WarFair4: The Day the Market(s) stood still…

WarFair4: Part Two: The Day the-Markets Collided. Into The Abyss

WarFair4: Part Three: The Day the Markets finally collapsed. Global-Citizen and:

Rogue-Citizen: Local Into The Abyss…



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WarFair4: The Day the Market(s) stood still…

Rogue-Citizen: Local

Into The Abyss… Global-Citizen. M.Stow


  1. She.
  2. They.
  3. He.
  4. The Banker and The Clerk.
  5. The Accident & Emergency Department and Hospital Factory.
  6. Home.
  7. Titanic!
  8. Avatar.
  9. Cannon Fodder.
  10. Rent.
  11. Slaughter.
  12. Brute Justice.
  13. Global-Citizen Den(i)zen

Also by M.Stow

Tunisia 17th December 2010: According to friends and family, local police officers had allegedly targeted and mistreated a street fruit seller named Bouazizi for years, including during his childhood, regularly confiscating his small wheelbarrow of produce; but Bouazizi had no other way to make a living, so He continued to work as a street vendor.

Around10 p.m. on 16 December 2010, Bouazizi had contracted approximately 450 dinarin debt to buy the produce He was to sell the following day. On the morning of 17 December, Bouazizi started his workday at 8 a.m. Just after10:30 a.m., the police began harassing him again, ostensibly because He did not have a vendor’s permit. Bouazizi did not have the funds to bribe police officials, to allow his street vending to continue, and his small scales were confiscated. Bouazizi, angered by the confrontation, went to the governor’s office to complain and to ask for his scales back. 

The governor refused to see or listen to him. Bouazizi then acquired a can of gasoline from a nearby gas station and returned to the governor’s office. While standing in the middle of traffic, he shouted, “How do you expect me to make a living?” He then doused himself with the gasoline and set himself alight with a match at11:30 a.m. local time, less than an hour after the altercation.

It has been said that love of money is the root of (many) evil(s) and a wandering from the path which has brought-upon us much pain. The lack (need) of money is so quite as truly.

Samuel Butler (1835-1902 ME) EREWHON Ch. 20 (amended after: The Old Testament: 1Timothy, and before Mark Twain (Mark Twain’s Notebook 1909 ME).

If the man and the woman bear their fair share of work, they have a right to their fair share of all that is produced by all, and that share is enough to secure them well-being. What we proclaim is The Right to Well-Being: Well-Being for All! Pyotr Kropotkin (1842 – 1921) The Conquest of Bread; Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution.

The-train engine moved slowly out from the glass and steel raised slab of the new edge-of-Town main-line high-speed railway-platform, running alongside the banking blank back of high-street shops, and the station car-park, awaiting return. Into harvested-fields and open-grazed pastures below remaining precipitous pine-forest alongside planted poplar windbreak, solar and shielded, rail and river.

Through the trees, the new days’ sun appeared, speared, blinking-awake burst through the carriage breaking beyond the blue grey staged and staggered, rolled and ranged. From the east-peaked, settling yellow-orange onto the western-hills. Shadow-flanking purple-green valleys, and upcountry the grid-framed farmed plains, where the day was already begun.

Grey-white steam lifted across a drying-up estuary. In thin rain spluttering over an elevated iron-riveted painted girder-bridge, built-on pillars of a deep-red local stone and brickwork, arched and breached. With the Suns’-rays the train rattled-on emergent, as through a fog over a beached river, onto the other-side of a ravenous gaping-gorge. Over-spilling through the outskirts of a more recently built-up ancient sea-harbour and river port, and suburban edge-of-Town.

High-Rise Housing-Project, Industrial-Units, Business-Park, and Shopping-Mall. 

Home-Furniture. Motor-Car showrooms. Salesrooms, cheap-hotel and motel linked razor-wire fenced, chained-in. A horse-paddock, gated and padlocked, adjacent to a blue-green to red-waiting train-crossing signal. Freight-Train, privileged-over passenger passaged prerogative thundering-by…

Passenger Train trundling along for now, beside a chequered yellow and black no entry arterial hot tarroad weighted heavy and ever busy with ‘bus and coach, cycle and motor cycle. Car engine chassis and trailer, caravan motor-home articulated juggernaut vehicles, goods and stocks container shipments onboard. Onto and beneath the over-passing concrete-highway into, and out of Town. 

All traffic travelling with almost one accord: to-and-from galvanized corrugated iron steel and zinc tin roved roofing, between brick and-cinderblock doorways, loading and unloading bays beneath open canopy entrance letter and number laser bar-coded, and secured. Offices air-extracting for the most-part to the outside world.

Unseen as windowless between belching cooling-tower, pylon-linking electric-welding workshop engineering factory-crafted.

Machined, and handmade goods, food and furniture, packaged, warehoused, and shipped virtually to-and-from: The City Ports and Portals’

Co-modifying in-return. Stockyards stacked-up and in-exchange goods&value-assured awaiting transport: to-and-from Home and Away…

Part One: The Day the Markets stood still…

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1. She.

‘It is like living in a rabbit hutch’ She often said metaphorically, and He replied with a shrug, nothing 

to say in reply. It was; and it would take long enough to pay for. Four rooms. Eight-floors up, eight flights of long turning concrete rubbish chute and stairs, and fire escape, for when the elevators did not function anyway, which was often and took days sometimes to repair.

A balcony open passageway at the front, looking over the street below, now starting to become busy with traffic. They had lived with his parents for a time, and then after they were married in a small rented flat in The City, before they needed to afford somewhere to live together, and to bring-up their two small children.

Both saved, and with some financial help from a relative (deceased) they had managed to get this place. When the housing market was ‘buoyant’, and mortgages easy to get. The Home was bought with a loan, a promissory note, deposited and co-lateraled together with the home itself. They were afloat.

Both worked to pay-off the loan, which although it was supposed to reduce each year did not seem ever to keep up with pay and prices.

The loan would anyway be paid-off many times over if they were ever to pay off the debt. If this place was ever to become their own. If they managed to keep paying-off the loan for the ‘Shelter from the Storm’, as they called Home. That they did not actuarily now own, and may not ever, actually own, lose-lose. To sell-back at Market Price, the difference between the paid-back buying-price and selling-price, of which they would have lost completely to The Bank…The Mortgage Company.

Their home-insurance, their pension against dire poverty and homelessness. 

No social-recourse. and be homeless, to parents and over-crowding again, or with friends similarly fixed, sofa surfing. Their home, such as it was re-possessed.

A two-bedroom apartment, she thought of: kitchen, lounge, shower-bathroom toilet and tiny balcony onto the world below, between them and the sky above.

Each day, each month, and each successive year into the unthinkable future; two-thirds of two-lifetimes at least, two-thirds every month of what they were both paid in wages for work.

She did the household accounts, and she knew.

The Home. The Loan. Would have been paid for several times over by the time if ever it became theirs and The Childrens’; and perhaps even their Grandchildrens’, by the time the shared building was uninhabitable, demolished land let again, freehold, not…leasehold extended for bonus payment unearned.

Re-build in the new style, in a traditional place, or otherwise breaking into farmland and ocean beyond.

But, that is the nature of the human animal, is it not?

To do over, and be done over to again and again she thought: want more and more, for less and less and in the quiet mind wandering moment of pillared door, a room, a table, a bed let go and a bed sheet left behind ready to be buried with perhaps, as they did in the olden times shrouded as now by thin curtains pulled-back.

Each-Day: like a two-step forward, and backwards one-step…

Home and Away.

Shop worked to pay-off the loan on the house and to pay for and cook food, with bills and extras, clothes, and nights out, occasionally. Maybe once a month, or not at all. 

Then He had been laid-off work at The Bakery.

Three-day-week and three day’s wages.

The Home mortgage was re-negotiated and they continued struggling to pay-off the loan and other loans, credited and directly debited debt from what they both earned together.

There was never an issue of who would earn more, and be the main breadwinner, they both earned more or less the same low wages as most the people who worked and they would do the most caring, of each other, and the children: the unpaid responsibilities shared around the home, and in the world of work.

Shopping and holidays and other friends and family out there. All indebted, or in credit day2day.

Week to week, month to next month, years, minute-by-minute.

They were equal, without even having to think about it or confront societies and others’ false expectations of gender and families. They were equal in debt and credit, and supported each other’s frail and fragile egos with a natural equanimity respectful and loving…

Each contributing their best and differently, in-differently to make the whole, whole.

It’s not all doom and gloom She did often think, and he tried not to think on it. The homely claustrophobia only had to be relieved by going out. To the cinema, to a bar or restaurant. But that was not very often. Definitely now there were children as well. Seldom did extras make their mark, clothes bought carefully a piece at a time, replacement rather than extravagance.

The cupboards filled with groceries and emptied by the time the next weeks shopping is needed and the next weeks earnings already spent.

She was awake, first this morning, and she got up from the bed on which he still lay awake but not yet

awake enough to leave its’ nigh-time warmth. She went through to the next room. The bedroom led across

the narrow-passage to the living room, which led directly to the tiny gallery kitchen and balcony on one

side and door to the front room, on the other.

Except it wasn’t the front-room, exactly only unlike the ‘front-room’ of her childhood playing on the street and door directly to the rugged ragged matted smell of cooking from the stone wall white-washed country kitchen. Upstairs two bedrooms, one on the gallery landing for the children, and a closet room to flush away with a basin of water from the kitchen sink and toilet into the slurry sump, where you could hear it ‘slurry’ all the way down, filtered to spray on fields all around; and, then back downstairs to replace the water from the kitchen tap or outside well.

Pumped-up from the well, refilling the fired china clay bowl for washing and zinc-metal bucket, ready for the next use. 

At bedtime children first, then the adults. Rats nested runs, beetles and cockroaches were kept away by the domesticated cats and dogs that shared the yard and house with horses at the local stables for the carts and filed machinery; to ride, at week-end day-off, and many Holy Days.

Each week, several times into the market town for food supplies, and the children’s treats. 

Their whole world a Living Market Place, of Work Trust and Play.  Now, great enclosed parked superstores and supermarkets and factory outlet warehouse. Where goods are now transported she thought of: to and to and from and by foot and horses’ hoofs carried and motor vehicle, train and massive tanker and containership flight.

From the docks and airport, at the city harbour hub humming away, remote yet directing everyday life, everywhere.

Business-Trips, Holiday Passengers, and Freight Cargo.

The affordable flight, to get away from it all: a change; a necessary move, once in a while, and not every year; but, to visit family here and there and elsewhere, or else you’d go stir-crazy. 

Do a night-time flit, flip! leave the rent, the mortgage, unpaid.

Only, to otherwise keep on fighting for the bargains: cheap-est within budget, to get through to the next day and the day after that. When debts and fines could not be paid, the debt collector.

Bailiffs, The-Auctioneer: selling- off of the personal possessions; sometimes, on the Global Markets; and then sold-out: the personal; and, public.

The laptop computer on-sleep and awakened, opened, placed on the table, booted-up and She blogged instantaneously her-thoughts: We all need a roof over our heads…and to: put Food on the Table! without any other word or contextual continuity that did not remain obvious to this early morning.

Everyone, and anyone in the same and similar circumstances getting the same hastily tapped-out messages excluding, those without tablet, home or food; and those with patently far too-much.

Those who had Admin. to do that for them.

And her thought continued in the context of the mindful moment and that which we all have to pay extortionately for over and again even when the food is eaten and the crap washed away there remains a nasty stain, a nasty taste. Original wages sweated over day upon day, and loans ever in negative equity to who? Them! 

Extortionate interest and volatile prices, and pay…ex-terminating…prices collapsed…looking up, and down again now, not in dejection, but circumspection against ever apparent possible failure, with desperate optimism, toward un-realistic perfectionism.

Only mechanized traffic building-up soon into a busy rush-hour congestion.

Cars and buses, bicycles, motorbike and motorized delivery truck from here, only another view. From two-sides; and every side… the bedrooms along the passage corridor, the sleeping children slept, earlier peeked-into soundless in beautiful dream or dreamless seemingly startling worrying death-checked for breathing.

Crossing from night into daytime TV remotely automatically turned on, confirmation, that

life goes on…

The living-room she entered bore all the chatter and the silence of one who listens. 

Still and safe, cosy and secure. The other rooms took over the emotions and needs: sleep and food, love and arguments. The central room, the central chamber, looked on and awaited eventual, almost inevitable, but never certain re-conciliation, and rest. Indulged-in social-(e) vents, noisy chatter and quiet evenings indoors. The furniture was adequate and filled the room. Table, chairs, television, a drawer and shelved cabinet standing against a wall, displaying various special icons; plastic flowers family photographs in frames, a portrait of a film star, or a print of a famous oil painting.

Ornaments, statuettes, figures of worship and of novelty. The furniture, the infrastructure, from the livelihoods and eventually the roof over our heads…in over our heads heard as if originally spoken.

There were unopened envelopes and cajoling leaflet advertisement:

Kill your debts! Die debts! 

she thought of letters and bills for payment, propped up behind a ticking clock. There was a picture postcard from someone-else’s holiday forming a picturesque frontage to hide the stack of demands for reply and payment which lay beyond.

She drew back the curtains and looked out of the window across the balcony, with its unflowering plants growing in flower-pots. There was a real still rising mistiness outside from the early morning warming; and she gazed over an area where many lived, and it seemed to her, this morning, where they too just only lived -out their lives: day to day, week to week, minute2minute…

They too thought to-themselves as she looked-out onto the dawn of a gradually opening new day that the world must have always been this way.

2. They. 

They had stayed together and with two little ones, one of each, girl and boy by the time they’re both about to be in school, they could not risk another to bring up, and the cost of it. They only hoped they would hold on to their jobs and worked hard. Difficult hours, and some days-off. When the rota’s didn’t workout for childcare, family or neighbours, parents now friends of the children’s nursey and school friends who lived conveniently nearby, the social network from the cradle to school to work to death grave.

They had met when things were starting to get a bit tight, to get difficult again. Meaning the situation for most working families, for those looking for work and those in work things had not got any better; any easier, really.

During the so-called Good-Times and both parents were needed in credit and debt, to work to keep the family going.

Voluntary social-networks anti-social became all the more significant, to reciprocal Shared-Care and Circles of Support.

With child and adult interaction social and meaningful, Shared-Lives.

They had both kept their jobs in more or less ‘essential services’, although not without the job-cuts, never-the-less, ever the less, never the more, when things got difficult all a-round.

When the Bakery Factory where He and Family worked, went on three-days week, and pay to match.

He, had more time to be with the children, and helped the same with her awkward shiftwork at the garment factory, and later She at the hospital, for the Children, then training there, working there. he had done some building work on the odd-days, to fill-in.

She had done some shop-work and garment-making before all the ‘Shop Jobs’ Retail’, were filled, and not-hiring. Not selling either. Queues at the cash-tills. To no-one at the field tills:

Filed for bankruptcy.

They had moved to his folks in The City then: suburbs really, inner-urban, something-like-that. His mother had worked at The Old Mill and got her a job there; and then Him at The Bakers’ Factory, at the top of the road.

When and where, the area they had moved to with Family and friendly neighbours nearby already there:

People, their people…

They had moved in together; and had kids. 

His father’s family had been transient, transitory migrant millers, wheat and grain, before that, gypsies, owned business.

Machinery, finding digging the wells, water, oil from the oil swamp, brick building and tarmac road, growing taking fruits and nuts from the side of vegetable and allotment gardens.

Did well.

Moving around farm to farm, funnily enough she thought like Business-People nowadays do…

Looking across the roads, below, leading to The City. To: The Airport to visit: Sales-People: to the Re-tail Outlets.

Shops in the World: in other words: Big Business Commuting by-airplane as They might, if They could afford to.

To: go on Holiday. Abroad. They, to meet Clients Meetings’ here and there and everywhere. Cities all over, to do deals on a massive Global-Scale, then worth millions, now worth billions and trillions quadrillions of whatever the currency.

Sometimes-dealing, unevenly, unbalanced, in the local and World currencies themselves exponentially they marked an inverse ever increasing and decreasing rate of ex-change.

They took on a Shop.

Family-Bank loan to rent and stock and share. In the past when the work dried-up, landfill, polluted wells and rivers and seas and Oceans.

His Gypsy ‘family ‘moved along’ as they were constantly told.

Or, stayed with their stores.

Shares of the crops of the fields, and water, natural and free from the clean water-well waited, looked- for different and more labour… 

She thought of them, her own family, and His. Out of work, they always found something. Fed themselves from gardens and small farmyards. When the work was finished, they moved on. When the Great-

Corporate moved-in, took over, sold-off Master-Slavery Corporate-style.

Along the roads and waterways, they, her family, had a farm in the countryside for a while, and the parents, lived there. Hers. Through the Industrial now Techno-Future: The Soul of The City. Only, tumultuous-Towns and vicious-Villages.

Across the River, across the tram tracks, and railway, by the station. The Heart of the City.

Just beyond The Financial-Quarter.

Settling-in. The-City. Walled and castellated.

Transport and Trade-hub and thronged and His parents self-employed, their own bosses; contractors, worked-out on the Building Sites of Towering Sky-Scrapers lining The River and lit-up, from the Sun, flags in the wind.

Her-Family. Employed, not their own boss.

Both, as themselves, on some land, renting, from they pay.

Then, they…

He and She eventually, buying:

Home-Owners, now. Investors in their own future, and their children’s children, and their’s owned, in return.

Like The Home-property itself, capable of being, and being dis-owned. And, not strictly speaking owned anyway.

#But, for the Mortgage Home Owners Corporations and Companies, and now indebted to.

The-Bank(s). Building and Maintenance Trades. Education, Social-Care and Good-Health first…

taxied to meetings and desks. HomeWork Out-and-Out working:

the Home-Owners and Private and Publicly Rented-Sector:

Community Housing-Association(s) and:

Gig: Market-Economy: #1%. To: 9%. To: 90% self-Employed advertising tax-paying costs and prices up and down depending on what side of the Power-Play had been Won.

Every second milli-second playing in relation(s) to each other… dead.

Soon the television was blaring as usual in the morning. In the main room that was empty again for the moment, and beyond where she was now dressing hurriedly, and he was brushing his hair frantically.

There was the noise of children getting washed and dressed, with incessant commentary and conversation to each other, and any other, or just to themselves.

To each other a one-way argument. Older to younger incited over some triviality, shouted back in frustration. At that point the only-game-in-town, and to be fought-out until one of them is crying, and the other shouting-the-odds; before calm is brought.

Evens by one or other parent, supervising, managing, supposedly, to each-other, at least while they all got ready for work, school and pre-school nursery. The sound of the kettle screaming on the kitchen cooker; and television advertisements conveying to deaf ears, and blind eyes, but perhaps receptive memory:

‘The Best in the World’; Or:

Longer-lasting’ or whatever the dubious selling point perhaps to be unconsciously recalled later that day, at the supermarket.

At present they seemed to be of no avail, both rushed to get the children to school, and themselves out to work. To earn the pay that would pay the prices at the Super-Market later that day:

‘Where is my shirt?’ he called: 

‘Where you last put it!’ she retorted as She entered the living room. She found her shoes under a chair and stopped in front of the television. The networked advertisements ended and the programme returned to the main story of the day:

‘Today there is no money to pay share dividends, or to buy shares with…’ 

She flicked a channel and got:

‘Group and individual share prices have collapsed or become so high that they have become  worthless:

confidence has collapsed, debt un-diminished…’

‘Price increases have been  blamed. Increases in pay and pensions have been blamed. Increases in Business-

Bank Personal-Investment interest-rates and maximizing profit-levels at any cost, have been blam(ed.)

Each of these has pushed share prices ever upwards. As cost and share prices and shop prices overtake the customers’

ability to pay, and the ability to pay, pushes prices-up and/or pay-down,  not pay-up, or prices down.’

             <             >Profit margins narrowed              > Man-Date. Re-captured only by increases in: 

‘Interest rates on banking and other loans, have pushed share prices up even further…’ and a view passed across the screen to locked Factory-Gates and closed down Hospital  corridor(s0)… 

De-fence: Air: Ports and Sea and Land-Borders: closed to traffic or trade. It did not seem too bad, or even unusual: the Television Experts and announcers liked to make a big deal out of anything She thought: it was their jobs after all. The pictures shifting shift(ed.) to City Office-Buildings.

Steeled glass to the very Sky! that only a few were being allowed into; and then to the squares and circus’s around Town and City Centres. All over the globe, all the streets and roads and highways leading there. 

A TV reporter turned away from the camera, and let the scene, somewhere else: could be anywhere else, speak for itself. In the kitchen radio-reports followed from the stock-markets around the world:

‘Tokyo Nikkei Shanghai Shenzhen Hang Seng Bangkok: Dubai-Delhi: Bombay: Carib. Africa-

Saudi-UAE: Israel and Egyptian Stock Exchanges…RTS Moscow Deutche Frankfurt Cape Town London

and Canada Stock Exchanges: New York Wall Street and Rio…Iran-Dubai: Trading-Port for Oil&Money:

Defensive-position(s): Buenos Aires to Lima…’

‘China to Venezuela and Bolivia. Bots-Wana to Brazil: JSE Securities Nairobi and Nigerian, and Sydney

Stock-Exchanges…’ as she went to look for tea-bags. He got the cups out and put some bread under the

grill to toast. As the cups were emptied and the door was opened to go out, The Stock-Market Reports,

were interrupted by the radio-announcer:

‘We have heard in the last few minutes that The International Conference of Governments and World Banks meeting in Geneva are to make statements, at midday mean-time, on the current state of financial affairs across the globe. The Economic Crisis’ around the world…’ They stopped and looked at each other as they heard the announcement:

‘What will they come up with this time I wonder? She asked aloud to him and to the radio speaker, and as she went to the bathroom door:

‘Come on you two!’ to the children, and to him in the same breath:

‘What time are you finishing today?’

‘On Lates!’ his reply; with a shrug, noticed, as she said:

‘I’ll have to clock off early then, get a re-placement:’ and She thought, another opportunity to sack me, but if school finishes before work what are we supposed to do?

‘I’m taking them in, anyway!’ he called.

‘I know!’, she replied:

‘We will have to go to the SuperMarket tonight’ added knowingly: a reluctant necessity when it came to it:

‘Or tomorrow anyway.’ as she kissed him on the lips, quickly, tantalizingly, knowingly this weekly and often daily shopping trip is what they did all this for. 

Along with the mortgage-rent and love of their family and children smiling he went out of the door, onto the communal hallway:

‘Another financial crisis!’

He called out, with more than a note of sarcasm, which did not need any reply, other than a disinterested:

‘Is there?’ 

She went back inside the living room, and went to turn the television off, as the announcement of the impending declaration from government leaders and world banks were being repeated: 

‘Won’t make any difference!’

She shouted over the noise of the television:

‘…never does!’

#She left the house soon afterwards.

3. He.

He took the stairs with the children, two-at-a-time one in a pushchair, the other just learning to walk, and they headed off together for The Corner Shop.

Turning at the top of the road, pushing the baby buggy uphill, the as if unmade pavement now, in dis-repair; showing, the lack of maintenance through the good times, as well as the now financial recession, austere-desperate times. Telling The Walker (as He and She said to each other in jest the children laughed at that…) but the Child no-longer holding on to the buggy called-out to:

‘Hold on to the buggy’ answering the constant questions:

‘What is this?’, and: ‘What is that?’ at the same time and having to say:

‘Be careful!’ every second, and:

‘Stop! making me have to say:

‘Be Careful’ every second!’  and they giggling together, at what, he

knew not what.

Not even imagining a time when he and she would not be going to work, and the-children to school

and nursery, then keeping them in Our-Dotage: going to pick-up the fallen. Walking running-off child,

grabbing the perambulator again, and continued walking on at the road:

‘Do Not Walk!’ then:

‘Do Not Run!

The walking child only hearing the last word as usual:

‘Walk!’; and wondering what all the shouting was about, and running:

‘Stop! at the edge!’ hearing all the words this time: thoughtfully:

‘O.K?’ then:

‘O.K.!’ trying out these new words heard from them and at school.

‘Stop!’ and stopping in the middle of the pedestrian pavement.

To get collided into and rolling on the ground giggling in the middle of the road?! getting up and running off laughing, looking backwards,


at the corner, turning into the next junction:

‘Stop! at the Road! Kerb. Pav(e)ment…’ He catching up, pushing the pushchair ahead, the walker hanging on, over the kerb and into the road. Looking both ways, and then both ways again. Then back again, one last way this time: too quickly…going to Run! the way the traffic was headed, moving slowly, one car stopped, and a polite hand to let them across, to a wave returned.

Watching-out, for all three; and to the oncoming traffic split by traffic lights commanding: Stop, Start, or Pause…to the other side safety to the other kerb:

‘Walk!’ Children chasing on ahead to The Corner Shop. The ‘little-one’ in the buggy trying to get out to follow, shouting, and pointing with one, then both index-fingers, toward the road:

‘Taxi!’ swiveling around almost falling-out.

Pointing, ahead:

‘Bus!’ the other returning, giggling:

‘A. Bus!’ correcting in a POSH teacherly voice and then at they passed the Shop pleading verbally

and non-verbally tugging and whining for sugary sweets:

‘Helicopter!’ shouted-heat camera-singing and pointing and swiveling around again:

‘The-Corner-Shop!’ the other:

‘Sweets!’ categorically usually not until they came home from school and nursery. 

Even then only some days, and if they had been good at school or nursery. But always worth a try…. pointing jumping up-and-down, on the buggy the other falling out, buckles unbuckled, by the older one:

‘As long as you behave yourselves today, and they’re not too-bad for your teeth, and you clean your teeth!’ they knew that

Giggling both, all the more, at some reference only they knew.

To the words, the noises, and the tone of voice, the bedtime:

‘Clean your teeth!’ pause:

Properly!!’ The older-one repeated, and they went into more fits of giggles.

Into the Newsagent-come-grocers and confectionary shop and sometime tobacco cigarette and alcohol licensed off-licence.

Where He, and She, and They stopped each morning, for bread, or a newspaper. 

On the way to Nursery and School, when it was His turn, always the possibility of both mythical and real: sweets, as well.

As they crashed through the door the older one getting deliberately, or so it seemed in the way of the baby-buggy, asserting rights over the other smaller and weaker and re-leased both leaning up at the shop counter not unusually, but always predictably in the morning rush with so many other things to think about the only thought, unable to think about anything else: 

‘Children, shopping tonight? Newspaper? Sweets?’

 The buggy almost tipped over in the raucous, the older one falling over the younger, strapped in, strained at the straps, snapping painfully back.

Letting out an ear-piercing yell. The Older-One: still giggling, until the younger lashed-out as only younger siblings know how too and the older one let out a Yell! then a Scream! apparently exaggerated explication of pain from both now and claims of unfairness idiot stooooooopPID! etc.

‘Come-on you’re the Older One, you should know better! Do you have to have to fight and argue over everything! No sweets!’ and then he knew, as soon as He said that that he was A Beaten Man.

A yet louder exclamation set up. While the younger looking on in glee, quieted and puzzled, twisted turned looking upwards to The Father; for some resolution to the questioning plea and fell out of the buggy, unbuckled:

‘Me a’ well?’

Looking up from the floor, the older standing and going to stamp on the younger, smiling sweetly now, the other sprawled on the floor as if felled:

‘Smiling Assassin!’

He called-out from the front of the shop, in reference to the older child, and to

The Shopkeeper who was stacking shelves from remaining stock. He, holding-up the regular National

Newspaper, the Shopkeeper called:

‘Dumb. The Markets…’

‘Blind-Assassin(s):’ looking at the newspaper on the counter-pane:

‘Botched Act-of-Terror! State-sponsored!’

‘I know. Heard. You may as well keep that…’ to the loose change being handed over the counter:

‘…it will be like one of those Free-Ones!’ hearing, and not listened-to until later, scanning the headline:

WORLD MARKETS IN TURMOIL!  the money left on the shop-counter chuckling when the remark


‘No, I got it!’ minding: The Children who were not fighting but pretending to steal, sweets, not knowing any better yet, knowing better; laughing, and looking obvious.

The Shopkeeper bagged and handed over most of what it was they-wanted, pointed at with shrill voices still:

‘There you are, for later…your Dads’ change!’ the customary sweet as-a gift now in-change sometimes anyway for a small note passed across the counter.

From the father and then the Shopkeeper to them and then him:

Daddy keep sweets…for later.’

The Children looking pleased, and anxious-also, that they too might have to ‘keep it for later’ with only the then conditional:

‘And only if you are Good today!’

The emotional and ethical merged into puzzlement. Sweets given to the Father patiently waiting to get off to nursery, school, and work. Again consternation, put-on, by the older child, to the younger. Pouting, dropped lower-lip.

Acting-out, pretending, face pulling. Puzzled at and copied by the younger. Both suddenly laughing at this, and between themselves at something they did not really know what it was to be Good or: All-Day or how, or what it was, to attain this.

4. The Banker and The Clerk.

The investment merchant-Banker sat-back, and glanced across at the administrative accounts’-Clerk, sat in the opposite seat, a fixed-table between travelling on this same-train same-time, same-carriage.

For the-Clerk the same-seat, if that or any other was to be had amongst the everyday commuters seated and a few standings, today, usually crammed-in each weekday, early-morning into The City.

For the-Banker, this day too-early for the usual-reservation. With, or today without, waiter-served breakfast, or a free-morning newspaper. Only those freely given-away and piled-up in the station forecourt to be taken-away. That had to be paid-for anyway by publicising the latest model and version, and most reasonably-priced. 

Like copies of The Big Issue sold-on by Homeless-people in Metropolis’ around the world: no such thing as a free-lunch the-Banker reasoned.

First-Class: The Financial-Newspaper paid-for anyway by The Railway Company: Public-Private Infra-Structure: ticket-seated and breakfasted comfortably with: 

The-Financial Newspaper at massively discounted market-rate or cost-price freely as-advertising encouraging in-someway paid-for, and for: returns…on-credit.

The Newspaper could be easily afforded, anyway. Today’s loss-leader, tomorrow’s winner paid-for upfront from the station kiosk, day upon day.

The Newspapers Corporate-Investment: at-least knowingly borrowed-on:perma-Credit: Merit: StaffCost(s): paid-off and on continuing steady-sales to be recouped; shorted, daily, and long-term investment…achieved…

Today, The Newspaper not given-away with the extortionately and exclusively permissive over-priced pass paid-for this day into the City’ Stock-Exchanges and Financial-Markets. Staff-costs (some) and paper and inks (none) included free magazine as affecting the World, obviously.

The Annual-Executive rail-ticket paid-for, whether used or-not.

This day the first train out and apparently all carriages only Standard-class available. 

A single First-class carriage was filled-up quickly by anyone who had a ticket and conceivably some who did-not: there were no-tickets being checked or paid-for apparently the barriers left-open and inviting all-comers…

For the-Banker, for another-time that morning, something mildly, now-seconded, and markedly unusual. The earlier, when the radio alarm-clock had switched-on routinely with the early-morning fishing, farming, road, and rail conditions.

Airline and shipping delays, arrivals, and departures, and speculative forecasts: weather-reports, from around the world, local, and global, political-economic and media-news: with the previous-nights’ closing market-prices from around The World…there had been developments overnight, that needed attending-to.

From the emptying platform, the-Banker and the-Clerk boarded the train together more or less equal. The-Clerk with a Free advertising-Newspaper and headphones, plugged-in to a mobile Media-Centre. The-Banker with a bought-copy of The Financial-Newspaper from the trains’ limited half-empty double-decker, food and drinks re-freshments’ trolley. 

Having taken the first seat-available in the nearest Standard-Class compartment coupled with a foul-stench reeking drain-leaking latrine literally retching between the brown and grey-green patterned seats along the narrow aisle way, the-Banker waving the newspaper ahead as if to clear-the-air

Un-wavering when shunted across by the next-passenger inline, to the only vacant window-seat glanced across-to and sedentarily leaned-forward across the table between them and asked of the-Clerk, already sat down-opposite:

‘So, what do you make of it all then…?’ in the customary easy clear voice of one-born with the interrogative confidence of swift appraisal.

As in-stantly as-if mysteriously-accusatory…as if with some felt need for validation-test; violent-valediction, justification, testimony, guilt?

Even before any evidential fact, or fiction?

With a self and other-deceiving finality, justifying, with instant-conviction…but of who? By whom?

Despite the original opening-question, it seemed as if with no real right-of-reply. The initial conversational-question asked as if intended not to be replied-to or any other-mindedly mitigating circumstances or any-answer-at all, particularly, or generally, listened-to.

Or so the younger-Clerk surprised to be spoken-to then considered: perhaps like a nurture-nature kind of thing? Possibly a-Plebeian enquiry? Selected-standard flagged with no-probation the-Clerk decided: more likely a command, to make something of IT, and to-be-taken-notice-of.

Notice-given of anyway disregarding of the possibly-paranoid maniacal rhetorical-answer awaited, or not, by either, or Both, regardless of the-Other: The subtler -Inquisitor?

The Quicker to-the- Draw? Bandit-Queen? The original-recipient by-assumption looking-up from a streaming mobile smart-phone camera and videogames-console: USB-4slot-machine…game: WarFair4.com downloading

PER (personal electronic reader)/de-pocketed-information-recorded singularly removing the ear-phone microphone-socketed-lead off-line searching for the source of the mildly-irritating openly questive-words’ spoken re-corded electron positron negative neutral proton-core still as directly-to, or so it seemed to the-Clerk, in almost immediate reply:

‘Don’t know what to make of what?’ then: ‘Senseless.’ as to The-Banker as to The Newspaper

headline shaken-out, the whole carriage could now view. The-Banker sat-back purposefully, purportedly,

and provocatively, to-unfold The Financial-Newspaper with the headline outermost, upper-most: 

WORLD MARKETS IN TURMOIL! and seen again that photograph taking up the whole of the rest of

the grey-top printed front-page remaindered, pictured in the minds’ eye. Now, turned inside-out and with a

staring squeezed blink of the eyes, fumbled as if in a freak storm, a blown umbrella, quickly folded-away.

To the-Clerk: hung-out to dry: having seen earlier the front-page photograph, and one-liner top

headed: WORLD MARKETS IN TURMOIL! re-conceived on-line connected…down-loaded and

updating second to second milli-second, minute-to-minute mobile-version uploading freely…with-

advertising:optional: Freeview choice fee-skipping…

The-Clerk looking-down and into the same recently concealed picture, and slowly re-storing from browsing-history, as accurately acutely-historically as-depicted. As veritably verifiably un-faked updated un-tampered-with: mobile cell-phone-photographed syndicated and World-Wide-Web: networked-scene: as at the end of the previous day: the-City: stocks and bonds’ markets as then as now: seen news-printed and pictured from the evening before: a litter-strewn like old ticker-tape across The Trading-Room floor. 

Forsaken, and an unforgiving-blankly waiting-screen strap-line banded:

Markets Closed. Markets Closed. Markets Closed…the single-slogan as about to go up or down was not possible to tell diagonally.

From one corner of the screen to the other perhaps tangentially-to slip-backwards flickering erratically across continuously stuttering…across perhaps, another:

Markets Closed. Only-slightly blurred from the-top aloft above, or below, the perfect: the-normal midway (i)deally positioned not at the-extreme outer-fielded or even ever truly evenly-centred: but as inside-out and now, as stilled.

As then, as now: as if no-longer exciting or existent now, as if no-longer exc(i)(t)(ed.) as of now, and then, no-longer anymore. Un-changing exchange…in-flexibility flexibility(y)ies…

Ever more exchanged until stopped perfectly still in its tracks, nowhere at all.

Except: now, there: only as stop-framed time-up: bleeped… 

Cinematographically stilled, to be recorded, and repeated any movement as any-moment only impendent

In the-cloud…independently that bold bland statement on-hold flickering nonetheless-memorific ally fuzzily held in-abeyance:

Markets Closed. shimmering-pixelated grid-table mapping diagrammatic…a flickering

A coming-together. As a vertiginous horizontally remote-geometrically sited as a new dawn held rising, over the Worlds’-Edge. The-Cityscape-skylinediverting

             >Banking-details…scans scams threateningly un-throated un-declared-bribery and corruption and fraud on-consultancy and management-only commission-contracts hostaged hi-jacking debt-ransoming-deals projected unfounded confidence evidence?

Optimism, pessimistically keeping quiet: the-private/public purse: tax-dodging as if this would be enough to boost-real confidence on-fixed and unfixed violin-fiddling burning-figures re-vealed:

             > Weaknesses:… Strengths and:… sub-titling screen-fantasy theme: distinctive emblematic-corporate-creations: dis-owning any real-identity or real-personality patched-together buffer-zone: video-text typeset: cast-role freely-played-ambiguously between Good-and-Evil. 


‘O.K.?’ and not too-bad.

‘One –price and another and downright-incorrectly dis-honestly and non-rightly irresponsibly:

stealing: sealing The-Deal: Generic-key: Designer-rip-off: online:

Dialogued. Options: with-structure and series arcade-style deviation from the normaltoo complex-to-

#control, if at all cutting-edge cut:

             >To: the Cit(y)ies: How We Live: Where and between each-other: with people we look like who we think looks like ourselves, we ghettoize whether in the City or Countryside families living close or close to close to until they, we feel less, or more, than 20-25% until we feel uncomfortable threatened or angry. Then, we move, or we move, anyway, somewhere with a higher perceived proportion, as ourselves. Through the wall(s): the closest neighbour family and friendship(s) solar-sailing and re-turning daily

Community-Street: weekly, monthly, and for years on-end for Many Millennia on the Globe. 

Between the Sun and Moon: Lunar drawing-onto

Land and into the Skies

Dinosaurus Birds and:

‘Unsinkable: Air-Craft Carrier.’

‘Space-Red: Sea-Monster.’

‘Mean Green-Blue-Oceanic:’

‘Technological and Fiscal ex-pan(s)(i)on…’

‘Printing-Money…’ screen-pixelated:

‘Perhaps, bringing the-City down? The-Country? Whole-Continent(s): like amoeba bacteria

cytoplasm lichen on the surface.’

‘Into the air and space-breathing-Glaciers below::…’

‘Iced-up Market: Military Lockdown.’

‘Not this time. Invaded! Co-Lateral!! Being brought-down! Regime-change…’

‘Financial-Pricing Systematic Monetarist: The-World!’ ethno-linguistically gender and cultural-ability driven:

‘Merit-(o) Crass. Us! Plut(0)cracies!!!’

‘Dictatorship! Of-You?’

‘Of: The Proletariat?’


‘Eradicate the-Gentry!’

‘Eat The Rich!’



‘Eat Social-Democracy. Communist: Individual Wealth Gap (I W G):’ nonetheless

‘Democracy…Capitalist: Wealth-Gap. Don’t you get it?’

‘I Get IT. Dictatorship over a Minority.’

‘All Minorities one-way or another… first past the post…’


‘There to stay. Familial. Monarchial-Presidential: Voted-for?’


‘Ballot or Bullet@?’

‘Any family alive?’

Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Of the Soviet Military Bureaucrat Bloc.

China. 5G U.S. Eyes in the Sky.


‘Drones everywhere.’


‘Solar-Wind. Buy-Out?’

‘Good-tactics? Buy-in?’


‘Know of Any?’


‘Tactics? Civilization? Rule of Law?’

‘A good idea…but…’

‘But what?’



‘Bought out!’

‘By? Who? Why? Grotesque Over:(I)nvestment: GOB: (i)n:’

‘Commercial and Re-sidential: sold-as: Leisure-Property: Port-Folio (LPPF):…’

‘Strategically-falsely promoted tactics…’



‘Land. And destroying…

‘Forest-Funding’ by incomprehensible debt-instrument

‘The-Peoples’ ourselves?’


‘Governance. Disabling Misogynist-Paternalistic Sovereign Presidential. Familial Big-Business!’

‘Areas of Expertise (AoE) Core in-Corporation(s):’

‘Funding-Investment. Growth!’

‘Banks’ false fake-growth.’



‘To get-out.’

‘Or not at all? Now?’

‘Corporate-Greed. Fraud. Corruption…Sexploitation with violence-in-defence…’



‘Corrupted con-merchant(s)…’



‘Spent on Family Charity Big-Projects…’

‘Perhaps the-Price of Civilisation?’



‘Bringing in the good(s).’

‘Taking-out more-like…Buy-low. Sell-High:…’

‘Of-course. Buy-High…’




Bought-Off. Hostage to Fortune(s)…


Same as it’s ever been…

Bringing in the-Harvest…




‘F. Off! Declaring: Price-War! Hiked Interest-Rate(s): for Currency-Exchange:’

‘Far-Out: Off Goods and Services: hitched un-hinged:’

‘Trade-Wars! list…’

‘EuroCentric: Imperial/Colonialisation…’ seriously conscionable:

‘US:UN: China-Russe-Euro: BrISA-Crisis…’

‘Brexit Pound-PIGS. Farming. Industrial and Servicing: Development Bank(s): Everywhere. Asia

Africa and the southern Americas to Mexico-City.’

‘Language(s):? Indo-European: Asia-Europe: Global-failure bailed-out: UK/USA. Of

the Money-Banking System this-time@Money-Go-Round(MGR) fun(i)mation:  





‘Triplicate, now.’

‘Quadratic…The Great North-Sea! Arctic-Circle saw nothing like this! Gas and Oil. Seas and Ocean(s)…’

‘Desert Fresh-Water: underground: Plastic(s): Pipeline…whole-Villages disappear(ed.)!!! Methane-burst!

CO2. Hydro-Global!’

‘Of-Course! Metals and Minerals mined from the poorest to the Richest listed-value back to the

various-Elites’ money peasant-food and gadgets cheaply-made heavily over-priced :Solar-Wind Nuclear


‘(I)nnovation -profit to re-peat endlessly digitally value and cost: Europe and

across South/North America…stitching-up the Globe!’


‘Fortunes!!! How?’


‘How? Trainers? Children’s athletic shoe-school  in Cambodia and Bangla-Desh: East-Pakistan…’

‘Western-Afghanistan and …


‘Back to that?’

‘They knew what was happening in that village. The Army Commander and NCO ordered to surround the

village to catch and question any escapers…to find out if the Free Independence Army had taken control or not. The Revolutionary Guards guerrilla from within shut the People up in huts and threw in hand-grenade and set fire to the huts. It was almost as an act of mercy, unavoidable, and yet this revelation, this revolution! Liquidated by the National-Colonial Army…’ gang-raping and shooting: male and female shamed breasts and limbs hacked-off:

‘Land and more besides: Desert and Caucasian-Mountains…Irani and Iraqi and Syrian Desserts food-

crisis climate-change: drought polar equatorial: rivering to the Planets’ tune roadways and railways,

underground and into Vacuum-Space! Flooded Earth too…’

‘Oceanic-Ice and Sand: Shale.’

‘POGS: PlasticOilGasSilicon Salt and building Sand…Pipeline(s):’


‘Monetised:’ moaned…

‘Digital: Macro-Economics for: Outright-Profit.’

‘Max. of: The People?’

‘Minority-Dictatorship of the Elite:’

‘Workers’ Class?’





Monopoly-Capitalism Government every sector 5^6 including investment merchant-

trade banking loans to the shops and into peoples’ in-Corporations…

Home-1 Government Nationalistic Exceptionalism Corporations (GNECs):

Characteristic(s): New-Era: Global: five and six…

‘At seven billions…now?’

‘All-Sector Energy and Material Goods…’

‘Stocked and Stored.’

‘Shared. Bought and Sold.’

‘Fixed far-ahead:’

‘Registered-Bank(s): As if…’

‘Bonus on top of that! Paying no-Taxes.’


‘Who pays Taxes? Offshore Banking Business OBB)?’

‘Share-Holders…Peoples’ Infra-Structure:’


‘Worker(s)-Peoples’ Beneficent Practical: (I)n-vestment-Future(s)…’

‘(B(I)F(s): P(Id.)S(s)(i) Poor?’

‘In-surance? Personal Pension Investment income? Savings?’

‘Mis-sold of course. None. Zilch. Sweet FA. All: HiStory! Herstory@Secured@Profit: at any Cost?

Subscribed regular income. Un-secured?’

‘Privately-secretive private-ownership of the means-of-production.’

‘Private-Property by Capital-Accumulation National Securityies Bureau.’

‘Laws vague and wide ranging…’

Cloudy weather? Re-Investment? Re-Insurance?’ bundled-risk:

‘Pension? Pissing-me? Pissing-down! Crapping-away! Now!’

‘Scrapping? Cashing-in?’

‘Scraping Welfare-Taxes?’

‘If You’re the Rogue-Revenue? I don’t owe…’

Revenue? Police and Thieves?’

‘Riot For Food? No! Low Social Mobility (LCM). As: against High Social Mobility? Where?’


‘NoWhere! Fiscal-War crimes top2toe!’

‘Lowest: poor and homeless…race&gender:’

‘Elitist Familial Sovereign-City: Nation:State:’

‘Less.’ Coastal&Inland. Border-Town(s): piss-poor: apart from: Tourism: Guide:

Taxes and fund(i)ng(s): supports taken(a)way: online: Social-Structure:

Austerity-Bubble burst gave-up all its’ gains draining-away…losses only on last year’s outrageous profits@

Tech. screen(s): Private-Equit(y)ies: Stocks and Shares’ Corporate bias(ed.) algorythms 

#Anti-Trust. Corporate-Monopoly. Non-monopoly competition ruined and bought-out, sell-off, and monopoly take=over price-merger:

Capital Monopoly. Government-Monopoly. Domestic -Competitions’ and Co-)peration(s)’ rules and usual-behavior: Qualit(y)ies…Quantity-costs and price.

Bonded-Global Government securities…

Cyber-Security Sanction(s) busting back-door: Tech-Hostage. Front-Door: Banker-Arrest and re-lease and re-leased and arrested again for a very long time self im-posed exile abroad, warned. 

Inside-Track. Consultant Health&Safety safe-working conditions…

Robbers all. Corporate-Trade less so, than Government. 

Public/Private. Data-sharing: Comms hacking Cyber-Attack. Viral

Impact peaks and depressing troughs’ costs’ rise and fall. Faster and slower impact on price-cost of: Tariff(s): on imports from abroad; equal-out across different goods costs and services.

Stronger and weaker revenue-growth, any growth, domestically, and abroad, gone too far-out.

Losses over last year’s VicTor(t)(i)(y)ie(s)! Profits!


Re-trenchment in the surrounding countryside, and see out the winter-Benchmark:Marker-Price: N/nnn:

Global Interest Rate.

Gross/Net Domestic Product, PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) as costs and expenditure to the thousands and millions and billions that make up Global Trade. As we go along. US Dollar and China Yuan. Argentina and Turkey. Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel Democracy. Indonesia, and Australia. South America trading partners as Japan and Indo-nesia. 

Africa digital knowhow and skills to produce doctors and scientists better employed up to now, abroad. Over reliant on Foreign Capital: U.S. Dollar or Yuan:  to base currency: and know-how, from all over. 

Corrupt deadly Empiric. En-Slaving Israel-to-Egypt Slav.

Chinese Indian Arabic Roman Anglo-English

American French and Spanish and Portuguese as Dutch or lastly largely and most terrorisingly terrifyingly, denounced deported betrayed killed perhaps until the next Reign of Terror.

The French Republican Revolution and Germanic Belgian Nazi Monastic Congo Wars.

The British Empire, and America


South Spanish Portuguese…speaking, all over the world.

Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Latin, English, and Urdu/Hindi.

Wars of de-colonialisation personal women and children

FREMILO respect life rehabilitate traitors only the small minded seek revenge we do not torture and kill like our colonial masters like our colonial mistresses the Elephant cannot see the ant that it treads on but it can feel the flea that bites!

The Liberation Movement knows of our supporters and of our traitors…

National Wars of Liberation from collaborators with Foreign Powers occupied land used as experimental weapons research wars of resistance witness at massacre of…

FIAT D91’s

Military-Helicopter machine-guns flame throwers and heavy chemicals flaming from barrels.

To take responsibilities for your-own owned past.

A sad repetition you cannot ig($)nore. Recognise the past.

Respect the future. Re-construction compatriots and citizen collaborators the bullet or the ballot. 

Both: the same now, as far as either of them or anyone on the train there, or anywhere-else knew as of:

All: African: Business-Dealings: Civilis(ed.) Commerce, that evening, instant, before:

Governor-Commander Business-Boss:



Both now in the knowledge assumed of the other. Both assumingly knowingly, unknowingly, yet simply pictorially– imagining that morning the scene(s) as unchanged from the nighttime before then, as now: inside the City Stock-Market Building heavy-teakwood mahogany doors tightly-closed hermetically-sealed a normally fluorescent glow turned-off.

Except for a single computer-screen presence, remaining-there:

Markets Closed as if readied for all time, previously, for this day. 

As if this had never happened before.

Yet it had.

Markets Closed.

From the evening-before, as in clueless useless pointless pointed dire-warning: retro-once only kind-of installed, as if permanently; equivocally, perhaps, warning automatically not to be taken too-literally; not-(ig)(s)nored or ind(e)finitely normally meaning: before the cleaners had cleaned-up and some, but then, not-everyone- else had been cleaned-out.  

Before nightlife restaurant and television cabaret, the latest news and sport weather then repose-taken. The on-message only that:

‘The-Markets will be open again and sooner rather than later…’

‘Again? This-day?’


‘As any other day?’

‘So, what do you make of it now, then? Business as Usual!’

This day?’ taking-over the competing computer-programmers’ co-operatively collectively

collaboratively algorithmically metering as an un-licensed  taxi-cab carrying and insuring business-plans

financially under-written and over-insured. Under-insured, over-written, or re-insured, or not-insured at

all: looking out the window:


‘Different. An Act of God? The Markets on Auto-Selling…A.I. One I owe U. An Act of Us!’ pre-

programmed virtual-win, lose, or draw, cancelled postponed, and re-negotiated the animal-urge to risk, and

win or destroy through mistake, error…

Circumstances unfathomable into living-liv(ed.) obliteration, nevertheless, unconstrained.

Imposing the investment and Merchant-Bankers’ insuring not adequately re-ensuring reassuring the values of private-equity stock in Government and Peoples’ currency-bonds individually car-crash(ed!).

Personally self-owned, by self, &^or Other. Access to the Law. Mobile-wealth.

Exercise your Right to Vote in free&fair election(s)

oh! Denizens! Priced-out, cash-back, borrowed on payday loan food-bank(s)

Accountant-Clerks’ savings-account pension and insurance, and country clear profit-to Government-Taxes

paid-in, or not.

Corporate Taxes dropped… 

Unemployment-Benefit, or not.

Well-Fare. Well-Fair ability and illness credit as 

Compensation or re-compense in sickness and in health.

Or, not. WarFare. WarFair. Un-paid breaks taken: tea/toilet booked in-and-out healthcare&welfare as we shall

most definitely need at the final end.

Abroad. Suitcases full of cash it may as well be, except electronically and to-be taken-back with inward investment repayment in compensation hitting-growth.

Yet hardly covering the original pseudo-doc. computer-crime of misleading in sin in-bribes and back-handers’ dodgy-deals information reneged-on millions of them, billions, trillions, quadrillions…

Of fixed-rates false-accounting cash-in-the-bank fake-ecologyies

Cash that stayed out-of-the-bank.  Uranium. Gold and Gems. Stayed-out. Tax-free taken, stolen, now Tax-free for the Government and People, Free-Trade. Moved. Ill-liquidated, stashed-away: unavailable to-government, or to the-People to spend.

Of the-Family-Business and as of small-Company-Name(s): seen briefly as painted hoarding pasted on the side-of-buildings. 


Advertising as along the embankment railway-track, alongside sidings and stations to be              >             >             >passed-through             >             >             > at high-speed, non-stopping…

All else, stopped. 

Closed, shrunk, and engulfed by-globular enlarged Corporations’ local-corruption

Advertising-hoardings for Banks’ Currency Economic-Zone and Country-Town passed-through.

Bank High-Street: branches closed-shops and as autumn leaves currency-exchanges as-laundering twigged risked domestic clearing-houses for return(s) or no-return:

‘By the end of this-day? All-won or lost?’

‘Banks? Private-Equity…’

‘Shops. People…’

On screen:


‘Profit-to-Interest Rates.’


‘Or still stood still? Quits? 50/50%?’

‘Who wins does not lose.’

‘Who loses does not win.’

‘Really?’ All investing higher-and-higher with insecure unsecured funds in stocks and insurances: interbank loans re-insurances, and re-sales…within (closed-text) the listings…

Over and into… almost as suddenly as the whole front-page picture re-pasted into-memory…

For the-Clerk far from assuaging the culpability of the-other now exposed as the deplorably irresponsible and reckless lender. Not, as yet, wrecked-borrower, wreaked havoc-upon.

To the-Banker, the- Clerk cast now as the likely irresponsible, yet hapless helplessly indebted, no-deposit poor credit-rating history first-time mortgaged and-possibly employee. As in: Bank-loaned as salaried, invested monthly paid-off to be paid-back payday pay-check paper-money on-screen backed and banked:

The-Bankers’ Newspaper front-page pictorial held-out, taut-and-proud, as a flag of convenience.

Or as a crumpled bank-note.

Opened, to the light of day, as checking the veracity of foldin’ money: cash: Bill-Fold

Bank-Account the-Clerk knew; and returned, momentarily to the hand-held, now re-opening news-filtering screen-newspaper heard again as the rustling of dry-leaf cadaver


‘Ex-e-cutive: Golden-Account!’


‘Plastic-Paying: over again…’

‘Techno-Digital Geek-World: General Engineering & Electro-Knowledge: (I)(n)formation:

Outside the Train-Carriage: the weather not that inclement, or autumnal for the leaves to be springing, rising from their branches, or be freely-falling as snow-covered as foraging nuts and berries, for the long cold winter. 

The Newspaper turned crisply inside-out and halved-again. Both to the same page skim-read by the-Clerk earlier: pre-registered up-front…next page…and as World-Wide-Web free and as-expected to be paid-for not:- freely-enabled seen with advertisements, and scammed, both skipped…to:

The (I)nsider-Report:

As of today there is so much owed, by so many, that cannot start to be paid-out or paid-back this day, or the next…

This morning the stock-markets are closed. Once more World-Trade has ground a halt.

All Credit-Trading, has been suspended.

The trading of stocks and shares in recent times has left prices at such all-time high-levels, that, overnight, have collapsed.

We are yet again in the grip of the greatest global fiscal and financial- fiasco, the greatest-ever: Economic-Crisis, ever, again.


This morning in Geneva there is to be an announcement of the International Conference on Monetary Compliance (ICMC). There is to be a declaration of economic policy and intent. This announcement is expected to stabilise major-global currencies and exchange-rates, at some mutually-agreed rate. To boost-confidence in the banking-system and in Global Fiscal-Policy and World-Trade. A sharedprotocol, at Midday, world mean-time today, by the International Date-Line will…


‘There will be winners; and, there will be-losers…’ spoken out loud…un-loaded…

Looking-up The-Banker as from The-Clerks’ laid-back attitude, drawn from the impending appended silence. The-Banker now self-imposed imaged point-of-view of the pictured closed-markets of: 


‘The Photo: AKA: The-Cage?: calculated-risk? Join the-Game?’


‘Markets Closed? No-real-risk…then?’


‘Only the-details to be added.’

‘Then?’ The-Banker, on mobile cellphone earpiece bartered furtively and openly and loudly and confidently as if now confidentially swapped hand-signals and punched the air slapped both-palms together:

‘High-fives! We are in the tens…six…seven!’


If you Will!’ and holding a-hand over the heart openly-palmed, and as sat, bowed slightly winked, a single staring- eye, as stooped to conquer:

‘Trillions, now…’


With on-screen confirmation…re-directingconfirming… password…and printed-off paper-copy waved frantically financial-agreement-stipulating:

‘Only to be signed-off…’ lifted from the floor brief-case revealed laptop lapped at reading-off as: The-Clerk now speaking:

‘700-billion assets signed-off? Ten for Every One of US on this Planet!’

‘Plateau-purchase risk…RE-lease Asset(s):…’

‘Rented indebted dispossessed bundles in Ghetto mixed-housing and vigilant…’

‘What we want wiki-feed…’

‘Quantity-Data quantified…’




‘Monetarise@Hell! No! No-one-else but Us?!’

‘No-one else?’

‘But. Us. Paradise.’

‘Forest-Management Fire-Fighting.’

‘Ultra-Power: Corruption and Lies…’

‘Oil, Gas and Water-supplies cut-off.’

From: Imperial-Colonial Farm:


UnderGround River-Railway: Home own-owned lived-in at Home.

The-Clerk continuing:

‘But the Markets are Closed. Deal(s) to be added, then? Details? How many-Trillions-more?

Before-what? All is Lost?’

‘De-valued. Bought-out.’

‘What? Sold-off? That is the name of the Game? Selling-off…The Family Jewellery? Is that it?

Gold&Silver? Silicon-Tech.? Banks? Buying-up…to the lowest


‘People bought-off…’



‘To the-Buyer. Or to the-Seller?’

‘Buyers’ market?’




‘Done.’ and with a nod, laterally entrusted, undisputed, and further endorsed over-lengthy client midday luncheon tied-in: gifting as-charity by guilt-association expense-account accounted-for and through electronic/signatory: pass-name and number and as a matter of public-record:


‘No longer negotiable…’


‘Or ever-were?’



Tapping keyboards:



‘All to-be ironed-out today…by the all the-Clerks’ of All the-Worlds’ Works.’

As if spoken be-fore, many-times, both. Informa(t)-kwiki: transparent liquid-like, solicited. Solid as an


Scenario: Population: Proposition: Projected through the air cloud-like as before the-bell was rung for-departure. 

As a warning to anyone last-boarding the train doors closed the train-carriage sealed and seated up-front aside:

‘I don’t know what to make of ‘It’. Yet…’ pause

Then The-Clerk bought the-thought snickered slightingly to-self as-if spoken to self.

Then: that sarcastic thought or was it sardonic? outlined out loud:

‘But I’ll bet we will find out soon-enough to-day, now, anyway? Don’t you?’ sounded differently as

if someone-else had spoken the words instead, as a gauntlet-glove thrown-down Alter-Net: to be picked-up:

‘O.K. If that’s what you want to make of it?’



‘We Always Do What We Want…‘


‘Business as Usual?’

 When? What will you make out-of-it then?’

‘When? Tomorrow? Later-0n TDAY?’



Only as instantly-realised now and as at the time-of-speaking earlier; and, that short-moment-later as spoken now irritatingly intimatingly imitatingly only-now as at the-Gamble seemingly committed-to.

The un-certainty now at such a communally, yet privately, and now seemingly shared-venture.

This seemingly reasonable as un-reasonable as to each other, as yet un-priced; as yet, only a projected-proposal, there would be a price, and a cost too:

‘Purchase-Price Initiative (PPI) and re-sale onward: that is all you need to know’…an as yet un-

bidden offer properly in-prospect to follow-up the seemingly automatically-accepted challenge as yet to be fully realised or comprehend(ed.) version…


As well as the-other, each spoken now, and heard, and now seen:

‘No going-back now.’ 

Both now considering the import of these words, the more thoroughly, thoughtfully, perhaps, than said and heard those out-spoken mere words as to the-enterprising enquiry; requiring, further-reply? In-turns? Or not?

Now: the earliest near previously saved in-memory and as the first respondent again.

The-Clerk ignoring the possibility again of turn-taking with another supplementary yet elementary question:


‘Why? Who?’



Puzzlement pre-dicated predicament: seconded now by both-speakers. Triplicated, as here, almost(i)dentically mindfully apart re-flected against all others on the train.

On the Train. (i)n the Train-Carriage: others-visible and seeing, through adjoined metal and plastic cloth air-cooled compartment and as if no further-apart or closer-to or from each other’s-truth and in each-others’ minds: and all this mean(s)?

Exactly? And how soon?

How soon, is now?

How much is-enough?

And: How much is at stake here?

Exactly? as instantly both now openly re-gretting the opening-given to the exclusion of anyone-else in the rumbling bone-rattling carriage: as both-enjoined, as advertently now as in-advertently in a two-way dialogue of which at that immediate-point there was persisting yet only limited dis-or mis(t)(y)(f)ying or any verifiable: Group-Loop: (i)(n)formation

5. The Accident & Emergency Department: Factory Hospital and Home.

She had pressed the TVOFF remote laser-switch, and they all had left for school and work.

Closing all the windows and door behind her, a short while later and going where those others had left, and others were still leaving front doors for the days school and work, and activity ahead. 

Outside and downstairs, through the piles of discarded rubbish and the door, wedged open.

To the blocked metal refuse-chute, unmissed rubbish strewn everywhere. Re-Plastic as bottles and dish plates and bagging and carried to the concrete blocked and disposed-of in the corner of the blocked concrete and metal. The overspilling chute stacked with black grey and white bags for collecting and sorting.

To the stairs and the If-it’s-working lift down to the ground floor: the worst thing standing inside the open lift door not being sure if the elevator was going to work, or not. Or go crashing to the ground, like everything else

He was on-a-Late and so he was taking the children to school and nursery.

He would be collecting them later today it seemed when Her shift finished early or if she could do overtime-hours, or clock-off to collect them if there were no emergencies that was.

Then, either would have to phone one of the other mothers or fathers to collect theirs’ as well if they could…

She entered the same Shop that He had recently departed with The Children only a few seconds earlier, but crucially later, they had only left a few minutes, earlier:

‘Got any bread in?’

‘You may as well take one there, only one-day-stale!’ climbing-down off a stool-from-stacking-shelves:

‘Stale already isn’t it!? Never mind the Bakery! Haven’t seen them yet today!’

The Shop was open as usual ready to stock-up again with the usual days-supplies that had been

phoned in the day before, or rather:

‘It looks like it is ‘Whenever@The Delivery’ turns up!’

Then, not for the first time:

‘Your better-half works at The Bakery, doesn’t he? They were here just a few minutes ago.’


‘My Other-‘alf…went out early today to The Cash and Carry, and not back yet! I phoned-in the

order. They said:

‘No-deliveries yet today! Nothings’ moving yet…’’

Then, in response to an expected but not received, not ill-received:

‘Still; there is Hope.’

‘I expect…’

‘Gone to see if we can collect in the queue at the CashnCarry: probably! Not back yet and not called.’ pointing at the dry loaf on the shelf:

‘Going stale!’ momentarily paused, then:

‘No Cash, No Carry!’


‘Fresh-is-Best.’ Concluded HERE&NOW.

The Shopkeeper was stocking half-empty shelves, the last stock, sharing with anyone who came in the shop, for whatever they could afford of their cash and card(s): Credit/Debit: continued to her, as She looked at: The-Newspaper(s): on the counter the stale loaf and a dry bun for steaming, offering:

‘We get our Bread&Cakes from Your Bakery. Your other-half working there?’

‘Other-Quarters! Not mine, or ours, nothing…for nothing@It doesn’t last! The old Bread&Cakes gets

chucked away. Have to Health and Safety it or give it to The BinRaiders out the back. They have it! Still, can’t

blame them, can you? Poor beggars. I leave it for those that take it. Homeless, you know, or out of work, on

benefits that go nowhere. Poor and hungry and homeless.’

‘That’s where we’ll all finish-up, if we’re not careful!’

‘Yeah, dead at least! They take it home, you know, if they’ve got one. Squatting on the ground…toast on one of those outdoors braziers. They sleep under the bridge arches, some of them, you know?’


‘Some have got homes ‘though I don’t know what state they’re in. Don’t seem to worry ‘em!’

‘That all you got?’ she asked.

‘All yesterday’s fresh has gone. Panic buying! I only let them in one at a time and one each and they

kick-up a fuss! Not thinking of others…themselves only to profit on the backs of others…’


At the docks and ports according to TV pointing to the corner(s) of: The Shop and on the ceiling from where CCTV beamed:

‘Only that one loaf left now. We won’t get another delivery today I dare say. And I am told: 

‘We don’t know when!’ Well, if they don’t know?’

‘Not midday, then, when its’ all sorted?

Then, without catching a response:

‘Only the ‘papers delivered today. So far; and I haven’t paid for them yet. I only pay for what I sell.’

‘Don’t We All!’ 

‘How’s that?’ doubly surprised at the apparent revelation: that not everything had to be paid for up-front, the wages of work: of stocking the shop and selling not-stockpiling to attract robbers and thieves.

The Shopkeeper came towards the counter of The Shop and continued chatting to Her:

‘Working for a living at Home or Away. Earning money or not. Well Fair fare yet, then?’

‘Pension? Insurance? For what? Stock Robber-Trade! Credit or Debit in The Bank. Change?’

‘Not. Now.’

‘You can give me all the money you’ve got if you like. No change to give out ‘though, more sweets or crisps…’

‘Like the last time.’

‘cheap-cheap: Chicken&Chip(s): never sell this place now.’

‘Potato-chips instead?’

Packaging: re-cyclable: ‘you can bring it back here4cash…notice:

This Country is not a Cock-house Casino.’

‘Henhouse then? Just? Like the last time?’


‘And like the Time before that.’


‘No money in the Bank.’

‘No food on the table!’

She exhorted: 

‘Your kids have got have something here to last them?’

‘Not any more.’

‘Selling-Up again?’



‘Not, yet. The Banks are not open, so you or I won’t be able to get any notes or cash out anyway. Never be able to sell this place now. You know, I’ve been trying to sell-off The-Shop and its stocks to pay off loans and bills on The Shop and on the Stocks; but no buyers…it’s all online. I’d have to sell-off at too lower-price. Too high these other-Cowboys want to pay! Maybe…I’ll just up-and-go sometime, leave it all behind…’

‘Leave it to who?’

‘To where?’

The Shopkeeper self-questioned:

‘Nothing@nothing.com!’ laughing…

‘Less than Zero. Zilch. Sweet F’all…’


She asked in wonderment. She asked, knowing, not listening, heard it before. Selling-off and not just this

Shopkeeper, empty shop(s) 

All the local Shops were owned and known either by the name on the front of the shop and/or the Cultural Nationality or Ethnic-identity of the Family that owned or rented that shop its’ stocks and shares, and did their business there. Small retailers, family-run businesses across the globe, despite the SuperMall and Hypermarket(s) still the way most trade finishes up.

From the roadside, docks and ports, in the air, and to and from The Village, Town and The-City:

Market-Places and Streets and, of course, the wholesale-Industrial Stock-Markets and Money-Markets advertising signage noticing: Open All Day

She pondered. She looked at the front page of The Newspaper un-folded and thrown onto the light worn dark varnished and metal-trimmed wood shop counter-surface and service. She glanced at a cartoon which depicted the World’s Finance Ministers: Politician-Business Corporate-Economist(s): heads in hands sitting on stacks of useless money no words needed; no deed(s) but a like&comment…

She read for free without intending to buy on: 

Global Crisis Meeting Midday Today!

Tax&Prices rises expected. 

The (i)nside Page:

In the last weeks and months there have been queues-in-shop(s) for scarce goods,

rationed by ability to pay; there have been queues to spend, instead of investing, pay, pensions, and profits,

before the things became worthless.

The prices of goods and services have increased week by week and

day-by-day, minute-by-minute as more Financial Insurance Compensation (FIC) Claims are made…

Don’t we just know it!

So, what’s so different!

Or not! She pondered again.

She scanned the headline into her camera-phone…

She wondered: how the small shops and retailers and service providers like Health and Social Care whether large hospital or fast-food chain cottage-hospital or cottage loaf. How they managed at all?

With all the out of town Shopping Malls and Giant chain stores; that everyone shopped-at because they could afford the fixed low-prices and special offers it payed to shop around the big 5/6 for these; but, The Scams! Price(s)-up:           

‘Prices down! Ha!’

When thatthat ever happen without Prices going upup first-first, eh?

Without any salaries and wages to give out, what to spend on the Prices anyway?! 

She answered her own-question(s) to her-self:

The Supermarkets paid up-front, suppliers and staff but cheaply, and only what they thought they could get away with and sell at a good-profit balanced only by necessarily what most-people could afford…health or no-health.

The Shopkeeper had continued to stock shelves with food in tins and plastic&cardboard non-bio film packets without stopping hardly and stocking the shelves and aisle way cleared, finished:  

‘That’s it! Everything is out. I’m now officially out of stock!’

‘Us too, that’s why I am here! Stocking-Up?’

‘Packing-Up! Panic-Buying! and that’s IT!’ the train of thought returning to re-stacking the meagre

shelves with the remaining stock and with some finality:  

‘Nothing left. Not getting in even enough buying for the Customers to cover the Household for a

Day! Nothing from the Factory each of us!’

‘All of Us.’

‘None of us.’

Existing on Bank-Loans on Capital, Stock and Shop; rent is un-paid for the year…

Governments Presidents’ Sovereign: Royal-Taxes! Peoples’ Government-Taxes:

For their own Good not-Ours’ only our votes fairly and freely manipula(t)(ed.) back at the counter handing

back the money:

‘Our Own Taxes!’

Secular-Presidential: Government-Bank: defending Social-Welfare against

attacking Corporate Companies…

‘Corporations 5^6 Global(ly).’


‘They cannot give us our-money so what, now?’

‘Our-Goods! They will.’

‘Our-Services! Shops! Tax-Benefits’ vs tax: re-duction: de-Duction4The Rich! %’s’

‘Richest or Poorest if you ask me. Nothing in between…’

‘Everything! We are the Majority!’


‘Of-course…most-Money…most-of-us, then ten-per-cent them. Poor-I Work!’


‘For this Shop!’

She’d said:

‘So much more than only today…’

The Shop-keeper:

‘Stale Factory-Bread and solid steamed Bun! Go-on, you may as well take-it 4Free and The



‘Bring us some nice freshly baked Bread&Cakes to stock-up the Shop with from: The-Factory as we call-it! That is where He works, it is isn’t it?’

She-looked up:


‘They’ve closed the Bakery-Works again. Do You Know that?’

Her res-ponse:

‘Where do We get Our Bread&Cakes now, then?’ sardonic.

‘Credit-Crisis again, you know haha: Import/Export: Shop(s): Chains. People as

Thing(s).’  She’d also responded.:

‘Prices go up and wages go down, how’s that?’

‘No good to me. I need stock freely to sell anywhere I like, to anyone, please!’

The Shopkeeper:

‘There is a Rally at The Bakery, at Midday. Did you know?’

She’d look(ed.) up-again:

‘The Workers not allowed in.’

‘To the Works?’

‘Closed for Business.’

‘For anything?’

‘I owe them anyway. The Cash and Carry…You name it! Well into Negative-Equity now. The amount The Shop owes is owed, never Sell-Up now…’

‘Unless there is a buyer, to-day?’ 

She’d said to seek to cheer the Shopkeeper and Family now emerged from the back room:

‘Cheap? No, have to give it away?’

‘Give it all up? This-Shop is owed to who? Who do you owe? Landlord? Suppliers?’

‘All of it.’ 

She’d asked. Then, the Shopkeeper almost finally:

‘That is where He works ‘though, isn’t it? The Bakery?’

‘Not any more it seems…’ her sullen answer.

The Shop Keeper then, with re-newed finality:

‘How about a free Newspaper? Everything else has been taken from us, they’ve bled us dry!!’ exclaimed, without irony; re-strained and mix(ed.) with anxious mirth:

‘Online. That is not in the Newspaper. That is yesterday.’

‘Everyday. Only in the news when there something extraordinary like a death on the street. In custody.’

‘That’s where they should be.’ 

‘Or Hospital.’

She’d said, to stem the previous merriment:

‘Where I’m meant to be.’

‘Never is.’


‘Catch them don’t they? Tax-Robbers!’

‘Tax-Thieves. Your Shop?’

‘Newspaper. Yesterdays news now Sign ‘0’ The Times Metro! You know We can’t even get retail price from the City-Bakery or fair price for this shop. Online (i)(t)’s Free! News of The World! Paid-Newspapers…’ closing-now

‘For Good! High Street, not. Business and Council Tax and Rental Shopfront: for: Digital-Business: SuperMarkets…’

‘Government-Tax. Welfare.’


‘Unfair. Plastic-polluters pay…Re-cycling Hyper-Markets! Market-advancing there share(s):N%/n%: Chains:5/6 Glo(b)all(y). Unbound: Prometheus: Red-Queen. Black-Knight. White-Horses’ horde.’

‘Trading&hoarding Palaces…’

Atlas-shrugged off-key: FountainHead@WarFair4.com


Overshare: advertising: convertible: Space: Time:

‘Advert(i)sing: shared:…’ 

‘Data and de-vices…’



‘Regulating ourselves like everyone else…’

‘Socially? No-Money. Low-Cost…loan(s)…

‘Low Wages and conditions of Work. Standards. The-Bakery. TheyThey are that tight with their un-

earned Profits not even the workers get free-bread!’

‘Or pension. Work insurance? Forget-it. Gravy-Train for the Investors: We have to buy our Daily Bread

from the Cash&Carry too…’ The Shop Keeper and She added:

‘Of course! How stupid is that…’

‘Of Them? Uncaring-for-Staff and Workers’ Family!’

‘Domestic-Work Fair.’


‘The Factory wants to make as much Work-Profit out of All of Us as they can.’

‘Out of All of Us! Never mind the measly pay! Anyway…’ and  pointing thumbs back through the door:

‘If The-Works are closed no bread and no cake either…not today, at least…’

The money for a small-loaf was put on the counter and the large sliced loaf in its mould-inducing plastic

wrapper and the newspaper with its banner headline declaring:

STOCK MARKETS IN CHAOS was carried off.

The Shopkeeper had said:

‘Take it…’ and She took the newspaper, and left the shop.

-Will you be going into the rally?’ texted when she had left the shop, newspaper online and she called his mobile cellphone with photograph stored number gazed at longingly, but without answer, or voice-message, and as he texted immediately back:

-No point going in before the Rally! Will not get paid anyway…

  • What about The Rally?
  • Going Home first…catch the News…

-OK O&O4 now…LUVU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

She worked nights, evenings, day shifts. This week, this day, it was the late-day shift; or the day late! as some liked to call it. From the ambulance station She arrived at slightly late and clocked-on. From where she drove the ambulance, maintenance engineer and assisted at accidents so-called First Aider but not a SuperMedic like some of the other crews had.

‘Be careful, today’ he had said to her ‘I love you’, and she had replied ’ditto.’ accident and emergency crew, trained up in skills and procedures, assessment of injuries, life or death, sometimes…

Observing vital signs…moving patients safely, onto stretcher or aided walking. Checking for any changes.

To report to The Qualified Clinician taking relevant information, from carers, and others at the scene. Administering first-aid and emergency medical procedures, transporting people to and from hospital, accident and emergency, the elderly and frail to The-Hospital appointments.

Could be anything: road accident, multiple severe injuries, or just a scratch. Taking notes for the medics, and the insurance, and police, if there had been A Criminal Act. They would be on the scene-of-the-crime.

Alleged. Or the Fire-Service if there had been a fire, or if someone needed cutting out of a car. Rescuing, from a roof. You name it. Anything, and everything could happen, and did. Never a dull moment. #

A good job, a great job, She enjoyed and was paid, well, reasonably well, but mainly regularly.

Not poor definitely not Rich!

Could be a pedestrian, or housebound, head wound, heart attack, to broken toe.

In a busy shopping centre, or on a country lane. Sick baby and worried parent, or elderly infirm, worried well, or unconcerned brawler wanting to carry the wound back into the bar to show-off, not realising how much blood was being


That’s when you needed back-up.

Sometimes a suicide, murder. Under a train, not much you could do them, bag them up and the undertakers take them away, to the morgue. May later just find out the official-cause-of-death: crushing or shattered, in the jargon. May have been pushed? On the roof, threatening to jump: ‘Go on then!’ you always feel like saying: ‘…if you’re going to! I’ve got children to collect from school! Once the Bouncy Castle is set up against the wall, and the suicide gets bored and tired, and decides to walk the stairs.

Could be someone fallen down stairs. Beaten up in their own home. Domestic violence, denying, screaming the odds.

Unruly, intractable, recalcitrant, not well-behaved.

Not well-mannered. Not biddable, brokenbones, not funny. It would all be reported, had to be. To the Social Care Agent, The Housing Representative, The Police.

They would press charges, if necessary. Must do, ought to. Some of the things you see….

We would pitch-up and patch-up and tell their story as well as our own: witness.

Sometimes threatened as well. You had to stand your ground. Emergency blue light, siren wailing. Steering in and out of that traffic that never seemed to thin out, or even give way sometimes. Still, that was the job. Worth hanging onto. Going on to take the Medic and Paramedic exams, own time; evenings and weekends, and bring-up the children! Check out the Ambulance. The-Vehicle: stocked with bandages, medical and life-support equipment.

Ventilator and de—fibrilator, fabrication stored properly and in good working order. 

Communication equipment, to the control-room…where she had started-out.

Learning how to differentiate one emergency from another.

Over mobile radio-telephone video-link, inside and out the vehicle, and the patients! they would joke. Heckling themselves in their pain and agony. Checking mileage, speed, safety, on the road, and in situ…clean. New documentation: date, time report charts, name… address if known, distinguishing features.

Check the fuel and oil and water, start up, at the start, and end of each shift. Driving licence of course, Passenger Public Service classification. Different gross weights and bearing, gear shifts and light and heavy goods for the larger vehicles used in public events…

Now, though, the regular chat, only if there was time. When she got in this morning-shift, the morning newspaper, with the Lotto numbers, and television and radio pages: this job make more than a TV drama any day of the week. 

Fiction and drama, She liked, a murder, thriller; or a biography. Not many of them write their own, do they? she thought to herself.

‘What next? I know? Nothing! Or the rest of my life! ‘aven’t lived it all, yet! Children. Husband.’ 

The Accident&Emergency Room. Department and Hospital: corridor-wings were otherwise as quiet as usual first thing in the morning: there’s always time for things to change…

It always gets busy as soon as I think it’s going to be a quiet day!’ She called to a colleague, and thought to herself, turn around and something happens, then it all starts happening! You hardly have time to think until the shift is ended, and no overtime-pay! When did I last finish on the dot, the bell!!? she asked herself, rhetorically; and out loud to the others repeated:

‘When did I last finish on the dot?’ answering herself in response, with a thoughtful, but blank thought:

‘Never!’ they all chanted as if they had done this routine before.

#Waiting for the first call: that’s when it always happened. Commuters driving from home, to work. A van, or lorry, at work, driven-recklessly.

Someone in a car crash. 

On the way to work, domestic, accident, or not. On your way to early-morning deliveries, or to a job late for. As if you are the only one of the roads. That does not have an appointment to reach. With fate, and a social duty ahead Slow Down! You are not the only one! Think Safety! 

#1. The imperative

To: keep working too ridiculous time-set time-frames, shifts.

So, she could feel free and feed self and family; and others could be fed and stay alive.

Referrals from night-doctors; there was always work waiting anyway. No later than sooner, the first call of the day. The druggies and the drunks, and the homeless who often slipped-in, and slept in the waiting rooms during the night shift, had been moved-on, for the day shift to start.

It was not any different today, although the last call out had been a disturbance.

Some missiles thrown and one person injured, the police were there. When the ambulance arrived, the crowd had moved away. 

The other Ambulance-Crew and State-Police: on stand-by had told them all about it when they got back.  The Bank had not opened. A queue, a line had formed outside many metres long and wide, a gathering mobbing crowd really. Of staff locked-out, and angry, upset, worried, scared, lackadaisical. Staff and

Customer(s). With people trying to get wages and savings out

The Bank was closed, until further notice. There had been a scuffle between two of the waiting customers. Over

an unpaid unwritten loan, and eventually, after others had got embroiled, two or three lay injured. Someone,

bystander, onlooker, passer-by had called an ambulance. Several on-lookers came up to them, as they went to

see to the injured customer, or patient-to-be; and the crowd, realising The Bank was not likely to open, had

dispersed to await the further news; and to hopefully see if The Bank might open that afternoon. She was on

second call but was not needed. The injuries were only slight, but the scene was ominous, an omen it seemed for

the day. If real disaster did strike she often thought only enough bandages and food for a few days; and only if

that is rationed from the start.

Only enough food at Home, the same.

The closer to The Weekly Big Shop time, the less there was at Home…

Go to the Local Shops when nothing-left-in-the Apartment-Home really, nothing left, at home.

 Not stocked up recently and can hardly afford to go more than for a few days at a time, sometimes only one day without replenishing need, and goods and services to meet those needs.

Everyone was talking about the crash of the stock-markets and the announcement expected at midday: 

‘We’ll have to go to the SuperMarket tonight!’ she had called after him as he had left; she collecting the children later, after her first shift was done, on second shift later, split-shifts it would have to be. He going to Work, or the Rally, now? Collecting the Children?

Suddenly everything seemed more uncertain.

And She really did start to wonder what this day would bring.

He met a Work-Mate going towards The Bakery or The Works or The Factory as it was known:

The Bakery. From the Nursery School: passed The Old Church at the top of The High Road now The Local

Council Buildings. A Friend and a Neighbour from the same Housing Block walking in the opposite direction,

now shared the journey Home past-by and from:

The Bakery Factory Works:

‘No good going in …’

the other said:

‘They’ve shut The Factory, again. Remember last time? Few more out of work, three-day week again?’

‘The last time, and the time before that! ‘It’s happened before!’ was the blunt reply without irony, the Other replied coldly:

‘Closed down for good this time we reckon. Importing-bread!’

‘Do you believe that?’

‘Shopkeeper said. Prices-Up! Again…they say…’

‘Do they? Not Prices down then?’

‘Never. There’s a meeting midday…’ the Other continued:

‘Factory-Fates! We’ll find out then!’ and laughing:

‘See you there!’

SHOUTed as they passed each other to their separate homes, laughing, at what, they could not be sure

The Children: waving and laughing too, at what, they knew not what; awaiting afternoon midday-afternoon, when they may meet up again:

‘Open for the Day!’ notice pinned on the schoolgate re-passed, and now brought back to mind

Thank Goodness! had been the immediate response. 

Although there were mutterings and mumblings about whether The Teachers and Nursery-Nurses would

actually see their pay and pensions this month; or, whether any pay, of how much&for how long?

The Parents would be able to keep on paying for the basic education never mind the extra trips and activities

and equipment for this and that… at least:

The School was open and The Children did not need collecting until She finished her first-shift, and He

finished his at The Bakery early evening, maybe, and she start her second-shift…while He took on The

Children again…then: or would the rally would put pay to all their carefully laid plans for the day:

‘Don’t forget after-school!’ the Older-One had called after him.

‘Mum!’ he called.

‘…half-day today!’ the School Teacher had joked and laughing together. 

After sending the text about going to the rally, home, first as the children walked, not ran toward the

nursery doors, the school-doors, and He out through the school gate, as he went towards The Factory Gates

any way and then after meeting:

The Friendly Neighbour, they walked back towards their homes and assed by other shops, nodded and


‘Hello’ to The Shopkeepers and Their Customers standing around inside and outside, on the Street as they passed:

‘What’s going to happen then?’ one called over:

‘Nothing!’ he called back.

Then to The Friendly Neighbour:


#Then he went up the stairs to the apartment balcony walkway. When he got indoors with the key, shouted:

‘Hello!’ only just out of habit, and switched on the T.V. again, and started to clear the breakfast things away.

She had already set off for work with a sandwich and the last of the bread, re-called calling afterwards, after him, and then he thinking: did I say I’d bring some bread home?

And She said: 

‘I don’t care if its stolen!’ laughing:

‘I’ll bring some from the shop…if they’ve got any!?

She said

#‘Don’t lose your job over a loaf of bread!’

Lucky, I got some in yesterday

He thought and as if spoken out-loud; or sheer skill remembering what she’d told me before I went to work yesterday, and I didn’t forget… 

But this time…today… and as He settled-down, with a last of the bread toasted-dry sandwich in front of the television to watch events unfold, he wondered: or did I just imagine that?

From some other time, yesterday? or at all, anyway…?! Anyway, what does it matter. We need bread, then, mindful of the Midday Meeting at Work: and Shopping later at the SuperMarket wondering: what would happen if there was no bread? No work? No money to pay for the bread, the shopping? 

The mortgage? worry reserving not for what would occur anyway, which as yet, he did not know for sure, for certain, what would happen today.

Only what might occur, could occur, which was all he could really think about.

Home, and a sandwich with whatever is left in the bottom of the bread-bin. 

Some half-empty or half-full jar or a tub of something and back to work or not.

Before the rally and the international meeting at midday, reading quickly scanning the front page of the newspapers:  

Stock-markets in Chaos! Turbulence.

G-Group Meet at 12.00 


CC  Club in difficulties…

Insider Report

Today, there is so much owed by so many, that cannot even start to be paid-out, or will ever be paid-back. This morning the stock-markets are closed. Once more World Trade has ground a halt. All financial currency and credit/loans trading, the trading of stocks and shares, that in recent times has left prices at all high time levels, overnight, have collapsed. We are in the greatest fiscal and financial crisis ever; and yet again…

Sitting at home no hurry he realised, then, again, if or if not before, this time: that he didn’t have any cash. Only a couple of plastic notes, the cash-card machines would be empty. If the Banks were closed. There had been panic withdrawing as well as buying yesterday, there would be risk going around and topping-up the money-machines up with new notes, now, wouldn’t there?

Money riots? The vans and delivery vehicles will be headed-back, or staying in base, with all the money!

The armoured weaponized: Security-Vehicle bullet-proof cars, dark and light brown, black and silver striped, dusty rumbling over the go slow cobbled pedestrianised High Street. As if seen: shops either side, walking down The City-Centre. The as if (i)magined crowds emerged into the square and had emptied the Automatic Teller Machine, well before, so simply locked-up boarded windows and doors, and money machines and empty shops.

Social-Media connecting…

SmartPhone(s) across borders…

Civil un-rest internally toppling Nation-State(s) Trade-War rival(s):

Knowledge missing transparency lies internet: Techno-Chaos.

Kaos, into a future of permanent chaos, for not slowing down but getting faster and faster speeds…

Fake-New(s) Popular targeting Military as well as Economic might: Might may switch to Cyber-Crime and

Currenc(y)ies Corporation(s) the size of any Nation-State without borders frontiers of knowledge and hyper-

knowledge of each individual

Behavior-Data: as Universal as individually created

(E)motionalityies personality as

Unique Selling Point. Poisoned umbrella and arrow tipped hunting weapon(s). Now Cyber-Warrior(s): 

‘Move fast and break thing(s)…’ what does that mean?

‘Monetarise the-Data Dream-drive: (E)radicating deadly-mosquito: Eliminating deadly-species…’

‘Otherwise: Racial Gender Identity (R/GId.): Owning In-Corporat(ed.)…’

Creative Common(s): Commonalit(y)ies: Criminalities No-Rule(s) except those made-up each time as

we move-on to:

-Networked Tech.:

‘Not fairing well: not faring enough Government-Corp(s)(e): or: Nation(s)’ State-owner: worker(s):’

‘Own-People through their Taxes!’

‘Freely dis-owned by dis-information:’



‘One-Demagogue President-Leader(s)’ Sovereign Game(s) of Throne(s):’

‘To-now. Victim(s) 0f Social-Change not perp.(s): Agent(s) with People(s) signing-up:

Authoritarian-Bureaucrac(y)ies with evidence based policymaking…


‘Democractic-Populism Free and Fair:’

‘Geographic-Number(s):’ adding-up minority threatened:

‘Family Majority-Dictatorship:…’

‘Those of National-Bank Elite(s): Peoples’ Taxes:’

‘Pay-Business and Governance: Pay-Off: Free(m)ium-Benefit(s) Holidays paid-for expenses allowed


Paid-for: up-grading: costume: Weapons and Loot-Box: 

‘People(s) re-verting to violent rioting…’


‘Peaceful Re-fusal.’

‘Violent Re-Venge of the God(s)!’

‘Grand: Auto-Theft Rape Pimp and Prostitute(sshh…)’

‘Punishment. Not! Only in Military-War does the enemy Rape and Pillage!’

‘Battle-Back Nuclear-Batteryies…’





‘By-Order! Trade-War(s): Of:-Leader(s)…’

On the field: back at the Centre:

‘In the Market(s)…’

‘Who have the Power to say No!’


‘Although: Massed-mobilization: Mass-Service: With-Family Honour: To do nothing is to Honour

nothing. Emergency-Power(s)…’ of energy demanding protection-propaganda machine known lies affecting

morale heightened or shattered restricting knowledge through religion(s): re-viling or re-


‘Every-moment: Elite-Tech.-Corp.(s). Government of People(s) of themsel(f)ves:…’

Popular as compromising enemies through Shopping and the Ballot-Box:Science: #



‘To: Day.’

‘As any day…’

‘Midday. EvO-lution: Silicon-Valley and Mine(s) now Majorally Ads’ Revenue: (I)ncentivized and: Con.!’

‘RE! Kant! It is not lost be-cause is only on-screen information but because it is@Uranium Silicate


‘#Silver…that ‘We’ possess own earn?’


‘Numbers on a screen…to letters and pictures, evidence telling you what they mean?’

‘Or, what you think they may mean? False-promise(s).’



Gaming-monetarizing money arising:



‘Money High-rolling dice…’



‘Over-sight re-view…’

‘Non Re-View:’ oversight:

‘Tightly gripping expert(s):’

‘Ex-pert and non-expert leader(s) minister(s) and excerciser(s):’

‘Of Knowledge             >’

@Analytic(s): list(s):…



Under orders no doubt. Authorising-Regime Trooping-Arm(y)ies: bureaucratically-stabbed (s)tabbed-at: TheEnvy: The: TechnoPower of Money movements.

Police-escort: definitely and: The-Supermarket: would not be open, anyway; since most people paid by:


Credit/debit plastic-card: Gold Silver and Platinum: Loyalty-Card:

Only: the Staff-Discount: paid in the stocks of the stores: as well as the Goods in the Shop:

River-Island and Oceanic: WareHouses

WarHorses: know the new(s) infiltrate agents and exiles’ sabotage.

There was shortage already on the shelves, after one day, yesterday. 

The Bank Cash-Machines were all virtually 24 hours anyway everyday of the working and non-working week. Months and Years would go by like this. Then. It would all be gone.

Robbed. Or hoarded. Possibly with violence. Maybe they’ll be closed, waiting with all their

Stock for the Prices,              <to rise? Or, to fall             >. 

He exclaimed, to himself in image of threatened looting hundreds and thousands of Shoppers ‘stripping the shelves of everything paying, or not’.


The-Supermarket: could be open for the next day; if everything was sorted-out by then he wondered If?

And how much would everything cost, once it was all sorted out?

With what pay? None? Unemployed? Homeless? What about the food and everything?

Corporations and Governments. Duty bound, to their Stock Holders, their Voters, to put the prices-up, to their customers, to keep prices down. Their Customers…

Where? Trade-Wars?

Price Wars? Rich-Wars? Shopping Wars?

Plastic-Climate Wars?

Theft&Debt Wars: Credit-War(s)…

They at Home: would have enough to stock up once and then be broke, again; and, if we don’t get paid into the Bank and to them, then what?! and suddenly he thought less calmly. He had to get some money from the bank and for the mortgage had to be paid would the mortgage be paid if The Mortgage-Bank was closed?

There was food in tins and packets in the kitchen and freezer and water in the tap.

He had a little money, cash

She always had some…us(u)ally…so they should be alright for a few days.


The Banks had been shut before: 

‘Bank Holidays!’

‘That’s all?’

‘#It will get sorted out…’ he exclaimed to himself, and the Home.

Goto: The Supermarket tomorrow, when The Banks would all no doubt be open again:

‘After all, they are not going to want to lose business’ he said out loud and to himself: 

‘No deliveries orders except to the vulnerable at the food-bank. Bank-Business!’ i get paid so that

they get paid and they pay people like me to pay the prices to pay them back and so it goes around and no-

one else there except the TV screen, on.

On the T.V. more reports from The Stock-Markets, around the world. Those that had closed or opened

and then closed and not opened for breakfast lunch or tea, suppertime.

Dinner/Supper, Super! The City, the Financial Quarters only, but not justly, waiting instruction from Big Business Corporation(s) subscribed too and can’t, get-out, easily and Government and The-Market(s).

Every millisecond of every day, everything moving, again.

Experts, to give their expert opinion. Minor officials from banks and governments’ made statements, to the effect that The Banks were closed today as if anyone did not know that by now. The Administration.

Unless they were brain- dead; or living in the middle of the jungle, or the desert, or up a mountain with no electricity no radio-signal


‘Bank-charges to be dropped to minimal and Taxes dropped too for the richest to stimulate the economies.’


‘Worldwide. Government Officials are meeting to discuss the crisis.’

‘Criteria? For what?’

From the TV. The statement at midday would:

‘Calm fears of looting…’ etc. never mind looting that had already happened, and was about to kick off again, somewhere, maybe even here.

News continued to come in from around the world and was broadcast simultaneously raw and unedited reports on audio and video from Cities and Country-side.

Cataloguing the un-folding events.

The sound and pictures of people meeting being interviewed.

Ready to comment on the announcements and their responses: at the International Conference the most well-known and many totally unknown faces exchange formalities…

Beckoning each other forward, back or sideward, in gestures of Power-Broking, and Politicking. 

They and as the audience, were made to laugh, like them coyly in public; at comments made amongst each other shook hands and slapped backs.

Press-conference and delegate meeting(s) bull-dozed-in stat(ed.):

‘The Governments and Banks, however, so far cannot agree.’

‘Either between themselves, or each other. What if they don’t agree?’ 

Lines were drawn and withdrawn re-drawn and drawn, anew; still, there were too many vested interest(s): mov(e)ing the money around: on screen:


‘Global Basic Dividend/Ratio: Final?’

Sign the document: Online:


‘What? Divide-again and-Rule?’

‘Global Basic Salary-Insurance…’


‘Government: Pay-Bonds and Tax-Tarif(s) Session…’

‘Getting re-solved…’


From the Studio: above and behind:

The City: tarMacAdam: Concrete-Road Bridge and Railway-Junction.

Various crossroads: Y and T and X intersection forked, knifed and spooned: to The City seamless linked centre taped-off in yellow and black, blue and white, red and black, as a crime-scene, unknown-b4.

4. The Banker and The Clerk.

People coming into The City and towns, and even village-centre(s); gathered, or emptied, travelling-out, and in.  On MotorBike and Car. Coach and Container-Lorr(y)ies: like a crime scene, they were made out to be: -Nationalist-Exit Security: Re-Main:

Presidential-Monarchial Famil(y)ie(s):

Union: The Demonstrators and the Security Forces.

Outside, and inside CCTV cameras reached the Boardrooms and Bedrooms’ Bathrooms leaking e-mails: toxic enough, high-level:

Puts and Calls being put-in

Drop-placed kickback dropped/rose:

-On Present-Index: texting sexting…misognoir un-moving…

– Account: Credit: Default(s) Commission (ACDC) (i)nterest-rate(s): N/n: and Credit Re-bate A-bate(s): altering: re-payment:


News Broadcast:  cultural-values moral myth&dream:

We all seem to be holding our-own Our Collective breath(s) and await further announcement.

People arrived to work to join the meetings and demonstrations that were already gathering in great numbers at workplaces, town square piazza and villages streets, roads in and out of:

City Centre(s):

‘As The Whole World Protests in City and Town-Square…what do you make of it? On-line and in front

of your TV Stations: now?’

The President’s Face appeared.It was difficult to tell if at the beginning or end or an almost endless

sounding speech, perhaps on loop: The President looked drawn, but was accordingly:

‘Adamant no-changes would be-made’.  

After the previous-offer re-fused: of limited change had been ignored and the speech went on and on round and round.

Reports and interviews, speeches, and the chants of gathering crowds. 

The claims of Government-Officials, Politicians and Market Ex-perts at Home and Abroad. 

Supplanted by de-clarations from people on:

The-Ground. From Workplace Meetings and City Centre

Assemblies and from World-Wide Web-bed: 

InterNet and TeleVision NetWorks:

(i)n some places there was the sound of Police and Ambulance and Fire sirens and the rumble of tanks and of truncheons beating on protective shields. 

On the TV screen.

On the rapidly re-booted: snarling-Smart:

Cell-Phone: add-on screen: the picture froze

the phone-book emptied:  Error message 303: Invalid connection…connection closed…

As overcrossing an Estuary bridge unnoticed perhaps by anyone-else in the carriage.

Uncared if-noticed or-not by anyone else at-all.

Except now each by the in-Thrall.

Both likewise momentarily inadvertently, and actually advertorial making eye-contact: flash-framed each-other and through the shared-window as in bright-rainbow and blue sky-coloured mirror imaged as through each of-themselves. Each Other enraptured recklessly, perhaps, or to be wrecked.

As if replicated, refreshing…relishing as then focused-away both to the outside-world as in-differently, similarly, un-differently, perhaps; yet in-evitably always differently…

From the Estuary-Town Bridge stopped for shunting.

Freight-Train many miles long.

The one back towards, other-one now staring and starting beyond both towards the as yet unseen, unseemly rapidly oncoming-City.

Anyway-horizontally and vertically to the same outside-world moved-past; moving-past and through oppositely and into thus as inevitably differently viewed as to what was initially referred to, that too, was soon made obvious:

‘So, what do You/I make of it?’

‘’WE’? Un-charted territory…’

(I(N)(n)ovation that is what is needed.’

‘That is what IT is! Staples? Food&Home. Health&Happiness. Conrinue-Car(e) ing…’

‘Doesn’t much matter what It is. As long as It sells. Food-feeding. New functions…’

‘New markets…’

‘That are the previously drowned-out?’

‘Fell! Through-the-roof!’

‘Hung from the-Bridge?’

‘Mental! Metal. And Oil and Gas and Minerals…’


‘If You can get away with It!’

‘Again! The same!’

‘Mistake. Oligarch(y). Again.’ crafted legend on-screen: names and places times and as


‘Differentially. Relative Centres of the Universe! Meteoric!’ collisioning, colliding folding downwards, and inward full-fell yellow-brown red-and-blue racial species gender-bias 49-51

Green gender wash mud-sliding and earth-quaking shaking bursting volcanic redflaminglivid:







‘Life! Always! Innovation. That’s what make it exciting.’

‘Even Financially rewarding…’

‘Or not?’

‘Each season brings…’

‘New things. Experimental as in ‘Scientific’?’

‘An Act of Trust.’


‘In Method?’






‘So, who wins?’

‘We do. Win-Win!’

‘Free-Trade? The Richest World-Business Politician leaders’…Newspapers…’

‘Old-Hat! haha.’

‘Old-Fart! Not at all of us, haha.’

‘Loser Loses…’

‘Everyday. Everyday returns!’



‘No, not all of us…’

‘All the time otherwise…’’

‘Fair-shares. Somewhere-else: Not. Worse.’

‘Greedy, then? Usury!! Zero-Rate(s): Social-Interest…’



‘So, who is not…’

‘Exactly, who is-normal?’

‘Not. What is-normal, eh?’

‘Normal Se-Curit(y): Lifestyle? You?’

‘Company: Plant? Eh? Journ(0)list? Keeping the Company-Line?’

‘I was here first, you sat down.’

‘But how would I know? Government-Officer? That’s ‘It’ isn’t it? Doing the-Governments’ dirty

work? Tax-Collector?’


‘No? Digging Holes. Going-up poles!’


‘To fall-in?’

‘And I filling ‘em in again…’

‘Reverend Revenue-Regulation? Across the Borders…’

‘Social-Media. With: The-Peoples Work!’

‘In the Tax-Office? Government-corridors? Room(s). Got the ear?’

‘Pigs’ ear!’

‘Sows’ sows ears!’

‘The Tax-Purse!’

‘The purse-strings you mean? In a barrel of our-own making…’ each e-stock and commodity Government-

Bonded.  Share-Price passed each sell-by date out-dated: as lower and lower price-marker losses moved across

The-Bridge: electronic-boards against rows of banked fan-tail desktop screen(s)-closing: listing: achronycal and

apocryphal-foreign and un-pronounceable; or home-grown and familiar, and closed.

6. Home

The-Clerk asking now:

‘So. How did ‘We’ get into this mess?’

‘What mess?’

‘This cycle of indebtedness again?’

‘This dis-array!’ into the screen:

‘Fast-Action…Slow- motion…saw It-coming? Pile-up. Hit the buffers. Off-the-rails…’


‘This little-Turbulence…’ the-Banker perhaps unexpectedly uncompromising in response, to the-Clerks’ questioning, reckoning:

‘Wrecking-Ball!!’ banging both closed fists together.

Recovering, The-Banker:

‘There is a market-situation known as Demand and Supply.’

’Where if a company doesn’t have enough shares in stock to cost and sell; distribut(e)ing…’

‘Then this increases the price for these as a result: This is known as a Bull-Market…’

‘And this is what we have?’

‘Or perhaps had…’

‘Bear Market? Or perhaps a Dragon-Market now?’



‘A Tiger-market?’

‘A growling Jaguar squawking screeching-Macaw-Monkey Market if you like! A Liger!’

‘A Tion!’

‘A Lie-grrrr!’

‘Acceptance, only Natural.’

‘Bonfire? Of the Vanities!’

‘‘It’ doesn’t matter what you call ‘It’’

‘The Bigger Picture (TBP)…’



Thinking outside in the-box


From apparently outside the carriage momentarily looked blankly, thought and spoke, the-Banker thought through the glass:

‘The reverse-situation…’

‘Re-Verse like-Racism?’

‘Financial voter-fear everywhere.’



Looking away, and then back:


‘Demand then Supply? Give and Take? Take, then not-give back?’

Con-clusively not-getting the reverse-irony from the pen-ultimately: simultaneously auto: closing

Un-concerned: Trade(s): anti-Trust: someone you know: Head of the Family at HQ. Trust-Buster(s): a long way behind the-curve: Consumer-Welfare: Over: The-Bridge: un-named…continuing out the other end of a concrete cement volcanic: mountain-tunnel: subway sub-station airshaft: con-(d)(i)(t)ioning:

Bear-Market: this is when there is an increase in sellers…’

‘I know that…’

‘…and a fall in buyers: Stocks? Stopped. Goods? Services and: The money…mostly…







‘For: Shares: (i)nvestment(s):’

‘Every-Bodies’…’ savings pensions and insurance: investment: salaries and wage-rate(s): monthly… weekly and short-day: rates:…

‘This is now what we now have. Risk. Shared: The International-Banks and Economic-Zones:

Government and Corporation(s): IT is a Global Market.’


‘Now the bottom has fallen out of it? No.’

‘Share the Pain?’


From the-Banker, a printed-card handed over with writing seen:

The Rational Equitable: Economic. Effective. Efficient.

(The-City Skyline Logo)

Nothing else: coated black-leather diamonte cream-clothed City-spectrum grey-suited:  



‘Rational Equitable. You think this is Easy, too?’ as if practiced before.

The-Clerk taking and reading the-card noted:

‘Rational-Valuable Market(s):’

‘Logistics. Import/Export: Boom!’



‘And Bust!’


‘Stopped. Prices…Failure. Tax-Sub-sid(y)(s) or Sanc-Tion(s):



‘SubPrime: Mort-Gages: Negative-equity: stay for five-year(s): Homeless.’

‘Space-Rocket Debt(s)!’


‘No-Debt(s) as such, you see?’


‘Owing? No?’



‘Of course, they would not be Taxes otherwise.’

‘Earning. Pay As You Earn (PAYE)?’

‘Or not?’

‘Then paid in advance 1-3 month deal(s):’

‘Short-growing season…’

‘1-3 years…’


‘Base Metals and Pharma-Food Mineral(s): Priced. Valued: 3-5year(s): Harvest-Moon: Money…’

‘Worthless? Taxation the same.’

‘De-Valueing: currency against other: Rich/poor list(s):


‘Worth less to they who give.’

‘Re-Valuing: Bought-Up See?’              >             <Cheaply0(IES)’ falling-in…gradually:…’

‘De-bit: Cre-dit: driven…’

‘Given re-mit: hit, hard, tortured, for failing

‘On-(I)nterest made:’


‘Re-Paid. Credit-Debit: Paid again, see?’

‘And The Cash-Funds?’

‘Of-course, to draw-back on…’ 

Free-running now on all-cylinders. The-Banker let loose, re-covering, on the tracks, next-steps: next-track line:

‘The Stock-Market Prices although always at some point in the past minimal seconded in seconds. Pica-

Quantum seconds!’

‘Like the-last night?’

‘Confidence remains-high…’

‘Others’ collapsed completely.’

‘As the others…’

‘Short! Risen by more…’

‘Buy them up?’

‘You got IT!’

‘No, you got it…’


‘Nothing…’ as the previous evening passed into-night and into this day for The-Banker:

‘From:First-impact! Trading instantly as a Body:’ collapsed.

‘In the moment between open and closed.’

‘Fortunes re-tained…’

‘And fortunes lost.

‘Not this one!’ in that brief second-take before the closure the final roll of coins landing face-or tailup…across the-Globe without the liquid monetary-assets to pay or re-pay; or, to cash-in:

‘New: Target:’


‘You Try It?’

‘Go Up in a Rocket?’

‘Yes. In case it blows up, you paid for it!’

‘For the Asset(s) to be burned-off?’

‘Asset? Whole-Corporation(s):


‘Presidents. Governments?’


‘Greedier! Gluttonous…’


‘To be sold-on…’


‘With non-existent Credit.’

‘Just: on-paper:

‘Only. Un-Just(l)(*y)?’ 


‘People-Paradox: near-tautolog(y)ies: competition: author(y)ities:’

‘Technical-offences small-minded simply:’

‘Corporate-Merchant. Investment-Bank Rational-Equitable(s)?’

‘Reasonable? Efficient? Economic. Financed?’




‘The Credit is the Country! Where We Are!! All-Assets! Instant-Winnings! Win-Win!’

‘All Put’s made must Stay-on! Stalled!’

‘In-Stalled Precisely! Business as Usual! Trillionaires-Only!’

‘Quadrillion or Nothing!’ is moving…

#As if behind a paper curtain hidden, heard, anger:

‘Since the inevitable: Pay-up-and Get-out!’ the-Clerk now sub-claused:


‘Currency currently and con-currently worthless in name but shares worth the value of the product:’

‘What Product? Services. Not-making Primaries: but Secondary: Initial Re-Sources:

‘Food and Water.’

‘Imported Shelter.’




‘Fire and Ambulance. Army/Police: Hospital and Social-Worker(s):’


‘Food-Bank. Re-volving Door(s). Restaurant-Hotel: adapting to those who need a roof and those

who need food primarily, then, everything else follows…’

‘Money? Security?’





‘Money? None.’

‘Relative to others. Not of-themselves toxic…’

‘But toxic of whatever noxious-currency they are being bought and sold-for!’


‘Or-not, as the case may be.’



‘Negotiable, shall we say?’

‘And the-goods?’

‘The-property of whoever has bought or been sold-out. As: moneyed-share(s) in the first place…’

Except now…

‘Money. Locked-up. Worth nothing. Hardly…except the actual goods? Good? Got to get them


‘And the only way to do that?’

‘I only ask once.’

Looking-out of the window. Across oil-field pipeline gravel graveyard pitted mined hillsides.

Concrete cement-based conveyer-belt-brick-buildings, smoke-stacked flues…venting:

‘With wider and wider differential-ratings…’

Deliberately looking again, forward through the window, directing the gaze:


‘Between one day and the-next…’

‘Between one-place…

‘…and an-other.’

Looking, out-the-window:

‘Until this Day.’

‘When the-Bear laid-down?’

‘Or clawed Its way back…’

‘The Markets?’


‘Taken to the air…or whatever….’

‘Crash landed.’ without any other animal-analogy thought-of statuesque yet misrepresented the otherwise rapidly turning-numbers turned-off frozen and unrevealing shot-down drowned-out surfaced: exploded in slow-motion…in-pieces:

‘Shot-down!’ market-marker board, and screen-seen pictured, mobile-camera photographed: on the train travelling from where The Worlds’ Stock-Markets’ early-day trading had or would have already begun. With the hammering of ancient cast-metal, a brazen-gong, heard. 

A knotted-tied rope-pulled, a whistle or an air-horn, or an electronic buzzer air-vibration-released… Warning-signal…

‘Red light…’ black as the night, yellow-red, to blue-green, as to the light of day.

As when the field or factory-hooter: blasted pale pastel-yellow rising over the horizon.

As at the-beginning, and then again, the closing-of-Business-Trading.

The-previous-day, where-ever it was; trading-constantly throughout the world, around the globe, and then as with each evening. following-on morning, to the final-days’ trade, and the next un-started:



‘Was it correct? Or not?’

The-Clerk checking-accounts’ screen: clicking:

             <Accounts? closinginstantly closed-down…

             >Credit? Advanced?

             <Profit in… T1:T2…less previous

             >Lost! The Entire History of The World: Sherman-Tank and blasted into mud and rock.

<Granite and Sand: Salt.

>Iron, Steel and Home. Still got a Home?’

‘Public: Limited-Liability.’

‘Computer-Company: or Glass: building-sand@:



‘Done-deal? Commission?’

‘Profit-margins n/N…’ rapidly typing numbers and entering the fray…

‘Building-Risk: n/N

‘Bonus! Stays! Stay-Put. Until they are Put. Again?’

‘All that is in the-Future…’



‘So, it doesn’t matter, now?’

‘Ker-ching! Blinging!’ behind the scenes. Future stabilizing then immediately:

‘Back onto the Dealing-room floor leveraging core-competencies…’

‘Play for-today?’

‘Pay for today!’

‘Daily Me.’’



‘Ticket-takeover: Boom! waved through…’

‘Con-Tort and Ex-hort…’ 

Legal-Frame (e) L-F (ING): 

‘Border(s) uncertain: commission: fees and fortune: all: shopping-list(s): mis-leading data not-open leading data rushing…

‘No-Going Back (NGB). Federal Trade Commission (FDC): Department(s): of Justice (DoJ(s))’ 

The-Train: re-freshment(s)-trolley. Bought and Sold. Hot and cold, coffee and tea, and snacks delivered paid-for placed onto: The Table: between:

‘Well. Here’s the Deal…’un-questioning intention anymore:

‘Further-loans at fixed-assured rates…’


‘To re-finance the debt?’

‘What debt?’

‘Re-Venue(s): payment(s) made in data: puta(t)ive-takeover(s): Land Bank and Industry: flex(i)ble: FTC and DOJ. Your debt: covering possible-losses…’





‘You Bet?!’

‘Do you?’

‘Never. Insurance.’

‘Never use that word!’

‘What never?’




Pen(£)ionPersonal-Private Investements’ (i)nterest-rate(s):…felled payments increased with surety of: Inter-Bank (IB) Inter-Governmental (IG):


‘Self? not-Shareholder paying fraud: Rate-fixing…Price-Fixing?’

‘Cartel? The International Conference! World-Bank(s). Of course! Currency! Electric! Fixed-

Price(s) Interest and Ex-change Rates (FPIERs)…’

‘Will take care of that. A declaration expected today…’


‘Or thereabouts…’

Re-called. Stepped-back, looked. Stepped-up…and in again:

‘No-longer Banking…anywhere.’

‘Yes. I know that. The Conference: To stabilize: Major Global-Currenc(y)ies: against each-other:


‘I know that too! At some lower fiscal rate agreed. Or not? Yet? Higher?’

‘And lower…’

‘You got it!’

‘No, You got It.’

At the same time:

‘If You got it, they got you.’

‘What-if: The Inter-National Conference. Cannot agree?’ 

The-Banker looking-up sharply and out of the window as if there were nothing there.  Where farms and factory-buildings, homes and retail-parks flashed-by. 

Held. The-Clerk, as if sub-claused again, now. Left out-in-the-cold. The- Sun: warming hillside outside, shouldered out of the window reflection…moving-on. Attempting, open-jawed to fill the void…but no words came out. 

Dry-mouthed, and with an intangible uncertainty unfamiliar-anxiety both yet not so obviously one to the other, and again, anyway retorting to:

The-Bankers’ incomplete statement, and asking again:

‘For: Shares: (i)nvestment(s): Political-Priorit(y)ies: Propert(y)ies. Building(s): Tech.: Money and

Mond Benefit: Online:’

‘Global-girdling gurgling belts of perennial drought and flood water and food


‘And if they cannot agree?’ deliberately paused.

‘They cannot dis-agree. Interest-rates Only!’ not even thought about:

‘Base-Rate Justly-Rises! 20%! Which they must Do! They will! Their will, of course, they must!’


‘Otherwise? Enormous-Clout!’

‘We will prevail!’ photo-shopped elastic-banded sprung-back missiles

blasted into hordes of hired-mourners massed-crowds, gazing at a passing poster advert, both:

‘Proportionate-ratio’s N/nnn…’







‘Troop(s)er(s): at points and places…’

‘Numbers gone.’

‘Bull: Bear-Eagle…’

‘Dragon. Makes the-odds?’

‘Does the Deals. In money…some may-not return…’ everyday shopping?

Going to the cinema, theatre…unknowable until the first and last words are uttered…

‘Bear-Cage Sport. No-one knows how this will turn out. That is one-way where sport differs from

theatre…Bull-fight. Mexico-Eagle. Komodo-Dragon:’ di-urnal solitary carnivorous hunters of pig and

deer, hunted water-Buffalo, and fishes out of the house-waters to eat…

‘In the soup…’

‘Name names…’

‘Korey Wise.’

‘Yusef Salaam. Linda Fairstein. Park Madison Square Gardens.

‘Bruce. Ava  du Vernay.’

‘Nipsey hussled.’

‘Trust Project. Fam(i)l(y) e-fi®m(s)…’


‘Legal. Council…’

‘Good Law Project. Democratic proportional rep.(s) reflect voters and non-voters views proportionately or…’


‘Some adapt…some do not.’

‘There is the fight: the fright and flight.

The Well Fair-Benefits System into Sovereign-Wealth:

‘Fixed: in their advantage. Corporate-Government: Gamed.’ 

Bounced back and forth:

‘And then it is over.’

‘Then, there is the mental fight…’

‘Real or imagined?’

‘Over, and over, in-detail?’

‘A lie?’

Changing the-story…’

‘Does not Bear-witness?’

‘Ohhh Bullish!’

‘Dragonic. Only the-Truth! Truth will prevail…’

‘Eagle-Justice: will-prevail…’ no-matter how un-likely driven, as being still, waiting for things to happen:

Re-action. Response. Consequences. Re-(d)action. Unprepared. Prepared. Predictable: Un-predictable:


‘Price-War. Shopping-Wars.’

‘Trade-War. Money Pay-Wars everywhere all the time…’

‘Negotiating Tax-War Benefit(s) Only!’

‘Averting-Disaster! (AD!): that is what: The Conference: is All-about: creating the conditions for…’


‘That is All?’Ever-lasting…’


‘(I)n both our favours, then?’

‘Sure…OK, so 50-50 then?’

‘Of the profits…and the losses.’


‘Profit from Losses! You got It!’

‘No…you have.’ patent-Profit: stolen’ available worldwide from shared-academy-styled: research:

             <Big: Business: Shares-falling…’

             >No longer rising…’ as unknown before…a-moment…then:

             <Payback Time! @The Big-Banks: National and Private: Family-International: Global Co’s CEO: Limited-Liability Partnership(s):

‘The-Government(s)’ ‘The People’ in-Corporated.’ in the background…foreground: pulling the strings…

(Is) suing-suggestions: modeling modest debt-reminders…cash-flow cut-off threats if-necessary:


‘For-Fuel-flow cut-off…’


‘Bargain: Trade-Agreement’s:’

‘Trade-ins? For what?’






‘GasOil Gold.’


‘Call It what you will…’

‘Ex-tracting: Money.’

On screen:


‘Deep-Water: Trouble…’

Nautilus Minerals: gold, zinc and copper, lustrous alloyed silicon metal(s): 

‘Making: thing(s)…4D. Metals? Minerals? Insider: Industrial: Digital-Machinery: made: Goods and

Services: made-in: Internal-Market(s): Territorial-Water(s): slurrying slush silted: contractual-difficulties:

MB Holding Omani and MetalLionVest:

#Russia. Share(s)? Stock(s)? When?

AllTheTime Corps.:

‘Highest-bidder: Harvest?’

‘Manufacturing Good(s) and Service(s):…’

‘It’ gets more-serious: always The Government Federal and centralised: Root&Branch.’

Stock-broth and Bread! Medical-supplies…’

‘Could say that…Trade-stoppage?’


As Embargo Sanctions really-stopped:

‘Re-started: food-shortages and no-water, how about that?’



Siege-Currency: as-Sanction(s):

‘Bite! Market4what? Currency?’

‘Food!’ wet-and-dry:

‘Waste! Data! We Grow Our Own! Stable Healthy-(E)conomyies…’



‘Your(s): SocialStability…’

Purely-Financial-agreement’s…’on the sly sky-line glanced,

surreptitiously or openly simply unchallenged:

‘Then IT is down to others. Us? Politicians. People.’


‘Or Sold-off. Buyers or Sellers’ Market?’


‘Army? Weapons?’

‘Depends, if you are a Buyer, or a Seller!’

‘Boom! BOOM!!…and Bust.’

‘And BOOM!! Again!’

‘Until it’s time to go Bust! again…’

‘’It’ is all about when you get-in and when your get-out…’ in the background now:

Car engines racing against each-other, then, from the Cock-Pit:





‘Den(i)zen? Elections?’

‘Express. Free-and-Fair?’ for later-Life:

Health: and retirement from

work for Leisure (Time-Warner)@Re-search: development…de-signing titles’ run…

Pictured: capital-accumulation by debt-dispossession asset-release:

‘Voter winnings suppression instilling-fear by assumed-threat.tweeting supremacy treating

hopelessness as homelessness with helplessness negative campaigning re-pression quantifying-data:   

‘Push the Envelope. Whatever that means…’

‘Blame. Provoke other-riots&not social-care. Target for-eternity…’


‘Could be. Family-Farm? or Something?’

‘Something…’ as a small-Business flourishing

Mocking? Seriously

The-Banker accordingly, affordably, breaking-out of the cyclical-contortion, if for nothing-else in-particular, except attempting-testily an explanation of:

‘The customary re-normalising-writ to be re-presented.’

‘Of what may be implied…’

‘Not: in Real-terms:’




‘You could say that. Monetary-Terms&Conditions: Trade(s)-Union(s): and that which will decide the-

Day! This Day?’

‘‘Periodic-Existential-Crisis of Capitalism.’

‘The End of State-Communism.’

‘Failure. Of: Collateral. National Investment-Banking Services (NIBS)!’

‘Goods and Services! Us! Accounting-for: Raw-material(s):

‘Metals and minerals from the Earth!’

‘GasOilPlastic (GOP)!’

‘Nuclear Daily!’

‘Fools! Gold! now Money itself!’

Pica-second by second…

’’It’ seems…’

‘’It’ is only having that Competitive-edge.’




‘Nationally? I see it in you. You’re a ‘Natural!’

A bit too sarcastically, or was it ironical, or even:

‘To be honest…Anglo: French Kings’ Country.’


‘El-Presidiente! National-State!’

‘And otherwise?’

Viking-Irish: Scotti-Skandi: Western-Russe: Caucus: Iberian Semitic Euro-Greater British with Celtic and Gaelic Ireland, again and again…

English-Midlands’ Northampton from Southampton to:

London re-main(ed.):

Re-Maining…like- Royalty.

Some. Time(s)

Rigged fak(ed.) new(s) bite:


‘New(s) numbers on re-peat…’’

‘Each Generation: does its’ best.’

‘Fake-news? Stock-Market(s):N/nnn…Good?’

‘City? Noooo…Country? To be honest…

‘You mean you haven’t been up ‘til now?’

Too honest, perhaps?’


‘All of us. Or, none.’

‘Everything I say is false…News? You think?’


‘Never mind.’


‘Only if True?’



‘Only if True.’

‘Only if Naturalised National-State. Lyin’ and cheatin’…’

‘Human Nature: AnimalSpirits…’ self-


Denizen other-observ(ed.) self-fulfilling in the glow of a naturalistic-fallaciously held-

privately…and publicly-renewed self-admiration:

‘Free-Will. Asteroid belt can’t us together. We prepare for ‘It’. ‘We’ Will.’


Meeting head-on:


‘On what?’

Commodities. This Stock-Market…’


‘Do you?’

‘Or could you have been?’

‘Prepared for this?’


(I)(n) the correct place, at the correct time, with the correct amount of risk to:

‘As in: preparations for a failed: Harvest?’


‘That’s if it is? Isn’t it?’

‘Cover-up Conspiracy! You want Me to fix the-software…’

‘Farm-Price. Pharma. Food—Price(s): Med.s: reviewed re-placed changed every eighteen months and

going-down: N/n…Daily! Like the Hardware. Second-by second…’

‘Faster and faster…’ no-one notices until the final second.

‘What is that game you have there? Warfare?’




‘Only another Trading-Game: Cost-Price(s) War(s):’

‘Battles’ Bullets&Bandage(s): and…’

Sold&Bought: Price(s):

‘Asteroid belt can’t hold them together…


‘Money? Class. Army-Class: Workers. Labours’

Humanitarian-Aid: Government(s)’ United-Nation(s): President(s):

Secular: Nation-States: sat(ed.) salt(ed.)


Weapon(s): Man-U-Factoryies:…

‘All going down unless we catch up with I.T!’

‘Homesteaders! HOMESTEAD-1!

‘Jobs and Mortgages!’


‘Anarchist-Agnostic is enough.’

‘And Savings…’ going-down

‘What savings?! Investment(s). Oh…’

‘And Family-Business?’




‘And the Credit-Debit Loyalty-Card(s):…’


‘Pay-Day Loan(s) (PDL):’

‘Debts that go with…’

‘What? So, what are the rest of us supposed to prepare-for? To be starved into submission like subservient Pariah’s’? To be Homeless…and at War with the World? Nature? So, Mort-gagged. Credit/Debit card or cards.

#Own anything else? Shop-cards? Loyalty-Card

Nature is that?

How many? Ex(e)cutive? Or: non-executive? Ex-Executive? What about the Banks? Investment-Houses owned?

‘Owned? U mean owed. I. not the Shares: Pensions and In-surance(s): Re-in-surances:…’

‘To: the highest-bidder. Get ‘IT’, now? Do U? We not-owe them?’

‘Do they not own us? People(s): Pensions and Insurances: Not: in-sured. Extortion!’



‘Serving on the Board: Managing-Director. Medical-Doctor. President CEO of several different

Family Fun-Run: Business-Boards Fam.



Executive. Non-executive, you get me? Executive-Government(s)@…’

‘Boss. They do as they please…’

They own Us.’

‘They owe Us!’

‘So, down-to: Financial-Trust: again. Financial-Gain…’

Number(s) on a screen: 

Theyonly want you to owe-them not: to: Own-Them. ‘We’ Do!’

‘You-might with shares and insurances and pensions…salaries and wages if-paid at all:’

‘Furlough most of: The-Economy?’

‘N/nnn. Yes.’

‘Dropped out now…’

‘Own Them?’

‘The-Big and little banks…’

‘Corporation(s) Of Us?’



‘Millennium-Tsunami! Of course! The-Bank’s: don’t want you to own them. They want you to owe

them Big-Time with interest-rates and Corporate mis selling:

‘Social-Authoritarian: Regime: To pay for Police and Army Security: Number(s) on a screen: Boardgame: Risk! The Millenial-Market(s)’ mistake(s)…’

‘The Government(s) of The People(s) the(y) want you to continue swimming but not too quickly, not too much growth, to start with: then infinite…’

‘Eternal legacyies of this day? In a finite-World. Life? Is it? Finite?’

‘This World, this Universe, Us forever! Continue paying-off whatever It is? Subscription hidden-payments: Family? For: Eternity? ’though

‘Quotatives Bail-out, that is all they want…’

‘Quants? From?’



‘Your Belongings, eh?’


‘Your Government! Independent Private-Business (IPBs).’

‘Free&Fair Elections.’




‘Public. For all to see. Like All Sports and Games&most-Drama Theater Cinema…’

‘Two or more teams…Two or more players no-one knows the-ending…’


Equity Familial Firm Company Limited. Good. No-debt increasing profit plateau just

finely tuned to the Market and market(s).

Flat-screen TV? What about that gadget? Bought, or borrowed?

Vehicle? Any other Property? Loans? Shares, and Stocks. Insurance. Pay&Pension: Debit-CCreditStock-up

each week…

‘Each month…Home.’

Starving-out Ghetto Slum-State re-fused Health and Social-Care Goods and Services…

‘That as well. Super Hyper-G Lobal-Market(s)! What do You want to b-known for? Credit-Card ad-



‘You owe already…’

‘So, why not continue? EveryOne Does!’


‘What?’ to any cross-trading traffic immediately curtailed blue-green cross-trades as another parallel and crossing-tracks passed and rattled and rolled-over like passenger and freight-lines. 

Passing like ships in the-perhaps moonlit-dark starlit night-passing that previous-night:






‘For: Profits as in-creased debt and/or de-creased…’

Losses neverexactly equals…N crushes, exploits and takes over nnn…’



‘silenced.’ skulked skull sunken eyes and lights turned-out. 

Screen left-on, referenced:

‘For: Life!! Markets closed? For the Day?’

‘Until: Midday. Closed for Business.’

The-Clerk, to the-Banker:


‘Close of Play?’

‘Time to Pay…’


‘Time to Play.’


The-Clerk moving around tapping toes and hand mumbling, to-self or to the screen-talking unawares, into the earpiece-microphone replaced-lead: talking to someone? Talking to Who? Listening to what? Is that, singing-along? To what song? Singing? Singeing-Singapore? Who? Burning:

‘Watching, the-Game?’


Watched-in window-manifestation: manufactured: on-line news-updated…

The-Banker puzzled at the-Clerk head-down, no-further eye-balling body-contact and The-Banker shuddered at the thought of The-Clerk maybe getting a-head of the-Game:

‘WarFare4: Pirac(y)ies?






‘Got IT yet? So, there, you haven’t IT, yet!’

‘No, you have got it!’

‘No! You have got ‘It!’


‘The ball?’

‘Bail? The-outfield?’

‘The Umpires’ Whistle?’

‘Managing the Game?’

Securityies calling:

‘Time.’ PutT(s)-Stay(ed.)’

‘Staid. Time-0ut! Foul! Move! nn to NN Metre-line! Out-the-Park!’

Dropping-down, the eyes, leaned slightly forward, looking into keenly:

             <Enquire-upon…@…from the Market-place




Your-Balance-sheet: …

             >             >Credit…plus/minus…Debit…indebted…to: Bank of You: opening

             <Balance-Book. Capital-Asset(s): list…to sell-off…then…to cover-confusion…

             >Co-Lateral: owed amounts: to: lists…out-goings…that must be-have paid


             >Owed. Horizontal. 

             <By Who? When? Why?

             >Up-and-Down. Need-cash? because the-debt you started-with is the-one you’re stuck-with: Life?              <May as well be…already worth more, or less than one-second ago…not only increasing the-debt…but decreasing the chances…of-recovery…as the-likelihood probability, of that-debt ever being paid-off…

             <Logistic(s):Forcing your Currency to be de-valued:

             >Which means?

             <You get less-for-more: for-example: when you spend your currency abroad on-Your-Imports to Your-Country…then

Your-(e)xports are priced-high to Others’

(E)x-ports to You…as to yourself named: list:

 (I)m-ports that you need, are expensive, to you…

             >Only what I need….

             <Never mind the-Luxuries

             >You can-afford them

             <You need: items: list…

Bare-necessities of Life;

             <Your-Imports: Nn…pay-off…

             >That You need to pay-off: Your Loans: list…and your…Bank-

OverDraft: Debt:

#Salt-Mines: BootCamp


N/nnn…and buying the things you need from abroad…

             <Are expensive! NNN…

             >Buy currencies? portable…

             <What money?              <

             >Anything…cars…TV…             <

             <Except your home…             <

             >Loaning money to buy with?              <

             <Those Corps shared in the Billions…

             >COPS?! Buy your bank and building society…

             <Securit(y)ies. Trillion(s): Now! Pensions e(n)surance             <             <Loans to pay-off loans…           < Big-Tech.&Talk Time:nnn/nnn/NNN:

             >Crashed!              <

             <’StartedAgain’ Casino             <

             >Never.              <

             <Break the Bank then…             <

             >Break the Trust…then…             <

             <Mugged then…             <

             >That’s about it…

             <Buying-out other(s)             < National-Sovereign Currencies?

             > Selling? Yes Gold-Chip!

             <N0? :             <Buying-up stalled. Markets Closed. Blue-Chip. Bead-Trade winner.

             >Cash-account…in the bank…             <

             <Uncashed…then uncacheable…

             >The numbers stay the same…             <

             <The value changed?              <

             >I don’t know! Why would I do that unless I was going on-holiday!             

< Git IT! On ‘Holiday’!

Health: employment based@:? Exports/Imports: n/N not-N/n…              <

             <Government Bonds@Travelers-Checks?              <

             >Tourism. Re-values…other             <s against yours …N/nnn…printing more currency?              <

             <Government: Welfare-Bonds. Housing…fair and safe.

>Homeless Health&Social-Care. Securit(y)ies:a time when women were not allowed out

Except exempt excert in(s):Pow!(e)®ring

             >Quantitively-easing…like printing money…             <              <Inflationary? And Devaluing?!             <

             <Buy privately owned government bonds/debts unlimited but for agreement for government to write-off…

             >Debts: Nn…default with Dignity?              <

             <De-feat, with valour!              <

             >De-values yours against them…in monetary-terms…             <

             <So, the monetary value of the currency against? Others             < currency…             <

             >Or Currency-zone?              <

             <Yes. Or Country-Zones…

             >Caesars-Sovereign: National-Banks:…

             <What is owed Caesar is owned by Caesar what is Caesars’

>All: Federal-re-serves

             >Reducing: N…n…              < Exports: for currency and the stuff currency buys…this is more-

important than the actual goods             < value of the goods…             <

             >Or the currency? list…             <

             <I want to trade for currency alone?              <

             >What do you want to trade-for-currency?


GoTo: …

             <The-Bank             <s: list: For Goods? Stocks? 

             >Servicing: National-Currency: list…

             <Money?              <

             >To pay-off the debt, loan-credit…             <

             <On-paper?              <printing…

             >Feet of Clay…              <No hold’s barred…

             >Lost to the World.

             <Erin Callous…

             >Jimmy. John and Bob ‘Barclays’

Diamond.               <Joe Dimon character: ‘Temper in a Teapot!’ 


Boss: Balance-sheet

             <Valuka’s Law. 


             <Angelo ‘Countrywide’ Mozillo. Meryl, Ken and Hank.

             > Treasury-Secretariat: Troubled Assist Relief Programme:’ 

             < Mortgage:

             > Fraud! Inter-

Bank(s)…               < New:

Sovereign-Presidential:               >Start all over again! Like: Change-Trade: OPEC Prices: N/n…              >Bailout: For: Weapons of War. 

Quick aggressive move engineered through the Kaos!

Made: Random log-normal distribution:

             <Global Banking: Federal: Re-serves: bailing out the Bank(s):

             >Other: Fed. Res.@Presidents like own pockets…

             <Plastic! Ours! 

             >Fred the Shred!


Office:              >Gorilla-Warfare!


On-screen: The Country-Wide: National: Rational-Equitable

The Real-World:              <Shares…getting-there…of the National wealth…against

             >Supersubs: Euro/Dollar/Yuan-Mindi



             <Peso’s/ Rea and Rupee…: forbearance of your…Z:

Zombie? Me?’

Servicing-debt:’ choking-off further lending be-heading clean-cut ripping out the guts in front of bogglingeyes: as they used to do:

‘Rubles and Rubel(s)!’



Bartering Straight Swaps?

‘Settle a deal?’

‘OK.:Rates-available: list…as above, or below, other short to long-term deposits may be made…’

             <Savings: Credit…in the-Bank to be: made…

             >Lending-for investment at a reasonable-return or simply-fore-going…foregoing…feigning…foreclosing

The Cash-Till: action:

‘Going-down…Sinking-Ship: ‘Titanic’!’!

‘To get Home:’

Solar-battery: charging playing-cellphones: 

The-Banker held onto the newspaper, brief-cased opened screen. Sat back, where had been leaning-forward in some kind of reverie

Looked-over and stared the-Clerk directly in the eyes and between and around the other less-experienced in the ways of the world. Shiny-suited silver-grey not-dull-charcoal.  The Banker: a sharp-suited dull charcoal-grey power-dresser almost unnoticed rotund in-parts, like a tailors’ dummy sharp-suited, three-dimensional 4G strung-out as a puppet as to the Invisible-Puppeteer

Staged-and sound-designed as-seen self-motivated moving synchronous photographic phonographic form…textured breathed-in…and breathed-out…flavoured movably moved: recruited:

             >The Rational-Equitable:

             <Hostaged…to fortune…exchanged: …

             >Terror-transformer: with Fear and anger: revolt revulsion propelling political economic and Media-Pundit (MP)…

             <Expert-citizen…per-citizen…the-Clerk clicked looking-down not into anguish or fear but deprecation with depreciation:

             >Basics-required…restricted…: simplified independent advice-orphans charging model…specific one-off advice: inherit pension-portfolio managed-fees…

             <Fixed-retainer or percentage-fee? Y/N?

             >Y…for larger-amounts…

             <Less transaction-fee-deal…through home and small-business and personal-credit…on-screen bundled-up again: obliterating…un-traceable credit and… mortgage’s and un-paid-loans…swapping. Loans/debts….

send-to: confidential…. done. delete…deleting…

             <Vehicle? List:…chosen: V*8::Done.

             >Home? Furniture (including radio TV and all digital and analogue devises media and games:)? Food? Police-Action against perceived incursion …conscripted to known

Water? Air? even? Evenly spread? Across Your Life.

             <Lives? How many do You wish to Buy? list: …

             >Everyone’s? Lives?

             <Only Yours…

             >Selfish Objectivism? Does not-compute: The Panic of 2008: does…

             <Objective selfishness…

             >Subjective unselfishness…

             <Unselfish Subjectivism…

             >unselfish Objectivism…computing all possibilities: now…

             <The-Market’s: lists…of lists…

             > Deleting…

The-Banker taken a-back. 

Beneath-what were actually Gold-Gilt Bold CAPITAL-type caption-topping, and a clearly no longer tumultuous Stock-Market re-called.

The-Banker gradually and all too quickly, and suddenly and readily now recalling: implicitly getting-now, the pitiful irony of the newspaper headline:


and the photograph below. 

Taken, without permission, who would be-have asked? For: permission

To the-Banker, now again, forcibly revealed, for the first-time, by the-Clerk, perhaps, notoriously, not only into short-term memory but now also into open-consciousness sight as of vision:

             <Access Denied

‘As of this morning…’

‘Has already happened. What’s done is done. IT is what it is.’

‘The Worlds’ Markets’ un-doing…’

‘Is what IT is.’

Awakening as in a pent-up fury raging, invoked from the vestiges of the evening-prior:

‘A-Phoenix!’ speech-bubbled spoken outloud? SHOUTED? to rise out of the ashes…

Trimmed-wings is, what the-Clerk thought:

‘Business-as-usual.’ both looking-out of the still-moving outside-window:

‘Business-as-usual? There is to be a Declaration this morning…’

‘Mid-Day. Now, InterNational Meantime…this-will stabilise the-markets…’

‘At some-lower-rate….’

‘Others’’ automatically-Higher?’

‘And, and that is the-thing! What ‘We’ will do is simply re-align currencies….’ the-Clerk interrupted as if boring into the brain of the other. 

As if to satisfy some lust, or inbuilt hidden hatred unavoidable, as both, even as an idle-interlocutor:

‘’We’? Same-thing 50/50?’

‘Equity? Of-course!’

‘Private. Confidential. Between. Us? Bluffing? Or. At another relatively higher-point?’


‘Or more?’

‘You got it!’

‘No, you got it!’

‘And start all-over again…’

‘At: some lower-point? You give me the-nod on prices drop of one thing and another and I will do

the rest get me? Now then, those debts, who they with?’

Errr, you?”

R/E? O.K.? Right here, right now…’ as issuing some oratory declarative. Without clue of real-




‘Un-intentional consequences…’

Like: un-usually honest seeming-politicians yet un-aware of their own-truth:

Only that made-up by themselves&other(s)…if there were such a thing…as honesty ready to be barracked. 

Self-deprecating and yet, as anyone appreciating of themselves, deceiving of-themselves.

Implied non-depreciation of the-other. With the opportunity presented, as an explanation of the rise to euphemistic glorification; yet also, thereby pre-emptive fall from grace: albeit: temporarily:

‘As in current circumstances as currency-accounting…’


‘As simplicity ‘It’self and without which ‘It’ would all be re-solved today:



‘F(a)m(i)l(y) Business Merchant Investment-Banker Business Free-Trader Independent.’

‘F-T-I of course! The warnings given?’

‘Taken? Too-late. For that.’

‘Warnings heard un-heeded?’


‘After the event…’

‘…and hold that Front-Page!’ that nevertheless now could only now be seen from the-Clerks’ supposed, and likely derisive, and probably gloating, satirical perspective

Stalled Climate-warming

On the side screen-panels rapidly absorbed concerning the latest sports and business-media

Celebrity-Star: Photo of stage and screen religiously-inoculated to:

‘Keep up with the-Markets!’

‘Keep up with the…’

‘Other.’ through theft, and violence, on TV.

Obesity, meals fluffed, plucked, personal-value, emotionally-in distress, in a consumer-hazed blazing marketing-characteristics: gentle gentile

Capitalism, rough Liberal/Socialism, gentle-Socialism rough-Communism: as loan- sharks encircling the flotation-tank, gas-chamber, propitious-publicity, canary in a cage. 

Of the photogenic

In-crowd the IT-crowd, and for the crowd of passengers generally-un-attainable.

Un-obtainable@ and therefore to be utterly-loathed, or loved, in equal unequal measure.

Perhaps, as well as envied for their art or wealth, or both, and thus taken a part-of: most alarming of all the guileless, seemingly-misguided, business trusted-bought: # The-Newspaper-Owner: Media-Magnate. Peoples’ Voice.

Now the even more incongruously, and mischief-making paradox-inducing intent, of a supposed-Ally. Not-Enemy. Anyway, not-yet, anyway: The Tycoon-proprietor. The media-Mogul Magnate-Oligarch empirical pseudo psych-economist fine old art wheeler-dealer and owner.

With-whom…only maximizing Profit matters…

Golf and Gold may have been shared-interests and at least and a singularly badly-shared literary-joke: this is not charity!

Laughing together. Not laughing together.

‘With influence…’ still marking cards, making-detergent soap, or string-balls 

Media-Empire: whatever it was it mattered not.

Find space in your plans to pay-off your debts tech-debts upgrading previous version

Nuclear fusion new heat-reducing climate lateration generic genetic switch-gear to a circular economy

Credited and debited in-usage output and productivity.

Prevention of pandemic in future debt saving freely

available non-commercial forests and oceans for geobiodiversity digital vaccine food-diet grown

sustainably across all society the globe, exchanged for a better world all round.

Squared the circle, oblong

orbits none perfect but all better for the next turn in space travel and settlement exploiting resources only

not-people en-masse but individually.


of innocence not questioning rather than authoritarian demanding through actions or configuring

language plans made together and with re-trospectivity learning producing our own energy from waste

fertilising the fields medicinally un-contaminate un-polluting run-off reducing plastic recycling with bio-plastic

food film and edible packaging metal quantity and quality in populations better-off and less populous without

the catastrophic genocidal effects of Global Heating above bearable limits, or below, the fragile Human-Race,

the species friendly and family competition and co-working operations…        

Infecting virus circular ring molecules triple-Carbon Deuterium Tritium…

Copying transcripts and algorithmic ratios (i)m(m)une to some incursion evading or avoiding of others

infected multiplying millions of small and relatively

Giant cells over-riding systems incursions of the web

spiders waiting, to nourish dry cadaver asleep or dead, in the glaring-Sun.

Across electric-charged membrane charging cells within working RNA DNA ATP every previous

Generation-coded for enzymes proteins blood and atmospheric-airline transferring bacterium active energy

metabolism the globe itself, and we, prokaryotes, us, ourselves.

Manipulating a host metabolism

corralling germ-line eggs and sperm centring fighting in a ring where the rules are clear in linguistic-theory not

so; practicing experimental lifetimes passing down but untaught unteachable only to learn all over again and

again the rules changing, the times telegraphed into the Sun.

memorific with the body-brains neural particles epigenetic obviously into each uniquely

genetic life and livelihood generational

Colonic polyps or peaks remaining to build molecule cells within and without

toxic-waste to harm, we, fertilising and feed the land.

 The Earth. Rock and watery gases, life, livelihood farming

and factorial product manufacturing ourselves from the beginning and we have the Earth now to be post

lost costs…hot energy generated contained and cooling air-conditioning set constantly according to need and

ability for changing for the better life, of all, like the book(s) say…

Each unique interpretation, each of us every moment…how our DNA and our brains make us to adapt or

not to changing circumstance, all the experience shared and new, we have in the world.

Barriers, walls within walls the tree canopy is much like a brain in that its’ shape is formed by branches

and leaves, twigs, nuts and flowers. Pathways and canals, brain blood, veins and roots.

Like the minimal mined

rust belts, minerals and ourselves renewing and renewable through lifetimes of good living, with-out bad faith

and personal-integrity felt existential.

The no longer permanent permafrost…un-equal recovery is not-ne-gotiable

anymore, only equal negotiable, as we do everything, our bodies within and without.

Sharing the burdens stresses and strains of modern-life pumping money into markets emergency

support programmes credit roll support zero-interest rates negative lending and borrowing over time

payback productivity domestic and public gross and not-gross enjoyable and not the secret of eternal-life

storing up resilience in sleep and daily sport.             

Unarmed surveillance unveiling scattering tribes or re-distributing in the populations to hide for when


Although ‘It’ did hold Betrayer. Traitor, betraying even in spiteful little BIG-threat whenever not-making-

out either cause nor principle, people alterable plastid flex(i)(a)bilityies.

 At the end of the day: when push-comes-to-shove, no-one is or ever was your-Ally. Not even, your friend,

not even your-family. We are online

brands of Giant Corporations with only finance at their core their customers nothing but disrupting innovation

stuck in the ways of old.

Divesting from the environmentally destructive to investing in the environmentally

re-constructive in our image no-longer factory farming feeding the world, or not; in peace not eternal


Genes aren’t destiny. Only-One Race. Wo! Hu-Man. Re-de-fining species amongst each other, viral protected

protecting biomes…

Adapt(ed.) first mutate later contemporary evolutions survival of the fittest and luckiest vertical and

horizontal, in-and-out.

Evolvability developmental-bias traits entangling first then all entangling cladistics monopara

polyphyletic now taxonomic anarchy hybrid

adaptation(s) bias-coded into the machine.

Emotional relationships

Intel. Comms. Faster and faster camera chasing droning in-genius remarkable dedicat(ed.):

#Team Spirited Zoo. WarFair4. Bailed-out, again.

Bailing-out, again, or not this time.

From the false-accounting phone-tapping mess.

From Power, Corruption and Lies…simple rate-setting premium credit payment protection racket

rocketing debts 

Perhaps before anyone had tumbled…tumbled-in could have, at least, perhaps seen IT coming.

Could-have, perhaps should-have, acted with even-handed propriety, notoriety, perhaps?

‘Got away with Murder!’



Acting, stained sustained acting-for as if with assumed-impunity and as-usual un-even im-propriety summonse-up and convince(ed.) and therefore convicted in- their absence-of-wit…

The- Editorial Traitors! The Public: Closing-in. Closing-in…

‘Closed-them down. I would…’ and closed-down the print-run down, and deliberately stopped the newspaper and the train-company from delivering…



‘No more Hand-Outs?!’ let slip:

‘No more Bail-out’s! Benefits who? This Be-nefits Peoples. Back-handers?’

‘Employment Re-cycling…re-purposing…doing what we want to do…’

‘Re-Usine: By and for whom?’

‘Soldier super-Power: The Worker(s) upstanding. Anyone who

Works…Proletariats’ Super-Power!’


‘Insurance? Medical-expenses?’

‘School? College?’

‘University? Health, and Social-

communications…pathogenic-Media Biome.

Utopian Free-Market Nightmare un-regulated…uncouth liars

fake-testing positive-negatives and negative-positives.

Trade-Suppliers…and re-Tailors…the-Works…


The: Rational-Equitable

             > Rational Equitable…

             <Store’s… and Stock’s…

>Good’s…and Service’s…


             >Health and Social-Care…


Also by M.Stow:

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Universal Verses

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Arctol & other short novels, stories and poetry…All copyright@M.Stow2020 all rights reserved


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