The Day the Market(s) stood still   …   M.Stow

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Part One: The Day The Markets stood still   …   

In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. Confucius (551-479 before modern era)

Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning (there) they have little meaning anywhere. Eleonor Roosevelt (1882-1962 modern era)

WarFair4.1. The Day The Markets stood still    …   

The-Train moved slowly out from the glass and steel raised slab of the new edge-of-the-Town main-line high-speed railway-platform, running alongside the banking blank back of high-street shops, and the station car-park awaiting re-turn.

Into harvested-fields and open-grazed pastures below remaining precipitous pine-forest, planted-poplar windbreak, shielded, through the trees, the new day’s sun appeared speared, blinking-awake burst! through the-Train carriage breaking-beyond blue-grey staggered and staged, rolled and ranged; from the east-peaked settling yellow-orange onto the western-hills shadow-flanking purple-green valleys, and up-country, the gridded farm-framed plains where the day was already begun.

Heat greyhazed and lifted across a dried-up estuary as thinrain spluttering over an elevated riveted-iron ochre painted girder-bridge, built on pillars of a deep-red local stone and brickwork arched, and breached. With the Sun’s rays the-train rattled-on emergent as through a fog over a beached river, onto the other-side of a ravenous, gaping-gorge. Over-spilling onto the outskirts of recently built-up ancient sea-harbour and river-port Town, sub-urban high-rise housing-project and industrial-units, business-park and shopping-mall. Home-furniture and motor-car showrooms sales-rooms, cheap-hotel and motel link razor-wire fenced, chained-in. A horse-paddock, gated and padlocked adjacent to a blue-green to red-waiting train-crossing signal.

A freight-train privileged over passenger passaged prerogative thundering-by, that morning, the commuter-train trundling alongside for now, across a shared black and yellow chequer-painted railroad-crossing. Arterial hot-tar-road, weighted-heavy and ever busy with traffic. Coach and omnibus, cycle and motorcycle, car and caravan-trailer. Articulated-juggernaut container-shipment on-board, beneath ramped onto an over-passing concrete-highway, into, and out of Town.

All traffic travelling with one accord.

To-and-from galvanized corrugated iron-steel and zinc-tin roofing, roving between cinder-block entryways, loading and un-loading bays, canopy-coping covered, coded and secured air-extracting to the outside-world. Un-seen inside windowless between belching cooling water-tower pylon-linking electric-welding workshop, engineering factory-crafted, machined and manufactured goods. Human re-sources, food and furniture packaged warehousing shipped to-and-from harbour- town City-port and portals, co-modifying in-return stock-yards stacked-up exchange-value assured many markets awaiting transport, to-and-from, Home and Abroad.

1. She.

‘It’s like living in a rabbit-hutch.’ She often thought and said metaphorically He replied with a shrug with nothing to say in reply. It was She thought again, and it would take long enough to pay for. Eight-floors up looking over the street below, now starting to become busy with traffic. They, had lived with his parents for a time, and then after they were married tenanted a small rented flat in the City, before they needed to afford somewhere to live together, and to bring-up their two small children. They had both saved, and with some financial-help from a relative (deceased) they had managed to get this place, when the housing market was ‘buoyant’ and home-loan mortgages easy to get and pay-back, if you were both in work. The home was bought with a loan, a promissory note, deposited co-lateraled together with the home itself.

They were settled, they were afloat.

Both worked to pay-off the loan, which although it was supposed to reduce each year, did not seem ever to keep up with prices and pay. The loan would anyway be paid-off many times over, with interest, if they were ever to pay-off the debt. If this place was ever to become their own She thought, if they managed to keep paying-off with interest for ‘the shelter from the storm’ as they called it, from everyday life a home, a life-style, that they did not own now, and may not-ever actually, actuarily own. If, in short-order foreclosed to sell-back at Market-Price, the difference between the original bought-price along with interest and paid-off they would have lost to The Mortgage Company Crediting-Bank then, as putative overlord land-lord they with no- recourse, and they then become homeless.

On The Street. Refugees, like any war-time evacuees forced to leave their home, that was not and may never be theirs dynastically to keep. For-life, to pass on to their children, perhaps; at any-point they may have to return to their elderly parents, and over-crowding as before; or, co-habiting with friends, similarly fixed. Their home, such as it was theirs re-possessed. Their home repossessed, their own-owned lives, up until then, de-faulted, dis-possessed…their-Home: a two-bedroom cabin apartment She thought of: kitchen-lounge, bathroom and toilet, and tiny balcony between them and the sky above, onto the world below. Each day, each month, and each successive year into the unthinkable future no-deposit interest-only, nearly two-thirds every month of two, now four lifetimes    …    the Loan would have been paid for several times over by the time and if ever, the inhabitation became theirs or their Children’s own owned, and lives lived-in; and, perhaps even their grand-Childrens’ once paid-for with extortionate interest charges and zero-hours work security … but that is the nature of the human animal, is it not? To do over and be done over again and again? She thought: wanting more and more for less and less and freely prepared to do anything for any kind of livelihood in-effect: a walking nightmare as if a daydream of violent retribution murderous-suicidal …  and in the quieted mind-wandering moment of pilloried pillared-door opened onto a room, a table, a bed let go and a bed sheet left behind ready to be buried with as they did in the olden times shrouded as now by the rooms’ only window curtain blinds thinly pulled-back.

Each parent worked to pay-off the loan on the house, and to pay for food and bills and extras, clothes, and nights out, occasionally maybe once a month, or not at all She thought then, He had been laid-off work at The Bakery: three-day-week, and three days wages.

The minded means for the death-pledge mortgage were re-negotiated, and they continued struggling to pay-off the home-loan with other loans credited and debited from what they now both earned for the basics of life, together. There was never an issue of who should earn more and be the main breadwinner; or, earn less as the main-carer … or who would do the most caring of each other and the children. The unpaid responsibilities shared around the Home, and then, the battling civil-world war of work, and good-times with, family and other friends.

They were equal without ever having to think about it or confront societies and other’s false expectations of gender and family. They were equal, and evenly supported each other’s frail and fragile egos with a natural equanimity. Respectful, and loving, each contributing their best and each differently according to their means, at the time, minded to make the whole: it is not all doom and gloom She did often think, and He tried not to think on it. The homely claustrophobia only had to be relieved by going out. To the cinema, to a bar or restaurant. But that was not very often. Now there were children as well. Seldom did extras make their mark. Clothes bought carefully a piece at a time, passed down re-used repaired for free, and with only bought replacement, rather than extravagance. The cupboards filled with groceries and emptied by the time the next weeks shopping is needed, and the next weeks earnings spent …

She was awake first this morning, and she got up from the bed on which he still lay awake but not yet awake enough to leave its night-time warmth. The parents’ bedroom led from the narrow passage to the living room, which led directly to the mid-floor small apartment, narrow galley open kitchen, with an equally narrow balcony off with clothes washed and drying on one side.

She went through to the open plan front living room except it wasn’t the front-room, exactly; not, the low ceiling cottage ‘front-room’ of her childhood playing on the street front door directly inside. The rugged matted smell of cooking, stone wall white-washed large country kitchen. Upstairs on the gallery landing bedroom for the grand-parents to retire early in the evening, parents below, guarding the front-door, and the children’s loft room alongside the attic hay-store grain store above and foods prepared earlier.

Overnight, for daily breads risen baked and the excess dry-feed for the yard-hens, for eggs. The one cow, sheep and goat milk and occasionally on special occasion field-stock meat, and wool warm clothing, made and mended. Along by the riverlands an outside closet-room to flush away into the ground, to fertilise and with a zinc-metal pail of water washed into the slurry sump that she thought where you could hear it ‘hurry slurry’ all the way down. To wash-away, and replace with water from the outside tap pumped-up from the fresh water well, from the hills above…below, re-filling the bucket, ready for the next use.

Inside the scullery kitchen and parlour tin bath-tub with fired china-pottery local-clay bowl for cleansing the body and washing the hands; and at bedtime, children first, then the adults. Family primary health and security, with insecurity of work and market demands under-paid pay or under-staffed hard-labour. Then, without work, only the rats and mice nested runs, beetles and cockroach kept away by the domesticated cats and dogs that no-one owned, but all fed and looked after; and, there were horses at local stables, to ride at week-ends and holidays.

Each month by cart, then by car or truck, into the Market Town for food supplies, and sweet delights. Treats for the Children, with whatever they had to sell, and whatever they could afford to buy with what was left-over from the cottage farm, if anything. Their Whole World, a living-market place of work and play. Work, sell and pay. Like a family circus, the exciting un-predictability of never-ending life…now, inmind: great enclosed superstores and supermarkets and factory-outlet warehouse lorry parks where goods are now transported…She thought-of: to and from high street shops by railway and roadway motor-vehicle, by great tanker-lorries and container-freight ship and now, aircraft… to and from the Sea-Land Docks and Port-Harbour Hub and City-Airport humming, yet distantly away remotely, yet ourselves, directed indirectly through many steps removed.

Self-directing everyday life, everywhere. With freight-cargo for the factory workshops and retail markets and passengers for holidays or business, mostly, since business no longer required face-face contact personal-space now more often through multiple-screens established around workplaces and homes. All of us as lives’ holidaymakers; workers and travellers, as tourists in this world with the affordable package cost-fright flight and fight-on to get away from it all: necessary, a change, a necessary move.

Once in a while, not every year but to visit family here and there and elsewhere; or else you’d go stir-crazy, do a night-time moonlight flit, leave the rent, or now mortgage, it would be the sunk equity home-mortgage, un-paid.

Only to keep on fighting another day. For the bargain, cheapest within budget, to get through the next day; and the day after that. When debts, unpaid, then fines on top that could not be paid either; so, the debt collector, eviction bailiffs and the selling-off of the personal possessions, the selling-off of the home, finally, as negative-equity … didn’t bear thinking about, but thought nonetheless. Sold-out anyway on the cookie targeted advertising personalised false-necessity luxury cooked-up the laptop computer on sleep, and awakened placed on the table, booted-up and she blogged instantaneously Her thoughts:

We all need a roof over our heads and to put food on the table! How?!’ without any other word, or contextual continuity that did not remain obvious, to this early morning. Everyone, and anyone in the same and similar circumstances trapped early-Earthly facing sending and receiving hastily tapped-out concertina-book lung breathed vascular message ex-cluding in-validating not only those without accidentally, mis-read, algorithm failed…

Only validating only those with patently far too-much stuff stuffed staffed administration…and Her thought continued in the context of the mindful-moment; and, that which we all have to pay-extortionately for over and again even when the food is eaten and the crap washed away there remains a nasty taste, a nasty stain.

The original sinned-over sweated-over wages wasted-away and errant-loans again ever in negative equity! To who? Them! Looking up and down again now, not in dejection, but in circumspection around the room stood-in stood-up against ever apparent possible failure, with optimism with-perfectibility waning, warning… below the window: mechanised traffic building-up soon into a busy rush-hour congestion.

Cars and buses, bicycles, motorbike and motorised delivery truck from here and there only another view of the same from one-side only with no building-front or back, only sideways and in and out, up and down and as-if on all and every-side.

The bedrooms along the passage corridor, the sleeping children slept. Earlier peeked into soundless in beautiful dream or dreamless sleep seemingly startlingly worrying death of-self and other-protective and caring signs checked for breathing …

Crossing from night into daytime TV remotely automatically turned-on confirmation, that

life goes on … the living-room as She entered bore all the chatter and the silence of one who listens, still, and safe, cosy and secure. The room took over the emotions and needs: sleep and food, love and mostly petty arguments. The central room, the central chamber looked-on and awaited eventual, almost inevitable but never certain, or taken for granted reconciliation, recreation and rest. Indulged in social events, noisy chatter and quiet evenings indoors:

You have to Work at it Every day    …   ’ She heard her-Mother saying, about marriage, children, and life in general. The furniture was adequate and filled the room. Table, chairs, television, a drawer and shelved cabinet standing against a wall, displaying various icons. Family photographs in frames: a portrait of a famous film star, a print of a famous oil painting.

Ornaments, statuettes, figures of worship, and of novelty. The furniture, the infrastructure, bought from the livelihoods together and eventually:

‘A roof over our heads…in over our heads    …   ’ heard as originally prophetically spoken. There were un-opened envelopes and cajoling leaflet advertisement: Kill your debts! Die debts! She saw and thought of the remarkable co-incidence between her thoughts sighted now onto letters and bills for payment, propped up behind a ticking-clock.

There was a picture postcard from someone-else’s holiday, forming a picturesque frontage to hide the stack of demands for reply and payment, which lay beyond. She drew back the curtains further and looked out of the window across the balcony, with its unflowering plants growing, dried-out from daytime heat and night-time cold, in plastic flower-pots. Still misty outside from the early-morning warming; and, she gazed over an area where many lived, and it seemed to her, this morning, where they too lived out their lives day to day, week to week.

They too thought to themselves, as She looked-out onto the dawn of a gradually opening new day that the world must have always been this way. Soon, the television was blaring as usual in the morning in the main room that was empty, again, for the moment, and beyond where she was now dressing hurriedly. He was brushing his hair frantically. There was the noise of children getting washed and dressed, with incessant commentary and conversation to each other, and any other, or just themselves. To each other as a one-way argument older to younger, younger to older, returned copied, incited over some triviality. Shouted back in frustration at that point the only-game-in-town, and to be fought-out, until one of them is crying, and the other shouting-the-odds.

Before, calm brings ever-loving fun-again at least, while they all got ready, for nursery, school and the working day.

The sound of the kettle screaming on the kitchen cooker and television advertisements conveying to deaf ears, and blind-eyes, but perhaps receptive memory:

‘The Best in the World’,



or whatever the dubious selling-point perhaps to be unconsciously recalled later that day at the supermarket. At present they seemed to be of no avail. Both parents rushed to get the children to school, and themselves out to work. To earn the pay that would pay the prices at the supermarket later that day:

‘Where is my shirt?’

He called:

‘Where you last put it!’ She retorted as She entered the living room She found her shoes under a chair, and stopped in front of the television. The networked advertisements ended, and the programme ramming returned to the main story of the day:

‘Today there is no-money to pay share dividends, or to buy shares or even to go shopping

with    …   ’

She flicked-up a channel and got:

‘Individual and group share-prices have collapsed or become so high that they have become worthless. Confidence has collapsed. Debt undiminished, price increases have been blamed, increases in pay and pensions have been blamed. Increases in interest-rates and profit-levels have all been blamed. Each of these have pushed share-prices ever upwards, as share prices and shop prices overtake the customer’s and shareholder’s ability to pay. Short supply and high demand pushes prices-up, profit margins recaptured by increases in interest-rates on banking and other loans, these have pushed share-prices up even further    …   ’

Her view passed across the TV screen: to locked factory-gates, crowded ports and land-sea borders closed … to: traffic and trade … and it did not seem too bad, or even that unusual: the television experts and announcers liked to make a big deal out of anything She thought: it was after all their jobs …

The picture shifted to the-City: Office-Buildings that only a few people were being allowed in and then security closed-doors to squares and circus’ around the Town and City-Centres all over The Globe.

The-Streets and Roads and Highways leading there    …    the TV reporter turned away from the camera and let the scene somewhere else it could be anywhere, anyway … speak for itself and on the kitchen-radio several reports followed:

‘… household durable consumer-goods. Motor-cars and large household items, loans expected to be repaid and items to be replaced over shorter or longer time periods. With predatory short-term lending, targeting low-income groups …excessive risk-taking by global financial-institutions in the worlds’ largest economies … perfect-storm of goods, stocks&shares’ loan-bubbles’ mortgage-backed home-securities on future repayment price derivatives … leading to Banks’ cross-pollinating infective viral-crash collapsing commercial risk-averse and proprietary risk-seeking trading-operations … equally from ‘bundling’ of financial ‘products’ as targeting often racial-minorities’ low-income low-information homebuyers and then corporate vanity-projects projected offshore …’

‘Globally with market-development accountancy firms government authorised regulators (implicitly implicated … knowingly …) … letting, allowing, turning a blind-eye to these fiscal-market transgressions … going for a cut of the action from credit de-fault swaps and accountants signed-off … despite declining orders the loans remained after the homes and products were de-faulted. Ordinary-shares heavily invested on sub-prime markets through Stock-Markets around The World …’

‘All!’ She yelled.

‘Northern…Rock? Solid? Not!’

‘Sold-off Freedom-Options Nova-Star or E*Trade NetBank Mutual Sun-Trust … ‘ all mortgaged engaged property real-estate on credit:

‘Luminent-Aegis Green-Point Velocity-Agency. Commercial ReMae Indy Freddie-Mac…’

‘Big-Value McDonalds!’ She spoke out-loud and thought: it is all about the real-estate restaurant and rest-room not the so-called ‘food’ processed … processing:

‘With housing and equity-stock losses National-Banks with private (privet-hedge She-thought) Banks’ wealth contraction expected to stabilise. Bailed-out by government and new-lending slow to achieve…’ switched…

‘Fiscal and monetary stimulus and market-forces will contribute to a gradual resumption of sustainable economic-growth … in a context of price-stability with continued excess windfall-profit dividends re-invested particularly in food&energy fossil-fuel pro-ducts …

‘There are riots and Stop The City Pro-tests elsewhere … Lehman Bros. gone-bust. Goldman-Sachs Wells Fargo…’

‘Indonesia Iceland. Cape Town and The Nigerian Stock Exchanges …’

‘London, OMX-Nordic and then TMX-Canada Stock Exchange: New York Wall Street …’

‘Again!’ She yelled:

‘Rio to Sao-Paulo. Buenos Aires to Lima … ‘

‘JSE Securities and Investment-Banks: Savings, Insurances and Pensions …’ switch:

The previous programmes re-sume continued:

‘AramCo Enron Exxon-Mobil Chevron BP Shell all leading-Global Fortune-500 pure-play companies propped-up …’ switching-channel again, as She went to look for tea-bags and He got the cups out and put some bread under the grill to toast:

‘Public&Private Business and Industry with confidential-contract information-leaked today would re-veal …’ as the cups were emptied and the door was opened to go out … pervasive persuasive stability conscious confidence or seeming-dread Stock-Market reports were interrupted by the radio-announcer:

‘We have heard in the last few minutes that The International Conference of the Leaders of Governments and World-Bank meeting e-virtually Geneva to-day are to make statements at midday mean-time, on the current state of financial-affairs across the globe. The Economic Crisis’ around the world    …  ‘

They stopped and looked at each other as They heard the announcement:

‘What will they come up with this time?’ She asked aloud to Him and to the radio loud-speaker, and as She went to the bathroom door:

‘Come on you two!’ to the Children, and to Him in the same breath:

‘What time are you finishing today?’ She to Him:

‘On-Lates’ His reply with a shrug noticed, as She said:

‘I’ll have to clock-off early then …’ and She thought: another opportunity to dismiss me for not doing unpaid overtime, in emergency used-up sick-pay, no family work-allowance, so, if school finishes before work, what are we supposed to do?

‘I’m taking them in, anyway!’ He called.

‘I know!’ She replied ‘   …    and we will have to go to The Super-Market tonight!’ added knowingly a reluctant imperative when it came to it:

‘Or tomorrow anyway    …   ’ as She kissed him on the lips. He in return knowingly: these weekly and often daily shopping trips for basics food and water, with a shelter over our heads, this is what they did all this for … along with the mortgage and love of their family and children smiling He went out the door and onto the communal balcony and hallway:

‘Another financial-crisis!’ He called out with more than a note of sarcasm, which did not need any reply, other than a disinterested:

‘Is there?’

She went back inside the living room, and went to turn the television-off as the announcement of the impending declarations from World-Banks and Government-Leaders was being repeated:

‘Won’t make any difference!

She shouted, over the noise of The-Television:

‘   …    never does!’

and She de-parted the-Home, soon afterwards.

2. The Banker and the Clerk.

The investment merchant-Banker sat-back and glanced across at the administrative accounts-Clerk sat in the opposite seat, fixed-table between travelling on this same-train same-time, same-carriage, for the-Clerk the same-seat, if that or any other was to be had amongst the everyday commuters seated and a few standing today as usually crammed-in each weekday, early-morning into The City.

For the-Banker this day too-early for the usual-reservation. With, or today without waiter or waitress-served breakfast or a free-morning newspaper only those freely given-away and piled-up in the station forecourt to be freely taken-away. That had to be paid-for anyway, by advertising publicising the events and latest-product model and version and the most reasonably-priced.

Like: copies of The Big Issue sold-on by homeless-people in Metropolis’ around the world: no such thing as a free-lunch the-Banker reasoned. In First-Class carriage The Financial-Newspaper paid-for anyway by The Railway Company ticket-seated and breakfasted with The-Financial Newspaper at massively discounted market-rate or cost-price freely as-advertising encouraging in-someway paid-for and for: returns   …   

The Newspaper could be easily afforded, anyway. From today’s loss-leader, tomorrow’s continuing winner paid-for upfront from the station kiosk. The newspapers’ corporate-investment at-least knowingly borrowed on perma-credit: staff-costs paid-off and on-continuing steady-sales to be recouped, shorted and long-term investment   …   achieved   …   everyday of every-week…Today. The-newspaper not-given away with the extortionately and exclusively permissive over-priced pass this day into The City: The Stock-Exchanges and Financial-Markets. The Annual-Executive rail-ticket paid-for, whether used or-not.

This day the first train out and apparently only Standard-class available. A single First-class carriage was filled-up quickly by anyone who had a ticket and conceivably some who did-not there were no-tickets being checked or paid-for apparently the barriers left-open and inviting all-comers.

For The-Banker, for another-time that morning, something mildly now-seconded, and markedly un-usual.

The earlier, when the radio alarm-clock had switched-on routinely with the early-morning fishing, farming, road, and rail, airline and shipping arrivals early and departure delays speculative forecasts news and weather-reports.

Local-global political-economic and celebrityies’ media-news with the previous-nights’ closing market-prices from around The-World: there had been developments overnight, that needed attending-to.

From the emptying platform The-Banker and The-Clerk boarded the train together more or less-equal. The-Clerk with a free newspaper and headphones plugged-in to a mobile Media-Centre. The-Banker for the first time in a long-while with a bought-copy of The Financial-Newspaper and both with hot drinks from The Trains’ limited refreshments-trolley.

The-Clerk having taken the first window-seat available in the nearest Standard-Class compartment coupled with a foul-stench reeking drain-leaking latrine literally retching between the brown and grey-green patterned seats.

Along the narrow aisleway The-Banker waving the newspaper ahead as if to clear-the-air. Unwavering when shunted across by the next-passenger in-line to the only other vacant window-seat glanced across-to, and sedentarily leaned-forward across the table between them asked of The-Clerk, already sat down-opposite:

‘So, what do you make of it all then?’ in the customary clear easy voice of one born with the interrogative confidence of swift appraisal.

As to The Newspaper headline shaken-out to be viewed by the whole-carriage and as if to The Whole-World beyond   …   to The City that could now be viewed in the minds’ eye only and as to what was initially referred to make something-of; that too was soon made obvious.

The-Banker sat-back purposefully, purportedly, and provocatively to-unfold The Financial-Newspaper dated with the headline outer-most, upper-most, be-having as-if ‘it’, time or money is not an issue only numbers, and words, to be manipulated:


and seen again that photograph taking up the whole of the rest of the grey-top printed front-page. Remaindered, pictured in the minds’ eye. Now, turned inside-out and with a staring squeezed blink of the eyes, fumbled as if in a freak storm, a blown umbrella, folded quickly-away.

To the-Clerk: hung-out to dry: having earlier seen the front-page photograph and one-liner top- headed re-referenced: re-conceived on-line and connected   …   down-loading and updating   …   milli-second minute-to-minute mobile-version uploading freely   …   with-advertising: optional: freeview choice or fee   …   skipping…as instantly as if mysteriously-accusatory…as if with some felt-need for validation, valediction, justification, testimony, guilt? Even before any evidential fact, or fiction? self and another-deceiving finality justifying, with instant-conviction   …   but of who? By whom? Despite the original opening-question, it seemed as if with no real right-of-reply.

The initial conversational-question asked as if not-intended to be replied-to or any other-mindedly-mitigating circumstances or any-answer-at all particularly or generally listened-to. Or so the younger-Clerk, surprised to be spoken-to then considered: perhaps like a nurture-nature kind of thing? Possibly a-Plebeian enquiry? Selected-standard flagged with no-probation the-Clerk decided: more likely a command, to make something of IT and to-be-taken-notice-of…

Notice-given of anyway dis-regarding of the possibly-paranoid maniacal rhetorical-answer awaited or not, by either, or Both.

Regardless of The-Other:

The subtler-Inquisitor? The Quickest to-the- Draw?

 The original-recipient by-assumption looking-up from a streaming mobile smart-phone camera and video-games-console: 4slot-machine   …   game   …   downloading   …   PER (personal electronic reader) de-pocketed-information-recorded singularly removing the ear-phone microphone-socketed-lead off-line searching   …   for the source of the mildly-irritating openly questive-words’ spoken spoke   …    as directly-to or so it seemed. The-Clerk, in almost immediate reply:


The-Clerk looking-down and into the same recently concealed headline and picture, and slowly re-storing from browsing-history as accurately acutely-historically as-depicted as veritably un-tampered-with mobile cell-phone-photograph(ed.): syndicated and World-Wide-Web networked-scene: as at the end of the previous day: City: stocks and bonds’ markets as then as now seen news-printed and pictured from the evening before litter-strewn like old ticker-tape across The Trading-Room floor.

Forsaken, forfeit and un-forgiven unforgivingly blankly waiting-screen strap-line:

Markets Closed.

The single-slogan flickering as about to go up or down was not possible to tell.

Diagonally, from one corner of the screen to the other, perhaps tangentially-to slip-backwards   …   smoothly-across continuously stuttering across, only-slightly blurred from the-top aloft, the-per-fect: the-normal midway ideally-positioned not at the-extreme outer-fielded or ever even truly-centred: but as inside-out, and now, as stilled. As then, as now: no-longer identically existent: or ever again exactly the same.

Except, now: and as everywhere in The World and nowhere now at all. Except: now, there, only as stop-framed cinematographically stilled, to be record recorded and repeated looped any surveyed surveillant surfeit movement as at any-moment only impendent occurring combination of pixels glowing in The-Cloud   …   photo-spots link-searching as-if print-out that bold bland statement nonetheless irreversibly in-memory fuzzily held in-abeyance:

Markets Closed.

 shimmering mapping grid-table diagrammatic informed …a coming-together as a dawn held rising over The Worlds’ edge a vertiginous horizontally remote-geographically geometrically-sited Cityscape skyline   …   di-verting   …   de-livering to:

<Banking- details   …   

>Options:   …   with-structure and series arcade-style deviation from the normal too complex-to-control if at all influencing cutting-edge of un-declared loans’ bribery-scams corruption and fraud: on-consultancy and management-only contracts hostage-taking hi-jacking debt-ransoming deals

projected un-founded optimism or pessimistically threateningly un-throated or keeping-quiet…

Un-mentionable tax-dodging the-public-purse: avoidance and evasion overseas as if this loudly explained proudful-boast would be enough to boost-confidence on-fixed and violin-fiddling jigging burning-figures in columns revealed above a pictured ancient wood-walled ceiling-plaster dialogue-board boxed abbreviated codex numbers still spinning running-on then abruptly haltered; altered then halted.

As they were:

‘Put&Stays: brought The-City down…’

‘The-City. The-Country! Being brought-down…’ tapped-into:

<The-City news: ethno-linguistically gender and ability driven merit-only on plutocracy strategically falsely-declared tactics distracting poker-game promoting shouted-out:

<’The numbers…’ grotesque over-Investment in:




<Over-valued   …   



> Commercial-Construction…property-landlord rental: home-office space…

<Housing-Hotel Sales…free-hold lease-hold…

> Building-Land Mort-gag(ed.)  


>Credit-Bubble   …   popped-quanta sonoluminescence ultra-sound ping!


Taken out of the-marker algorithm…

>Market-algorythms…on a whim   …   whim(sic)al re-structuring below-value   …   

Above-value market-dependent on actual-returns   …    

<Private-Banking Equity   …   

>Residential and Commercial Retail-Banking…

<Government-Federal reservesinfra-structure development-banks strings attached strung-along…

>Safe-Haven: Yacht-Holiday…rents re-builds that never gets built   …   funds-out gone…

<Home: World-Bank…

>International Monetary Fund…

<Development-Banks… around the world

>Frozen-conflict states…ground-plansnone!

<Plastic-Petro cashrun-out…

>Public-Savings Investment…quasi-Tax-freedom…

<For Re-search&De-velopment…

> Global Energy-Tariff…

< Historical…Local-Tithe cook-the-booksacting on: Import-Export Credit: Free-Trade…

> Free-Markets’ Tariff-Wars…

<Globally Re-naging-Deals…

> Tax&Spend: Tax-taking…

< Deals…commercial re-licensing…

de-regulating at the same-time:

> Everywhere: Personal-Equity   …   taken funded-by incomprehensible debt-instrument   …   

>In-equity IT turns-out   …   (I)(n)(i)quit-ous….attempting…

<de-fault! GasOil: Who owes what to whom…

Despite continuing-growth: OPEC+AtlanticPacificIndianOceansChinaMalayJava-seas and land-shale crudely mined wells churning coal-fire and brimstone sanctioning scarcity leading-to…

 <High-demand high-prices still …


> 5% World-Trade ransoming the-rest of actual actuarial re-newable energies for-more:

‘Unnecessary-Lives Lost.’

‘Unnecessary deaths and in-jurious to…’

>Tax-Break Investment-Money   …   spent…lost:

<Death-Pledge Deals fealty the-Mortgage never gets paid-off   …   dis-possession foreclosure lost-out negative equityies poorest-hit worst richest better-off the-rest: 

Boom! Boom! and Bang! Again!’

Bang!! And Bust! Again!’

>Nuclear de-regulation do what they wanted un-noticed…war-weaponry: weopans4oil deals…

<Credit-Crunched collapsed…everything lost no-ne else wins except: 

>Petro-Government: …

< Core-Corporations   …   

> Global: Big-Business   …

 < Global-Banks…inter-bank re-arming…

>Private-Corporations… re-armed printing their own…

< Building-Societies   …   pumping…

>(I)nvestment-Bank(s)..growth too quickly…

‘Obviously greedyies…too-GREEDY!’ status-need to-impress excessively grade-station business- position exaggerated acquisition-addiction afraid…of losing profiting excess-gains by fixing the-market rates-fiddling the-figures in-favour impeding peddling-trade for political purposeful natural human impulse evolutionary instinct for food, material-wealth or fame overwhelming natural constraints that maintain the social-ties in a group free trade-pipelines built blown-up re-directed deliberate un-declared neighbourly internal-external import-export wars and petty-piracy banditry trade-lands border estuary and bridges fought-over sanctuary-sanc(t)ion rat(if)(i)©at-ion:

< Business-Status: stratified-Growth actual-value re-newable non-fungible collateral   …   

> Credit-Agr(i)Co. actuarial-value non-renewable…in-camera secret-parallel accounting:

<The actual-annual food-goods’ investment to build them-up grow-again…again&again…

>Home&Food=Health (i)llegal-action…

<Wealth for-all…sake(s) one(t)ime stat(ed.)-ion …

>Crime con-tent … tender-stretched…