived like this with little or no running water, electricity, children ran and played into the occasional open spaces filled with rubbish and detritus, sewerage, to be sometimes taken away and rummaged through for anything useful saleable melted down to make the stuff they had been before again or other stuff unrepaired made anew for something else, somewhere else. Between three and four storey walls enclosing open and courtyard of the king, or queens, of the clan, with riches beyond the reach of those outside beholden they made.
And no idea from where or in what direction except the after flash and bang, in reverse order from its origin, and no idea really if it would be a hit, or not. Invincibility mixed with vincibility. Body armour.
Fingering weopans nervously awaiting the command, the target given, from training makeshift practice run. Bubble-Front: attack helicopters, they would all want those soon, from one arms trader or another. Sparepart(s), fuel included, taken from the very resources of the land attacked and defended, from without, from within.
Hope and dread. Fear and panic. Mental checklist. Prayer rituals and none.
Bristling with grenades and steeled automatics, hearts pounding.
Benches along either side. For seated squaddies legs outstretched beteen each others in the tight space there was tight-lipped quiet as each went through the motions in their heads and did not wonder about the outcome otherwise they would crack-up surely, for sure, a joke maty lighten the atmosphere what is a good
XXXing one?
A dead one?
You got it No joke.
Ground convoy lined-up 5ton trucks and troop carriers ready to enter the scene, collect prisoners and ground troops, one hour.
Black zone.
Harnessed up, jumped.
Spyplane satellite obs.
‘No > you-Fucker! >
Allow: Euthanasia?
Euthanasing… ‘Where was your father and mother from, aunts and uncles, cousin? grand-parents, their grandparents what do they do who are they where are they now?’
‘Foreigners. The other team …killing the country…the culture…’
‘WarFair4. What is?’
‘Dangerous, and Foreign.’
Xenophobia stranger fear of the foreigner post-traumatic stress syndrome authoritarian personality. It felt like it then: For the Land. For the Resources. The people enslaved killed senselessly tortured and betrayed.
Bullets popped up the dust of the road and pock marked the walls
Romeo 64 this Juliet64 we are taking small arms fir we need relief now!and start extracting…remove sensors…we are on our. You, are on your own.
Chem(i)lamp: delineate friendly-force fire from target secure sight one talking evac re-supply ammo and water medics and soldier-civilian(s): own the site: blocking-maneuvres… tactical…tactics…
Finger-tips shot-off from rebel or ally or ally rebel or Government-Troops…
Dropped to a crouching position, looking as every other when they knew and shock takes over…you
White-light maybe, mostly, probably, darkness, the final darkness. Still.
Others rocking, moaning, shell-casings rattled on the ground, as they would be found when this was all over…re-forged welding.
Bandaged iodine and IV if required, otherwise off you go.entry and exit established through the shoulder or below the knee for the rest, bullet-proof, and only, as ever, death on the battlefield, or on guard-duty, stores-rosta…chalked-up, and down to luck, or instantaneous stupidity…oh what a way to go!
Bruised and swollen from shrapnel that had to be painfully removed, to the point of numbness. Silence.
Fatigue, and fear.
Consolidate. Kit-bags and Rope: kicked-out slide down hit the street run to a safe wall back against it radio canteen body armour medical pack…
‘Cover the twelve o’clock position…’
Acrid metallic taste stabbing blackened swelling pus filled flesh eyes puffed and closing… Uniform here we need more friendlies more ground cover vector in elect panel markers friendly and colour coded to each of the groups of soldiers blocking and securing a perimeter,
Grey pallor of the blood let dead
No pity no fear
Grenades carried went up in impact like they were the-Bombers.
Blood dribbled out of mouths and ears deafening noise and open wounds with gut spilled out skinned alive.
Dead. Instantaneous. Not-instaneous.
Ammo can
Did not care self anymore only others Replace magazines from wounded…
Chief-Arm(s): Trader captured.
Finned missile-trailing copperwire laser homing ray melted copper and iron pellets and explosive sulphur yellow potassium powder…
Crowd some with weopans amongst others behind and stepping out to fire
Plastic flex cuffs laid out with bodies death and life just side by side prone
Blocking secure compound rescue
Grenade launcher machine-gunner back of truck. Rescue casualty medics with flip stretcher holding up IV bag while shooting
Loud Speakers
Going well while the fear and fear drove on the turned into frantic panic
Beaded rounds brass casing titanium protective shield metal busters
Round the corner into the melee of onlookers and combatants RPG tube trailing smoke grinding halt sent spinning earthward brutalised harassed and angry no longer caring as life was hardly worth living and unlikely to grow old silence:
‘One bird down!’ Legs dangling out of the open door flying low to terrorising slide down ropes firing the whole time:
‘OMG you guys look at this! Turkey shoot just turned…’ Body armourandgoggles lookingalien no body part exposed crowds run away, to see, keep to walls thousands of well-armed militia unarmed civilian hostages to war, building barricades and trenches under instruction, construction, destruction.
Medics snipers crash site rescue.
Blood ancient currency of power by sword or bullet.
Remote controlled landmines.
Smell of powder blood and burned flesh dust and piss and dung.
‘Of Any Other, randomly…’
‘No-Deterrent, whether guilty, or innocent.’
‘One eye, for any other-eye!’
‘Both… and the while world stays blind….’
‘We didn’t vote for this…but having not-voted for this the minority rules us in our name anyway…not the majority, the majority led by the powerful and wealthy minority-Elite.’
Market civilians secret agent life of lies other shores kick into the long grass own beltway
Fogging the outlook from the air…to the ground:
‘Drone!’ steered from someway distant airdrome…paired desk issuing orders, to kill, to hold-back for more information…the-Clerk, turned-away, looked-out again, and back through the reflection on-screen:
and looked down into the Game:
Play y/n?:Y…and now resuming…
<Game-play…lost, against the once more hushed hubbub, separately now again, transparently looking seeing straight-through moving…moved-along…through differently seen scene: improvised accompaniment musical or otherwise improvised…played-out…as a workplace journeyings as with some Holiday-Fiction: now. The-Clerk re-opening…
>Currency exchange: list…R/e/N/n…
Select one: other currency only at…Currency-conveyance converting: Re/any other >N/n. Advantageous-rate:
Select your currency:…
>R\e…N/nn…and another…’: (to which all others pertain with some exceptional mutual’s and internal markets…
Shock, not Awe, yet, on the back of the Real-economy…
More like street and market-place.
Your money-economy and real-Economy…and counting Nnnn…
Political-propaganda news reporter seemingly irrelevant…and almost incomprehensible…anyway Citizen Re-porter(s): reporting:
): You may choose from a limited-set…Your-own: Economic-zone interest-rates outgoings and earnings on savings…and debts.
(: Like-nepotistic…who you know…who you are married-to?
Supervision of Fraud and recklessness…wrecking-ball…Crash! and as lender of last resort to any friends and family who may require assistance and for who you are responsible for:…
As well as Yourself
>Or not-at-all!
Buy into Commodities then…]#
Searching: Global Market(s): ever-changing shshshs… Analysis: clicked and…yet another-set of graphs and charts…broadcasting: >Crop-report figures coming-in…N/n…' <Side-bet! : Insurance claim-settled to be settled? >Compensation culture! < And? >Mortgages, loans against properties and Businesses… paid-off and defaults higher/lower: in Deficit: N/n… N/n to spend on what? With-what?
The weight of: Popular Opinion.
To: Consensus City.
Traditional Idea’s-holders…in various colours and message-board re-enforcing…information…sharedBelief: more than A.N. Other: self-righteousness: battles! But:
‘Enough, through…’
‘Mass Hysteria!’
Looking-up again, the-Clerk, to the-Banker, on the train, to the-City:
Securitise death assurance secondary bet on how soon x dies
Stake in outcome
Pay and pricing communality civic society military contractors outsourced money-war
Free Queing ability road toll life insurance mutual financial
Confidence trust undermined morality no. of players taking cut securitized goods
Day behavior belief systems apolitical amoral a religious?
< Does IT pay-off to behave? >As if the future matters nature pollution pension fairness here and now fix future inform in todays prices empirical pragmatic value-neutral science utilitarian theory of value
Utilitarian economic model one player multi-player
Buy and sell votes public responsibility not private property
Scientific pragmatic analytic date micro to macro macro to international institutions political idealogical people shout at each without
The economics of not enough
Knock or the door Share rent and pay some bills claim living there sublet no record no papers evidence of habitation house sharer questions answered and story becomes more contradictory take repossession cross reference answers when last was at property of live there cut off yesterday today?
When last see? Pictures bedding children re-possession order
Fake goods packaging prices very low cant avoid a bargain temptation prepared for disappointment lose but still over optimnistic want to believe close to original price prepared close enough to be possible same!
If you want to change things get your hands on a gun. Force is the only way! But not blown-up by your-own or anyone-else’s hand. <That does not need to happen again! We don’t need to destroy everything! We keep an eye on each other. On everyone else? Possible? Impossible! One-eye for any-eye? Another-eye? My eye!? Both! and while the world goes blind? Only blinding Ourselves?? What about the Deafening-roar too!?? >Two?!! Three… Assassination Squad Paranoia…
>…and Rightly so! Not so wrongly so.
Paranoid fantasy…
One and more:
Vicious Ultra-Nationalist (VUN) movement for against tyrannical-Dictator:
‘Stay quiet; or leave if you can; but don’t make trouble…and don’t leave your family behind.’
So how much?
You control everything in your currency used for exchange, and the base interest-rates set by your personal Economic-zone select: R/e selected: Nnnnnn…long-term human capital:
>Yet. Anyway, not the case. It depends how it is packaged. differently, no-trade-no economy, no transaction, monetary or emotional, all is the same yet-up differently that’s all: Politically: …what do you expect if they cannot control their own economy. Now the National-Banks with Cheap-labour stepping in! Hard-work and Quality-product.
>’It’’s back to Iron Gold and Cobalt: Silicon-Valley Dot. Comm. and The City.
Hardware Solid-State and Software: Financial-Product > increased-lending/borowing: n-N?:n.
<What-of: Government-Bonds now?
‘Government Bonds are safest aren’t they?’
‘Not any more.’
‘Promises. Today in Geneva there is to be an Announcement.’
‘I know! Broken…that is where all your money-is at?’…not in-pocket? In the Banks?’
‘Mine? Taken?’
‘You’ve got to be a player now! And Player’s pay their debts…On time…don’t They.’
‘Do-They?’ Silence, not-duplicated:
‘All pick-pocketed.’
Silence, facsimiled. Not in-replica seen, or heard.
‘Credit…Or Debit card?’ finger and retina recognition….looking-down promptly:
>Quants?: in-debtedness…
To who? List…
But Make me some money, then… What are You and Yours…
What are You going to live on? You need a Bail-out?
Yes please?
>Well if You are in? An Investment? Yes Same thing…taking-control…to minimize-loss…
For reasonable-return?
< When? With interest?: 0
Natch. What-Interest?
How much can I get?
That is the-Question to ask.
Depends what currency you are buying: list and selling:list…
>Do you wish to buy/loan currency?
Do you want to print?: Quantitive-Easing…again: monetary-policy multiplier…escalator re-printing numbers as pixels on screens…programming…
>Re.: de-Nationalisation? Privatisation?
>Re.: de-privatisation?
The cost of paying salaries to the money circulated in your Government: Corporate-Economy…
Products: list…
None, hardly…bought from abroad…’
Most. N/n.
OK. Re-Privatisation…re-filling the coffers…withholding money taxes from the-People de-valuing inflationary…
Or keeping Y.
Or not!
<Maintain wealth… .Re-distribute? <Tolerate.
Deliberate slow-down…
Not Too-much…!
<Enough!…and selling-off…but without creating extra investment-growth…
<Privatisation…then, by any other name…
…instead of warheads? Like before the-City-massacre?
<The-Wall collapsed…
Natural-disaster? Surely?
<Surity?:N/n…there is 0.
Cock-up or conspiracy?
<Finally, neither, or rather, both, and more…Civil-War…
Naturally. WarFair4!
<Warfare$? Remorse? 4None?
All. Though, is critical…to forgiveness.
<To suppose…warfare? Declared?
<s to make an Ass, out of <U < and <Me. The-Wall and the-Towers? Re-built…elsewhere. In the cloud…{People going right down to the ground…
<…buildings going up to the sky.
To build Castles in the sky…
<And Government? Palaces…to live-in…
Or not…
<To build?
To live-in…
<…and the-Home-Economics…just as surely.
Playing the-Game…
Economic BRIC-blocs…Brick-bats…The Great-Game…Playing-the-tables…
And Chairs. Of the Government Corporations…Office-at-Home like all the Big-Ones!
Turning…spinning in our graves…
<And We could not stop ourselves, could we?
< …was just…
<…too-Good! Enviably too-Big to Fail.
<You too? envied all the same?
Arguably… < <Too-Bad to fail!
But don <t bid to fail…
<or You inevitably will…
Only winning bids now. < <All caught, dead or alive…
If not toppled already…those who top-themselves…
<Through the roof….
Believing-nothing but themselves could top that…
Aside: On-screen risk-monitor: …from Palestine, Mecca, to Israel and Egypt, to Iran..Iraq to Afghanistan around the virtual equator…twin-poles:
‘Arctic-to-Antarctic. Ant-Arctic to?
‘Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Japan and India, Australia?
‘Chile…Peru Argentina Brazil Mexico…’
The U.S.A. and Canada…
<Africa and the middle-East…
Inner…and Outer-Space!
The-Globe spun once more:
East and West.
<#North and South…
In and Out…
<Import and export!
Export and Import!’
<In the middle-East…far-East, near East. North and Southern island’s and continents…
Border-blockade by sea and mountainous land, river and air…
Until the-Tax is-paid…
<Dues are Paid?
How? In-Kind? In-Kindness??
The-Subsidy! Aid! Bail-out!
<Timing: is everything. T minus…
In and out…as at the overbearingly righteous murderous moment…wildly off beam.
Wide of the-mark… -I cannot bear to see my people get killed I cannot bear to see my people go hungry.
-So you will not see it.
-You will deny it to yourself. Others will deny it to you and it will be their fault anyway! Your
People Love You!
-…and Practical suggestions please to get us out of this Stagnation! Stand-off! Phoney-War!
-How much to borrow. Amount?: anything!
Second Click: Accountancy (workings): (a number)
-To buy back the-People:
-This morning in Geneva there is to be an announcement of The International Conference on
Monetary Compliance (ICMC)…
Third Click: clicked on and thought the Clerk decimating social local community industry but
what choice did I have?
For the Local-global market; and then without further recourse another global failure financially politically militarily…
Select: Extra judicial execution, assassination: terrorists in the field. Captured. Enhanced interrogation technique: interrogator, consistent pattern of torture, discriminating, and indicating orders, from the top.
Abstraction brand names and logo, on leisure and rectreation as weel as substantive existence. Differential
Consumer-Capitalism. Owner-Communism. Capitaist-Owner(s): Top-Six: Multi-Cultural Artistic-
Relativism vs (I)deology: difference de-ferred and dis-placing constant-(i)(n)(N)ovation.
Capital and Labour time, rent in contra-diction of subjective ideology idolatry iconoclasm fending-off: The Kaos Kapital: Keynesian(s) that in-evitably exists and is the only truth, perhaps. Fanatical devils nihilists and suicides. Oppositions and dependency, not-Victory and extirpation; but emergence…money used as witches entice turning people into Zombies ‘to work on deep-sea harbor.
To placate the water-spirits, and slave-on. Taken to ‘invisible-Plantation’. No longer eating our-victims.
Commodity fetish. Pious ceremonial-Magician, disinterested-Scientist: nihilistic and suicidal devils. Magic and Market(s): Occult-Riches and Rituals ORANGUTANG. Lion-liar loans (llls) commodity futures re-regulation.
Troop surge spring offensive. Meeting of local leaders war chiefs and clans’ Big-man, Wicka-man.
‘…this morning the International Conference of Business and Government-Leader(s):’
‘This morning in Geneva there is to be an announcement of The International Conference on Monetary
Compliance (ICMC).’
‘Growth: Re-traction…’
‘Price-Placement (i)nnovation-and-design (P-P(i)&D):’
‘Living in 0pulence:’
‘While people starve:’
Mass Army decisive Battles
Banks help government to fudge-figures blur-face(s):
Atrocity-City: De-fault: re-claim bailiffs to protect commodities foreign-takeovers of land and buildings:
Vigilante-court in front-room accept-punishment: shot in back of knee public shame re-dress:
Sisyphus the Highway Mortal: put(s) death in chains, stays’ ransoms for water, for fire, for Earth:
death is liberated through god of war. Absurd passion unity clarity intelligibility the struggle is enough to fill Mans’
Heart: endless unavailing labour…
King Sisyphus promoted navigation and commerce but was avaricious and deceitful. He also killed travelers and guests, a violation of Xenia which fell under Zeus’ domain. He took pleasure in these killings because they allowed him to maintain his iron-fisted rulership.
Mean-and-Nasty: M&Ns’: Mafia-Family: Head-Position: dole out the favours punish the miscreant(s):…
‘…how about another one-liner selfie-joke: celebrity?’
‘On-Fiscal-Security?’ to the Clerk, listening:
‘Office-Blocks and Business-Centres providing services to the trades, and the Arts and Crafts, if that is what you are into, creativity?’
‘Or: re-pairing and main:-taining…small-Business(es)…’
‘Shopkeepers and Market-Stall-holders. Maintaining supply and demand between people wanting and needing produce, House-Builders not Estate-Agents. Mortgage-Companies. Banks and Building-Societies’ the Clerk interrupting again, now, and starting to get in on the swing-of-it:
No-business operates on Real-Economy: Term(s): (R-E:T(s): Land and Money: you must know that? Rather on simply Pure-Monetary Terms? (PMTs): Real-Markets (RMs):
‘What ‘We’ will do is simply re-align currencies. Incontestably stabilise the-Global-markets at some lower-point and carry-on. Everything will start moving again…’
Thoughtfully. Unsure for a surprised brief-moment. Both pondering: real-market and real-Economy.
Real-€conomy and Real-Market(s): then the further re-bolstering, from: The Banker speaking:
‘…and Public Services for their employees, and themselves, and finally The Bank-Stability-Funds (B-S-Fs’
‘This morning, in Geneva, there is to be an announcement of The International Conference on
Monetary Compliance (ICMC). There will be a statement at midday. Late morning, midday, meantime, World Time, probably…by midday, then, anyway. Then, We…’ waving one-hand-only in the air, the other holding on to the newspaper as if a Presidential General gesture, with a Royal Flourish.
Flushed, it seemed, then, flush, in the red, in the black, Prime Ministerial wave,
‘We, will be back, to Business-as-Usual!’
For The Banker, unlike the Clerk, there seemed to be, no real reason to be upset, or be angry; or be in the slightest bit concerned:
‘This has always happened, and it has happened again; and that, is all that has happened. Today.
Today, it will all be sorted. The Market, will come through! Well? Are you In? Or are you Out?’
The Banker still waving a hand, the other limp to the side, and in the lap, arms folded across the chest, grinned gritted stones, or feathers, the proposal made; gripping more tightly than necessary on to the newspaper, screwing it up at the corner, unevenly.
Distinctly, if slightly less distinguished; or so the Clerk supposed, expectant of no further
Not giving opportunity any longer of questioning back. The Banker only answering the self-same
rhetorical question:
‘From: Food-Production to a National-Global Health Service (NGHS): energy-cost(s) per household and utility bills…
Manufacturing and Media Technology. To peoples homes, and businesses. Many times mortgaged, and re-mortgaged. Financed, and re-financed. With agreed Credit, Overdraft…’
‘…and Toxic Borrowing.’ The Clerk concluding, from an online newspaper editorial:
This morning in Geneva there is to be an announcement of the
International Conference on Monetary Compliance (ICMC). There is to be a shared-Protocol. This is expected to stabilise major-Global currencies, and exchange-rates at some lower-rate, to boost-confidence in the Banking-System and World-Trade (BS&WT); again.
Select game: Long-term Evolution 4G: for War: Modern Grand Armies vs Allied Coalitions Continental Blockade (Cannon Rifle)/ World Wars (Machine-Gun anti-tank Aircraft): Modern-Contemporary (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Nuclear Warhead Satellite in Space) recent History: Modern-Contemporary Chemical Biological: Global-power vs failed Rogue-state? Citizen gone Rogue? President? ‘What game is that your playing? Is it WarFair4?’
‘War for? Life…’ as a Slow-death drowned-out caught in the social security net unable to escape to freedom…no-escape.
Paying for a service we’re not getting…lulled into a false sense of security feel let down contract imprisoned time serving compensation claim broken record default foreclosure virulence lose faith lose trust fixed unfixed predictive auto-complete… Bingo!
That is why the Stock-Market(s) can add: Value and take it away for the same: Produce: in a different Time: and Place:..which is only worth what it is, to whoever wants it, or needs it. P: N/n
P: n/N
Membership tent-test: Credit/Deficit: spend/tax and public debt 3% of GDP overstated de-rivative transactions to re-duce deficit now and increase cooking the books stability and growth-rules and surveillance cheap-Credit: (cC) in-flated price(s): N/n’s rising as queuing to buy!
Reckless: City-Swabian: fuelled by debt-and-Debtor:
Sell assets for peanuts…
Palm-Oil. De-forestation everywhere.
State-Monopoly: of: Foreign-Trade: and all: Digital:Economic: (D:E😊) activity-to:
Private- Democratic-Ownership: of: Homes and of Companies, and Government-In-vestment:
Land-Rights and no nationalization natural resources buildings and constructions on land
Sovereign-debt: hemorrhaging sticky plaster painkiller knife-edge
Cannot de-value and print money only reduce costs wage moderation public and private efficiency and productivity to resist inflation
If anyone who takes lowest paid jobs are immigrants there could be trouble
3-shift system maximize plant and productivity
Un-Economic and democratic Political Crony-capitalism empty buildings with people homeless food unaffordable yet plenty of it unsold social unrest.
War. Be-tween: Inter-National Banks’: Local Authority Banks and Energy (I-NBs’: LABs): corruption for pure greedy selfish man-u-factured end(s): Social Policy and Re-search:…
Corporate action trust action anti-trust action monopoly
Corruption increase with the tightening at the top the pressure below
One days lost business… to investigate a Solution?: as a one day Festive Bank-holiday closure, all business-markets closed except for Care-and-security, and Shops-open: list:
-…those that are selling anything much above cost-price…the Must- haves…enough to send you out of and at the same time into recession, again, they say! Crazy! How are we going to trade? Close the markets; or keep the markets open?…to buy up everything you can cheaply, before they’ve closed!
Yeah, but… We need a Bold and Far-reaching Plan (BFrP)…the banks are closed…we are in recession…numbers falling rapidly, stopped, as others soared into the stratosphere of Personal-wealth and the State-coffers. -Bring-on Natural-disaster: earthquake volcano tsunami dust-cloud…: National-Disaster >
…and War!…
-…not-withstanding…nevermind manufacturing, and anyway causing…this is all…the-Banks…distractiontheft Card-scamming, and ID theft. Re-directed phishing address hot spot out-on-the-street….piracy on the High-street’s and gigantic colossal grey high-Sea’s crashing time and again, against a ship-at-sea, rocked this way and that, Sinking, or swimming, to the shoreline coastal waters shallow and blue-calm…
Banned likely winners, from standing for election. Over time, economists decided that all people were merely atomized individuals seeking to benefit themselves.
They made complex mathematical models of symbolic abstractions like prices and interest rates and assumed, it told them something about the actual underlying world of physical objects. Even now politicians of all persuasions turn to their favorite economists to tell them what’s going on while at the same time muzzling scientists:
No clever conspiracy, but mere Collusion, by Chance Opportunity, and sheer Incompetance!’ blatant, but made to seem rational; and imbuing a semblance of power and understanding, unfelt before. However subtly employed, apparent, and by illusion promoted, with rationalising assumption of the seemingly obvious, passed-off in obfuscation. The army, not police, nor military police, not reservists, but regulars, the government dictator, finally The Great Leader. Tribal divide, and role within.
Elder, leader, personal fiefdom. Restricting any other personal wealth, except between the anointed, by abject fear, or delusion, of death, or marriage. Countless, unknown number, disappeared. As the net tightens, stranglehold, lost track of, and really, then, Total Lockdown.
Be-tween peoples’ homes.
Furniture, and rubble from destroyed buildings and roads, barricades built, with diggers and earth removal vehicles. Streets and Areas, Militia-controlled, opening for business.
Supplies let through, housing complex and factory complex, ransacked, for Intel., documents, records, to be destroyed, bombed and set on fire. With people burned alive inside. Marked military target, or unfortunate co-lateral civilian damage.
Mortar-shelled and shattered. Taken over the docks and ports, or rendered useless, the last evacuation ship left. After waiting off-shore, where aircraft carrier and missile laden planes were ready to catapult once more, into enemy territory.
Only: Government Force(s)(?): and armed and criminal gangs, patrolling streets. Yellow-Jacketed, against The Grey. Deciding when it’s safe enough to cross the Road/Street Crossing. Marshals, Guards.
Death, injuries, buckshot shrapnel wounds.
Tear-gas, police and ambulance takeover, fire-fighters, running for cover, carrying the injured, and
killed, leaving the fires to burn.
Silver-sprinklers, no help against massive Petroleum, Oil Fire.
‘…straightforward theft…’
‘Murder! Theft and destruction…’
<‘Being-attacked!’ >Attacking? Your own-army? And police? For Russian Gasoil! For a Russian jail!
>South African Gold! African-svelte silver hoarding! Nigerian gasOil!
Business… To: buy weapons?
< What4? >Dis-purged…cleansed of any threat or value irrelevant of any religion or ethics or morality:
Unfortunately so, too.. The-Clerk moving around tapping toes and hand mumbling, to-self perhaps? or to the screen talking unawares into the earpiece-microphone replaced-lead talking to someone? Talking to who? Listening to what? Is that, singing-along? To what song?
Watching, watched only in-window manifestations: on-line news updated…? the-Banker puzzled. The-Clerk, head-down no-further eye-balling body-contact and the-Banker shuddered at the thought of theClerk maybe getting ahead of the-Game.
‘There You have got ‘IT’!’
‘’We’ have ‘It’?!’
‘You have ‘IT’!’
‘No. You have got ‘It!’ What? The ball, the baseball-bat, the outfield?
Pricing…guidance…mortgage/rent…pay…skills C.V….fixed…fixing
‘Overheads…Capital-amount: Your-Balance-sheet:…’’
‘Why the debt?
‘ Again?’
‘There is not enough Value in the-Economy…My-economy…to pay!’
‘Capital-assets: list…to sell-off…then? To cover the Owed-amounts: to: lists…out-goings…that must be paid… ‘Including loans and overdraft-agreed…closed. I know. Because the-debt you start with is already worth more, or less, than one-second ago…Not only increasing the-debt…but decreasing the chance…’
‘As the-likelihood of that-debt ever being paid-off…’
‘Forcing your Currency? to be devalued…which means:…You get less-for-more. For-example:…when you spend your currency abroad, on imports to your country and your exports are priced-high to others’ currencies or exports from your-country are…’
‘Priced-lower than the-Others…’ named:…list: Corporate per-son and daughter the Family-Institutional
Exports that you need, are expensive, to you…
Only what I need? Nevermind the luxuries!
Your Imports…Nn…
That I need to pay-off?
Your Loans: list… >And your…Bank overdraft…N/nnn…and buying the things you need from abroad…is expensive… >Exports?: >Nn…
Buy currencies?
Buying Others > currencies? Why would I do that, unless I was going on-holiday!
Exports/Imports: n/N not-N/n…Bonds…devalues them against yours …printing your currency…
Quantitively easing…like printing money…devaluing…
Buy privately owned government bonds/debts unlimited but for agreement for government to write-off…
Debts: Nn…
Yes. Or currency-zones.
Reducing: N…n…
Imports: increasing…
Exports:…for currency and the stuff currency buys.
This more-important than the actual value of the goods, or the currency?: list… >I want to trade for currency?
s/ Rea and Rupee: forbearance of Zombie-companies servicing debt choking off further lending.
Be-heading: clean-cut ripping out the guts…in front of boggling-eyes as they used to do…
<Or Bartering straight swap?
Or settle a deal: n/n? N/n?: N/y?
? N/N?:
<Y. OK. :
Rates-available: list…as above, or below, other short to long-term deposits may be made…
Savings: in the bank to be:
Lent for investment at a reasonable return, or simply-fore-going foreigning…feigning…fore-closing…
The old-fashioned brass tin money till-action.
‘Bonus! Stays, stay-put. Until they are Put. Again…’
‘All that is in the Future…
‘So ‘It’ doesn’t matter, now?
‘Blinging!’ Behind the scene’s stabilising…then immediately back onto the Dealing-room floor…
‘Leveraging core-competencies…
‘Well. Here’s the Deal…’unquestioning anymore:
‘Further-loans at fixed- assured rates…to re-finance the debt…’
‘Cover Your losses…Surely? Guaranteed?’
‘Never use that word!
‘Surety of Inter-bank, inter-government, rate-fixing?’
‘The international conference?’
‘Fixed-interest and exchange rates will take care of that.’
‘A declaration?’
‘Expected today?’
‘Or thereabouts…’ Re-called. Stepped-up…and in, again:
‘Yes. I know that! To stabilise major global-currencies, and…’
‘Exchange-rates? At some lower fiscal rate agreed?’
‘Or not?’
‘Higher? You got ‘It’!’
‘At the same time. If They…You…cannot agree?’
The-Banker looking-up sharply, and out of the window as if there were nothing there. Where farms and factory-buildings, homes and retail-parks…flashed-by.
Held. N.
The-Clerk, as if sub-claused now. Left out-in-the-cold. Warming hillside outside, shouldered out of the window reflection…moving-on. Attempting, open-jawed to fill the void…but no words came out drymouthed and with an intangible uncertainty. Unfamiliar anxiety.
Both, and again, anyway retorting to the-Bankers’ incomplete statement, and asking again: ‘…and if they cannot agree?’
Not even thought about:
‘Which they must Do!’
‘They will?’
‘Their will, of course they must!’
‘We will prevail!’
‘Payback time!@The Big-banks? National and Private, International, Global Companies…
‘…and in-Corporations in the background pulling the strings…’
‘Issuing suggestions, modest debt-reminders…cash-flow cut-off threats if-necessary…sanctions….bargain trade-agreement’s…’
‘Trade-ins? Or Fuel-flow cut-off…’It’ gets more serious…Or food, and water, how about that! Medicalsupplies…or weapons of mass destruction?’
‘Healthy economy! Financial-agreement’s…’on the sly.
Surreptitiously, or openly simply unchallenged…
‘…and Bust…’
‘And BOOM! Again!!…’
‘Until it’s time to go Bust again…‘It’ is all about when you get-in and when you get-out.’ The-Banker, accordingly, affordably, breaking-out of the cyclical contortion for nothing-else in particular except attempting testily an explanation of The customary re-normalising writ to be re-presented. Of what may be implied not in Real-terms…but in unreal Monetary-terms N/n… and that which would decide the-Day:
‘The Periodic Existential crisis of Investment-Banking:’
‘Daily. ‘It’ is only having that Competitive-edge.’
‘#Naturally? I see ‘It’ in you. You’re a Natural!’
A bit too sarcastically, or was it ironical, or even ‘too honest’…never mind…only if True.
‘’It’ is True! Only natural! Human nature…Animal-spirits…’ self-recognised.
Self-fulfilling, in the glow of a naturalistic fallaciously held privately and publicly-renewed selfadmiration:
‘We prepare for ‘It.’
‘What, this Stock-market debacle?! Do you? Or could you have?’
‘As in preparations for a failed- harvest…’
‘Jobs and mortgages, and savings…’
‘And businesses…livelihoods…loans…Homes.’
‘…and the Credit-debit card…’
‘And pay-day loans and debts that go with them…’
‘And so, what are the rest of us supposed to prepare-for? To be starved into submission like subservient pariah’s? To be homeless?!’
As each now, an awkward silence, shared.
The-Banker held onto the newspaper, briefcased.
Sat back, where had been leaning-forward, in some kind of reverie. Looked-over, and stared the-Clerk directly in the eyes, and between and around the other less-experienced in the ways of the world. Shinysuited silver-grey not-dull-charcoal.
The Banker: a sharp-suited charcoal-grey power-dresser, rotund in-parts, like a tailors’ dummy sharp-suited three-dimensional strung-out as a puppet to the Invisible Puppeteer. Staged-and sound-designed, as-seen self-motivated moving synchronous photographic-form…breathed-in…and breathed-out…movably, moved: recruited. N.
Hostaged…to fortune.
Terror-transformer: Fear and anger: revolt revulsion propelling political economic and media pundits…expert-citizen…percitizen… The-Clerk clicked, looking-down, not in anguish, or fear, or deprecation:
But No! Forever tumultuous!
< The-Markets: lists… >Super-Power(s): Grnd-Hotel(s):’
‘Do not stop there!’ Medical supplies…supporting, destroyingthe whole armaments industries…
>The Works! Stores and stocks…
Shop for Armamants?’
>Why not? A tumultuous decade! Battleships…Tanks? Soldier? Connecting…connected… Desktop: we are sorry that you are not-able to…your connection has not worked properly…go- online to find a solution to this problem?:y/n:?OK?: Y/N. yes/no.
Yes?…we are sorry that you are not-able to…your connection has not worked properly…go- online to fix this problem…
Capital-City…economic/political/people…ranking all-games…: multi-split-screen…slider…clicked:
Credit…point-value: list: control-stick, right and back nine-route 1060 jumping and avoiding, and spinning-around…speed-loss…fired-on… trick speed time…
Damage-limitation…control-metred-balancing fiscalledge(er): <Control…vertical/horiz./up/down inwards and outwards away from…
➢ Denizen-Danger!!: Difficult-t- Easy to Medium(s): hard-adjusting complexity and time-trial…number of races?
Even when short sharp Shock-and-Awe…into submission. <'It' never quite works out as planned in the imagination If ‘It’ was not for-other-coalition-forces providing non-lethal aid…and lethal strafing the-armoury of the Third: Glorious-Leader…Factional…fictional…almost, the-Party President-monarch… ‘Pragmatic-ideologue!’
Snapped!…broken, into-pieces…the Whole Thing…collapsed.
Whether designed-to, or not-to…with Catastrophic-damage. Suburban-edgy. Servicing The-‘Centre’ cleaning and gardening trimmed-hedges and walls, and fences. Before the enclosed ditch, between poplar and ash growing, pastures and harvested fields. By the railway-track… killing fields. For harvest, and meat. In-town, urbane.
Urban. In the-City…
‘Business as Usual.’
‘I know.’
Familial death threat narcosis-fueled…
Blaze-squad!: Irrational. Risk: Political/Economic/Military/Religious-media…rationalising nature…naturally rationalising…
Pre- the event, hardened…views….
>First sight…then…
>Difficult to do.
Except children. Easy.
One, Other, and Other’s…Strictly. Nothing as insulting to all others as:
‘We are all different’ is the same as…’We are all the same!’ as a naturalistic fallacy rational-naturalistic response, fatalistic….
Ethnic-cleansing…on the cards…
< >Anger!
Moving-in. Moving and mixing, and moving-on leaving without recognising this as a fact of life.
One-sided, as ever…
Down to each of Us.
Now!…War is declared >?! Family Institutional Racism Sexism Ageism naturally from-the-Top: Mortars and rockets, blasted into a television-sky…exploded, elsewhere…
Is never-declared…
Even your own life. And actual…
The-Devil! The Enemy!
What? Myself? MYSELF?
Your Legacy!
For-influence…over…your-own…and-others’… governments’…Economic-policy:…Business-policy… public…but above all personal…the-Leaders…and their cronies…willing or otherwise…
>Code: Selfish?
<You already have one!
Built-in. The-financial-Economic Big-Bang remember… Financial de-regulation… >No-One thought They could be so... <Major catastrophic event! >All out-War?! more controllable... >They say.' <Who? The-enemy?!' >Who are?' or so it seemed so obviously unpredictable. <#Build a Home?:... >Y/N? <Y. <Bandit-Base! >You gotta get the land first… <From who and how much? >From the owner...Landlord? y/n?: ?... <Whatever. >No rent-controls… <I can charge? >Charge-back...Rent: payable at N/nnn.../YYYY.MM/DD: N...or lend you the Mortgage? >Or outright purchase? <Outright? On? <Knocked-down, Ill-earned cash perhaps…' >For a knock down, knock-out kick-back-price? >Or not?…depends on what negotiating position you got...If you are rich enough to chance-‘It’ buyoutright… Cash? Yes? No?
What? Not to need cash? But, What-for?:?
What choice do I have. Payback?
Debt:(for Projected-costs (empty) and…projected…
Business-plan: n-spaces (empty): filling…
Balance-sheet: a pro-jected…
Treasury-Chest…you are on your-own…
Reserve-bank: Monopoly! Each-of-Us!…but you cannot live beyond your means.
Pay and Prices…P/p or p/P
>On-Credit:…balanced keenly…finely…excluding…credit-rating…
>Massive hidden-Debt!
Any savings: wiped-out…and so in-debt to yourself to the sum-of:…
Financial. @’It’ is the economy stoo…pid.
So ‘It’ seems, the Bad outweighs the Good…
…and the Super-nation’s…going-it alone…
Against two…or less…
The Nuclear-powers:…revolving around the worlds’ riches…
To destroy us All?
…and to be the richest…Export/Import. Figures…! The few-richest…and most-Powerful. Disputed area at least…
Gold, and silver.
<Whatever…Titanium and Silicon… At the Peripheral-zones: list:..outside-broadcast camera’s and live-to-dialogue…from the-City: Television-cameras brought-in to show victims of the-violence re-used…re-fused, de-fused film-taken-out and destroyed…blocked…as well as the real-life film-set demolished on-film…transmitting… The-Facts: denied, or un-denied, about who got more hits verifiable, or unverifiable targeted-killings…
On-target clicked-onto:
#For what?
Hidden charges for …
Who are they?’ on headphones’ from the studio-link…
>Who is it doing the shooting?
Call them A and B and C and so-on’…as…
Soldiers…professional-state and amateur-Militia or armed gangs…
<Is It Civil-war?
Predator-drone armed remotely operated planes veil of secrecy over intelligence gathering casualties grim- reaper precision guided-missiles cannot hear them like mosquito’s…………………………………. >No threat, identifying the target... <For the use of force...except by consenting host... >Or self-defense: Legal?:Y/N: N: International-Convention of War and Peace: ‘Now the International Criminal Court faces what could be a defining moment of its own as an intervener in Inter-national Crises. To protect humanitarian-aid convoys and promote peace-and-security, in an operation that seemed to signal a new era of humanitarian military interventions.’ Accidental-Heroism Accidental-Cowardice <Counter productive! public and vocal opposition. Not on the ground.
>Only if ‘It’ comes to court…’surrounded by court staff ushers, prison staff, Police, and Army besieged…
<’It’ won’t. Civilians… War-Crime(s): in opening… >
World-Court(s): Justice! doubling-up tapping cynically and from a distance…Kill.
In the airwaves:
‘The deserving poor…and hungry.’
Bought-out, over, and out. For investment in, and out of the country. Sold-out. Corrupt, and fraudulent, and only so far, fortunate…
< Life savers rescuers gone to help long war journal poker burn one, turn3 (flop) burn one turn one burn one turn one river…distributed denial of service cyberattack overwhelming websites concerned to Force… Agency…an open-air announcement:
<Crash! using banks of equipment or recruiting enough others to participate freedom democracy and civil state leader and command structure immunity safe passage to end bloodshed secular rebels religionist storm- troopers uprising…to-slaughter. The-Banker spoke:
‘Some serious clouds on the horizon’ and each together, silently looking out of the-window, and the opposite windows.
To where they sat across the carriage other’s standing and sitting, mind mindful, and minding the time of day and the momentary passing speed of another train combined speeds, on one side of the train, the bluegrey sea.
On the other, for the-Clerk amongst the solitary and cluttered clustered and isolated farmhouses, born and brought-up in, and bought-up to be passed-on, or not, by parents of parents. Brought-up inside and around the fields and harvest time, lost now.
The Father the-Farmer, and Mother, the-mother, still lived on what little land they had left virtually a small-holding now.
An allotment share now, plough-share. Class-rights, and denomination. Resolution. registered, and redenominated. Cross-border battles and merger.
Beneath the hills, across the valleyed plains, could see a distance.
Back-garden patio, balcony view…nevertheless needed its’ own Allotmenteer to be there most of the time. Asleep there, ride shotgun, one of the local-Militia military, to secure, and protect. Look after, and tend. A farmhouse cottage garden, the cattle-sheds in rolling hills, amongst isolated mansion farmhouse-estate barns and sheds, and vast-silo industrial-unit.
The natural eco-system…demonstrations deaths, to no avail.
‘Fiscal cliff!’ bannered outside, unseen, in a tunnel, in the Newspapers, on TV:
‘What is to do about It?’
From a-crowd:
‘Banco Populaire and…’ ‘Children’s Toys and cars.’
‘Owned helicopter…
‘And Spacecraft!’
The outbuildings and all the fields except-one, re-appeared, and the house, the family-home, the familyfarm sold-off.
To the insistent and already sanctioned, by the Government.
Inter-national Super-national rigged…out fixed out-of-necessity for retirement…from work, not life! After several bad-harvests fretting away the final sale-price covering repair and maintenance innovation sometime’s purchasing a new piece-of-machinery not-annually, never monthly…or seasonally…in-
Profit these-People…
Not out of pocket!
They did not understand seasonally. Sharing equipment. Co-operative credit-Agricole. A few goodyears of growing-up…reasonably-good harvest, and a few month’s sale-price as to the shop’s and marketstall’s that sold the produce.
For prices that were no longer set from day to day, minted microscopically minute by second hand
ticking…year to year, exchanged future on Crop-to-Profit terms.
‘Could not fail.’
‘Too Big to fail.’
‘Failed.’ Good harvest lowprices plenty of margin on all the logistics getting to the marketplace, to pay government-taxes, and selling high, via the-City, due to demand. Or with apoor harvest low turn-outto vote…even that year prices-high bought-up and into and sold minute-by-minute in advance of any harvest. Price’s-gambled-on the intensive-farming and industrial-agricultural multinationals could not lose not too often anyway fixed-price rating…to profit…
‘Trade-ins? Who’s counting anyway?’
‘No-one, hardly.’
‘Except everyone! Everyone a Capitalist-socialist, now!’
‘And Market socialist Employer and employee’s…
‘Against the Fat-cats list…’
‘Ethical medical educational financial treatment of people, as animals and vice versa:’
‘Only what we haven’t got! That is not known, is ‘It’?’
‘Except by ourselves, and ourselves alone…’
‘Unless we tell somebody…’
‘Not if You are doing so well as well as,, relatively speaking, you get me? Anyway.’ Corporate MultiNationals making fortunes, at the expense, the expected cost of the many. To be usefully employed, and well-paid-for. The market to thrive on earnings spent… and into a relatively reasonably happy, if insecure retirement it seemed.
‘Then Rent and pay-controls-lifted…again?’
‘Ordinary-almost…’ traumatised and diseased insect and water-born air-born, and born-into…
Cross-border sortie seen incursion into-countryside-born.
Cross-borders, and places and times, of the year. Into the Town, and City erased in-desperation to be betterkempt. Marketing, better kept in-the-circumstances forest-sites and beaches and hills and mountains livedin, and between. Moved to the-Town, then the-City. Beyond the-Money.
Beyond the owning State. Almost. As Free-Trade Slaves, Serfs, and Servants. Unpaid, paying-off, paid, incessantly. To the Crown, the Cross, the Sword. The money-less…the blurred boundaries between. Unlike those between the rich and poor: could not be clearer…deliberately…maliciously interfering with other’s lives…and livelihoods…for personal gain: personal-Profit. Consumers, sellers…for The-Clerk, no interest anymore, in the land.
The Parents, before their passing would have liked the farm to be taken over by the Brother or
Sister’s’ expanded families, upwards and sideways family-tree seen…the-Mother heard-speaking…
’Why don’t you?’
They would have known what to do.
The brother’s and sister’s’, and the-Harvest.
The breeding and slaughtering of the animals. Growing and eating the corn-crop chucking the chicken clucking everyone moved to the-Town, and then the-City…the-Clerks’ buried thought, and seen outside already working with the sunrise seasonal-pickers, brought in, and great machines, emplacing harvesting by hand.
The countryside, almost empty.
Except for Great warehouses, silo, and transporting firms and Fuel-depot lorries and juggernaut’s thundering back-and-forth all times of the day and night.
To the-City: Container-Port and Freight-Air: Military Installation: airport workstations…visual displayunit quick-response bar-coded…and sent abroad. In-return for the goods brought-in…the City-ports the encroaching of the Industrial zones…for some piece of the action.
Happening events, here, now; or elsewhere, and then all somewhere in the world. Everywhere the Great Multi-National Global-conglomerates now manufacturing food, and furniture and fuel the-Clerk clerking for them now in The City…e-motion passing trees and fields, thousands, millions, billions and trillions of metres at a time. Filmed, as through a window small buildings appeared every so often, huddledcrossroads. Few dwellings.
Meagre buildings and scrub shabby, motors and bikes, and horses. Donkeys, and camel, on the sparse, and wretched roads. Garage, shop maybe stocking, stocked-up for the personal -family supplies. Where the produce from nearest, and all-around, was from, taken-to, and sold-on. Open-all-hours, mostly, or some, odd-hours and none-at-all. The Range-Rover screeched to a halt outside the office complex, at the centre, wires trailed between huts pre-fabricated and brought in, for the hundreds who lived and worked here, homes beyond the catastrophised desert, or sea.
‘Where?’ the young-Clerk called out, as arriving forthe next 6-month stint at the controls. Buttons
and levers to taps and valves inside the plant, and far outside leading above, and once again below, refined to defined ports, and tankers, driving over the sea’s, across mostly barren and unpopulated, and where populated forcefully de-populated, across the globe:
‘Ol’ Bossman has been on the line, says it will all be sorted…’
‘Really?’ the other replied, disinterestedly, almost, otherwise fully taking in the chance of another hostage-situation gone wrong. Got out. Got out, to the wider world.
Different countries, and armies, where the threat would be from, and who would step in to save the
‘Without publicity, if ‘It’ was only for money, to these Pirates, and…well businesses, big-
Corporations, that dealt with them, to pay the ransom…’
‘To spend on? What? Weapons? They not rich enough already?’
‘They scared, that is why.’
‘Religious-militancy, that us what ‘It’ is. They come with the holy book in one hand, bible, Koran,
Torah, whatever, and the gun.’
‘Children some of them. Children dressed up to be killed, not big enough to carry weapons and
kill themselves, not even in self-defence!’
‘Shock and Awe! Not slowly-slowly does it.
‘You weigh up how many are likely to come out in the best case scenario, then go in to achieve at
least that…’
‘Anyway, they were moving out, spread the hostages, more difficult, must be contained…’
‘Hostage, and hostage taker of course, that is what ‘It’ is, that is the situation you have.’
‘Simple, kill or get killed?’
‘Kill, and get killed.’ The encircled site, strafed with aircraft fire, and the roads out, hostage and hostage taker…
‘The Boss says it will all be over today, midday, negotiations…’
‘Over for Him, maybe!’ looking-up at the TV screen, news showing only some other crisis, and
not, denying, in denial, honestly dishonest…mo crisis’ at all.
‘With who?’
‘With the government tribes…’
‘Who are taking bribes…’
‘Called ‘Aid’?’
‘…and about to be toppled, to get out of the next election, and get away with ‘It’ again?’
‘Aided, and abetted?’
‘You got ‘It’.
‘Brutal.’ With former regime fall, or feared, vacuum filled by surrounding countries, east and west, north, and south, and diagonal Ideology: funded and Weaponry: carried across a continent, killing and taking over as they went trying, succeeding, until ‘It’ gets wider, engulfs, gulfs and bays and villages and countryside and desert.
Towns, and ancient Cities and Civilisations, desecrated, on-screen:
‘Hostage-assistance, moving-off with attack and secure mission surrounded by few tanks and armoured personnel, not requesting military assistance from outside, then having to.’
Another channel-switching, remote-control…
‘Post Re-volutionary council and new-Dic(t)a(t)orship.’
‘Be-having badly, suicidality in desperation, eventually of course, murder, in cold blood.’
‘Grumpy, Moody and Frustrated.’ frustrating deliberately or not…
‘IT pays to be-have…’
‘To attack, and secure.’
Politician. Military intervention.
‘The-people per-citizen representative, not, ever…
‘Never. Too many to be represented by One-party. One-President or General of the standing army….
‘Who are representing themselves…’
‘Are representing, ourselves?’
‘No lawyers. Then bargain basement. Aid?’
‘Assistance…to what? Free-prisoners elsewhere?’
‘One country cannot dictate to another how about that!’
‘Even-Allies. Own, each our own judge, our-Own….’
‘The Boss will pay.’
‘Maybe you, Boss.’ Now. Closed, by all-appearances.
A blasted wooden shack, falling-down. In bulk, at the super and Hyper-market’s on the City-port docksides, another river estuary and canal-side, by the airport and railway tracks, soon to be arrived at.
Checking accounts…
>Prices: processing…fixed. Screened:
‘Surveillance!’ dragged out into the chaos of throwing stones:
‘Demonstrators-outnumbering…Gangsters, and Racketeers, no less, no more than’
‘Security-Forces!’ many fold bloodbath with dirty bombs…few refused, like a hail of pebbles…atfirst…awaiting unknowing the-response the attempt that would be made to escalate…or restore order…apparently, more than ever now, unknown.
Ordered-by, the police and armies, the better of two-Devils! Better the Devil who feeds you, who bribes you to stay and make a better World. Better place, of ‘IT’. Upon the hapless once-hopeless people. The-retaliation…otherwise, the consequences only inevitable, in retrospect the fear was only of the unknown: the anger known, real…
‘Nails!’ radioactive stinging blinding deafening shattering bones and lives.
Heads’ hair matted arms enwrapped lying together.
Inside their homes…blood-soaked women and children, dead. Carried-off settled into the ground, along with scattered landmines and yellow shrapnel.
Signpost seen: signal warned to dress appropriately and shelter under a table, or chair, or sealed room…for a hundred years barren ground.
Warning: Keep-Off. No Children Playing Games! No Planting! for a hundred-year’s!
<Now!:Y/n? in place of proper food, ready-to eat-meal, dependent on?
‘We can feed ourselves…We only lack water and electricity. Can you bring us water and electricity?’ From the screen: diminished feelings…
‘In place of polite, police threats of ultimate violence and humiliation, abide no-more…#There have been self-immolation’s…and simulations, and emulations…In-Town and Village-uprisings against corrupt and over-bearing, and over-demanding Port, and Party-officials…’:…see:
>Crashes…timed-out Millenium!
The-City is on-Fire…white-zones flashed across the screen…orange-yellow-zone in the breaking sunshine. The Black-zone may quickly return…fading-into brown. To red…turning yellow with the glare and white(y)-outed, with specked ash and frost blasted blue and green, and yellow.
Gone through civil and global society turning to blood red and the blackened battle-fields’ racking-up on uncertain winnings…and losses unprecedented…in time:
‘Battles between creditors and debtors, destroying and protectionassets how to fix appraisal…’ hid under an umbrella…wracking the best brains for solutions, and how to fix-them… >Wiki…for Winnings:by selling-off?
They do not add up to victory, for any-side: n/n/n/n/n/n/n…
Rather than the eradication of all other?
>Or vice versa?
<Vive? As from Ancient-time’s skin and bones piece-by-piece stone by stone. Rock by rock and brick piled-on to wood and metal supports…
>Stacking-up…counting cranes and scaffolding operating building sites brought-about from the continents of the originalChieftains…
At the City-square and outside the Courthouse-government buildings. Before the Grand house Palace and Hotel…’ recorded and to be sent whenever and wherever possible…searching…words and labels taggedtailed and blocked-In…
‘Who? To-who?’
‘Who from?’…site-content disallowed…
‘Name?: Street name ( if there is one, otherwise house name or village name)?: Town or City name?:Rhino, this is Eagle…’
‘We are coming in to get you Angel…’
‘It was nice around here, people mixed, you know all sorts. Then they made them into ghetto. And attack whenever they feel like it. Which was better?’ ‘The decision: to fire directly into the vehicle in view before a possible…
‘RPG! Attack!’ on a school or hospital…jumped-up from kneeling, propped shooting finger back into an alley red lit-up like arteries and veins from the-heart in the darkness lifting lighted-lanes and roads-out from the market-places and places of religious worship door to door…doors-closed shut-tight and locked from the inside and between wall stairways, that scurried away into even darker places marked red-laser light beacon tracked 700 rounds a minute…
Short, to Long term incentivisation through share-price linked bonus and pay brakes applied rather than long term health of the company fairness influence beyond our control rigged polls election fraud delayed count and declaration while election monitors are condemned as are opposition rallies against government forces who is right? TV?
No-one. They represent themselves. Face to Face, line-by-line, social-networking…
Procurement:…sales numbers, distribution and disposal…
Accrued: Limited ammo…spare-part’s.
Clean-kill! blue skies thinking but no sign yet, as the air is thick yellow grey smoke and teargas? Blinkered. Suited and booted. Everything kept inside metallic suit…goggles, helmet earphones and speaker. Inside a plastic glass bubble of cold metallic clothing…manufactured materials…blinkers…hiding the sun from sight. Pinned-down. Panning-out…
‘Next M722LAW or RPG rocket launcher to tank battalion in the-City square!’
‘Beware Civilians!’ ‘Coming out of the Building!’ ‘Join-up with squadron-Apex.
‘Squaddie-Z now joining!’
‘Who is Squaddie Z?’
‘Back to the Combat Zone… ‘Zed do you have rocket launcher?’
‘Rocker launcher in position at right front corner of the-Square!’
‘Can you make it?
‘On my way!’ squatting ducking low as ammunition bullets and grenades coming-in:
‘In-coming!’…like a meteorite landing from all-directions.
Caving-in. Jumping and Ducking-and-Diving through to reach the launcher-corner of the…Townsquare…shelled.
Country-borders threatened.
On-screen…where there was a massive empty hole of earth and dust and body-parts…
‘None. Injured One!’
‘Good! Medics! Now aim launcher at tank battalions in centre of square facing out…’
‘…to take control of square and free civilians trapped by the building…’ clicking onto the hair target…line of sight…
‘I didn’t come here to get shot or blown-up by my so called Allies!’
‘They’re Civilians! Training…’
‘And our Enemies? Could be…terrorists…’
‘Like Us! Or our Allies? and Civilians? How do you tell?’
‘Hired-guns!’ in a quagmire mouse-holing…sand and dust and brick-work…wired.’
‘Country-folk!’ yelled, too late fired-on.
Blasted through the wall, from the upstairs, inside. The Army truck left driven- off too soon! Leapt out of the Mouse-hole…onto another passing…
‘Skill!’ Yelled back…
‘Lucky!’ From the other side of the World, or nearer by, the same side, at any one time, or another…inchain’s…Jump-suits…indebted, with life giving cables and equipment, aerial out-front for all to see… Satellite-dish crashing on the side of the vehicle…on the back of a flatbed lorry…passing beneath, and carried away, below the overpass over the subway…
Mission: Select: Games: Points won: Battles won/lost: Wars: won/lost: Peace-pact’s and Treaties… Congratulations!!!: Combat scenario:…
Strategic Institute: Policy Room: Rules of Engagement: personnel interfering with…
Combat-scenario…Programme:3: 17.
Programme 3:
>Combat Zone: flying over head helicopter armed, with camera’s…
The-practicalities, pragmatic mechanical work…re-educating, training, prison boot-camp, hard labour…
Now: YYYY/MM/DD/MM’s…seconds…hands…counting-down…
‘But it is only a Game!’
‘A game of Global-Risk!’
Blockading your own country then going-viral…the cancerous-growth and battle for control of riskmanagement down-sizing…heading for…
Margin-call…on…Vital-statistics:…and…‘Going for it!’
Headline’s like….Sweatshop-fire. Chemical dioxin assault…birth-defects. Crash death’s denied…and then apologised for, compensated-for ,and punished, executed ‘After the riots…’
What? Time for any campaign to die away…?
Patent-the-genes…socio psychopathic truth-and-virtue. virtue and truth, have a voice surface, as the facade of…
Alarmed! Housing: Profit! Tax! Breaks?! A-break-in!! If Brand is product-celebration…then n/N… Value…essential…fare… fair?
>If I steal a car, and get-caught…I go before the Judge…
If I had done what this lot did…I would not be seeing the light of day…
All? Always. Generated timing…12:00 minus…Venture-Capitalist…dated…outdated…
>Austerity…now. Does not work, anymore. Get ‘It’? No work. No food. No home. So quickly.
<… and conspiracy of silence. >Under threat of dire-consequences…
Defence systems…in place.
Outing! That is ‘It’! Suing and removal of pyramid investment funding dependent on…Well, I can send you what the news is…list…headlines…
..licensee’s of the…
Public-airwaves now…: list…
Re-writing…new-Regulations. Editing: human health drive crazy fire contract conditions nocause…because…
>Principal=higher than making money. Industrial-disaster!
Code of silence gagging clause…Whistleblower: claiming… Own the Country?
The-Peoples’ Army…
Not so peaceful.
Terrorist despotic-regime…
Prepare ground country for corporate-Takeover:…
Be intimidated by: espionage: assistance: to a foreign state against national security constitutional order presidential sovereignty, republicanism and democratic territorial and state integrity.
Not human.
Familial nepotism, and their families and tribe, rule bending and fraudulent personality cult leadership. For once Richer!
< With Self and Others’ corruption: in-business and in-politics. Politics and business, entertainment. Catering and travel, without political purpose, but business for sure. Once at the top, stay there. By foul means not fair. >Who said anything in the world, in nature, was intrinsically fair?
Security-risk… <Rebel-plot…once the-Government losing-control…split undemocratically…to overthrow the-executive at the ballot-box: rigged: soft-coup… <Displaced-Politics-list::Global! >To get to speak with one voice… <Common-Language Everywhere (CLA): slanging… >The-Benefits-of-Trade… <Everyone wants in… >Want to buy-in! <Now! Interface: financial-legal admin problems...? Questions?: list..
‘Quench the thirst for-Democracy!’
‘For blood!’ Police and soldiers out of barracks and police-stations…
‘To protect…the-Government buildings, and destroy the enemy Rebel’s.’
‘Supported by outsiders…’
‘Insiders…they say are undermining-democracy…what democracy there is…’
‘Who does?’
‘Both sides, really, they neither have the support of most of the-People yet…’
‘But do they rule wisely…Fairly?!’
Heard from beyond:
‘Hands-off…the-People! #Hand’s- of the People taking over the-State…and the-National-Corps….reflected in raging red-and-green rebellion.
Against dark-blue and grey, yellow, gold and purple:
>Not-controlling anymore, the conditions of life…flawed:
…of-hanging yourself. From a lampost. Extant:
‘The Plunderers they rule!’ dumbing-down…outloud!!+
Sustainability… Economic-democracy…local-sized:…
Industrial, or electronic…
< Electro-magnetic, cannot avoid ‘It’, like Gravity…anti-gravity… >Off the ground…
Of course! Fair-education! By ourselves, for ourselves!’
Mission-objective: Next >:
General Head-Quarters: take Command & Control Centre! following returning-fire, unhurt. Followingthrough, the red mist from below…routine Dawn Patrol.
Sniper-fire lay-offs…
Humanitarian Supplies!
Forced-from you.
On-screen turning-back ahead in-front at-each-side…spinning like a pirouette- jumping leaping through a
Leapt onto a trash-truck…on-screen…laughing shaking-a-fist in…
‘Victory!’ For Information: Humanitarian-aid truck hijacked stolen sold-on…
‘…khaki-tented-city…a refugee-camp.’
‘Under what conditions? What is ‘It’ like there?’
‘…fairly Calm.’
‘Food and water?’
‘Some. Food-aid. Medicare…’answered by doctors and nurses on-the-ground.
‘Telling ‘It’ as ‘It’ is…tending the injuries. Burnt out hotel sniper-nest shelling ambulance on the land mined-road…Black-line. White-line. Green-line.Red-line.’
‘The floating-hospital become’s A Prison-ship?’
From east-to-west and not-oppositely oppositely….and similarly..:
Immediately beyond the green-line of trees…out in leaf…it was claimed the ambulance-carried weapons and fighters of the-other side. From the-Studio:
‘And the-Injured?
‘With the-doctors and nurses, and ambulance-driver…the-baker and butcher…and candle-stick maker…cannot hold a candle to their attackers! Leaving-Town. Whole-cities are emptying around theGlobe.’
‘So this is no-isolated incident?’
‘No. Incident’s are happening the whole time. Everywhere…’
‘Indeed.’ and no-where in unselfish-Heroics…unintended before this began…’
‘We heard shot’s?’
‘Yes, That would be ‘It’.’
‘We’re not allowed to go-in… we have not heard from anyone for confirmation…, on-Skype, or otherwise…’ Intranet not-Internet…loading…again…
‘…that is all, everywhere.’
‘Global! Of fanatics, and killers!’
‘Instigating fear and hatred…’ self-serving and self-fulfilling.
‘Other-financed…who is financing, and arming the-Rebels?’
‘Governments and Big business evading avoiding arrest…
‘…or taxes.’
‘Criminals!’ heard beyond.
‘Blamed on the Olders…leaders opportunists young and angry-brigades. It is clear now. On the back of a families’ distress, inter-familial and community violence…’ distraught outpouring’s and incomprehension at assumed injustice, and justice, at the same time. With no rational objective but to demonstrate nonagreement counter-undemonstrating attacking demonstrating-deadly force…
Acceptance of the status-quo…that has ruled and reigned Supreme for over half-a-century…of Life! Has Gone!’
‘Don’t stop this beautiful life!’
‘…this, as Good as it gets?’
‘It’ll be alright!’
‘No remorse…’
‘…and no- regret’s?’
‘Without regret’s without remorse, there can be no forgiveness?’
Otherwise, only maybe.
Widescreen T………..V!’ giving bottles of water, for the-people…for the troops, for the-refugee’s…Food and water they have? or had anyway, before, so…
Even if with political-justice. Even with religious morals and mortal philosophical ethics…’
<With, say…From the-Tao to Turkey…Greece Descartes…Rousseau’s Education…to…
‘Do no harm…over and over… ‘Do No Harm! Over and Over…then:
The Attack when it came earned respect with The-Older’s. The chance to move up-the-ranks. We wenttogether…’ and somehow randomly in-the-crowd. Not the in-the crowd, but with the-crowd…at the rearguarded battles-being picked-off, in the middle of it all shot-through.
A Brother Sister and family and Friends’ carried-out of the melee into a-doorway alleyway and streetstrangers now Friends…to a sheltered corner…panning-around…
Only then to be fired-on…’shotgun-pellets spraying from loud crashing reverberating gunshot splattering blood and cuprous lead and the smell of rotten stinking, burnt-rubber, and gas.
The older-brother, with the younger, came-along taken at the mothers’ pleadings not-to take my youngestson! Shot and killed. Who refused, tortured, shot killed anyway behind. Beyond. Between, and within, without and what-for? The father in prison then…
In-exile, a refugee in a neighbouring country. Banished.
Where-invited, for-ever Exile? After that:
‘We did not know what country…did not know…’ since the surreptitious under the cover of night-time visitations, had abruptly, ended. From the streets:
‘When we have Won!’
‘Only then, would he be coming home again! Only until it is-over, and won!’
‘He died in his Brothers’-arms…’
‘…not-at-arms. Demonstrator. Peaceful. Wanted a-say…in what would happen.’
‘His last words:‘…you must not go home now, until this thing is over. Tell them….’’
‘I will…’
‘…and you will return a Hero.…don’t lose it not now!’
‘Not with you as my-Hero.’
Leaving the scene in a blood soaked shirt.
‘Now Troll has performed they’d say.’
Troll-flaming inflammatory off-message. Anti-social networking: un-Politically-Correct. Causing deliberate grief. Personal-greed. Intellectual-ignorance. The Older’s put under scrutiny increasing pressure to-carry:…out another hit against another of The-
‘So-called. Rebel’s…unable-to-stop…once the blood-shed started…’
‘Once the adrenalin is pumping! People that owe…them. Money.’
‘Or Disrespect you in-anyway. Make your Mark! Mutual respect.’
‘Gangsters and criminals!’
‘Marketeers!’ joining-up…to stifle the competition…destroy and then take-over the-market…
‘Justly or just un-Justly brought to justice?’
‘Or escaped, to retire, live out a lifetime’s bonus, in retirement. Why not?’
‘Fairness and natural-Justice: Now!’ a banner flown outside.
>You mean Fair Game? How much?
Makes no-matter…
…and collecting! Buying-up…
> Go! For-Broke!
<And then again…Oblivion!? Mind-Trap?
Whatever the crime alleged, suspected, or assumed, then innocent until proven guilty. Whatever the crime the punishment is never to be worse than the alleged-crime:
‘Six-of-them. And more. Many more. What will they-do?’
‘One on each limb. One on the head. The other: the stinking shitting tail of the beast. Their-beast. They are the-Beasts! How could they do that!’
‘They are the Chiefs.’
‘Not the Guard’s uncaring but for a piece of money or anything-else Sex, even…’ trailing-off…’with either, or both…masochistic-sadism, pure and simple.’
‘To supplement in the place of pay, and then they will leave you alone.’
‘Spoiled, you see…spoiled-goods…You feel like…’ trailing-off…
‘Youth. Euthanise d…better death than life like this.’
‘No! Fight-on!’
‘You will get blankets and pillow cigarettes, even booze and drugs, whatever you- like! Food, anyway, that’s not been spat in…you become hardened you do. You know most of the-lags for a while. Weeks, usually, then without any even trumped-up charges being brought, took the charges set-up…released?
No-idea of what is going to happen, really.
Unlike most days, when we do. Unable to do anything about it anyway keep your head-down. Do not lookup to see. Those ones… you know…The-Chief and The Cronies boot-licking…’ and doing the action: ‘…and only too happy to show-off in front of The Chief.’
‘To-the-Top. To the Top it goes….’
For several minutes I looked around the cell terrified. I touched him without touching him. The air between-us. The terror in me was stunned. Stilled. Stilted; not confused:
‘It was all too-Real.’
Bemused without any knowing why at all.
‘I held my hand-over-his-head. Because I knew that any movement on the skin would cause immediate and agonizing-pain.’
‘All I-knew. All I know, is that it happened.@Sentenced to Death.’
‘Ritual sacrifice to show-Them…’
The-Other…representing All-other…confirming… confirmed…as a punishment without a-warning as a deterrent to one and others not to do it at all or again.
‘No, Do ‘It’ Again!’
‘Well, won’t, will ‘It’?
‘Won’t happen Again!?’
‘We always say that.’
‘Seasonally Affected Disorder?’
‘Mutually Assured Destruction…as a warning, a deterrent not to do-what? Again?’
‘BAD.’ Unspoken-of…unwritten until now, and again…answer-for?
’It’ may not have happened, at-all…‘It’ did…and does…cold-bloodied murder will happen again.’ by anyone’s hand, or own. That does not need to happen, but it does, and is forgotten or remembered for so long…
‘A plate of cold rotting meat and cold dry bread. Without even any trace of water in-it it. It would start to go-mouldy like lichen on dry rock…would simply crumble. Into a pool of stinking- water, human and earth waste. No drink or container in the place. A mobile-phone, dead. The-body taken-away…the micro-chip card, taken, picked-up.
Dealing in the stories, verisimilitude, corroborated, confirmed, dropping-in…dropped…in.
‘After they came once more, the last time…this time, with the-Chief, I had not seen…before…’
‘But all the other’s must have known what was going on down-in-the-cells?’
‘Shouting, hitting, pushing. Then ordering, to get a bin-bag…and to take the body out….one naked-leg hanging out…mutilated. Taken-to God knows where…trailing-off…looking upwards, and to the-side’ remembering…
‘Where All the others were taken, I suppose.’ ‘They will be found out. Those who did this, ordered this, and thought they had got away with ‘It’!’ ‘Too- stupid, regular, or irregular and un-fluctuating to employ guards more-stupid than themselves!’
‘Only obeying orders, even the mad one’s…and leaving the cell door open, and mobile-phone to be found: Perhaps, perhaps, one of them did do that, on purpose? Perhaps even in-partisan with the-others…to tell ‘it’
as ‘it’ is.’
‘That we knew beforehand, although we didn’t every time, didn’t want to know that we were to be confronted with the reality of cell death. Death in Custody.’
‘…didn’t do anything about it?’
‘Not-knowing until it had started…had finished. One-starts…made-to-follow…only…followingorders…not-wanting…to-know…then-now…or feel able to do anything about it for ‘It’ to be over.’
‘Only to make ‘It’ over-quicker…Made-to.’
Forced group-pressure each-of-us to witness and to…blank-out…block-out…
‘Not even attempting to STOPIT!’
‘I could not!’
‘No-one.’ but many assaults, or face the same. personal-public execution…why should a mere-Warder? Not
Live! and be as Rich? As: Powerful?’
‘Fast-car’s and Big-house’s.’
‘Yacht parties?’
‘To fly in a helicopter? Doing the dirty work , as well! Made-to: You-say? ‘And for the personal-Helicopter: owning Jet-Plane: Satellite Space-Craft:’
‘World Wide Web-Telecomms…You only need the computer-hardware and software: just don’t get caught.’
‘Just? Selling the-Story? Why?’
‘Why-not? To tell the story. True.’
‘For not doing anything?’
‘Giving-‘It’ away. The same! I would-not split on you! Prisoners we are!’
‘All such hollow crowns fall eventually…’ and atrociously…
Forged-false language selected-selective jargon…
‘Enforced protester and police tear-gas spraying…
‘Line of command?
‘Who gave the orders?
‘How far does it go?’
‘Who followed them?
‘Who refused?’
‘War-criminals sentenced to death…only following orders?’
‘Anti-Nationalist. Acquitted, therefore, of no-crime…no evidence…’ indigenous-personnel…
‘Post-Colonial: copycat…Rulers.’
‘Copy-Cow! Refusnik…refuser…’
‘Prisoner-of-conscience demonstratively sentenced to death.’
‘Shot, hatchet-job into exile.’
‘Forced off the land, tortured.’
‘The livelihood, the family farm, the-family… taken.’ Oracular: mining rock and metal oil and gas commodities…racking-up petro-chemicals, farmlands and smelter-works and workshops…single-handed pistol shot double shot-gun sighted rapid rifle fire.
Heard a crackle and resounding against the walls whipped-marks of no-consequence.
Whip and cigarette burns for Fear? or Fun? With consistent-evidence of severe ill-treatment:…With impunity.
‘Not with-food brought-in, and clean bedclothes and mattress, by family and friends, for Warders-pay…’ ‘Or else?’
‘…a filthy crust and in filthy outside water-leaking-cell.’
With one-other in the corner bleeding from the head, to the chest and stomach slumped in a dirty heap, in the corner.
‘Chains and gnashing bracelets too tight. Tearing of the skin torn and bleeding and at once screaming:
‘I want to see my Embassy…my Country!’’
Arm- and leg-shackles and Handcuffed.
Tied-on, to a shaft it may as well have been, ready to be turned for the-spit roast anyway…’ the alleged eye-of the only other witness: ‘Began hitting-self! On bars and floor.’
‘It’ looked as if every-limb lifted…’ dragged across rough-cement floor.
Swung around by the legs the arms let go off; and…’ laughing in the small silent space.
Head smashed on the walls and floor and stamped-on. Wrists and ankles fingers and toes broken shatterednaked, but for a disgusting pair of filthy blue-jean trousers, wrapped around the feet. The genitals on-display, with sacrilegious sexual-humiliation.
Nothing but despair and pleading for unconsciousness.
Still hand-cuffed.
Said: ‘Please tell my family…what has happened…here. I am dying…’ and spoke no more. The Coup of Ruthless-warlord war-mongering imprisoned in own Palace-Prison.
Pirated, ransomed in the end commandeering atrocity after atrocity.
Militia: For, or Against Head-of-the-Militia. The Head-of-Security dead.
The-Head of Everything-else…Father. The-President-king…CEO? Where are They?
Programme3: >…
>Foreign-insurgency…/Invasion…force-threatening/welcomed, once, to ease the peace…
>Enemies at the gates!
Mortal Combat.
Insurgents. Crusader! Legionnaire! Hammer and Sickle! Star and Moon. Sun-sinking…
Personnel interfering with Combat Scenario.’
A matter of personal Indifference.
To the population…’ with a helicopter-gunship swooping overhead…
Correct latitude…correcting…and…#’
Firework display.
Civil war between insurgents and their often forced, or fleeing earstwhile supporters, or not…
Foreign invaders, global pact and alliance forged opportunistically…to defendstocksand supply lines…of money, and things…and people…
Prepare to kill!
At the Palace Presidential Hostages prepared to be killed in numbers.
Different tribal languages…and Economic-zones…keeping people apart mixing-of-the-blood, notallowed.
>Unlike the-African(s)’ mixing of blood.
Americans…North and South…and Indians East and West.
An accommodating Common-Wealth of Con-federation of:
‘Empires! British and European Asian and American federations…
‘Colonial South-American and Australian before us….’
‘…for-sure…’ Gypsies and Aboriginals’… <Originals:…translation screens: constantly instantly interpreting…mis-interpreting… The whole game goes-down…on one misinterpretation?
>On-land and river-routes…through to the southern-oceans…thwarted…the Northern and South-American social-communism before-Dictatorship.
>Got ‘It’?
<Got It!
Globally un-affiliated…acquisition of Land Energy and Food:
<Then sold-of through the barrel-of-a-gun by some: Free-Marketer(s): list…advertisement…
Finance-minister…General-officer. Forced-inside…the inner-circle and…willingly duped into… Nationalist-privatisation with Occupation…and the-disappearance’s never found, or seen again. Or any so-called crime admitted to, by anyone. In truth and reconciliation, or otherwise… <The-People forced into taxable: Social-Credit:
>Spent….on…: Corruption-money…Fraud…and…
<De-bit: Credit-in-the-Bank.
In purple-patched lilac, lavender violet patchouli, smelt: plump plum wine amethyst heliotropical frozen-ice balls’ snowflakes falling all different and all fantastic across the Equatorial variable-Zone.
Corrosive-nucleating chemical biological atomised…atomising…hot nu-clear:
>Society: on-different screen the difference marked: measurable: unnecessarily dead people. Dead animals and plants and trees: Dead air and polluted water.
Dead planet. As trying to stay alive. Whilst burying burning the dead. Bringing ‘It’ On!’…and the-moneymarket’s bringing-it-all-back-to-Life! as though zero’ed and minus’ed…doubled, and added…back from the dead.
Carnage-in-one-go. Dripping from the walls.
Each tiny grain of sand on the beach time-glass humbly…resisting, not-even, fighting-back: with no-chance patience and concerted effort. Stealing, and the smuggling of goods and information to avoid detection of…
Relinquishing: monetary Colonisation: of the Economic Zones of the World; for: World Currency: one for one, electronic, coin and note) relinquishing?
Imperialistic trade-War: nothing to do with the-People, you-Understand?! #Arms: for…currency Colonisation with settled populations of the world. Nomad’s and Gypsies, between and amongst. Police teargas and gun.
Army machine-guns against civilian demonstrators…
>Sniper fire, suicide-bomber.
Destroying-site: aircraft-carrier/aerodrome. On Sea/Earth/Air/Land…
In fog! There are people living down there?! Equipment not-functioning not-functioning! I say! The Winds of change!’ rattling against the walls: war-contained in battles in one country…spread, to two, to another: neighbouring…and of larger…Global-alliance:list…the rest smaller, and going at a snail’s pace. >The-Flag! All, at least most Allies… claiming, through the United Nations, Nato and Russe-Chine or not…
Each, Our own legitimacy…appropriation:
Over smaller Nation-state’s? Could not that be…Universal righteousness and wrongtitude?
What for? Illogistics?
And without platitude?
In due-process…?
> Terms and conditions apply… [psevb-0] Agreed?
Righteousness and Proportionality: Re-sponsibilities to ourselves and all others…
The Conventions apply to all cases of armed conflict between two or more signatory nations, even in the absence of a declaration of war. This language was added in 1949, to accommodate situations that have all the characteristics of war without the existence of a formal declaration of war, such as a Police-action. The- Conventions: Apply to a signatory nation even if the opposing nation is not a signatory, but only if the opposing nation “accepts and applies the provisions” of the Conventions.
The whole set is referred to as the “Geneva Conventions of 1949” or simply the “Geneva Convention”, relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, relating to the Protection of Victims of Non-International Armed Conflicts. Relating to the Adoption of an Additional Distinctive Racialisation Racism…Emblematic……and to be-Investigated in due-Time and Due-process…to a value: and a number counting-down as well as Up:…various-items selecting…and placed in the Possessions -tray: Cluster-bombs and Road and Market and Place-of-Worship. The Army: machine-guns against civilian-demonstrators sniper- fire, suicide-bomber…
The-other Army@?
…and all-sides…too-Real!
In every sense… in every ancient…traditional culture to hide behind:
<The boiling of blood soft-tissue and bones buried with the harvest …to All The- Gods!
Heard, from outside, to inside…and beyond:
‘To the One God!!’
‘To the One Party!’
Torn-apart virtual-Dictatorships, and counter-revolution. Democratic political-economic virtual-
<By War! By-Peace?’…the exporters now depending on the price and utility of oil and gas and producers of Chemical Biological Atomic Nuclear-age….nevertheless and then still almost an air-of-normality at the Portside area… <At the Business-Centre and at the Hotel and Palace: >Never a quick game-over?… The long-game…
What of War and Peace?
The Call-up.
Value-information true/false overheads/fixed capital equity-redeemable against failure cost-prices
(ingredients/materials) sale prices/sales goods market-positioning…reliability…
Only another game: perhaps all the time mostly somewhere in the world most-places, during most lifetimes. Fighting in our-own lands, and others, and foreign far-off native strange unfamiliar unknown alien lands?
Those who moved away.
From Home…another’s home, another Town, another Country.
A conflict here a conflict there.
My Land. Your land. Our land. We shall never surrender!
Looking one final time out of a window:
‘Where you and I live and this Land is My Land and this Land is Our Land and that is where we are right now!’
In the sky imaged dark plumes of smoke rose, yet to be carried-off by the higher stratus-winds:
‘Where do they all come from in the first place?’
‘non-Black and non-White? Democracy?’
‘Heroes and Martyrs?’…and a quick return-to social-construct power-structure identity-politics for all normalising:
>Weapons: list…materials to make weapons…and the soldier’s to fight the wars, and keep the piece, the-
Who wouldn’t?
…and determined…
>By who?
Hero’s: and Martyr’s to go with them the-Clerk pondered…looking now directly back at the-Banker.
As in cohorts. The-Clerk with yet more quizzical look hostaged-together at the top of The R/E Business-Centre:
On the carpeted floor.
On the screens as Golden-lands and Silver-islands buried-Treasure earth-brown sites green and yellow-gold swathes, plantations, and Wildwood; blackened volcanic-soot and dead-ivy-poisoned.
Destroyed toxic-decimated polluted post-Industrial:
Landscape…poster-painted out…back to?…
City-siege scene. The-City: Palace and…Military-compound: pounded simulation browser searching for
Profit and Loss levels: N/nnnnnnnnn…………
<…that is all you need to know! >For Life!…
<…or Principal. >Or Principle.
To be Trusted! <To be broken… brokered or phony disingenuous ceasefire:
Broken.. monitoring covert operation’s filtered…
Each one-sided.
Potential traitors to each-Other. The-Clerk and the-Banker stared-away out-of-the-train-window and at different screens. Same reality, different scenes. Different Screens: Same Reality. Looked-in and through the one-window. Both, looked-away. The-Banker looked quickly into the laptop-computer briefcase paper’s and instead of cash-flow figures…out-of-the-window, the-Clerk could see now only wooden crates and steel containers…as the train slowed to a temporary Halt.…sign-posted.
At the…City-Port Authority docks and at the City-Airport…nothing-moved.
No-winched cargo craned, over-hoisting, or hauling-up and over to the next form of transport, no transference on-or-off from one-type of vehicle to another-type no elevated-crane cabled and piped from Super-tanker to and from container of epic [proportions] lorry, or super-Truck…even Hyper-truck’s, that flew with their cargo directly from place of manufacture, to shops, and then by foot and bicycle, motor-lorry again, and car and public bus and train…
Now… waiting-by kilometre-long Freight-train. From the vehicles to shops and onto peoples tables and into mouths and stomachs, and sewerage-systems. The-Clerk deliberated-upon a Pilot-tug boat lighter passing to-and-fro…along…The-River and Sea and Ocean-making-waves…and frothing-steaming refuse powered barged gantries and pier’s tubed for fuel supplies…drivers, and on-site workers. Waiting the nod. Waiting to move. Waiting perhaps their-move. At the port and railway sidings. At the-Airport: FreightCargo:Bay1…nothing moved…until the base exchange rate’s and commodity-prices are settled the-Clerk quickly realised as at any other Port-side wholesale or street-Market anywhere in the world.

The-Train-halting…halted, came to a Halt:
‘Unscheduled stop.’
At the-Portside workers… stood-down.
As the-markets, everywhere. Movement-within. Moved-around. Moving-around…stood almost still… seemed from long-range minds and mouths and eyes and ears of corn-moving. In the cafes and restaurant Club-House…and…observation-car…
Control-tower clicked-into…the-Clerk glanced-over to the-Banker , sat-still in the seat opposite, thought both: on whose watch?
By different-routes…marked: checking for values:
Peaceful demonstrations have turned ugly…
Enemies of the country!
Armed Gang’s…Kettled besieged. Imprisoned. Let-out of prison…
Like fish in a barrel.
On whose Presidence?
No holds barred… the no-rules epithet of war…not-sport!
<‘It’s no Game!… >Open Network Hacktivist’s activist’s:
Live recorded exchange:
‘Known. Against individuals and companies financial fraud and intellectual property…’
‘By Threat and intimidation Blackmail and Lies!’
‘Perjury and Judgment!’: to N.n…the verisimilitude of breaking news… filmed-recorded withoutcommentary:
>OK! World Wide Web: We publish this Now!
Use the satellite-phone!
The dead bodies…piling-up with no-one but security-forces in the area.’…silent film…with addedcommentary:
‘The-Militants having left to protect their famil(y)ies leaving them to thuggery, butchery, burning and rape!’
Cyber City-State:Global-Zone Economies of scale: balance: fairness…while fun:
>People and Places: living off a claim of crime-free Utopia!
Unknown. Failed, like the rest…that could never last the lifetime of one Great Leader! Any Ideology or
Religiosity. Never mind another! This is The-One. That has to Go!’
The peoples’ penalty… the own-lives’ taken…
<…not-given-back. >Lost?
Pod-cast type-set, and message-line-cast…
Destructors. Ravagers! There must be an end to it! All of it!
Always someone ready to take their place.
So long as what?’
The-Big-man, in the Village. In the-Town. In the-City.
In the-Countryside bush and forest open fields and streets, road to the city-Port and open-Seas and dense-
Jungle(s): recorded:
All relationships are commercially-arbitrated and insured for natural disaster: list…current…past?…and to be avoided: the Corporatisations-of-public-knowledge and institutions… and gossip about scandal in the-family. Royal Noble, or not…search found…Utopia, Ltd.
The Flowers of Progress? Hate-Crime? Subtle everyday ‘isms.
Now! All of them! All of Them! Let the World know! Let them find-out what is being done in their
For: The Big-house(s): the Palaces and National and International-Banks’ landmark building project(s):
Government Peoples’ Infra-Structure: Food, Goods, and Stock-Exchanges and Foreign- Embass(y)ies’
Trade-Desk: ‘Name?’ and…
>No holds barred! Rules of warless Sport!
<…and SOME!! > > >with countries, country-homes…with what is left…of your-City…
Anatomise! Why?
<…because we can…to disrupt un-fair Price-mechanism freely messaging e-mail satellite-browser linked to others parts across the World… >Locking-virus. Reign of Terror. Fear-Factor paralysing…paranoia…
Outage crashing: Error 303:
Check Settings > checking…settings…
Invalid-connection… Function-not -found…connection… closed. Internet dead.
Base: exchange-rate(s): list…and commodity prices were-un-settled.
Stood down.
As another joined the game from somewhere on the world.
We publish this on the internet.
Use a codename. Something simple, but unlikely…sending…
<-/Download the images…the interrogates, now! All of them! Let the World know!’ …downloading… Let them search it, and Find Out, what they are doing, and what they have done!
Threats to family, theirs, and others. In capture assault torture and slowly and terrifyingly defined psychological intimidation.
That was the Sin of ‘It’ all?! We did not stop ourselves, or even try to stop the-Other’s!’
Threatened. Feeling threatened. Different things.
Threatening unknown and committed enhanced interrogation techniques: water-boarded/electric-pronged/ sexual humiliation.
To admit under duress, to the most heinous of crimes.
Expediting. Extrication. Extradition…repatriation, rendition as criminal, public propaganda…
To protect One-family.
So what?
<…and forgotten prisoners of conscience remembered, and of fair and open trial extra-judicial execution… On the-Mission…monitoring…at the transit and bus-stations docks and port in-stores and out-store warehouses. Site canteen and café, street food vendors…people used-up notes and coins:…currency >:list… Volunteers and Supporters: Nnnnn….
<…helped-feed. The-demonstrator’s and for a while Police and now on the outskirts. The-Army: for/against? F/A?:A/F… >Besieged? Or Besieging?
The Big Greed:’
The Big-greed again!…keeping pressing the buttons raising/lowering the bar:
<Military Civilian?
Returned and retrieved.
The-Banker: type: typed-given…opening…typed: Hostage-to-fortune: at the top of the tallest office-block tower…the-Banker retrieved and returned sat on a high-backed highly polished leather seat and sat-back at a highly polished-desk.
Pouring over piles of money pouring into the tallest steel-and-glass elevated higher and higher-still than any other…to the-Sky…
City-bank building skies’ the limit to the Sun…dropped-down at alarming pace over the ancient covered…
Market-Place:…over-looked below, as-seeking something anxiously searched for:
Being the-Agent…and the double-Agent.
Re-agent’s. Citrus-lemon. Sugar-sweet safely, secretively energized, fed and watered. The code, hidden in the heel of a shoe. Or the final, but-one, full-stop.

The-Clerk almost triumphantly now returning to the gently lilting tilting fast-moving pixilated screen.
Both, hand-and laptop held screens playing another others as they flashed-up on the screen numbers and pictures wordpoint-sourcing…pointing-upwardly increasingly by angular geometric-degree. Perspective. Such that they did no longer fit on-the-screen…each screenshot only altogether in the microchip being carried and manipulated moving back and-forth.
Moved up and down…through the gear’s temporarily to destination mostly if not always, unknown until the-arrival. Tour of Duty. Done.
Game Over….walk-through talking taking-it-all-in.
Built-up a picture…pictures, moving, as if actually still there.
Made-up out of three-dimensional forms 9-D pictures…waiting…and…Done.
With up to nine indifferent angles…
Levels at once at any one time frozen and moved-on…
‘Front!’ and:
‘Cover!” people and things…two..three-dimensional-triangulated…and again tri-parted and again in triplicate with smooth rough-troughs and peak’s…flat-lining and double dipping…and plunging…tripledipping…
As rising always up and down…in-and out…the eyes moved back to and around the off-lined-page. Turned to another page turned-over on-line…scanning… and sent…and received…copied… and closingfile:…
WIN!!!! for Now…Still Alive!!
Your-Game: closing…through the air, the-train now moving slowly passed industrial units and storehouses transit sheds…small manufacturer and direct-retailers.
Turning-forward again to the outside scene, from re-started the fantasy fun-based videogame thepicaresque outside, with loans waiting to close down and go…
‘Bankrupt!…To-Be…’pointing outside…
‘The-People! My-People!‘
‘To be bought-up.’
‘To not go-Bankrupt.’
‘Anyone who has the money to spend.’
‘Debt’s to giveaway?’
‘Spending, when the price’s known.’
‘Selling-too.’ Distant-figures port-officials standing-around. Trades-union and professional-representatives freight and passenger train driver’s, and guard’s. Pilot’s and crew and adjacent-to the airstrip…branch-line platform and loading bays and air cargo bay-loaders…diverted.
Sitting and standing-around in the restaurant’s and rest -room’s. As in the-Train carriage…as everybody…waiting…for price’s to rise…or fall…change…change…temporarily closed waiting for a mystifying process…like prayer, like a call to peace:
‘Contractual-agreement. Cost and Price. Do You think ‘It’ is fair, honest, and easy? You sure?’ Pallets and piles of construction materials mineral ores.’ Stacked-up, for concrete and steel plastic moulding, and mouldering re-fined and to-be-refining-search…
Gas and Oil Petroleum Plastic(s).
Fuel and Food-stuffs: list….to go to smelting-oven and kiln-formed assembling…making and manufacturing-list…
Metals and Minerals-alloyed, and brick by brick manufactured, and seeds genetically modified technology plastics and bio-fuel. According to the electrical-engineering and architectural-building to…
Plans: planned-inventories and maps and World-exposition.
Where it all really starts and finishes the-Clerk thought and continued clicking…
Profit, and Loss buttons. Uselessly…dis-connected.
#At the docks contract-time leasing van-drivers and barrow-haulers.
On the ground lounging around.
Waiting, for unloading and loading instructions. In-numbers and written-word. Open closed. #Closed order-book…screen print-out cheque-book bank-Transfer…N/n…to the-Supermarket-chains…and shops and small…and…index-linking…
Site(s): and off-the-shelf, and pegged.
Measuring-the-difference now, and apart from the past, into the very real, near future modern, and traditional coinage and paper representing-authority and state-transferable funds, taxing taxable business…and the-People…at once and with other’s the-Banker and the-Clerk looked through each other, and then away at the distance beyond fields and trees huts and houses at different angles framed… All sorts of goods…on the key sides and sidings, materials to build-the-buildings and roads and to-makethe-vehicles the roads laid by gangs of gypsies and transient’s…and intransigent and stationary.
The parking-place’s, and factory, the offices and home’s…
The Principal: Plans (PPs) marked and made-out.
Made-out as at the Stock-Market Building and the Financial-Markets solid wood-floor glass-walls and plaster stucco-marbled ceiling.
Wood with plaster-moulding and brickwork red-pantiles chiming called as from the-Temple, Church, Mosque community-halls stationary transport point in-transit transitting between corrugated-metal steel and zinc rooves and walls, cardboard and paper…
Home(s): Caravan on cinder-blocks on the inside each side rooms featured doorways and windows blown through…doors…
Lift-shaft…the-Stairs…going up and down round-and-down-and…across…and backwards…
Upwards… and squaring into the wall’s and corner of another room…darkened light’s low.
Curtains pulled-across, light-blinds and deafening roar of…an unnatural? Natural sound? Electronicallymade, and delivered. Like sensory torture, deprivation of which would be a blessing carried-in…on-bed…cot…or stretcher…beneath steel-beams…riveted and welded set-fretwork-shaped and patterned on dowel-rod post and staff…erected framework cemented into concrete blocks and planted planet, planted, and under the ground.
Into the air…
Into the-Sun.
Back on the ground. Away from the-Sun at every point now the-Train: real world data and statistics introduced:…induced moment-by-moment newsfeed:
‘Everything…from Medical-care to the price of Aluminium and Titanium to Cash in Pocket. To the last remaining Equity…in any Country…any Nation-state. ‘It’s’ People…and machinery and resources…Liquidated.’
‘And for the most part laughable!…who deals in Cash these days?’
‘Dodgy Dictators’ accountants and their families…’
‘Sacked? Booted-out!’
‘On The Run! Run-off!’
‘With, or without the-Bank-account?’
‘ Trade-sanction and Embargo on any other such restriction…lifted.’
‘Both? Either?’
‘Kept in power? By the Military…just you wait and see…only the-Military could bring this thing to a close…maybe.’
‘…or bring the whole lot down.’…downloading…
Ready… as at the docks and ports and fields and retail-parks…between buyer and seller of goods already let go of… …and awaiting-payment…Real Customers: waiting to buy…if anyone could anymore affordanything anymore… but the Basics: only to just get-by.
Is this what it was coming to?
The food and materials stood stranded in-transit and storage without which movement people would soon begin to starve. Whoever did not have supplies for one day, two days, a -week or a-month would begin to starve; and without famine-relief, the dying and the looting would start: their-worst-Fear. Always the greatest fear.
The deafened blind-spot blood-splattered and cleaned-out and burnt-out closer than thought or believed, or beloved…at the time ATT the oil and gas-platforms and pipelines and warehouses…not yet on fire. Eventually there would be deaths and once more…Market-rationing…Game-exchange would pull-us through….batten down the hatches and get us through. Spied-on all throughout…but not noticed, notrumbled…missed and gone-by.
Fate left to those victorious, remaining and pushing-out, and along the roads…that lead to every other Town, and the-City.
Across countryside fields and desert pipelines and railway lines and flight-path. For the cost of home and home-made fuel. To burn pictures of the Great Leader.
Banners wellmade clearly printed and made with banknotes.
Only for Boom and BOOM again! de-criminalising Banking…
Big-bang! Again!
Crashing-and-Burning again.
What goes around…every price eventually outpacing any-affordability by anyone…
Never mind everyone…
When it comes to food, and a roof over our heads.
The land on which we grow our food and build our houses and offices…
The-Clerk, watching on the-Banker waiting on the numbers functional-punctuation commentary, equationing…with moving pictures. To get around station car-park and bicycle-stands. Bus and coachstops, and garage stop-up and get to work. Or the shops…in the villages and hamlet, and country Towns, back home…Both. Towards…to the-City:
Humanitarian: Corridor(s): food-stuffs packed processed and preserved frozen and fresh-fruit and vegetables, and meats and fish of all kinds in container and cargo’d storage.
But only for so long, denied-air, and cooking. Outside earthed irrigation out into green-growing and animal-grazed-fields per-head counted. By the million-litre… tallied water connected to jetty pipeline and tap from the Cit(y)ies’ water-purification plant.
Solar-wind and wave-panels…
Stretching far out into and under the seas and ocean electro-magnetic cables…
Mobile-telephone satellite aerial and dish…
On-land…re-connecting…on the rails.
Country-side:…Town’s…and…Urban sub-Urban Cities: list…and…Countries: and Communities: and Continents:…and the whole Global-world.
Simultaneous rolling instant-news on TV screen…radio-broadcast from behind the Internet-cloud: that would unlock the secrets of this day…and being there. Game-playing live-gaming: gambling…living psycho-geography…scanning the windows again to the World-inside, and to the World-outside. Both to the Train, and the exterior, each relatively-still. Tilting on the long-bends and rattling-through tunnel and over another-bridge and through another tunnel…through brick-built earthen and beneath water concrete tiled-paneled soft and varnished tree. Seated iron and carbon plastic steel-arched oppositely-mimicking the-Train. As computer game slow-motion action moves…and looking again away and together again, and out the window the-Clerk, returned, to the fast-moving held screen blank-moving back-and-forth up-and-down left-and-right in-and-out disappearing…disappeared almost completely into the hand-held screen history…saved…saving…feed: WarFair4….closing…Closed.
As the train sped-along now on cruise speed faster high-speed tracks, the train moving inextricably…into The Future. Otherwise it went on fixed-now as before for the Journey. This journey to place-of-Work.
Through a still and spacious landscape, of green meadow and expanse of cloud spattered big blue-planet.
Beneath what could be fresh-fragrant pine-forest overhanging and passing unscented poplar and ash.
Waving seemingly seamlessly, giving way to bamboo-brush and tall-palmate and pinnate arboretum.
All swaying gently on a sea-breeze, oceanic trade-winds blowing stormy inland, and over-stepped groves and fields scavenging gull’s sailing-in and cormorant. Storm petrel and albatross. Below, small-tree and ground feeders, and rook’s and crow’s, as dove’s and hawk’s amongst other Jurassic bird’s of prey floating high above distant-hill, and mountain closer-to their bidden-kill.
Swooping to catch diminutive rodents rabbits and insect, with appearance, from ground, to ground, underground scuttling into holes and inside tunneling into trees and branches and into a tunnel closer-tothe-ground stable flattened-earth, passing-faster…
So it was…faster-passed. The wheels turning, at a steady pace, hardly-speeding or slowing again now passing small-birds fluttered in the unpredictable, and steadily more-predictable gusts of air. In the fresh clean static-air in-and of-theground un-visionable tiny-insect being caught-in-the-open between trees small birds flying in-and-out theinsects’ squawks-and-screeches chased, tiny-shrieking squeal, and screams…drowned-out by the glassscreen disappearing steel and plastic-framed quietness-inside, the sights and noise known to be out-there:
Building-site pile-driver.
Bull-dozing, out-there. Re-furbishment building ever upwards…
Bearing-heavily into the ground. Inside: the chat and conversation or argument interrupting inner-noisome thoughts…
Blocking-out silencing all-else except for a personal:
Name…recognized and responded-to, as if called-out. Known or unknown name and number’s…guessed-at, or ignoring. Constantly. Signed-off.
Through the window of the world moving past at a pace so-fast at least one of them might have thought and said to the other, before the-Banker and the-Clerk fell into conversation again; or-not.
That the outside world was passing slower in comparison to the speed at which the train was going around the-World; and otherWorlds other-Universes…
The Earth turning on its axis many thousand’s, million’s, billion’s, trillion’s, and…Zillion’s of times faster than the speed of this train over-the-surface. Together-now, around the risen-Sun…tens-of-times faster quadrillion-times-faster… together with theSolar-system, around the-Galaxy through the-Universe. The-Sun rising…as the-Earth, and the Market’s stood still. Revolved slowly in the sky as a blue-grey smudge onto the windows of condensing morninghaze.
Each hollowed-out carriage, capsule, from the-outside a colourful silver-blur cloudy, vaguely impressionistic-only. Like an almost-perfect simple and complex viral-world. That crawled so slowly, and fast, as if on-rail’s so that the outside world seemingly going faster than the inside outside seemingly turning backwards in-space and Time: sneezed splashed spotted platted splatted against the window. Breathed-in nerve gas plague! and breathed out of the minds’ eye a biopic of a life-lived so far…lives to continue living…on another Planet, perhaps. Perhaps, a postcard pictured panel each separated-pane framed-window moving-on amongst the silent swashing swishing and swooshing hum of the now solarElectroMag Silver-Bullet Train. Through the train window, the outside world flashed past in the opposite-direction with ever-increasing pace and slowing…in real-Time as the world held its breath. The-World hit the wall. Held its’ own well enough encapsulated with electric-cables and telegraph-mast counting-spaces vertically and horizontally, inside and out…diagonally-angled…turning…cellular.
The-countryside unfolding again, opened-out, like a Map or a Flag unfurling. Curling curving-pointed corner’s un-wrinkling…smoothing-out…transition-in…and on-Time…small-villages and Town-stations blinked into and out-of sight. Here; and there the hiss and back and forth over-there…droplets of rain splashing and slashing against the windows.
Now, the storm coming-in.
Huddled, cuddled in-between the wet building’s of brick and glass. Plastic, and metal, swished-along and passing-over and under bridge’s with other-traffic passing-over, and under, alongside the motorway-bridge buses, bicycles, and tram’s and tractor’s. Motorcar’s and lorry’s and others’ trains’ container-freight loaded. As the blasts of air and space between, gave room to yet more sky and grazed-meadow, and freshlyfertilised field. Electric-cabling between metal and wooden and silicon plastic-pylons…radiophonic and
Televisual…internet wireless-aerial-studded the landscape…cackling…crackling-staccato through the air. Between the-train, and the-world-beyond a mechanical electric-litany, of screeching hissing whooshing, of the wheel’s and spark’s steaming streaming fused, with the mono-rail, and open-air carrying digitalmessages across countries and continents…information: wiki- if not directly by-purpose out-sourced the most-part, anyway, of-which alluded to the event’s beginning to unfold, that day.
The whole-world spoke, discussed, questioned, intoned, whirred and buzzed, with conjecture, and speculation; and yet-still none would suppose the-eventualities…. the-Eventuality. >Combat Scenario:…modern-Contemporary: Choose: Global-power-state/Roguestate:
ControlandCommand: C&C: Peacetime-Treat(y)ie(s): granted; and cannot-attack or be-attacked unless: If already occupied or occupying, attacking or being attacked. If being-attacked or going to-attack: all peace treaties, are null and void.
Cannot attack in case of attack without clear evidence of intention to attack (or occupy, dependent on responsibility for protecting civilian population): list…
Combat scenario: already-occupying:
>Occupied City? Name: National Rational Equitable OK?: Yes/No…
‘Yes! No? Yes?’
‘Yes! Sir! Ma’am!’ Team-Meet on-screen:
Aid (road ship air-drop).
Turn-off the GazOil!
<‘Standing-off.’ >Turn-on the weapons!
This is Overall-command. General Officer: Control and Command: Uniform: Brown with Green Red and Yellow markings. Blackgrey muddy dusty sandy boots and beret/crown of spikes…helmet-feathers, if you will. Mask/on…radiovisor: sen through…running…
On-screen: Corps: Against: Intel/Terror Camp/Famine (natural/manufactured).
>To make the threat real:…
Take control about What-is and What-is-likely-to-happen?
No Revolution this! This is only the catalyst to light the fires…
Whose side are you on?
Self-regulating market-place…
Production-growth-figures, over costs, fixed and unfixed: N/n…
>Logistics:…transport by-air, land and sea…N/n…’
‘Pirates of the digital age!
‘Correct: Market-Failure(s)!’
‘High employment low inflation…’
‘Low-employment high-inflation…
Power-up(s)…tank’s rolling-over bodies on the ground:
‘The Peoples’ of course…’
‘Ours? Yes of course!’
‘Yours and Mine?’ a breath, then:
‘Our Trade?’
‘…and theirs. In-and-out tactic this time…’
‘T2: export the-risk.’ shoot-first ask questions later…
‘Desperation, and a sense of extreme vulnerability…’
‘To: Export-license?…with evidence of financial-exchange and debt-incurred…’
‘Corruptly or otherwise…significantly…’
‘New-Model Game:’
‘Same, slightly difference and taken-away:’
‘New! Marketing Advertising same products worldwide.’
‘Fraudulently…from…where? and who?’
‘To where and who…’
‘Creditable contact and legal-agreements to be signed-off…’
‘Simultaneously…’ on-line… Contract’s: N/n.
Building-sites: list…and office-blocks and housing-blocks and Business-centre: ‘My-People!’ > Re-Connaisance Diplomacy…
Promised: Humanitarian-Effort:
‘In the Name Of: AnyOne!’
‘Real-Democracy and Freedom!’
For or against? < After one of the most dramatic televised acts of war in history… < Once opened may still be blind… < As a brazen act of War! < <Public-Privatizing: primitive personal-Wealth of the very-Rich: to get richer to hold on to what you’ve got.
<Value. Brick(s) and Mortar-Board bored boring…
News-pictured spoken: The President General/Great Leader, hunkered down, bunker boiler-room, controlroom. To order The Final Deluded and Deluding-Truth of Supremacy. Economic, Political, even-Familial Religious-considerations of course…
Foremost, or no longer as self-preservation takes over defers bravery:
‘As so many times before…’
In the War-Room: concrete pillared, not marble paneled tent, bare walls, with maps and charts, seemed the safest place; since bombs dropping all around.
Like being…sealed into concrete mausoleum. Strategic weapons dump, or armoury. The Palace Hotel packed with explosives and journalists:
‘Human Rights Lawyer. Civilians…lists…from all over the World.’
‘Possibly only…’
‘Supporters of causes at Home and Family.’
‘Demonstrators against or of?’
‘Old and Young…’
‘As they wish…’
As: The-President: rises above the law with no form of: Re-dress fairness or peace of mind and reconciliation.
Only oppositional and protesting re-monstration and final-funereal demonstration(s):
‘Of the President? Will explain Him/Her Self! in good-time:…’
‘A long time…’ Seeking: com.Pact: relief from the-madness-trapped in-family and tribal-compact, blood-line or marriedinto:
‘To seal loyalty…’ without-faith…anymore.
‘At the final-moment, how could you…’
‘As at the first?’
‘Only to die ignorant of what brought Death?’
‘Only have to…’
‘For any Hope?’
‘Or no way out, now.’
‘Being there. True. The truth…’ and: music military dance…
‘Even then, You, Me?’
‘We don’t ever really know what’s Going On.’
‘Until It has.’
‘Not the Truth then…now.’
‘Only in The-Moment…’
‘Never mind, nor do any of us know What’s Going On.‘
‘Most the time…’
‘Strategically forced or similarly deluded into The Human-Shield to be pilloried:
‘The most-precious, precarious, precocious…’
‘The most-ferocious fearful!’
‘In case of losing it all!’
‘The Devils’ Ransom!’
‘What You knew but did not do anything about: or even try. For: fear? Of what? Exactly?’
Off-Switch. It was going-down anyway…
‘All, or nothing?’
‘Not evens. Life; of one, or any other…’
‘Would stand in the way…of…’
‘Seeking at the last minute…’
‘From the Previous-Rebellion…’ re-cooped…around a-ghastly figure-head, attempting to cover-own vicariousness:
‘Family? Found-out?’
‘With some claim they may never own or see Their-Own again…’ interrupted…interrupting…un-proven
Intel. radio-message:
‘Check-verisimilitude: attention breaking grabbing News…’
‘Prime-Focus: EVO-LUTION:…dispelling of false Rumour and Report: reviewing the whole document now.
The full-story…cache-full…trawling seasoned eye-witness filming time and date and commentaryshouting-over the noise of crowd and each individually validated…playlist:
‘And Manifesto: prime-time fear-index stale-algorithm sweeping across…’
‘With Brute-Justice.’
On screen: Breaking: News:…latest…live-image: journalist-montage:
The Azimuth Hotel: A Women dragged suddenly from a metal-chair in the highly-decorated plaster and marble-hewn hallway.
With pictures of the-President on the walls…dragged along the corridor screaming, grasping at the images: “Him! Him!…’ where she has been talking and filmed-talking to recorded Journalist’s dragged! suddenly, by her hair, by her head and arms and legs dragging pushing against and towards the foreign-journalists lined up for The Press-Conference or whatever the-President had called them in for. Her head in a headlock by the-Guards…she was screaming:
‘They! Tried to rape…Me!’’
Later, the explanation:
‘She was pulled out into the Hotel-Lobby. Breaking free from the laughing minders, she screamed:
‘I tell them everything, everything!’’ Grabbed by the neck and a hand forced over her mouth, pushed onto the steps outside. The recording equipment taken the one remaining, running from a briefcase suitcase camera hidden from view; not from the view with sound taped and fixed-held veiled concealed camera:
She, knocked to the ground dragged by Male Security Guards taken to a waiting sandy dust-brown black shiny carriage-work no markings, or other distinguishing marks.
Except clearly a car of The-Regime. Trumpet’s and loudhailers. The Peasants and The Students descending on the Palace of the President-King.
Unarmed, not dangerous. To plead for mercy, and for food. Hungry and becoming dangerously roused. The
Driver, the Chauffer, in place reversing up the slope in The Car into the-crowd:
‘Demonstrator’s getting close to the Presidential Palace!’ ‘Storm-cloud gathering?’ the-Banker worried-out aloud.
‘Social-Media. Reporters and Journalists…’ gathering:
‘The Journalist Reporters, Peace-Keepers, Diplomat’s and Ambassador’s minding Business’s and Trade
Observers Monitors and Objectors. Called-on: for the-fighting:…
‘You are either with Us or against Us!’
Shouted, spat. To camera:
‘Black-Flag(s) White-Flag(s): tens of hundreds of thousand’s together with more million’s…’
From the studio:
‘Billion’s, across the Globe!!’
‘Then Trillions of US!!!’
‘One per cent, of the Trillion’s!’
‘Nine per cent of the Trillions?’
‘Ten-Per-Cent: Twenty proportionate! Shared-out between the rest of ‘Us’! Together!’
‘Family or not?’
‘All are. We are All-One.’ called-on for the fighting…
In dying:
‘Put away our weapon’s! What good will come of us all killing?! Let us embrace like brothers and sisters’…’
From the in-camera cell-phone: pay-mobile: Merit:
‘God comes to the rescue!’
‘Throw the weapons away?’
‘Pledge.’ Plebiscite pledging to prohibit, inhibit, require, or regulating…will pass…focus on there is not end to it, no way out: live, sleep, dream, death. ‘Let Us Pass!’ chanted louder:
‘It will pass:’
‘Anyway. Everyday battles with ourselves and others…’
Looking-down; the-Clerk punching-a-key…ripping-off headphones, then again:
‘One or Other.’
‘Mis-calculating…weopans of mass destruction. WMD-Deadly-Distance to…’
‘We cannot settle things the way we do.’
‘With nuclear, chemical, and biological?’
‘Or merely threat thereof?’
‘No! Rather than using these things for their peaceful-ends! Energising cheap-peace!’
‘Change would be good…’
‘For the better?’
‘Not worse! Than this!’ head earphone:
‘See? All things to all men…’
‘For Health and Life! For Bread and Freedom!’ Then:
‘To The-Jaws of Hell! Imprisoned for life ironically force-fed on hunger strike, forced to drink water, water-boarded…’
‘He died…there: To Hell!’
‘Without Hell!’
‘In the end They Always Fall:’
‘Dead.’ A hurried figure entered the-screen heard:
‘They have lain down weapon’s…’
‘Everywhere. They have lain down their hearts for Love and Truth!’
‘’We’ have lain our weapons too. For Truth and Love!’
‘From Truth and Love. Life. Living! Until ‘We’ are Dead!’
‘Nasty-Brutish and Short-changed! Annihilated.’ the-HYPOCRITE-apologist:
‘Something had to be done!’
‘No!’ see: Range: list…returning-to-profit rating’s…
‘Loser! Like, I’m that careless!’
‘Job’s destroyer!’ left hanging in full view as a stealing warning against stealing:
‘Unfortunately.’ crocodile tears…from the screen, some Politician:
‘At each level makes-less sense. Defender’s harassing the enemy all-around…assailing…’
‘Defers from the actual conspiracy(y)ies-of-Economic(s)’=Power…’
Up/Down/In/Out/Forward/Back… Back: Onto on to The Battlefield…
The Streets:
‘Less-conspiracy! More-in-perspicacity!’
Back at the-Office:
On International Legal Contract of both sides to accept or reject…
Legal or not…
Or Enmity…
Of Insurgent and Refugee…
Accusations of support of Anti-Democratic Dictators’-denial and breaking of long running… The Ceasefire:
An unelected Elite…and The People used to vote:… In-Votes?! Against Civil Unrest: Bread and Circus.
Decided by Them-selves: Life!
< For The Party line…’
➢ Divide and conquer: <Then! Divide and conquer…again! Now! Rule the Gaps!
Elitist (i)nternal: undemocratic:
Civil-War: The-Establishment: named: list…last:
The Only-Ones who could… <After they attacked-Us!
Like children in a playground:
The back doors of the shiny black-car, silver handles pulled open:
‘Get in the Car.’ said malevolently almost laughingly viciously brutally man-handled…in a country with as strict gender roles, and rule’s as any…another television-journalist trying to ask:
‘Where and Why? Are they taking you?’ another yelled desperately, in vain for an answer.
Yelled again! yellow-grey fog couldn’t see click in front of you, a fraction of a click-even…above the parapet:
‘Tanks!’ fired into the crowd.
The cry went up as demonstrators and police sprayed.
Paint and Gas and The Police and The Army and The Security-Forces sheltered their burning eyes behind masks and shields as did the demonstrators in imitation:
‘Stop (i)mitating! Start Irritating!’
‘Mutilating an Eye for an Eye!’
‘An Ear for an ‘Ear?!’
‘Kill the killer(s)!’
‘Any. Let the Judgement be Cruel, or for-giving in, life sentence unre-peated.’
‘Allow: them then To Murder Our Children in their beds!’
‘Or likely possible or most unlikely?!’
‘Like Our Children murder theirs…’
‘Same. Suicide Blow-Out!’
‘The Same!’
‘Yes.’ Charismatic:
‘To: The End. Not-so the-end:’
‘Yet: (I)nteresting ‘though? Definitely. Outside our Legal-parameters…’
‘Directing others to Kill.’
‘They do not murder, you do!’ potential loss cost/price alone, value added costs and value to the consumer:
‘Who decides. then, eh?’ General-Judge, Jury of the People (The Free Press) and Summary-Executioner:
‘Us? ‘You’ and Me. Feel the Power!’
‘The Regime manufactures Truth to save itself…’
‘From what?’
‘The wrath of the insider?’
‘Outside forces…’
‘No-longer Only Civil War. All War. War of Nations’ Government Presidential Command, to the Top.’
‘At all Costs!’
‘Towns and Cities…’
‘Living on the streets of bombed-out building…’
‘Cluster: Barrel-Bomb(s):’
‘Say that again?!@ChemicalIndiscriminate…’
‘War-Criminal(s): They say of us…
‘’These were my friends I played with in the street…no longer…’ their friend(s):’
‘Enemies and made: The Enemies of Us: XYZ…’
‘In-Humane de-humanizing…’
‘…of innocents…’ slaughtered.
‘No-one is now…’
‘Ever was in their eyes…’
‘See that now…’
‘Our eyes?’
‘Of the Insider. Outsider takes sides…’
‘Or doesn’t care.’
‘To see us Fight! Now?’
‘Become the Leaders…’
‘Colonial:’ ‘
‘Ex-Colonial. Pre-Colonial.
‘Old Empire(s) of Gold.’
‘Empire(s) of People(s).’
‘Empire(s) of Plastic. Oil, Gas and Water. Now…’
‘Over-Kill. Over-Sell…’
‘Money. Starvation-tactic(s)…’
‘Conspiracy: Parents separated exhausted desperate threatened and threatening slaughter:
‘Seen by their children as copycat(s): long stare…silent sensitive wanting:
Them to go away now:
‘Try to carry-on as normal…’
‘What is normal? I only want to go to School again!’ Children playing at digging graves…smashing gravestones…
‘I see the-ghosts of my-friends with their hands and legs and heads cut-off…’
‘For Surrender! and then be killed anyway!’
‘Avenging my brother, for my brother…’
‘Older for younger…’
‘Younger for Older! To Survive Only!’
‘Who is left?!’ Friends 4 Ever scratched out graffiti seen:
‘That is what started all this…’
‘Anger and blame instead of…’
‘Souls sold to The Devil!’
‘Poisoning our minds!’
‘Generals and Priests!’
‘Take delight in killing…’
‘Martyr-Hero for my family…’
‘Greed. Ir-reconcilable past.’
‘Life can be replaced…’
‘Not A Cause.’
‘A Country never…’
‘God is the protector…’
‘God willing…’
‘May God have Mercy!’
‘Told to lay down and be raped.’
‘With a gun? Vengeance! God is not Fair!’
‘Fair? Battle(s): Constant: Warfare between rich and poor group(s):
‘Too thin and to: fat…Copy-Cats…’
Echo-Chamber: P(y)ro-tech(t)ion: Room:
‘Shot up the Jacksie…’
‘Extra-Judicial Killing.’
‘War! With enough other-negative positive propaganda Media-armies and…
‘War-lies…’ ever dis-satisfied lust just straightforward satisfaction…
‘Again, and again…’
‘Until finally…ended. Utterly…’
‘Wider picture?’
‘UN-equal…Uncertainty…live with it.’
‘I hate The Future so much…I don’t know who will live or die…’
‘Me and my family…’
‘I would rather die now than know and not know all this time:…’
‘Who is who? Rebel: Global-Citizen?’
‘Faction this or that?’
‘Party-Politics ignores-People! Children! In Fear…there is no Love left.’
‘In Love there is no fear. Choice or Chance of Re-birth.’
‘Pray we don’t do to them what they do to us!’
‘As before…’
‘Business-as-Usual. Not.’ Cut-off from food and medical supplies…
‘Re-strict access to markets and technology…’
‘Sanctions Economically besieged: starve or surrender!’
‘Labour-strike. Capital-strike…Arms embargo…and…Free for All!’
‘Not! Non-violence…pressure…International Community…’
‘Voted on inside…’
‘Who Votes?’
‘Pay(s)-Taxes. To Declare War and Kill?!’
‘At the end of a gun…’
‘The Army will save us…’
‘Global: Universal-Soldier!’
‘For Tradings’ relentless-necessity:’
‘Ethical Morals and Humanity?’
‘Virtuous: Re-(V)enge:’
‘Border(s) Free-Trade Zones…’
‘Martyr-Murderer: Mad-Sad-Bad:’
‘Judicial Suicidal interruption of eternal-Kaos.’
‘Ethical (e) motion:’ Dragged-out…and hauled back, and into the back of the car:
‘What is your name?! another journalist sensibly screamed to her, to follow-up…and was punched to the ground.
Into the back of the car, still screaming, and still heard, as the vehicle drove off, at-speed.
Sped into the main-street of the Old-Town, City-Street. Water fountain-pumping square circus could almost be anywhere in the world, turned-into and only:
Army Autonomous Vehicles (AAV) and carriers patrolling The Roadways.
The Journalists…and The Demonstrators’ shouts and calls heard…over the distance guns-crackling, shells exploding with a Boom!ing:
‘Us!’ that echoed the wide streets and narrow alleyways…
‘Going-Out!’ Lighting-up: the sky above, with fireworks, stocked for the fiesta, in red as for a final ascension.
As through a fragile clear sky, looking-glass, over a map.
Not-allowed to leave.
From the Hotel: Press-Room…
The-General-President in Command-and-Control: next-door in the-Palace: the highest building in the-City landscaped…within:
‘Rooftop view: not allowed.’
‘In case of what?’
‘Not-allowed to go onto the roof or take the upper rooms…stay here.’
Cocooned into the downstairs area where I am speaking to you, from the restaurant and bar areas. Where Politicians, Bankers, Buyers and Sellers of weapons and equipment have loaded the weapons to store and for The Command and Control Centre of the-President.
‘Who is said to be here and at various other locations…’
‘To protect His Highness’ and His-Peoples’ Goods and Taxes!’
From the vast multi-story ground floor courted yard entrance, potted palm-trees along the roadway’s and poplar and evergreen once pine forest, stripped bare. Beyond, moved with the gentle salt sea-wind and dryodourless desert-fish smelling-carcasses: unloading at the: Harbour-Port: loading-off from warm-ocean wind boiling whistling through and down the streets and buildings on both-sides like tunnels built cut-and-cover.
From the Hotel Presidential-Palace: after the hijacking by government henchmen, on film:
Towering-Blocks to-gether: overlooking: The-City: Leveraged: from outside His-Hotel. Presidential-Palace: Arm(y)ies surrounded and: Public-Park funicular:
Government-Game(s): Olympics and World-Cup(s): Too Big too Fail: Sold-off. Bought-out. Bought-out.
Sold-off. Same. Countries, Companies and People:
< Vulnerability-Boom! >Privileged: still despite re-regulation:
Pension and Insurance Funds (PIF) raided…
Again: Each of Us:
Without: Fraud Corruption and Lies:
Lowest-paid 10% and 1% poverty eradication target(s): no-money at all.
<11% Queues… >12-Noon. Money at Risk? All: National-State: Government(s): list:…
<Become Riots when the Police and Army intervene…
‘She was carried off screaming: ‘…they tried to rape-me! I am from T…! They wanted to Kill Me!’ in-pain and bruising tyre-flex bound, and beaten body dumped: another body left in the street, on the doorstep, delivered to your door. A warning rifle-butt bludgeoned tramline pushed, crushed.
Showed-up at the press conference called announced…a distance hence yet they said she was the same person:
‘She is A Known Madwomen.’
She would be questioned about her allegations and returned to Her Family. She would come to no harm. The bombing of The Palace, was not succeeding in alarming The Great Leader-in-the-least! In answer to any journalistic-question, of which the answer was already implied aimed to catch-out and catching-out entrapping en-snaring oneself-out. In the end:
‘Yes. He would be staying-put.’
‘There…’ sighted in-credibly fast-vision…
In-fact moving around through tunnels built for purpose, for water, and until discovered cowering and mad sad and bad:
‘The-People were with Him to the End.’ and…
‘He is winning…’ always, until, the end….’
The-Journalists were ‘soon’ to be de-mobbed from the-Hotel Palace.
Demonstrators…separated from the crowds beyond…heard and seen then not-seen, but heard and recorded and sent…calling:
‘The People want the-Regime to Go!’
‘We shall not be moved!’ The Journalists: moved to the Hotel-Palace compound as The Hotel was no longer safe for them. The Safety-alert given, ironically or otherwise, as the bombs-dropped from the sky closer zoomed-in on and spelled out and taken spell-checked auto-didactic data: autonomous auto-checker: The-Threat: muted, did not go unfelt, or unwritten about. Without the feeling of braving-it out, with various degrees of optimism and pessimism, for themselves, and all-others:
‘At least She went knowing and her tormentors not-knowing whether caring or not…’
‘She would be known at T…Family.’ and:
‘Regicide: that the World would know of Her and Her Cause and Her People and perhaps that She would be re-skewed, now.’
Skewed: a querying-gaze: looking-up, almost absent-mindedly, until: after the event: The-Clerk:
‘Trade-ins?’ ‘Trade-outs?’ and who is going to pay this-time?
‘Humanitarian Aid?’
‘Many: more: Food-Banks. Alright. Here.’
‘When it all goes up again…’
‘The tough get going…’ looking down into a rising:
‘Tide of Debt…’ liquid…gas…teargas…
‘Pure-Air!’ putrid-air rising yellow orange, like a sunrise, a salute:
From the brightness of the colour in the air, the acid acrid taste, manufactured and could be felt streaming…nervously:
The nasal-pinch:
‘Going down…’ the action, to the ground:
‘Hook, line, and sinker.’ TV channeling…crackling cut-back in:
‘Here, this is a Terror-Crime:…’
‘Fear! A Fact of War!’
‘‘An Act of War’?’
This last report, with the demonstrators in the City centre in the background chanting quoted: ‘We do not expect to be returning alive. We have made our Peace.’ The-Clerk a weekend Territorial-Reservist: thought upon this and deliberated upon:
‘Tame the Devil!’
‘Kill the-Devil!’
‘Dead or Alive!’
‘Not until The Great Leader leaves the Country!’
‘To live out in some other Re-gime.’
‘Not.’ Parents’ children and Family in: The-War: WarFare5: always like somebody or everyone or no-one is watching me: internal- dialogue: heard before-spoken: as-spoken:
Conscience: heard inside and but not, as outside.
Heard feeling sensation, expression seen, or not. Attached belongings and sense of self asserted or shattered; as shattered by early personal/social trauma, abuse and abused.
Why Me?
Love and Hatred?
Born psychosis of the Self. Neurosis? Building Castles in the Sky. Hire and Fire. Living-in them. ‘And always gross-return(s)!’ blurted into a television camera seen in graffiti-effigy…
Then, real, hanging from a lamppost.
Shot, dead against a wall. Another winding panning-shot:
‘The Great Leader must be brought to trial!’
Crashing-shot! Zoom-shot into satellite-spacecraft before breaking-up the pixels and cut-out: ‘Cut!!’   Slaughter.
On the Train in the population as the least-harmful…for now: Internal-enemy
Civil-Servant(s): Diplomat(s)’: War…hitting civilian-targets of the enemy…within using radio tele-visual controlled from a continental-distance…
<Safe as houses:
‘Down!’ A wind outside, blowing hot and cold, unfelt…then very hot.
’It’ is someway beyond that. This is about control of the street’s…’
<‘It’ is about the Total-control of the markets…
The homes and workplaces, factories banks and government offices…media-centres…turning the taps on and off, depending, on-staying-in…
‘Who has control of the water-tap in the apartment-house, street, block…’
‘Humanitarian-disaster:…’ scorched-earth…nuclear-winter…’
‘Hard Rain…disease…famine…the summary seasons of the year, irreparably altered…’ The trajectory of the earth, through space… the solar system the galactic-cosmos…
’Here on Earth.’
‘Between ourselves and each-other..…’ clicked into…
Beating raping confession for…
Accusation. Untrue! Better to be killed anyway than admit to something not done!
Not that. More than that: Murderous-Suicide.
On-standby…readied already aimed take control by force of enemy machine-gun position at base of a building:
<Command?:..Capture their field of operations: hostile-environment present and immediate threat…to your way of life! This-is-War!’ and a Flash! The Operations-room. Barricades held. Essential services:
The label the cover that says everything about me, eh?
Ha Ha…Health and Safety in a WarZone: Bullet-proof vest/night-vision goggles with infrared strobe marking the spot…short-to long wave radio and transmitter…
Road-Map: (political/actual)…through bullet-ridden walls crumbling-concrete beaded lasering…theSun through many machine-gunned tiny circles…beaming lit-up anti-aircraft searchlights waving in the night sky on the otherside of the room…floor…as if laser…computer calculating- series…chewingup and functioning…
Fixing the results…
In-store…loudspeaker abruptly, unexpected drop-down list…automated confirmation and collectionpoint for small-arms…
Taser stun-gun and tear-gas/rubber-plastic bullet-gun ammunition and canister…
Water-cannon, laced with poison, cross-border sporadic shelling: SR or XSRside-arms (sold and distributed to governments’ police and army forces) (world-wide)): Light Arms: L9A1 Browning pistol
L11503 long range shotgun/Sharpshooter.
Colt Woodsman and Marksman Rifle with light beacon tracking beam…
700 rounds a minute compared to 20 or 30…repayment-rates averaged out, across production and distribution-deals on:
Uzi telescopic bolt submachine pistol. Thompson-Luger…automatic. MP40/Alpha Beretta Zastava M92 and Z4. M16 and M4. AKM Type 56 AK74. PK RPG-7 G3. SKS and Dragunov. Minimi light machine gun combat shotgun and WA2011sniper rifle. Hand-to-Hand melee-weapons:
Knife. At the belt…running-on rapid firing assault rifle, at machine-gun position…
‘P.E.D! ‘RPG’s! In-coming!’ with screams and yells…using-experimental weapons delivery systems in the field…developmental… in-live death trials… distance on vehicles…
‘Identified…’ Gilet-Jeune. In the front of the vehicle on: dashboard: driven: Police/Army Security-Force(s): leaflets handed-out about handouts and fairness and: TABLOID OUTRAGE! Furious, angry Facts! Fake! OutrightLies! Known or/and unknown…a-woke to:
‘Uranium-oxide!’ breaking down in the body, as in the soil.
<Slatted, panel-armoured sandwiched between steel plates, heavy-reactive shaped-deflecting…antitank personnel-vehicles…
‘Presidential-limousine…and the-Journalists’ vehicles…violating protocol war crimes landmine…
‘Hellfire!’ the thermobaric local killing massive high-temperature pressure-drop…wave..the lungs collapse:
‘Kills people!’
‘Not buildings!’ gutted in a shower of concrete and metal dust.
Once the inhabitants and rescue squad are secured into the basement of the stairwell catching the pursuing remains of the hostage-Brigade Hand-grenading at the basement-exit of the multi-levelled building collapsing slowly…:pin-
‘They’re Civilians!! How do you tell?!’
Another grenade pulled off the utility weapons belt turned and leapt thrown-inside disseminating the remains.
Sensed. On the Sensor-pad.
From behind alley-wall! House! Garden! Allotment! Shop!…into the air and taken-out.
As the whole screen flashed to indicate:
Going-up in flames. Following-on, out of the building, into the square full of tanks armed swiveling ready to fire-at…
Enemies’:..look like?!clashed attacked villages and Town siege rocket –propelled…
Helicopter-gunship…deliberate-aim…blame? For?
>Air-space…taken-over aimed targetted shot shocked!…through the air:
‘Med Evac.! We need some help down here…’
‘With the body. Wait! No commands…’
Stopped. Still. Border blockade by sea and mountainous land. >Meta-Plan: that you know you don’t
know exists…in-tatters. Disarray…
<Leading to Riot’s…killing’s…named:list…
‘So, what is it? What do you make of it all?’ Of the black-wearing hat: Army Police: Provocateur:
Smiling. Both. Looking. Eye to eye.
‘What is WarFare?’
‘This, is it.’
‘The Anarchists went…’ pointing anywhere…
In any direction, could have been. But ‘It’ was that way-pointed…
They knew that anyway, didn’t they? Who was Who? Or maybe, was not. Idiots. Followed with their eyes, the pointed finger. And laughed. As if understanding, but un-certain…
For the-President, the-Party…the-Country…legal…social stipulations…regulations…the-Clerk thought on this…
<90% grid-efficient… model-battlefield layout… >Modal text and graphics boxes…
The reply alone was enough to let-off a hail of bullets, wasted in the crashed and collided vehicles, walls on the verge, of collapse.
On-line…feelings of dread, almost, as each Town, and eventually the-City, came into view. The curious-observer…once more the-Clerk turned away looked-out again through the window reflection.
No-one else in the carriage, reflected reflective perhaps in starts and closings, fits and starts…between movements, unaware of until committed the-thought to practice, pragmatically…nonpragmatically, had, expectantly, or had not-responded to the muted dis-engaged conversation, and barely apparent personal thought’s.
The terrible-scenes reported regularly world-wide with a regularity.
No other seemed not to know that any action any previous exchange of attitude and expression inmovement of air had-taken place.
The other passengers, perhaps disinterestedly looking listening ignoring not even noticed each apart with each-other, apart. Taking up positions, perhaps lost in a thought trail trailing-along frowning.
Angry, or grinning puzzled. Or perhaps with clarity of mind each solitary sole soul solid, almost static. Moving only slightly, swaying to the movement of the train-on-the-tracks.
Self-reflected, each to each like the carriage window as to the train-itself. Separately looking straightthrough, and thinking apart. The-Clerk thinking-apart. While looking-down, into the machine’ the-Clerk glancing now through the shared window-reflection.
At the same time as the-Banker, beyond the newspaper opened again brief-case sieving silverscreen. Opened and green and gold sparkled fluttering over the grey metal-plate, and keys darklydecoratively framed, and floating through and as if out-of-the-window. Through the-window sharing now showing…now…by the-Clerk seen: the-Bankers last three-fingers of one hand, extended.
Spread-wings? Spread-bets? like wings flapping, shimmering shadow-puppetry. As if already predetermined as in the affirmative the fingers the thumb and forefinger joined in a Universally-agreed Big-
With the-forefinger of the other hand,-inserted. In some places, Everywhere! That may be done in such a way as to be either an invitation or a terrible insult! Well and truly Fucked! Now.
Telling You where to go…
The-Other, lifting a little-finger, also as thought unseen by any other’s on the train, reversed, and raised in response.shade for travellers to talk and take sustenance: Referendum for democratic free speech, peoplepower ruling over each despot, in exile or killed.
Themselves. Divine: playing at God supported by one god with the martyrdom victory of faith in a glorious forgiving afterlife…
>Religious-Militaristic invasions to spread the word survived in a kind of afterlife..
And Trade: For the next generation…by seed and idea…Astronomical omen red glow grey covering dark skies and crop failure? Again.
‘The Gods have failed Us!’
Volcanic ash cloud and the destruction of trees and drought, dust bowl:
<‘By sword and gun…’ >Faith, or none…the Ideological and technological explosion of brutality in terror, besiegement, and conquest.
Exploration by trade, plunder and monetaristic capitalism suing for peace: for terms of trade…
Business as usual: African and South American rivers running with silver and gold coinage, and red blood spilt. From the earliest Trading Empires: African, Indian, Chinese and Greek. Roman and Egyptian…
< Russian and Arab tyranny tempered with tolerance: for: European-de-cadence and foreign-habit(s): >Collapsed, from a rose-tinted peace…your-history…from:…trade and religious and political and economic slavery and serfdom to…
And expensive…
Costs…Final fiscal-costs: N.nnn.nnn.nnn…More complex…than ever!
More Science…then, more- Rational…or Irrational? More and more cost…and without common understanding of World-trade and financial centres…
< Warring for plunder and looting…with Kings and Queens: Pharaoh on distant island… >Sheikh. Caesar. Maharajah. Tsar: Imperial…#
Privatised. And then, there is Religion:
In: competition at least without co-operation!
For Oil! Gas! Silicon and Chilli-chips!
Battle-Royale! Battle-Provincial!…eventually empowering administrative functions brought-about…
For property…to Own? List…Land, and Produce and… the-Clerk thought of Other and –Self and Other-selves, and ourselves and themselves, as others…
On Land (brown)and Sea (grey) and Air (clear blue to the sky) …inner-Space(clear yellow from the seen felt Sun) and Outer-Space transparent…except for Galaxies.
Lone-stars and clouds of coloured-plasma content-discovery display screen…sweeping volumetriccontrol…the retrieved now once-more revered newspaper, waving the news-sheet somewhatwildly.relatively still, and only partially-enlightening inside the carriage, now sheltered Going-Forward with the Ever-Rising Sun now behind them, and ahead looking-out.
Straight-ahead, to each distance for one and other. But not each other, the same, both racing the-Absolute Earth-clocked stopped. From one end-of-the-Train to the-other in opposite facing directions around the globular Globe chasing:
‘Heeded…’ headed hi-tailing along as in the forward-wake of people and automated-system’s that contradicted every other until up or down to this point in processing…sent every price tumbling one-afteranother, there, at least, stopped, without contradiction:
‘We are the-same You and Me.’
‘Me and You?’
‘We could be identical-twins. Thee, and me.’’
‘Which twin am I then?’
‘Who is Earth and who Venus? Mars or Man-in-The-Moon?’
‘Rabbit.’ sharing opposite planetary proportions, in composition of all the ingredients for life, in equal yet reverse quantities:
The-Clerk knew:
And in-response, out of the shared window, saw not similarly, but much differently:
The Same. The-other boarders and as if bored into outloud:
‘To Capital-Hell, eh?!’
‘Bring-on the: Grim-Reaper(s)…eh?’’ the early-Train, crowded with commuters’ pin-stripe suited plain palpably tailored brief-cases with deep-pockets well-heeled and if not a-fanatical for reading:
The Financial-Newspaper or even: The Business Plan and Financial-Report…seen.
On-screen: opposite briefcase laptop opened and shiny…
‘All I see, are Vampires! Blood-sucking flesh-eating Zombie-vamping seduction manipulating-analysis:…’ ‘Role-playing…’
‘Acting-out…’ re-vamping:
‘Then: re-constructed…’
‘Construed-as re-pairing?’
‘In-triplicate: identical: Business as Usual.’ frantically, frenetically:
‘No-Deal. Not: re-worked workplace-hours.’
‘Nnnn…and: Pay. Payback?’ with personal and grouped-in surance: under-written, over re-insured, and
not-assured…ever.’ NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
‘Health&Safety! You are Joking! Seriously!’
‘In-surance seriously….’
‘What about the Money that you are going to give Me to Pay-Off My Debts with?’
‘Your money that You double with Mine…’
‘After you have Paid-Off those: debt(s): n/N.
‘The Initial Debt(s). Again. Double Your Money?’
‘Double my Debt?’
‘Halve-it…and make more…’
‘Profit.’ challenging, questioning, answering…
‘Like some crap TV quiz show or something?’
‘That’s correct! I cannot do it alone…they will suspect a-ringer…’
‘I cannot get-in-there too-obviously…see? Have to await, await the opportunity…’
‘But not miss the -opportunity.’
‘Got it! Great pass! This…Opportunity. Got it?! See. That is where you come-in: You get-in, not-Me. See?
They will be watching Me, but not-You.’ whispering:
‘We. Corner-the-Market? Pincer- Movement, eh? No-one knows who you are. You haven’t a company name?’
‘Family?’ ‘Name?’
The Set-up: perfect- opportunity: The-Sting! They will not know what has Hit ’em! Shock and Awe!
Monopoly: Trust:
‘Of a whole-Industry. Media! Nation! Country.’
‘Oligopoly! Got to have some competition, eh?’
‘If that is what it takes! But only one or two, eh? You and Me? Eh?’ whetting the appetite and/or wetting the undergarments…
‘Except no-one knows it is ‘Me’.’
‘Or ‘Us’?’
‘Rather than ‘You’?’
‘And ‘You’ too.’
‘It is ‘Us’. Partnership. Legal?’
‘Commitment. ‘’though…’ thought The-Clerk too:
‘What about Breach of Trust?’ thought as spoken:
‘Any Duty of Care to You, your self? You are your own Shareholder! You’re a shareholder! To Yourself only!’
‘And You?’
‘And Me? Customers? Client’s?’
‘Null and Void.’
‘Is that it? In: Carbon?’ pixelated:
‘Except keep it To Yourself, of course. Ourselves…I mean…’
‘What if You don’t pay of my debt’s…what if You don’t?’
‘You’ll be no worse-off.’
‘No deeper In-Debt you-mean?’
‘We will get ’em Paid-Off. With more On Top!’
‘Isn’t that how people get scammed again? Gullible Pyramid. The-Promise? The Vision? I am not Stupid!’
‘I know that! But…They need us more than ever to prop up the markets. To Trade…be in on the-Game.’ ‘The Real Deal?’
‘Done!’ Bailed out, and bailing-out…
‘With Taxpayer’s money!
‘Taking on Board: The National-Debt-flood.’
‘Almost tipped-overboard!’
‘Some gone a way, overboard!’ Insider-dealing mergers and take-over’s mis-selling products to a gullible guilty client-base…the-Banker now casting-the-blame:
Looping through the air. The river-line baited, the-fishing expedition already spoken-for and therefore and forever thereafter: True. As spoken, thought. Believed. Felt to be True: Going to Happen: anyway, swishing sound:
‘Phishing: Fraud trip?’
‘The insect-bait. Eh?’
‘The metal-hook. The likely-catch. Big-Fish.’
The golf-swing:
‘Big-Fish little-fish? What is that?’
‘The-Stock-Markets: The Biggest Shopping-Mall in The-World! The-Markets! The-World! Three steps to success is IT! The Big-Fish! Whatever it is!’ It is drowned into the air and light of This Day in the imagination: held up to the camera, dripping, onto the financial pages, wrapped and wrap-tagged:
Markets in Turmoil!
Chaos in the Markets!
Meeting at High Noon! ‘No pictures! Of course not! Not even of the Fish! Tank. Think Global Asset-
‘Nothing will be easy. Think for Yourself!’
The Banker, again:
‘I always do.’ Insides glowing with self-satisfaction:
‘There is some-skill in it, no doubt. You have to be quick with figures. Quick, to spot the window of opportunity the talents of money! The moment. Without moment…’
‘A trifle, a-fancy…’re-luctant to come forward:
‘Millions of over-charging fines …’
‘Without the callous Machismo-Ruthlessness of a FistFight(FF)…’
‘Or Feminine-Flight from a bloody battle-scene… ‘
‘And Screen…yes, of-course. it is all The Great Game! The Real Thing is out there…
‘Union-HealthCare: United-Nation(s) constantly re-minded of uselessness: extreme poverty denied. Misery failing system just to manage unjustly reminded constantly they are lucky, nothing will be made easy…’
Looking out of the moving-window, the moving landscape. Both, and each down onto the alternately watched displayed-screens: before looking-up: Together, and straight into the eyes of each other, again.
The-Banker opened The Laptop Briefcase placed on the table between them:
‘Analysis: that sees nothing but Pure Financial-Analysis. Those income-outcome figures…eh?’ paced metaphorically wandering aimlessly. The-other strolling, homeward bound:
‘All to be sorted out today…’
‘Midday. Business as Usual. Meantime…’
‘Over optimism? Yet again? Pessimism. See? Lack of Confidence…’
‘Fairness. A lack of fairness.’
‘Merchant and Investment-Bank(s). Caught with grotesque over-investment.’
‘Fair-enough. Over-confidence.’
‘Is that all there is? Con-fidence-Trick? Incomprehensible debt-instruments:…’
‘Subscriber-Member Loyalty Card:’
‘Insurance. Like Mine.’
‘Your What? Pension?’
As soon as uttered heard: re-peating
‘Securities’ predatory-lending. Safety. That’s all!’
‘Bond Buy-back?’
‘Without the-Debt?’
‘Toxic-mortgage backed…’
‘On-credit or Rental…’
‘Or Lose the Lot.’…anyway…’
‘No thrifter-grafter grifter savings anymore!’
‘Give it all to Me!’ unaccounted-for trespass and fraud money-laundering rinsing and drying-out: for criminals and police-states sanctions’-busting:…slums…
‘That as well.’
‘From: Capital-Profit: Building(s) Damns and Water-Energy: Plastic-Pipeline(s):…’
‘Built and un-built. ’
‘Golf-Course Conspiracy?’
‘To-de-fraud. For? For? Incompetency! Bonus-Bubble! False-accounting…Un-be-lie(v)able: Greed!’
‘Jus’ following the money! What’s wrong with that?’
‘Just following Mechanized Computerized Orders! What about the actual Goods and Stocks? Service-
‘Yes, to your Country, your Family and above all, Yourself.’
‘Is that right, Boss. Gas and oil-pipelines, procedures?’
‘Pro-cessed… Terms and Conditions? That is all.’
Contracts…Policies: Mandate Merchant-Copy:
Industrial-Averages copied Big-Hitters:
Hitting Whole Country-Zone infra-structure…
To: Re-build…
Take-over…normality-Re-stored: Integrated Entertainment Zone(s): Fun and Games: Markets and Media: approved areas of investigation and invention: inter-vention: permafrost de-frosting exploding methaneatmosphere: acidic and alkaline: out of balance:
‘Something like that…’
‘As an agreed wording?’
‘Legit.? The Words and the Numbers…’
‘Dis-agreement(s)? Complaint(s)? Loads!’
‘World Trade Organisation.’
‘No: World-Bank. Like Monetarist Theologians’ Options for peace for the Poor.’
‘Abuse: or not-abuse.’
‘in-line: sexploitation: de-no(u)ncing institutionalized violence through fear…’
‘Poverty and Capital-Asset($):N.’
‘Martyred and enslaved to Capital-Markets that include Us.’
‘Freehold and leasehold Property Law.’
‘The Greatest re-negotiate?’
‘No-such thing. ‘
Think(s): Loyalty? No soldier is obliged to kill…
‘If it is against the law of God?’
‘All Law(s) above the Law:’
‘Fiscal or otherwise…’
‘Crucially signed-off: Protocol…’
‘Open to interpretation…’
‘By One and All?’
‘By Midday? What if they don’t agree?’
‘Privatization or Closed.’
‘Central Party or Religious Leaders:’
‘Re-sources! A legitimate right to insurrectional violence?’
‘People or Things?’
‘Both! Internet. That is what it is all about.’
‘Once fed and watered.’
‘Pure Control!! Making-a-living for your Family! Eh?’
‘And your(s). Your social group and the rest…’
‘Land, buildings Go! Fuck!’
‘Never too good for them. Eh?’
‘The Politics of Envy?’
‘Food and Shelter?’
‘Forcing our-hand(s): We have to struggle, and decide every moment.’
‘Then Money-Mad War!’
‘Battle(s): Only with enough of it to be without real risk:’
‘Un dis-closed: large amounts of cash in notes and coins, and on the Sovereign-Bank roll: Re-Pu-tation: with clients and authorities. Compliance.’
‘Pension never ever to be collected: Life-Assurance: Rested. Now. Until now: ’
‘Staked Chips:’
‘Plastic: Personal-Greed.’
‘Oil-Gas and plastics:’
‘The final stand of Capital!’
‘To: Sell abroad:…’ Home:
‘Consumers too.’
‘Food, Fuel, and Furniture.’
‘Soon goes. You-like white-Diamonds?’
‘Are for-ever?’
‘Black. Gold. A gift from God(s).’
‘For you, maybe, Boss.’ Brute Justice.
Serving on the Board. Of several different…boards…CEO:
Family. Executive, non-executive: many you get me?
So. Down to trust again: They only want you to owe-them not own them…
The Rich will always be with us.
‘Massive! Ex-plosion!’
‘Who Benefits?’
‘Energy, on excessive: Sovereign-Sanctified: Future-speculation:…’
‘Sanctions…4State-Execution abroad and at home, nothing. Disproportionately and unfairly counter pro-ductive and pointlessly cruel…’
‘Welfare Penalty.’
‘Employment points without citizenship except for the freeports that do and are in the territory of…’
‘Shielding defensive fence and walls around and upground still growing towers of glass and steel
with…recycling concrete and metals weaker at each rebuilding collapsed and exploded in electric fire…
‘Tasering at distance?’
‘Kick the can down the road…’
‘Carry the Can?’
‘Healthy competition?’
‘Infrastructure. Roads and Railways…’
‘Shipping-Lanes and Space AirCraft.’
‘Public. Investment…’
‘Achieving World-Class Productivity…’
‘Quality^Quantity: Money?’
‘Only if you can Pay4IT&Buy-Back? Otherwise:’
‘No-Work and no-Pay.’
‘The Life Support…’
‘Systemic. The: Global-Financial-System (GFS): over-regulated…’
‘No Financial or Banking Crises, Humanitarian-Aid not for Trade:’
‘All Computer Platform(s): Open:’
‘As Well.’
‘Reasonable, rational?’
‘Advisors, consultants and lobbyists…’
‘Big Corporate Clients…’
‘Vulnerable Asylum Seekers…’
‘Refugee’s all of us from Africa.’
‘Indonesia, Australia and The South
‘Freedom! Independence! Taken-Over!!!’
‘For-personal-Advantage: Pure, and…’
‘Not so -simple!’ as if correcting rights…
‘Gaffed! Gaffer-taped! Voted-out! Loser!
‘For Personal Profit only!’
‘Pure-com.plicated and…inform(a)tic:’
‘In or Out? Buy or Sell? You make it so unbelievably complicated!’
‘So? You don’t get caught!’
‘I get caught, I go-down. Fines un-payable, prison! Someone-else: de-ported. Unknown about by other(s)
‘So, what? Most:
‘Thick as Thieves!’
‘Planks. You said it!’
‘Army-Home!’ and mortgage-rental lost, bought-out, sold-out:
‘On: The-Peoples’ Taxes!’
‘Freebies-Abroad: Arms Manufacturing selling to Kill!’
‘Or not-at-all…keeping it all.’
‘President! Our-Taxes! What on?’
‘US! Pay-off inter-governmental loans…’
‘The-Banks and Economic-Zones stack-up to the: National-Debt to the-Banks’ National-Government(s)’
Licensing Local-Authorities Government Bond(s):
‘Cash for Good(s) and service(s) provided:
‘Bailed-out…’ stepped-down:
‘Got-it! Bankrupt!’
‘Then what? Taken-Abroad put-up mouth-shut.’
‘TABs. Killing-Us!!!’
‘Got IT! See? Social-Care: The-(I)nfrastructure: inter-structure…’
‘Free! for Business Corporate Companies wanting to transport all over the world and next-door: People and families…Friends…Neighbour(s): borrowed and never paid-back, why worry? Africa and Latin and South-America: between China and Russe: North-America. Israel and Saudi-
Arabia…Europe re-treated…
‘President Of: Death!’
‘Socialist: War-Of-Terror!!!’
‘Alleged Criminal(s) them-selves!’
‘What? Who?’
‘…and Loved in equal measure.’
‘Of course, themselves! Don’t we all?’
‘And All the-People:’
‘Who have been borrowing way-beyond their-means…’
‘Your Mean(s)?’
‘To pay-back?’
‘Triple: Credit-Sales: Business-Trough and Peake!’
‘Now! Foreclosure…Lockdown. No-where to live except a tent in the wood(s).’
‘Or the Bailiff?’
‘Or Jail. For The Monetary-Cycle (TMC):’
‘Boom! and Bust…’
‘In…and out!’
‘And: When of course!’
‘You? Bankrupt?’
‘With the commission-on various variable Inter-Bank-rate’s fixed…’
‘Always! To profit by un-fair advantage! We are not nice to be around, most of us, they say.’
‘Not now anyway.’
‘Who? Star? Mafia-Prince? King-Mob Gangster?’
‘The Global Arms Industry:’
‘Electric! Coats of Arms: Royal Te(v)lar.’
‘For: The-Press. The-Media…’
‘Social: MediCare4All. People…’
‘Yes. No. Don’t know…’ in case:
‘Don’t want to know. I got your number…’ if this-one turns out maybe some kind of Superpsycho…Assassin.
Especially deceitful, or honest, dishonest counterfeit crank?
‘Apparently…’ to The-Clerk: not thought-out nor without the publicity, only in thoughts, not meant to be shared and belief’s, shared, and unshared.
Ultimately the-truth happening here and now, and in the post-betting shop imagination sought. The-
‘Lending rates fixed between banks…!’
‘Ahhh. The Beautiful lie.’
‘Down-sizing de-centralizing…’
‘Free Capital flows…’
‘Free-Market Fiscal-Consolidation:
‘Lie bore!’
‘Which explains how we rarely see these people, these CEO! Bankers! These-people! Reprehensible
traitors! Leaders of Peoples! Nothing will happen to them! They will take their booty. %Ill-gotten gain(s):’
‘Saving the company by selling-off the family silver of gold, jewellery and property of the Earth! So much more than the pitifully-low, or zero Pay-Rate(s)!’
‘Highest Employment Ever!’
‘Enslaved don’t pay Taxes!’
‘Bail-out Interbank-rates in quadruple-figures…’
‘Pentagon Flexible Intelligence Ex-change list(s):’
‘Fixed. Interest-Rates: N/n:…low…’
‘Gods of the Gaps.’
‘Invisible-Hand. Scientific.’
‘Cushioning National-Economies.’
‘In the National-Bank.’
‘In the cushions…’
‘Pilfering-fraud in the millions billions then trillions then quadrillions as now. Septillions anyone?’
‘Theft and Fraud. Mainly…Extradition-Treat(y)ies. No-one got hurt, did they?’
‘Of-course. Terms of Trade Deal: National Export Import Cost and Price(s)…’
‘Dominant Currency Paradigm.’
‘Command and Control:’
‘Latin-American Authoritarianist Political Dictatorships…’ ‘China Proletariat(s): Food from the Countryside Re-volution:’
‘Failed: Pro-tectionist: Industrial…’
‘Nowhere, anymore.’
‘How Green is our Industrial Valley?!’
‘Elsewhere: per-verted Liberal: Free-Fiscal Policy: Market-Economics: Order and Progress!’
‘An Age of Giant(s)! Authoritarian and nationalistic system of undemocratic government and social organization.’
‘Mid-course correction. EHC decision critical.’
‘Right-env(i)ronment left be-hind…’ Environment-Lobbying: Big-Business: Complex Situations: clarity
between clear per son or daughter in-charge in-chang(e) ing differently…’
‘Keep paying Direct-Debit: sub-scriber:’
‘Keep praying.’ Interest-rate low: Hedged-High…’
‘Lined with Gold and Currency Market: Man(i)-pulation?’
‘Executed-Contract(s): Happy to pay non-performance-based bonus?’
’Big-Boss Bonus Richest! Tax-Free: Champions of Innovation and Productivity.’
‘High-minded Scientific Elite(s).’
‘On Negative-Rates!’ eating into the Equity now…savings, pension-investment, rent and services needed:
‘Somewhere to live? Rent?’
‘Business-Credit? Credit-card. For the luxuries…’
‘Necessaries. Daily, weekly shop, payday -loans, at extra-ordinary 4.000% pay-back penalties!’
‘Bank-Loan ?’
‘Haha. Fraudulently-Fleeced! Lionized Bank charges interest-rate swaps three-minute sell over the ‘phone.’
‘Not-Stupid then?’
‘God(s) of the Gap(s)?’
‘Naïve perhaps?’
‘Greedy?’ ‘Land-Grabbing.’
‘For: Profit:
‘Based on fraudulent false-performance numbers…’
‘The rest of us have to live with…’
‘Blood-Feud: Code-Cannon:
‘Standard, Moodie’s and…’
‘Banking-Interest rates, you see…’
‘Lending between each other…’
‘Why would…’
‘They-do, that?’
‘Keep the cash with shares…loaned-out…’
‘Or: given-away:’
‘In Tax-Cuts…’
‘To spend…’
‘The Rich! By customers’ salaries and employment government -taxes to pay back the Banks’ bailout.
When it all went wrong…’
‘For Good(s)…’
‘Austerity still…’
‘To pay staff, and stock…’
‘Sold-off an equitable enough: Shadow-Money-Market(s):’
‘Shares 50/50 even(s)?’
‘More or less.’
‘By Degree.’
‘Ah Analytic(s)!’
‘The market’s may be closed, but…’ mumbling…glancing down at the laptop computer screen-saver hidden from view:
‘The Surety is-returned and ever more complex…’
‘Still, competing on-Price and Costs:’
‘Energy and Dot.comms.: Fixed/variable…’
‘Price-Fixing. Good Old-fashioned price-fixing between virtual monopolies…’
‘So, Guilty?’
‘Of Everything?’
‘Value of Nothing!’
‘Newly created Fiscal-Stimulus.’
‘Improved Social-Benefit(s).’
‘Every: Personal-Business there is has been successful.’
‘To: now…’
‘Gross National Product!’
‘Build a MarketPlace of Money!’
Profit-on: pure and simple:
‘The Value of Everything the Price of Everything!’
‘With interest, on Capital-value investment? That’s it? Isn’t it? Or some newly found Golden Mountain out
there, is there?’
‘Public-Debt. Billions. Trillions. Quadrillion: with Exclusive-Elite(s): The-City: Money-Currency: The World Bank(s) and IMFInvestment-Houses are essential in-valuable institution(s)’
‘Although not entirely necessary? Could We really not-live without Us?’
‘Like Private-Death and Public-Taxes!’
‘What about taxes?’ a snicker rattled throaty machine-gun like sniper returned this time.
In de-rision:
‘Death and the-Devil takes the Hindquarter’s! Government…’
‘Mortgage Assistance now!’
‘Privatize Everything!’
‘By: Taxes…’
‘Not no taxes?’
‘Invest in-yourself!’
‘I have!’
‘No trickle-down…’
‘No trickle-up Bullshit!’
‘Be-lieve your own.’
‘Winner takes all. Period?’
‘Protect! That is all it is.’
‘Family? Friends and neighbor(s): Community?’
‘Whether by any means necessary?’
‘Or none…’ whispering-again, leaning forward and back:
‘This a Secretive world. Rarely seen. Of people unre-cognised in public ‘We’ are not-nice-people-to-know, they say…’
‘They also say: ‘We’ all have to eat and put a roof over our Heads!’
‘For our-families…’
‘Eat? Roof?’
‘Family?’ The-Clerk, and The-Banker spoken-out aloud. Both. Almost absent-mindedly thought and spoken-for Like being shot-at, shot- down with sympathy, or self-pity.
The-Banker continuing:
‘We are the-same You and Me.’
‘Level playing-field? Same valuable debts?’
‘And when we couldn’t back our promises to pay with Real-Money…’
‘To: ‘The Shareholders.’
’The People@!’
‘Got greedy, of-course!’
‘IT is Only a-Game. Cover your losses? Once you have passed the few Trillion-marker!’
‘Fixing the rates up or down to sell ’em back again…’
‘As ancient-times…’
‘Pyramid style: 33% Public-Debt.’
‘Up-siding and down-sizing…
‘Up-grading Yes/No?’
‘To: whom?’
‘‘We didn’t expect the richest and most privileged to be so Greedy. So, uncaring, so…’’ ‘Quote.’
‘Un-quote: self-(i)nterested?’’
Didn’t care about anyone else. Except Family, few-friends…neighbours not at all, anymore, and said so more often than not, Mis-an-thropic…Solipsistic slef non-evidential time…Echo-Chamber Social-Media:
did a lot for-Charity of course: at least on the pre-text of:
‘Rescue Your: Own-Country…’
‘Your: Own-City’
‘All To: gether…’
‘Yourself…’ ‘And The-World!’
‘World-Gypsies, eh?’
‘All. Scapegoat, eh? to be Trolled by You!’
‘Don’t get caught-up that is all!’
‘With your fingers in the till?’
‘Selling. This story? Journalist?’
‘Commercial-Corporate-Spy? Bo(N)d-bo(n)ded?’
‘And You?’
‘You all knew what was going on: Justly…’
‘Or: otherwise?’
‘Bad-Advise. Do Your Own Analytic(s)!’
‘In-Competant and, Illegal…’
‘Against the Rule(s), only.’
‘Useless, stops nothing, un re-ported:’
‘Fake-New(s) Lies, de-liberate! Known-about, and made-up-stories and …’
‘Did, so?’
‘You? Decided to do-nothing?’
‘Take a hard-working Hike!’
‘On Interest-Rates in Your favour, eh?’
‘Evading and avoiding taxes and sanctions. On a rich-resignation of ill-gotten gains maybe, promoted to a position of steady-income:’
‘For: Life?’
‘Ha ha. That too…’
Spiraling out-of-control: N/nnn…
We, each of Us…each thing Being A/V
(S)tr(A)ying-out: Yanging-IT: (A)tomicDNACHONPre-cognizing
This-writing listen-free?
Soundtrack-see? Taste???
The-Clerks’ hand-moved as slicing across the-neck:
‘In a bland dis re-gard for the failure of ordinary Household(s)…’
‘Economic Welfare Benefit: becomes Fiscal-Warfare: Tax and Charity scandals…’
‘Failings across the Boardroom…’
‘F’ Off! Meritocracy?’
‘Too many!!!’
‘To: Many! Access to dis-counted funding?’
‘Back-in: Investment-Opportunities:’
‘Banks to invest-in:’
‘For them to invest, to take the risk of:’
‘Organic-Agricultural (I)(n)-dustrial and Techno: Logical-(I)(n)(v)estment:’
Best: Invest in Weapons of Trade:’
‘Socialising neither Nation-State nor Private-Individual: Global-Citizen. Rogue-Citizen.’
‘Both. In-commodities, and in nothing more, than Money Itself. Bond-deal(s).’
‘Trillion-Quadrillion Bonded and Warehoused@:’
‘Currency-Exchange would yield:…’
‘Depository…’ ’
‘Depot! Deposited Here! Employment and Pay!’
‘Or: un-employment and top-pay bonus pension shares de-investing…’
‘Infra-Structure free! Driving on the Public-Roads and Railways and Air and Space
Travel: Fuel and Funds, eh?’
‘Steel and Glass. All Owned. By Us Shareholders.’’
Didn’t get-It.
‘Government: Tax-Break(s):’ too many incomprehensible condition(s): carbon-silicon-metal:
‘For Failure! Privatised-Disasters…’
Local Business-Council in-competence only too-competent combatant(s).’
‘For: Food?’
‘Clothing! Everything! Anything’
‘Sweatshop home factory?’
‘So, what do you think of it all? Credit Control (I)mplementation? Regulation of Trade…’
‘Floating-branches on rivers of despair…’
‘Selling-off and selling-out…’ confidential sources special-delivery paving-the-way…troubled-distribution
‘Low wages raised rent(s): Debt-Work.’
‘Pay4Tax-Cuts. Boom!!’
‘Blue-black: Coming into the market(s):’
‘Infra-structure projects home-grown to add new-stimulus.’’
‘Over. Gross National Product: taxed 4% and falling:…
The-Banker, expressionless, now looking-out over the last of the blue and green-and-yellow patched crimson-brown and purple-yellow grey-jaded fields and forest…
The Train-Line passaged over lit bright lake like an azure eye cloud-shadowing, blinking deep blue private swimming-pool. Lights reflected-upwards night-time and outwards inwards…
Over-flying slow fly-past with both-hands at the controls feet-tapping at-the-pedals….
‘Look! No- hands!’
‘Un-steered!’ another’s voice?
‘Not-Working! Boom! Bust!’ My: Voice. faltering, factoring-in faster careening away swaying wildly. Rocking from side-to-side, impulsively reflexively the foot-pedal depressed, sharply and The Airplane began to nose-dive violently thrashing out-of-control…shaking…tremendously…through a cloud…misty fogged mountain-side scale-reduced…down to radio-bandwidth…atomic:
‘Stalled!’ into the radio-visor face-mask:
‘Out loud?’
The most-terrifying thought: re-vealed:
‘Equality? Dead?’ (i)n-private:
‘In: Yourself.’
‘All. Alone.’ Then back at the controls. In-control: commanding:
Piloting happily sleeping but not doing anything asleep, proudly and aloof…gliding-over:
Up-lifting pitching downward, looking and watching turning-view, silently and slowly…
Swooshing…turning-low over the landscape, to see…sea smoothing-out self-imagings (i)maginating(s): ‘Now!’ the mindful-scene now turning around to face: The-Face! Re-leased from the mirror spoken speaking:
Spoken? Hearing?:
‘Stalled!’ Only…seeing the All-seeing…the Minds’-Eye…and ear-splitting noise(s) of a Good Engine-breakingdown spiraling-below…and towards the earth re-pair re-use cycling and re-cycling:
‘Trust Me!’ like a slow-motion crash waited to-happen…
Struggling madly- felt…to-escape in mid-air…
Altimeter-reading: 0/0…
Heard said:
‘Parachuting-in…’ said quietly softly as if almost without moving even air spoken? whispered:
‘No parachute…’ not-opening gone-again into:
Freefall…falling…freefalling…crashed-again and again…
From the familiar nightly-terrors…tremors-shook…early morning remembering…in the-bathroom…the work-out and shower…
On the bathroom-floor, and absolution-nightmare-prayer.
As this morning. Earlier this Day: driven-in through fine-weather course setting-out from secluded:
With farmland and forest all-around, fenced and walled-in and gated-out indoor- and out-door swimmingpools with gymnasium and private golf-course. CClub-house and fishing-lake:
‘The Lake!’
‘More like a pond really…’ heard said, in self-effacing jest heard:
‘To keep fish in?’
‘To catch! Barrel shaped.’ The Lake: overflying over and into: Business-Function: Conference:
Event-functioning: Social: Hu-man and Wo-men: beings like me.
On-awakening earlier this day. At-Home. One of them…
Only one-self at a time although thought-out thought-through this-time.
Through the air-gasping in the sea-drowning washed-up…
As…thinking…as actually saying outloud:
‘Don’t tell arse-sole!’
‘Especially not-mine!’ and-laughing quietly to-self.
Chuckling…inside. The-Earth and the World engulfing the Home. Country-garden and the-grounds polished rough-lain and bolted-together boiling bath-taps in gold-leaf plaster-mouldings mouldering brocade-curtains ripped and torn a-flame many-lighted waltzing candelabra chandelier cavalier crashed to the ground. The Board-room floor…feared…per-formance headed-for bloodied flooded injury to any main-arteries marbled-hallways:
Woken from wide-eyed reverie. Alerted! with a jolt. Over another crossing once more: Un-heard? Felt. Unseen? Seen? Undone? the sudden alarming thought as at The End: As in The-End the face of The-Pilot unpivoting bodily as yet helpless as a passenger from the lucid lurid day-light nightmare-scenario rescued a cough of relief and back on the-Train…jolted.
Again, across bolted rail-crossing points…a nod upwards…
A look upwards: in a Flash! distracting the attention-to:
‘Put-Paid!’: any bought-on non-reflective black-body in-space yellow-white lit by the Sun. Going around in-spirals, blindfolded…
Opened-up: as from some Underground-City. Overground: field and
The Banker free-falling over The Edge.
The-Banker kicking and screaming dragged out-of-the-blue black-out into the red from green-tinted: The-
‘To: The Many!’
‘At Once!’
Once-more, back into: The blazing-red-rising-Sun.
Into the Black, grey white now yellow green-backed fields back into the-frame of the window imaged and imagined seen, looked into the camera-lense: through, slightly turned over, the shoulder to-camera, backdropped set, through the window.
Through a tunnel in the ground: cut and cover.
Ground-tunnel-walls flashing light-by still advertisement neme-screened over through and around 3D
4+D. Nano-cabling electro-atomic light radiation leaking-in-product:
‘Name? Made. Family?’
‘Ancient, all of Us.’
‘Millions, Billions and Trillions…’
‘Quadrillions. News?’
‘Arbitration as on each Nation-State:’
‘Arbitrage. For:’
‘Pro-fit and Lots’ of IT!’
‘In: The-Lobby: as we speak. Government and Private Bank(s): Nation-State: Central-Command-Bankers and CEO Global Core:…’
‘Of course! Diplomatic-Core. Then: War or Peace?’
Least Worst Plans spent-on. Huge Infra-structure: Projects. Road and Sea-Belt around the World. Money-
Belt: Global-Money spent on Food and Furniture Sports and re-Creation: voted-on 75%-99.999…work as now, for credits at home or outside from home factories and energy plants…
‘Sun Flowers?’
‘Minimum work for maximum input/output: primary-algorithm:’
‘No. Machine-Mining?’
‘Well? A.I.?’
‘To kill the Golden Goose!’
‘In our own backyard? War! No-War!’
‘Always War!’
‘All the Time. Battles…’
‘Everyone. American Glencore and BHP. Billiton and Rumsfeld known unknowns…’
‘Bought for one pound.’
‘Like any good truth…for: themselves…’
‘Police-Enquiry paid-for out of taxes not received from any of the Corporation(s) Compan(y)ies not paying full-taxes or any Business’s avoiding and evading: social re-sponsibilit(y)ies. How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes while making sure everyone else pays theirs’ Put It in the Freezer. Trust Freezing: A way to transfer valuable assets to others (such as your children) while avoiding the federal estate tax. … Send It Overseas. … Stock It Up in Options. … Play Shell Games with It. … Swap It Out. … Play Dodgeball with It. … Go Corporate with It. … Kick It Down the Road.
More items…
Foundation of Capitalist-Wealth: questioned, evading question(s) and taxes, through paid solicitor(s) Lawyer(s) and accountant(s): Protection: People: Police and Army Social and Humanitarian Health
Education and Care:
‘Tunisia to Egypt and the Gulf States and Russian Federation:’
‘Tanzania and DRC.’
‘Turkey and the Freed Kurdish Nation.’
‘Palestine. Ukraine and Crimea.’
‘Israel and Palestinian Authority.’
‘Turkey and Iran’
‘Lebanon. Somalia and Eritrea. Ethiopian…’
‘Sheba. Shiva…’
‘Power, only…’
‘Australia. South America and Mexico. Meso-Americas.’
‘Africa. Johannesburg and Kinshasa.’
‘Nigerian and Kenyan owns the Riches of the Earth!’
‘China. Mongolia and Indonesia.’
‘South China Seas.’
‘The Nuclear Zones!’
‘India and Pakistan. Bangla-Desh and Saudi.’
‘Israel. Korea…’
‘Great-Britain and USA. Independent Federal Bank and Bank of England.’
‘De-cided against. For: Public-Welfare, Jobs and Lives…
‘National-Debt Trillions! Protectionist!’
‘Trade-Deals(s). Middle-East…’
‘Canada, Saudi.’
‘Iranian Yemeni Rebels…’
‘Israel. With: Western-Weapons…’
‘Eastern Protected-Industries.’
‘Northern sailing-around the-world Southern sailing-back…’
‘Capped. SMART: Foreign Governments and Private Investment Corporate-Bank(s). Paid-For: Lending
rates and liquidity. To pay-off the Government. Re-Gulated themselves and the broken-Bank(s): For Bailout.’
‘Oil and Plastic(s).’
‘Across Ocean(s):
‘Weapon(s). Accidents waiting to happen. Airflight. Space. Ozone -layers…’
‘Professional class looking-after its’ own. Working. Like everyone else…’
‘Except those unable at all to do any work we all do! Work is Life.’
‘I work, therefore I am!’
‘To perceive is to be.’
‘I think therefore I am.’
‘I act, therefore I am? Realist?’
‘With integrity convincingly enough without too much vanity or pride, seeing what could be done better and doing that way…’
‘Acting with integrity to self and other.’
‘Respect. Each, We All Go Our Own-Way.’
‘Until We are Dead.’
‘Only when I is Dead?’
‘Only We are alive!! Now!!!’
‘Kaos!!!! Not. Order. To:Kill?’
‘After the South Korean withdrew Weapons-Fund(s):’
‘North-Korean. Nuclear China!’
‘Japan. The price of industrial gasoil. Petro-Tech.’’
‘Computers. Nuclear-metals digital: Gold and silver…’
‘Export-freeze: Mineral Free-Trade:’
‘Without: Frontieres?’
‘Africa. Silicon and all the metal and mineral resources of the Planet!’
‘Rio-Tinto to the Gulf-of-Mexico…’
‘Where Dinosaurs’ hunted…’
‘Fracking earthquakes!’
‘Birds flew. Clean-ups…’
‘Insects. Cost a Mint! US: RandGold and Merrill-Lynch Leh-Man(s): British-Dutch Oil. Shell-like?’
‘Secreted: Goldmann-Sachs.’
‘Shot in the back.’
‘Lehmann’s Bros.’
‘Sell-off in the markets. No further gains to be had, markets’ saturated. Treasuries and Futures-Bonds.’
‘The End of Austerity on The Working-Poor and destitute poor as ever.’
‘Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions…’
‘No gains…’
‘Asset-Class: gains or loses-value: welfare charity needed from family, friends, neighbours, and voters: two-way split coalition of Many Parties.’
‘Or: Family Party-Dictatorship with 125% of the vote…’
‘Competitive de-valuation.’
‘Of: Voters?’
‘Race to the bottom.’
‘Rise to the top.’
‘Race-Storm:’ pic(s): subtitling translator: interpreting for listeners and viewers:
‘Volunteer(s): un-qualified:’
‘Veteran: Force(s):’
‘End of Colonialism:’
‘New Oil and Gas exploration…’
‘Protectionism. Keep for themselves.’
‘Create Market in-stability…’
‘Stability: innovation and expansion: monopoly:’
‘On: YourSelf.’
‘Scarcity: Price-(i)ncreasing: Direct-Debit:’
‘Constant-Credit: subscription and regular income:’
‘Oil pipelines broken into and broken at sea…’
< >Dead-Swamp:
‘Creatures that have The Haste:’
‘Can tap immediately the shovel:’
‘With a reflex-sliver on the field:’
On the turn it comes out…
At Once:
>There is a mis-match that exists between the Trillion-Click: mining operations and the Local Host:
Disease and Death@Pharmaceutical(s): Big 5&6: paid-for price-fixing monopolies oligopoly and noncompetitively subsidized by local work and entertainment:
The President is Dead!
< Long Live The President! Prime-Minister(s) for: Asset-Class: Mining: Country-Roads Railways and AirSpace: Silicon-Valley: >Health and Education: This Ecology of Memes…’
Except: $4some…
Only: Data: col-lection: analyzing…raw ownership shared intellectual:
Markets. Close to Full-Health: Dividend:
< Only from Profit(s): last-year… >Today! >Last-night… Young!!
> ’til you’ve lived.
Swamp-Line(s): Us.
Nearby: list:…
Famil(y):Singapore: Highly Developed Free-Market Economy.
No. Max. out: shareholders…(i)(n)©luding:
Buying. Importing:
Zero-Finance: carbon-credits…
You Take Money from the Brain(s): brawn not with-standing. /# From a stormy and sunny morning, and from where the-Sun would soon be breaking-through again from behind an-escarpment carpeted-counter of brown and red yellow greenwash seen-through dark cloud drifting-in…to…desk-top brief-case-opening, pitched-to: ‘What is Your:’
‘Family?’ The-Banker: alerted replied-quickly:
‘Police or Thief, eh?’
Vacant-property: to be invaded robbed burnt-down leave(s):
‘No-evidence: of this b4: Re-Main: To: find the-Robber(s)’…’
‘Pension-Fund? Insurance-Fund? Property? Corporate-Government, or what?’
‘Lawyer? Politician?’
‘Competitive-Deal on the Table.’ On: screen:
Simply The Beast’s Beats:
Un-Union. The Ambiguity of Ethic(s):
Of-War. Domest(i)c: Data-Breach: Pulp-Fiction as Art: Civil: Privileged: Older White-Male: Silver-Fox: to:
‘Straight? Curly? Red-Brunette? Of: Global-War: anything that doesn’t have to be unless you make it be…’
‘Bankers and Gamblers.’
‘Gangster-CEO Presidential-Monarchian Suicide! Solution? New-Beginning(s): Don’t Let Money Stress
You Out!’
‘DLMSYO! If you have any…’
‘In: The-Bank:’
‘Keep Calm and Carry-On:’
Impact on Health < >un-helpful thinking-styles: psychological-trigger:
‘We should resolutely resist erroneous influence from the West (for) ‘constitutional democracy,’ ‘separation of powers’ and ‘independence of the ‘judiciary.’’
‘We must make clear our stand and dare to show the sword.’
R/E(s): strategies to cope: technological-tool(s): seeking-help: ensure yr fave fayre charity get(s) more bang than this:
‘The Day the Market’s stood still.’
‘Rich-Assistance, again…’
‘North and South:’
‘’Food&Fuel!’: Pays The-Bill(s):’
‘Haggle: for Great-Art!’
‘Expensive. Hire: Rent: Party-Cost(u)me:’
Cyber-Key(s):-Wallet-Bank: Phoned: Bargain Basement:
‘Kelly Gang. Blow the Gaff.’

‘Murderer.’ computer-screen under-lit as well as the trains’ over-lighting and The-Sun now searching, reaching-above. As an over-arching angle-poised lamp in an endless Office Desk Boardroom bedside table. The only light in a pitch-darkened room to be switched-on again with a quick silent click-of-the- fingers reflected bounced-off the deep under-shine of the hardwood varnished table between.
The-Banker and The-Clerk re-fracted through the seemingly glass-ceiling vanished valley into the woollystriped bank-of-clouds…
The riches of the Earth.
As perished-wood conjoined trees above and below ground food fungal-growing glowing like crystalline rock ice-burg to be re-melted.
To be made into something-else.
Something different, and separately-minded, mined, drilled and dug-out.
Cleansed and to be Social-Network: connected…be-friended and un-befriended and de-fecating de-fended against the felt threat moved glittering from and below the travelling-Train: Melanin-Sun: once more ontrack: horizontal and vertical and as before as now behind bright cloud(s) as yet to reach its’ Zenith, again: the Clerk said, surprised again, but not surprised at the same time:
‘So, what do you make of it now, so?’ The Clerk astonished, laid down the hot-drink being carried freely away from the hot drinks counter on the Train. The First-class carriage had been added and anyone could go there. The restaurant-café-bar-hotel stayed-open, since early-hours, the Sleeper-service running early-afternoon:
‘A first! and since there was standing-room only! Business-as-Usual!! Some things may never change.’ As a rhetorical-question or simply ironic:
But, you never know! thought the Clerk, and embraced the Banker.
As the train lurched to one side, as if to tip over, and lifted, back towards upright; corrected itself on its’ tracks, and continued from the other’s talking too recognised, and re-engaged.
‘This is our chance, and possibly our only chance!’
‘Everything has halted, except The Necessities-of-Life, laid-out before us, for-nothing. For Free! Chance?’ ‘Fraternity! Sisterhood! While the Crisis lasts; and who knows how long it will last? And even when it’s over, if it works, it won’t need fixing. This, will not need fixing, its’ fixed, We fixed IT.’’
‘And WXY&Z!’
‘As long it’s been fixed!’
‘By us! Together! Don’t you get it still?! It is already over! Everything is on hold. Is on-Hold. In docks and ports. Stations and warehouses. Shops and supermarkets. What we haven’t got left in our homes, hotels, hostels, hospitals. On paper, and on-screens, ready to be moved to those places, at the first notice. From Us, Don’t you get ‘It’?! Not You, or ‘Me’ but ‘Us’; that is ‘You’ and all of ‘It’!’
‘Not to be taken over, taken back or destroyed, so their value is Zero?’
‘Their value is their value to us all; not to one who can afford it, and not to one who cannot. The exchanges only need be one of negotiated, arbitrated if necessary, costs, over the freedom of the goods and stocks, to be moved, to be moved in with furniture and food, to travel, and arrive at our exchanges, markets, shops, and homes. Which of themselves, have no value whatsoever. Only the original building and maintenance, rebuilding, and re-stocking. The tokens of exchange, nothing but point, pixel-ated numbers on a screen. Open access to all, and by all, through social networking, negotiation, harmony, honesty un-denied, and peace. Wow!’, the Clerk exclaimed.
‘All that or only-that?!’ the Banker interrogated still.
‘And in all this, nothing has changed, much…’
‘Yet everything will!!’
‘Who oversees it all?’
‘Well, we do, of course! All Leaders and All Followers and at any here&now.’
‘Then?’ Silicon. Infra-structure:The Banker:
‘I am going back to my home, and family. My Gardens and private friends and family only Golf-Course.
Open to the public, my swimming pools too? How would you like that!’
‘How about a Safari Park! Trophies? Sports’ no-ne knows how this is going to end, come-out or be
finalised for the next play…’ the Clerk retorted, without a drop-of-sarcasm or -cynicism.
‘For Trade. For Tourism! Imaging imagining, the-Banker’s house and gardens and golf-course and ranch. Destroyed raging ranging acres of burnt-scorched earth if I can’t have it no-one can; to: and then how-it-could-be-made-use-of, for everyone: cycling and re-cycling to the max(i)mum, m(i)n(i)mum incineration composting fertilising bodies on the battleground dead:
‘…within safe limits of number and personal privacy; not squatting, or stealing. But like us all on This
Earth. This City, That Town, That, and this Country. Visiting, in as much happiness and joy as we can
muster, for one, then-as-for-all. A ranch-house-farm, cattle and crops for us-to-eat? You can keep the golf-
course, as long as we can play-a-round or-so?! How about it sometime?! How about that?!’
‘Asking-yourself-to-tea-now?!’and laughing awkwardly.
The Banker, ‘You’ll be suggesting dinner-next.’
‘Good Idea! I’ll invite the family shall I? All sixty-or-so…’
‘Or how-about-breakfast, second-breakfast, and lunch?’
‘…make that that three-hundred-and-sixty, moving-in…moving-on…’
‘Staying in your rooms, you’ve enough haven’t you?’
‘And You Camping-Out?! If me and my family and friends get made homeless?’
‘Don’t mind if we do!’
‘But I like my house at the moment as it is. ‘
‘So we’ll stop-over-night, how-about-that? You’ve plenty of rooms haven’t you? Leisure-Facilit(y) lies?’ ‘My contacts around the world are on-line, now as we speak:….’
Us, why not?
The Banker, still, locked-into unmoving markets, World-Wide:
‘Across-the-world, others-are-doing the-same; just as others are waking-up and finding-the-whole-world altered, as it is everyday on every waking; more for the-good, maybe, not, but this time…there is:
‘While we are alive, and, sometimes-Hell, neither-necessarily, nor for-ever…’ the
Banker had to concede:
‘We will make-of-it, what we-can’.
Unwittingly said, but not unwillingly-said.
Strangely-sounded, then-perfectly-natural:
‘We need to keep working, all of us in anyway we can to exchange for the free -Necessities, and earned, paid-for luxuries-of-life; including the time, to enjoy those things, and keep in-Harmony and –Rosta with our Work-pals…All of US!’
‘Exactly!!! Enthusiastic-Volunteering! Choice. That’s ‘It’ and that is ‘It’! WeAllWork WAW!and through our contacts, each other, as has already been said many times over, Local-Exchange-Trading-Systems, LETS…then: World-Wide-WETS!; almost, there!’
‘There will still be those who will opt-out, don’t want anything to do with money, or Credits?’
‘And good-luck to-them! Ourselves Our Currency (OOC): Each-of-Us our own owned banks of kindness and goodwill?’
‘…and while we-re at it, anyway, let’s continue to explore Space, and our Home-planet!Yes! The question is, can we put all our religious, racist, nationalist and tribal, and personal hatred away behind us? Through Truth-and-Re-conciliation? That we are, in the end all the same, and different, no one is better than anyone else, in every particular-way; WE are where we are, we acknowledge, celebrate and share this-Life? And yes, in Sport&Games: competition, as we try to outdo and surpass our Bosses…’
‘Our Partners in \Business. Home&Children if your lucky adoption and fostering of the whole wise world, aunts and uncles, parents and children…’
‘At any time…’
‘Alright, I was going to say, teachers, our teachers; ourselves…’
‘You R A Teacher!’
‘Yes! We All Are!! Learning as we go…passing-on and passing-out.’ pro(n)ouncing on subjects we know something about? Or think we know-about, others will tell us that or not!
A-suggestion, based on a belief, based on the unknown.
Not-unknowable, Theatre.
As this is only the dress-Rehearsal, the-Matinee! There are only so many hours worth working for ourselves and others as there are others and ourselves. Providing and provided-for. Wanted, and establishing a wished for service, or good, that is traded, like-for -like: Credits value as good or service as agreed?
‘Like to Like…’
‘…and then agreed…or not.’
‘Simple as that. Each of Us…’
‘As Points, on The Board , on your Wall, in your Messages, Tax Re-Venue: Accounts…’
To be stored for the future, not stockpiling, or destroying goods and services wanted valued only at the point the physical good as service, is provided to be moved-on, or taken and consumed. Good as Service. Service-good; is-available, until-exchanged, points swapped. Perhaps one day we will not even need points. We will be a credit to ourselves!
‘What if the Local Exchange Trading System(s)…’
The World Exchange(s): People(s): Trading System(s)…
‘Keeps on Crashing?’
‘Only like the last…’
‘When not-Good…’
‘Only the-Money got in the way!’
‘Who over sees ‘It’?’
‘#again? Well, we do, of course. Well, are YOU in?’ This time, Clerk to Banker; and no longer Banker to Clerk:
‘So, what do you make of it all then?
Hacking-sabotage and espionage sub-version: working-together.
Strategic-asset only unless more known than kept-secret? Ambiguous_Ethic(s):
Always the irony of secret-service that could not keep the secret of its existence. At The Azimuth Hotel and City Limits. Services staff and crew- managers and executive-managers and even-more-managers if things became the way-of-before.
But they-did-not.
The Other-Players; at-The-Front the-others rested behind dead and injured recovered.
Hospital or earlyGrave. Unmarked marked brought-Home.
Level upon level.
From battlefield to diplomatic exchanges. Go-betweens and secret messages.
Non-lethal: Humanitarian-Aid.
Background support. Intel. whereabouts and intentions equipment and remaining store supplies.
No quickfix not even a quick-kill. Free Headshots or whatever. Explosion. Shot-gun. Attack. Shock.
Feel Nothing. Slow Motion…
To one side. Falling forward. Scared
Forward arm-up to protect-the-head does not move.
On the hard-concrete rough footstep tread polished floor bloodied walls.
Blood-pumping like oil but not outside inside.
The only muscle that moves is the Optical Nerve. More or Less intact.
Hear Play.
The Game Music.
Hearing fine mostly. Still a bit of a buzzing the tinnitus heard mis-heard said and mis-said.
Herd heard humming bird-sound running the slow-motion build-up of pressure or sudden burst of shrill or ear-piercing: Bomb. Blew-up.
The Taste the Smell all gone. Vaguely maybe sometimes I like to Imagine. From the sight of food and drink alone. No saliva. Tube-fed. The Speech.
The novel. Made through a computer-screen. I point-my-eyes-at. Eyepoint. Like a Magic-wand. Cursor moves. I Stop It Moving. Writing. Speech.
I breath through a tube. A pipe in my throat. Oesophagus. All I do is breath.
Over and over and over again. Nothing Changes.
Impossible. Bomb-Disposal. Computer Keyboard. Electric Wires. Explosive Material. Explosion.
Temple-Guns. Silenced the call-to-arms. With Vats of burning Oil Flaming Arrows. Historical.
Ceased vented cess-pit; and no longer of any use.
Except to go into Space. The Castle Fortress long gone.
Military Airport(s): Army and Navy Barracks.
And Ships Aircraft-Carriers. Craft Drones.
Civil. Small Society. The houses homes and residences. Shops and Super-markets. Streets and roads and lanes and pathways and motorway.
High-ways and low roads.
Of slowly moving rooms. Filled with Soulful Social-Individuals. In the Ward of the world. Sterile. Warm. Alive. In an odd kind of way. Except for the Nurses. They are Alive and Nice for the most part. Passionate and Committed.
We are Cadavers now; kept Alive. For No Other Reason than to See into The Future.
Between Space-Age Buildings a Craft whose packaging and delivery points were uncertain collecting rocks from space, from asteroid passing to carry a satellite into deel space and one day, Space City.
Island rocks, mooons and distant planets…
Terra-forming. going forward, and back, not back and back you did this or you did that.
Your ancestors&mine!
We are all cousins not more yet than 7 times removed to anyone else. And if we survive here on earth, and elswhere… contained Hu-Man beings otherwise only goods and wrapping in mechanical and electrical wizardry.
Beings of course in the form of microbes and virus even; or few as effectively vacuumed-out and stored with anti-nitrogen, anti-gen.
That allowed no or virtually no contamination or infection but our own lives themselves.
Skin-graft resin replicator-machines growing body organs inside the body which is to carry them, anew, transforming-energy body-Parts.
Mineral liquid solid and breathing air animal hydroponic fruit or vegetable.
From TV to a meal to a resting couch.
In any-form any material depending on the Bar-digital code pressed-in; and the originating natural-will.
The beings that travel this craft direct its operation. Gnomic computer at the speed-of-light almost.
The Laser-Quasar Computer Companies possibly faster each claiming each to each other dependent for the next great breakthrough.
Innovating fresh food items from freezer-storage to freezer storage taken out to de-frost in the atmospheric-radiation. For evening meal. At home or Restaurant-canteen or whatever it was. Breakfast, Supper or Tea. Coffee.
Each room-sized pod floating or on rail levitating. Hot water and heating; ice-cubes. Grey. The shadow of a life forever unbearable lightness yet firmly stuck-upon the ground. The buildings real-enough. The people also.
Stepped through air-hatch latched locked-down. Collecting others on the way. Seen face-to-face.
The items purchased mainly on-line. Inside the craft. Like a moving Shopping-Mall living-room bed-room and kitchen wash-room. Food presented in picture form with recipe ideas. That could be stopped-off for sent and sampled for a few Credits taken, de-bited in-Credit…
Fresh vegetables whole or chopped sliced or sectioned steamed or boiled and baked; for example in-front of you in your room. Drinks could be tasted soft-fruit and fresh water boiled infusions fermented and distilled either or both for firewater.
Toilet facilities off-board mostly could be gone to stopped-off at. Fertilzer. Compost. More…plants, sea and Sun and sound.
Sick-Bay: Medical-services: provided based on toilet-waste for example. Health-checks made and diet and medicinal electric drugs requested.
Music rest or activity as recommended.
Other craft could be checked-out and tested over&over…
Wind-Water Solar-electric (WWS) inside heating outside cooking…planning. City high and low-wind and gas powered craft, private and public cells. That could hold a single entity or being and many its own size effectively no-limit. All conjoined vehicles when stationary parked or travelling through time and space. Anything anyone could be in any one area one place at any one time. If welcomed as a friend and/or business-contact.
Family or stranger with Love and Grace.
Not an Enemy or Potential-enemy; to be steered clear of by mutual consent.
Two-state solution…
Will always fall-out perhaps go to War with.
If too close. Live apart.
That trouble may ensue and it is best to withdraw. Remove-oneself from the particular area by simply calling for support.
CCTV re-playable ComputerCit(y)ies: Space. In-front-of as-larger audience as may be the slightest-bit-interested. De-furring deterring the assault or possible assault.
Caught on camera even beneath the carved face-mask.
The fear-of-death now of assault robbery or sheer out-and-out violence always with a reason not always immediately felt perhaps the Paranoia.
The fear always greater-than the assault itself sometime less so, sometimes more. Seen put-together repeated unless this is an assault in-itself seeing the pictures over and again. In which case there is No-Fear each time less. More had-Fun. Global-Citizen Den(i)zen
Once the assault has started.
That’s not what this is all about…
Then, it is about staying alive. A lot has changed in three hundred years. People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We have eliminated hunger want the need for possessions. We have grown out of our infancy.
If you wanted only to make-money you made a God of money.
Personal Assets are not God or gods; they were angels-of-Mercy perhaps. Go Ahead! Start a new religion if you want to! Without deference only humility.
Anything can be replicated even ourselves; but never exactly the same nothing needed to be exactly similar identical so no-one tried.
Holo-gram fair-game fair-ground Nemesis. Replication-fork in the-Road.
Self-replicating altered and later lathering layering littering letting- and –numbering organic-machines.
Electronically controlling controlled push-button paddle-lever. Anything seen bought appears as hologram image wherever you-are at-home at-the-Mall Street-Market or Village Vanity-Fair.
Officially sanctioned writer-artists and peasants.
We were nothing why is that?
Nothing made nothing-of.
Sold and bought as servants as slaves as savants.
As contracted labourers and factory workers, as soldiers. Our produce bought and sold our services made use of. And when the profit on our investment lay elsewhere we had only each-other. Pay spent on paying for roughly equal and equivalent spending and still broke at the end of the week. Day by-day…and night. There had been loans on everything. Homes cars furniture television sets and in the end wages and pensions still had to be paid in order to pay prices and in order to pay the interest on loans rents pure profit(s…).
Loans on loans. Loans4loans.
Companies CorporatessssGovernments.
Shops Factories office Service-centres. For people to be paid people factories offices farms and homes. Goods and produce had been invested on the stock-markets.
Put on-loan rented-out profited-on with interest.
Other loans put-up on the strength of those investments and so it had gone on. People not-invested-in but used-as-investment.
Infiltrated spied-on reported-on as credit-ratings preferences.
There had been outbreaks of violence.
Food materials services could not be paid for. The stock-markets could not produce distribute deliver. Pensions pay and even profits could not be paid. The structures the colossi of buildings land technology people was all that they were worth. Nothing made nothing-of… Something Choice. Self-selecting. Divergent from the picture-object replication shopped for and got. Go here go there never get a response to the complaint until it gets to the top or near enough.
That as a good-customer at least one or more purchases or exchanges per what day week month year when you become worth doing a deal. Free-replacement for example? As one market crashed so other markets crashed. Markets crashed often before. Pure-profit was lost, in truth simply re-duced, and the market abandoned, only to be bought-up. Buy-Back cheaper and start-again shred of workers, staff, or bosses. Whether it was food materials services it mattered-not. The markets had crashed were financially unprofitable were abandoned.
The government forces no longer in command and those otherwise victorious. Eventually uncommonly held to book to account by the International Court of Regress and Committal. Sworn-in the World Court of Peace and Reconciliation.
United Nations-humiliation; re-marketing rebranding humanitarian aid air-drop. Ships -unloaded roads-opened occupied with cars and lorries etc. if fired-on firing-back; to take out military equipment with and without pre-warning:
There is a bomb!
Leave the area.
There will be no looting. All alone at the table getting up to seek an ally.
‘It’ is a decision I had to take.
It is the best interests of my country it was a decision I had to make for the country. By myself.
Do you have any regrets now?
Of course I mean there will always be regrets. In hindsight. But not if your dead anyway? To be alive do anything so must do something right?!
Left? (a corporate capitalist myth of good and evil)
I am here to make decisions and that is what I will do! Even without putting it to a vote of your people your country? silence.
That is perhaps what I should regret.
You can please (A)ll-the-(p)eople?
And the others need not be left out, so Yes! We can please all the people all the time! And as the majority share power across the classes ages creeds and credentials credited accredited still. With all the differences as before less extreme. Less rich and less poor. But doing what? What Big-business and Governments successful ones had always done.
Them and without them.
Cyborg central music chamber control
March Comrades!!! Re-kindling blood lust used as torture and fear-mongering…Beat.
Beat-It! Expression-full: sadness and enjoyment in Reality not Separate-from. Replication-fork: in the-Road. The
Way… Zone-out before the storm.
Drums and trumpets breaking down the walls.
Whistles sirens Vuvuzela, and beating shields.
Sewing seeds of doubt or fear in enemy. Appeal and reprisal. Wielded weapon…
Horse-thief! Attempted repossession, eviction.
Landlord-battered police and bailiffs held at bay with flour-Bombs and water-hose; until they were pasted re-treating only bruised and were required elsewhere.
Executed dictators and collaborators and play loud music into town.
Collective-farms and whole-Industries left to wreck and ruin.
Tenants forced to leave unrepaired. Un-safe dwelling.
Sold to foreigners with land certificates issued once most agricultural land self-sufficient.
Otherwise left barren and subject to indebted import work and materials.
For the benefit of some not living there, in the end, to the benefit of none.
Land built on with shopping malls factory and business park.
Visited annually by the new owners economic-Zone of influence as disregarded wasteland.
Taken back. How to face death is at least as important as how to face life. Life lived in the shadow of death on which the sunrise has once risen.
Identity-betrayal readily charged changed story, whatta story, eh?
Each our own capsule encapsulated encapsulating the Future. Each King and Queen of the Castle. At the Front Ahead of the Game Holding up the Traffic. Power-games wanting to show who is Boss? At any one single point in Time: We took control. We are all in control and none control. Each of us directing only-one small-part of what it is to be; and thus to-have-been and be for-ever. With free-will and responsibility. None for all-of-it. None for none-at-all.
Each as individuals chosen Credit-Zone worth equal by number to any other Currency Zone and currencies within the Seventh-continental planetary Economic Zones:
…. and all with a seventh share in the Riches of The Earth Populations: etc. at the Borders no borders. No-
Taxes. Taxi’s passengers and crew at all times both more or less balanced in the balanced individual and
The Population was able equally and Fair/UnFair: to what proportion?:
So a millionaire in A is the same as a millionaire in Z.
But there are more of A-Z than A/Z?
Yes per population not so different it has to be said some are Billionaires several times over. As to be That (some Limit:N) Un-Fair. Not. No more millionaires than there are now. A or Z.
Definitely. Per head of Population. But They (some person or group of persons and daughters too of course) who wish to Do Business! and slapped palms punched fists later whoops and tears of Joy.
Consensual and Agreed: Exchange?
Of course!
Global-Trading: Method(s) GTM(s): of : Transport: Personal Domestic or Business then World-currency equal to one everywhere.
On the Cre-dit/De-bit: Points-card one-to-one each currency where there were no machines the local currencies.
Still used by those had to no machines in the depths of the jungle and tops of mountains…
One-to-One air and equal work is the price of freedom.
Worse Maybe. Principal and interest.
No Principal-point and no-interest?
No compound-interest either.
The Farmer Land-User single currency of exchange. A Dirham equivalent to a Rubel to a Dollar to a Euro
Yuan and Yen. Each-Our-Own. Other&All Else…
Shares of the profits from the land all around in alternative energy exchange and share of social responsibility.
Rationality un-balanced on past and future…stability feedback-loops… closed eco-system cybernetics distributive network synergy.
Limits of growth; lie only with the World-Population. Steady state and falling all watched over by machines of loving grace; technocrats unchanging
Admino-sphere; not likely ever again. Ever-changing all the time dynamic and unpredictable change Occasional collapse through occasional limited greed and violence; and reset of The System. Eventually ever-systemic driving-history. And multiple confusing-Conspiracies. Appearances deceiving. Haphazard control; haphazard History from the very beginnings… All Self-Employed Contract (SEC)-bound: on ones’ own: Self-Account held-to: account. Altering strutting in relationship to every other. The Rest of the World to other account. The Promise to Provide. In family and in Surety of Family and Community at any anyone time and place. Access the Fair-justice. Open and
Social Economy. Of people and things. In respect of The Legacy.
Private-company each keeping.
Real-time. Community-interest. Asset-lock. Social Enterprise. Liability Co-operative.
Gaining of power fame money sex and dynasty.
Where deception is self-inflicted controlling. For the gaining of power fame money and dynasty. Just as every increasingly overestimating and paranoid.
Self-organising un-hierarchy; hazing sessions components of The Machine World soon to be Electric
Travel in ones’ own country across borders easy. By automobile car on roads trains on tracks. Stretching far and near.
Across Continents and lands for Trade and for Leisure; visiting and sometimes staying. The basis of Own-Power throughout the World. Nations no longer themselves had been invested industries and commerce transport and communications. Basic amenities and massive projects competed with each other to provide not goods and services themselves but these only as a means to provide wealth Money and Power.
Children those into middle years and elderly the very young needy abled and disabled and the sick cared for at home and community learning hubs…local regions transporting between and to the reaches of the earth where world currency bank-funds to set up. fairness and work is the price of freedom.
Each of us a figment of Anyones’ Imagination!
The objective reality; just as so. A figment. Indeed. Only ever a fragment of reality.
So we go on.
Crossing-deals? and Closing-deals.
And so on.
We continue to Explore Space; exploit Earth and Space. To make a living make a life. And continue living.
We do not Exploit Each Other so much of that I am sure. Or other animals and plants. Planets and Moons.
Other Solar Systems and Stars and only for what we need and can give back dry fuel and liquid The Earth. The Ocean and The Sky and Inner and Outer-Space. Across the world people moved around as we have always done. Power stations produce energy for work and home production resumed altered in its ways and the goods it produced to last to be functional and useful and decorative.
Shops and Houses again become storehouses of the things people need and want to select to have without
greed or spite. Nothing is thrown away, but stored safely for another use, re-delivered, over and again.
Just the spit and grit labour of work in whatever it was each did well and to our best. Needed to be done. Just. Work. The Police and Army people who prepared to shoot and be shot at who shot and were shot at returned to barracks and stations and returned home.
Put Expertise to Work became Work. Work became expertise…
People now our own army policing and defending ourselves and each other. Without soldiers or generals guarding what Institutionalised-criminality could not. Living through the production and distribution of goods and services and the means of communication between people continued developed improved balanced the inequalities of before and only negligible and negotiable differences remain.
People occupy and organise workplaces.
Homes as Shops and Streets occupied. Homes and shops factories and offices transport energy communications production and services were operating or prepared to operate as before. But no longer was work to be for wages no longer goods and services for a price. Now the only price the need to supply the only wage the supply of needs. The negotiations begun and con(t)inuing…
With small groups naturally forming cadre self-selecting and approved of with-others. Workers and Students Professional Classes and Religious Aristocracy no-longer anymore aristocracy as we all are, tourist attraction, Media-Hype mixed and to oversee the Brave New World. Debtor and indebted spoke to debtor and indebted and the divisions political military industrial and religious remained drawn power games played out on The World Economic Map: negotiations held directly not between distant ‘owners’ disowned but between the actual makers and producers and syndicates of suppliers and consumers of goods and services.
Communications reopened establishing and organising needs supply and demand. Telecommunications and computers with developing technology had proved as expected to be invaluable to maintaining the structures of exchange and overriding the basis of the old world exploitation and greed by simply programming to meet the needs of all rather than some or just a few rather than the pure financial demands of the Stock-Ex-Changes…the link between money and work snapped.
The link between money and violence was broken.
Where violence had always been inevitable in defence of money and moneys’ worth and for money and moneys worth. Now money is worth nothing so violence is seen as worthless.
Why fight when there is enough for all. Is not life a struggle in itself why fight? Why rob or steal?
The struggle now to organise the distribution and production of goods and services to redress the inequalities of old through livelihoods home and people between us.
Fighting between people and the government-led-police and -armies ceased.
Fighting that had been sporadic for centuries wars between armies police and people government inspired and led fed by money the need for it and the greed for it finally there was no money. Or none worth fighting for. Those that remained laid aside weapons uniforms and like others put expertise to work without violence building the new society.
People-trafficked into cheap-labour prostitution, no-more. Choice and good decision-making.
Barely a roof over our heads or food to eat water to drink. Narcotics and Alcohol. Violence and Fear. The Black-market or the White-market. And every colour of brown: in-between. Petty thieves and pimps prostitutes and paupers went free into a world where thieving pimping prostitution and poverty like slavery and exploitation was a thing of the past. Who would need to thieve pimp prostitute or be destitute when there is plenty for all slums and shanty town bull-dozed with no-where else to go to the country take to the high seas or hills.
Not owned but shared and respected to receive and to give freely all that we need. Prisons were opened and closed. Amnesty greeted the thousands who had transgressed only the powers that were. Prisoners of war released at the end of conflict to freedom.
And those that transgress and had transgressed people those that sought and seek to take regardless of others needs those that assaulted and assault innocence exploited and exploit naivety are held responsible even from a society that had condoned depravity in punishment and are now answerable to the victims of the deeds. Refugees in-place and mind-built village-built town-City.
Venal-Villagers Bourgeouis-Townfolk City Citizen Country Denizen wherever you and I are, whenever we and you are.
Murderers rapists abusers those accused of ill-deeds with their representatives accused. Before their accusers and their accusers chosen free representatives. With skilled investigators arbitrators and negotiator-therapists the punishment was to-fit-the-crime to protect all lesser than a repeat either on stranger or known.
Life imprisonment means life until argument and cause made otherwise.
Community-service means
Community-service. Gotta Serve Somebody, may as well serve yer self as any other, as all…selves…
Succumbed. To Units of Co-operation. First Amongst Equals. By which employees and share-holders
receive Dividends every Year? Everyday? Creditors become Sole-shareholders in Writ part and whole.
Existing employees and share-holders. Safe☹ Saved. Prison hospital house-arrest re-training camp(s) concentrated in the outer-region(s) of Countryside(s):
Invested-in: Working and paying back taxes and social-spending unknown anymore; merely the value in remaining Life-timed: Prisonship-Hospital.
Not re-offending, living mad, bad and sad. Then and Now…
Product worth to other as worth something not nothing, valueless. If released, released to work three-days a
week as all other and with the others make restitution.
Morality not content realm of the negligible
Religious toleration and recompense. Remorse…
Eventually and finally it was realised that people had to take responsibility for and to recompense their own evil. To guard against ill deeds by any of societies number to research and deliberate why one should go bad as well as mad, bad or sad; not responded to by the simple revenge reflex of summary or capital punishment or prison that worked neither as deterrent nor as social protection nor as satisfactory recompense; society no longer relinquished its responsibility in terror; but in worth. Every Child Benefits: Points Bonus-bonds. Assets for reaching Adulthood and Old-age; and Working Life and Retirement. From Disputes settled between groups and individuals and their mutual decision to hold that such decision is mutual and adhered to. The penance the pledge or the promise so made revenge punishment or decision without public hearing and settlement unheard of that is democracy. Competition-Capitalism or Capitalist-Competition drowned out by all eventually dictatorial Socialist Communist Leaders, without revengeful avid leader or leaders.
Peace and Harmony.
As had already been known but ignored for customary ineffectual punishment and discipline in most revenge was not a victim’s response when faced with the so-called accused, most often and by-choice.
So, We changed in this way: If Guilty of any Crime If Not-Innocent at any Point will It Happen Again? Yes or No? Impossible to Judge to Open Jury even. Harm being something some action done to some person another directly deliberately after deliberation. Witnessed. By-self. Remotely-felt. If Not Actually Witnessed by reliable witness. With % of Witness Statement Accurate to some other N%/n%. The Evidence there. Put Posted Placed On-Line.
One persons’ memories and A.N.others.
Several and all there had to be still a Balance of Probability.
The Moneyed Stock-Markets were bust. They had nothing. At least no more than anybody else. Those owners that worked continued to work and those who had owned others and others homes offices factories returned to work. Organising our own workplaces and homes as we had always sought to do no longer bought and sold but working only for its worth to each other we built the new-societ(y)ies:…
Revenge had been the response not of the victimised but of judges and magistrates politicians and other people summarily and…in most cases brutally, poor and ignorant of sins committed in the name of their own happiness.
Now the decision agreed between the victim and victimised the ill-done-by and ill doer. Going on as long as the accuser continues to accuse or the accused deny.
A Decision mutually agreed between accuser and accused in social networks that maintain protection and social responsibilities defined not by some distant authority but by ourselves with each other. The bereaved injured and ill done by.
The Decision. A Re-compense?
A coming to terms social recognition and protection not simple revenge punishment that merely protracts depravity reoccurs but now recompense in protection and prevention to others.
The Accuser and Accused before each other agreeing the terms by which ill-deeds are to be treated. People protected and protecting each other.
The grievance complaint the accusation heard defended denied or admitted. The treatment imposed by the accuser and by the accused on the argument agreement and decision made between accuser and accused their representatives and the social networks in which we live.
No punishment worse than the crime.
The punishment anyway so as necessary for a suitable period for life lived. The day the stock-markets finally collapsed religion and faith resumed their role as tolerant spiritual healer tolerating the social conscience and cultural stabiliser.
Shit! Fertilser for the fields as for most of our history (social not personal) with our food and drink slightly alcohol uric acid making gunpowder or steriliser. Fireworks and guns. Purification edibility. Eating machines, like combine harvesters growing and being cut-down. The Syndicates of Faith and Hope to a Great Many. To the old the sick and insecure recourse to some solace. For the healthy and secure who crave not just livelihood and solace but excitement there is more than drab day to day existence on offer a life both of livelihood and of leisure. Employers are once more employed no longer dealing in people and means managers no longer fawn but not to organise and arrange in the common need.
Politicians Generals and Police Chief(s):
‘Guilty!!!’ disarmed have become historians and peacemakers. Now bankers and accountants and we all merchants and clerks no longer deal in money: accounting now only goods and services produced and distributed accounting supply and demand of everything to all.
People no longer work for others but for each other. Connected. Natural frontiers replace national frontiers.
Enforced and rigid boundaries replaced by mountains rivers oceans and seas arable lands deserts and
Forest-borders no longer between countries people and peoples; but shifting changing with the shifts and changes of the elements. Vast forests sown over dry deserts shaded by rain clouds falling.
Re-cycling nitrogen and oxygen, carbon dioxide and H2O in the air we breathe and continue to breath before the blazing sun finally blows away our living atmosphere, lungs and hearts, livers, kidneys and brainbox computer with Quantum alerts and messages constantly buzzing zooming and teaming.
The-environment; all of ‘It’ and as people have always done travel and trade across frontiers now free of passports exchange rates threat of violence or fear of false frontiers disappeared as the military and financial structures that held them collapsed. Controlling…
Each of us ourselves. Distributing and building in the spirit that trade and commerce had been before. Eco-Logistic(s): data not now for profit or for charity but not uncharitably or unrewarded; now given and received through routes already established and prepared for altered to accommodate new and universal and diverse wants and needs.
In times of privation and in times of plenty no longer for the exchange of the price of bread or the price of humanity but the sufficient quantity of bread and sufficient humanity for the earth to be a habitable place
for all.
Languages and cultures and peoples cross frontiers at once curious and enhancing syndicates of faiths beliefs interests expertise interrelating in mutual interexchange each with each other free of oppression one over another. To live to share to help to discuss to do to give and to take. In peace.
Violence had always been wrought to achieve all these activities yet never had achieved anything but their opposites. The emphasis now on co-operation which had always had to be anyway the emphasis now on friendly competition instead of exploitation.
Traditional evolutionary developmental structural theories evolved developed restructured redressed the balance from vicious competition and distrustful co-operation to constructive survival.
History recorded with pictures: Communications were re-opened.
Goods produced. Services provided. Gradually people redeployed themselves. No longer dealing in money but with goods services communications. People reworked their jobs their skills their needs in respect of other people.
People now order the goods and services they need mostly from where they got them before. Shops and offices re-organised themselves as deliveries restored.
Goods are delivered and collected on demand supplied as needed gradually supply met demand met needs. People most people were used to living day to day caring and conserving re-using re-cycling sharing what we have doing so now in the knowledge that there is recourse then to our needs.
Those without money offered exchange of valuable items food and drink and somewhere to stay. Street food vendors and hotels and guest houses soon became the centres of lively debate and discussion and solution. Became canteens Kitchens for-Free!
Shared carefully and as no-one knew how long this thing would last or go on for. Persisting persevering doggedly the wingless ant termite mound caste specially modified adaptive-Army: head and jaws become de-fence and attack only against natural disaster fuel and energy goods and services maintaining and engineering building the new societies.
Community service elder and child care releasing and realizing parents to do as they would be done by.
Garbage and Waste collection becomes Re-cycling Sewerage as Manure.
Once again clean-Water tanks and reservoirs pumping-stations and pipe-lines. Shoring up the levee digging the fish-lakes. Developments here and there then and now and else-where and else-when.
Re-Cycling Econom(y)ies:
Re-ordering: Societ(y)ies: in-Per(p)etua(t)(y)… The day the markets stood still the stock exchanges and government bureaucracies had become that part of history referred to as The Bleak-Ages. The centuries of oppression gave way to the end of vicious selfinterest and exploitation distrustful bargaining and plea.
What productive work had been done had not related to the wages of work the wages of work had merely related to what standard of living could be maintained by its means irrespective of the work done.
No-one not the factory worker or the ambulance driver did more or less work or more or less responsible work than each other yet people could maintain or just maintain vastly different standards of living. Self regulating markets and societies crossing and intersecting in place and time. Now the standard of living is that the ambulance-driver wants to be an ambulance driver and super-medic; the baker wants to be a baker. That people want to live in clean-streets not mean-streets; and to live long and healthy lives that each has the standard of living they want that each provide a standard of living for all. We now need work less without the wasted hours of forced enslavement that metered out the work until its day was done. Living for the livelihoods of each other and by the livelihoods of others our own livelihoods the only laziness the chosen forms of restfulness and relaxation.
Leisure-park and sports grounds including probably golf football (all of them) and handball or bat.
The Clerk accounting goods-in and goods-out rouging occasionally for fairness or mischief couldn’t get out of the habit but soon everyone pretty-much our-own our-own IT-consultants.
No-one works more than 3xdays-a-week equivalent at any one work, no split shifts unless requested. Unless we wanted-to. To get more Credits or with more to feeds to replenish the fields when drought or famine struck the home, and shopping needed to be done. To support the defences in a tamed nature as natures tames us. Of the earth of Earth of Peoples’ domestic civil and free.
Each to their own anarchy and will.
With responsibility not to harm another or themselves.
Without Purposeful-reason.
Will-power that cannot be helped?
Hunger pain fear hatred. Them and Us and Me. The standards of living are finally set by people the quality of livelihood and of life together the standards of living are set by people who work and live together in town village and countryside.
Grocer Fruit&Veg. sellers, confectionary and cloth and farmers transporters and computer operators negotiators and customers provide the fruit and vegetables bridge-builders build bridges people agree to provide and be provided for to maintain a standard of living without desperate scarcity generously rations reasoned for all. Soon things carried on much as before but no longer on the price of gold no longer on the price of humiliating hunger. Fields ploughed goods exchanged given and received. There is livelihood for all to feed to shelter to clothe to build the lives of others as needful as important as ones-own.
Bull Bear and Dragon-Markets. Lion Tiger and Liger.
Needs not met from one source then met from another.
Work now done when wanted and needed to be done.
The work done for interest self-respect social-status with all.
Goods produced distributed retailed for nothing except that they are available-to-all. So, livelihood was continued taken over; and as stocks depleted the syndicates of shops warehouses transport farms and factories services and supplies reconnected as they had done before co-operating and competing toward the quality reconstituted toward the standard of life worked for together. Where Civil(is)(a)tions’ had collapsed in greed and democratic dis-honesty overindulgence and deprivation where people had gorged and people had starved and suffered; where stocks had been built up not as in ancient-times taboo had magically locked-away for when the harvest failed stocked and stored waiting for the price to rise and if not food factories people left to rot when the markets fell abandoned; for more profit elsewhere, then the Stock Ex-Changes themselves collapsed, changed… Where the Stock-Exchanges loaded down with goods and food factories and people where goods had to be continually produced yet still held in short supply where supply could have met all demands as now it can and does. Now stocks are built up and used and saved for times of need and any need that the telex and computer communicating syndicates may record and be able to respond to. Syndicates: gambling, is life, RU?S$fed€rated:
You-an’ Global inter-twine inter-connect(ed.) through individuals and the various groups we combine with and become one as the society and societies became one a combination a harmony de-reharmonising. Different groups coming together at different times and places altering changing adapting dispersing when no longer active or needed making new groups devolving amongst groups of people affecting and effecting our own lives as ever yet no longer oppressed and suppressed by self assumed elites now ourselves as elite in what we are and what we are most capable and best at the bridge-builders build bridges fruit and vegetables are grown and distributed. People we us-selves have power as individuals personality personified. Not-group, but many innumerable perhaps…
Not-leader but none, perhaps…
Sets un-set as at any one or many in-numerable perhaps between being born and death…later.
Individuals Personalities not relinquishing-Power to a group by-toeing-the-line baited the-whip basted the hot-oil as political-parties or religious-sects. These no-longer serving any but all purpose(s)…
Groups-come-together through need and interest.
People bringing their own individual flair flier not to upstage and overrule others not to usurp and control not to gain power within the groups the key to decision making is consensus and pragmatism no-longer power-and-corruption lies. These groups we are and are parts-of; parents-groups adults- and children-s play family-fun. Agricultural and industrial co-operatives streets and areas community-(G)roups.
®etailers- and producers-associations.
©onsumers groups self-help groups.
(P)ressure -groups interest-groups and dis-interest-groups.
Advice- and servicing-agencies social-groups.
People had been and are constructing striving not to repeat to eternity the old antagonisms and distrusts in spite of and despite ancient barriers and fears people now construct contrive and control livelihoods on-awide and ever-wider-scale.
Moving into the once inevitable chasm between supply and demand that profit had stretched to impossible and disastrous limits the chasm moved into by the silent stealth of centuries of quiet busy plodding construction between people learning skills social and interpersonal skills denied in serfdom and slavery. That had been re-stricted rules and re-gu(l)atio(n)s to the tipping-of-the-cap and bending of the knee now all looked all others in the eyes…faster than the speed of light…
Not told when we could not told when that we now could take over our own lives and respect those of each other not told by some new power crazy regime now the means and the will was apparent and controllable by all with all developed before in movements and actions and common sense and sociability. In groups of people now no longer oppressed and suppressed sub-cultured now in fact now the stock markets had finally collapsed. There is this group and that group this culture and that culture personal cargo-cult evolving and involving groups that had come together to protect or promote interests and needs. No longer accessory to and emulating the outgoing privileged and elitist groups who had decided how and why fruit and vegetables were distributed or bridges-built (Aristotle). Unique DNA bar-digital code retina finger-print all overcome by determined fraudsters…contact-lense camera-connected. Simple latex finger pad could be designed and drawn with ease by any home-made device. Coding: production continuing to keep pace and out-pace controls with digit-numerals letters words or nonsense scrambles and unscrambled encrypted and unencrypted to the extent that everything left accessible anyway to anyone with personal permissions to do trade or some other related social activity social-exchange… And such that any de-frauding can be instantly identified and stopped auto-open investigation deleting replacing and re-setting with worst-best or best-worst different voted-in and voted-out before any of us can cause too-much confusion, contradiction, hierocracy or hypocracy and more complex and scrambled personal-code; taking Personal-Credit (PC): Name on the deeds the name and DNA whole plots only indivisible do-it-yourself or get-someone-in to do the building and maintenance the worker and the bourgeoisie interchangeable depending on the job the skills and the consistency-in-trust:
Good-Faith in Hu-Manity.
De-Bit (DBt)unfairness unfairly?
Credit. Fairly…
Forest leaf-mould left-there or taken-out to gardens and market-gardens walking there and back with sacks on our backs or auto-trolleyed to where the autumn and winter-crops the ground prepared for the springplanting summer-ripening and harvesting. Along un-tram-lined roadways and broken-up lanes hindering access except to the occupiers to-and-from Motile-points…
Staging-posts between home and City land and sea and air. Soaring pink and light-brown deep blues and browns bright yellow and orange. Hundreds of meter high balconied walls. In stacks and stucco-ed steps.
Taut-line steel-wire and sloping steep Concrete-staired. Rigid-raised to the heights. Creating a road a canyon from rock and trees.
The air river of life swarmed down there; and in the fields picked at crops and each other. Drove vehicles back-and-forth up- and-over under-and-down-Town on Trams cars and buses. Grand Railway Station aery and light dark and fore-boding what? Journeys to and from millions of them. Flying over flyovers and under passes bridges roundabouts circus grand-squares and Underground homes and park. Fields and Ports. Concrete steel and glass stacked carbon-fibre: immensely strong structure(s), for: Space-Travel. Un-imaginable distance through the clouds went into inner and outer Space-itself. Roadied: Towers’ constructed.
Tram and Train-lines into and through the clouds. Almost the stratosphere and where craft left easily for the Earth-Lunar Martian Jovian and Saturnian-moon(s) quatrain and Quatrain.
Settled outposts of mining and bio-development: Portal.
Once transporting back to Earth safe for Greenhouse-Warming Event (GWE) become Virtual-Greenhouse with dust dark-Plains and Mountainous barren wastes between.
Now developing Colonies on these Place(s) and Space(s) too.
Colonies of OurSelves. Transported and re-tained ethos of co-operative competition to survive and goings’ on. Constituencies: warded in the countryside roads of carbon granules on iron-filings and Earth magnetised magnetising Moon-vehicles travelling silently.
Except for a bleep-bleep warning.
Easily heard and directed in one-direction and around by the Television and Radio-active screen-wipe re-wind.
Unseen outside talking chatting passing messages and information harmless for the most part.
Where threat and harm is apparently intended picked-up and with confirmation assistance immediately sent. Greys’ mixed with blue and sandy red-brownstone distinguished the different places on these places.
As they did the ancient village hamlets. Towns and Cities and still the Housed Planet behind and below satellite rooftops wind tunnel farms and wave solar sails, through the water, over the water, above the water…and air, breathed, the same. Chalkwhite clay and black-oil flint and slate. Bricks mortared together spring sprung fibre defending against regular and predicted tremors of ground that otherwise proved fertile and stable. The life that scattered around constantly talking to each other chatting and chattering to friends family strangers and workmates. Recent-acquaintances or silent quiet amongst the unheard background noise hum of virtually silent traffic hooting and horns blasting and bicycle bells. Graffiti Car-park scrawled on walls in Finest-face. Ballooned and bubbled struck-out and emblazoned by bright paint blocks and borders. One a Monkey hanging from the trees and spouting a speech-bubble signed: I am not Monkey.
Another signed: I am Monkey. The smell of food from food-stalls giving out food steaming rice or potatoes vegetables of all kinds and perhaps some meat.
Scraped from the Kebabish or a few sliced pieces of pork, goat or chicken.
By the seas and lakes fish grilling poached and steamed raw caught and cooking with the smell of the sea and lush forest lakes and rivers. Of land the smell musty fungi and berries and fruits. For food times, all special moments with friends, colleagues, family. Wet clay and dry odourless desert apart from the Oasis sweet nuts and berries cracked and stewed ground and fermented: The Blue-Planet. White to grey-clouded. Blue-black oceaned. Yellow and blue-green and brown ground. Cities made out silver and gold glittering at night barely noticed under or over the Suns’ re-flection, in another daytime. Between the two and more Cities which themselves moved sometimes shockingly catastrophically rarely to a few lifetimes of never you never know…that could be anytime anywhere anyway disaster of the natural kind like the weather as predictable as the last minute no-longer. In time getting better at long term forecasting only minimally over the Centuries changes but then…but, then… Re-building again: right there better this time it is hoped and expected but not certain ever.
If we were to take an X-ray picture-shot of the Earth there were ironically there best and plentiful materials for building ever higher and deeper. The Great Rivers the Great Cities of the Equatorial Regions and Polar-Capes. Sea-boards and Great-lakes and Oceans. Connecting the Earth reaching into Space-Gravity, and the Centre of the Earth. Experiments to build elsewhere in the vast interiors unless linked complete failures sometimes flooded shaken rarely destroyed never totally always re-turned. Purple-dust thrown up in the air in celebration coming down like purple-rain festival of colour and light and heat. Bonfires burned dancing on glass bloodied feet in exhortation bowing praying standing falling to the knees. Feel the Force! some jeered others
I Felled the Force!!
Feel. Don’t think!
Think about what you’re doing! Police set an example wide-Angle to Pin-point focus:
Where are all the people coming from?
Well fight well fight we will die that is what he have come here for!
Cannot fight against that.
But do! Rammed run-into the crowd the vehicles otherwise stopped and turned over burnt-out the journalist film-crew fled, re-scued… People came out of doorways from side-streets and down the main-streets into the centre.
In what they were wearing a coat thrown over or a T-shirt ripped and ripped-off in defiance and defence.
Sleeves rolled-up in overalls and slips suit-jackets off and whirling above the head.
Un-tied short shirt-tails flying soon the sweat from exertion and fear mixed with wafting tear-gas fumes.
As people who had nothing but demonstrate noisily and in front of the closed banks and government buildings and un-trading Stock-markets; and refused to move until demands were met by ourselves. Demands were met with a hooting whistling jeering drowned-out further repeats of the Midday Declaration as it had become known or the Ignored-Announcement. Further Government-announcement that order would be restored and the Midday Declaration honoured. Honour a word not often connected to the regimes and financial transactions of the globe especially in times of such crisis. Energetic assembly impulsive actions brought to heel…
Sensation is a thing!
Yellow-white petroleum light clean smell diesel black stink burning rubber tyres.
Plastic and metal hoardings ripped-down and set-alight in the street.
Dusk-lighting wet on the streets where the water-cannon had outdone the poor drainage and last ramblers. Wanderers. Revellers. Celebrating not-mourning the Victory for the slain and injured and hurt.
Followed or were followed by their reflections.
Like secret-police. Support your Services. Looking ahead:
Dappled-light hint-of (G/g)ender.
Spatter of oil on asphalt shattered sump.
Private-detectives each no longer publicly-owned and acting-for the-State.
Glistening streets from the plunging perspective camera-sweeps leaves in the wind.
Bright marbling deep maroon where blood-pooled dried to the concrete.
Gates and window-blinds in broken windows fluttered noisily sometimes lifelessly draped insides burnt-out.
Vertical horizontal view.
The confrontational conformist collaborators dissolving into each other and slithering away to be found and different; as everyone else.
Will we all live to see the Dawn? Step-vision forward-leaping into the subjects very view zoned-in.
Zoned-out. Panned-out. Different
Alphabetic-Language Pictogram(s).
Easier sign-posts mostly. Idea-grammatic recognition. Sat at long-tables benches in rows tapping at keyboard. Looking up.
Moving around. talking less than when the office was open plan and each could actually see each other to
Commence-interaction. Conversation. A-joke.
A complaint.
Experience in the illumination of things purposeful meaning point.
Principal signature device. Patently copyright: formed slabs of dis-informative obscure light… The day the stock-markets finally collapsed it was the day all people had been working towards: to control our own lives from the ground-up.
But then often fighting for or about and there had been victories and defeat(s)…
Victories only in the sense of not entirely losing. Defeat was often felt and victories never for long. Often complacency and despair set-in. And there was never victory for any side if victory were to be final.
Continual war and never a total defeat or total-victoryies. Until the day the stock-markets finally collapsed.
Then all that we had been working for to continue our livelihoods as an act of goodwill an act of freewill
for a peaceful and safe productive world. Citizen non-Citizen distinction erased, there so what? No longer
Faith but Charity. In and with each other. No longer Ghetto donors or Donor-ghettoes Nations Countries
and Peoples. Torture money-justice fines extortion and persecution. Ghettoes and donor-ghetto. Confessing
to crimes we did not commit or intend to commit. By violence threat of violence and actual violence you
could see everyday eyes, everytime feel the pain. Entrepreneurship by the banks and bigbusiness to riot to run-riot with murder and mayhem. Home and Abroad. Revenge and reprisals. Reconciliation. Democracy is listening to the other points of view not reducing them to pointless… Every disturbance turbulence has a riched reached a point and it is our job to find it or suffer permanent delusion. Rhetorical over-statement mixing metaphors gets you into that kind of trouble. Poverty of money and mind of a Shark yet afraid-of banning of libraries academies and useless-technology and no-innovation. IT really isn’t. IT really is…MASTER&Slave. SLAVE&once-Master… For dread of those who otherwise are allowed to live. In what is all our own and-not. That of others. Other animals all creatures great and small. Each treated with the same respect as we show each other.
Changed and changing but for the-better to help-others. Taxes absurdly in-efficient.
Optimising-exchange: Efficiency. When leaving finally the old-mans final-leaving the Old-Lad(y)s’ Home-
(i)mprovement at least left-behind. In a world I never made. A world that I did at least help make.
Equilibrium(s) in the box: Utility.
Played-Praxis. Pragmatic.
From the community for the community. Your(s) Mine. Mine, your
Global Asset-Union; surplus to secure deposits and enable benefits giving at a rate set by the culmination of the first and only credit-deposit equally all. The money in banks and pockets on the day.
All-the-money credited-credits from every single bank account and anyother (i)ncluding that under the mattress-bed: Computer-Safe: ready to be drawn on to pay for the basics minimum sales to each until the system which it did in days gelled. Gelded and Golded. Always and only ever two times as many credits for the taking as for the keeping. Col-lateral…
3D 4-Owned by members co=operative all of us and competitive in its everyday uses.
Friendly and Building Societies. Guilds by Bond of Association.
Micro-finance. Bookstand-publishing-news from each of us online.
Top-down-discredited lost-the-plot lost-out touch too big-failed small-part toxic-whole. Dynamic bottom up organisation organic mechanised- and mechanising-parts in non-mechanical interaction; into
Consciousness. Emerging- dispersing immersing entropy repair and innovation re-vitalisation…
Atomic cellular and primal viral life; growing bacterial-viral-algic beds. To treat illness and provide fuel and light. Who knows? preserving here and in our Inner and Outer-Space. Global-Credit: UniversalAsset(s): Special-Forces: Each of us our own President and CEO and General-Officer-Staff: producers and consumers…
Each Chief bottle-washer and paper recycler; when not on screen from screen and scanning-too.
No central hub not even the planet as it was but millions upon millions of connections infinite connection. Only Cyber-Wars left to fight top-flight limited and controlled by the democracy on-line reflected in the democracy on the ground in the air underground and in Space.
Cyber-filtration filtrated non-existent because of open-networking there are no secrets to filtrate in-private browsing secures the individual whilst engagement with business activity of any kind open and blogging
Blog-Market. Having (i)nterest in protecting and helping for a (f)(u)(t)ure.:
The Ancient Cities retained their quaint wonder at how people lived and worked in these places.
Ancient rock and glass and steel low to the ground the lay of the land and streets and roads between; or soaring away from the ground into the air. With statements of singular ugliness with hardly any ornamentation bold and brass. Discrete entities of little but engineering functionality and grand-design built-in fixed turret or flat-roof sometimes with a garden or helicopter-pad.
Now: City-Streets are part of the design.
Between Travelling-Hub(s) (TH(s): between public open building swirling patterns unlike the squareformed shopping-mall or leisure-centre: colour and pattern incorporated in steel and plastic.
Along swirling corridors strip Card-Machines for Solar-Paneled…
Bubble-pod parking. Card-and-ride on the public transport systems. Often crowded but with enough space to spread. Busy with shoppers. ENTS (entertainment) goers.
Centres with cinema two and three-dimensions on a flat screen holographic 3D and actorly theatre. Children’s’-Centre(s) and games and sports facilities Social Net-
Working and Learning Areas (SNWLAs) all.
Offices become homes and Homes offices and meetings apart in the canteens or video-conferencing and other (such as person-projection) for essential face-face. Text-mail and photo-graphics for social occasions where to eat drink and share occasion being there was essential. The people in our street or road village-town the ones we meet everyday mostly visit to assist family and family-friend. Each of us if we wish to be our own taxis and ambulance (not fire-engine or riot-control water-cannon though). Only threat of peaceful violence or natural destruction as contradictory should any conflict require intervention of the community intervention there will be. Peaceful calming and cooperative in the general good; put there only for the common-good…We wander through these Cities floating thermal airships tethered cloud-nine geodesics. Kilometre-Klicks feet inching across almost equal in all directions. Electro-magnetic levitation-trains swishing-and-swooshing Here-and-There. Sky-ray beams balancing-power. Mega-structure tensgricity continuous compressed bars and struts prestressed cable tendon delineating spacial-specific relations and relationships. Organic dynamic generalised systemic-systematic. Ever-in-need-of-correction and thus adaptation for the existence. For the good not-evil. For life and lives. Ourselves as pre-loaded parts and points; never welldefined precisely ultimately perfectly but well-defined and understood nevertheless. Within the limits of understanding everyday understanding necessary for the safe and happy life. In emerald and gold silver and ruby-red subtle plastic plates of browns and yellow-orange light dark-blue for the sky. Encased metal leg-spring bubbling balloon pods on the outside rising up and down.
Earth&Sky. Sky&Earth. Mediabridge and solar-power-plant and Peoples-Assembly continuously on-line:…
Assorted Admino-sphere internet-hub Homes and media-Connected; reflected river-islands tree grown and inhabited: ‘What you gonna do when the river runs dry?’
Public Image Limited.
Private. Never-happen…in-mind.
The Ancient-Cities transformed the old towns and villages exist in their own rights and responsibilities social life and Community-Business. People-Business…Set-into the World-Wide Web by exchange and extraction; and em-placement…Agreed and managed by the locals who wish to do so for ourselves and our community by definition. The Earth-Tattooed Palimpsest scraped-clean and scratched-through; and used-again. Prometheus not bringing the Apocalyptic-Fire this time. Andromeda holding-back natural-Terrors Triangulem!!! With: rational national-defences#
De-fending against viral con(t)agion illness electronic or cellular.
Suit-able housing and sustenance.
(In)©luding why not? some luxuries that anyone who may be able to work for themselves would-expect. Everyone does anything as a necessity, always as a choice.
Should, only could. There is a sliding scale at this point up and down supply and demand. Who can get something and who has something to pass-on.
Ourselves our family and friends and colleagues.
Limited Private-Public Company: Chosen Office&Shop: open all hours.
Sometimes in partnership, anyway Global. Floating pontoon growing trees as from the root-plinth vast-forests. Towering spreading out from the top across the savannah and wildwood jungle-rainforest below. Above wind-solar energy cells soaring in the distance.
A days-walk along existing tracks a few…seconds by bubble-pod. Re-searched experimented de-mented engineered fuel-saving using-ocean travelling resorts current producing current to drive and berth giant catamaran under-ground Cities and lakes and caves. Zero-waste aimed-for continuously everything re-cycled.
Super-efficient costs-down in-lives and damage to the planet; as-well-as-time-to-relax and play enjoy. Set-against-each-other for the time non-lethal non-injurious obviously the aim to win then best-of-friends-again or indifferent nonchalant once-Victorious. Con-cerned if not until the next-time; the replay the next matching of Fair Sporting Rivals. People and friends as equal-competitor. Trivia-gamin! ; children’s’ day-dream-inception. From adult night-mare as far as able providence. From bucolic landscape the architects and engineers dreams realised once the curtain pulled aside. Bug-like form-blocks machine-tooled programmed to effect the hologrammatic-image-form and make with introduced materials themselves not or no-longer-alive lacking any intrinsic worth like-money.
That for a land of chemical elements and electronic-computers.
Favour and obligation-exchange as every relationship or emotion is related-to.
Inside-outside towers leaning-in prepared air-conditioned or warmed to comfortable degree for living. Sustainable making the necessaries and the luxuries shared-building and shopping-strip-mall on every other-level. Tran(s)lucent poly-carbonate elevators. Space, Elevators.
Ice-run peaks and pearlescent amongst hills and dips to the forest-floor.
Office restaurant and shopping shard hotel open-observation decks.
Sports arena match-day shown inside-live outside almost-live by zapo-seconds.
The fans United in-Game City and in spirit of fair-rules Fair-play.
Sport-matrix: weird and Wonderful.
No-one knows the score, the final re-sult, until the end.
Unless fixed from the start, like magic, undone.
World-series inter-Country now multi-pod place and points-refereed by each side fairly and squarely. Sweeping huge curves and leaning inward and layered balcony soaring distanted by depth as height and width.
By tree-lined river-side solar day-time. Night-time street-lights like a City-flooded docked ported parked sea-skimmer embarked under-water electron Q-turbine.
Mega-City: pyramid algae-powered fuel-cell and personal rapid transport pods through-out.
Wheeling on blades-running like every modern city from Kuala-Lumpar …to… well Kuala-Lumpar again. Mexico-Wall: Harassing all Vessels may as well be any Modern PortCity: Aircraft Carriers: Space-Craft: InterNational-Space-Station: Planetary Lunar-Craft taking-off and arriving: New-Culture(s): all the time…
Ours! By the equatorial and temperate Mega-Countries and Cities north- and south- poles.
Floating Living-Observator(y)ies rain-water recycling though-out.
Remaining rain-forest; and history-to-present-library-museum Gyre-like.
The present-day present-day; and everything that could happen has happened.
Everything that could-happen, is: The-Future: actively in-charge administered
Tracker-exchange traded-swaps
Index-linked communication and liaison…
Compatibility Mode. Torrential downloading DOS Attack. Warning:
Closedown. The so-called ‘Free-Market’4open-access networks’ thousands, millions, billions, of market-farms producing food and crops; factories and workshops producing goods. WF4: WarFair4: Global-Citizen. Living time replace money worked for earned or lost-die twice, a third-time, possibility n/N to:
New-Green-Deal: Industrial pro-ductive: [13:50, 7/21/2020]
Super-Earth(s): Moons and Mars: around technologically accessible Solar planetary moons and planets in the distant stellar space: wind&water, go-together, take energy to make, or to destr(0)oy(y)
-National:Inter: De-pendence non-National anymore. In: dependence…Occupation. Unitarian Statist Hardliners. Separatists who claim they are realists, federalist sentimentalists free not let loose set free but becoming free each of us a federation to ourselves and others at different times and places held together by love and necessity. Self-sustaining dormitory trading towns and villages, cities and countries of no fixed-borders except those people make, for say, taxi-journeys within the ring-road circular periphery, to fields and gardens tended and grown-up in, barren wastelands recycling sunlight, wind-power and wave. Peoples’ Democratic Re-Public(s): Private(s): Self-sustaining dormitory trading towns and villages, cities and countries
Fresh waterbed.
Place holder:carddetails. Toprate — > div.class Standard notesow. Cardtype:PN1carddetails
>!-continue button– >”float”:left;w:150px;… Nct102vxPlaceHolder-PN1Payment: Standard Container Input Select.Option.Element style .Webkit appearance : textified. CAN WE FIND, THIS Monocard >Cloud <, an unpredictable or unidentifiable part of a network through which data passes Independent separate causing anxiety or fear dimmed darkening part flying airborne mass of particles. Dust smoke ice water crystals bubbles or baubles, joined-flakes, and stars. Visible in the atmosphere, precipitation: rain, sleet, hailstorm and tornado. Hanging over the future, despair despondency and gloom. Misty, playing. Confusing, appear less good, detract. From the issue, to the reputation. Impaired, by depression, or Judgement, or Causation. In retrospect, an opaque, murky past. My Cloud. Numbered 1-9, or more. Disgraceful, and Graceful. Fair, and unfair. Equal, and unequal, all ways. Sleep-dream awake-sleep: alternative reality undeath identify story vehicle…
Die to save another’s’ life. One you love. One who is just there, impulsive not intentional, altruism. Benefit self only in the extent to which bravery, or foolishness since not knowing for sure the likely outcome even, oddly takes the chance. Stranger in a free world I never made. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Effective. Absurd? Consumerist: Shopping-Mall. Living-Quarters’ Office-Block(s) and Business-Centre(s): providing services to the: Trades and the Arts and Crafts Re-Tail! if that is what you are into: Creativity!
‘Destroy to Create!’
‘Create to destroy. Re-pair and main-tain.’
Shopkeepers and Market-Stall-holder(s): Maintaining supply and demand, between people wanting and needing products: Hospital and House-builders: Bread-Bakers and Care-Workers and Empiric: Estate-Agents’ Mortgage-
Companies: no-more: not-for-profit: Credit-Banks and Building-Societies:
‘Gone under?’ the Clerk interrupting again, now, and starting to get in on the swing-of-it, again:
‘So what is the point of going to work for some-one else, of earning, or growing anymore than you, and
your family maybe, and friends’ need in times of hardship and natural disaster, or whatever? What is the
point of growing or making anything anymore than you need yourself?’
‘To buy more, other goods, supposedly, so?’
‘Peasant! 4Other(s)! Philistine! Third-Generation Slave! Peasant-Serf: Free-born!’ When all we need, and could, and want to choose to share, could be shared, free, literally for nothing? And, as soon as, to take to market, exchange good for other goods, and that is your profit. Pure ex-tortionate-Profit!
Money…you can use on: Best-Bargain: Credit(s)! Or: Biggest Rip-Off! Family: Rogue-Trader: Workers’ scarcity: What you need for you and yours; and who might work for you, and who we work for. Hard(l)y years of profit and loss when only enough to survive, or not…but with enough to survive…there is no interest to pay and no requirement to even pay the money back at all. Equity financing distributes the risk of doing business among a large pool of investors (shareholders) and stockholders (Farmers, Sporting Man-U-Factors…Hammer and Sycle. Chisel and Anvil. Farmers we all. Workers we all. IT experts we all.
If the company investment fails the founders, and owners, don’t lose all of their money; they lose several thousand smaller chunks of other people’s money. Customers become shareholders, as they own part of the stock, and lose it when it becomes useless and another is needed to buy the next generation cell-phone comms. the purpose of a Compan(y)ies baring its’ teeth at the Stock in the Stock-Market(s) collapsed: to make money from the public and return profit (dividend) gained, once the company makes successful returns. Without losing. With no additional liability, Duty of Care.
‘We’ keep the wealth, in bankruptcy the equity would more than cover Common-Wealth; so, we can risk some more, to: enable the development of Clean Green (I)(n)(d)(u)(s)try through investment and transfer sale of shares to raise more capital part or fully paid liability for debt in in-solvency; sticking, the Shareholders are paid-out at Share-Value at the time of insolvency. Puts and Stays. Thus able to risk large amounts without loss, not above the law. Ruthless profit for the company bosses, if it fails, paid-out bonus.
Bonus! before the shareholders, before the managers, the workers, stakeholders dependent and dispensable loss-makers…
It then rests with the suppliers and customers to this corporation to decide whether or not they will trans-act business with it. De-spite pushing suppliers margins to the limit in search of profit, despite almost desperate advertisement exaggerating the performance of the product whatever it may be (and it really does not matter much what it is, morally or ethically, or socially responsibly) withholding repressively any negative performance or research results or customer satisfaction ratings, pressure selling at vastly inflated prices non-returnable, for profits, then they, the suppliers and customers, as well as the workers and managers and administrative clerks, proceed at their own-risk. Humanitarian-assistance: Rapid-Deployment Team (RDT): CountryMission (.cm): Assurance freely-contracted, for in advance as a right of a free individual, as if a special privilege. It is not necessary that governments grant charters to corporations. They take it for themselves, the government trails along. Selling a dupe, the public suckers list…workers’ co-operatives, with sharedliability, but not encouraged, or enforced, or through both failed: through non-investment, personally or financially…now we take-‘It@? >out if it does not, either actually, or actually more significantly, virtually… Note-sign and continual-innovation. No real-risk. Limited-liability for debt…with the benefits of the incorporation-bubble, limited directors zero risk and shareholders personal or partnership liability for any losses over their stake, interest only, the stake can only becomes Zero. ID: Data-source: Access and Storage. Intel. Analysis. Predictive insight. Product extension. Decision
Support System. Event Patterning. Abstracted modelling hierarchy: senior-managers up only interested-in screwing customers, workers, staff and the-Government, or at least the NRA ERA IRA or whatever
Pay yourself through your own Business.
Not just money on screen.
Not only money on screen.
If you have no money for baked beans in a can.
Event-Horizon. On a large rock. A Boulder! in Space. Heading from the Sun towards Earth.
Angled away from the Sun one quarter unclear if Angle(N/n) is Enough? To miss Earth completely perhaps even collide with the Moon instead. Or another Planet between us and the Sun. Mercury Pluto and Beyond. Mars and its’ two moons inhabitable and The Asteroid Belt: then Jupiter with its visible and inhabitable moons and Saturn with its ready rock and mineral for growing supply in its deep star and planetary moon outer-rings and inner gas fuel supply in Plenty! Uranus and Neptune: Pluto with its’ many and innumerable and wide-flung habitable moons. Accompanying the Planetary-orbits more Asteroid-numbered parts.
The ever wider Outer-Asteroid belt(s): into the surrounding barely Sun-lit Space. To: the next-stars. And Beyond…as everything casually caused.
Only after-the-event rational or reasoned-out then previously so thought-out:
Economic-Algorythmic: People(s): Global: Rogue-Accredited: Nomadic-Monarchial: Presidential: Ministerial Nation-State and Countryside: Global-Citizen: All: De(n)(i)Zen: historical: a foreigner allowed certain rights in their adopted country allowed certain re-sponsibilities if this is War then fair endless battles everyday and so what is Peace…to that? Also by M.Stow:
WarFair4: Part Two: The Day the-Markets Collided. Into The Abyss
WarFair4: Part Three: The Day the Markets finally collapsed. Global-Citizen and:
Walter Mepham (A First World War true family and personal stories)
EarthCentre:The End of the Universe (An Anthropic Odyssey)
Universal Verses
Pan Tan-Gou
Other short stories and poetry All copyright@M.Stow.2020 all rights reserved. CCI Standard Oil Co. (by Pablo Neruda, Canto General, 1940)
Posted on June 26, 2010 by reed When the drill bored down toward the stony fissures
and plunged its implacable intestine
into the subterranean estates,
and dead years, eyes of the ages,
imprisoned plants’ roots
and scaly systems
became strata of water,
fire shot up through the tubes
transformed into cold liquid,
in the customs house of the heights,
issuing from its world of sinister depth,
it encountered a pale engineer
and a title deed.
However entangled the petroleum’s arteries may be,
however the layers may change their silent site
and move their sovereignty amid the earth’s bowels,
when the fountain gushes its paraffin foliage,
Standard Oil arrived beforehand
with its checks and it guns,
with its governments and its prisoners.
Their obese emperors from New York
are suave smiling assassins
who buy silk, nylon, cigars
petty tyrants and dictators.
They buy countries, people, seas, police, county councils,
distant regions where the poor hoard their corn
like misers their gold:
Standard Oil awakens them,
clothes them in uniforms, designates
which brother (sic!) is the enemy.
the Paraguayan fights its war,
and the Bolivian wastes away
in the jungle with its machine gun.
A President assassinated for a drop of petroleum,
a million-acre mortgage,
a swift execution on a morning mortal with light, petrified,
a new prison camp for subversives,
in Patagonia, a betrayal, scattered shots
beneath a petroliferous moon,
a subtle change of ministers
in the capital, a whisper
like an oil tide,
and zap, you’ll see
how Standard Oil’s letters shine above the clouds,
above the seas, in your home,
illuminating their dominions. Arundhati Roy: Capitalism is destroying the Planet 2020.
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness 2017.
The God of Small Things 1997. “What’s terrible is to pretend that second-rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don’t need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you’re capable of better.”
― Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook 1962 Rhodesia-Zimbabwe London, England.
The mass of the Africans up and down the continent were sardonically amused at the sight of their white masters crusading off to fight the racialist devil – those Africans with any education at all. They enjoyed the sight of the white baases so eager to go off and fight on any available battle-front against a creed they would all die to defend on their own (European) soil. Right through the war, the correspondence columns of the papers were crammed with arguments about whether it was safe to put so much as a pop-gun into the hands of any African soldier, since he (sic!) was likely to turn it against his white masters, or to use this useful knowledge later. It was decided, quite rightly, that it was not safe.

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